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         Zen:     more books (100)
  1. How Zen Became Zen: The Dispute over Enlightenment and the Formation of Chan Buddhism in Song-Dynasty China (Studies in East Asia Buddhism) by Morten Schlütter, 2010-04-30
  2. The Zen Way to Martial Arts: A Japanese Master Reveals the Secrets of the Samurai (Compass) by Taisen Deshimaru, 1992-09-15
  3. Zen Meditation in Plain English by John Daishin Buksbazen, 2002-06-15
  4. Zen Speaks: Shouts of Nothingness by Tsai Chih Chung, 1994-04-15
  5. Zen in the Markets by Edwards Allen Toppel, 1992-01-01
  6. Zen Shiatsu: How to Harmonize Yin and Yang for Better Health by Shizuto Masunaga, Wataru Ohashi, et all 1977-05-15
  7. Zen for Christians: A Beginner's Guide by Kim Boykin, 2003-04-11
  8. Zen Heart: Simple Advice for Living with Mindfulness and Compassion by Ezra Bayda, 2009-08-11
  9. Zen Women: Beyond Tea Ladies, Iron Maidens, and Macho Masters by Grace Schireson, 2009-10-27
  10. Nothing Special: Living Zen by Charlotte J. Beck, Steve Smith, 1993-09-03
  11. No Beginning, No End: The Intimate Heart of Zen by Jakusho Kwong, 2010-06-08
  12. Zen and the Art of Sleep by Eric Chiles, 2009-01-01
  13. Living Zen by Robert Linssen, 1994-01-11
  14. Zen and the Art of Running: The Path to Making Peace with Your Pace by Larry Shapiro, 2009-11-18

121. Lund Zen Center
Information om verksamheten.
Startsida Vad är Zen? Vår verksamhet Komma igång ... Aktuellt schema
Just nu:
16-18 september är Kanja-sensei på besök
Introduktion i Zenmeditation:
31 augusti kl. 17.00, leds av Kjell Persson Vår tradition Samfundet Rochester Galleri ... Kontakta oss

122. Zen Poetry:  Links, Bibliographies, Selected Quotations, Indexes, Studies.   
A comprehensive guide to zen Poetry on the Net, a detailed bibliography, special studies of noted zen poetry scholars and translators (eg, RH Blyth),

General Links and Bibliography

Zen Poems, Sayings, Koans, Quotes I

Reginald Horace Blyth (1898 - 1964)

Haiku Poetry: Links, Guides, Bibliography
The Oak Tree in the Courtyard

Sermons in Leaves
Zen Buddhist Poetry, Sayings, Koans, Quips, Quotations IV

Cold Mountain Buddhas: Han Shan

Han Shan (c 700) and Han Shan Te'-Ch-ing (c 1600)
Vegetable Nirvana
Yasai Nehan by Ito Jakuchu Zen Buddhism - Poems, Verses, Quips, Sayings, Quotations V ... Metaphysical Duets Poems by Mazie O'Hearn, Robert O'Hearn, and Michael Garofalo Meditation Index to the Cloud Hands Website 1,935,600 Webpages Served to Readers Around the World from March 2000 - December 2004 From the Poetry Notebooks of Michael P. Garofalo (Excluding graphics served: .gif, .jpg) Statistics 2003 Statistics 2004 Reviews and Feedback Webpages Under Construction Lucien Stryk (1924 - ) Martial Virtues Stone Gardens Taoism and Zen A Cup of Tea Zen and the Sword Thomas F. Cleary (1949-) Gardening and Zen Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo Poetry Notebook III Valley Spirit Journal ... E-mail Mike Garofalo July 25, 2005 Alphabetical Subject Index Cloud Hands Website Taijiquan, Qigong, Taoism, Classics, Weapons: Sword and Staff

