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         Zen:     more books (100)
  1. Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity by Ray Bradbury, 1994-08-01
  2. Zen and the Brain: Toward an Understanding of Meditation and Consciousness by James H. Austin, 1999-07-02
  3. Sex, Sin, and Zen: A Buddhist Exploration of Sex from Celibacy to Polyamory and Everything in Between by Brad Warner, 2010-08-31
  4. Zen and the Art of Poker: Timeless Secrets to Transform Your Game by Larry Phillips, 1999-11-01
  5. Zen And The Art Of Faking It by Jordan Sonnenblick, 2010-01-01
  6. Zen and Japanese Culture: (New in Paper) (Bollingen Series) by Daisetz T. Suzuki, 2010-10-03
  7. Taking the Path of Zen by Robert Aitken, 1982-01-01
  8. The Zen of Listening: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction by M.A. Rebecca Z. Shafir CCC, 2003-02-01
  9. Zen & Horseback Riding, 2nd Edition: Applying the Principles of Posture, Breath and Awareness to Riding Horses by Tom Nagel, 2007-12-03
  10. The Zen of Zombie: Better Living Through the Undead (Zen of Zombie Series) by Scott Kenemore, 2007-10-17
  11. Zen and the Art of Falling in Love by Brenda Shoshanna, 2003-12-30
  12. Zen and the Art of Happiness Deluxe Gift Edition by Chris Prentiss, 2008-09-01
  13. The Undying Lamp of Zen: The Testament of Zen Master Torei by Torei Enji, 2010-10-26
  14. Zen and the Art of Vampires (Dark Ones, Book 6) by Katie MacAlister, 2008-12-02

61. As Zen Replaces The Id- Psychology & Zen Buddhism
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62. Zen Hospice Project > Welcome
An engaged Buddhist community supporting and staffing a large San Francisco hospice. The website also feature resources for hospice caregivers worldwide.
We accept the graceful falling
Of mountain cherry blossoms,
But it is much harder for us
To fall away from our own
Attachment to the world.
~Mountain Falling Flowers
by Rengetsu, a Buddhist nun
Click below for more information on:
Compassionate Companion Audio Series
This series is now available on 3 CD's or cassettes and offers practices, reminders, and stories gathered from Frank Ostaseski's 20 years of experience being with death and dying. It offers listeners support in preparing for death, serving the dying, and grieving.

Click here to Purchase Audio Series
Click here to donate to Zen Hospice Living with Grieving Series Beginning Anew: A daylong workshop with Zoketsu Norman Fischer Saturday, September 24, 2005 To Register: Send an email to Cost: Free to ZHP volunteers; sliding scale for the general public $25-$75. Nursing credits available for an extra $30. Please bring a bag lunch. Zoketsu Norman Fisher is a Zen priest and abbot, a husband, father, author and a poet. His most recent books are Taking Our Places: The Buddhist Path to Truly Growing Up and Opening to You: Zen-inspired Translations of the Psalms. During almost 30 years at San Francisco Zen Center, Norman served as director, tenzo, tanto, operations manager and other positions. He retired as abbot of Zen Center in 2000 to take his teaching out into the world via the Everyday Zen Foundation. Norman continues his involvement with the Zen Center as a senior Dharma teacher and has served on the Board of Directors at Zen Hospice Project for many years.

63. Buddhism
A transcript from The Hour of Judgment radio series in which two Buddhists from the Dae Kwang Sa zen Temple in Brisbane are interviewed by the rationalist hosts.


65. Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong Home Page
An irreverent look at the community surrounding the late zen Master Rama aka Frederick Lenz.
"Frederick Lenz, III
Zen Master Rama
A Report on the Death of Rama

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66. Art And The Zen Of Web Sites
TLC Systems is a management consulting firm, specializing in the architecture, design, and implementation of systems involving computers and people.
Art and the Zen of web sites
"Everything you know is wrong."
"Web publishing is no more about HTML than book publishing is about type fonts."
"Colored or textured backgrounds, weirdly colored text or links, and a preoccupation with appearance over content are sure signs of a 'first generation' web site."
"Although art can be created with a chainsaw, this is hardly a justification for giving every would-be artist a chainsaw."
> Vincent van Gui, - commenting on some of the newer "extensions" to HTML "In a successful advertisement it's the graphics that grab you, but it's the text that does the selling."
"Before you put a really dark background on your web page, ask yourself this:
Why is it so much harder to drive at night than in the daytime?"
"Hyperlinks are the GOTOs of the web."
"Use the defaults, Luke. Use the defaults."
" Where were you when the page was blank?" What is web publishing? Putting together a web site is a unique blend of publishing, user interface design, and technology.

