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         Wicca:     more books (100)
  1. Wicca / Living Wicca / The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham, 2003-01-01
  2. Wicca: Practicas y Principios de la Brujeria (Series de Magia Practica de Llewellyn) (Spanish Edition) by Raymond Buckland, 2001-06

141. Le Bouleau D'Argent
Traductions et articles d'Amorgen Dubhart sur la wicca et le n©opaganisme.
Site fermé provisoirement pour ravalement de façade et réaménagement
Ce site fait partie de L'Alliance Suivant
Votez pour ce site !

142. Wicca
And wicca makes you feel like you have the power to go out and change things . Here I began practicing wicca, something I had been doing for years
Talent Development Resources Wicca
As a kid I was obsessed with magic. A lot of people are. I think it's all to do with this fear of what's going to happen to us when we die. If you can find proof that magic actually exists, you think maybe it's proof of something beyond, and that something happens to us after we die. We all want to know the answer to that! I think a lot of young women are drawn to the idea of Wicca and magic because we've been disenfranchised for so long. We live in this very patriarchal society - I mean, it wasn't until very recently that women were allowed to go to college! Go back to the time of earth magic and the idea of the goddess, and women were worshipped for their fertility. We've got so far away from that. Women are starting to come out and say "Hey, we want to be treated equally." And Wicca makes you feel like you have the power to go out and change things. [And Buffy is a powerful role model too...] Absolutely! You've got this girl who goes out and kicks ass! But she's also human. Has she dated a guy yet who's treated her right? No. So she's dealing with that, and also with the whole question of whether she wants to be this supernatural figure.

143. EUROPE: Earth-Based Ways (Wicca)
As an introduction to wicca, especially for those who might feel uneasy with The Celtic Connection has a number of other fine pages on wicca as well,
Earth-Based Ways (Wicca)
For my "Wheel of the Year," please click here

For a special page on what has become known as "The Burning Times,"
please click here
For two pages on Kosovo/Serbia, including a Pagan/Christian/Moslem Peace Invocation,
please click here
"The Magic Circle"
John William Waterhouse (If you click on their homepage at the bottom, you'll learn more about these four impressive people and their goals.) This site on "Neopaganism in Central-Eastern Europe" looks at earth-based religions in Belarus, the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Old Prussia, Poland and the Ukraine. This lengthy essay points out that the Baltic States were Christianized relatively late, and thus retained many older ways in a more intact form than was possible in other areas. The essay also mentions the role of Carl Jung, Marija Gimbutas (a native Lithuanian), and environmental issues in the resurgence of Central-Eastern European neopaganism. Excellent hypertexts will take you into a more in-depth exploration of these subjects. I found the site both rich and fascinating in its treatment of history and lore. In contrasting central-eastern European neo-paganism with Western neo-paganism, for example, the author offers the following lucid distinction:

144. Wicca Y Paganismo
Informaci³n general sobre las creencias, ritos y pr¡cticas.



El objetivo de esta página es tratar de llevar un poco de información a aquellos que estén interesados en la religión Wicca y/o el Paganismo y Neopaganismo, pero carezcan de conocimientos suficientes del inglés para poder leer algunas de las páginas disponibles en la red en ese idioma, muchas excelentes por cierto. ( ver el area de links para una lista ) Por favor, utilice los enlaces de la izquierda para navegar por las distintas secciones. Siempre puede volver a ésta página mediante el enlace a "Inicio", y si busca algo en particular, puede utilizar el Mapa del Sitio ULTIMA ACTUALIZACION: 01.07.05 : artículo " Cómo comenzar la práctica en solitario " en el área de Práctica.
Ver el listado de actualizaciones MUY IMPORTANTE: Ha llegado a nuestra atención que una persona se está haciendo pasar por parte de la administración de éste sitio, sugiriendo que ha sido asignado como "guía espiritual" de visitantes de nuestro sitio, y solicitando una charla vía mensajero instantáneo, con una serie de requerimientos que incluyen cámara web. Esto es FALSO , por favor visiten ésta página para más datos.

145. - Wicca, Wicca Store, Rituals, Spells, Symbol, Supply Directory of spiritual web sites, spiritual news, live webpolls, mind and body products, and more. Find promotions and sponsors for
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Featured Author Richard Widry Authors Become an author Maya Talisman Frost (61) GOVIND KUMAR (53) ... Zen Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Day Year Resources Free Tea Sample Win Free Gas for Life Post Your Resume Find Your Soul Mate Featured Product Wicca is essentially a Celtic-oriented religion, but its Mystery Tradition is derived from several outside cultures as well. Readers of this book are exposed to a sense of the rich heritage that has been passed from one community to another, and that now resides within this system for spiritual development. Illustrations. Only $10.92 Top Wiaccan Sites 1-20 of 38 links Silver Enchantments Celtic Jewelry Sterling Gold Charms Pendants Findings Charm Pendant Amethyst's Wicca This site is dedicated to those seeking knowledge about Wicca and more. Blessings to all. Spells Magic Witchcraft Talismans Offering black and white magic, witchcraft, charms magick, voodoo, rituals, spells, wicca, powers, spiritualist, ceremonial magick, candle magic, spiritual, invocation of spirits and more visit and explore the amazing mystical world, where all your dreams can come true Magick Gate Magick Gate is your portal to pagan shopping and mysticism. We encourage you to take a look around.