123. - October - Zen Guerilla
The October 2001 issue of features a review of zen Guerilla's Shadows on the Sun.
October, 2001 vol 4, num 11 The obvious comparison early on are of the mighty Zep from circa "IV" on up to "Physical Graffiti," because of the simple, heavy footed, boogie down, torn at the seams, screaming, scrambling sound waves that dart in and out of your warped mind. These guys have been doing their thing for about ten years now and there ain't no slow down. Some might argue "tone down," however, compared to their more artsy experimentalist noise-fests in their formative years, but few can deny that past or present, this is where it's at. A jam band, without the sixteen minute mid song bout with self-indulgent delay, but with psychedelia intact and pride perfectly in check, they're smoking mean, green and caught between the classic Rock spires of yesterday's greats by way of thunderous, alarmingly disarming.Catch the crossover, three to four, "Staring into Midnite," a '70s Rock explosion met with the epic capacity of yer grassroots faves of the day. There are fourteen cuts that run deep with the history of Rock for all it's meant, and it's never seemed to mean more to these guys. You'll pick out something, anything that had a hand in this growing movement, whose walk of fame has been wryly pillaged and plundered by this ZEN GUERILLA.. With funky grooves, foot in the grave, pure bred with no artificial additives to water down the full effect of a vibe, they have let loose and gone way outta control. Artist Zen Guerilla Title Shadows on the Sun Label Sub Pop Records

124. Zensys - Zensys
zensys. Latest News. ZWave and ZigBee Square Off zensys Lands $16M zensys announces Completion of New financing Round
Zensys offers a family of low-cost, low-power, integrated MCU/Transceiver chips embedded with Z-Wave, as well as a suite of development tools and services making it easy for companies to develop wireless products for residential and light commercial applications including lighting and appliance control, energy management, access control, security, and building automation.
Latest News
Monster To Develop And Launch Line Of Z-Wave Home
Logitech's New Remotes Deliver Home Ent. Control
Z-Wave Featured In New Logitech Harmony Remotes
Competition to drive down mesh wireless prices
Z-Wave: The Standard For Home Control From A to Z
Z-Wave Technology Named Product of the Year
Vom Chip zum Heimnetz
Zensys to demonstrate Z-Wave at Net at Home 2005
Z-Wave and ZigBee Square Off
Zensys Lands $16M
Zensys announces Completion of New financing Round Inaugural Developer Event for Z-Wave Alliance Over 120 companies attend Alliance Open House Home Automation Players Lock Horns Z-Wave Enabled Products Now Available in Retail Z-Wave Alliance hosts Inaugural event in Denmark Home Control RF Platform Zensys appoints VP Alliances Twice: "Zensys Cuts Costs of Wireless Control" EDN: Z-Wave chip aims to cut implementation cost ElectronicsTalk: SoC cuts budgets for domestic net Electronic News: Zigbee Rival Releases Second Chip PR: Zensys Launches Second Generation Z-Wave Chip PR: Zensys to Participate at Connections Making Sense of Today’s Home Control Technologies The Battle for Your Automated Home
Z-Wave Demo
Click on image for flash demo on Z-Wave

125. Blather Archives: Zen When? Tao Now! (july 27th 1999)
Barry Kavanagh takes on Chinese Philosophy and the works of Raymond M. Smullyan.





... dacianos ARCHIVES
Guest writer: Barry Kavanagh. I am informed that the Count O'Blather is currently "out to lunch" and "clinically dead" or somesuch. Not being one of the pundits of paranormality (or even quasinormality), I find myself ideally placed to take on this sinister holiday role of agent-provocateur. More about this later! This issue of *Blather* is devoted to a book called *The Tao is Silent* by a mathematical logician called Raymond M. Smullyan (Harper San Francisco, 1977). This is a "beguiling and whimsical" application of Chinese philosophy (mainly Taoism) to modern life in the Western world. However, as Smullyan makes clear in his preface, he came to Taoist writings through Zen-Buddhism and there is much of Zen in * The Tao is Silent *. Also, he writes that the book is a collection of "ideas inspired by Chinese philosophy" so on top of the Taoism and Zen there is a great big dollop of Smullyan himself. Don't frown! It is actually quite fun. The book is a good intro to the subject for the easy-going reader. For those with a more involved interest in philosophy I would recommend studying the subject first and then reading * The Tao is Silent Before I dip into Smullyan (not to be confused with Smolian - see *Blather*, volume 2, issue 41), I ought to make clear the difference between Taoism and Zen-Buddhism.