67. ASAHI Union Budokan Austria
Die Schule f¼r fern¶stliche Kampfsport und Kampfkunstsysteme berichtet ¼ber den Gr¼nder der Schule, Erwin Steinhauser und die angebotenen Lehrg¤nge und Seminare im Bereicht Judo, Iaido, Aikido, Wellnes-Judo, zen-Meditation und andere fern¶stliche Bewegungsformen im Raum Nieder¶sterreich.

68. The Kids On The Web
work related to the care and education of children. Go to Brendan s home page. Please send comments and suggestions to Brendan Kehoe (
The Kids on the Web
This is an on-going list of sites that offer information for and about kids. Among other things, it includes a lot of stuff for them to play with, information for adults, and info about schools and education. All of the fun stuff to use is split into three sections,
so you can get them faster! The goal of this page is to collect, in one place, a body of information that people can use either to let kids play with stuff on the Internet, or to find the things they need for their work related to the care and education of children. Go to Brendan's home page Please send comments and suggestions to Brendan Kehoe (

69. MBZC Glossary
Japanese zen terms in Japanese kanji and romanji with English explanations.
Mt. Baldy Zen Center Glossary
This glossary is an ongoing project. It will contain terms and words that are used in the Rinzai Zen tradition. We will explain them in the way as they are used in this Zen Center. We are aware, that some of the terms are used slightly different in other places. However, this glossary is intended to provide information about Mt. Baldy Zen Center and its tradition. All Japanese terms in the explanations are italicized and generally not capitalized.
Afternoon chanting. During sesshin the entire community takes part in the ceremony, during seichu only the densu and his staff chant. At Mt. Baldy Zen Center the tradition is that dai-sesshin starts with banka on the previous day. The chanting takes place in the "Buddha Hall" which we call "Sutra Hall" at Mt. Baldy Zen Center. For opening a Dai-sesshin banka starts around 3 pm.
Morning chanting. During seichu the entire community gathers for morning chanting. It is held in the Sutra Hall and lasts between 35 and 45 minutes. The morning chanting is the very first item on the schedule after the formal morning tea. What we chant is described in the resource section under the title Chanting at Mt. Baldy Zen Center

70. The Kids On The Web: Homework Tools
And best of all, Kids Did This! Back to the main kids page. Please send comments and suggestions to Brendan Kehoe (
The Kids on the Web: Homework Tools
While it's still better to go to the library use the actual printed works, there are times when you don't have one handy and the libraries and stores are all closed. So, to that end, you can use any of these via the Web, too: And now, on to the other great things you can use to help you with your homework...
  • Proving to be a popular site, Jiskha Homework Help is a large collection of resources to help students learn and improve their grades. The homework help forum welcomes posts, and there's a group of professional experts and teachers who are there to receive questions. A well organized array of articles, links, and other searchable resources on all kinds of school subjects round out a really well thought-out site for kids of all ages.
  • The Math League's free Math Help facility is available for grades 4-8. It's available to everyone as a reference for basic math topics, including fractions, geometry, percents, real numbers, and many other topics.
  • Resources for Education , including info about math, science, english, art, and more.

71. Stockholm Kan Zen Kai Karate Klubb--Kanzenkai Karate Do
Filosofi, historia och tekniker.
Denna sida använder ramar men om du ser denna text stöds inte funktionen av din webbläsare.

Includes history, pictures, schedule, sound files, and merchandise.

73. Zen Kempo
Contains details on the instructor and classes offered. Includes contact information for enrollment.
@import url(kempo.css); martial arts jujitsu kyusho jitsu pressure points ... judo
Welcome to Zen Kempo
We hope you find here what you are looking for please look through the site and please sign in on our guest book also if you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me. and please call back to see how we are getting along as there is still much to add to our site and also keep up to date with our courses and news. This is the Official Web Site Of The Zen Kempo ryu Association And the zen training consultancy Are you are looking for good quality martial arts classes then please check us out we run Adult And Children's Classes.
Zen Kempo Hants
Zen kempo hant's is run by martin rogers hanshi was founded in 1998 it now has 6 children's classes and 5 adult. Run by the association dan grades who are sensei alan rees 3rd dan sensei dave scanlan 3rd dan sensei w.d. ward 3rd dan there are also many other qualified coaches with in the classes, all classes have a friendly relaxed atmosphere every one is made to feel very welcome. Site design and build by Business Serve

74. Zen Cart: The Art Of E-commerce
zen Cart™ is truly the art of ecommerce - a free and user-friendly open source e-business solution. The software from zen Cart™ delivers the ultimate
My Account Logout
:: Zen Cart™ Project Overview
The Art of E-Commerce
Designed for Online Merchants
Zen Cart™ truly is the art of e-commerce; a free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart system. The software is being developed by group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think e-commerce could be and should be done differently. Some "solutions" seem to be complicated programming exercises instead of responding to users' needs, Zen Cart™ puts the merchant's and shopper's requirements first. Similarly, other programs are nearly impossible to install and use without an IT degree, Zen Cart™ can be installed and set-up by anyone with the most basic computer skills. Others are so expensive ... not Zen Cart™, it's FREE!
Designed for Online Shoppers
Zen Cart™ addresses many of the goals we set:
  • make the program easy to set up
  • make it easy to customize
  • automate tasks, such as order confirmation

