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         United Church Of Canada:     more books (100)
  1. Past - present - future: Saint Andrew's Congregation, United Church of Canada, Sydney, Nova Scotia : a symposium by E. D McFadyen, 1948
  2. ORIENTALS IN CANADA the Story of the Work of the United Church of Canada with Asiatics in Canada by S. S. Osterhout, 1929
  3. The United Church of Canada: The first sixty years, living and risking by Neil Semple, 1985
  4. The looting of a legacy: A religious tragedy, the current teachings of the United Church of Canada versus her statutory creed by J. N Sturk, 1931
  5. Angola now: A brief record of the program and prospects of the West Africa mission of the United Church of Canada by Kenneth J Beaton, 1945
  6. Hymns of the Church - A Companion to the Hymnary of the United Church of Canada by Alexander D.D. MacMillan, 1965
  7. United Church of Canada missions overseas by Kenneth Harrington Cousland, 1965
  8. That they may be one;: An introduction to the study of the work of the Board of Home Missions of the United Church of Canada, by Annie D Stephenson, 1929
  10. The Inaugural Service of the United Church of Canada: June Tenth by Mercury Press (Publisher), 1925
  11. Orientals in Canada: The story of the work of the United Church of Canada with Asiatics in Canada by S. S Osterhout, 1929
  12. A history of pioneer churches in the Thessalon area, 1876-1925 ;: And, Commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the United Church of Canada, 1925-1975 by J. E MacDonald, 1975
  13. The United Church of Canada: The story of the union by George Campbell Pidgeon, 1950
  14. The contributions of the Presbyterian Church to the Yukon during the gold rush, 1897-1910 (Bulletin - United Church of Canada. Committee on Archives) by Thora McIlroy Mills, 1977

121. The United Church Of Canada - Saskatchewan Conference
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122. | United Church Of Canada Response To Unionizing Clergy
Toronto Trade unions can and do work for good in society, but they are not agood fit for United Church clergy, according to the Rev.
From the Worldwide Faith News archives
United Church of Canada Response to Unionizing Clergy
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 12:17:35 -0800
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123. Christ Church - Mississauga
Affiliated with the united church of canada. Site contains information on the use the facilities for weddings and funerals, photos and explanations of the stained glass displays, and basic information on church programs and events.




Worship Calendar
Feedback Form

An integral part of the Clarkson community in Mississauga since 1826 Greetings !
...from the people at Christ Church
Click here to see a
photograph of our church Click here for Christ Church's ... Vision
" Ancestral Promises "
There is a "coffee table" book detailing the story of the Bible in stained glass featuring the windows at Christ Church. Click here to find out more ... Welcome ! Join us for worship service on Sunday morning. See events calendar for details. 1700 Mazo Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario Background Music Werde Munter Mein Gemute by Johann Pachelbel rendered to MIDI by David Coronel Updated August 30, 2005 A congregation of the United Church of Canada FAQ Stewardship The Windows Events Calendar ... Acknowledgements

124. 9-Misc: United Church Canada Calls For Moratorium On New GM Foods
The united church of canada believes the moratorium should remain in place untila new independent agency and regulatory regime for GM foods has been
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9-Misc: United Church Canada calls for moratorium on new GM foods
  • To Subject 9-Misc: United Church Canada calls for moratorium on new GM foods From Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 15:55:21 +0200 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 Organization: GENET Resent-From:
GENET-news - TITLE: United Church Calls for Moratorium on New Genetically Modified Foods SOURCE: United Church, Canada DATE: 1 Jun 2005 - archive: Genetically Modified Food Policies and Reports

125. The United Church And Finnish Friends In Canada
The united church of canada has opened the fields now in existence. They must bekept open, and the good work must be extended. In place of each missionary

