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         Quakers:     more books (100)
  1. Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices
  2. Quaker Communities in Early Modern Wales: From Resistance to Respectability (University of Wales - Bangor History of Religion) by Richard Allen, 2007-09-20

141. James Kiefer's Quaker Biographies (release 0.1)
Brief biographies of some key figures in the Religious Society of Friends (quakers).
For the older versions, click here Here are some biographies written by James Kiefer as additions to his main archive, which is located here The biographies available are as follows: Table of Contents
George Fox

Mary Dyer

Robert Barclay
Further Reading

Many of the biographies have appended sections on aspects of the Quaker movement. Note that these are drafts; we welcome any comments you may have for corrections or improvements. Send your comments to: See for yourself!

142. University Of Pennsylvania - Home
Last season, the quakers accomplished something they had not done in 11 years The quakers, for the third season in a row, were picked to finish atop the
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The University of Pennsylvania battled back from an early 1-0 deficit to defeat Philadelphia City Six rival Saint Joseph’s, 2-1 on Wednesday afternoon. Senior co-captain Lea Salese scored the game-winning goal for the Red and Blue three minutes into overtime. CONTINUE Penn Athletics Changes Football Ticket Policy for Penn Faculty and Staff
Penn faculty and staff will receive complimentary admission to football games this fall. CONTINUE Men’s Soccer Blanks Temple, 1-0, in Season Opener
The University of Pennsylvania men’s soccer team defeated cross-town rival Temple University, 1-0, Tuesday afternoon in the Quakers’ season debut. CONTINUE Women’s Soccer Wins Season Debut Over Rider, 2-1
The University of Pennsylvania women’s soccer team opened the season with a bang Sunday night, getting two early goals en route to defeating Rider University, 2-1, at Rhodes Field. CONTINUE
Penn Athletics Changes Football Ticket Policy for Penn Faculty and Staff

Men’s Soccer Blanks Temple, 1-0, in Season Opener

143. University Of Pennsylvania - -
quakers. News headlines, schedule of competitions, directions and a player roster.

144. Street Corner Society - Introducing Chicago Area Quakers
An informal history of Friends in the Chicago area. Remarks to Friends World Committee for Consultation, 3/18/00, by David H. Finke.
Street Corner Society
This site design works better with newer browsers, but is meant to be accessible to all. Skip down to navigation for site-wide links. Reflections
"Introducing Chicago area Quakers"
Remarks to Friends World Committee for Consultation,
Section of the Americas Annual meeting,
Illinois Beach State Park
Zion, Illinois, 3/18/00
by David H. Finke At the invitation of Chicago Metropolitan General Meeting of which I'm a member although I live in Missouri I've been asked to tell you something about us. In this time I cannot pretend to do a real "History" of Friends around here, and I call attention to a number of displays and books that may do that better. However, what I would like to do in the next 20-30 minutes is to share with you my own impressions of what I call "The Flavor" of Chicago-area Quakerism, by reference to its history and that expression through its Monthly Meetings. And in that, I think I have discerned a number of key themes which are very close to what is central in FWCC. Come on this survey with me through about a century and a half, and then learn more by visiting and worshipping with Friends from this area Don't just take my word for these conclusions. Although we know there were scattered Quakers living in Chicago as early as 1852, our story as a Society of Friends begins in 1864, and by the initiative not of Chicagoans

Articles related to nontheist approaches from people associated with quakers and links to related material elsewhere. A new website has been established for nontheist Friends at . You should be forwarded to that site in a few seconds. If you are not forwarded, click on the link below:

146. Quakers
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about quakers. Autobiography of George Fox The Religious Society of Friends WWW site Ottawa Peace and Social Concerns
Religious Society of Friends
Was thee seeking FoxPro Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) about Quakers Stained-glassed 4D logo by Dave Fabik
Multnomah Monthly Meeting
Stark Street Meeting
4312 SE Stark Street
Portland, Oregon
Bridge City Worship Group
Portland, Oregon
Fanno Creek Worship Group
Catlin Gabel School
8825 SW Barnes Rd.
Portland, Oregon.
Mountain View Worship Group

601 Union Street The Dalles, Oregon Saddle Mountain Worship Group Cannon Beach, Oregon Other opportunities for group worship under the care of Multnomah Monthly Meeting may be publicized in the Newsletter
Quakerly Topics

147. Quakers...members Of The RSOF : Friendly Spirit's Booklovers Shop :
Gifts for quakers (Friends and other seekers), along with Booklover items and children s gifts, too! Personalization for no extra charge!
Help Order Status Shop Home
Want any of the items you see personalized? Go here
Stamps for Readers (and others) No Such Thing as Too Many Books! ... Quaker Shop
A Friendly Spirit Books and Gifts

Yellow Springs, OHIO
What does't thou say?
Learn More...

