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Hargrave, Robert L. Hargraves, Malcolm McCallum, 1903 . Harlan, William R. 1930 - Helmholtz, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von, 1821 - 1894


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102. Archives 1873-1899 - The Fire Fighters Museum - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Fire Inspector JJ (John) Johnson - Hired May 3, 1882 16, 1894, One of thebiggest battles, Western Canada Building.
The inception of Winnipeg’s fire brigade was unusual compared to many other volunteer brigades in North America. Brigades in other cities were typically made up of citizens from the working class, seeking adventure, status, comradeship, or a means of serving their community. In Winnipeg, property owners, concerned with either skyrocketing fire insurance rates or the refusal of insurance companies to provide any coverage, joined forces in a gesture of self-help. Their objective was to protect their properties from fire. On October 14, 1874, city council presented its first money plebiscite to eligible voters. It included an order to obtain a $25,000 line of credit for the purchase of fire engines and apparatus, and the construction of buried underground water tanks along Main Street for firefighting purposes. This was no surprise, given that the only people who were entitled to vote during this period were the property owners, a number of whom were also responsible for organizing the fire brigade. The equipment ordered included the standard supplies for a city of Winnipeg's size: hose reels, hose, a Babcock hook-and-ladder truck, and Babcock chemical engines. The committee also ordered a horse-drawn steam pumper from the Silsby Steam Engine Company. While this unit would normally have taken six months to arrive, a day after the committee approved the order, the Silsby Company telegraphed the city, offering to immediately deliver a highly finished engine . . . for an extra $500.

103. Subject Listing For History
The site is part of the Lawrence Hargrave Aviation Pioneer site. Written byOctave Chanute and originally published in 1894, this full text version has
Home About AERADE@yoursite Contact us ... Help AERADE services Search and browse: Inform: AERADE newsletter Keep up to date with the latest developments and news in your field. More... AERADE friends History

A Guide to Sources for Air and Space History

A guide to sources for air and space history; primary historical collections in United States repositories / edited by Cloyd Dake Gull. Electronic edition. Washington, D. C.: National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, (C)1994. (Updated periodically). This publication is a broad-based guide to primary archival sources on air and space history, worldwide as to subject matter, but limited to collections in repositories of the United States.
A History of Aeronautics

Written by E. Charles Vivian and originally published 1920 this is Project Gutenberg Release #874 (April 1997). This Project Gutenberg "etext", is distributed by Professor Michael S. Hart through the Project Gutenberg Association at Carnegie-Mellon University. It is available for on-screen browsing in text format and as a downloadable zip file, from a number of specified servers.
A History of Suction-Type Laminar-Flow Control with Emphasis on Flight Research

This web site provides access to a NASA Dryden Flight Research Center history series publication, by Albert L. Braslow. It presents a history of suction-type laminar-flow-control research, and in particular describes the contribution made by NACA and NASA in this field. It covers early progress, as well as the principal problems that inhibited the attainment of laminar flow with either passive or active laminar-flow control. It also describes the resurgence of laminar flow control research at NASA after 1975, with a particular emphasis on the flight-research programme. The book concludes with a summary of the status of laminar-flow control technology in the mid-1990s. The full text is available online in HTML format.

104. 129
John Davie Gillan b. 29 MAR 1933 d. 23 JAN 1984 Ellon, ABD, SCT Family b.12 OCT 1894 Aberdeen, ABD, SCT Robert Wyness Ingram Wyness
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William Walker
Family: Spouse: Annie 'Nancy' Russell Parley
Parents: Father: Alexander George Parley
Mother: Margaret Russell
    William Walker
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Jim ****
Family: Spouse: Sheila Parley
Parents: Father: Alexander George Parley
Mother: Ann Rae 'Daisy' Cumming
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Douglas ****
Family: Spouse: Margaret Parley
Parents: Father: Alexander George Parley
Mother: Ann Rae 'Daisy' Cumming
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John Anderson Family: Spouse: Jeannie Grieg Parley Parents: Father: James Logan Parley Mother: Isabella Burnett
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Charles Smollet Family: Spouse: Maggie Ann Parley Parents: Father: James Logan Parley Mother: Isabella Burnett
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Sophie Reid Family: Spouse: George Burnett Parley Parents: Father: James Logan Parley Mother: Isabella Burnett
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Mable Ross Family: Spouse: James Parley Parents: Father: James Logan Parley Mother: Isabella Burnett
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Robert Kerr Family: Spouse: Annie Paterson 'Dolly' Parley Parents: Father: James Logan Parley Mother: Isabella Burnett Children:
    Kenneth Kerr Graham Kerr Douglas Kerr Diane Kerr
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Elizabeth Bridgeford Rennie Family: Spouse: Andrew Parley Parents: Father: James Logan Parley Mother: Isabella Burnett Children:
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David Martin Family: Spouse: Jean Elizabeth Parley Parents: Father: Andrew Parley Mother: Elizabeth Bridgeford Rennie Children:
    Dean Andrew Martin Dawn Elizabeth Martin David Alex Martin Douglas Martin

