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         Quakers:     more books (100)
  1. Remember the Distance That Divides Us: The Family Letters of Philadelphia Quaker abolitionist and Michigan pioneer Elizabeth Margaret Chandler, 1830-1842 by Elizabeth Margaret Chandler, 2004-07
  2. The Creation of Quaker Theory: New Perspectives
  3. A brief account of many of the prosecutions of the people call'd Quakers i by Joseph Besse, 2009-08-16
  4. The Richardsons of Bessbrook: Ulster Quakers in the Linen Industry (1845-1921) by Richard S. Harrison, 2009-01-15
  5. New Light: 12 Quaker Voices
  6. A Book of Quaker Saints by L. V. Hodgkin, 2010-03-06
  7. A People among Peoples: Quaker Benevolence in Eighteenth-Century America by Sydney V. James, 1963-01-01
  8. A Procession of Friends: Quakers in America. by Daisy. Newman, 1972-02
  9. The Christian Quaker, and his divine testimony stated and vindicated by George Whitehead William Penn, 2009-08-16
  10. Things civil and useful: A personal view of Quaker education by Helen G Hole, 1978
  11. What canst thou say? Towards a Quaker theology by Janet Scott, 2007-01-06
  12. Mothers of Feminism : The Story of Quaker Women in America by Margaret Hope Bacon, Margaret H. Bacon, 1997-06
  13. A Quaker Book of Wisdom by Robert Lawrence Smith, 1998
  14. Imaginary Friends: Representing Quakers in American Culture, 1650-1950 (Studies in American Thought and Culture) by James Emmett Ryan, 2009-05-15

121. Massachusetts Quaker Parakeet Specialists
Breeders of green, blue, cinnamon, cinnamonblue and split quaker parakeets. Information on and pictures of quakers.

Before you buy...



Suggested Reading
... Pictures
Welcome to the home of
Massachusetts Quaker Parakeet Specialists.
We are two small aviaries specializing in Quaker mutations. Piper's Parrots of Eastern Massachusetts and Moulton Hill Aviary of Western Massachusetts. We are working together to provide quality Quakers of diverse bloodlines. As well as having awesome personalities, Quaker Parakeets have been ranked amoung the top ten best talking birds by Birdtalk magazine. We like to think of them as big birds in small packages. They're intelligent, hardy and absolutely beautiful. We currently breed green, cinnamon, blue and cinnamon-blue (both red-eyed and dark-eyed.) If you're thinking about a bird for your home or aviary, these wonderful birds may be for you. A hand-fed Quaker is sure to steal your heart ! StudyWeb
If you have any questions we can help you with,
or comments on anything you see here at
the site, we'd love to hear from you
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122. New York Quakers
Welcome to the New York quakers site! My name is Stefani Evans, There are several excellent books and articles on the subject of quakers in New York.
New York Quakers
Home Calendar Change 1752 Map of Meetings 1821 Marriage Certificates ... Queries Welcome to the New York Quakers site! My name is Stefani Evans, and I am Coordinator of this topic page for New York State . Although independent, this not-for-profit site is affiliated with the American History and Genealogy Project The purpose of this site is to enable researchers to find the records that might contain mention of their Quaker ancestors. This site contains several transcribed records, as well as information helpful to locating the original records. Beginning with George Fox in the 1600's, the Society of Friends have been excellent record-keepers. Men's and Women's Monthly Meeting minutes, births, deaths, disownments, marriages and removal certificates were painstakingly recorded by the clerk of each monthly meeting. Many of these records survive today, and are a treasure for genealogists. The specific monthly meeting attended was dictated by where a family lived. If the family moved to another location, a removal certificate was issued by their monthly meeting to the new monthly meeting. The removal certificate usually listed the parents and minor children of a family by name. If an older child removed with the family, he or she was usually issued a separate certificate, indicating clearness for marriage. The best article I've found listing the various New York monthly meetings, their locations, times in existence, and the records available for each was written by John Cox, Jr., printed in two issues of

123. Northern Friends Peace Board
An organisation of Friends (quakers) in the North of Britain supporting Friends and others in the active promotion of peace in all its heigth and breadth

About NFPB

Calendar Resources ... Calling for Peace? Workshops
Northern Friends
Peace Board
Victoria Hall
Knowsley Street,
Bolton BL1 2AS
Tel: 01204 382330
nfpb @ gn.apc. org
Recognised Charity
no. SCO 24632
Next Site Next 10 Sites Previous Random W e are an organisation of Quakers (members of the Religious Society of Friends) in the north of Britain set up to support "the active promotion of peace in all its height and breadth". This web site gives information and news of our recent and current activities, as well as a wide range of online peace resources, links to other sites and news of other activities which may be of interest. We hope you find what you want here. "If we would see peace flowering in the world tomorrow we must plant the seeds of love today." Anonymous Have you seen ......