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Visit our other shops The Quaker Shop Bookplates Yellow Springs OH - Count Us Blue Other Interesting Sites: Yellow Springs Ohio Friendly Spirit's Booklovers Shop Quaker Shop Quakers...members of the RSOF This is a portal through to our Quaker Shop Wherein you will also find peace and social justice issue items
"Profit is necessary, but it is only a condition for staying in business and not the purpose. The real function of a business is to serve human needs." Ernest Morgan A Friendly Spirit's main website is designed by
Mail address: A Friendly Spirit Ltd. P.O. Box 471 Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

148. Quaker Testimonies
There is a wide range of theological views held by quakers as they seek clarity, but the following Testimonies are valued by quakers around the world..
Home About Quakers
Quaker Testimonies
Home Local Meetings About Quakers
  • Faith and Practice ... Contact Us
    There is a wide range of theological views held by Quakers as they seek clarity, but the following Testimonies are valued by Quakers around the world.
    Personal Relationships
    This area emphasises social equality and the need for us to accept every person individually, never regarding anyone solely as a member of a class or category. Friends oppose discrimination or orexploitationexploitation on the grounds of creed, race, sex, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, age or social status.
    This includes the traditional Quaker concern for the relief of suffering due to famine, natural disasters and war. More recently concern for situations nearer at home have emerged, especially for homeless, disadvantaged or elderly people and those who are particularly vulnerable, such as political prisoners, those with AIDS and those who are addicted to drugs. Compassion for animals has led to opposition to factory farming and other forms of cruelty.

149. Brigflatts Meeting House
Historic Quaker meeting house in Cumbria, England, an area which played a key role in the history of the Religious Society of Friends (quakers).
Brigflatts Meeting House
Brigflatts, Sedbergh. Tel 015396 20005.
Grid Ref 96: SD 642912 The Quaker tradition has long been influential in Sedburgh. The Quaker Meeting House at Brigflatts, which was an industrial community, is two miles south of Sedbergh . It was built in 1675, and is the oldest meeting house in the North of England. It retains many of the original oak furnishings in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. George Fox, who was the founder of the Quaker movement (The Society of Friends), preached in the district on many occasions, sometimes addressing the listeners from beneath a yew tree in St Andrew's churchyard. His most famous meeting was held out-of-doors. Step inside and soak up the atmosphere of over 300 years. Little has changed. Open daily, Oct - Easter 11.00 am to dusk, Easter - September 11.00 am to 6.00 pm. Other Places with Quaker connections : Fox's Pulpit Firbank Fell 97: SD 619937 Swarthmoor Hall Ulverston 96: SD 283773 Colthouse Meeting House Hawkshead The Quaker Tapestry Exhibition Kendal Stramongate For more information about the Quakers in the UK see

150. Quakers At Bunhill Fields, A Quaker Meeting Near The City Of London.
Bunhill Fields Quaker Meeting near the City of London. George Fox, founder of Quakerism lies in our burial ground.
QUAKERS AT BUNHILL FIELDS Bunhill Fields Meeting, Quaker Court, Banner Street, London EC1Y 8QQ. THE MEETING



For more details about Bunhill Fields Meeting please contact:-
Lisa Bowers Isaacson
Clerk to the Meeting
Tel: ++ 44 (0)20 7638 3525
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151. University Of Pennsylvania - -
quakers. Roster, coaching staff, current and past news headlines, game schedule and a recruiting form.

152. Page 1
Welcome to Sheffield quakers. The Religious Society of Friends For any enquiries about quakers in Sheffield ring 0114 2757390. What are quakers?
Welcome to Sheffield Quakers
The Religious Society of Friends
Leeds Pinboard

Doncaster Meeting

Northern Friends Peace Board

Quaker Tapestry

Poster about Quaker Worship
For any enquiries about Quakers in Sheffield ring 0114 2757390
What are Quakers?

What do we believe?

