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  1. A Biographical Memoir Of Richard Jordan, A Minister Of The Gospel, In The Society Of Friends by Anonymous, 2010-09-10
  2. A Journal of the Life, Travels, and Religious Labors of William Savery, Late of Philadelphia: A Minister of the Gospel of Christ, in the Society of Friends by William Savery, Jonathan Evans, 2010-01-10
  3. Early Days In The Society Of Friends: Exemplifying The Obedience Of Faith, In Some Of Its First Members (1840) by Mary Ann Kelty, 2010-09-10
  4. George Fox and his first disciples, or, The Society of Friends as it was, and as it is by William Howitt, 1837-01-01
  5. The doctrines of Friends; or Principles of the Christian religion as held by the Society of Friends, commonly called Quakers by Elisha Bates, 2010-08-30
  6. The Quaker Family in Colonial America: A Portrait of the Society of Friends by Jerry William Frost, 1975-02
  7. An essay on education in the Society of Friends. With an account on the proceedings on the occasion of laying the cornerstone of Swarthmore College. + by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2006-03-31
  8. A portraiture of Quakerism. Taken from a view of the education and discipline, social manners, civil and political economy, religious principles and character, of the Society of Friends by Thomas Clarkson, 2010-08-29
  9. A Sermon By Mr W Gadsby, Of Manchester, Preached At Zoar Chapel, Great Alie Street London, On Behalf Of "The Aged Pilgrims" Friend Society" On Thursday Evening, May 25, 1843. The Church Remembered In Her Low Estate by W [ William ] Gadsby, 1843
  10. An Exposition of the Faith of the Religious Society of Friends, in Some of the Fundamental Doctrines of the Christian Religion by Thomas Evans, 2009-12-17
  11. Memoirs of the Life and Religious Experience of Sarah Tucker; A Minister of the Society of Friends by Sarah Fish Tucker, 2009-12-22
  12. A Review of the Public Relations of the Society of Friends: Its Doctrines and Discipline, Its Schisms and Decline by William Logan Fisher, 2009-12-31
  13. The History of the Society of Friends in America (1) by James Bowden, 2009-12-20
  14. The Kingdom of Christ or Hints on the Principles, Ordinances and Constitution of the Catholic Church in Letters to a Member of the Society of Friends. (2 Volume Set) by F. D. Maurice, 1959

101. Twin Cities Friends Meeting--Northern Yearly Meeting
Listing of local meetings affiliated with Northern Yearly Meeting of the Religious society of friends (Quakers) in Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio.
You should be forwarded to the Northern Yearly Meeting page shortly. If you are not, click here

102. Religions In Canada: Religious Society Of Friends (Quakers)
Religions in Canada Religious society of friends (Quakers)
Contact Us Help Search Canada Site ... Table of Contents
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Description The Religious Society of Friends, called Quakers by both members and nonmembers, was founded by English preacher George Fox in the mid-17th century. More Puritan than Anglican in religious belief, Fox quickly moved beyond Puritan teaching to a belief that the established church and its hierarchy, priests and rituals were unnecessary to relations between humans and God. He preached of a faith based on what he called the inner light — God’s inspirational influence in everyone — and he regarded personal experience with God as the only source of religious authority. The theme of Quakerism is Trust in the Light, that is, God’s presence within us, teaching, guiding and directing our conscience. Working as an itinerant preacher in the England and Scotland of Oliver Cromwell’s Puritan dictatorship, Fox and his message were welcomed by Puritans chafing under strict domination by their own clergy. Within a few years, his associates, including both male and female preachers called the Publishers of Truth, were coalescing as the Society of Friends. Fox preached not only of religion freed from the constraints of Churches and priests but of people embracing pacifism and religious tolerance and freed from the constraints and control of governments. Because of his anti-establishment teachings, he was frequently jailed, along with members of the Society of Friends, who were soon colloquially called Quakers because of their preaching that all should tremble before God. When the British monarchy was restored in 1660, persecution of Quakers became even more severe than it had been under the Puritans, leading to their early involvement in emigration to the American colonies. Ultimately, the passage of the Toleration Act in 1689 gave them relief from persecution, but the resurgence of the Anglican Church under the monarchy, as well as unofficial intolerance, limited opportunities for growth of the faith.

