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         Gauguin Paul:     more books (100)
  1. Gauguin: The Quest for Paradise by Francoise Cachin, 1992-03-30
  2. Noa Noa by Paul Gauguin, 2009-10-22
  3. Gauguin: A Retrospective by Stuc Prather, 1989-08-07
  4. Paul Gauguin: The Breakthrough Into Modernity by Paul Gauguin, Agnieszka Juszczak, et all 2009-11-30
  5. Paul Gauguin (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists) by Mike Venezia, 1992-09
  6. Paul Gauguin: A Journey to Tahiti (Adventures in Art) by Christoph Becker, 2001-09
  7. Gauguin Tahiti by Paul Gauguin, Claire FrEches-Thory, 2004-02-02
  8. Gauguin's Intimate Journals by Paul Gauguin, 1997-01-07
  9. The Writings Of A Savage by Paul Gauguin, 1996-03-22
  10. Paul Gauguin: Letters To His Wife And Friends by Paul Gauguin, 2003-09-02
  11. Paul Gauguin, 1848-1903: The Primitive Sophisticate by Ingo F Walther, 1988-01-01
  12. Paul Gauguin by David Sweetman, 1996-02-21
  13. The Symbolism of Paul Gauguin: Erotica, Exotica, and the Great Dilemmas of Humanity by Henri Dorra, 2007-02-20
  14. Noa Noa: The Tahitian Journal by Paul Gauguin, 2009-10-18

1. Paul Gauguin - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia article includes a biography, list of paintings and images for the post impressionist painter.
Paul Gauguin
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Paul Gauguin
Birth name
Eug¨ne Henri Paul Gauguin Born 7 June
France Died 8 May
Marquesas Islands French Polynesia Field painting engraving Movement Post-Impressionism Primitivism Eug¨ne Henri Paul Gauguin 7 June 8 May ) was a leading Post-Impressionist painter . His bold experimentation with coloring led directly to the Synthetist style of modern art while his expression of the inherent meaning of the subjects in his paintings, under the influence of the cloisonnist style, paved the way to Primitivism and the return to the pastoral . He was also an influential exponent of wood engraving and woodcuts as art forms.

2. Tahiti Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin, along with Van Gogh, was one of the major postimpressionist painters. A master artist and influential founder of modern art, he abandoned
Paul Gauguin, along with Van Gogh, was one of the major post-impressionist painters. A master artist and influential founder of modern art, he abandoned European civilization to spend his days in the rugged Marquesas Islands, Tahiti - rejecting "everything that is artificial and conventional." This Web site looks at the last few years in the life of Paul Gauguin.
An impressionistic portrait of Paul Gauguin Tahiti women painted by Paul Gauguin The following are some more examples of the paintings of Paul Gauguin: L'Homme à la Hache by Paul Gauguin, courtesy of Tahitipresse
It was not until after his passing that Gauguin's genius for colour harmonies and use of large flat areas of non-naturalistic colour were recognized by the art world. Paul Gauguin took his greatest inspiration from primitive subjects and indigenous peoples, and his work took on a power and profound sense of mystery from the tropical colours and Polynesian culture of the South Seas. Paul Gauguin's art has within it a certain power expressed through simplicity and local charm The village of Atuona, in the shadow of the peak

3. OCAIW - Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin French Painter, 18481903 - Post-Impressionism/Art Nouveau. Links to pictures of works by Paul Gauguin in image galleries and art museum

O N L I N E S I N C E 1 9 9 7

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English Italiano SEARCH OCAIW: Artists Works Museums and Galleries Thuesday, 24 January 2008

4. H2 Prints. /h2
noa noa ebmuame embuame gauguin paul 18481903 exotic woodcut 1893/4 the creation of the universe gauguin paul 1848-1903 mythology woodcut 1893-94

noa noa ebmuame embuame
gauguin paul 1848-1903

noa noa ebmuame embuame
gauguin paul 1848-1903
te po - la grande nuit gauguin paul 1848-1903 exotic woodcut BIG the creation of the universe gauguin paul 1848-1903 mythology woodcut BIG t for topers nicholson william 1872-1942 decorative woodcut BIG femmes animaux et feuillages gauguin paul 1848-1903 figure woodcut BIG char a boeufs: souvenir de bretagne gauguin paul 1848-1903 animal woodcut BIG tiger marc franz 1880-1916 animal woodcut BIG composition 1 bolz hans 1887-1918 abstract woodcut Fast index. E L M W ... Previous page