How many Quakers are there?
What else do Quakers do? ... What happens in Meeting for Worship

153. Halifax Quaker Home Page
Halifax Friends Meeting (quakers) About quakers. Quaker Beginnings Quaker Beliefs Religious Practice and Social Justice quakers and Peace
Halifax Friends Meeting (Quakers) About Our Meeting Meeting for Worship Children's Programme Ministry and Counsel Recent statements About Quakers Quaker Beginnings Quaker Beliefs Religious Practice and Social Justice Quakers and Peace ... Local History Contact Information Halifax Friends Meeting Dartmouth Worship Group South Shore Worship Group Antigonish Worship Group ... Events Calendar Links Atlantic Quakers Quakers in Canada Quaker Service Quakers Worldwide Other organizations Halifax Peace Coalition Kairos Meetings for Worship in Halifax Sundays 10:30-11:30 a.m.
(September-June - see calendar for summer months)
Atlantic School of Theology Library
640 Francklyn Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
(please use the car port entrance) Meetings are fragrance-free See our online calendar for other events email: Web Design and Hosting by

154. Home Page
The New Foundation Fellowship exists to reacquaint people with the Christian Message of George Fox and the Early Friends (quakers) by publishing books, articles, pamphlets and periodicals, and also by organising meetings and gatherings to worship in the Name of Jesus and proclaim the Christian Quaker message.
skm_registerMenu('Header1_mnuMain',new skm_styleInfo('#8080FF','White','Solid','','Navy','','','',''),new skm_styleInfo('','','','','','','','',''),2); New Foundation Fellowship UK Short Articles and Comment Long Articles Newsletter 2003 Archived Newsletters Guest Book Guest Book Entries HOME What is the New Foundation? Publications Articles Newsletter Guest Book Links Contacts George Fox Project Trust Early Friends Writings Found any problems while using this site? Click here to report them...
This is the official Web Site of the New Foundation Fellowship in the United Kingdom. The New Foundation Fellowship exists to reacquaint people with the Christian Message that was proclaimed by George Fox and the Early Friends. We do this by publishing books, articles, pamphlets and periodicals, and also by organising meetings and gatherings to worship in the Name of Jesus and proclaim the Christian Quaker message that;
Christ has come to teach his people himself!

155. Quaker Beliefs And Deism
From John Punshon s Portrait in Grey A Short History of the quakers. quakers have never formally adopted the Trinity, but the three streams of
Deism and the Quakers
From John Punshon's Portrait in Grey: A Short History of the Quakers For more information on Quaker Beliefs, go to Chuck Fager's Quaker Theology Page Pages 158-167. "A Divided Inheritance" This discusses the different theological tendencies within Quakerism. Quakers have never formally adopted the "Trinity," but the three streams of Christian theology can be found in Quakerism.
  • Deism, the "doctrine that God is quite other than the cosmos and entirely transcends it. Having created it as a closed system, he remains aloof from its operations and lets it go its own way" (160). This is God the creator, the "father." People who adhere to this theology tend to stress rational thought and science as a way of discovering truth, they tend to also place great emphasis on classic religious texts. Orthodox Quakerism is more sympathetic to Deism. For deists "the light was the inherent rational capacity of the mind." (161)
  • Evangelical, the focus on Christ as the unique Son of God, the Redeemer who died for our sins. People are sinners who can be saved only by accepting Jesus as their Savior. This approach tends to stress charismatic leadership, strong emotional appeals and adherence to doctrine. At certain points, this has been strong in Quakerism, and it is stronger among Friends with Pastoral form of worship.
  • Pantheist, the "the view that God and the universe are one entity, and that the divine is wholly immanent in the creation." (160). This is God as Spirit, as Holy Ghost, as Sanctifier. Silent and unprogrammed worship is most compatible with this theology, since it facilitates awareness of the spiritual dimensions of reality. It also leads to Universalism (as we define it, the belief that all religions are means to approach a the same spiritual reality) since many other faiths also practice this form of spiritual worship, e.g., Buddhism, Hinduism. Gandhi's book "All Religions Are True" is consistent with this philosophy. Pantheist Quakers view the "light [as] the direct operation of God upon the soul, something which the deist cosmology in principle refused to admit." (161).
  • 156. Works Of Isaac Penington
    Collected works of Isaac Penington, a key figure in the first generation of the Religious Society of Friends (quakers). From four printed volumes published by Quaker Heritage Press.
    You are here: print edition
    OF THE
    Editor's introduction (Quaker Heritage Press) [12 KB]
    [Volume 1]
    Testimony of George Fox Concerning Isaac Penington [5 KB; p. 1] Testimony of Thomas Ellwood Concerning Isaac Penington [26 KB; p. 3] The Way of Life and Death made manifest, and set before men [207 KB; p. 14] Some positions concerning the Apostasy from the Christian spirit [p. 18]
    Some Principles guiding out of the Apostasy, to the Christian spirit