126. Zen Texts
A large miscellaneous collection of zen Texts.
Sacred-Texts Buddhism
Zen Buddhism
This is a collection of texts which originally appeared at the Coombs Buddhism archive. This FTP archive, now defunct, was one of the pioneering Buddhist resources on the Internet. Some of these texts have minor formatting problems, and there may be some duplicate files. Note Zen Sayings 70,123 bytes
Zen poems
284,973 bytes
Mumonkan: The Gateless Gate
464,416 bytes
Faith Mind Inscription
1,214,926 bytes
Song of Precious Mirror Samadhi
218,744 bytes
Harmony of Difference and Sameness
95,245 bytes
Mind Inscription
279,120 bytes
Note: These documents have Chinese and Japanese characters in Unicode . The redactor has stated that these files may be copied without restriction. To facilitate this, the redactor has provided a note about cutting and pasting the text of the above documents. By Robert Aitken
Envisioning The Future

Some words about Sesshin for newcomers to Zen practice

On Zen Teaching
The Future of Zen Buddhism in the West ... Zen Buddhist Meal Sutras By John Tarrant Han Shan's Carousel Mumonkan Case 5 That Great Sleeping Dragon Of Joy Sangha and teacher relationship ... "Soul in Zen" - lecture.

127. Medicina Olistica E Benessere - Meditazione Coaching Cristalloterapia Bioenerget
Uno spazio di informazione sulla medicina olistica. Un gruppo di ricercatori indipendenti che studia, prova e critica le medicine alternative. Dalla meditazione alla cristalloterapia, passando per i prodotti tachionici e lo zen.
benessere naturale medicine alternative meditazione Zen e rilassamento ... Coaching Olistico menu
sondaggio di oggi Quante volte usi la Cristalloterapia in un mese?
mai 4 volte 15 volte tutti i giorni in alcuni momenti


Medicina Olistica
Meditazione e astrologia, cristalloterapia, bioenergetica e coaching olistico. Facendo esperienza di ciò di cui parliamo, possiamo raccontare i risultati, le sensazioni o le difficoltà che abbiamo avuto praticando le discipline trattate. Intendiamo per medicina olistica, tutto ciò che può recare benessere all''essere umano a lungo termine; ricordando che siamo un unico organismo, complesso, ma nell''insieme straordinariamente perfetto. In uno spazio di informazione intorno al tema della medicina olistica, non poteva mancare l''esperienza con i tachioni, l''energia tachionica e i prodotti tachionizzati. La meditazione ha sempre aiutato coloro che vogliono ritrovare il proprio equilibrio. L'astrologia e l''oroscopo qui trattati vanno intesi come strumenti per capirsi, e per imparare a leggere i simbolismi del cosmo in relazione all''uomo.

128. F I S C H E R W E S T

129. Religious Movements Homepage: Zen Buddhism
This zen Buddhism Page is your gateway to accessing comprehensive webbased, as well as print, resources about zen. As part of the New Religious Movements
Zen Buddhism
I. Group Profile
  • Name: Zen Buddhism; the mystical school of Buddhism
    (Zen in Chinese= ch'an-na, which transliterates the sanskrit term dhyana, which means "meditation")
  • Founder: Siddhartha Gautama, the original founder of the school of Buddhism
  • Date of Birth: 560 BC
  • Death: 460 BC
  • Birth Place: Southern India
  • Year Founded: 500 BC
  • Brief History At the age of 29, Siddhartha Guatama was deeply troubled by the suffering he saw around him, and he renounced his privileged life to seek understanding. After 6 years of struggling as an ascetic, he finally achieved Enlightenment at age 35. After this, he was known as the Buddha ("One who is awake"). After all of these experiences, Guatama realized that everything is subject to change and that suffering and discontentment are the result of the attachment to circumstances and things which, by their nature, are not permanent. From that point on, the teachings of Zen Buddhism have been passed down from teacher to students. Around 475 AD, Bodhidharma traveled from India to China and introduced teachings there. (This is why some references cite Bodhidharma as the founding father of Zen Buddhism.)
  • Sacred or Revered Texts: Non-existent
  • Cult or Sect: Negative sentiments are typically implied when the concepts "cult" and "sect" are employed in popular discourse. Since the Religious Movements Homepage seeks to promote religious tolerance and appreciation of the positive benefits of pluralism and religious diversity in human cultures, we encourage the use of alternative concepts that do not carry implicit negative stereotypes. For a more detailed discussion of both scholarly and popular usage of the concepts "cult" and "sect," please visit our
  • 130. Zen Dynamics
    Offers a personality test and meditation subjects based on Chinese elements and Buddhist psychological theory.

