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  1. Some Social Aspects Of The Society Of Friends In The 17th And 18th Centuries (1914) by Alice Heald Mendenhall, 2010-05-23
  2. The Doctrines of Friends; Or Principles of the Christian Religion as Held by the Society of Friends, Commonly Called Quakers by Elisha Bates, 2010-10-14
  3. Society of Friends by Howard H. Brinton, 1983-06
  4. The principles of peace: exemplified in the conduct of the Society of Friends in Ireland during the rebellion of the year 1798 by Thomas Hancock, 2010-09-08
  5. The Works of Isaac Penington: A Minister of the Gospel in the Society of Friends : Including His Collected Letters, Volume 2 by Isaac Penington, 2010-01-12
  6. Memoirs of Elizabeth Collins; Of Upper Evesham, New Jersey, a Minister of the Gospel of Christ, in the Society of Friends by Elizabeth Collins, 2010-07-24
  7. The History of the Society of Friends in America, Volume 1 by James Bowden, 2010-01-12
  8. A Memoir Of Mary Capper, Late Of Birmingham, England - A Minister Of The Society Of Friends by Mary Capper, 2010-06-06
  9. A Letter To John Wilkinson: On Some Statement Contained In His Letter Of Resignation Of Membership In The Religious Society Of Friends (1836) by Samuel Tuke, 2010-09-10
  10. Tradition and challenge;: The historic peace testimony of the Religious Society of Friends by Harold Chance, 1952
  11. Summary of Christian Doctrines as Held by the Religious Society of Friends by Samuel Mcpherson Janney, 2010-07-24
  12. Ships Sailors and Samaritans the Woman's Seamen's Friend Society of Connecticut 1859-1976 by Jack M Seymour Captain U S Navy Retired, 1976-01-01
  13. Memoirs And Journal Of Hugh Judge: A Member Of The Society Of Friends And Minister Of The Gospel by Hugh Judge, 2007-07-25
  14. Memoirs and Journal of Hugh Judge: A Member of the Society of Friends and Minister of the Gospel : Containing an Account of His Life, Religious Observations, and Travels in the Work of the Ministry by Hugh, 2010-03-07

61. Friends, Religious Society Of
More on Religious society of friends from Infoplease. Friends, Religious Society of The Friends in the United States The Friends in the United States In
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Sep 7, 2005

62. George Fox
Explains how he formed the society of friends and subsequently founded the American Quaker Colony of Pennsylvania.
George Fox
USA History British History Second World War ... Email
George Fox was born in Fenny Drayton, Leicestershire, in 1624. Apprenticed to a Nottingham shoemaker, Fox developed strong opinions about religion. Fox rebelled against the state control of the Church of England and in 1643 began toured the country giving sermons where he argued that consecrated buildings and ordained ministers were irrelevant to the individual seeking God. Three years later Fox had a divine revelation that inspired him to preach a gospel of brotherly love.
Fox formed a group called the Friends of Truth. Later they became known as the Society of Friends . Fox's central dogma was that of the inner light, communicated directly to the individual soul by Christ.
After 1656 followers of Fox refused to attend Anglican services or pay tithes . This resulted in Fox being arrested. According to Fox's journal, Justice Bennet of Derby "was the first that called us Quakers, because I bade them tremble at the word of the Lord". Eventually members of the Society of Friends became known as

63. Freedom Friends Church
Religious society of friends. Information on worship, location and beliefs of this inclusive, semiprogrammed meeting.
Accessible Version
Art and

Contact ... What We Believe
What to expect at a Meeting for Worship Directions
Harbison House Professional Offices
1845 Commercial St.
Salem, Oregon Church Phone: 503-269-8207
Gathering Times:
Worship Service: 10:30 a.m. Sunday
Public Meeting For Business: Every third Sunday of the month.
Comments: Site Map This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here

64. Longwood Gardens - Tour - Tourist Information Center
George Fox established the Religious society of friends in mid 17thcentury England. As the issue of slavery became more intense, the society of friends
Just outside the main entrance to Longwood Gardens near Route 1 is the historic 1855 Longwood Meeting House, which now houses a Tourist Information Center (see Map ). The building was purchased in 1940 by Pierre du Pont and has belonged to Longwood ever since, but it was constructed 85 years earlier as a Quaker Meeting House. Its early years were turbulent and closely intertwined with the Religious Society of Friends and with the celebrated Underground Railroad. The Religious Society of Friends
George Fox established the Religious Society of Friends in mid 17th-century England. Through his own Christian soul searching, Fox made a radical discovery: God lives in and talks directly to everyone. It was apparent to Fox that something of the Divine is implanted in each human being. From this originated the Quaker phrase, "There is that of God in every person." This Spirit is also referred to as the "Light" or the "Inner Light." The term "Quaker" was first used by an English magistrate as one of contempt and derision. During a sentencing, George Fox bade the court to "tremble at the word of the Lord." The magistrate labeled Fox a "Quaker." The official name for the movement, however, is the Religious Society of Friends.

