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         Zen:     more books (100)
  1. The Religion of the Samurai A Study of Zen Philosophy and Discipline in China and Japan by Kaiten Nukariya, 2009-10-04
  2. Zen Ghosts by Jon J. Muth, 2010-09-01
  3. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values (P.S.) by Robert M. Pirsig, 2008-10-01
  4. Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery by Garr Reynolds, 2008-01-04
  5. Zen Shorts (Collector's Edition) (Zen) by Jon J Muth, 2008-04-01
  6. Presentation Zen Design: Simple Design Principles and Techniques to Enhance Your Presentations by Garr Reynolds, 2009-12-28
  7. Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Shunryu Suzuki, 2010-11-09
  8. Zen Ties by Jon J. Muth, 2008-02-01
  9. The Presentation Zen Way: Video Lessons on Simple Presentation Design and Delivery (Voices That Matter) by Garr Reynolds, 2010-09-22
  10. Zen And the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss, 2006-06-28
  11. Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Joseph Parent, 2002-05-14
  12. Manual of Zen Buddhism by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki, 2010-10-01
  13. The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue by Shama Kabani, 2010-04-06
  14. Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel, 1999-01-26

161. Welcome To The Peacemaker Community
People (HOOP) where those diverse voices can be shared and the zen Peacemakers Department with studies/practices in zen, Applied zen and Peacemaking.

How You Can Help

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This Site
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  • African Safari Auschwitz Retreat Maezumi Institute ...
    Links to Other Sites
    Welcome to the Peacemaker Community
    Help us feed children and support families in Colombia! Link here for more info. The Peacemaker Community is a global civil society consisting of individuals and organizations from different cultures, religions and societies acting in the areas of social and economic justice, conflict resolution, AIDS-related health care, education, and the environment.
    We welcome your interest, involvement and support!
    Please explore our site using the drop down menus at the top of each page or the side bar navigation links. We hope you enjoy and find useful your visit to our site. After Arafat: Help spread democracy and nonviolence in the West Bank! Link here for more info. Our vision is of a global partnership among people around the world working towards social transformation. Our mission is to experience and manifest the power of diverse people connecting, linking, participating in shared experiences,

162. Zen Nippon Airinkai - So Cal Chapter
Meeting details, newsletter, membership application form, links.
Zen Nippon Airinkai - So Cal Chapter
Dedication page for Kate McGill's new book (Photos by Andrew McGill)
Koi Appreciation, the first step

More information about Kate's new book...

A limited number of copies have arrived for members of ZNA So Cal. Contact Chris Bushman if you would like to have one.
Metropolitan Water District of So Cal - Chloramine alert
Please note the new link to ZNA Headquarters, Japan in the links section below
This is the home page of the Southern California Chapter of Zen Nippon Airinkai, a worldwide koi organization. Literally, the name means "All-Japan fishscale appreciation society". Membership is about 6000 people in about 70 chapters around the world. Most of the chapters are in Japan, but international membership is increasing. The So Cal chapter consists of about 130 members/families. Most meetings are held monthly on the third Sunday of the month at 10AM at various sites around the greater Southern California area. Many of the members of this chapter have been keeping koi for over 40 years. Several special outings/displays/events are scheduled during the year. The sole purpose of this club is to contribute to the enjoyment of the koi keeping hobby. This koi club is strongly committed to helping beginning koi keepers. Since the old timers are not very enthusiastic about continually discussing basic koi keeping techniques at club meetings, time is set aside after the conclusion of the regular meeting especially for beginners. Anyone and everyone interested in koi is welcome in this session. Club affiliation, if any, is unimportant. Volunteers from the club serve as instructors in the Beginners' Session. Topics vary with the current interests of those attending the sessions.

163. Maria Kannon Zen Center
Offers practice in the lay zen tradition of the Sanbo Kyodan Religious Foundation, founded by Yasutani Hakuun Roshi. Offers frequent zazen practice,
about zen

members area


P.O. Box 270494
Dallas TX 75227-0494
Tel: 214-388-1122
The Maria Kannon Zen Center was formed in 1991 as a place for people of various backgrounds and faiths to practice Zen. The members are bound together by a common commitment to cultivate wisdom and compassion. The center's primary task is to offer people an opportunity to practice Zen
The Story of

Maria Kannon
Announcements Dokusan: (private interview with teacher) Sept. 7, 14, 21 (Wednesdays, 7:30 - 9:00 pm) 17, Saturday, 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 pm (Zazenkai ) What's New Recently posted: "Spiritual Practice for a Global Sangha" by Ruben Habito. Ruben Habito's new book entitled "Experiencing Buddhism" is now available from our bookstore. Please click on bookstore to order a copy. Read the essay " Maria-Kannon: A Focal Point for Buddhist Christian Interactions" by Jason Bartashius

164. Aikido Aiki-Zen
Fotos de este dojo y sus integrantes. Contiene foro de discusi³n y enlaces.

165. ABZenD : Association Buddhist Zen Of Master Deshimaru
ABzenD This site contains the expression of the living zen transmitted in the western world by Master Deshimaru to his disciple Kosen.
What is zen?