    131. The Cambridge Zen Center
    Large residential center founded in 1973 offering a complete zen practice schedule. Member of the Kwan Um School of zen.

    132. Frederick Lenz Aka Rama, Zen Master Rama
    Information compiled by the Ross Institute.
    This page contains information The Rick A. Ross Institute has
    gathered about Frederick Lenz.
    Visit The Official Web Site of Frederick Lenz
    (Link takes you outside the Rick A. Ross Institute web site) 2 Claims Complicate Tussle Over New Age Guru's Estate
    Cult or Company?

    Cult Recruits Students Via Meditation Group

    Mentor to Some, Cult Leader to Others
    Audubon may be heir to guru's Bedford estate

    Frederick Lenz
    The Rick A. Ross Institute
    email: URL:
    Rick Ross. Home Database Cult News Search ... FAQ

    133. ZEN-STYLE | Fool's World Map
    zenSTYLE. Home Concept Member Link First Previous. Browse, Japan, - Tokyo, - Hot Spring. Next Last. July 12, 2005- Global participatory Fool s
    Home Concept Member Link Browse Japan - Tokyo - Hot Spring
    August 20, 2005 - Global participatory "Fool's Planet Map" project -
    This is a project visualizing the Planet map which many fools in the world imagine.
    If you can see this map comfortably, you are definitely a fool. First, the stars are roughly allocated. From now on, stars will be added based on participants' comments. If you "don't know" or "don't even care" about the stars that are added, please submit a comment such as "Huh?" . Updates

    001. Due to some opinions saying that Mars and Sun are similar, Mars has appeared near Sun.
    002. Halley has appeared.
    003. Moon has appeared. Map
    004. Orion and Scorpius X-1 appeared.
    005. Due to a saying "Earth is center of the planet", Earth moved to center.
    006. Due to a saying "Sun and Moon are smaller than Earth, and They are same size", They became so.
    007. Uranus has appeared.
    008. Uranus has obtained vertical loop. Map 009. Saturn has appeared. 010. Jupiter has appeared. 011. Due to a saying "Orion does not have such many stars", Orion lost some stars. 012. Halley is moving around Earth.

    134. Eingang
    Einer der erfolgreichsten Karatevereine –sterreichs. Neuigkeiten und Termine, sowie ein œberblick ¼ber das Training und die Funktion¤re.
    Hallo! Ihr Browser unterstützt leider keine Frames. Sie können aber mit der Navigationsleiste am Fuß der Seiten durch das Web klicken! Viel Vergnügen! hier gehts weiter! so sind wir erreichbar Zen Tai Ryu HAK St. Pölten
    Erhard Kellner
    Speiserstraße 5
    3108 St. Pölten Webmaster
    (c) 02-05, e.j.krapf Mobil: +43 699 / 125 62 509
    Tel/Fax: +43 2742 / 258 794

    135. Zen Koans: Transcending Duality
    Joshu (AD 778897) was a famous Chinese zen Master who lived in Joshu, These koans are taken from the book zen Koans by Venerable Gyomay Kubose
    Zen Koans
    Transcending Duality
    Every Day Is a Good Day Unmon said: "I do not ask you about fifteen days ago. But what about fifteen days hence? Come, say a word about this!" Since none of the monks answered, he answered for them: "Every day is a good day." No Cold and Heat A monk asked Tozan, "How can we escape the cold and heat?" Tozan replied, "Why not go where there is no cold and heat?" "Is there such a place?" the monk asked. Tozan commented, "When cold, be thoroughly cold; when hot, be hot through and through. The Short Staff Shuzan held out his short staff and said, "If you call this a short staff, you oppose its reality. If you do not call it a short staff, you ignore the fact. Now what do you wish to call this?" Joshu's Mu Joshu (A.D. 778-897) was a famous Chinese Zen Master who lived in Joshu, the province from which he took his name. One day a troubled monk approached him, intending to ask the Master for guidance. A dog walked by. The monk asked Joshu, "Has that dog a Buddha-nature or not?" The monk had barely completed his question when Joshu shouted: "MU!" Seijo's Two Souls Chokan had a very beautiful daughter named Seijo. He also had a handsome young cousin named Ochu. Joking, he would often comment that they would make a fine married couple. Actually, he planned to give his daughter in marriage to another man. But young Seijo and Ochu took him seriously; they fell in love and thought themselves engaged. One day Chokan announced Seijo's betrothal to the other man. In rage and despair, Ochu left by boat. After several days journey, much to his astonishment and joy he discovered that Seijo was on the boat with him!

