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         Shamanism:     more books (100)
  1. North Star Road: Shamanism, Witchcraft & the Otherworld Journey by Kenneth Johnson, 1996-06-08
  2. The Shaman Speaks: How to use the Power of Shamanism to Heal Your Life Now by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls, 2010-09-20
  3. The Soul of Shamanism: Western Fantasies, Imaginal Realities by Daniel C. Noel, 1999-05
  4. Shamanism, Catholicism and Gender Relations in Colonial Philippines 1521-1685 (Women and Gender in the Early Modern World.) by Carolyn Brewer, 2004-09
  5. The Nine Songs: A Study of Shamanism in Ancient China by Ch'U Yuan, 1973-06
  6. Shamans and Shamanism: A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Terms Use in North America by Peter N Jones, 2008-12-01
  7. Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue by C. Michael Smith, 2007-04-11
  8. Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki & Shamanism by Rose De Dan, 2008-01-09
  9. Falcon Feather & Valkyrie Sword: Feminine Shamanism, Witchcraft & Magick(Llewellyn's Women's Spirituality Series) by D.J. Conway, 1996-05-08
  10. Healing Thoughts, Therapeutic Shamanism: A Bridge Between Metaphysics & Psychotherapy by Steven E. Rogat, 1997-03
  11. Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda: The Birth of Patriarchy and the Drug War by Dan Russell, 1998-11-01
  12. Shamanism and the Mystery Lines: Ley Lines, Spirit Paths, Shape-Shifting & Out-of-Body Travel by Paul Devereux, 1994-04-08
  13. The Sea Woman: Sedna in Inuit Shamanism and Art in the Eastern Arctic by Frederic Laugrand, Jarich Oosten, 2010-02-15
  14. The Magic of Shamanism: The Healing Power of the Shamanic Journey by Arvick Baghramian, 2007-08-30

On the contrary, the nomadic groups in whose heart shamanism grows are less For more precision we must distinguish betwen Shaman and shamanism.
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the Wanderling

"If we are victorious in any way we don't have anyone to whisper in our ear that our victories are fleeting. Shaman-sorcerers, however, do have the upper hand; as beings on their way to dying, they have someone whispering in their ear that everything is ephemeral. The whisperer is Death, the infallible advisor, the only one who won't ever tell you a lie." Don Juan Matus to Carlos Castaneda , "The Active Side of Infinity"
WHAT IS A SHAMAN? The Shaman is a survivor, he has passed in one way or another through Pain, Disease and Death One of the qualities that makes the Shamanic phenomenon admirable is its generalized presence among all the groups that make up our predecessors. His practices, though they evolve in the actual moment, work with elements, basic references, archaic symbols and emotions already present since the origin of humankind. When the geographical distribution of Shaman practices are studied the presence of analogous activities in the five continents stands out. The map of the world the Shaman operates in can be understood from what is psychologically called "modified states of consciousness" (understanding as consciousness the capacity of "noticing", from the Latin

122. Shamanism And Music In Siberia, Sakha, Music Shamanic Music
shamanism itself, was defined by the late Mircea Eliade as a technique of of relatively common practices and experiences in traditional shamanism which
Shamanism music Sakha Siberia music shamanic
Home Hubl Greiner Luigi Archetti Contact ... deutsch CD RELEASES TranceSiberia Cubic Yellow Chat TRANCESIBERIA INFO Details TranceSiberia Shamanism Improvised Music and Siberian Shamanism RELATED PROJECTS Der Tag an dem Dienz zithered GUESTS Stepanida Borisova Lisa Cash Eric Babak Franz Dobler ... Tunji Beier
in Sakha Siberia (Yakutia)
TranceSiberia Stepanida What is Shamanism?
Post-Shamanic Traditions by Dean Edwards Shamanism is classified by anthropologists as an archaic magico-religious phenomenon in which the shaman is the great master of ecstasy. Shamanism itself, was defined by the late Mircea Eliade as a technique of ecstasy. A shaman may exhibit a particular magical specialty (such as control over fire, wind or magical flight). When a specialization is present the most common is as a healer. The distinguishing characteristic of shamanism is its focus on an ecstatic trance state in which the soul of the shaman is believed to leave the body and ascend to the sky (heavens) or descend into the earth (underworld).
The shaman makes use of spirit helpers, with whom he or she communicates, all the while retaining control over his or her own consciousness. (Examples of possession occur, but are the exception, rather than the rule.) It is also important to note that while most shamans in traditional societies are men, either women or men may and have become shamans.