146. Portal Mrooczlandia [Runy, Wampiry, Magia, Zio³a]
Zagadnienia ezoteryczne magia, wampiryzm, runy, wicca, wr³Å¼by, zielarnia.

Portal Mrooczlandia ] Czwartek 08 Wrzesieñ 2005 , epoka SUM - Aris
Biblioteka Czat Darmowe Skrypty ...
Nowo¶ci Portalu Mrooczlandia

Witaj w Portalu Mrooczlandia.
Aktualizowano dnia: 7 wrze¶nia 2005 r.
  • (7 wrze¶nia 2005) Wielka Ksiêga Czarów i Zaklêæ - dzia³ Magia w Portalu Mrooczlandia
    Zamieszczono kolejnych 40 czarów i zaklêæ.
    Tym razem, bardziej ró¿norodnych - obejmuj±cych zakres spraw zarówno zaklêcia ochronne, wywo³ywanie zmar³ych, jak te¿ i badziej przyziemne aspekty dzia³alno¶ci magicznej.
    Zapraszamy do czytania. Wielka Ksiêga Czarów i Zaklêæ - strona druga
  • (5 wrze¶nia 2005) Grafika - dzia³ Galeria Portalu Mrooczlandia Zamieszczono siedem kolejnych prac graficznych. Prócz dwóch prac z serii "Yggdrasil" (inicjacja szamañska) zamieszczono tak¿e prace z ci±gu "Dom" i "¦wiête Przymierze". Prace nad nowym modu³em galerii dobiegaj± powoli koñca. Zapraszamy do ogl±dania. Nowo¶ci w Galerii Portalu Mrooczlandia
  • (31 sierpnia 2005) Horrory - dzia³ Biblioteka w Portalu Mrooczlandia Zamieszczono dwie kolejne powie¶ci H.P. Lovecrafta Zapraszamy do czytania.
  • 147. Spell Casting: Love Spells & Wicca Spells
    Powerful Love Spells, Witch Craft, wicca Spells and Money Spells. Absolutelyguaranteed, or your money back!
    What I have asked has already come true!!!
    It is unbelievable and totally magic!
    I ordered a Retrieve a Lover Spell and two weeks later my lover returned!
    Cleveland, OH
    My boyfriend cheated on me and went away to his home country. I didn't know if he was going to be with me or her.
    A few days after all my spells were cast, she went back to her ex-boyfriend. My boyfriend called me and said he regretted everything that happened and wanted us to keep on with our relationship as if nothing had happened.
    Things are back on track again: He wants to spend the rest of his life with me!
    Thank you soooo much. Your spells worked and super-fast!
    Tina Bronx, NY Dear CAA, I can't thank you enough! You have made such a difference to my girlfriend since she returned! She has dropped so many barriers and and we are getting closer to each other with each passing day. Thank you again. L.B. United Kingdom Powerful Witch Craft Wicca Spells, Love Spells, and more! Looking for help in Relationships? Need more money? Want to right a wrong?

    148. Templo De Lugh
    Celtas, wicca, Druidas, eventos pag£os, links, e bibliografia.
    setAdGroup(''); var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Search: Lycos Tripod Star Wars Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next Bem vindos ao Templo de Lugh. Este site foi inaugurado a 1 de Agosto de 2000 ao nascer do sol. Museum of Magic and WitchCraft - The Story of the famouse Witches Mill at Castletown de Gerald Gardner com fotografias e textos. Destaques

    149. The Orion Online - Pathway To The Divine
    wicca, a neopagan nature religion, includes the use of herbal magic and witchcraftin its The wicca religion was created from pieces of mythology,
    Interact: TheDirectory FRONT PAGE ORION DAILY NEWS ... ARCHIVES Thursday Sep. 08, 2005 Search Site Advanced Search
    HEADLINES Dancers learn different cultures Club Spotlight Defending yourself Internships draw Earth-friendly ... Writer finds sugar-free fare scarce on campus FEATURES
    Illustration by Shawna Kirby Pathway to the divine Ashley Nelson
    Staff Writer May 04, 2005
    Whether students are believers or not, witchcraft is everywhere, entrancing audiences with reruns of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and casting spells of entertainment upon the pages of our favorite Harry Potter book. For most people, these Hollywood associations of witchcraft and Ouija boards are the extent of their knowledge on the subject. But not all witches are fictitious characters on television. Wicca, a neo-pagan nature religion, includes the use of herbal magic and witchcraft in its practice. Beginning in Great Britain around the 1950s, small groups of people began reviving pre-Christian and western European beliefs. The Wicca religion was created from pieces of mythology, ancient tradition and archeological evidence found of Paleolithic peoples who worshipped a hunter god and a fertility goddess. Toward the 1960s, as the religion began to spread, it was brought over to America and continues to grow today, even in Chico.

