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81. Modern Witches Associate The Word Wicca With The Craft Of The Wise
John Hargrave rose through the scouting ranks to become Scout Commissioner for Hargrave, who was born in 1894, launched the Kibbo Kift as an antiwar,
Modern witches associate the word Wicca with the Craft of the Wise. This is an unfortunate sylloqism : some witches were called wise men and wise women; all witches belonged to a centralised fertility cult and worshipped the same deities; therefore, all witches were wise men and wise women. "Wicca" has no connotation with "wise" or "wisdom." It is an Old English word and is the root of the word "witch." A Wicca was a male witch and a wicce was a female witch. The word wicca is "related to Middle Low German wicken to conjure" and "Swedish vicka to move to and fro." (P1664 Collins Dictionary of the English Language. Sydney. 1985 reprint) The Lugh article in TC 20, October 1980, cited Robert Graves' claim that witch was derived from the Saxon word "wicca," which meant 'a male magician who turns back the forces of evil.' This article correctly derived Wicca from the Old German "wic", which originally meant "to bend or turn." (P83 and 84. The Pickingill Papers) The wicca was the male priest who manipulated the forces of nature for the good of his community. The forerunner of the wicca was the shaman in the oak forests of Northern Europe, who saw visions, interpreted the wishes of the Gods, and generally turned or bent the forces of Nature for communal benefit. The word "wise" was initially applied to conjurers, cunning people, and diviners in a derisive sense. The Collins Dictionary of the English Language has this entry for "wiseacre" on P1664 : "1. A person who wishes to seem wise 2. A wise person : often used facetiously or contemptuously. [c16. From Middle Dutch wijsseggher soothsayer, related to Old High German wissaga, German weissager. See WISE' , SAY.]

82. Manitoba Pageant: The Letters Of Arthur Sherwood
Red River; Hargrave, John Lobel, Montreal, 1871, p. 456. John Thomas Madge,Postmaster and Auctioneer Henderson Directory, 1894.

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McWilliams ...
Did you know?
MHS is the second-oldest historical society in Canada.
The Letters of Arthur Sherwood
Preface by S. W. Jackman, PhD, FSA, FRHistS,
Professor of History, University of Victoria
Manitoba Pageant, Winter 1971, Volume 16, Number 2
In the nineteenth century many British families saw in the prospect of cheap or free land the road to fortune for their sons. They believed that by taking up a farm in what were then called "the colonies," in particular Canada, Australia and New Zealand, a young man could, with reasonably hard work to be sure, ensure his future. What parents and relatives in the old country did not understand or declined to comprehend was that farming in the new worlds was not exactly the same as farming at home. They failed to appreciate the problems encountered by these young immigrants and simply did not reckon it possible that they might have difficulties. Many of the young tried very hard to make a success in their new life, some did so, but many failed - not by want of hard work - for lack of knowledge, inadequate capital and physical difficulties encountered. Arthur Robert Sherwood (1862-1945) was a typical example of the son of the gentry sent to make his way in Canada. He was one of three sons of Thomas and Ann Sherwood who lived in some style at Alderly in Wooton. Arthur Sherwood was sent out to Canada in 1882; the story is that he came with only nineteen dollars in his pocket. While this may be family mythology, it is clear that he was short of money. Initially he settled in Wellington in May 1882, moved to Elkhorn, then to Kola and finally left Manitoba in 1892. His sojourn in Manitoba had not brought him a fortune but he survived. He worked in the interior of British Columbia. He married Elizabeth L. Crickmay in 1895. They had two children, a son and a daughter.