End of article
The United Church and Finnish Friends in Canada
Arvi I. Heinonen
Historical Outline of Mission Work Among Canadian Finns The story of the contact between the denominations now composing The United Church of Canada and the Finnish settlers in Canada, goes back to the closing years of the last century, but only recently the Rev. Colin G. Young, D.D., wrote to me: "So far very few churches have interested themselves in the work among the Finnish people in Canada. I do not know of any more neglected group and I am hoping that The United Church will be able to extend its missionary enterprise among your people before very long." That, in a word, is the story. Canadians of Finnish origin have not appealed to any foreign country to come to help them in the great task of getting their church life established and function as their most vital organization. We are Canadians, and we know that the Finns of other countries are unable to help us effectively. For instance, take the Americans, our closest neighbours, how could we expect them to do foreign mission work in Canada while settlements in their own West are neglected? The territory of Alaska, where Finnish settlements were started in 1821, has been completely neglected. Up to 1867, when Alaska was bought by the United States, the Russian-American Trading Company had supplied for the Finnish settlement one solitary emigrant-missionary, the Rev. Uno Cygnaeus, M.A., but since it became United States property the Finns have been neglected completely. With the financial help of their American friends of other than Finnish racial origin, they have undertaken some home mission work in a few of the Finnish settlements so numerous in the American Western States, where the situation and circumstances are as serious as in Canada, if not worse. The American Finns cannot see how we could expect them to come to Canada to do foreign mission work while in their own land they are able only to touch the fringes of their great Western Home Mission problem.

126. Italian Church Of The Redeemer - Montreal,QC
Associated with the united church of canada.
Welcome to Italian Church of the Redeemer
6980 Papineau
Montreal, QC H2E 2G5
Staff / Leaders
President of the Official Board Mary ROSITO
Treasurer Marisa Carlone

Send an Email...
Weekly Schedule
WORSHIP Sunday at 11:00
OFFICIAL BOARD 1^ Monday at 19:45
The landmarks of our faith.
We build upon the foundation laid by the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone. We affirm our belief in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the primary source and ultimate standard of Christian faith and life. We acknowledge the teaching of the great creeds of the ancient Church. We further maintain our allegiance to the following evangelical doctrines of the Reformation: SOLI DEO HONOR ET GLORIA-SOLUS CHRISTUS-SOLA SCRIPTURA-SOLA GRATIA-SOLA FIDE.
The chief end of human life
What is the chief end of man?
Italian Church of the Redeemer is associated with: United Church of Canada
for additional information, see the denomination links
For information about this page contact:

127. Northwood United Church, Surrey, BC
The united church of canada 8855 156 Street Surrey, BC V3R 4K9 Phone 604-581-8454Fax 604-581-1124 Email Directory. Christian Development Ministry
What's Happening Sunday Bulletin Who We Are Worship Ministry ... Our Facilities
Our Vision
Embracing Our Community with the Love of Christ
Our Mission
To glorify God and follow Jesus under the guidance of the Holy Spirit by being:
Therefore we are an ordinary people who believe in an extraordinary God. We have a vision of a church that is welcoming, caring, sharing and loyal. Our church will have these qualities when we have them and express them.
That is what we are all about.
A Congregation of
The United Church of Canada
8855 - 156 Street
Surrey, BC V3R 4K9 Phone: 604-581-8454 Fax: 604-581-1124 Email Directory
  • Christian Development Ministry Links General Council - National Resources and Information United Church Television ... [A grass roots United Church network] Northwood United Church offers these links without endorsing or assuming responsibility for their content. Search This Site This Site The Internet News: The United Church of Canada The Devastation of Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina, a Category 4 hurricane, stormed ashore the U.S. Gulf Coast this week with extraordinarily strong winds and heavy rains. Extensive wind damage and flooding occurred along the projected track of the storm from the Gulf Coast to the Ohio River Valley. Katrina crossed southern Florida last Friday, resulting in nine deaths and extensive flooding. In coastal areas of Louisiana, earlier this week, large sections of New Orleans and other urban areas have been flooded and several hundred lives are thought to have been lost (numbers of dead yet to be confirmed).