To be zen

Zazen posture
What is zen?

To be zen

Zazen posture

166. Gay Charleston
Includes links, resources, and a directory for gay and lesbian friendly businesses.
Welcome to Gay Charleston Information and Resources for the Charleston Gay and Lesbian Community View the Guestbook Sign the Guestbook Contact Us by eMail Visit our NEW SHOPPING AREA at then bottom of this page.
Click Here for The Market @
About us My partner and I moved to Charleston a few months ago. We had visited here on many occasions over the past year and it was the southern charm and history of Charleston we loved, that made up our minds to move. We have lived in many places and have traveled to many cities throughout the US, where the gay community is more visible and gay businesses are easily identified by rainbow flags flying over the doors or neon pink triangles glowing in the windows. Charleston is a bit different... There is a large gay community here, but it seems to be more integrated into the community than standing out from it. Charleston has some of the best restaurants, nicest galleries, wonderful performing arts, and some of the most unique pubs, stores, coffee / tea shops and market places. The waterfront parks are clean and quaint and there are still a few bars that cater to a primarily gay clientele and rumors of a few more coming over the next year. There are local city papers that list resources and community events, but from what I have found, the only "Gay paper" has closed down. Our goal with this web site, is to provide a place to list information and resources that may be of interest to the gay and lesbian community that live here and to people planning to visit Charleston. As you look through this site, keep in mind that some of the locations are gay owned and all are gay friendly, but except a couple of the bars / clubs, few are gay exclusive. If you find a business listed here that is not friendly, please let us know and we will make a note of it and remove it from the site.

167. Celsius1414: Zen Pockets
zen Pockets. Empty Thoughts, or Do zen Monk Robes Have Pockets? 1. Cargo Cults 8. Do The zen Monk s Robes Have Pockets? There is a reason monks renounce
the melting point of silicon Index Omnibus
Zen Pockets
Empty Thoughts, or Do Zen Monk Robes Have Pockets? 1. Cargo Cults So you're managing to keep that inbox on your desk emptied pretty well, and the incoming email gets dealt with more or less immediately. If your mind isn't like water yet, it's at least pleasantly gelatinous. You're feeling pretty good about yourself and you're Getting crazy amounts of Things Done. For some reason, though, you're just not able to get fully comfortable. Maybe your back develops a bad ache over the course of the day just sitting in your cubicle, or there is a persistent pain in your neck and shoulders that no amount of Ibuprofen or Tiger Balm can mask. Perhaps you become aware that when you stand up, you're listing at a severe angle, or something simple like leaving the house turns into a logistical exercise on par with an amphibious invasion. For an era when millions of urban folks have supposedly left behind the burdens of a rural existence, we sure are burdening ourselves like pack mules. Take a look around at the next business gathering, especially if there are a lot of geeks in the room check out the bulging cargo pants and Bat-Belts of devices, the modern geek's pocket protectors. Wonder at the laptop bags and suitcases with hidden crannies stuffed full of all manner of supplies. Heck, look no farther than Flickr with its recent craze of

168. NOVELL: ZENworks Cool Solutions
Novell s official Netware cool solutions homepage.
var s_pageName = "/coolsolutions/:203:"
lNavHeight = 126; document.write(''); products home cool solutions home
quick finder
choose a product, technology, or service Account Management Audit BorderManager BorderManager 3.7 BorderManager 3.8 Branch Office Catalog Services Certificate Server Cluster Services Cluster Services Cluster Services 1.6 ConsoleOne DirXML eDirectory eGuide Evolution exteNd exteNd Enterprise Suite exteNd Professional Suite File System Factory GroupWise GroupWise 5.5 GroupWise 6 GroupWise 6.5 GroupWise for Linux GroupWise WebAccess iChain iChain 2.1 iChain 2.3 Identity Manager Identity-Driven Computing iFolder iFolder 2.1 iManager iMonitor iPrint Linux Linux Small Business Suite ManageWise ManageWise 2.6 ManageWise 2.7 NetMail NetWare NetWare 4.2 NetWare 5.1 NetWare 6 NetWare 6.1 NetWare 6.5 NMAS (Novell Modular Authentication Service) Novell Client Novell Linux Desktop Novell Linux Point of Service Novell Small Business Suite Nterprise Linux Services NWAdmin Open Enterprise Server Secure Identity Management SecureLogin Security Manager SUSE LINUX Desktop SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server SUSE LINUX Openexchange Server SUSE LINUX Professional SUSE LINUX Professional 9.1

