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         Wicca:     more books (100)
  1. Wicca: Living as a Solitary Wiccan by Joseph DiFrancesco, 2010-08-17
  2. Magick: Wicca, Witchcraft And The Book Of Shadows by Gregory Branson-Trent, 2010-02-26
  3. Essential Wicca by Estelle Daniels, Paul Tuitean, 2001-05-10
  4. Empowering Your Life with Wicca by Sirona Knight, 2003-06-03
  5. The Study of Witchcraft: A Guidebook to Advanced Wicca by Deborah Lipp, 2007-10-01
  6. Wicca, the Elements and Magick: The guide for Natural Magick: Natural Magick and Wicca by Kristina Benson, 2008-04-10
  7. Faery Wicca Tarot Kit: Ancient Faery Tradition of Ireland by Kisma K. Stepanich, 1998-10-08
  8. The Wicca Herbal: Recipes, Magick, and Abundance by Jamie Wood, 2003-09
  9. The Illustrated Guide To Wicca by Tony Grist, Aileen Grist, 2000-06-30
  10. Generation Hex: Understanding the Subtle Dangers of Wicca by Marla Alupoaicei, Dillon Burroughs, 2008-08-08
  11. Principles of Wicca (Thorsons Principles Series) by Vivianne Crowley, 1998-02-25
  12. Wicca Demystified: A Guide for Practitioners, Family and Friends by Bryan Lankford, 2005-03-10
  13. What's the Deal With Wicca?: A Deeper Look into the Dark Side of Today's Witchcraft by Steve Russo, 2005-09-01
  14. Wicca Love Spells: Love Magick for the Beginner and the Advanced Witch - Spell Casting Recipes and Potions for Romance by Kristina Benson, 2007-10-31

101. StarFire Rising
Introduction to wicca What is wicca? Kinds of Witchcraft The Deities of thewicca The Goddess of the wicca The God of the wicca Ritual Occasions
Welcome to StarFire Rising, the online home
of the StarKindler Alexandrian Line.
Introduction to Wicca:
What is Wicca?

Kinds of Witchcraft

The Deities of the Wicca

The Goddess of the Wicca
A Wiccan Reading List
StarKindler Alexandrians:
The StarKindler Line

StarKindler History

StarKindler Ancestry

StarKindler Kin on the Web
... Occult Vocabulary This Star Kindred site is owned by the StarKindler Line Previous 5 Previous Next ... Index Click Here to join the ring. This Alexandrian Wiccans site is owned by The StarKindler Line Previous 5 Sites Skip Previous Previous ... List Sites Click Here to join the ring. Can you make a difference? The Hunger Site Save The Rain Forest Ecology Fund There have been hits since 6/10/98 Last Updated: Jan. 1, 2004 by webmaster StarKindler Line

102. Index
Pictures, episode guide, and fan fiction.
W elcome to my Charmed site, i hope you enjoy your visit here. This is about the tv show called Charmed. I'm a huge Charmed fan, i am not any of the charmed cast, but you're most welcome to email me and chat... I'd also like to thank some people who've helped me. please by the way, sign the guestbook!!! also look in the forum section. In here you can save anything you want, if you're putting a fanfic, please give credits to who wrote it. News: 20/4/03
Sorry no updates for a while, i had lots of troubles logging in. New quiz added, they're in the polls page. Also lots of fanfics posted up! check it out:) Next on Charmed:
Sense and Sense Ability(US)
27 April - The WB 8:00pm
House Call (AUS)
Thursday 1 May TEN 8:00pm Link to me:


Family Tree

Episode Guide
ac=349721 ; lang= 'en'; view = 1;

103. MagickWolf's Wicca
Informatie site over wicca en andere (neo)paganistische religies en stromingen.
Wicca en andere natuurreligies Webmaster: Skywolf Scott Cunningham Alternatieve helingmethodes "O dochters en zonen van de aarde,
aanbid de Godin en de God
en wees gezegend met de volheid des levens.
Weet dat zij deze geschriften,
die het pad van Wicca in zich dragen,
tot je gebracht hebben
om de behoeders van wijsheid,
de wakers over de goddelijke vlam van kennis
te dienen en te bevredigen.
Doe de rituelen met liefde en plezier
en de Godin en de God zullen je zegenen met alles wat je nodig hebt."

104. Gerald Gardner : The History Of Wicca
Factual information about the life of Gerald B. Gardner, the founder of the craft.Explores controversies in the history of wicca, list of rare books, is an online resource for information and commentary on the life of Gerald Brosseau Gardner (1884-1964), whom many have called the father of modern Wicca. Click here to enter.

