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         Swing Dance:     more books (89)
  1. The dance band era: The dancing decades from ragtime to swing, 1910-1950 by Albert J McCarthy, 1971
  2. The Dance Band Era. The dancing decades from ragtime to swing. 1910-1950. by Albert McCarthy, 1982
  3. The Dance Band Era: The Dancing Decades from Ragtime to Swing: 1910-1950 by Albert McCARTHY, 1974
  4. Swing Dancing: Put on Your Dancing Shoes and Get With Hip-Swinging, Toe-Tapping Swing Dancing by Simon Selmon, 2002-08-28
  5. Getting into the swing isn't just minding steps. (Pattie Wells' Dancetime Company): An article from: San Diego Business Journal by Pat Broderick, 1997-11-17
  6. Waltzing in the Dark: African American Vaudeville and Race Politics in the Swing Era by Brenda Dixon Gottschild, 2002-02-08
  7. This Joint is Jumpin: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Jazz and Swing by Tanja Crouch, 2010
  8. Swing Your Partners: A Guide To Modern Country Dancing by Durward Maddocks, 2007-03-01
  9. Glenn Miller & the age of swing by George Snow, 1976
  10. The Swing era by Philip W Payne, 1984
  11. Born to Swing: The Story of the Big Bands by Ean Wood, 1996-03-01
  12. Talking Swing: The British Big Bands by Sheila Tracy, 1997-09-01
  13. The dance band era;: The dancing decades from ragtime to swing: 1910-1950 by Albert J McCarthy, 1971
  14. You Can Disco - A Simplified, Easy-to-Follow Approach to the Most Popular Disco Dances. Every Step Photographed.

81. Herräng Dance Camp: Welcome To Herräng Dance Camp 2005!
A big share of the world’s swing dancers will also most likely be there. Cordially welcome for a week or two. We venture to assert an interesting and quite

Week By Week


Registration Brochure
Information FAQ
How To Get There

Social Infrastructure

Community Hornsgatan 75 Forum Pictures Links
During 2005 we had a camp fotographer at the camp and a dedicated gallery will be forthcoming, but for now you can take a glance at some of the photos on his site (click on Dance). Please note that latest news about the camp always can be found on this website under the headline News. We update it frequently and have the ambition to constantly give last minute changes and additions through this channel. Tim Kask

82. Swing (dance) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Blues dancing is an informal type of swing dancing with no fixed West Coast swing dancers may dance to virtually any 4/4 music that is not too fast.
Swing (dance)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
(Redirected from Swing dance Swing is a group of related street dances that evolved from Lindy Hop . Swing is a partner dance, where the couple consists of a leader and follower , who share a connection edit
Forms of Swing
The three main dance forms of swing are Lindy Hop West Coast Swing , and East Coast Swing . However, there are many other dances of this kind, such as Jive and Balboa
  • Balboa is an 8-count dance that emphasizes a strong partner connection and quick footwork. Balboa (sometimes referred to simply as "Bal") is primarily danced in a tight, closed position with the follow and lead adopting a firm chest-to-chest posture. This dance is particularly popular in settings with fast jazz (usually anything from 180 to 320 BPM) and/or limited floor space. Blues dancing is an informal type of swing dancing with no fixed patterns and a heavy focus on connection, sensuality and improvisation, often with strong body contact. Although usually done to blues music, it can be done to any slow tempoed 4/4 music, including rock ballads and "club" music. Boogie woogie is the European counterpart to East Coast Swing, danced to rock music of various kinds, blues or

83. The New York Swing Dance Server

84. The Dance Database:
Database of dance organizations, where they dance, the performers at the dances, and the dance event schedules. It covers mostly Contra Dance, with some English Country, Scottish, Square, and swing dance.
a service of
Welcome to DanceDB This page contains a description of DanceDB , its contents, and instructions on locating and submitting information, as well as links into key pages of the web site. See map below! Text-only browser? Click on a state or province here! Canada:
ON United States:
AK AR AZ ... WY Find a person band with a name/word like matching all words any word Hint: fewer letters means more matches; use only a few letters and choose letters that are common to all spellings of a name. DAV matches DAVE and DAVID OB matches BOB and ROBERT Hint: don't search for words like the or band Click on state or abbreviation to list dances in that state Click on state or abbreviation to list dances in that state Contents:
  • Search DanceDB for dances, bands, and people using the tools at the right
  • Database organization; record types.
    What's in the database?
  • Detailed contents of various record types.
  • Summary display formats
    How can I see lists of things?
  • Submitting information to DanceDB
    Please add my dance series, my band, or me!