    150. Charmed 99 To 2001 By Moonlitelace
    Desktop themes, theme music, font, puzzles, dolls, poems, numerology, wicca.
    Charmed99 has moved to its own domaign, please update your bookmarks!Blessed be, moonlitelace. setAdGroup(''); var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
    Search: Lycos Angelfire Dating Search Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next

    151. Confixx Professional
    Verzameling links over wicca, natuurreligie en folklore.
    Please login Enter the login name into "Login" and password into the "Password" fields respectively. Then click "Log in". Login: Password: Log in Forgot your password? If you forgot your password we will try to help you by sending it out to your email. Get password

    152. Seax Wicca
    SEAX wicca. This tradition was founded in 1973 by Raymond Buckland and seems tohave a slight saxon basis. Buckland had been dissatified with the corruption
    This tradition was founded in 1973 by Raymond Buckland and seems to have a slight saxon basis. Buckland had been dissatified with the corruption and ego trips he saw in some covens and developed seax wicca to answer those concerns. The coven is democratic in that its leader is chosen by election. There is no binding or ritual scouging. Covens decide for themselves whether to worship clothed or skyclad. The rituals are published in The Tree : Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft. The tradition is also open to anyone. The Real Witches Handbook


    153. Lux Tenebrae
    Magie dite blanche, principes de la wicca, magie dite noire, mais aussi herbalisme, cartomancie.

    154. - Das Umfassende Portal Für Hexen, Heiden, Schamanen, Druiden.
    HexenOnline bietet Informationen und kn¼pft mit dem Hexen-Bord Kontakte zwischen Hexen und wicca.

    155. Wicca Ring
    A Ring For ALL wiccan s. One of The Origional wicca Ring s. Dedicated to wiccansof all kind s and there enlightening websites, In the wicca Ring you can

    156. Liquid Realities -- More Magic, Less BS
    Resource on chaos magick, sorcery, wicca and other forms of occult practices. Includes message boards, and downloads.
    Welcome to Liquid Realities, home of truth in any form. More magic, less BS.
    - Niteseer
    2005-08-11 - niteseer
    Altered the layout for the forum. We decided it would be more appropriate to lose "Ritual", "General", and "Energetic" and replace them with "Theory" and "Application". Chances are the change will also be moved over to the article topics as well. Discussion is in on adding a new topic for "Beginner" to the articles and I'm debating work on a series of articles to fill that new void. 2005-07-21 - niteseer
    Added a new article by myself. Still making changes on the back-end, which sadly, none of you can notice, but makes things easier for me. We are now actively seeking book reviews for any who would like to write them. Please email me with the book you could like to review and we'll go from there. Oh, and reviews need not be about how good a book is. It is also necessary to know what books to avoid. Accordingly, I am willing to provide more then one review on a specific book as well. Differing opinions always exist. 2004-11-29 - niteseer
    I've been debating the offer of classes/lectures or perhaps topic/debate nights in the IRC channel for the site. The subject matter could range on any of the incredible amount of magical/occult information that is available out there, possibly some new techniques and ideas, or sciences that have relevance to our particular world view. It will likely be on a regularly scheduled night.

    157. Wicca | Witchcraft | Pagan | Spells | Religion | Magic | Charmed | History | Fac
    21st century Paganism is found in the form of wicca in Hollywood and increasinglyin our everyday lives. Take a look at renewed paganism as it is presented
    advanced Scroll down for the article Mother Earth The Wonderful World of Wicca
    The Beginning of Wicca
    Thousands of years ago the dominant religion in Europe was Paganism . There was no one particular God that Pagans believed in, but instead they felt that all of nature was spiritual and that there were many gods and goddesses represented by nature itself. They observed the phases of the moon , the Summer/ Winter Solstices and the Spring/Fall Equinoxes. With the rise of Christianity , Paganism was driven underground because the beliefs of this new religion (Christianity) were very different from Paganism. This led to the burning of many Pagans in a time that came to be known as the Burning Times . For hundreds of years, Paganism remained an underground religion, almost lost completely. However, around 1940 a British man , named Gerald Gardner , rejuvenated and modernized Paganism and morphed it into the form we know today, Wicca
    Wicca Today
    Just like their Pagan counterparts, Wiccans (the modern name for a witch) believe in the spirituality of nature . Wicca has become alluring for modern day women because its practices are deeply rooted in the belief that there must be a balance in the male/female roles in life. Therefore, they worship both gods and goddesses, not just a singular male God. However