124. Journal Of John Woolman: Title Page & Contents
The autobiography of one of the best loved and most respected Quaker historical figures of all time, a key person in the ending of slaveholding among quakers in the 18th century.
Street Corner Society
This site design works better with newer browsers, but is meant to be accessible to all. Skip down to navigation for site-wide links. Historical texts
With an Appreciation and Notes by
John G. Whittier
Books for the heart
Edited by Alexander Smellie, M.A.
MDCCCXCVIII Notes on this version
  • Part 1 - On the Religious Society of Friends and slavery Part 2 - On Woolman's continued influence
The Journal of John Woolman
Chapter I
His Birth and Parentage. Some Account of the Operations of Divine Grace on his Mind in his Youth. His first Appearance in the Ministry. And his Considerations, while young, on the Keeping of Slaves. Chapter II
His first Journey, on a Religious Visit, in East Jersey. Thoughts on Merchandising, and Learning a Trade. Second Journey into Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. Third Journey through part of West and East Jersey. Fourth Journey through New York and Long Island to New England. And his fifth Journey to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and the Lower Counties on Delaware. Chapter III
His Marriage. The Death of his Father. His Journeys into the upper part of New Jersey, and afterwards into Pennsylvania. Considerations on Keeping Slaves, and Visits to the Families of Friends at several times and places. An Epistle from the General Meeting. His Journey to Long Island. Considerations on Trading and on the Use of Spirituous Liquors and Costly Apparel. Letter to a Friend.

125. The Quakers & Business Group
Our mission as quakers is to be committed to the spiritual power within ourselves at all quakers, Business Ethics Resources produced by Roland Carn.
Contacts Home About Network QBECS Publications ... Join Us Who we are December 2004 Our mission as Quakers is to be committed to the spiritual power within ourselves at all times, and especially within our individual work lives, as manifested in our collective commitment to equity and integrity in every aspect of the private, public and voluntary sectors in which we work at local, national, regional and global levels. Our ambition is to be an effective networking and support organisation that enables its members to continue their personal and professional growth whilst also meeting their spiritual aspirations as they engage in their fields of work.
Along with
Making use of the Quaker Global Brand, and re-establishing the Reputational Capital of our nineteenth century Quaker bankers, educationalists, entrepreneurs, globalists and politicians, to reintroduce Quaker beliefs, values and principles within the fields of capitalism, globalisation and conflict resolution in the 21st century. News 16 November 2005
Quaker Business Conference 2005: Woodbrooke, UK.

126. Women's Lacrosse At Earlham College
quakers. News items, pictures, current and past results, roster and statistics.
Women's Lacrosse at Earlham



Web Page

J ill Butcher
returns as head coach of the Earlham College women's lacrosse team for the 2001 campaign. She previously guided the program a dozen years ago. The 1989 Quakers, 7-8 overall, captured four consecutive victories to reach the championship game of the season-ending Indiana University tournament. T
his spring, Butcher will be relying heavily on the five returning starters to lead a youthful squad. N icole Donnelly (Monroeville, NJ/Wilmington Friends, DE), last year's most valuable team player and All-North Coast Athletic Conference honorable mention recipient will anchor this year's team. Displayed her talents primarily on defense in 2000, she will move to the center position this year. Her experience on both offense and defense should prove valuable for the rebuilding Quakers. K risten Kirk (Richmond, IN/Westtown School, PA) and Samantha Larimer (Goshen, IN/Goshen), Earlham's only two seniors, will be back in action at their respective positions. Kirk will be responsible for organizing the attack at 1st home, while Larimer will mark the opponents from defense wing. S hannon Sheehan (Centerville, IN/Centerville), Earlham's 2000 most improved player, will move from cover point to attack wing for her junior season. "Shannon's speed and strength have impressed me," Butcher commented. "I feel we can capitalize on her talents."