83. HaHa
HALEY, William John Crawford Jr. (Bill) (19251981) American singer and In 1892 Hargrave discovered that a curved wing surface appeared to give a
HAAGLUND, Joel Emmanuel see HILL, Joe HAAKON VII of Norway (1872-1957) King, painter, pianist, philatelist, mason. Born August 3, 1872 in Charlottenlund, Denmark, the second son of king Frederick VIII of Denmark, he was the first king of independent Norway after separation from Sweden, 1905-57. He married Princess Maud , daughter of king Edward VII of England, the mother of:
  • Olav V , King of Norway
  • He died September 21, 1957 in Oslo, Norway. - Montserrat MSR1998.6; Norway 63-73; 177-80; 266; 275-8; 288-9; 291; 310-17; 322-8; 343-52; 358-9; 590-1; 805-6 HABBEMA, Koos see HEIJERMANS, Herman. HABER, Fritz (1868-1934) German physicist, chemist, educator, author, journalist. Born December 9, 1868 in Breslau, Germany, he won the 1918 Nobel Prize for developing the Haber process which produced ammonia. He directed Germany's chemical warfare during World War I. He died January 29, 1934 in Basel, Switzerland. - Germany 9N151; Sweden 1271; Sierra Leone SIE1995L29.36 HABIB, Mohamad Ali (1904- ) Born on May 15, 1904 in Bombay, he was the founder of Habib Bank Ltd (August 1941), the largest and the most important bank of Pakistan. As a successful businessman, Mahomed Ali Habib created a business empire in a short span of time employing more than 7000 people. After creation of Pakistan he extended financial assistance worth hundred of millions of rupees interest free to the cash strapped government. He established more than 20 benevolent trusts for various social causes. He also complied a translation of Holy Quran. - Pakistan PAK2000E15

    84. Salisbury National Cemetery - Surnames Gr-Ha - Rowan County, North Carolina
    Grasty, John Allen, b. 09/09/1894, d. 02/02/1960, PFC HQ TRAIN MPC 272 Hargrave, John Lewis, b. 12/07/1921, d. 06/23/1987, CPL USA, Plot H 210, bur.
    Home Search Journal What's New ... Salisbury National
    Salisbury National Cemetery
    Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina
    * Records with an asterisk at the end indicates those that have not been verified as accurate by the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs. Please visit " The National Cemetery Administration Records Verification Project " for details on what this means. To report an error, please visit the Veterans Affairs website, click on "Contact the VA" and follow the instructions. Gracey, Grover , b. 08/08/1927, d. 09/09/1978, PVT. U. S. ARMY, Plot: D 100, bur. 09/14/1978, *
    Grady, Walter Wills , d. 01/18/1946, 1ST CL US MARINE CORPS, Plot: B 640, bur. 01/21/1946, *
    Graeber, Melvin Eugene , b. 02/08/1945, d. 04/26/1995, US Navy, RTCS, Res: Salisbury, NC, Plot: K 489, bur. 05/01/1995
    Graham, Annie Hatch , b. 10/21/1924, d. 12/13/1983, Plot: H 23, bur. 12/16/1983, *
    Graham, Ernest J. , b. 10/12/1924, d. 08/31/1985, TEC 5 U.S. ARMY, Plot: H 62, bur. 09/04/1985, *
    Graham, Ernest J

    85. Riverside Cemetery - Surnames Ha - Wayne County, Michigan
    Hargrave, John Harold, bur. 10/24/1988, age 88yr, CPDB Hargrave, Ruth L., bur . 1894, bur. 9/5/1942, age 47yr, CPDB Hawman, Hazel, b. 1902, bur.
    Home Search Journal What's New ... Riverside Cemetery
    Riverside Cemetery
    Plymouth, Wayne County, Michigan
    Submitted by Garry Packard [ Haas, Della Amelia, b. 8-29-1876, d. 7/24/1961, bur. 7/26/1961, age: 84yr, CPDB
    Haas, John Sigmunc, b. 10-23-1868, d. 2/13/1959, bur. 2/14/1959, age: 90yr, CPDB
    Haas, John, bur. 10/30/1978, age: 69yr, CPDB
    Haas, Paul M., d. 3/3/1909, T-43
    Habermas, Genevieve M., bur. 6/27/1997, age: 90yr, CPDB
    Hackworth, George W., b. 1888, bur. 1/8/1948, age: 60yr, CPDB
    Hackworth, Lou, b. 1889, bur. 9/13/1960, age: 70yr, CPDB
    Hadley, Frederick F., bur. 1/8/2000, age: 85yr, CPDB
    Hagadone, Ralph Harrington, bur. 4/24/1973, age: 13yr, CPDB
    Hagadone, Ralph Harrington, bur. 7/22/1941, age: 13yr, CPDB Hagadorn, Adaline, b. 1-11-1841, d. 5-6-1875, Wife of Rev. W. Hagadorn, T-34 Hagelthorn, Gosta, bur. 1/12/1941, age: 62yr, CPDB Hager, Cortez H, b. 9-9-1854, d. 6/29/1932, T-36 Hager, Gertrude J, d. 8-28-1885, T-36 Hager, Mary T., b. 7-5-1841, d. 9/2/1911, T-36 Hagle, Anna