    136. Maximumbliss - Zen Dictionary
    A Japanese zen dictionary of over 150 commonly used terms. dictionary.asp
    Zen Dictionary
    Buy it here ANANDA One of Buddha's ten important disciples. He was the Buddha's favourite and also the his personal attendant. ANGO An intensive practice period, usually of three months duration, devoted to meditation, study, and communal work. ANJA The person who serves as the assistant to the jisha. AVALOKITESVARA BODHISATTVA (J: KANNON) One of the three principal bodhisattvas, Avalokitesvara is the personification of great compassion and is usually portrayed in female form. BAI A striker for the gongs used during service or zazen. BODHI literally means "awakened". Sometimes referred to as the wisdom attained from the experience of enlightenment. BODHI DAY December 8th, the day upon which the Buddha had his great realization after a week of meditation under the Bodhi Tree. BODHIDHARMA The Indian monk that brought Buddhism to China in the late 5th or early sixth century. BODHISATTVA Refers to an individual, who through many lives, vows to attain Buddhahood and constantly helps others to attain the same level of awakening. BUDDHA 1. Literally means "awakened one". A person who has achieved enlightenment and has seen completely to the source of all dharmas so that he is free of every kind of craving. A Buddha has no reflection. He and the world are simultaneous. 2. The Buddha that was born in 563 B.C. Siddhartha Gautama, also known as Shakyamuni, meaning "the silent sage". He is known as the Buddha of our age. Without instruction, he came to awakening through his endless vow of many lifetimes to relinquish the source of suffering.

    137. Austin Zen Center & Zenkei-ji Buddhist Temple
    Soto zen center following the style of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, founder of the San Francisco zen Center. Offers several sittings each week, and occasional

    138. Falun Kan Zen Kai Karate Klubb--Kanzenkai Karate Do
    Anslagstavla, t¤vlingar och bilder.
    kan zen kai karate, kanzenkai karate kan zen kai karate, kanzenkai karate kan zen kai karate, kanzenkai karate kan zen kai karate, kanzenkai karate kan zen kai karate, kanzenkai karate kan zen kai karate, kanzenkai karate kan zen kai karate, kanzenkai karate kan zen kai karate, kanzenkai karate ... sverige kan zen kai karate, kanzenkai karate

    139. Zen Mountain Center
    A yearround zen training center for resident and non-resident students. Affiliated with the zen Center of Los Angeles and the Harada-Yasutani lineage.

    Guest Retreats

    Living at ZMC

    Zen Mountain Center
    Zen Mountain Center is a Zen Buddhist training and retreat center located on 160 acres of wilderness in the wild and beautiful San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California. Founded in 1981 by Taizan Maezumi Roshi as a summer retreat center for the Zen Center of Los Angeles, it is now a year-round Zen training center for resident and non-resident trainees under the direction of Charles Tenshin Fletcher Sensei Zen Mountain Center is open to people in all spiritual traditions and walks of life who would like to experience the life changing practice of meditation and awareness. We offer a regular daily schedule, introductory weekends , silent meditation retreats ( sesshin ) ranging from three days to one month, two intensive training periods a year, and retreats and programs in Buddhist studies and related disciplines. Trainees can enter into either full-time residential training or practice at home coming to the Center for periods of intensive practice and sitting together with one of the affiliated sitting groups in Southern California, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. The Center is also open to private

    140. Welcome To Zen Kempo Ryu Ju Jitsu Web Site
    School blending various aspects of Kempo Karate and other systems, founded by Terry Coughtrey and located in England. Countains some history, class times and locations, picture gallery, and contact information.
    click here to enter click here to enter

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