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21. HTML Translation Of SGML/EAD Document By Tim Green
John Hargrave s growing interest in social credit resulted in the FOUNDATION ANDWIFE OF John Hargrave; Hargrave John 1894 1982 COMMERCIAL ARTIST WRITER
British Library of Political and Economic Science
Youth Movement Archive
Extent: 195 boxes and 6 index boxes, plus maps and posters
Biographical History
Scope and Content
The collection is arranged as follows: PAPERS OF THE KIBBO KIFT KINDRED, THE GREEN SHIRT MOVEMENT FOR SOCIAL CREDIT, AND THE SOCIAL CREDIT PARTY KK 1 - 5. Kibbo Kift: Administration, 1924 - 1932. KK 6 - 21. Kibbo Kift: Rituals, vestments and totems, 1923 - 1930. KK 22 - 28. Kibbo Kift: Education, 1924 - 1932. KK 29 - 31. Kibbo Kift: Miscellaneous papers concerning kin constitution and membership, 1929 - c 1930 KK 32 - 42. Green Shirt Movement and Social Credit Party: Administration, 1932 - 1951. KK 43 - 51. Green Shirt Movement and Social Credit Party: Correspondence: General Secretary, 1934 - 1952. KK 52 - 54. Green Shirt Movement and Social Credit Party: Correspondence: other officials, 1929 - 1950. KK 55 - 69. Green Shirt Movement and Social Credit Party: Correspondence and files on particular subjects, 1932 - 1951. KK 70 - 86. Kibbo Kift, Green Shirts and Social Credit Party: Publications and Propaganda, 1924 - 1950.

Jane Hargrave, John - Hargrave, Joseph James, 1841-1894 - Hargrave, 1899 - Hargrave, Mary Jane, 1848-1873 - Harker, John, 1896-1975 - Harker,
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Textual Records Catalogue - Subject Cross Reference
H.B. Mine (Salmo) Habeas corpus Haddon, Charles J. Haddon, Thomas ... Hymns
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23. John Hargrave - Biographical Note
John Gordon Hargrave was an extraordinary man, a working life of seventy Hargrave was born the second son of an impecunious landscape artist in 1894.
John Hargrave - "White Fox"
A Biographical Note by Chris Judge Smith. Trustee, Kibbo Kift Foundation John Gordon Hargrave was an extraordinary man, a working life of seventy years saw him as artist, illustrator, cartoonist, copywriter, Boy Scout Commissioner, lexicographer, inventor, author and psychic healer, his achievements in each one of the fields were remarkable, yet he will be best remembered as 'White Fox' the dynamic leader of the Kibbo Kift, a movement every bit as extraordinary as its founder, a non-political 'camping handicraft and world peace movement', it was launched in 1920; but after twelve years underwent an astonishing transformation to become the Green Shirts, "the green clad shock-troopers of the peoples' fighting front", one of the uniformed, paramilitary political armies that marched the streets during the '30's.
John Hargrave in Scout Uniform,
aged about 17 Hargrave was born the second son of an impecunious landscape artist in 1894. The itinerant family soon moved from Midhurst, Sussex to the Lake District where he grew up; a silent, pale-faced child, who like his elder brother, soon showed precocious skill as a draftsman. His formal schooling was perfunctory and by 1906 the twelve-year-old was providing professional line illustrations for books by authors including an appreciative John Buchan. His parents were Quakers and to his father he owed both his lifelong passions for the countryside and its wild animals, and the basis of his extensive and wildly eclectic knowledge of sociology and anthropology.

24. Kibbo Kift Chronology
1894 June 6, John Hargrave born. 1908, Joins Boy Scout Movement and receives nameWhite Fox. 1913, Army service in RAMC. (Dardanelles campaign).
Kibbo Kift Chronology
Design for a clock showing "World Time" a system developed by the Kibbo Kift.
John Hargrave born.
Joins Boy Scout Movement and receives name White Fox.
Army service in RAMC. (Dardanelles campaign). Invalided out.
Appointed by Baden-Powell Commissioner for Woodcraft and Camping.
1920 May Words "Kibbo Kift" first used in Scout magazine "The Trail".
1920 June The Seven Points of the Kin Covenant promulgated.
1920 August 18 First Althing of the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift held at Denison House, London.
"To draw apart from the mass"
Hargrave "excommunicated" from Boy Scout Movement.
The Kindred develops outdoor and camping activities.
  • Althing (Whitsuntide)
  • Gleemote (Autumn)
  • Kin Feast (Winter)
  • Easter Hike
Publication of periodicals begins - "The Mark", "The Nomad".
Hargrave introduced to C.H. Douglas (author of "Economic Democracy", 1919 etc.)