Translate this page Pardon, diese Internet-Seiten werden gerade überarbeitet. Sorry, this site is currently under construction. quaker-links
Sorry, this site is currently under construction. quaker-links : Some official sites of quaker-organisations
American Friends Service Committee
Religious Society of Friends ( Belgium and Luxemburg
Britain Yearly Meeting
Deutsche Jahresversammlung

Quaker Council for European Affairs

QUNO Private quaker-related sites
last updated

128. Friendly Bible Study
Popular Bible study method originally published in pamphlet form by quakers (members of the Religious Society of Friends) Joanne and Larry Spears.
Friendly Bible Study
by Joanne and Larry Spears The Friendly Bible Study pamphlet (ISBN 0-620912-2-7) can be ordered from the Friends General Conference Bookstore . This material may be freely reproduced with credit. You can contact the authors at: Joanne and Larry Spears
15160 Sundown Dr.
Bismarck ND 58503
Return to Peace Church Bible Study Home Page or use your browser's "Back" or "Previous" button to return to where you were when you clicked to come here. A Note on Translations
A translation cannot reproduce in English all the meaning of the original text. On finer points and on some surprisingly major points, significant differences exist between one translation and another. The English words chosen to translate the Hebrew or Greek are important reflections of the translator's perspective. By using several different translations of the Bible, it will quickly become apparent that translators are human. Bible study in which different translations are read sensitizes the members to how the choice of English words affects the meaning of the text. The translator's words point to the meaning of the original text, which in turn is an effort to point to truth as the author understood it. This is a liberating insight to many, and it may transform a reader's antagonism toward the text and enable the reader to approach the text in order to understand the underlying truth.

129. Quakers Of Richmond And Wayne County, Indiana
In 1887, an important conference was held in Richmond quakers from North America quakers in Richmond and Wayne County use a variety of worship styles

Who are Friends (Quakers)?
Local Quaker History
Historical Points of Interest
Schools ... Maps
Please wait for the page to load completely before using the above internal hyperlinks. Summersault Who are Friends (Quakers)? Quakers believe that God speaks to the heart and mind of every person. Equality is centrally important to Friends, who strive to address "that of God" in each person. Quaker worship and decision-making are both shaped by a common search for the Truth as revealed by the prompting of the Spirit. In practical terms, one result is that Quaker organizations make many of their decisions by a process of gradually discerning, as a community, what is the best decision for the entire group in other words, by building consensus. Another result of the Quaker belief in equality is that many Friends are active in social justice concerns, sharing the conviction that each of us is called to work for peace and understanding, treat all persons with respect regardless of differences, and discern the active presence of the Spirit at work in the world among us. Some Quaker meetings worship in silence, with attenders providing "vocal ministry" as they are led by the Spirit. Others have pastors, and follow a programmed tradition similar to many Protestant Christian denominations. In either case, Friends believe that each person is called to be a minister to others.

130. Tom Nemerovsky
Breeder of blue, dark eyed Cinnamon, and dark eyed yellow mutation quakers. Some pictures, and a question and answer forum. Located in central Florida.
Announcing the very first dark Eyed WHITE Quaker Parrot
The Nemerovsky WHITE Quaker Parrot WHITE WING BLUE QUAKER Here is a picture of a new color that "just popped up" in one of our birds. Someone up there must like us. It is a blue and the parents had plucked his head and the feathers are just starting to grow back on the head and some of them even look as they may be white, only time will tell.
Photos of 2nd generation Nemerovsky Yellow Quakers.

Cinnamon Quaker Personalities

Click to see a White Faced Cinnamonblue and a Blue body with edging.
Due to illness and surgeries last year I must reduce my stock to cut down on the work load. here is what I have for sale I am offering the following to the list at r educed prices ALL QUAKERS Beautiful dark eyed ( aka Pallid ) sexed from last years breeding should breed this year males and females $275 ea Normally sell for $375ea. That's $100 off ea or $200 off on a pair. grn/blue females only 4 lft. $150ea reg. $250ea Yellow quakers , had a Fantastic year with them last year last summers price was $5,000ea reduced from $10,000ea now DNA sexed priced to move out $4,000ea. I also have two proven DE cinn hens 1993 hatch $200ea. Taking deposits on this years blue babies now. Price will be for weaned unsexed blue OR cinnamon, hand fed tame babies $350ea.

131. Chapter 1 Of Quakers In Brief - DM Murray-Rust
Many people shy away from the idea of learning about the history of something. The present, they say, is what matters. Why is it necessary to go delving
Back to introduction On to Chapter 2
When, Why and How it began
Many people shy away from the idea of learning about the history of something. "The present," they say, "is what matters. Why is it necessary to go delving into the past?" The answer is that a much better understanding of the present, whether in science, history, social events, religion or whatever, is gained, if there is some knowledge of how things have developed or evolved from the past.
(a) WHEN did Quakerism begin?
Is the answer to this really important? Yes, it is; just as it is important for an understanding of Christianity to realise that it began at the time of the Roman occupation of the Middle East, which followed the Greek civilisation. Quakerism began in the middle years of the Seventeenth Century. This century has aptly been called "The Century of Revolution". This does not mean simply the political revolution in England, which led to the Civil War. There was a revolution in science, in religion, in thought generally; people were questioning authority in a number of ways, all about the same time. Thus: Round about 1630, Galileo was questioning the wisdom of the ancients: of Aristotle with regard to falling bodies and to mechanics in general; of Ptolemy with regard to the motion of the planets. As a result he came into conflict with the established