169. Philosophie : Philosophie Und Zen-Buddhismus (mit Forum Und Lexikon)
Koans, Gedichte, Sinnspr¼che. Mit angeschlossenem Diskussionsforum.
Sonderseite : Philosophie und Zen-Buddhismus Home Home I News I Inhalt I Philosophie Lexikon I Sonderseiten I Foren I I Webring Philosophie I Links I E-Books I Hilfe
Kurzbeschreibung der Ziele der Sonderseite : Philosophie und Zen-Buddhismus Seit mehreren Jahren praktiziere ich Zen.
Und eine andere, sich mit Zen, scheinbar, nicht vereinbaren zu lassende Leidenschaft von mir, ist die Philosophie. Ich zeige auf, was unter Zen zu verstehen ist, was Zen bedeutet.
"Kritik wird nicht gerne gesehen!"
Norbert Plankenauer / Mulmi Zazen

170. MN Zen Meditation Center: Welcome
Lake Lotus Buddha. About Us zen and Buddhism Schedule and Events Links About Us zen and Buddhism Schedule and Events Links
Check our special events, courses, workshops, and retreats in our new updated Spring/Summer calendar. (Click on the links below for details) Practice Schedule and
current events

updated 8/12/2005 MZMC Calendar
updated 8/10/2005
Practice At Hokyoji

Retreat Center in

Southern Minnesota
Tim is available during zazen on Saturday mornings to meet individually with practitioners. He's eager to see anyone who is wanting help in developing or maintaining a meditation practice. He may also be available on weekday mornings; please contact the office to schedule an appointment. more info
MZMC will be closed September 5 for Labor Day, November 24 and 25 for Thanksgiving, and December 23 through January 1 for Winter Break. Regular schedule changes during retreats and workshops
The regular schedule of classes and meditation sessions are cancelled during retreats. Sunday talks will still take place as usual at 10 am. Closed retreat days are August 13, September 29 - October 2, October 22, November 19, and December 2 - December 9.

171. Budismo Zen
Bibliografia, enlaces, ejemplos de textos zen, como practicar, donde practicar y Glosario zen.

172. Zen
Who Is zen? Press Room Band Fotos mp3 s Setlists live CD s Contact 2005 Festivals hosted by zen on the Pegasus Farm
On the Road Who Is ZEN? Press Room Band Fotos ... 2005 Festivals hosted by ZEN on the Pegasus Farm The High Land Jam ZENfest September 2-4, 2005 your eMail: ZEN Headz Commentz

173. Association Zen De Ganges
Pratique de la m©ditation zen selon l'enseignement de Ma®tre Taisen Deshimaru   Ganges (H©rault34). Dojo membre de l'AZI.
Association Zen de Ganges
BIENVENUE !................... Mise à jour du : 04 MARS 2005 Le Zen
Cette pratique authentique
de maître à disciple sans interruption pendant plus de deux mille cinq cents ans, la pratique du Zen devint accessible aux Occidentaux en 1967 par la venue de Maître Taisen Deshimaru en Europe. Né à Saga en 1914, mort à Tokyo en 1982, Maître Deshimaru a pratiqué zazen pendant cinquante ans et a été le premier à présenter une vision globale du Zen en Occident.
Maître Kodo Sawaki e siècle.
Bien que le Zen
Le Zen consiste
Toutes les sciences humaines
Dojo d'Ales

Dojo de Nîmes
Visiteurs : Page d'accueil de l'association Le zen c'est zazen ! Zazen tout simplement ! Le groupe Zen de Ganges ... Enseignements Pour nous contacter : E-mail : Groupe Zen de Ganges Lieu dit « la plane » 34190 Moulès-et-Baucels

174. Dan Zen - Mad Inventor Meets Internet Finds Peace
Dan zen mad inventor meets Internet finds peace. Zany original Web games like Spirogram, Web Ouija, Teleporters, Grim Reaper s Age Guesser, Tower of Babel
Hip Cats
Dan Zen - mad inventor games gadgets and communities
Zen Mask
Opartica - op art maker for optical art
Spy-mail - secret messaging service
Changing Mail - e-mail tool

175. Guru Ratings – Zen Teachers, Roshis, Senseis, Etc
Irreverantly maintained list of Western zen teachers.
Sarlo's Guru Rating Service
ZEN (Roshis, Senseis and the like)
The teachers in this category for the most part do not claim to be enlightened. Their approach, on the face of it, is matter-of-fact, and goes down easily. In the privacy of their sanghas they may display more weirdness and/or esoteric tendencies. The apparent product is techniques and tools for becoming more aware – zazen or sitting meditation, martial arts, koans or habit-disrupting "nonsensical" questions and many others. Zen masters have historically been considered very dangerous people, outrageous and provocative, dating back to the original wild man of zen, Bodhidharma . For more on Zen, DT Suzuki explains here how its spirit has persisted.
Seung Sahn
btw, his site lists so many "JDPSNs" that i have stopped listing them all and only henceforth will add the more "senior" ZMs.