    157. Quakers In The News
    quakers around ShoreditchBaptist and other dissenters preceded the quakers, but in 1647 George Fox began Information composited from many sources, including Shoreditch quakers
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    What does this mean?
    Quakers in the News
    This is a place where links to news reportage concerning the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) are posted and commented upon. F/friends are invited to read, comment, and post links to news stories.
    Tuesday, August 30, 2005
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    Serving the poor
    Indianapolis Star/ Indianapolis/IN/USA/24-Aug-05// Elizabeth Seton, Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, St. Francis and St. Clare, and Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic churches and the Friends Church of Camby.
    // posted by QiN-Hombre @ 9:47 PM 0 comments
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    Harvard-affiliated scholar wins social/life sciences honor

    // posted by QiN-Hombre @ 9:45 PM 0 comments
    Retirement Living - 8/31/2005
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    158. Wilmington College Athletics
    quakers indoor official site. News, schedule, results, roster, season bests, coaching staff, and school records.
    Men's Sports Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Indoor Track Outdoor Track Soccer Swimming Tennis Wrestling Women's Sports Basketball Cross Country Golf Indoor Track Outdoor Track Soccer Softball Swimming Tennis Volleyball Wilkerson named Don Frail OAC Most Outstanding Track Athlete at 2005 OAC Indoor Track Championships Wilkerson gets pair of individual titles along with relay title RESULTS
    Brent Wilkerson
    March 5, 2005 The award is the fifth in as many years for the Quakers, as the squad has either won the award or shared the award in every season the team has been a member of the league. The Quakers placed fourth overall at the championships with 72 points. Mount Union won the event with 149 points while Otterbein and Ohio Northern placed second and third with 88 and 87.5 points apiece. Wilkerson took first in the 300-meter dash, running to a time of 35.68, while also placing first in the 400-meter dash, running the quarter mile in a time of 50.55.

    159. International Quaker Working Party On The Israel
    composed of members of the Religious Society of Friends (quakers) along with Jewish and which was under curfew, to be with quakers who live there.
    International Quaker Working Party on the Israel-Palestine Conflict
    Epistle to Friends Jerusalem, 30 June 2002 The International Quaker Working Party on the Israel-Palestine Conflict is composed of members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) along with Jewish and Muslim members who have traveled together to Israel, the occupied Palestinian territories, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt from 11 to 30 June 2002. We set out on this journey under a strong concern for the breakdown of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the rise in the level of violence, and the suffering being experienced by both peoples. Our own plans were significantly affected by Israel's closures and other administrative actions. Our travel and appointment schedules had to be altered or canceled repeatedly. We were unable to enter Ramallah, which was under curfew, to be with Quakers who live there. We felt this frustration and pain very directly through the experience of our Palestinian Quaker colleague, Jean Zaru, who was not permitted to travel with us much of the time, and had great difficulty in reaching her Ramallah home due to Israeli blockades and curfews. Despite the widespread tension and hardship, everywhere we went people from a variety of backgrounds, positions, and political persuasions received us with warm hospitality and candor. We experienced time and again a deep generosity of spirit, which is alive and well, if under severe threat, amongst the people caught up in this conflict.

    160. Friends (Quakers) And Peace, By Bill Samuel -
    of the peace testimony of the Religious Society of Friends (quakers).......
    Your online source for information about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
    Articles Forum Feedback ... School of the Spirit
    Search Bill Samuel's
    Web Sites
    Bill Samuel

    var site="sm1QuakerInfo" Friends (Quakers) and Peace
    by Bill Samuel
    Originally published May 1, 1999 at

    One of the things probably best known about Quakers is that we have a testimony against participation in war, which we call the peace testimony . As the Quaker movement was developing, Christian bodies did not generally take a pacifist stance. Friends themselves took a little while to become clear about it as a movement. In the very early years of the movement in the mid-seventeenth century in Britain, some Friends served in Cromwell's army. As late as 1659, prominent Friend Isaac Penington wrote a paper To the Parliament, the Army, and all the Well-affected in the Nation, who have been faithful to the Good Old Cause , in which he said the army had been "glorious Instruments in the hand of God."
    Development of the Peace Testimony
    Although the peace testimony was not a clear testimony of the movement as a whole at first, it does seem to have been clear early on to George Fox, generally called the founder of Quakerism. In his

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