5. Paul Gauguin Quotes And Biography. Paul Gauguin Quotations.
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6. Paul Gauguin - Wikiquote
Avant et Après (1903), from Paul Gauguin s Intimate Journals, trans. (1923) Van Wyck Brooks Dover, 1997, ISBN 0486-29441-2, p. 2
Paul Gauguin
From Wikiquote
Jump to: navigation search Self-Portrait with Yellow Christ (1889) Eug¨ne Henri Paul Gauguin ) was a French Post-Impressionist painter.
edit Sourced
  • Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?
    • D'o¹ venons-nous? Que sommes-nous? O¹ allons-nous? Title of painting, 1897 Many people say that I don't know how to draw because I don't draw particular forms. When will they understand that execution, drawing and color (in other words, style) must be in harmony with the poem?
      • Letter to Charles Morice (July 1901), from French Paintings and Painters from the Fourteenth Century to Post-Impressionism, ed. Gerd Muesham [Frederick Ungar, 1970, ISBN 0-8044-6521-5 ], p. 551 Life being what it is, one dreams of revenge — and has to content oneself with dreaming.
        • Avant et Apr¨s (1903), from Paul Gauguin's Intimate Journals, trans. (1923) Van Wyck Brooks [Dover, 1997, ISBN 0-486-29441-2 ], p. 2
        edit The Writings of a Savage (1990)
        An anthology of writing by Gauguin [Paragon House, ed. Daniel Gu©rin, trans. Eleanor Levieux

7. Paul Gauguin - Wikipedia
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Paul Gauguin
Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.
Vai a: Navigazione cerca Paul Gauguin Paul Gauguin Parigi 7 giugno Atuana Hiva-Oa 8 maggio ) ¨ stato un pittore francese I suoi genitori furono Clovis Gauguin, un giornalista antimonarchico, e Aline Marie Chazal. Muore ad Atuana nell'isola di Hiva-Oa , nell'arcipelago delle Isole Marchesi , all'et  di 54 anni.
modifica Precursore del "fauvismo"
Accolto tra gli impressionisti , Gauguin gett² le basi del "sintetismo" ispirandosi alle stampe giapponesi e all'arte primitiva e rifiutando la prospettiva; dette la preferenza ai colori violenti e ad un marcato contorno delle figure; fu anche il precursore di quel movimento pittorico sviluppatosi tra il e il che prese il nome di " fauvismo
modifica La vita
Un anno dopo la sua nascita, la famiglia di Gauguin parte per il Per¹ abbandonando la Francia che in quei giorni vedeva l'ascesa al potere di Napoleone III ; durante il viaggio il padre muore e la madre trova ospitalit  presso dei parenti a Lima . Nel fanno ritorno in Francia, ad

8. Paul Gauguin --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Paul Gauguin French painter, printmaker, and sculptor who sought to achieve a primitive expression of spiritual
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Paul Gauguin
Page 1 of 5 born June 7, 1848, Paris, France
died May 8, 1903, Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia Self-portrait in a Hat Roger-Viollet, Paris/Bridgeman Art Library in full Gauguin, Paul... (75 of 2610 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Commonly Asked Questions About Paul Gauguin Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post. Now readers of your website, blog-post, or any other web content can enjoy full access to this article on Paul Gauguin , or any Britannica premium article for free, even those readers without a premium membership. Just copy the HTML code fragment provided below to create the link and then paste it within your web content. For more details about this feature, visit our

9. Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin painting in the Hofstra Museum collection.
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Paul Gauguin (French, 1848 - 1903) Portrait of a Woman Oil on canvas 13 1/8 x 10 3/8 in. (33.3 x 26.4 cm) Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Rittmaster There have been many Gauguin exhibitions and retrospectives. The first major retrospective was held at the Salon d'Automne in Paris. A recent major exhibition, The Lure of The Exotic: Gauguin in New York Collections was held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in the Fall of 2002. The Musee d'Orsay, Paris is currently planning a Gauguin retrospective for 2004. Gauguin's works can be viewed in over 40 museums worldwide including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Guggenheim Museum, New York; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; The Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois; The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California; The National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh; Ohara Museum of Art Kurashiki, Japan; Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary; The State Hermitage Museum, Leningrad, Russia; Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany; Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain, The Tate Modern, London; and Musee d'Orsay, Paris, France.

10. Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin Art and Reform Sara Galner, the Saturday Evening Girls, and the Paul Revere Pottery Gauguin Letters to His Wife and Friends
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11. Paul Gauguin Quotes - Comments And Quotes By Gauguin
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Paul Gauguin Quotes and Comments Art Quotes by Paul Gauguin To receive 2 inspirational art quotes 3 times every week, subscribe to the newsletter Paul Gauguin artist quotes + The flat sound of my wooden clogs on the cobblestones, deep, hollow and powerful, is the note I seek in my painting.

12. Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin, Gauguin Oil Paintings, Paul Gauguin Biography & Gall
Paul Gauguin HuntFor Gallery with artist s biography.
Paul Gauguin
Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin was a leading Post-Impressionist artist. He was best known as a painter and his bold experimentation with coloring led directly to the Synthetist style of modern art. Expression of the inherent meaning of the subjects in his paintings, paved the way to Primitivism and the return to the pastoral. He was also an influential exponent of wood engraving and woodcuts as art forms.
Paul Gauguin was born in Paris in 1848 to father, journalist Clovis Gauguin and mother, half-Peruvian Aline Maria Chazal, the daughter of socialist leader Flora Tristan. In 1851 the family left Paris for Peru, motivated by the political climate of the period. His father Clovis died on the voyage, leaving three-year old Paul, his mother and his sister to fend for themselves. They lived for four years in Lima, Peru with Paul's uncle and his family. The imagery of Peru would later influence Paul in his art.
At the age of seven, Paul and his family returned to France, to Orleans, to his grandfather. At seventeen, Gauguin signed on as a pilot's assistant in the merchant marine and joined the navy. In 1871, Gauguin returned to Paris where he secured a job as a stockbroker. In 1873, he married a Danish woman, Mette Sophie Gad. Over the next ten years, they would have five children.
Gauguin had been interested in art since his childhood. In his free time, he began painting. He formed a friendship with artist Camille Pissarro and various other artists. Gauguin showed paintings in Impressionist exhibitions held in 1881 and 1882. After moving to Copenhagen, Gauguin had been driven to paint full-time, he returned to Paris in 1885, leaving his family in Denmark. Without adequate subsistence, his wife and their five children returned to her family. Gauguin outlived two of his children.

13. Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin was designed specifically for sailing French Polynesia yearround. She offers an extension of the informal, relaxing environment of the islands
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14. Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin. Paul Gauguin AKA Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin. Born 7Jun-1848 Paul Gauguin His Life and Art, 1965, BY A. Kantor-Gukovskaya
This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for Paul Gauguin AKA Born: 7-Jun
Birthplace: Paris, France
Died: 8-May
Location of death: Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Island, French Polynesia
Cause of death: Heart Failure
Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Painter Nationality: France
Executive summary: French post-impressionist painter Father: Clovis Gauguin (editor)
Mother: Aline Marie Chazal Sister: Mari Wife: Mette Sophie Gad (b. 1850, m. 1873, d. 1920, five children) Son: Emile (b. 1874) Daughter: Aline (b. 1877, d. 1897) Son: Clovis (b. 1879, d. 1900) Son: Son: Pola (b. 1883, d. 1961) Mistress: Juliette Huais (model, one daughter) Daughter: Germaine Chardon (artist, b. 13-Aug-1891, with Huais) Mistress: Pau'ura (Tahitian, one son) Son: Emile (b. 1899, with Pau'ura) Mistress: Mari-Rose (Tahitian, one daughter) Daughter: (b. 14-Sep-1902, with Mari-Rose) Girlfriend: Annah the Javanese (b. circa 1880, left him in 1894) Suicide Attempt Risk Factors: Alcoholism Syphilis Is the subject of books: La Vie de Gauguin BY: Henri Perruchot Paul Gauguin: His Life and Art BY: A. Kantor-Gukovskaya

15. WebMuseum: Gauguin, (Eugène-Henri-) Paul
Provides a brief commentary on the life and works of this French painter of the postimpressionist period.
Gauguin, (Eugène-Henri-) Paul
Gauguin, (Eugène-Henri-) Paul (b. June 7, 1848, Paris, Fr.d. May 8, 1903, Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia), one of the leading French painters of the Postimpressionist period, whose development of a conceptual method of representation was a decisive step for 20th-century art. After spending a short period with Vincent van Gogh in Arles (1888), Gauguin increasingly abandoned imitative art for expressiveness through colour. From 1891 he lived and worked in Tahiti and elsewhere in the South Pacific. His masterpieces include the early Vision After the Sermon (1888) and Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? Although his main achievements were to lie elsewhere, Gauguin was, to use a fanciful metaphor, nursed in the bosom of Impressionism . His attitudes to art were deeply influenced by his experience of its first exhibition, and he himself participated in those of 1880, 1881 and 1882. The son of a French journalist and a Peruvian Creole, whose mother had been a writer and a follower of Saint-Simon, he was brought up in Lima, joined the merchant navy in 1865, and in 1872 began a successful career as a stockbroker in Paris. In 1874 he saw the first Impressionist exhibition, which completely entranced him and confirmed his desire to become a painter. He spent some 17,000 francs on works by

