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         Zen:     more books (100)
  1. The Compass of Zen (Shambhala Dragon Editions) by Seung Sahn, 1997-10-28
  2. The Eight Gates of Zen: A Program of Zen Training by John Daido Loori, 2002-09-10
  3. 3Bowls : Vegetarian Recipes from an American Zen Buddhist Monastery by Seppo Ed Farrey, Nancy O'Hara, 2000-05-16
  4. Tarot in the Spirit of Zen: The Game of Life by Osho, 2003-06-05
  5. The Zen Teaching of Huang-Po: On the Transmission of Mind
  6. Zen and the Art of Making a Living: A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design (Arkana) by Laurence G. Boldt, 1999-05-01
  7. Opening the Hand of Thought: Foundations of Zen Buddhist Practice by Kosho Uchiyama Roshi, 2004-06-15
  8. The Beginner's Guide to Zen Buddhism by Jean Smith, 2000-02-22
  9. Zen and the Magic of Photography: Learning to See and to Be through Photography by Wayne Rowe, 2010-03-09
  10. Moon in a Dewdrop: Writings of Zen Master Dogen by Eihei Dogen, 1995-10-31
  11. Not Always So: Practicing the True Spirit of Zen by Shunryu Suzuki, Edward Espe Brown, et all 2003-06-01
  12. Zen Spirit, Christian Spirit: The Place of Zen in Christian Life by Robert Kennedy, 1995-06-01
  13. Street Zen: The Life and Work of Issan Dorsey by David Schneider, 2000-06-07
  14. Zen and the Art of Stand-Up Comedy (Theatre Arts (Routledge Hardcover)) by Jay Sankey, 1998-07-30

81. Zen Koans -
of zen monks taken from various books published in Japan around the turn of the 20th century. Would you like to learn how zen Koans pertain to Ninjitsu?
These koans, or parables, were translated into English from a book called the Shaseki-shu (Collection of Stone and Sand), written late in the thirteenth century by the Japanese Zen teacher Muju (the "non-dweller"), and from anecdotes of Zen monks taken from various books published in Japan around the turn of the 20th century. Would you like to learn how Zen Koans pertain to Ninjitsu? Click here A Cup of Tea


82. Gay Zen LA
The Group's purpose is to introduce interested persons to the teachings of zen, and to how a nonelitist, non-sexist and non-homophobic spiritual practice can enhance one's life.
htmlAdWH('93212820', '728', '90'); Main Buddhism
Gay Zen LA Gay Zen LA
Gay Zen Buddhist Web Site
This site's purpose is to introduce interested persons to the teachings of Zen; and to how a non-sexist and non-homophobic spiritual practice can enhance one's life. Rev. Vajra is a Zen Dharma Teacher at the International Buddhist Meditation Center , 928 So. New Hampshire Blvd. Los Angeles Ca 90006 For more more information contact Rev. Vajra Karuna (Thich Tam Thi) at e-mail or write to: Zen Center
P.O. Box 29750
Los Angeles Ca 90029 Dharma Talks:
What is Zen

Zen and Sexuality

What about Homophobia in Buddhism?

World Accepting, World Rejecting Religions
Zen Koans
To learn more about issues in Zen write to Rev. Vajra or e-mail him. The Gay Zen Group, which for16 years conducted meditation and dharma discussion meetings has had to temporarily discontinue these meetings due to the need to find a new meeting site. If anyone has some ideas regarding this matter I would appreciate hearing from you. We would prefer a site some where in the Hollywood-West Hollywood-Silver Lake area. The site needs to be relatively quite for meditation and preferably dog/cat free due to potential allergies of attendees. It should be able to seat 15 to 20 persons. We would like to be able to meet on Friday evenings say 7:30 to 9 P.M. We can not afford to pay a lot of rent. In the mean time we are going to have to be simply a web site. Rev. Vajra Karuna