85. Swing Stuff From TC Swingin' Hepcats! DANCE & SHINE! Your Source For All Things
Information about swing dance instructional videos (lindy, east coast, balboa, shag, footwork, charleston, aerials, swing rueda), and how to order them.
CLOSED from Sept. 28 to October 15! More Info! from TC Swingin' Hepcats Info Home 10% off all orders of $125 and up!
INSTRUCTION Beginning Swing Dance
East Coast
(6-ct, VHS)
East Coast
(6-ct, DVD)
Lindy Hop

West Coast

Aerials, Trick Steps, Dips, Footwork, Variations
Art of Swing Dance
(Improvisation, Lead/Follow, Connections, VHS/DVD)
Swing Rueda
(VHS) Swingin' the Blues (Slow Swing, VHS/DVD) PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTORS/ PERFORMERS Frankie Manning (original Savoy Style lindy hopper from Harlem: Lindy, Shim Sham, DVD/VHS) Stevens Sisters Improvisation, Smooth/H'wood, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, Footwork, Trick Steps, Boogie Woogie, VHS/DVD) Erik Robison/Sylvia Skylar (Smooth/H'wood Style Lindy, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, DVD/VHS) Doug Silton (Smooth/ H'wood Lindy, Connections, Spins, Tricks, 8-ct., Extended Variations, West Coast, DVD) David and Kim Clever (Aerials, Charleston, Lindy Hop, DVD/VHS) Flyin' Lindy Hoppers (East Coast, Aerials, VHS) Ryan Francois/Jenny Thomas (Savoy Style Lindy Hop, DVD/VHS) WORKSHOPS Camp Hollywood Monsters of Swing National Jitterbug Championships CLOTHES Baggy Swing Pants Seamed Pantyhose T-shirts MISCELLANEOUS Dance and Shine Swing CDs Dance Music!

86. Capital Swing Dances (Albany, New York)
Schedule of monthly swing dances sponsored by HudsonMohawk Traditional Dances, Inc. In the Capital District of New York State.

87. Hudson-Mohawk Traditional Dances, Inc. Homepage
Featured dancing included contras, squares, swing, Lindy hop, waltzes, top of page, special event, contradances, swing dances, English country dances

88. - Eugene Swing Dance Club
Join the Eugene swing dance Club every Monday night for a dance lesson, The Monday night West Coast swing dance at Agate Hall is a popular weekly dance
Eugene Swing Dance Club
Club Info Hotline: 68-SWING
(Sponsored by Backstage Dancewear at 380 3rd in Eugene) Calendar Club Information Venues Links
Barry is going to be back in Eugene! He will be teaching private lessons on Thursday and Friday the 25th and 26th of August. He is an outstanding dancer and dance teacher from the Detroit area. If you have any questions, or you would like to reserve a lesson time call (541) 513 6047. About Barry Douglas Barry Douglas is a renaissance man of dance with over 30 years of teaching and choreography to his credit. His experience extends from the funk and rhythm of urban American streets to the finest ballrooms of Europe, and includes a stint in Las Vegas. Barry is certified to teach 18 different dances, including swing, salsa, hustle, rumba, waltz and others. He received a Masters in Jazz Choreography from the National Jazz Dance Congress, and is a certified dance judge. In 1995, Barry won the National Hustle Championship. For more info about Barry visit his website:

89. Swingset
swing dance club at the University of Texas. Includes a calendar of events, history of the club, and photos.

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If this image does not load, click here and download the Flash plug-in.

90. The New York Swing Dance Server Has Moved!
East and West Coast swing dance calendar, photos, and flyers. Official site of the Gotham West Coast Swing Club.

91. USA Swing Dance Network
Source for Swing event websites, Swing news, dancer rankings, feature stories, Swing video clips, online chat, competition photos, merchandise,
Michigan Classic

Swingtime in the Rockies

Seattle Easter Swing
... U s Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).
Special Feature!
"Good Morning America"
Dance Contest on ABC!
Click image for
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).
"Mad Hot Ballroom"
Kids Schools Weeks Dream (Click image for trailer) Nashville Classic November 3 CASH BASH November 26 ... Pro Video Clips " Dancing with Stars" Finale So You Think You Can Dance? Top Dancer Rankings ... Swango DVD Combine Swing and Tango for "Swango"! Pro Dance Videos Order hot new dance videos from the Pros! Champion Floors Choice of Champions!! (Click image, then text) Toe-to-Toe Shoes International selection! (Click image, then text) Dancing Art Dance prints, figurines

92. The Sophisticats - 50s And 60s Rock!
Official site for local band for hire, playing 50's and 60's oldies favorites as well as a variety of swing dance tunes, instrumental jazz standards, and pop ballads.
Contact us: e-mail us!
The Sophistcats' members can also appear in the form of duos or trios. A Buddy Holly impersonation may also be requested, either in the form of a solo act or with the rest of the group.
Band Info. Song List/MP3s Duo/Trio ...