103. Florida Academy Of Physician Assistants
The FAPA Foundation society of friends is a newly founded group of Physician The membership drive for the society of friends began in March 2005.
MyFAPA President's Welcome Who's Who Current News ... Join FAPA PA Jobs - View - Post a Job Order Prescriptive Practice Video Online Search FAPA Online FAPA FOUNDATION
The FAPA Foundation Society of Friends is a newly founded group of Physician Assistants and others who have committed to financially support the Foundation on a recurring basis to help provide financial stability for the Foundation in support of its' charitable programs. Each Friend has committed to donate $300 or more for one year or longer. The membership drive for the Society of Friends began in March 2005. The drive is being conducted by a direct letter writing campaign by the Foundation Trustees, and online as well. Those who join by the December 31st, 2005 will be Charter Members and will receive special recognition at the summer conference in Marco island in August 2006. See below for details on how to become a Charter Member of the FAPAF Society of Friends. Donations can be done online with a secure credit card link, and can be deducted yearly, quarterly, or monthly. Contributors can also download and print a form to fax or mail to the office. The most important benefit of being a Member of the FAPAF Society of Friends is knowing that you are making a contribution to the betterment of our profession. Just more proof that it is more blessed to give than to receive. In addition, your donation is fully tax deductible. You will receive a certificate and pin from the Foundation recognizing your contribution. Members will be recognized in each PAper newsletter, in each conference brochure, and here on the website. At each summer conference the Foundation will sponsor a special recognition reception for those Society of Friends members present.

104. Pacific Yearly Meeting
Documents from, and information about, Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Religious society of friends (Quakers) gt;
Pacific Yearly Meeting
of the
Religious Society of Friends To contact the Clerk of Pacific Yearly Meeting, Jim Anderson, use our contact form

NEW: PYM's complete is now available online!
2005 Pacific Yearly Meeting
The 2005 gathering of Pacific Yearly Meeting will be held from
August 1-6 at Mount Madonna Center, in Watsonville, CA Complete Registration Packet for 2005 Annual Gathering
(you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file) Individual documents in the registration packet:
  • Clerk's Call to Annual Session Registration Information Registration Form Scholarship Application ... Consider Being a Friendly Adult Presence (FAP) for Junior Yearly Meeting
    ALERT: JYM still needs FAPs! Children's Program Flyer

  • 2005 PYM Documents and Reports
    PYM Representative Committee Minutes of March 3, 2005
    Queries for Children
    - from Orange Grove Monthly Meeting Documents From the 2004 Annual Gathering of Pacific Yearly Meeting Minutes of Plenary Sessions Epistles Religious Education Committee Report 2004 PYM Documents and Reports PYM Representative Committee Minutes of March 6, 2004

    105. Events At Stanford: Religious Society Of Friends (quakers)
    religious society of friends (quakers). There are currently no events posted for this category. Contact Directories Maps Directions
    Event Search:
    September 2005 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Today's Events Featured Events Submit An Event Categories





    Student Groups

    Complete List
    About This Site General Information Policies/Procedures Video Displays Contact Us religious society of friends (quakers) There are currently no events posted for this category. Contact Directories Maps Directions

    106. NPYM - North Pacific Yearly Meeting
    Calendar, officers, local meetings and other information about North Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Religious society of friends (Quakers).
    Annual Session
    Reg packet

    Annual Session 2005 ... Friends Bulletin Bringing Friends Together
    page last updated -

    107. Quaker Joint Statement In Response To Threat Of War With Iraq
    George Fox, Founder of the Religious society of friends (Quakers), 1651. The United States government stands on the verge of launching a major war against
    Home About the NCC Education Justice ... Make a Gift Joint Statement in Response to Threat of War with Iraq
    From the General and Executive Secretaries of Five Quaker Organizations
    Ninth Month, 24, 2002
    "I told them that I lived in the virtue of that life and power that took away the occasion of all wars…I told them I was come into the covenant of peace which was before wars and strife were..." George Fox, Founder of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), 1651. If ever there were a time for Friends to take action based upon our historic peace testimony, that time is now. We call upon Friends to witness and work to prevent this war, to reverse this new military doctrine, to call upon our governments to implement multilateral, diplomatic responses to the threats posed by the government of Iraq, and to continue developing positive, nonviolent approaches to resolving international conflicts. We know that there are millions of people of good will with whom we can join in this work. We find many compelling reasons for all people of faith and reason to oppose this war and this dangerous new military policy. Among them are:

    108. Welcome To — IMYM
    Activities, minutes, reports and other information about Intermountain Yearly Meeting of the Religious society of friends (Quakers).
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    Sections Personal tools You are here: Home Navigation Home
    Welcome to
    Document Actions You do not need to log in to use this site. The Minutes and Attachments of the 2005 Annual Session held June 15-19 are now available. Use the "minutes/reports" tab above or click here . Also available here are the Documents-in-Advance, State of the Yearly Meeting Report, the Yearly Meeting's Epistle, text of the plenary address, a summary of Yearly Meeting Minutes and decisions, and archives of the various program and registration materials. Santa Fe Monthly Meeting invites IMYM Friends to a Clerking Workshop, Oct. 28-29 , led by Arthur Larrabee, former clerk of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Space is limited to 30 participants. The registration deadline is Sept. 21 . For more information, click

    109. Special Collections Guide To Printed Collections: Society Of Friends - Leeds Uni
    society of friends. Back to Theology and religious studies. Extent. The society of friends printed collection contains 605 items. Top of page
    Welcome to
    University of Leeds Home Campusweb Text only display Search Library website: Powered by Google Library website navigation menu A-Z index of Library A-Z index of Library website
    You are here: Library Special Collections Printed Books Subject guide to printed collections
    Society of Friends
    Back to: Theology and religious studies
    The Society of Friends printed collection contains: 605 items Top of page
    The Special Collections subject guide to printed collections is under development. New pages are continually being added to the guide, and information about the Society of Friends collection will appear here shortly. Top of page
    Finding aids
    Further details of individual items in the Society of Friends collection can be found through the Library Catalogue. Perform a classmark search on the Society of Friends collection Top of page
    Last updated November 1, 2004 by the Special Collections Team Was this page useful? MENU INDEX I want to . . . Go to Library Home Search the Catalogue Check my Library record See resources for my subject ... Use electronic resources How do I . . .

    110. LII - Results For "society Of Friends"
    Results for society of friends 1 to 2 of 2 Religious society of friends. Excellent directory of links related to Quakers. http//;query=Society of Friends;subsearch=

    111. Friends Tract Association
    An association of members of the society of friends with a special sense of unity in the concern for distribution of sound Quaker literature. Several tracts are online and may be reprinted without further permission.
    Friends Tract Association Introduction Page
    The Tract Association Website provides both a frames and non-frames version. Please choose between these options by clicking on the appropriate link below. TAF Frames Version including Graphics and Dynamic HTML Text version without frames
    New: Audio Readings from The Light Within and Selected Writings of Isaac Penington
    New: The Beatitudes: Pathways of Living in True Joy and Peace by Virginia Schurman
    Today is Fourth-Day.
    Ninth Month 7, 2005.
    A Love Flows to All the Universal Creation Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us. (I John 3:1) And from the truth flowed justice, equity, righteousness, and godliness, mercy, and tenderness, that brings a man's heart, mind, soul, and spirit to the infinite and incomprehensible God, and from it a love flows to all the universal creation, and would have all to come to the knowledge of the truth. (George Fox) Quotes are taken from Mind The Heavenly Treasure

    112. Society Of Friends/Indian Map
    Subject society of friends/Indian Map; From Barry Lawrence Ruderman ; Date Sat, 08 Aug 1998 214230 0700
    MapTrade Mailing List archive
    Date Prev Date Next Thread Prev Thread Next ... Thread Index
    Society of Friends/Indian Map
    • Subject : Society of Friends/Indian Map From Date : Sat, 08 Aug 1998 21:42:30 -0700

    113. Kill Rock Stars: Society Of Friends Factsheet
    society of friends. MEMBERS. Ben Webster (Attack Formation, Sap, Sean Na Na (guest), Tune In Tokyo, total sound group direct action committee)
    Society of Friends
    MEMBERS Ben Webster Attack Formation Sap Sean Na Na (guest), Tune In Tokyo total sound group direct action committee
    return to factsheets index