16. Paul Gauguin - Olga's Gallery
Comprehensive collection of the images of gauguin s works with biography and historical comments.
Olga's Gallery
Paul Gauguin
Biography Page One
Paul Gauguin at Artprice To look at auction records, find Gauguin's works in upcoming auctions, check price levels and indexes for his works, read his biography and view his signature, access the Artprice database.
1875. Oil on canvas. Private collection. Apple-Trees in Blossom. 1879. Oil on canvas. Private collection. Effect of Snow. 1879. Oil on canvas. Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary. Portrait of Gauguin's Daughter Aline. c.1879-80. Watercolor on paper. Private collection. Study of a Nude. Suzanne Sewing. 1880. Oil on canvas. Ny Carlsberg-Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Denmark. Aube the Sculptor and His Son. 1882. Oil on canvas. Collection of Otto Krebs, Holzdorf. Now in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia. Mandolina and Flowers. 1883. Oil on canvas. Private collection. Bouquet. 1884. Oil on canvas. Collection of Otto Krebs, Holzdorf. Now in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia. Cattle Drinking. 1885. Oil on canvas. Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Milan, Italy. Still Life with Mandolin.

17. Paul Gauguin Online
paul gauguin French PostImpressionist Painter, 1848-1903 Guide to pictures of works by paul gauguin in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.
Paul Gauguin art links
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Paul Gauguin
[French Post-Impressionist Painter, 1848-1903]
French artists

Commercial Galleries: Galleries: We invite you to register and list your site (no charge for this service) Original works by Paul Gauguin available for purchase at art galleries worldwide
Paintings in Museums and Public Art Galleries: Art Institute of Chicago Art Explorer - Images and Text Resources NEW!
Art Institute of Chicago Collection Database
Many works by Paul Gauguin online
Dallas Museum of Art
, Texas NEW!
3 works online Paul Gauguin at the Detroit Institute of Arts , Michigan Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Many works by Paul Gauguin Fitzwilliam Museum at the University of Cambridge , UK Landscape Guggenheim Museum , New York City Hermitage Museum , Saint Petersburg, Russia 19 works by Gauguin J. Paul Getty Museum , Los Angeles Head of a Tahitian Woman Head with Horns Paul Gauguin at the Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York City 9 works Paul Gauguin at the Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York City Gauguin in New York Collections: The Lure of the Exotic Paul Gauguin at the Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York City The Artist's Portfolio, Pont-Aven

18. Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship
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19. Paul Gauguin | Post-Impressionist Artist
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Paul Gauguin
Post-Impressionist Artist
Life is merely a fraction of a second.
An infinitely small amount of time to fulfill
our desires, our dreams, our passions. was born on June 7, 1848 in Paris. Gauguin is considered one of the leading painters of the Postimpressionist period.
In 1849 his jounalist father's political activities forced the family into exile. The Gauguin family set off for Peru. His father died during the crossing from France. Gauguin's mother, of Peruvian descent on her mother's side, and her two children moved in with a great grand uncle and his family in Lima.
At the age of 17 Gauguin joined the French merchant navy, travelling around the world for six years. After the death of his mother in 1867, he settled down with his wealthy guardian, Gustave Arosa, who had a large art collection that included works by Delacroix . This period in time shaped Gauguin's interest in the arts. He started collecting Impressionist paintings, and became an amateur painter.
Gauguin began his career as a stockbroker in Paris in 1872. He attended the Impressionist's first exhibition in 1874, and was captivated by the impressionist style. He purchased works by

20. CGFA- Paul Gauguin (Page 1)
Portrait of Camille Pisarro by gauguin (right) Portrait of paul gauguin by Pissarro (left), 1879-83, chalk on paper, Musée du Louvre, Paris. 98KB
Study of a Nude (Suzanne Sewing), 1880, Ny Glyptotek, Copenhagen. 124KB The Garden in Winter, rue Carcel, 1883, oil on canvas, private collection. 139KB Madame Mette Gauguin in Evening Dress, 1884, oil on canvas, National Gallery, Oslo. 122KB Still Life with Profile of Laval, 1886, oil on canvas, The Josefowitz Collection. 131KB Four Breton Women, 1886, oil on canvas, Neue Pinakothek, Munich. 132KB The Visitation After the Sermon (Jacob Wrestling the Angel), 1888, The National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh. 112KB The Artist's Mother (?), 1889, oil on canvas, Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart. 122KB The Yellow Christ, 1889, oil on canvas, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY. 132KB
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