83. Zen Buddhism At The Zen Studies Society
Rinzai zen at Shoboji in New York City and at Kongo-ji in the Catskill Mountains.
home events teisho newsletter ... store
The Zen Studies Society was established in 1956 to assist the Buddhist scholar D.T. Suzuki in his efforts to introduce Zen to the West. In 1965, it came under the leadership of a Japanese Zen monk, Eido Tai Shimano, who shifted the emphasis towards zazen (Zen meditation) practice. With his dedicated energy, and the help of many dharma friends and supporters, two centers for Zen practice came into being New York Zendo Shobo-Ji, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-Ji, deep in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. In 1972, Eido Shimano Roshi received dharma transmission from Soen Nakagawa Roshi, and today serves as the abbot and spiritual teacher of these two zendos in the Japanese Rinzai Zen tradition. Our 2005 schedule of events has changed. Please see Dai Bosatsu calendar and Shobo-Ji calendar Click for Upcoming Events

84. Japanese Garden
Personal narrative of a Canadian's efforts to build a Japanese garden. Chapters from a book subsequently published.
Building my Zen Garden
Kieran Egan

Below are the draft chapters of the book, with photographs of each stage of the construction. I will indicate below each chapter the most recent update. The text has been published as a book by Houghton Mifflin in the U.S.A. and is now available from booksellers across the galaxy. It is also available from Amazon Books , and, in Canada, from from Chapters/Indigo , and from other on-line booksellers. You can read the publisher's News Release description of the book here.
You may read reviews of the book here. I'll add them as I see them.
(Revised June 22nd. '99) Chapter 1: The fence, the quince, and the black bamboo: Part 1 (Revised June 22nd. '99) Chapter 1: The fence, the quince, and the black bamboo: Part 2 (Revised June 22nd. '99) Chapter 2: The paving stones
Chapter 4: The raised garden, stream, and waterfalls
(Revised December 1st. '99)
Chapter 5: The pond, the bog, and the waterfalls: Part I
(Revised November 3rd. '99)
Chapter 5: The pond, the bog, and the waterfalls: Part II
(Revised November 3rd. '99)
Chapter 5: The pond, the bog, and the waterfalls: Part III

85. Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance Index
zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. AN INQUIRY INTO VALUES that great body of factual information relating to orthodox zen Buddhist practice.

86. Zen
zen as a web browser aims at a few things to make it worth creating in this world where web The name zen does not have much to do with browsing the web,
Zen as a web browser aims at a few things to make it worth creating in this world where web browsers come in plenty. The initial idea when the project was started was to provide a web browser for the Linux framebuffer, using the library named oFBis . That means it should be able to render images without having to run X. From this then came the idea of separating the user interface as much as possible from the rest of the program, and making it possible to have several different user interfaces from which the user can choose from when running Zen. Modularity in all its glory, the idea of modularizing the parsing of the different tags also came up. This is however not as big an issue and is for now only placed on a mental list of things to implement later. The name Zen does not have much to do with browsing the web, but rather reflects the state of mind in which the author is trying to put himself in when programming. Zen is a long term project, and will take an unspecified amount of time to write. Time is not relevant in the world of Zen. We all live in all times, moving along slightly different time axis. The internal structure of Zen is divided into the following parts:
  • Protocols - handles loading of the file, via the file structure, the HTTP protocol or the FTP protocol.

87. Jardines Zen
Cat¡logo de jardines zen en miniatura. Regalos de empresa, decoraci³n, fengshui.
Inicio Modelos de Jardines Formas de pago y envío Galería de Fotos ... ¡¡ GANA GRATIS UN JARDIN ZEN !!
La filosofía Zen nos enseña que debemos comprometernos y reconocer los pasos que nos llevan a progresar, y nos acercan a la evolución y el crecimiento personal. Los Jardines Zen representan el Universo y están concebidos para inspirar vitalidad y serenidad. Representan también con sus elementos, el camino de la vida lleno de cambios, surcos, altas y bajas, tropiezos y obstáculos, brillo y oscuridad, sombra y luz. " No dejamos de jugar cuando envejecemos. Envejecemos cuando dejamos de jugar..." OFERTA VALIDA HASTA EL 30 DE SEPTIEMBRE Kit Zen Maxi Proyecto Web Cyber X

88. Zen Spider Website: Version 3.2
Home of zen Spider Software, Satori, and Ryan Davis.
Sitemap Search
Zen Spider Website
Version 3.2
Also Hosting: Polishing Ruby ...
Welcome to Zen Spider Website. It is a hierarchical collection of pages which represents most of what I am interested in and am willing to write about. There are more than 200 pages in here, and more to come. My contact page is linked off the bottom of every page, if you find something that interests you, feel free to drop me a line.
Current Favorite Page