123. Geo Trevarthen (formerly Geo Cameron) - Celtic Shamanism
Instruction in Tuatha Dé, a family tradition of Celtic shamanism. Offers workshops,tapes and cds, and a mailing list.
The Celtic tradition exists as one gateway to the mystery and the meaning of our lives, a gate through which you are now invited to step.

124. The
Site includes information and opinions concerning cannabis (marijuana), psychedelic shamanism, health, politics, counter culture, and conspiracy theories.
The Pharmacratic Inquisition
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"If the words 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness' don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness,

then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the HEMP it was written on."

Terence McKenna, 1946-2000
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125. Shaman Resources - FAQs, Links, And Used Books
shamanismGeneral Overview-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) soc.religion.shamanism-FrequentlyAsked Questions (FAQ) Shamanic Links






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126. What Is A Shaman?
There are two paths of shamanism. The first is known as the Way of the Warrior . shamanism is all about responsibility, both for yourself and for others.
What is a Shaman?
Occult/Metaphysical Resources

Shamanic Resources

Kenaz Services Home Page

Used Shamanic Books

As a student on the shamanic path, the intent of my journey became a driving question for me. I seek to teach what I know, and if it is truly shamanic, what does the quest drive toward? To help answer this question I searched the web for websites that answered "What is a Shaman?". Their cyber-answers are listed below along with their URL for your own further explorations on these excellent websites. My contribution to this storehouse of knowledge is the answer: The shaman lives in the unity of the world
The shaman serves the unity of the world
All quotes are used with loving appreciation and full credit is given to their sources. Please contact me if there is a desire from the page owner to remove their link and quotation from this page. Namaste!
Sean Culture: Native American Source:

127. QLD Psychics @
A forum open to people who share interests in crystals, meditations, psychic phenomena, and shamanism.
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Welcome to QLD Psychics. We welcome anyone and everyone to join us in sharing and discussing various topics. Heaps of things are covered, ranging from Crystals to Healing to Divination, etc. If you don't find a topic you're interested in, you've very much encouraged to start your own. Attention
We offer Indepth-Tarot Readings and Reiki Attunements - a portion of what we receive will go into this board. It's a good way to support us if you are interested. FOR A SHORT TIME, i am running a lucky draw. minimum of 11 people required. all who does Reiki 1 and 2 for a reduced price, will enter a draw for a fully st up marine tank package, ready to go.
QLD Psychics
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Everyone is welcomed to come and post. This community is a place where people of these interests can visit, post thoughts, request a reading or a healing. We welcome anyone and appreciate any posts made; just refrain from any flames or unnecessary comments :D This website is for my reference. so there will be information from everywhere on it. this is so that i can refer to it easily
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128. Circle Of The Sacred Earth
A shamanic church founded in 1990 offering religious ceremonies both traditional and nontraditional, spiritual healing, and training in shamanism. Ministers are in 20+ states and 6 foreign countries.