105. :: Rituels Sorcellerie, Spiritisme, Satanisme, Gothisme, Wi
Pour en savoir plus sur la Magie, la Sorcellerie, le Spiritisme, le Satanisme, le Gothisme et la wicca.
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106. Avalonia - Wicca, Witchcraft, Magick & Ceremony - Articles, Free Lessons & Resou
London based spirituality and magick website. Original articles on magick,witchcraft, wicca, paganism, spells, herbs, oils, Moon, Gods and Goddesses across
Avalonia Home About Avalonia Sorita D'Este David Rankine ... Contact Avalonia
Stuff to Do Lapis Companions Avalonia Forums Wicca Homestudy Course
Information Book of Shadows Magickal Articles Free Wicca 101 Lessons
Other Stuff Author Interviews Book Reviews Organisations Links SORITA & DAVID's latest book "Circle of Fire" The Symbolism & Practices of Wiccan Ritual is now available, with Free P&P - for more info CLICK HERE.... Welcome to Avalonia!
Circle of Fire in which they explore the symbolism and practices of Wiccan ritual is now available!
For more info click here
"Open your eyes and you will see that the door has been opened and the world of the Gods lies within:
and your spirit, rejoicing in this vision, will find itself drawn onwards and upwards."

Greco-Egyptian Magical Papyri (Unknown Translation) Articles on Avalonia include:
The Wheel of the Year

Crystal Cave Meditation

Hagstones (Holy Stones)
Numerology (Number Magick) ... Working in a Coven "In silence is the seed of wisdom gained." New on Avalonia July 2005 - "

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wicca port¡l a magyarul besz©lő boszork¡nyoknak. –sszefoglal³, cikkek, k¶nyvt¡r.
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108. Why Wiccans Suck
Thoughts of a wiccan who is angry about the current direction the religion isheading. News and frequently asked questions.
Why Wiccans Suck I have no problem with Wicca.
It's the Wiccans I can't stand. S o, you heard about the page and showed up to tell me off? T hen you are part of the problem. B eing a Wiccan makes you feel Special, eh? Well shove your pride back down your throat, kids! This is your wake-up call.
terms to know WWS
"Why Wiccans Suck". My little rant has been so widely read, it unintentionally started a whole anti-fluffbunny movement in the Wicca subculture. fluffbunny
The "Wiccan" wannabes who are delighted to be persecuted, and came here to give me a piece of their mind. If my website offends you, then you're probably one of them. Real Wiccan
A dedicated seeker who actually knows something about Gardner's original Wicca, including its dark side. These are the anti-fluffbunnies in behavior, speech, and practice.
(Of course, you're one of these Real Wiccans, eh?)
A religion that you already know all about, right? You might be surprised.... Magic(k)
Charms, curses, necromancy, levitation, etc. Yes, the stuff from fairy tales. In other words, the same definition of "magic" that has been around for centuries before the tree-huggers-with-typewriters got ahold of it. (Aleister Crowley, incidentally, added the "k" to make his gematria fit.) Witch
Someone with magical powers. I repeat, someone with magical powers.

109. Unbenanntes Dokument
Forum f¼r Hex und Heid, Schwerpunkt wicca und Verwandtes; mit Infos und Chants
The Witchesweb: a Pagan and Wiccan meeting Place Hier geht es zur Witchesweb main page Verschiedene Wege im Wicca: Specials: Externe Homepages: Alexandrian Dianic und Reclaiming Gardnerian Traditional Wicca ... Gerald B. Gardner

110. Unique Wicca Supplies, Renaissance Clothing, Oils And Crystals ☼
wicca and ritual supplies, renaissance and medieval clothing, pagan statuary.Only $3.95 shipping. Oils $3, crystals $0.99, candles $0.80.
Wicca and ritual supplies, renaissance and medieval clothing, pagan statuary. Only $3.95 shipping. Oils $3, crystals $0.99, candles $0.80. Home Shop for...
What's New

Bags and Pouches


Clothing, Medieval
A unique discount witchcraft, goddess, renaissance and wicca store
that will wake up the magic inside you. wicca renaissance pagan witchcraft ... wicca supplies Happy Birthday Leo! Lammas, Lughnasadh, First Harvest Survey says... Do you frequent fairs? Join the Discussion! Which is your favorite Sabbat and why?
Velvet pouches, mill cloth bags... Candles
Spell candles, holders, candlesnuffers...
Moonstone, jade, rose quartz, topaz
Sage, borage, rue, flax seed, brazil wood, sarsaparilla root... Holy Smoke
Incense sticks, holders, feathers, myrrh, powders... Jewelry Copper pendants, necklaces, Pet Lovers Pendant Magical Writing Quill pens, seals, parchment, wax... Medieval Outfits Bodices, skirts, hats, gowns, belts, shirts, chemises, sashes... Ritual Tools Beginner altar set, cauldrons, athames, besoms, patens...