128. American, Canadian, British Church Leaders Call On U.S. To 'Stop The Rush To War
Alyson BarnettCowan (Anglican Church of Canada) Ms Marion Best (United Churchof Canada) Stan McKay (united church of canada) The Rev.
Most Recent Stories NCC Home Leaders from American, Canadian, British Churches
Appeal to U.S. Government: 'Stop the Rush to War' Related stories:
ELCA Bishop Mark Hanson issues statement against U.S. attack on Iraq

Wide spectrum of U.S. Christian leaders petitions Bush to reconsider invasion
August 29, 2002, GENEVA, Switzerland - Thirty-eight Christian leaders from Britain, Canada and the United States, gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, for a meeting of the World Council of Churches Central Committee, have issued an urgent call to the American government to pull back from its unilateral movement toward pre-emptive military action against Iraq, and to seek the appropriate counsel of the Congress, the United Nations, and U.S. allies. The group, which included both General Secretary Bob Edgar and President Elenie Huszagh of the National Council of Churches USA, warned that the human cost might far outweigh the gain of such an attack, and that they do not believe it has been proven that "all reasonable alternative means of containing Iraq’s development of weapons of mass destruction have been exhausted." Following is the full text of the message, and a list of the signers.

Basic information about the congregation activities and its links to the united church of canada and the Armenian Evangelical Union of North America
(United Church of Canada)
123 Boul. Des Prairies
Laval, QC H7N 2T6
(450) 975-2333 Fax 978-3272
Staff / Leaders
Pastor Rev. Mher S. Khatchikian
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Commitee Chair Mr. Paul Nercessian
Ladies Group Chair Mrs. Margo Melkonian
Adult Fellowship Chair Mrs. Maggie Marachlian
Youth Director Mrs. Takouhi Demirdjian-Petro
Weekly Schedule
Sunday Worship Service
Sunday School for Children 10.30am Wednesday 7:30pm Saturday Adult Fellowship Meetings 7:30pm Saturday Ladies Group Prayer Meetings 8:00pm Wednesday
We greet you all in the name of our RISEN Lord Jesus Christ,  and wish you all the best. God ... has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing. Eph.1:3
Please visit the church web page at for additional information, see the denomination links For information about this page contact: Last Update: Tue May 10 20:55:54 (CST) This page has been accessed: times since Mon Sep 23 10:30:43 1996. Search for other churches in the Church Directory To apply for a FREE Web page like this for your church Click Here.

130. United Church Of Canada/Victoria University Archives - Home
Preserves the historical records of The united church of canada and its antecedent denominations, and of Victoria University.
Search Our Holdings Interlibrary Loans Holdings Inquiries ... Helpful Links
The United Church/Victoria University Archives
Located on the campus of Victoria University in downtown Toronto, the Archives preserves the historical records of The United Church of Canada and its antecedent denominations, and of Victoria University. These priceless records document the proud heritage of the Church and the University, and their significant contributions to Canadian society. Hours: Mon - Thurs 10am-4:45pm
Detailed listings of holiday closures and location information Return to Top Archives Renewal - Survey This survey is designed to provide feedback to the Archives Task Force on the level and quality of service provided to you the users of the Archives and to solicit your feedback on areas of merit and areas for improvement at the Archives. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and candid responses. For more information on the Archives Renewal process, please click here

131. Manitou Conference Website (Main Page)
Features united church of canada conference with information on programs, events, and ministries.
Your browser does not support script Photo Galleries :
View photos from the General Meeting!

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The Voyageur :
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132. United Church Of God - Canada Home Page
The united church of God canada, covering biblical topics including prophecy,the sabbath, holy days, feast days, world news in prophecy,the Good News
Site Search
Main Sections Home About Literature Library Resources ... Help
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Bible Reading Program
81) Israel admonished to heed God; 82) God will judge the rulers of the earth and bring true justice; 83) Prayer for help against an international enemy coalition
Commentary On This Week's News
Tragedies are Times for Testing Priorities
The main lesson I learned is that tragedy forces us to reexamine our priorities in a way that we simply do not do during normal times of comfortable living. What are your priorities?
Commentary by Larry Walker
United Church of God pastor, Bend, Oregon
Posted September 6, 2005
Sep/Oct 2005
The Good News Magazine
Featured Article:
DisUnited Nations: Why Can't Man's Best Efforts Bring Peace?
British statesman Winston Churchill, soon after its creation, wondered whether the United Nations would be "a true temple of peace" or "a cockpit in a Tower of Babel." Sixty years after its creation we still wonder whether it will fulfill its lofty goals and whether mankind will ever find lasting peace. Contents: DisUnited Nations: Why Can't Man's Best Efforts Bring Peace?