An asterisk (*) indicates they do not have their own sites, but just an interview or short descriptive piece on another site. A yellow asterisk ( Middle Path listings.

176. Css Zen Garden Shot - Read A Little
css zen Garden Shot. Official Designs; Theme and Looksalikes Conceptual Designs Fun zen / Garden Student Gallery Minimal Special Effects
css Zen Garden Shot
Generated by Thumblink type C v0.1.0

177. European Zen Center, Dojo Amsterdam, Oorsprong
Inleiding in zen en zazen. Verder gegevens over de zenmeester, foto's en praktische informatie over de meditatiesessies en cursussen in Amsterdam en andere activiteiten. (uitgebreide site in het Engels en Nederlands)
Nederlands English Enter Contact Nederlands English Enter Contact

178. - Scott Hanselman
The zen of XML and .NET written by a MSDN Regional Director. Muses on design patterns and software architecture and development.
Aggregate me:
Contact me: =scott.hanselman Ultimate Tools List Presentation Tips Calendar ... Sign In
Wednesday, 07 September 2005
DasBlog - Nestings Blog
Good info from DasBlonde about running multiple nested blogs using DasBlog: For all you dasBlog gers out there...if you want to have nested blogs like I have here: DasBlonde.NET
... Movies
09/07/2005 10:04:48 (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00) Comments [0] Trackback
TechEd - Code Generation WebCast - REPLAY
I gave my TechEd 2005 talk as a Live Webcast this week. 135 people came, so that's cool. The recorded Webcast session is available here . Click the register link on the left of that page, log in via Passport, then you'll be able to view the webcast with LiveMeeting. There's also a regular WMV Video you can download.
Musings Programming
09/07/2005 06:39:59 (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-07:00) Comments [5] Trackback Tuesday, 06 September 2005
Overwhelmed and enamored with FolderShare
Sure, there's other applications that have tried to solve problems like this before, but holy crap FolderShare nails it. Thanks Omar for the pointer I've been looking lately at getting some offline storage as my data situation is carrying with it a little too much "psychic weight." However, all these folks out there charging like $10 a month for a few gigs of offline storage? Please. Madness.

179. Il Buddhismo Zen.
Sintesi storico filosofica sull'apparire di questa corrente ed il suo sviluppo. Si pu² commentare o chiedere approfondimenti.
Il Buddhismo Zen.
Lo Zen o Ch'an (in cinese) fu introdotto in Cina da Bodhidarma nel 527 d.C..
Vi sono delle analogie tra la dottrina Ch'an ed il Tantrismo, in special modo con la scuola Sahajayana che dava rilievo alle tecniche di meditazione e ai mezzi atti a svegliare l'intuizione spirituale mediante enigmi ,paradossi e immagini materiali,evitando di attenersi a nessun dogma rigidamente definito.
Lo scopo inoltre del Tantrismo era il conseguimento dello stato di Buddha "in questo stesso corpo" .Tuttavia l'ideale del Tantrismo del periodo era il siddha (mago) mentra lo Zen non pretende assolutamente per il satori l'attribuzione di poteri magici.
Il Ch'an è stato definito spesso come la più importante delle scuole Cinesi. La storia del Ch'an comincia in pratica con Hui-neng(638-713) , il "sesto patriarca" , e prima di lui secondo Conze "vi fu la preistoria del Chan" non potendo distinguere leggende da realtà storiche.
Importante e' la figura di Bodhidharma in quanto legame con la tradizione indiana.Si tramandava infatti che Sakyamuni(Budda) aveva rivelato a Mahakasyapa la dottrina segreta trasmessa poi da patriarca a patriarca per via orale fino ad arrivare appunto al Bodhidharma.La sua figura fu sempre dipinta dagli artisti cinesi e giapponesi "come un fiero vecchio , con una lunga barba nera e grandi occhi dallo sguardo penetrante."

180. - Your Guide To Asian Parties, Nightlife, & Entertainment
Has Asian nightlife and entertainment information including current Asian movies, parties, clubs, music and other popular events.
Guest : Sign Up Login

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