111. Nordisk Paganistforbund
Med informasjon om wicca, sjamanisme og ritualer.
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videresendes, trykk her
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112. The Path Of The Dragon
Exploring a new system of magick which incorporates wicca, energy and a reexamination of runes.
setAdGroup(''); var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Search: Lycos Angelfire Star Wars Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next After many years of studying the pagan religion, i stumbled on to a different branch of wicca that i never realised existed, but i related to it the instant i started reading up on it. It is called Draconic Wicca, the study of the way of the Dragon, using Dragon Magick, and being a Dragon Magi. For along time now i have felt a connection with dragons, i often believed that i was a dragon in a previous life, dragons are apart of who i am, i'd dream of them at night, and daydream of them during the day, i'd wonder what it would be like to see them, but yet i always thought i had. I am now studying the ways of Draconic Wicca, learning as much as i can about it, and its path. So this site is going to be a collection of information that i have gathered, also infomation that i have learned via the yahoo groups that i have joined, in the hope to provide another website that people can learn from, and understand the Path of the Dragon. Please view this with an open mind, if this is not suitable to you, does not mean that it is not suitable for others *smiles* all information that i have found, will be given credit where credit is due, if you take the information and post it somewhere else, please also credit the author.

113. Wicca, Wicca.
Information about Witches, Witchcraft, wicca, Black Arts and Witch Hunters.

Divination Metaphysical skills! ... Occultopedia The Occult and Unexplained Encyclopedia A B C D ... Z
Wicca Early English (Saxen) term for witch , derived from a German root word meaning "to twist or to bend." Also used to denote the witch religion, a neopagan nature religious practice having its roots in pre-Christian western Europe and undergoing a 20 th century revival, especially in the United States and Great Britain. Wiccans speak of the year as a wheel; their calendar is a circle, signifying that the cycle of seasons turns endlessly. Almost evenly spaced around the Wiccan Wheel of the Year are the eight Wiccan feast days, or sabbats . The sabbat cycle is a retelling and celebration of the age-old story of the Great Goddess and her son and consort, the Horned God. Wiccans sects cherish a host of variations on this myth. The coincidence of these festivals to Christian holidays, and the similarities between Wiccan and Christian symbols, say many anthropologists, are not accidental, but prove the preexistence of the pagan beliefs. For Christian authorities contending with older religions during Europe's Dark Ages, converting established holidays by giving them new Christian meanings eased the acceptance of the new faith. See Witchcraft Related audio and videos Related books
21st Century Wicca: A Young Witch's Guide to Living the Magical Life

Celebrating Times of Change: A Wiccan Book of Shadows for Family and Coven Growth

Everyday Wicca: Magickal Spells Throughout the Year

Magical Aromatherapy: The Power of Scent
Wicca Craft: The Modern Witches Book of Herbs, Magick and Dreams

114. A Tribute To Wicca
Personlig hjemmeside med beskrivelse af racen, billeder og stamtavler.
wicca mainecoon links
Om Maine Coon Hanner/Males Hunner/Females Killinger/Kittens
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115. :: A Canadian Wiccan And Pagan Community.
Daily news articles, resources, and online community.
@import url("themes/Mead-Magic/style/style.css"); Sep 08, 2005 - 10:37 AM New Stuff
  • Mabon-Fall Equinox
  • The Great Rite Hymn to Demeter The Death of Llew

  • WiccanWeb Chat Room name on-line The Cauldron SPChat

    Wiki Database

    Site Resources:
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    Chants Page

    Web Links
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    116. Lehto
    Yhdistys luonnonuskontojen (mm. wicca, asatru, druidismi) harjoittajille ja luonnonuskonnoista kiinnostuneille.
    etusivu lehto luonnonuskonnot wicca ...
    In English
    Lehto - Suomen Luonnonuskontojen yhdistys ry.
    Lehto - Suomen Luonnonuskontojen yhdistys ry.on kaikille Suomessa
    jonka tarkoituksena on parantaa luonnonuskontojen tuntemusta ja
    yhteiskunnallista asemaa Suomessa.
    Lehdon Tiedotus
    Jos haluat ilmoittaa jostain Lehdon nettisivuihin tarvittavasta