65. Friendly Bible Study
Popular Bible study method originally published in pamphlet form by Quakers (members of the Religious society of friends) Joanne and Larry Spears.
Friendly Bible Study
by Joanne and Larry Spears The Friendly Bible Study pamphlet (ISBN 0-620912-2-7) can be ordered from the Friends General Conference Bookstore . This material may be freely reproduced with credit. You can contact the authors at: Joanne and Larry Spears
15160 Sundown Dr.
Bismarck ND 58503
Return to Peace Church Bible Study Home Page or use your browser's "Back" or "Previous" button to return to where you were when you clicked to come here. A Note on Translations
A translation cannot reproduce in English all the meaning of the original text. On finer points and on some surprisingly major points, significant differences exist between one translation and another. The English words chosen to translate the Hebrew or Greek are important reflections of the translator's perspective. By using several different translations of the Bible, it will quickly become apparent that translators are human. Bible study in which different translations are read sensitizes the members to how the choice of English words affects the meaning of the text. The translator's words point to the meaning of the original text, which in turn is an effort to point to truth as the author understood it. This is a liberating insight to many, and it may transform a reader's antagonism toward the text and enable the reader to approach the text in order to understand the underlying truth.

66. Quakers-Religious Society Of Friends
Religious society of friends (Quakers). Meeting History Argenta Monthly Meeting was founded in 1952 by a small group of families leaving the United States
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Meeting History:
Argenta Monthly Meeting was founded in 1952 by a small group of families leaving the United States for a place more suitable for raising their families than in the militaristic environment of the McCarthy era. Since its early beginnings as a small meeting its members were also part of a rural work cooperative. Over the years the meeting has gone through many changes as it has sought to be God-loving and committed to social justice. Some of the projects taken on have included the creation and the current oversight of the Argenta Friends Press, a small printing press currently employing several people in the community. The Meeting also founded the Argenta Friends School in 1959 and had oversight of the school until its closure in 1982. Currently, resident members of Argenta Meeting are an active part of the Argenta community. Other members of Argenta Meeting worship in Nelson under the name of the South Kootenay Worship Group. Argenta Meeting also consists of isolated Friends in the West and East Kootenays who meet four times a year at regional gatherings.
What is Quakerism?

67. Joseph Lancaster
Was a member of the society of friends. Opened a small school and introduced the monitorial system. As a Quaker he was unwilling to inflict physical pain on his pupils. In 1803 he published his first pamphlet, Improvements in Education, which explained the teaching methods that he used at the school. (17781838)
Joseph Lancaster
USA History British History Second World War ... Email
Joseph Lancaster , the son of a shopkeeper, was born in Southwark, London , in 1778. As a boy Lancaster began to have religious visions that convinced him that he should become a missionary in the West Indies. At fourteen he left home and made his way to Bristol where he intended to catch a boat to Jamaica where he hoped "to teach the poor blacks the word of God." Unable to afford the fare, Lan caster found work in the city and soon afterwards joined the Society of Friends
Lancaster returned to London and at the age of twenty opened small school in Southwark. Outside Lancaster put up a notice that read "All who will may send their children and have them educated freely, and those who do not wish to have education for nothing may pay for it if they please." The school was extremely popular but as most of the children were unable to contribute money towards their schooling, Lancaster found it difficult to employ people to teach them. After reading a pamphlet written by Andrew Bell about his attempts to form a school in Madras, Lancaster decided to introduce the monitorial system. Under this system one master taught a select group of older pupils, the monitors, and these in turn taught the rest.

68. Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest
society of friends Besides these programmed events, the society of friends organises guided tours and public rehearsals during the season.
the orchestra orchestra biography conductors musicians ... links Society of Friends The Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra are two artistic institutions by which the Dutch music society is known far beyond the country’s borders. And that is something to be proud of!
This fame, based on the quality of the programming and performance, demands a certain amount of care, because besides the subsidies, income from ticket sales and the absolutely essential sponsoring, both the building and the orchestra need additional support precisely for that little bit extra that makes such an enormous difference. And this is where the Society of Friends [Vriendenvereniging] comes in.
The Society of Friends of the Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra supports the building and the orchestra in realising the highest artistic goals. It promotes the growth of musical culture in Amsterdam and vitalises interest in good music. The Society of Friends also promotes the interests of the building and orchestra wherever necessary.
The Society of Friends further aims to promote and strengthen contact between performing musicians and the public. This takes place during special Friends events such as the Friends Series, the Friends Circle and the series of interviews 'Friends meet ...'.