    114. Friends (Quaker) Worship, By Bill Samuel -
    History and description of the approach to worship of the Religious society of friends (Quakers).
    Your online source for information about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
    Articles Forum Feedback ... School of the Spirit
    Search Bill Samuel's
    Web Sites
    Bill Samuel

    var site="sm1QuakerInfo" Friends (Quaker) Worship
    by Bill Samuel
    Originally published April 1, 2000 at

    The early Friends felt that the churches' worship was not true worship. George Fox wrote, "For teachings, churches, and worships that have been set up by man's earthly understanding, knowledge, and will must be thrown down with the power of the Lord God." ( To Friends in the Ministry (1656) Friends had a distinctive worship, which Isaac Penington writes of: Our worship is a deep exercise of our spirits before the Lord, which doth not consist in an exercising the natural part or natural mind, either to hear or speak words, or in praying according to what we, of ourselves, can apprehend or comprehend concerning our needs; but we wait, in silence of the fleshly part, to hear with the new ear, what God shall please to speak inwardly in our own hearts; or outwardly through others, who speak with the new tongue, which he unlooseth, and teacheth to speak; and we pray in the Spirit, and with the new understanding, as God pleaseth to quicken, draw forth, and open our hearts towards himself. Thus our minds being gathered into the measure, or gift of grace, which is by Jesus Christ; here we appear before our God, and here our God, and his Christ, is witnessed in the midst of us.

    115. Giving: Women's Health Research At Yale
    The society of friends of Women s Health Research at Yale are those For more information on how to join the society of friends, please contact us.
    Home Workshops,
    Donaghue Women's Health Investigator Program at Yale
    Core Research Areas ... Contact Us
    Women's Health
    Research at Yale Yale University
    School of Medicine
    200 College Street
    Suite 208
    New Haven, CT 06510 mailing address:
    P.O. Box 208091
    New Haven, CT
    (203) 764-6600 Tel. (203) 764-6609 Fax
    Giving to Women's Health
    Society of Friends
    The Society of Friends of Women's Health Research at Yale are those individuals who wish to assist our program in its mission to foster innovative research on the health of women and share the latest research with the general public, and the scientific and medical communities. Gifts in support of both the endowment fund and annual general operating costs are welcome at all levels. Friends receive:
    • Invitations and priority seating for upcoming events Women's Health Research at Yale quarterly program newsletter and informational pamphlets Recognition on the Women's Health Research at Yale website Ongoing updates on current research activities
    For more information on how to join the Society of Friends, please

    116. Membership In The Society Of Friends
    In becoming a member of the society of friends, one becomes a member of a local congregation or Monthly Meeting; the applicant and the Monthly Meeting must
    ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT MEMBERSHIP . . . ? The Friends Meeting at Stony Run welcomes applications of concerned persons who wish to become members of the Religious Society of Friends. Those ready to apply usually have acquired a background of experience and reading which has informed them of the principles and practices of Quakers. We especially recommend The Baltimore Yearly Meeting's book of Faith and Practice, Friends for 300 Years, and attendance at several meetings for worship and meetings for business. Membership implies a commitment. Friends recognize that the degree of active involvement may vary during the different stages of an individual's life. Nevertheless, it is earnestly desired that all members assume their rightful share of the responsibilities of membership. Each person should insofar as he or she is able, contribute to the Meeting through attendance at meetings for worship, participation in meetings for business, service from time to time on the various committees, and through financial support of the Meeting and its programs. If you are interested in applying for membership at Baltimore Monthly Meeting of Friends, Stony Run, consider how you would respond to these questions:

    117. Friends (Quakers) And Peace, By Bill Samuel -
    of the peace testimony of the Religious society of friends (Quakers).......
    Your online source for information about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
    Articles Forum Feedback ... School of the Spirit
    Search Bill Samuel's
    Web Sites
    Bill Samuel

    var site="sm1QuakerInfo" Friends (Quakers) and Peace
    by Bill Samuel
    Originally published May 1, 1999 at