89. Zen Era
Offering website design, development and marketing; BB, commerce, web, wireless and digital communications solutions.
Free Web Hosting Provider Web Hosting E-commerce High Speed Internet ... Photo Sharing if(window.ivnRotate) window.ivnRotate1 = new window.ivnRotate('ivnRotate1',0,document.awsSearch1.Keywords) Popular Searches:
document.write('<'); document.write('! '); Contact concept We design and develop innovative web sites. We can advise you about the benefits of having a company blog. portfolio Since 1994, when the first professionally designed web sites began emerging, we ha ve been creating presence, visibility and credibility marketing We have extensive expertise with smaller companies and organizations entering emerging markets. feedback - privacy - atspace hosting - Print - ... Save

90. The Kwan Um School Of Zen
Information on our School, its teachers, publications, zen centers, and retreats.
If your browser can't handle frames take this link to see our homepage.

91. Zen Backpacking Stoves Now At
Guide to building alcohol stoves for backpacking.

Zen Stoves is now at
In 5 seconds, you should be redirected to:
(If you are not automatically redirected after 10 seconds, please click the link above.)

92. Zen Buddhism - Zen Center Of Los Angeles - Buddha Essence Temple
Founded by Maezumi Roshi in 1967. First center in the US of the HaradaYasatani School. Offers complete zen practice schedule.
Current Programs Calendar Search Bookstore ... Site Navigation
ZCLA Buddha Essence Temple, Roshi Wendy Egyoku Nakao, Abbot
A temple of the White Plum Asanga
Since 1967, ZCLA / Buddha Essence Temple has provided the teachings and practice of Zen Buddhism to all who come and go through its temple gate. The core practice is zazen. The Center provides a daily schedule of zazen, sutra chanting, and work. We also offer classes and workshops, interviews with Center teachers, Dharma talks, and Dharma circle and council practice. On a monthly basis, a Day of Reflection and a Ceremony of Atonement are offered. Frequent sesshins and zazenkais are held. Intensive training periods are offered three times a year. The Center also hosts interface gatherings with other spiritual communities. ZCLA is also a residential community . In addition to long-term resident training, guest housing is available for visiting trainees for up to three months. Please contact our Guest Steward for more information.

93. Hazy Moon Zen Center Of Los Angeles
Kounji Soto temple. Provides upcoming events, introduction, contact us, programs, schedule, teachings, photo gallery, affiliates, and publications.
Welcome To The Hazy Moon
The Hazy Moon Zen Center is a training center directly descended from the late Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi, upholding the authentic lineage of living Zen through committed personal practice and the rare opportunity to work with a genuine teacher. We believe in the utmost necessity of realizing our true nature, and embodying this realization in our everyday lives. In this way we work to build lives, and therefore a world, of clarity, sanity, equanimity and compassion.
A Labor Day Sesshin at Hazy Moon The second day of Hazy Moon's Labor Day Sesshin, September 1-5 Quick Links
New Additions

1651 South Gramercy Place, Los Angeles, California 90019, (323) 735-7564 - Zen Buddhist Meditation Center - Store Map

94. Now & Zen, Makers Of The Zen Alarm Clock
Offering a wide selection of spiritual growth products including the zen Alarm Clock.
To see our products, move your mouse over the images below. Click on an image to go to its subpage.
The Zen
Alarm Clock
for a progressive
Zen Alarm Clocks wake you with a gradually-increasing series of acoustic chimes. The Zen Clock makes waking up a beautiful experience.
The Digital
Zen Alarm Clock
the perfect acoutrement
for a natural lifestyle Digital Zen Clocks feature a long-resonating acoustic chime set in a hardwood box. The digital interface can be programmed as an alarm clock, countdown or interval timer, and hour chime. The Zen Timepiece the ultimate lifestyle clock The Zen Timepiece's acoustic 6 inch brass bowl-gong fills your environment with beautifully complex tones providing an exquisite waking experience or practice timer. The Zen Doorbell The world's most aesthetically sophisticated doorbell its acoustic brass bowl-gong fills your environment with beautifully complex tones whenever it strikes. Includes a radio-controlled wireless wood button. The Tibetan Phone Bell This product's acoustic bowl-gong replaces the noise of your telephone's ringer and also serves as an easy-to-use meditation timer. Zen Alarm Clock Digital Zen Alarm Clock Zen Timepiece Zen Doorbell Tibetan Phone Bell Home Money-Back Guarantee Shipping Costs Our Now and Zen products include: The Zen Alarm Clock, The Digital Zen Alarm Clock, The Zen Timepiece, The Zen Doorbell, and The Tibetan Phone Bell - Yoga Timers - Meditation Timers - Progressive Alarm Clock - Chime Alarm Clock - Rin Gong - Tibetan Singing Bowl - Acoustic alarm clock - Gong alarm clock