129. Emily Dickinson And Shamanism, By Clifton Snider
Because it is an archetype, shamanism is not limited to Siberia and Central Asia . If Holger Kalweit, a contemporary expert on shamanism, can write that
Clifton Snider
English Department
California State University, Long Beach "A Druidic Difference": Emily Dickinson and Shamanism That Emily Dickinson published almost no poems while she was alive yet became enormously popular when her first book appeared four years after her death is a well known fact. [. . .] it can be a revelation whose heights and depths are beyond our fathoming, or a vision of beauty which we can never put into words. [. . .] the primordial experiences rend from top to bottom the curtain upon which is painted the picture of an ordered world, and allow a glimpse into the unfathomable abyss of the unborn and of things yet to be. ("Psychology and Literature" 90). Something in her psyche drove her to probe those "heights and depths," which were often beyond her own fathoming. This something Jung calls an "innate drive" (ibid. 101), and I believe that the archetype she chiefly represents and is driven by is shamanism. Not a shaman in the traditional sense as described by Mircea Eliade in his classic, Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy , Dickinson nevertheless fits Joan B. Townsend's description of neo-shamans as people "often disenchanted with traditional religions and often with much of Western society. Although they tend not to be affiliated with any organized religion, they all continue intensive personal quests for spirituality, meaning, and transcendence" (78). Her personal questher personal myth as expressed in her poetrycompensates for contemporary imbalance through a search for meaning in the face of the breakdown of collective myths. Had she lived in another era and been associated with a religion or belief system that included shamans, no doubt Dickinson would have been a shaman in the traditional sense, for she is concerned about the same mysteries that concern shamans and investigates these mysteries using the imagery of shamanism. These mysteries include death and the afterlife, as well as suffering, loss, and healing.

130. Taryns Imagicals
Illustration and design inspired by nature, shamanism, Celtic myth, and fairies, using digital methods and watercolors.
The site will develop, transform and grow as I continue to explore my creativity. Hope you enjoy looking at my work and please contact me if you would like to discuss a project or want to know more.

131. RealMagick Topic: Native American, Shamanism
Topic node location Religion Philosophy Religions Native American, shamanism.
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All One People by Link (Anthony) [642 words] "Standing in their Circle, a group of people reverently turn to face and address the four directions. They call to their Great..."

132. Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS)
A metis organization, DTMMS offers opportunities for ceremony, healing and the study of shamanism through books, tapes, workshops and articles related to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.
Read about our
new home project:
Spirit House of Beauty
The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path (SMSD) promotes a spiritual practice that has evolved out of the ancient ways of the Twisted Hairs medicine men and women of Turtle Island (the Americas). Through its world-wide network of teachers, lodges, study groups and affiliated organizations, SMSD offers teachings, lectures, workshops, classes, ceremonial opportunities, publications and learning tools to anyone who seeks knowledge, healing, spiritual self-development and physical mastery. Our mission is to fight against ignorance, slavery, bigotry, racism, war, disease, dogma and superstition to seed future generations with beauty, power, knowledge and freedom. Study Groups, Lodges, Longhouses
and Community Ceremonies
Life-changing ceremonies and teachings in the form of wheels and keys.

This is an Earth Religion Page. You will find Magick here. You will find Naturehere. You will find the love of the God and Goddess as signified by the
Faerie Shamanism and Ecstacy
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134. The School Of Holistic Therapy In Scotland
The School of Holistic Therapy in Scotland training in healing, energy work, bodywork, counselling, massage, and shamanism.
COURSES Holistic Therapeutic

Autumn 2005 intake commencing...

Holistic Therapeutic Massage
Energy Healing
Personal and Professional
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135. Native Pathways Church
A religious organization founded holistic tribal systems of worship and contemporary shamanism. Membership packets available.