    86. UNE ARCHIVES - Regional Collection - H
    The diary covers Hargrave s voyage to Australia, his arrival in New South Wales HILLGROVE MECHANICS INSTITUTE RECORDS, 18941909, AND PHOTOGRAPHS OF
    University of New England and Regional Archives
    Regional Collection - H
    SERIES TITLE Description Date Range Accn. HAMMOND, SIR JOHN: Reprint Collection n.d. HAREWOOD ISLAND Refer Cameron family shipping documents HARGRAVE PAPERS Photostat copies of the various business and personal papers of Edward Edmund Hargrave. Included in the personal correspondence are two letters from his brother Henry Hargrave and one from his wife. 1 Folder. HARGRAVE, RICHARD, DIARY The Archives holds two versions of this diary, one which is a photocopy of the original manuscript and one which is a typescript copy of the ms. The diary covers Hargrave's voyage to Australia, his arrival in New South Wales and his treatment at the hand of those to whom he carried letters of introduction. 12 Dec 1838 - 2 Apr 1839 HARGRAVES, EDWARD HAMMOND Thesis entitled "Edward Hammond Hargraves: the gold discovery and the crisis of copy of BA.(honours.) thesis entitled "Edward Hammond Hargraves: the gold discovery and the crisis of 1851", by Julia Clifford (a descendant of EH. Hargraves). with the thesis are some photocopies of correspondence between W.H. Hargraves and various government officials supporting the view that his father should be given full recognition as the first discoverer of "The Auriferous Wealth of Eastern Australia"; the originals of which are in the Mitchell library or the N.S.W. state archives. in addition, there is a microfilm (m41) for which a contents list is available from the archivist. thesis (94 pp.), l folder, 1 reel mfm.