    117. Wicca: A Biblical Critique - Probe Ministries
    This article examines some of the fundamental doctrines of wicca, offers a biblicalcritique of those doctrines, and highlight the differences between wicca
    Main Menu Home Whats New About Probe Ministries Probe Alert Newsletter ... Probe Podcast Articles Current Issues Reasons to Believe Cults and World Religions Faith and Culture ... Rusty Wright Articles Probe Navigation Home Wicca: A Biblical Critique PDF E-mail Written by Michael Gleghorn
    The Goddess and the God
    By some estimates, Wicca "appears to be the fastest growing religion in America." But what exactly is "Wicca" anyway? One scholar writes, "The modern religion of Wicca, otherwise known as Old Religion, Magick, Witchcraft, the Craft, and the Mysteries, is part of the neo-pagan movement." In this article I hope to accomplish two things. First, I want to outline some of the fundamental doctrines of Wicca; second, I want to offer a biblical critique of those doctrines. Let's begin with Wiccan theology. Although some Wiccans are devoted exclusively to the Goddess, most worship both the Goddess and the God. Raven Grimassi, a Wiccan scholar, has written, "The Source of All Things, also known as the Great Spirit, is generally personified in Wiccan belief as a Goddess and a God." It's important to point out that the Goddess and God are merely personifications of this ultimate source of all things. The Source itself is both "unknowable" and "incomprehensible."

    118. Fera's New-age Homepage.
    Gevari«erde homepage met extra aandacht voor reiki, wicca, pendelen. Hier kan zowel algemene informatie als persoonlijke ervaringen gevonden worden.
    Fera's new-age Homepage webdesign: Fera van de Mortel URL=

    U treed na 10 seconden automatisch het portaal van mijn website binnen.
    Mocht dit niet gebeuren, klik dan op ***Welkom*** of op de handen.

    119. Witchcraft, Wicca Products, Oils, Herbs, Cauldrons, Candles, Spells, Books
    Witchcraft, wicca products, cauldrons, oils, herbs, candles, spells, Incense,products, wicca, spells, spell, cauldrons, witchcraft, witch, herbs, oils,
    Catalog links for Wicca products essential, fragrance, and occult oils, books, libros, Crystal Balls Novenas and Oraciones, Cauldrons , herbs, spells, love spells, books, spell books, aceites, Candles , Incense and accessories. Catalog of the tools you need for witchcraft spells and pagan rituals in Wicca, witchcraft, Santeria , and any of the pagan, occult or esoteric religions. Incense , ritual candles, spell kits , books and more. Whether you are a witch, pagan, shaman, or just interested in the magick of herbs and other gifts from the Earth, we offer you the best in Witchcraft and wicca products and pagan resources
    Press the Enter Button
    Cast Iron Cauldrons
    of several sizes are available. cauldrons, pots, Potjie Pots, Midi Pot, Mini Pot, cast iron, Bail type handle, no handles, Pot Belly Pots, cast iron potbelly with star, cast iron Harry Potjie potbelly, optional lids, Outdoor cooking cauldrons, 3 leg bowl design pots, cast iron kettles, giant cast iron kettles.
    , swords, ceremonial knives in several sizes are available. Scottish Dirks, Fancy Mongolian knife, Neptune Dagger, Egyptian athame, Holbein dagger, Roman ceremonial athame, Sword of Darkness athame, wiccan athames, and Fantasy Knives
    Incense Burners
    , Stick Incense Holders, glass burners, Brass Burners, Stick Holders, Buddha, cobra, Aladdin's lamp, round, mosque, hanging, smoking bottle stick incense burners from The Magick Wicca
    We have the largest listing of:
    Wicca products, Cauldrons, Spells, Incense, Figure Candles

    120. Blue Moon Wicca
    Original wicca and magickal products, including Goddess jewelry, Book of Shadows, clothing and pagan accessories.
    Home Wholesale Customers *NEW* Amy Brown Faeries *NEW* Oberon Zell Jewelry ... Contact us Your one-stop shop for Wicca and the Craft. Now place retail orders online like magick with our easy-to-use shopping cart. We design, create and market a large selection of Magickal jewelry, Wicca jewelry, High Priestess crowns and bracelets, . We offer writing journals, including a variety of Book of Shadows and mystical journals, and much more. For information, e-mail us at , send a Fax to 302-436-0300, or write to 7 N. Williams St., Selbyville, DE, 19975.
    The Ways of Magick: Ancient Ways for the New Aeon
    The paths of the Witch, the Shaman, the Magician, The Mystic and the Sage are spokes on the same wheel that lead to a center—a place of awareness, power, wisdom and self-knowledge.
    There are many paths to explore; the journeys along each one offer vistas to expand the consciousness and enrich the soul.
    Thank you so much for the super quick shipping!! You have great jewelry! So great I had to order another spinner ring because I liked my first one so much!
    Take Care and keep up the great business!

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