93. Raper's Dance Corner
Includes lesson plans, Who's Who in swing dance, swing dance Research Historic Association, Dance Dictionary, dance club listings, and music listings.
Raper's Swing Dance Corner
Phone: 1(480)945-9100 .... Fax: 1(480)945-9102 ... E-mail Raper's Dance Classes Dance Teachers Corner Visitor Feedback ...
Starting A New Dance Club
(Helpful Hints)
Swing Dance
Country Western Dance

Competition Judging

Other Dance Links
H. Leon Raper
By: H. Leon Raper

94. Home
Offers info on lessons, photographs, and a club calendar.
THE INDY SWING DANCE CLUB We invite you to join us for a chance to dance, learn and make new friends. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our group or West Coast Swing dancing. Proud Member NEWS Indy Swing Classic - Competition Results Posted
Indy Swing Classic - Photos Posted

Purchase photos from the Indy Swing Classic

Updated Club Schedule
... Information on Indy Swing Classic 2006!!!!!
[Home] [ About Contact Us Directions Schedule ... Swing Classic

NASDE RULES WORLD swing dance COUNCIL OTHER INTERNET swing dance LINKS. Sponsored by the National Association of swing dance Events (NASDE)


Sponsored by the National Association of Swing Dance Events (NASDE) Secretary: Craig Hutchinson; Phone: 703-698-9811; E-mail: Address: NASDE; 3409 Silver Maple Place; Falls Church, VA 22042-3545 For more information contact a participating event or Craig Hutchinson at 703-698-9811, e-mail:

96. Welcome To The Ottawa Swing Dance Society
Guide to swing dancing in Ottawa, Canada. Includes general information, a list of upcoming events, and photos.

97. Lindy Hop, The Original Swing Dance
swing dance started with the Lindy Hop. Learn swing dance history through vintage films and dancers like Frankie Manning and Norma Miller. Top swing dance
lindy hop history biography motion pictures art lindy hop history biography motion pictures art ... SavoyStyle Swing Dance Shop

98. SDHS: Online Resources
swing dance Research and Historic Association The purpose of the SDRHA is to gather information pertaining to all forms of swing dancing.
Online Resources Swing Dance Archives of Early Lindy Hop This splendid Web site, mounted by the Savoy Style Swing Shop, provides a history of the Lindy, biographies of dancers, a filmography, photos, and a library of Lindy links. Pennyslvania 6-5000 / Atomic Magazine This dual site claims to be "your essential guide to retro culture," covering "all that is swing on the Internet." The site of the "Lindy Week Review" provides news and reviews of events, a dancers' forum, a guide to establishments, a photo gallery, a listing of Lindy links, and information on travel, music, zoot suits, and accessories. Swing Dance Research and Historic Association The purpose of the SDRHA is to gather information pertaining to all forms of swing dancing. The site is maintained by the association's founder and president, H. Leon Raper, a swing dancer, teacher, and historian as well as an Internet entrepreneur. World Swing Dance Council Organized in 1993, the WSDC is a service organization designed to further communication and to profile informational services and record keeping for the international swing dance community. This site provides numerous links to local clubs and swing dance resources.

99. Southwest Virginia Social Dance Society
Times and dates of swing dances, stuff about SVSDS.
The Upstairs Ballroom
by SVSDS, Inc. (The Southwest Virginia Social Dance Society)
Scheduled Events
Types of Events Directions Receive E-mail ...
Check here for the latest news.
Check out our informal "Mostly Swing" Dances Tuesdays and Fridays, 7:30 p.m. at our Upstairs Ballroom (previously the Fitness Connection aerobics room at the top of the outside stairs at Squared Away, 1101 N. Main St.) If you want more information join the list serve and receive E-mail. You will also receive information on other upcoming dance events. Visit the student chapter, SolelySwing Like to Dance? A lot? Try our Frequent Dancer Card Check out the benefits of Membership ! for other deals. Feel free to contact us for more information. Any questions or comments about this page should be sent to Liz Gladwin

100. Swing Dance Virginia, Swing Dance, Virginia Beach, Lindy Hop, Norfolk, Hampton R
Swing Virginia is your swing dance connection to where to dance in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Hampton Roads, Virginia and surrounding areas.
Sept 23
Univ Ctr-Chesapeake A

7p-Mid. Sept 23-25
Paul Sharon Workshop
Greensboro, NC
Info here Oct 14-16
Jammin On

The James

Richmond, VA
Keep This
Swing Site Alive.
Donate here Welcome to Swing Virginia! Lindy Hop - Blues Dance - East Coast - West Coast - Balboa - Slow Drag Shag - Hollywood - Charleston - Jitterbug - All That Swings Join us if you are a beginner or just looking to learn the cool style of swing dance. We encourage everyone to learn this style of dance by blending the origins of the 1920's to the neo-Swing craze still captivating the dance crowds. Revitalized with the help of early 1990s retro return of the big band sounds of pop music to hit the dance clubs to swing dancing scenes in movies. With dancing every week, workshops and lessons, you can always join in the excitement of the classic and energetic dance. No partners needed. Join the Swing Hampton Roads Yahoo! Group and

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