    One of the things probably best known about Quakers is that we have a testimony against participation in war, which we call the peace testimony . As the Quaker movement was developing, Christian bodies did not generally take a pacifist stance. Friends themselves took a little while to become clear about it as a movement. In the very early years of the movement in the mid-seventeenth century in Britain, some Friends served in Cromwell's army. As late as 1659, prominent Friend Isaac Penington wrote a paper To the Parliament, the Army, and all the Well-affected in the Nation, who have been faithful to the Good Old Cause , in which he said the army had been "glorious Instruments in the hand of God."
    Development of the Peace Testimony
    Although the peace testimony was not a clear testimony of the movement as a whole at first, it does seem to have been clear early on to George Fox, generally called the founder of Quakerism. In his

    118. Society Of Friends - University Of Exeter Library And Information Service
    Services and facilities at the Library and Information Service of the University of Exeter, UK.
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    Your Library Record

    Your Comments

    A-Z Index

    Thursday September 08, 2005 Library Special Collections Guides Rare Books ...
    Guide to Print Collections - Society of Friends
    Extent Custodial History Scope and Content System of Arrangement ... Subject Keywords The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) have been active in Exeter since the late 1650s, with a Meeting House first constructed in 1691. The collection represents what is believed to be part of a monthly meeting library and was transferred from the Quaker Meeting House in Exeter.
    129 items.
    Custodial History
    The collection was deposited on permanent loan in 1990.
    Scope and Content
    Collection strengths
    The collection is focused upon Quaker history, and contains a number of biographies, memoirs, journals alongside a small number of Christian commentaries and books relating to personal religion.

    119. Society Of Friends - History: New & Used Books Category Search Result For Societ
    society of friends History New Used Books Category Search Result for society of friends - History. Compare new and used books prices among 122 book

    Recommend Us Enhance Your Site Browse Books ... Forums New! Help Keyword Title Author ISBN Welcome Guest [Sign In]
    Searched in books for Society Of Friends - History More than titles matched your search. Search took seconds.
    All Categories
    Religion Christianity History Society Of Friends - History Add Review Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725
    By Adrian Davies T. A. Davies
    Hardcover / 262 Pages / Clarendon Pr / April 2000 / 0198208200
    List Price $110.00 / Similar to Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725
    Compare Prices
    Add To Wish List Details ... Add Review Quakers in America
    By Thomas D. Hamm
    Hardcover / 293 Pages / Columbia Univ Pr / December 2003 / 0231123620
    List Price $40.00 / Similar to Quakers in America Compare Prices Add To Wish List Details ... Add Review Ali and Nino: A Love Story By Kurban Said Jenia Graman Jenia Graman (Translator) Paperback / 282 Pages / Anchor Books / October 2000 / 0385720408 List Price $13.95 / Similar to Ali and Nino: A Love Story Compare Prices Add To Wish List Details ... Add Review Sorrows of the Quaker Jesus: James Nayler and the Puritan Crackdown on the Free Spirit By Leopold Damrosch Leo Damrosch Hardcover / 322 Pages / Harvard Univ Pr / September 1996 / 0674821432 List Price $55.00 / Similar to

    120. Friends (Quakers) And The Bible -
    Historical and current attitudes in the Religious society of friends (Quakers) towards the Bible.
    Your online source for information about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
    Articles Forum Feedback ... School of the Spirit
    Search Bill Samuel's
    Web Sites
    Bill Samuel

    var site="sm1QuakerInfo" Friends (Quakers) and the Bible
    by Bill Samuel
    Originally published October 1, 1998 at
    From the early days of the Religious Society of Friends in the 17th century, the Quaker approach towards the Bible has confused many and been controversial. It doesn't neatly fit the usual theological categories. Some charged that Quakers denied the authority of scripture, but Friends vigorously defended against that charge.
    Barclay on the Scriptures
    Most early Friends were not theologically trained. Robert Barclay was the notable exception. He wrote the premier theological work of early Friends, commonly known today simply as Barclay's Apology . As was the custom with theological works of that day, it was written in Latin and first published in 1676 as . In 1678, it was published in English as An Apology For the True Christian Divinity, As the same is held forth, and preached by the People, Called, in Scorn, Quakers

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