69. Quaker Information Center
Information about the Religious society of friends Quaker beliefs practices, history, organizations, literature, activities, and events; volunteer service opportunities; and some employment listings.
HIGHLIGHTING PEACE RESOURCES from our Member Organizations
FOR TEACHERS: Teachers of Peace Seminar October 20-23. Free for teachers of middle, junior and high school classes. Sponsored by William Penn House in Washington, D.C. Peace education resources , including curricula, available from Friends Council on Education FOR ACTIVISTS American Friends Service Committee 's Wage Peace Campaign provides resources and suggestions to local activists working to end the war in Iraq. See: Faithful, Effective Work for Peace and Justice , a conference for Quaker peace and justice committee clerks and members, September 9-11, 2005. Sponsored by multiple Friends organizations, to be held at Pendle Hill Soon! New book, Friends Peace Witness in a Time of Crisis available from Friends World Committee, Section of the Americas. Reflections of Friends from across the major Quaker traditions in Canada and the USA, as presented at FWCC's January, 2003, conference of the same name. Take the Next Step for Iraq by supporting the Sensible Transition to Enduring Peace resolution. Resources for community groups and other information is available from Friends Committee for National Legislation MORE WEB RESOURCES FOR FRIENDS AND OTHERS: A Guide for Friends on Consciencious Objection to War by Ben Richmond on the web page of Friends United Meeting Links to various historical and modern statements about the Friends Peace Testimony are posted by the Quaker Information Center. (You are already here!)

70. Thomas Buxton
Member of the society of friends and became involved in the Quaker campaign for social reform. Elected to the House of Commons and worked for changes in the criminal law, prison reform and the abolition of the slave trade. (17861845)
Thomas Fowell
USA History British History Second World War ... Email
Thomas Fowell Buxton was born at Castle Hedingham, Essex in 1786. His mother was a member of the Society of Friends and she introduced him to the famous Quaker family, the Gurneys from Norwich . Thomas became a close friend of, Joseph Gurney and his sister, Elizabeth Fry . Although a member of the Church of England , Buxton began attending meetings of the Society of Friends with the Gurney family. After studying at Trinity College, Dublin, Buxton married Joseph's sister, Hannah Gurney in 1807.
Buxton became involved in the Quaker campaign for social reform. This included raising money for the weavers in London who were suffering from the economic consequences of the textile factory system. Buxton also supported Elizabeth Fry and her work for prison reform. In 1817 he joined Fry's Association for the Improvement of the Female Prisoners in Newgate. The follo wing year he published An Inquiry into Prison Discipline , a book based on his investigations of Newgate Prison
In 1818 Buxton was elected as MP for Weymouth. In the

71. Society Of Friends
Doctrines, The society of friends has no set creed, liturgy or sacraments, but derives from the Protestant tradition of a belief in salvation by faith,
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English Speaking Protestantism
Society of Friends
Doctrines The Society of Friends has no set creed, liturgy or sacraments, but derives from the Protestant tradition of: a belief in salvation by faith, the trinity, a priesthood of all believers and scripture as the sole spiritual authority. Friends emphasise that true religion comes from a personal encounter with God and following Christian ideals in everyday life, and not through observing sacraments or ceremony. Their meetings originally consisted of silence until a person of either sex felt moved to speak. Today such meetings are known as "unprogrammed" and can be contrasted to the "programmed" meetings of some American Friends' groups which have a more formal service with hymns, prayers and a sermon. History
Friends traditionally demonstrated their spiritual concerns by a symbolic refusal to follow the ways of the world in matters such as dress and speech. By wearing plain clothes they showed a distinctive group identity which can also be seen in simple austerity of their meeting houses. Modern Friends, however, have generally abandoned their traditional forms of dress and speech. Adherents About 213,800 world-wide in 64 countries including 19,000 in Great Britain and Ireland and 109, 771 in the United States. (Whitaker, 1995, 427; World Almanac, 1995, 729)

72. Society Of Friends Links, Articles And Topics At
Links, topics and articles at Suite101 related to society of friends.
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73. OhioKIDS! - Ohio History Central - Path To Statehood - Groups
The society of friends, more commonly known as the Quakers, During the late 1700s and the 1800s, the society of friends also protested slavery.