25. Tooling & Production - Apr 2000 - Speaking Out: Mr Hargrave's Box Kite
On Nov 12, 1894, Lawrence Hargrave linked four of his kites together, him was pushed aside for reports on Lucky Lindy, John Glenn, and Neil Armstrong.
[tooling/incl/head_hs.asp] [tooling/incl/99tp.htm] Mr Hargrave's box kite Technology's past heroes ensure its future By Joseph F McKenna
Editor C elebrating technology's future is impossible without acknowledging its visionary past. Our benchmarks of manufacturing success­from the Model T to the Space Shuttle­are matters of cumulative brilliance. The so-called giants of industry­from Henry Ford to Bill Gates­stand as tall as they do because of others' contributions as well as their own. Look beyond history's capricious and arbitrary treatment of genius and progress and you'll see the Lawrence Hargraves along with the Orrville and Wilbur Wrights. I detect a raised eyebrow. Clio, history's muse, has indeed left Lawrence Hargrave in one of its darker corners. Yet it was that Australian polymath who figuratively pushed the Wright Brothers' Flyer into the air in 1903. It was also that gentleman scientist who championed sharing technological knowledge. If one is looking to add another name to the litany of modern technology's saints, Lawrence Hargrave qualifies.

26. John Hargrave - Wikipedia
Translate this page John Hargrave wurde am 6. Juni 1894 in Midhurst, Sussex geboren. Schon früh zeigteer großes künstlerisches Talent. Bereits mit zwölf Jahren arbeitete er
John Hargrave
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklop¤die
John Gordon Hargrave (Pseudonym: White Fox 6. Juni in Midhurst West Sussex England 21. Dezember in London ) war ein britischer Zeichner Autor und Politiker . W¤hrend seines Lebens ¼bte er die verschiedensten Berufe aus, unter anderem war er auch als Erfinder und Geistheiler t¤tig. Die st¤rksten Nachwirkungen hatte aber die von Hargrave gegr¼ndeten Bewegungen: verlieŸ er mit der Kindred of Kibbo Kift die englische Pfadfinderbewegung . Aus Kibbo Kift entstanden Anfang der Jahre zun¤chst die Green Shirts , die wenig sp¤ter ihren Namen in Social Credit Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ¤nderten. Bearbeiten
John Hargrave wurde am 6. Juni 1894 in Midhurst, Sussex geboren. Schon fr¼h zeigte er groŸes k¼nstlerisches Talent. Bereits mit zw¶lf Jahren arbeitete er als Zeichner und illustrierte unter anderem B¼cher von John Buchan erhielt er mit siebzehn Jahren einen Vertrag als Chefkarikaturist bei der London Evening Times. Bereits war Hargrave der gerade entstehenden Pfadfinderbewegung beigetreten. In deren Zeitschriften ver¶ffentlichter er zahlreiche Artikel ¼ber das Waldl¤ufertum, die auf seinen Jugenderfahrungen im

27. Free EBooks - Alphabetical List - GLOBUSZ PUBLISHING
Hargrave, John, 1894. At Suvla Bay; being the notes and sketches of scenes,characters and adventures of the Dardanelles campaign, made by John Hargrave
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28. Lawrence Hargrave: Australian Aviation Pioneer
First cousin and wife of John Fletcher Hargrave Kite Experiment, November12, 1894, Hargrave_039_T.jpg. Walker, J., D., 1984, p.7, Click to Enlarge
Lawrence Hargrave, c.1865 (b. Jan. 29, 1850 - d. Jul. 6, 1915) Shaw, W. Hudson and Ruhen, Olaf, 1977, p.4 Click to Enlarge
'The long road to Kittyhawk' "The vital components of the Wright Flyer of 1903 and the names of those whose work was known to the Wrights and who so contributed to the first powered flight in a man-carrying flying machine." Hargrave can be credited with playing a role in of the eleven major contributions Shaw, W. Hudson and Ruhen, Olaf, 1977, p.x Click to Enlarge 'Flying - Past, Present and Future. Mr. Hargrave Interviewed' the publication date for this article has yet to be verified Monash University Archives Click to Enlarge Lawrence Hargrave, c.1873 (b. Jan. 29, 1850 - d. Jul. 6, 1915) Shaw, W. Hudson and Ruhen, Olaf, 1977, p.26 Click to Enlarge John Fletcher Hargrave, c.1875 Father of Lawrence Hargrave ( b. Dec. 28, 1815 - d. Feb. 23, 1885 ) Shaw, W. Hudson and Ruhen, Olaf, 1977, p.5 Click to Enlarge John Fletcher Hargrave, c.1875 Father of Lawrence Hargrave ( b. Dec. 28, 1815 - d. Feb. 23, 1885 ) tba Click to Enlarge
Ann Hargrave, c.1875