    87. Mornington Parish Dunedin Marriages
    ALLEN Amelia Rhoda Hargrave 27y, HENDERSON, 9 Apr, 1902, 19/39/2. ALLEN EthelMaud 20y, SIMMONS GARSIDE John Turner 27y, MORRIS, 21 Feb, 1894, 19/39/1
    Mornington Parish Dunedin Marriages 1882 to 1920 Parish Code 19/39 Adam to Gunn / Hace to Murray Napier to Young ADAM John 30y LINDSAY 13 Sep ADAM Mary Penelope 28y GRENFELL 1 Jul AGNEW James Seymour 32y STANLEY 24 Dec AITCHISON Helen 22y PENMAN 25 Dec AITCHISON Julia 30y MAGUIRE 5 Nov AITKEN Alexander Maine 23y WALLEN 10 Oct ALEXANDER Arthur Ernest full age GARSIDE 23 Oct ALEXANDER Elsie 27y FERGUSSON 5 Nov ALEXANDER James Young 30y CALDOW 19 Apr ALEXANDER Mary 25y JOHNSTON 26 Dec ALEXANDER Merina Helen 19y MOORE 2 Nov ALEXANDER William 29y CALDOW 3 Jul ALLAN Alice Jane 23y WILSON 12 Nov ALLAN Mary Isabella 24y WHITEHEAD Dr. 26 May ALLEN Amelia Rhoda Hargrave 27y HENDERSON 9 Apr ALLEN Ethel Maud 20y SIMMONS 24 Jan AMESS James 60y HEWTON 11 Mar ANDERSON Elizabeth Jane 30y WEBSTER 30 Oct ANDERSON Mary 24y McDONALD 17 Jan ANDERSON Rebecca 24y GARSIDE 26 Aug ANGELL Elizabeth Anna Eyre 22y THOMSON 12 Jul ANNAN Henry David 29y STARK 15 Dec ANSCOMBE Edith Violet 23y BROWN 20 Apr ANTHONY Elsie 22y HANNAH 2 Oct ARMSTRONG James 50y ROBERTSON 15 Mar ARMSTRONG John George 28y LOTHIAN 24 Aug ARNOTT Annie Reid 20y ESKDALE 31 May ASHTON Amy Gertrude 24y WRIGHT 11 Oct ASHTON John 25y MEARNS 1 Jan ATTEWELL Joseph Edward 23y BAILLIE 19 Mar AUSTIN John Blyth 24y CARROLL 2 Jul AUSTING Florence Mary 29y BLYTH 6 Dec AYERS George Francis 26y GOUGH 21 Jun BAILLIE Sarah Anderson 19y ATTEWELL 19 Mar BAIN Isabella 26y TAYLOR 26 Oct BAIN John 45y McDOUGALL Mrs 7 Feb BAIN Mary Love 24y DAY 15 Dec BAIRD Charles 22y RINGROSE 7 Dec BAIRD John Petrie 22y CRICHTON 22 May BAIRD Lily 23y KELLETT 17 Jun BAIRD Wilhelmina Stewart 25y

    88. Flowers Family - Illinois Marriages To 1900 (partial)

    GRAVE SITES OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS IN HOPKINS COUNTY, TEXAS (Compiled by Wilbur Thomas Myers (deceased), Adjutant, Sons of Confederate Veterans, J. M. “Matt” Barton Camp #441. Previously published in HOPKINS COUNTY HERITAGE Some corrections and additions have been made: [ ] indicates corrections to existing records and * indicates additional information. HCGS welcomes both corrections and additions from anyone who can document their information.) ABERCOMBIE, ALBERT G. ALABAMA ORDINANCE DEPARTMENT CUMBY CEMETERY JAN 22, 1842 - MAR 11, 1929 ABLES, ZED D. BLACK OAK CEMETERY NOV 12, 1832 - NOV 14, 1883 ACKER, H. P. CO H 15 ALABAMA INFANTRY SULPHUR SPRINGS CITY CEMETERY MAR 15, 1844 - NOV 23, 1914 ACKER, WINDER H. CO D 1 MTD VOLUNTEERS GREENPOND CEMETERY ADAMS, J. O. CO I 20 ALABAMA INFANTRY SHIRLEY CEMETERY FEB 21, 1840 - FEB 10, 1909 ADAMS, JOHN CO I 23 TEXAS CAVALRY GAFFORD CHAPEL CEMETERY MAR 2, 1839 - JAN 3, 1879 ADAMS, PLEASANT N. CO E 2 ARKANSAS CAVALRY GREENVIEW CEMETERY MAY 5, 1834 - APR 1911 AGEE, DANIEL H. CO K 9 TEXAS INFANTRY SALTILLO CEMETERY JAN 2, 1818 - JUL 22, 1911