    158. Mysticlight - Natuurgeneeswijzen, Divinatie, Wicca En Meer
    Spirituele en interactieve site, met veel onderwerpen zoals reiki, wicca, kruiden, tarot. Daarnaast ook een forum en ecards.
    Open je wereld Home Contact Sitemap Mysticlight Shop
    Welkom bij Mysticlight
    Deze site is tot stand gekomen door een samenwerking tussen Mysticworld en Spiritlight. De volgende onderwerpen zijn te vinden op deze site: wicca, astrologie, tarot, aromatherapie, bach bloesem therapie, reiki en nog veel meer! Kom dus snel nog eens kijken. Deze site is bedoeld om mensen een stukje te helpen op het spirituele pad. Dit lijkt vaak nog een doolhof waarbij je geen idee hebt of je de enige bent die erin rondloopt. Wees gerust, op deze site zul je erachter komen dat er vele mensen net zoals jij op zoek zijn naar een stukje van zichzelf. Omdat spiritualiteit zo'n groot onderwerp is, kun je op deze site over onderdelen daarvan duidelijk leesbare informatie vinden, zodat je een wegwijzer hebt voor jouw spirituele pad. Wij wensen je veel plezier op deze site, en mocht je nog vragen of opmerkingen hebben kun je altijd contact met ons opnemen via het contactformulier Bezoek ook eens de Mysticlight Shop! Hier vind je een grote collectie prachtige wenskaarten, van o.a. Josephine Wall, Tree Free en de Joop Smits sterrenbeeldkaarten. Daarnaast ook een selectie tarotkaarten, zodat je ook zelf met de tarot aan de slag kunt. Naar de Mysticlight Shop Menu Contact Oproep E-Cards Forum Online tarot leggen Online I Tjing leggen Astrologie I Tjing Runen Tarot Wicca Aromatherapie Bach Bloesem therapie Kristallen Kruiden Reiki About Mysticlight Gastenboek Links Sitemap Updates Interactief Divinatie Levenswijzen Natuurgeneeswijzen

    159. Wicca
    wicca is the name for a contemporary pagan revival of witchcraft. wicca is thename, and witchcraft is the gameand the Devil is laughing his head off. Religions/Wicca & Witchcraft/wicca.htm
    Wicca (neo-paganism) Wicca is the name for a contemporary pagan revival of witchcraft. Wicca is the name, and witchcraft is the gameand the Devil is laughing his head off. Wicca witchcraft calls itself "white witchcraft." The term "white" supposedly denotes that Wiccans only do "good" witchcraft. According to the Bible, there is no such thing as a good witch There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, OR A WITCH ” (Deuteronomy 18:10). Hence, based on the Bible, ALL witches are wickedincluding Wiccans. So if a bunch of confused Wiccans tell you that white witches are good, who are you going to believe? Them or the Bible? New Age people are always talking about light and spiritual guides. These deceived people are talking about the Devil and his devils! They are not talking with "Ascended Masters" they are talking with the Devil and his minions. People at the lower levels of these groups may not realize the role of Satan, but the higher ups most certainly do. Interestingly, Wiccans deny the existence of Satan—so they’ll ask, “how can I worship Satan if I don't believe he exists?"

    160. Wicca Sources
    Free ebooks on paganism and book reviews.Articles on faeries,The moon , herbalism,magick and nature spirits.Explore the sabbats, the oracles and many

    Web Hosting by
    Netfirms Free Domain Names by Netfirms ... Craft Supplies
    Free e-books Pagan Must read Fantasy Books Book reviews ... Pagan Posters : SITE DESIGNED BY: :PAGAN FUN: Chinese Sign Daily horoscopes! Free Oracles and Tarot Pagan Comics ... Pagan Search engines CHAT WITH ME ON THE BOX BELLOW!
    Email The WebMistress An´it harm none ,do as you will. Wiccan Rede) You can now support WiccaSources, by shopping at our online store. You can find all good qualitiy craft items available worldwide. Thank you! Brothers and sisters , this is a Pagan site, oriented towards the Wiccan religion.Here you will find free e-books on Paganism such as WICCA, DRUIDISM and FAERY LORE. You will also find valuable resources, and Pagan articles that will help you in your Path. I believe it is in your best interest that you read, research and sudy your craft well so you are a well informed Wiccan. May the Goddess and the God bless your path and help you understand the power of the Light and its balance with the dark. Please sign my GuestBook . I really like to know you´ve been here. Also, feel free to

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