29. Australian Aviation Pioneers, 1850-2000
John Denis Duigan 1927 . Dick Hargrave 1947 -. Greg Holland was the site ofLawrence Hargrave s most notable achievement when, on November 12, 1894,
This page continues our biographical series on Australia and New Zealand aviation pioneers into the 20th Century with, in January 2002, a new page devoted to the women pilots, the aviatrix of Australian and New Zealand skies Some biographies are more complete than others simply because there was more material available. In the former case, following a short abstract posted on this page, a link is provided to the full version. Should you have further information about those mentioned here, or indeed feel someone is missing from the list that deserves a place, please write
Brian Lawless Duigan

Terence (Terry) Lawless Duigan

Ronald Lloyd Lewis
Greg Holland

DUIGAN, Brian Lawless: 1914 - 1972 Brian Lawless Duigan, was born on November 15, 1914, the first son of Reginald Charles and Phyllis Mary Duigan and nephew of John Roberson Duigan John Denis Duigan, Museum Victoria, December 1, 2000 more... Return to the menu
DUIGAN, Terence (Terry) Lawless : 1916 - Terence Lawless Duigan, known as Terry, was born on December 16, 1916, in Kyneton, Victoria, the second son of Reginald Charles and Phyllis Mary Duigan and nephew of John Roberson Duigan During the Second World War, Flying Officer Terry Duigan, DFC, flew multiple missions in Empire Flying Boats, PBY-5 Catalinas and B-24 Liberators in the Pacific Theatre.

30. Hartshorne St Peter - Marriages 1594-1898
Hargrave Franciscus 29Feb 1600 Hargrave Maria 9-Jun 1600 Hargrave John 26-Dec 3-Aug 1701 HAYNES Louisa 28 John HAYNES 30-Dec 1841 HAYNES Thomas 21
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31. Descendants Of John WEGG Of Gresham, Norfolk, England - Name Index
Horace Blake b.1890 John Thompson b.1886 Minnie Alice b.1896 Theodore W. b.1894 Hargrave. Helen Mary b.1921 John b.1916 John Henry b.1895 Mary b.1924
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Descendants of John WEGG
of Gresham, Norfolk, England
Name Index
Ada d.1960
Ann M.
b.1844 Ella Ellen b.1875 Ellen Emma b.1846 Emily b.1862 Emily b.1864 Ethel b.1878 Gertrude Ellen Harriet b.1823 Hazel Margaret b.1866 Maria b.1832 Mary b.1822 Mary b.1871 Mary b.1844 Mary A. b.1834 Mary A. b.1828 Matilda b.1867 May Polly Rachel b.1866 Rosa b.1867 Rose b.1876 Sarah b.1830 Sarah b.1834 Sarah b.1860 Sarah b.1838 Sarah A. b.1865 Susannah b.1840
Charles William b.1868 Francis b.1826 Francis Robert c.1862 Hannah b.1855 Ida Laura c.1875 Jessie Agnes c.1865
Charles b.1847
Alfred William b.1907 Edith b.1900 Fred b.1917 Herbert b.1905 Herbert Robert (Dick) b.1871 May d.1970 Richard b.1848
Rosamund b.1839
William Irvin m.1913
Elsie m.1916
Lucille b.1895
Flora Estelle b.1891

32. Authors G-I
Hargrave, John, 1894 Harper, Frances Ellen Watkins, 1825-1911 Harraden, Beatrice,1864-1936 Harrington, James, 1611-1677 Harris, Frank, 1855-1931
Home Author Title Topic ... Book Club The Worldwide Library making e-books available to everyone worldwide without charge now. WWL Author Index Start A B C ... Z
Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873
Galsworthy, John, 1867-1933
Galt, John, 1779-1839
Gamble, Eliza Burt
Gardner, William, b. 1861
Garis, Howard Roger, 1873-1962
Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940
Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-1865
Gatlin, Dana
Gautier, Theophile
Gay, John, 1685-1732 Gibbon, Edward, 1737-1794 Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962 Gilbert, W. S. (William Schwenck), Sir, 1836-1911 Gildas, 516?-570? AKA: Gildas surnamed 'Sapiens', or The Wise Giles, Herbert Allen, 1845-1935 Gillmore, Inez Haynes, 1873-1970 Gilman, Charlotte Perkins, 1860-1935 Ginzberg, Louis, 1873-1953 Gissing, George, 1857-1903 Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart), 1809-1898 Glasgow, Ellen Anderson Gholson, 1873-1945 Godwin, William, 1756-1836 Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832 Gogol, Nikolai Vasilevich, 1809-1852 Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940 Goldsmith, Oliver, 1728-1774