    90. Herman Miller Family
    John Sylvester Miller (18391894) m. Emma Louise Schaub (1841-? Mary RebeccaHargrave (1862-1919), d/o Alex Hargrave and Phebe Bodenhamer
    Hermannus Miller Family
    First Generation
    Hermannus Miller was born about 1740 and died in January 1818 near Bethania NC. His wife was Anna Catharina Fiedler (1740-1803), who is buried at Nazareth Lutheran church. Although Hermannus is not listed in the cemetery records book, we suspect that he was buried there also, based on an entry in the Moravian records regarding his funeral. His will, dated June 3, 1816 and probated March term 1818, names his son Harmon Miller and his wife, who remain on his land, and a total of fourteen grandchildren, identified as children of Harmon Miller and Godfrey Miller respectively.
    Second Generation
    Children of Hermannus Miller and Anna Catharina Fiedler
    Harmon Miller (1777-1813) m. Salome Schauss
    Godfrey or Gottfried Miller, probably the one who m. 1) Catharine Hempelman in 1796 and 2) Susannah Helsabeck in 1803, widow of Philip Jacob Meyer
    Third Generation
    Children of Harmon Miller and Salome Schauss
    Heinrich Miller (1803-1863) m. Anna Elisabeth Rank, d/o Johannes Ranck and Catharina Vogler
    John Miller (1804-1878) m. Elizabeth Holder (1808-1877). Who were her parents?

    91. 1894 - Wikipedia
    Costa Rica - Rafael Iglesias y Castro, Präsident (1894-1902)

    92. Homestead & Mifflin Township Historical Society
    Since the erection of City Hall in the fall of 1894 all the meetings have been March 1, 1897—JS Elliott, JR Friend, FW Pirl, CF Dreyer, OP Hargrave,
    1902 Duquesne Industrial and Business" newspaper published by the "Duquesne Observer"
    EARLY GOVERNMENT The first meeting of the first borough council of Duquesne was held on March 7, 1892, in Morris’ Hall, which stood on the present site of the Eagle drug store, Grant and Duquesne avenues. J. W. Crawford presided and C. G. Enyeart acted as secretary pro tem. Many other sessions were held in the same hall, the ownership of which was later transferred to Charles Downey. Later the office of The Observer , corner South Duquesne and Camp avenues, was used as a meeting place. Since the erection of City Hall in the fall of 1894 all the meetings have been conducted in that building. The members of the different councils from the time of the incorporation and the date on which the latter were organized are as follows: March 7, 1892—Thomas Best, Thomas Carr, G.E.F. Gray, Wm. Oliver and M. Bedell. President, Burgess J.W. Crawford; clerk, Frank R. Dyer.

    93. Medlan Chapel Cemetery, Young County By Gloria B. Mayfield- Cemeteries Of Texas
    Brisco, Deward, 8 September 1894, 3 May 1961, double stone Hargrave, JohnW., 27 December 1893, 30 April 1965, TX Pvt 35 Co 165 Dep Brig WWI
    Medlan Chapel Cemetery, Young County, Texas
    Location: On Medlan Chapel Road off the highway about 4 mi S of Graham, Texas.
    Cemetery inscriptions recorded, transcribed and submitted by Carlene Peacock Brown Last, Given, Birth, Death, Comments
    Alexander, Bettie F ., 1 January 1892, 27 August 1971, double stone
    Alexander, James W., 12 May 1883, 10 March 1965, double stone
    Alexander, Mary Christine, 12 January 1921, 19 May 1934, daug. of J.W.
    Allison, Cora, 1883, 1953
    Allison, Laudy, 1888, 1964
    Allison, Willis, no dates
    Alton, Iva E., 11 July 1904, 12 February 1990
    Alton, Russell H., 16 March 1902, 4 May 1991, married 19 November 1965
    Anable, Lawrence Ray, 21 September 1889, 3 January 1998, US Army WWII Austin, William W., 29 June 1831, 16 June 1887 Baker, Annie, 3 July 1884, 7 October 1885 Bennett, Lillie Martin, 17 March 1894, no date, Mother Benson, Lane Spurgeon, 7 October 1887, 13 October 1925 Benson, Mary E. , 27 December 1854, 26 March 1937

    94. Discovering Democracy - Lawrence Hargrave Bio
    Biography and image of Lawrence Hargrave. In 1894, he became the first manin Australia to fly — at Stanwell Park in New South Wales.
    Other options Home Contacts Links Sitemap Help
    'Angry' Anderson
    Edmund Barton