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Developing in your community by Drumming. Singing. Teaching. Dancing. Meditation. Outings. Food sharing. Creative Projects. Conscious Dreaming. Fellowship Across Borders. Neural Entrainment. September 2005 S M T W T F S Click Here for Full Calendar Pastoral Leaders
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136. Erowid Spirit Vaults : Traditions : Shamanism
Information and links about shamanism and spirituality.
Become an Erowid member and get a one-year subscription to Erowid Extracts Path : spirit traditions SHAMANISM The animistic religion among traditional cultures based on the belief in powerful spirits. Shamans (magician, healer, or medium) owe their power to mystical communion with the spirit world. The shaman shields humans from destructive spirits by rendering the spirits harmless. Heor shereceives powers from a spirit who selects him and whom he cannot refuse. Characteristically, he goes into auto-hypnotic trances, during which he is said to be in contact with spirits. He occupies a position of great power and prestige in his tribe. Noted especially among Siberians, traditional shamanism is also found among the Eskimos, some Native American tribes, in Southeast Asia, and in Oceania. RELATED VAULTS Ayahuasca Shamanism FAQ BOOKS Psychedelic Shamanism , by Jim DeKorne Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy , by Mircea Eliade Hallucinogens and Shamanism , by Michael Harner Shamans, Healers and Medicine Men , by Holger Kalweit The Spirit of Shamanism , by Roger Walsh OFF-SITE RESOURCES SECONDARY RESOURCES Deoxy : Shamanism The Woman Shaman and Shamanism Canada Shamanism Bedouin Shamanism (Fugara) ... Shamanism in Siberia , b M. A. Czaplicka, 1914

137. Source Quest Consulting
Ross Andaloro is a transformational counselor with roots in shamanism. His work is focused on assisting individuals to become aware of unconscious selfsabotage.

138. Russian Department
GF Ksenofontov, shamanism Selected Works (Yakutstk NorthSouth, 1992). They cannot begin shamanism (performing shamanic rituals) before these
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Russian Department
G. F. Ksenofontov, Shamanism: Selected Works (Yakutstk: North-South, 1992) Excerpts Translated by Marie Elaine Pahilan '01, Edited by Jane Knox-Voina, Russian Department, Bowdoin College
1. THE SHAMANIC SACRED TREE Danilov Innokentil
January 17, 1925
In the heavens there is a tree with the name, " ." The top of it goes up to the ninth heaven; its circumference cannot be defined. From its roots to the very top—this tree is covered with growths so that clear branches cannot be seen. In these growths on the tree originate born male and female shamans, and everyone who knows sorcery and magic. The strong are born at the base of the trunk: shamans of full strength are born at the root of the tree. In this growth there is a small burial mound.But some also say that the very greatest shamans are raised and rocked to sleep in the special swell at the lower land of the evil spirits— , under whose tutelage shamans are tempered and then emerge. Great and terrible shamans multiply from this source.

An organization that offers Shamana , a course in contemporary shamanism, shamanic services, and spiritual development for individuals and groups.
COYOTE CHRIS SUTTON "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are"
Dedicated to helping others find their spiritual path through guided personal reflection and by teaching ways for them to reach their spiritual potential. Welcome to my web site! The navagation bar at the bottom of the page will lead you to more information about myself,what I have to offer,and other items of interest.
The links provided near the bottom of each page are friends of ours with similar interests and are worth a visit. Of a special note is SPIRITUAL DIVERSITY SEMINARS, a group I have helped conceive.
If you have any questions about any of the material on this site, please e-mail Chris Sutton at the e-mail link below.
Thank You!
Spirtual Minds

Spiritual Diversity Seminars

Johnny Moses ... UPCOMING EVENTS

140. Northern Edge Algonquin Shamanism Retreat Centre
shamanism retreat centre offers retreats and workshops in shamanism Canada. 800 953-EDGE (3343) Free membership:
Sign up today for our shamanic learning circle: Medicine for the Earth and receive early notification of new events and special subscriber-only offers.
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Read Martha's
Shamanism Blog
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If you have a question about shamanism or Medicine for the Earth programs contact:
artha Lucier
co-founder of the Edge Last updated: Visit our home Staff and Guest Protection Policy Join us September 16th for our upcoming Basic Shamanism Retreat or the start of two year shamanism training this October. Call now toll free: to learn about upcoming shamanism retreats. It's NEWS! From Basic Shamanism to a Vision Quest by Canoe, a wide variety of shamanism workshops have already been offered this year. Listen in....

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