33. About Us : Council History
1894 1898, Charles Tucker. 1898 - 1901, Arthur Wellington Ware 1957 - 1960,Lancelot Morton Spiller Hargrave. 1960 - 1963, Charles John Glover
About Us - Home Adelaide City Archives Adelaide City Lord Mayor Message Council Policies ... Town Hall
Adelaide - The First Council

Mayors and Lord Mayors of the City of Adelaide

The Arms of the City of Adelaide

The Armorial Flag
Adelaide - The First Council The first local government in Australia was formed on 31 October 1840 with the election of a Mayor, three Aldermen and fifteen Councillors to the new Adelaide Corporation. This followed a petition from the residents (totalling around 2000) for the "rights and privileges" of their own Council. Quoting from the “History of the City of Adelaide” (Thomas Worsnop, Town Clerk 1869-1898) “We may presume that the organisation of the new Civic powers was a subject of considerable satisfaction to the inhabitants , for almost all the prominent unofficial men in the colony were members of the first Council, and a very great expectations were formed as a result of their joint exertions.” The first Mayor was James Hurtle Fisher and the first Council meeting was held on 4 November 1840.

34. John Berry, B: 1769 - Handborough Oxfordshire
Husband John Berry Born 14 MAY 1769 Handborough Oxfordshire Marr 1 MAY 1811 Husband Samuel Hargrave Binley Born - Marr - Died - Father Mother
Family Group
Husband John Berry Born: 14 MAY 1769 - Handborough Oxfordshire Marr: 1 MAY 1811 - Handborough Oxfordshire Died: 9 AUG 1846 - Union Workhouse Witney Father: John Berry Mother: Elizabeth Hickes Other Spouses: Wife Ann Edwards Born: - Died: - Father: Mother: Other Spouses: Children Joseph Berry Born: ABT. 3 NOV 1811- Handborough Oxfordshire Died: - Edward Berry Born: ABT. 10 OCT 1813- Died: - John Berry Born: ABT. 30 NOV 1817- Died: - INDEX HOME EMAIL
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Family Group
Husband John Berry Born: - Marr: 9 JAN 1764 - Handborough Oxfordshire Died: - Father: Mother: Other Spouses: Wife Elizabeth Hickes Born: - Died: - Father: Mother: Other Spouses: Children John Berry Born: 14 MAY 1769 - Handborough Oxfordshire Died: 9 AUG 1846 - Union Workhouse Witney Sarah Berry Born: 29 MAR 1772 - Died: - Hannah Berry Born: 9 JUL 1775 - Died: - Ann Berry Born: 29 APR 1781 - Died: - INDEX HOME EMAIL
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35. Graham Hilary Hyde
Slough and London 18941895. Margate and Hyde End 1899-1902. I have keptmainly to what relates to Captain John Francis Hyde and Hyde End.
Back Graham Hilary Hyde
Captain John Francis Hyde
Marrianne Poppy Hyde, nee Armitage.
(Circa 1857 - 1944)
John (Jack), Captain Francis and Howard Hyde.
(Circa 1895)
Graham Hilary Hyde - circa 1914
Joan Hyde (nee Hudleston)
(click on image for more details)
Audrey Monica Paterson (nee Hyde)
Circa 16 yrs. (Photo - Joan Hyde) Julia Dionis Hargrave (nee Hyde) Circa 26 yrs. (Photo - David Hyde) David Hyde David Hyde - (Alias Clark Kent) My fraternal twin Audrey has written a many notes on what our father said about his life and I will only quote a few portions. I have kept mainly to what relates to Captain John Francis Hyde and Hyde End. Slough and London 1894-1895: "Although Father owned Hyde End, it never crossed his mind to sell the Estates and buy elsewhere. Instead he rented houses wherever the whim would take him. He was nearly 70 when I was born in a rented home, at Clifton Grove, in Slough. My mother was very ill, after my birth, so I was sent to Hyde End and lodged with the Gatehouse Keepers wife. She was able to nurse both her baby, and myself...."