    Sir Garfield Barwick

    Sister Scholastica Carillo
    ... John Gould
    Lawrence Hargrave
    Archbishop Peter Hollingworth

    Fred Hollows

    Sir Isaac Isaacs

    Stepan Kerkyasharian
    Mandaway Yunupingu
    Lawrence Hargrave
    (Reproduced from a copy, courtesy Mitchell Library) Lawrence Hargrave Lawrence Hargrave was born in Greenwich, England, and came to Australia in 1883. He had a comfortable life and made enough money to be able to spend his time doing experiments and inventing things. Hargrave's face is on the $20 note, there are places named after him and a memorial to him has been built at Stanwell Park. This site was developed by Curriculum Corporation for the Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) under the Discovering Democracy Program. © Commonwealth of Australia . Email:

    BROTZMAN, Margaret , Spouse of John M. , Died 2/25/1854 , Age 25y9m6d Alfred ,Born 1826 , Died 1891 NORTHRUP, Alice J. , Born 2/2/1826 , Died 8/15/1894
    Town of Rathbone, NY
    Linda McCann
    Photo Submitted by PHGS Member: Paul Giometti Photo Submitted by PHGS Member: Paul Giometti
    ALLEN, Abbie A. , Born 1853 , Died 1904
    ALLEN, Alethea M. , Born 1948 , Died 1963
    ALLEN, Alice , Spouse of 1st James H. Deppa , Born 1869 , Died 1956 nee Northrup, 2nd unknown Allen
    ALLEN, Alma , Born 1881 , Died 1952
    ALLEN, Alva J. , Born 1843 , Died 1931
    ALLEN, Alva T. , Born 1880 , Died 1968
    ALLEN, Caroline , Spouse of William , Born 12/7/1821 , Died 11/14/1891 ALLEN, Catherine , Born 1808 , Died 1826 ALLEN, Clara D. , Died 1865 ALLEN, Constantia , Born 1894 , Died 1904 ALLEN, Ella , Born 1862 , Died 1898 ALLEN, Emma ALLEN, Emma J , Spouse of Thomas H , Born 1853 , Died 1913 ALLEN, Ervie L , Born 1903 , Died 1963 ALLEN, Father , Born 1836 , Died 1899 ALLEN, Frances R. , Born 1907 , Died 1963 ALLEN, Freddie C. , Died 1880 , Age 8m ALLEN, George , Died 3/5/1877 , Age 57y5m ALLEN, Isaac , Born 1847 , Died 1923 ALLEN, Joseph , Born 1825 , Died 1882

    96. Enquiries
    RA Allingham John c1920 Uruguay JL Allsup John 1889 Argentina CT Alt Edward MT Barnett Catherine Sutherland 1870 Argentina SV Barnett John Gemmil 1894
    A B C ... T-Z [ Enquiries ]
    This data is taken from my BiSA database and was last uploaded in July 2005 I have kept a note of all enquiries from genealogists requesting information.
    If your interest in a specific name is not included in the list below please contact me. Your E-mail address is never shown on the web site.
    The first name or initials of the person making the enquiry are shown for your reference.
    If the reference includes "@?" I have tried to get in touch and failed. Please make contact SURNAME GIVEN_NAME DATE COUNTRY REF Hunter Henry 1878 Guyana PE@? Hunziker George c1900 Argentina MS Hutton Alexander Watson 1884 Argentina BAEHS Hutton Alexander Watson 1884 Argentina PM Huxtable Argentina AC Ibbs-Leigh Reginald 1934 Brazil PH Ingles Buenaventura c1850 Argentina AN Isaac Wilfred Charles 1914 Argentina RI Isaac Wilfred Charles 1914 Chile RI Jackson Walter 1889 Brazil LC James 1830 Uruguay LSSP Jenkins David 1860 Chile GWk Jenkins Aaron 1865 Argentina BJ Jenkins Rachel 1865 Argentina BJ