74. Mary Lloyd
Was a traveling minister for the society of friends, an active member of the Temperance Society. Set up a Provident Society to encourage the poor to save for the future. (17951865)
Mary Lloyd
USA History British History Second World War ... Email
Mary Honeychurch , was born at Falmouth in 1795. At the age of twenty-eight she married Samuel Lloyd, the owner of a colliery and iron foundry near Birmingham . The couple had ten children between 1824 and 1839. Despite this large family, Mary Lloyd found time to become a travelling minister for the Society of Friends . Mary was an active member of the Temperance Society and set up a Provident Society to encourage the poor to save for the future. The campaign against slavery was her main concern. Mary was secretary of the Birmingham Female Society (1825-36) and later she was treasurer of the movement (1845-1861). Mary Lloyd died in 1865. Available from Amazon Books (order below)
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75. HRC | Religious Society Of Friends (Quakers)
“The Religious society of friends has not reached unity on the issue of samesex marriage. Therefore, FCNL does not advocate for or against same-sex

Post respectful questions in Learn About society of friends and Beliefnet Criticisms of the society of friends must be directed to Quaker Issues.

77. Katharine Glasier
A Christian Socialist who once said that to her, socialism was the economic expression of Christianity . Member of the society of friends. (18671950)
Katharine Glasier
USA History British History Second World War ... Email
Katharine Conway , the daughter of the Samuel Conway and Amy Curling, was born on 25th September, 1867. Her father was a Congregational parson in Ongar, Essex, but when Katharine was a child the family moved to Walthamstow. The Conways held progressive views and Katharine received an education equivalent to that of her brothers. After being educated at home by her mother until the age of ten, Katharine went to the Hackney Downs High School for Girls.
Amy Conway died in 1881 after giving birth to her seventh child. This was a devastating blow as Katharine was very close to her mother. The situation was made worse by her father's decision to remarry a woman that Katharine did not like.
At the age of nineteen, Katharine began her studies at Newnham College Cambridge . At university Katharine came under the influence of the militant feminist, Helen Gladstone. Katharine also met

78. The Mystery Worshipper: Religious Society Of Friends, Salisbury, England
The cast Being a society of friends service, there was no leader. We could do with more of the society of friends approach to worship in other
252: Religious Society of Friends, Salisbury, England
Index of Reports
Mystery Worshipper: +Alguhas.
The church: Religious Society of Friends, Salisbury, England.
Denomination: Society of Friends (Quaker).
The building: An ordinary terraced house close to the city centre and the cathedral. The house was indistinguishable from the others in the street except for the large "Society of Friends Meeting House" notice in the front garden.
The neighborhood: It was raining, so the main objective was getting under cover rather than sightseeing. However, there was a nice park next to the car park and a fine view of Salisbury Cathedral as we were driving in.
The cast: Being a Society of Friends service, there was no leader.
What was the name of the service?
Meeting for Worship. How full was the building?
The meeting room (the ground floor front and back rooms in the house knocked together) had a total of 28 worshippers. This left a few seats empty, but not many. Did anyone welcome you personally?
One of the Friends greeted me at the door and made sure that I knew how the service was run. In the meeting room itself, there was no talking, although there were plenty of friendly smiles. Was your pew comfortable?

79. Friends Journal: Quaker Thought And Life Today
FRIENDS JOURNAL Quaker Thought and Life Today. An independent magazine serving the Religious society of friends (Quakers)
An independent magazine serving
the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Facing Evil, Genocide in Darfur

September featured Essay by David Morse Quaker Youth Speak Out
Quake That Rocked the Midwest Special Web Feature
Archival Article (PDF) FRIENDS JOURNAL Internships
Opportunities and accounts by former interns FRIENDS JOURNAL Annual Indexes
Articles and Contents
How to Subscribe or Renew Order Back Issues ... JOURNAL Home FRIENDS JOURNAL, 1216 Arch Street, 2A, Philadelphia PA 19107-2835
(215) 563-8629 voice, (215) 568-1377 fax,

80. Madison Monthly Meeting Of The Religious Society Of Friends (Quakers)
Madison Monthly Meeting of the society of friends 1704 Roberts Court Madison Wisconsin 537112029 (608) 256-2249. Send questions and comments to the MMM
MMM ABOUT QUAKERS CONCERNS Query for September: Do we cultivate healthful habits of eating, drinking, and activity so that body, mind and spirit may be free? Do we reject addictive pursuits and addictive substances such as alcohol, tobacco and other dangerous drugs? New to our site:
  • Quaker Business Process - In June 2005, the MMM Ministry and Counsel Committee produced a pamphlet describing our 'radically different' business process for conducting business. It describes the process we try to use to strive for a "sense of the meeting."
  • MMM More about Madison Monthly Meeting: who we are, when and where we worship. About Quakers Quakerism began over 350 years ago. Explore our history and beliefs. Concerns Learn about our religious and social concerns. Site Map Index of our web site. Map to Meetinghouse How to find our Meetinghouse. Traveling? Want to visit a meeting for worship near Madison? This link lists some local meetings near Madison who would welcome your visit.
    Traveling around the US or Canada? There is also a link to an FGC search engine to find meetings across the US and Canada.
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