105. LlstbibAuthors01
Jay, John, 18171894. Jeune Eugénie (Schooner) John Bailey Pamphlet Collection John Cabell Breckinridge Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
NEXT INDEX NEW SEARCH Slaves and the Courts, 1740-1860
A Kentucky lawyer. [from old catalog]
Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848.

African American Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)

Allen, Henry W., defendant. [from old catalog]

106. Higginson Book Company - Publishers, Printers, Booksellers That Specialize In Ge
HAMILTON Genealogy of the Hamilton family from 17161894, by S. Hamilton. Hargrave Brief history of the Quakers in England ; Virginia, ; the Hargrave
Genealogy Shopping Cart GENERAL REFERENCES General Genealogies Marriage Records Immigrants Native American ... Civil War COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN CANADA ENGLAND FRENCH-HUEGNOT GERMANY ... SWEDEN
Aaker-Akers Albee-Allen Allerton-Alvord Ambler-Arnot ... Zabriskie-Zumbrun NUMBER
Halladay-Harmon GENEALOGY
Fam., 1650-1933, by V.A. Kraft-Nicholson. 102p. n.d. BUY BUY Review Pay HALLET Extr. from Gen. Notes of Barnstable Fam. 51p. BUY BUY Review Pay HALLETT BUY BUY Review Pay HALLMAN History of the Hallman family in Canada, by H.S. Hallman. 109p. n.d. BUY BUY Review Pay HALLOCK Brief sketch of the Hallock anc., by J. Sherman. 17p. 1866. BUY BUY Review Pay HALLOCK Descendants of Peter Hallock, who landed at Southold, LI, 1640, by L. Hallock. 749p. 1926. BUY BUY Review Pay HALLOWELL BUY BUY Review Pay HALLOWELL BUY BUY Review Pay HALSEY BUY BUY Review Pay HALSEY BUY BUY Review Pay HALSTEAD Fmily hist., 1827-1990, by B.W. Bacon. 136+32p. 1990.

107. Stories, Listed By Author
Tony Kytes The Arch Deceiver, (ss) The Wave Mar 31 1894 * The Unplanted Primrose, The Other Gun, (ss) John Creasey Mystery Magazine Aug 1958
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HAMILTON, CHARLES (Harold St. John) (chron.)
_, [ref.]
HAMILTON, CLARE ; pseudonym of Bettyclare Hamilton Lawless (chron.)

108. The Inventive Australian Mind
1894 First powered flight Perhaps inspired by the boomerang, Hargravecorresponded freely with other aviation pioneers, including the Wright Brothers.
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C C c
Australian inventions
Thinking different

Australia has always been an inventive place. The Aborigines showed a mastery of physics to create hunting equipment like the boomerang and woomera. Likewise, Convicts showed a great capacity to think outside the square to evade capture, attempt escape or to steal. On one occasion, a Convict decided to disguise himself as a Kangaroo so the barking guard dogs would not seem suspicious. The plan was working brilliantly until a trooper decided to use the Kangaroo for target practice. The legacy of these foundations is a culture of pragmatic decision making that although sometimes leads to hair-brain ideas, usually show great resourcefulness and adaptability. Pre-paid postage - Colonial Postmaster-General of New South Wales, James Raymond introduced the world's first pre-paid postal system.

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