36. Bittorrent,SJphone,Neoklassische Theorie,Lord Lieutenant Of Dunbartonshire,Boon
John Hargrave John Hargrave,VorlagePersonendaten,1894,1908,1911,1916,1919,1920,1923,1927; Peter Cetera Peter Cetera,1944,1981,1986,1988,1992,1995
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37. Northern Territory Library Occasional Paper Series
of the bad old days European settlement in Central Australia, 18711894. Hargrave, John C. Melding of Two Spiritsfrom the Yiminga of the Tiwi to
CONTACTS SEARCH DEPARTMENT LIBRARY SERVICES Quick Links About the Department Media Releases Grants Aboriginal Interpreter Service Alice Springs Masters Games Arafura Games Community Harmony Strategy eveNTcal Homes Home Territory Indigenous Library Services Local Government Museum and Art Gallery of the NT NT Grants Commission Regional Development Strong Regions Water Safety Freedom of Information Publications Site Map Feedback Northern Territory Government Northern Territory Library Occasional Paper Series
The Occasional Papers Series has been published by the Northern Territory Library since 1986. The Series provides writers and researchers with the opportunity to publish works which highlight significant or hitherto little known aspects of Northern Territory history and social life.
Included in the Series are papers presented by speakers chosen to deliver the Northern Territory Library's annual Eric Johnston Lecture.
Occasional Papers Numbers 1 to 45 are available for sale from the Northern Territory Library at a cost of $5.00 per title. Titles added to the Series subsequent to Number 45 are only available on the internet.
Occasional Papers Number 23, 24, 28, 46, 47 and 48 are currently available in full text.

Professor Skinner alias Montagu Norman, Hargrave, John, Wells Gardner, Darton Co, Wealth Against Commonwealth, Lloyd, Henry Demarest, NY, 1894, 563pp.
T.G. Turner
PO Box 105
Tel/Fax: International: email: CONDITIONS AND PROCEDURE
The following books relating to monetary reform issues are available directly from T.G. Turner.
Books will be in sound condition for the year and usage. Significant wear, foxing, damp marking, or fading will be noted. Damaged books will only be listed if the title is rare and of overriding importance. Please note abbreviations :
= dust wrapper nd = no date of publication 1st or 1st ed = first published edition pbk = paperback HB = hard back ex-lib = ex-library copy V.G. = Very good. PURCHASE AND PAYMENT
Prices will be a single payment to include postage, except overseas where postage will be extra. Settlement is by cheque made payable to T.G. Turner, or by credit card.
It is advisable first to write, fax, telephone or email to confirm availability and reserve books. Please also enquire about our free booksearch service. Book Title Author Description and Condition Price TITLES on MONETARY ISSUES, SOCIAL CREDIT and TRADE Armitage-Smith, G.

39. American Institute Of Aeronautics And Astronautics - History - Lawrence Hargrave
in 1850, the second son of John Fletcher Hargrave and Ann, nee Hargrave, for a brief tethered flight over Stanwell Park Beach on 12 November 1894.

40. Private Records: Section 2
Hargrave, Joseph James (18411894). Fonds Number E.21/1-5 William GregorySmith, John Henry McTavish, Edmund King Beeston, 1815-1894, 4M131
Private Records
E.21 (James Hargrave and Joseph Hargrave) to E.45 (Charles De Volpi)
Fonds Number: E.21/1, 6, 7
Shelf space occupied: 3.2 cm
Years covered by records: 1828-1864 How to access/order these records. Document
Reference No.
Document Type Years Reel No. E.21/1 Private Papers E.21/6 Copies of letters Not filmed E.21/7 Copy of Private Journal Not filmed HARGRAVE, Joseph James
Fonds Number: E.21/1-5
Shelf space occupied: 12.8 cm
Years covered by records: 1858-1888 How to access/order these records. Document
Reference No.
Document Type Years Reel No. E.21/1-3
E.21/4 Correspondence
E.21/5 Miscellaneous Papers VANCOUVER ISLAND COLONY Fonds Number: E.22 Shelf space occupied: 9.5 cm Years covered by records: 1848-1861 How to access/order these records. Document Reference No. Document Type Years Reel No. E.22/1-4 Ledger, Journals and Account Book CHRISTIE, William J. Fonds Number: E.23 Shelf space occupied: 1.5 cm Years covered by records: 1872-1873 How to access/order these records. Document Reference No. Document Type Years Reel No.

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