    97. Bridgeman Cemetery
    Horn, Ernest R. 5/7/1894 9/22/1970 MN. PVT. US Army WW1 Horn, Flara Belle 1877 -1967 Pietz, John Louis 10/5/1918 MN. PVT. 6 US Marine Corps 2 Div.
    Bridgeman Cemetery
    May Township
    Bridgeman, MN.
       A very special Thank-You to Richard Horn
    His great-grandfather donated this land for the cemetery,
    but for years used as a popular picnic place
    Ackerson, Horace  1859 - 1949
    Ackerson, Neta Jean  9/14/1938 - 8/17/1989
    Anderson, W. E.  Died 5/12/1893 18 Years
    Arlie, Charlotte  10/23/1907 - 1/23/1908
    Arlie, P. F.  12/11/1902 - 3/3/1903 Arlie, Thomas  8/25/1921 - 10/19/1921 Barnett, Jesse M.  1846 - 1931 Benedix, Carrie D.  1/19/1911 - 1/28/1911 Benedix, Walter  2/13/1912 - 2/12/1912 Berndt, William  1882 - 1911 Bolton, Edward  1857 - 1926 Bremer, Ida G.  1903 - 1910 Brown, Malissa  1876 - 1931 Bruns, Lester Eugene  10/14/1920 - 7/1/1995  PFC. US Army WW2 Bryant, Elsie M.  9/7/1877 - 6/20/1895 Bryant, John H.  8/12/1893 - 8/30/1895 Bryant, Mary  6/29/1827 - 5/24/1888 Campbell, Timothy Scott  5/1/1960 - 5/5/1981  PFC. US Army Cole, Elmer  11/8/1909 - 5/2/1910 Cole, Valentine  1899 - 1924 Corner, No Names Or Dates Available Crocker, Kathleen  1851 - 1938 Crocker, Henry J. 1847 - 1909 Crowell, Lenora L.  1898 - 1980

    98. DC 365, 1675 Archives Of DePauw University And Indiana United
    Ribbon 18811894 1881-1892 this one has a picture of East College on it. 1852 Hargrave, William P. Is there a greater demand for men of high moral
    DC 365, 1675
    Archives of DePauw University and Indiana United Methodism
    Oratorical Contest and Orations
    Processed by: Virginia C. Brann, Sept. 26, 1968
    DC 365
    Folder 1 Original copy of the Order of the Exercises September 26, 1838 (laminated) Copy of the two orations given by E. P. Cowgill September 26, 1838 (photocopies)
    Folder 2 Programs for the C. G. Cloud Prize in Declamation June 20, 1876 (2 copies) June 23, 1886 (13 th Annual) June 20, 1887 (14 th Annual) June 19, 1889 (16 th Annual)
    Folder 3 Kinnear-Monnette Prize Contest Program for Feb. 22, 1887
    Folder 4 Albert J. Beveridge Oratory Contest and Kate Langsdale Beveridge Contest for Oratory Programs AJB June 22, 1886 (First Annual) June 22, 1887 (Second Annual) KLB June 19, 1888
    Folder 5 Contest Programs July 16, 1856 (two copies) June 22, 1875 Feb. 9, 1894 May 6, 1898
    Folder 6 DePauw Preparatory Oratorical Contest Programs May 13, 1892 Folder 7 DePauw Prize Contest in Oratory Programs June 21, 1886 June 20, 1887 (Third Annual)