History, courses, rules, clubs, links and general information. Includes syllabus requirements.
Login or Register Home Downloads Your Account ... Forums Search
More Website Navigation Links Clubs Pages About Us Zen Judo History Rules ... British Zen Judo Family Association (BZJFA) - Website Modules Home


Zen Judo Photo Gallery

Judo Who's Online There are currently, 3 guest(s) and member(s) that are online.
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Zen Judo Website Messages
If you have any comments or suggestions for this site please e-mail the Webmaster
The Zen Judo Photo Gallery has now been modified and for now is only open to registered users. This might be changed at a future date. The Clubs page and Dan Grade Register have been updated. Please check that your club and grade details are correct.
Martial Arts Courses
Courses for 2005
Radcliffe on Trent two day Christmas Budo course November 26th / 27th
Cost £15 per day (Please send £10 deposit per person by end of September) for more information and course details go to The British Zen Judo Family Association (BZJFA) - Website
Courses for 2006
Petersfield Zen Judo Martial Arts Course 2006 Febuary 18th / 19th
For more information use the Feedback link on this page
Zen Judo Content Pages
To see more Zen Judo content
click on this link Grading News Please note the following promotions:- Graham Padgett 4th Dan BZJFA (Radcliffe on Trent) Keith Harby 3rd Dan BZJFA (Radcliffe on Trent) Raymond Pulman 3rd Dan BZJFA and 4th Dan Renshi Combat Arts Association (Belfast Kyushindo) James McCullough 1st Kyu Brown belt BZJFA (Belfast Kyushindo)

96. Ask Zen - Teen Health
A teen health site providing information about mental health, physical health, and nutrition.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

97. Home Page
Membership information, list of officers, and other ZNA clubs. Florida.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

98. Zen Buddhist Order Of Hsu Yun Home Page
A virtual temple for the study of zen in the tradition of Ch an Master Hsu (Xu) Yun.

99. Cyber Zen Sound Engine
Ambient electronica group based in Houston, Texas. News, MP3s, discography and distribution information.
Cyber Zen Sound Engine "Auslander" - Interview with CZSE @ Sonic Curiosity Last site update: November 21, 2002 News Distributors Buy CDs Discography ... Links Please contact us at:

100. The Shrubbery -- The Quest For Zen
Navin, from Sri Lanka, and Jason, from Ohio, compete to see who will reach enlightenment first. Navin learns yoga, Jason drinks gingko biloba.
The Quest for Zen
by Jason Morrison Final Update Week 7 Week 6 ... Week 1 Enlightenment Poll Who has more Buddha Nature?
Navin Jason
The Final Updates are in, and Bren will make his decision soon. Check back to find out who won. In the end, there can be only one. Navin and I have been friends for a long time, but it's about time we stopped dancing around the issue and got down to a serious competition. No holds barred, no quarter given. You see, Navin is taking both Yoga and Christian Ethics this semester. I, locked out of Yoga, am taking Seminar in Existentialism and drinking Sobe and Snapple Elements. The contest: who will reach enlightenment first? Navin may at first seem to have the edge. Not only is he from Sri Lanka, a land of mystery and wonder, but his dad is a Buddhist and can meditate for six hours each day. I, on the other hand, am from Ohio, and the most spiritual thing my dad has done is patent a new hinge for basement windows. But consider: Navin may be studying thousands of years of Christianity, and the yoga classes may make him flexible and sublime, but how can he compete with the taurine, proline, dong quia, fo-ti, damiana, ginseng, bee pollen, grapeseed, echinacea and beta carotene I will consume each day, brining my body, spirit and mind together? I've also found bottled water from a glacier and various forms of V8. The former has been locked in sacred mountain passes for thousands of years and the latter brings balance to your diet. Add to that a healthy dose of Sartre, and I have already won.

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