75. Zen Palate {Detecting Flash Plugin}
Asian vegetarian cuisine. Eat in, take out, and delivery.

76. Listing Of Directory: /oczc/
Kwan Um School.
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77. Mezzoblue  §  Css Zen Garden — Resource Guide
A list of links to help with techniques, bug fixes, css projects and playgrounds, and tools.
Design, Typography, and the Web as Seen by One Guy in Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Search this site: css Zen Garden
Resource Guide
By no means exhaustive, this list has been put together to reconcile helpful CSS tips web-wide in one spot. Expect it to expand over time.
A Far Better List than this one
Andrew Fernandez is collecting a whole bunch of links to CSS-related tutorials, software, books, and more. Holy CSS, Zeldman! is his guide to all things CSS, and should probably be considered a far more authoritative source than this one.
Techniques CSS Layout Techniques
Eric Costello's sample layouts, also with more CSS resources and tutorials. Image Replacement
Douglas Bowman's Background-Image Text Replacement trick Layout Reservoir
A collection of tested CSS layouts at Blue Robot MaxDesign's CSS
Some useful CSS tips, don't miss Floatutorial
Bug Fixes
CSS Crib Sheet
Where do you turn to when you get stuck? The CSS Crib Sheet is a good place to start. A bunch of common bugs and errors are listed, with fixes. Box Model Hack
Compensate for the difference between IE5's box model and the right one.

78. Chan And Zen Buddhism
A compilation of important links to materials for the study of Chan and zen Buddhism, primarily for the use of college students.
"Chan and Zen Buddhism" Compiled by Dr. Ron Epstein
Philosophy Department
San Francisco State University
Please send suggestions for improvement, possible additions, corrections,
and notification of broken links to
See also "Resources for the Study of Buddhism." Reference Selected Readings in Zen Buddhism
Zen Book News and Bibliographies

Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library

Center for Buddhist Studies (Taiwan)
"Selected Bibliography on Chan/Zen" by Bernard Faure

Sutras Vimalakirtinirdesa-Sutra "A Direct Explanation of the Praj~naa-paaramitaa Heart Sutra" by [Han-shan] De-ching From "The Diamond Sutra: The Resolution of Doubts" By Shramana Han-shan De-ching Writings of the Chan Patriarchs "Nagarjuna Bodhisattva on the Perfection of Dhyana Meditation" "THE ZEN TEACHINGS OF BODHIDHARMA" translated by Red Pine "The 'Hsin-Ming' Attributed to Niu-T'ou Fa-Jung" by Henrik H. Sorensen "Treatise on the Supreme Vehicle" by [Chan Master] Hung Yen ... by Chan Master Hsuan Hua (.pdf files) The Platform (or Altar) Sutra of Hui Neng (The Sixth Patriarch) "Song of Enlightenment" with Commentary by Chan Master Hsuan Hua "The Dharma Essentials for Cultivating Stopping and Contemplation and Sitting in Dhyana" by Chih-i

79. EZF - Introduction
Meditation training as an alternative to conventional sentencing. During the past year a scholarship fund has been created to assist serious inmate
The Engaged Zen Foundation is an independent organization originally founded to foster zazen (seated contemplative meditation) practice in prison. Meditative training alters the functioning of the mind of the practitioner and these changes manifest with the development of positive perspectives on life. Our initial goal was to urge prisoners to use the time available during imprisonment to foster the practice of zazen, sitting in dynamic, lucid awareness, thus serving prisoners on release by enabling them, through their own efforts, to reenter society with a disciplined, patient, nonviolent and compassionate frame of mind.
From the co-founder
"Our activities are geared to assisting individuals on a case-by-case basis and much of our effort is unseen and unacknowledged. EZF was initially foundedwith the intention of it being a means for fostering zen practice in prisons as a mechanism for bringing about change in the prison systems. This, after a decade of experience, has proved to be an impractical and short sighted perspective. I have seen, experienced and learned, a lot over the past ten years about the nature and magnitude of the shortcomings of the criminal justice system and the underlying paradigms that drive it. The ramifications are deeper than just the matter of prisoners engaging in meditation practice while incarcerated. It matters little if one or two prisoners are practicing in a facility if hundreds of others in the same facility are subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment on a daily basis. A prison full of enlightened prisoners - is still a prison."

80. Egy Csepp Szanga
Shodo Harada rosi (tan­t³) magyarorsz¡gi zenbuddhista csoportja.

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