    99. Flack Genealogy - Parish Registers - Burwell, Cambridgeshire.
    1894, Dec 28, FLACK, Mary otp 70. 1904, May 5, FLACK, John otp 65 (Buried withService authorised by the Bishop of the Diocese
    Parish Registers - Burwell, Cambridgeshire.
    Burwell Parish Baptisms 1562-1950
    Apr 15 FLACK Oct 9 FLACK (nee Arber) , Lab Jun 16 FLACK (nee Miller) Apr 17 FLACK Sep 1 FLACK Nov 29 FLACK Jul 4 FLACK Apr 1 FLACK Aug 15 FLACK Sep 25 FLACK (nee Mason) Publican Oct 10 FLACK (nee Mason) labourer Apr 5 FLACK (nee Bridgeman), labourer May 16 HARLEY Dec 26 FLACK Jun 16 FLACK Jan 10 FLACK nee Charles) lab May 30 FLACK May 29 FLACK Nov 26 FLACK Nov 25 FLACK Mar 25 FLACK Jun 25 FLACK Janet dau of William and Grace otp lab born 8 Mar 1892 Jun 25 FLACK James William Joicey son of Sarah otp born 26 Sep 1894 Jun 25 FLACK Herbert son of William and Grace otp lab born 28 Dec 1894 May 3 FLACK Jul 14 FLACK Jul 14 FLACK Oct 18 FLACK Oct 18 FLACK Oct 18 FLACK Oct 18 FLACK
    Burwell Parish Marriages 1561-1950
    Oct 15 John FLACK (x) bac and Sarah ARBER (x) sp Jul 8 Richard MILLER (x) bac and Sarah FLACK sp botp with consent of parents Jan 2 James FLACK 22 bac lab son of John Flack farmer and Mary MILLER 22 sp dau of William Miller lab May 16 Isaac BULLEN 23 bac butcher son of John Bullen publican and Sarah FLACK 20 sp dau of James Flack farmer Jan 1 George Henry HARLEY 21 bac lab son of Thomas Harley painter and Mary FLACK 24 sp dau of James Flack farmer Wits: William Flack Mar 21 William FLACK 22 bac labourer son of James Flack farmer and Grace BRIDGEMAN 22 sp dau of William Bridgeman farmer Wits: James Flack, Hannah Charles

    100. Flack Genealogy - Parish Registers - Stow Cum Quy, Cambridgeshire.
    1888, May 10, FLACK, Agnes daughter of John Charlotte lab born 19 Mar 1885 1894, Mar 24, PETTITT, Harry 22 bac labourer otp s of William labourer to
    Parish Registers - Stow cum Quy, Cambridgeshire.
    Stow cum Quy Parish Baptisms 1547-1595, 1599-1900
    Jun 11 FLACK (nee Frost) Sep 22 FLACK Mar 16 FLACK (nee Morgan) Jun 13 FLACK Jan 27 FLACK Nov 8 FLACK Feb 28 FLACK Aug 26 FLACK Sep 27 FLACK Apr 2 FLACK Jun 8 FLACK Aug 14 FLACK (nee Burling) Mar 11 FLACK (nee Stickwood) Jun 17 FLACK James son of Mary - illegitimate Apr 3 FLACK (nee King) May 8 FLACK (nee Crane) Dec 25 FLACK Feb 2 FLACK Aug 9 FLACK Apr 16 FLACK Oct 7 FLACK Feb 9 FLACK Sep 6 FLACK (nee Humphry) Oct 9 FLACK Feb 5 FLACK (nee Royston) Mar 5 FLACK Mar 5 FLACK Oct 22 FLACK Oct 13 FLACK May 13 FLACK Jun 11 FLACK FLACK Jan 30 FLACK Nov 20 FLACK (nee Muggleton) , smith Dec 15 FLACK Jul 2 FLACK (nee Mary Anne Randall) lab Feb 10 FLACK May 11 FLACK Jul 18 FLACK Mar 26 FLACK Dec 2 FLACK Jul 26 FLACK Mar 27 FLACK Aug 12 FLACK Oct 19 FLACK (nee Handcock) Oct 16 FLACK Dec 18 FLACK Jun 10 FLACK Jun 16 FLACK Jan 16 FLACK Mar 31 FLACK Jan 17 FLACK Apr 1 FLACK Oct 5 FLACK Mar 5 FLACK May 10 FLACK May 10 FLACK (Grace Precious) lab born Mar 1884 May 10 FLACK Nov 4 FLACK (nee Nichols) lab born 28 Sep 1900
    Stow cum Quy Parish Marriages 1541-1597, 1599-1900

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