Official web site. A denomination in the Laestadian Lutheran tradition. Present in the united States and canada. Congregation locator, radio ministry. Mission reports and monthly magazine require JavaScript and Adobe Acrobat reader.

Sermons, Bible Search, Audio Bible

Quick Links Christian Links Discussion Sign the Guestbook
For God so loved the world,
that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him
should not perish,
but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Principles of the Doctrine of Christ
, or Spanish Church Information and Locator Radio Ministry Special Church Services ... Christian Monthly Sermons Online , or Tapes Books
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134. Christian Reformed Church
Has congregations in the united States and canada. Denominational site with links to congregations, beliefs, resources, and agencies.
Home CRWRC seeks $5 Million in Katrina Aid The CRC is staging a cross-country bicycle tour to celebrate 100 years in Canada. See the list of new pastors in the CRC and the calls they are accepting. Hundreds have benefitted from the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence program. Check out the complete August issue of "The Banner" now online. Join the Micah Challenge and take a stand on behalf of the poor. Sign up for one or more of the CRC's e-mail news lists to stay connected with the latest news of your denomination. Contact us.

135. St.Jude Religious Store Online
Three stores in Pennsylvania also offer shopping online or by tollfree phone in the united States and canada. Sellers of religious goods and church supplies.
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136. Bowling United Industries ~ Church Lighting, Fiberglass Baptistries, Fiberglass
Manufactures church lighting fixtures and GRP parts for churches in US canada. Baptistries, steeples, pulpits, cupolas. Danville, VA
P.O. Box 2250
Danville, VA 24541
Click here to e-mail
A Timeless Tradition Since 1965 Church Lighting Fixtures Crystal Chandeliers Brass Chandeliers Fiberglass Baptistries ... Limelight Computer Services

137. New Apostolic Church - USA Canada And Affiliated Countries
Present in canada, the united States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Bible study, church locator, news, information, and features for every age group. In English, French, and Spanish. May not work in some browsers.
We are pleased that you have chosen to visit our web portal.
To visit one of our English language websites, please click on the
appropriate country below.
Para Español, haga clic aqui These are a few of the many New Apostolic Church websites available around the world in various languages. To visit one of the non-English language sites, please click on " World Headquarters " and select "Links" from the Menu.

138. The Evangelical Covenant Church
A denomination of more than seven hundred churches in the united States and canada. It was founded by Swedish immigrants in 1885 as a voluntary covenant of churches committed to working together to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Home News Events Directory ... Covlink Search: Guide to Click here to go to: About Us Alpha Annual Meeting Associations Audio Bethany Benefit Board of Nominations Bookstore Building Churches Camps Christian Formation Churches Church Planting Churches Planting Ministries Communication Conferences Contact Info. Covenant Bible College Covenant Companion Covenant Offices Covenant Resource Center Covenant Women Ministries Covenant World Mission Covenant World Relief Dept. of the Ordered Ministry Education Emanuel Medical Center Ethnic Resources Evangelism Events Feast FOWM Giving History Jobs Kingdom Builders (FFKB) Ministries Ministerium National Covenant Properties News North Park Orientation Orientation (External CEOP) Papers (policy) Paul Carlson Partnership Pensions People Prayer (WM, CGE) Publications Resolutions Resources Retirement Communities Stewardship Swedish Covenant Hospital Urban Video Who we are Our Ministries
Our Institutions
News Services

139. Scouts Canada, Roxboro - United Church Wolf Cub Pack
Quebec cubs includes upcoming events, program information group profile, location and meeting times, and contacts.
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Search: Lycos Angelfire Dukes of Hazzard Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next The Roxboro United Cub Scout Pack
La meute de louveteaux Roxboro United Roxboro (Montreal), Quebec, Canada
visitors since Saint Patrick's Day, 2001 The Scouting Webring
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140. American New Church Sunday School Association
The oldest continuing Sunday School Association in the North America. It serves as a central body for the promotion and distribution of educational materials for Sunday Schools in the united States and canada.

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