132. The School Of The Spirit - A Quaker Ministry Of Prayer And Learning
A ministry of prayer and learning which is a project of the Ministry and Worship Committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (quakers). It offers adult education sessions on such topics as Being a Spiritual Nurturer, and Contemplative Living and Prayer.
A service of
A Quaker Ministry of Prayer and Learning devoted to
the School of the Spirit
School of the Spirit Home
Spiritual Nurturer Program Silent Retreats at Aircastle Dwelling Deep Retreat ... Contact School of the Spirit
Articles Forum Feedback ... Bio
Ask Questions
Discuss Quakerism
Visit Our Forum
Search Bill Samuel's
Web Sites
var site="sm1QuakerInfo" A Quaker Ministry of Prayer and Learning devoted to the School of the Spirit is dedicated to helping all who wish to be more faithful listeners and responders to the inward work of Christ. Within the Religious Society of Friends, the traditional meetings of ministers and elders were sometimes referred to as a "school of the Spirit." In gathered worship Friends learned to discern the movement of the Inward Teacher and test their discernment with one another. This practiced listening extended into every aspect of their lives. Living into this way of being is not always easy; we often resist, preferring to ignore God's promptings into an ever-deepening union. But the still, quiet voice will not be silent, and with discipline and with the support of others we can find ourselves becoming more faithful. This ministry offers two forms of program to deepen our faithfulness: the two-year program of prayer and study On Being a Spiritual Nurturer , first offered in 1990 and now with its sixth class; and the tradition of

133. The Beginnings Of Quakerism - Historical Roots Of The Religious Society Of Frien
A brief account of the development of the movement that became the Religious Society of Friends (quakers).
Your online source for information about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
Articles Forum Feedback ... School of the Spirit
Search Bill Samuel's
Web Sites
Bill Samuel

var site="sm1QuakerInfo" The Beginnings of Quakerism
by Bill Samuel
Originally published July 12, 1998 at
George Fox is generally called the founder of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). In the mid-17th century, he was a young man who wandered around England talking with priests, religious scholars and others seeking to find religious meaning. Generally, he found that those to whom he spoke had a lot of intellectual knowledge, but did not seem to really have a true connection with God. His Journal of George Fox reported the following experience he had after several years of this search: And when all my hopes in them and all men were gone. . . I heard a voice which said, "There is one, even Christ Jesus, that can speak to thy condition," and when I heard it, my heart did leap for joy. Later, Fox felt led to climb a "great hill" called

134. Western Quakers
Links to all Western Quaker Meetings with information about Quaker spirituality, social activism, peacemaking, mysticism, history, humor,
Western Quaker Network Links to Western Quaker sites Friends Bulletin Magazine of spirituality, social activism, poetry, art, news and views: Your Link To Western Quakers Quaker Meeting Directory Calendar of Events Editor's Page ... Email: Anthony Manousos, Editor

135. Guilford College - Women's Lacrosse
quakers. News items, player roster, statistics, game schedule, archives, related links and records.

136. Guilford College - Football
Guilford College Director of Athletics Marion Kirby and coach Kevin Kiesel announced the quakers football schedule for the upcoming 2005 season Wednesday.
Future Students Current Students Alumni

Host Ferrum took advantage of six Guilford turnovers and rolled up 412 total offensive yards in the Panthers' 41-7 home win Saturday in both school's season opener. Josh Vogelbach passed for 268 yards and a touchdown and Joe Joyner made a career-high nine catches for Guilford. Click here for the statistics from the game, courtesy of Ferrum Sports Information. Guilford returns home for the first of six home games in 2005 September 10 to play Methodist at 1:00 p.m. in the Armfield Athletic Center. The game will be Take a Kid to the Game Day at Guilford. Adults accompanied by children received reduced admission to the contest. If you can't make it to the game, you can hear it broadcast in Central North Carolina on WGOS (1070-AM). Click here to listen to the game live via the Internet or telephone. Football Guilford College Athletics Football Statistics Roster ... Directions to Games Varsity Sports MEN'S Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Lacrosse Soccer Tennis WOMEN'S Basketball Cross Country Lacrosse Soccer Softball Swimming Tennis Volleyball For the most up-to-date scores and highlights, call the Guilford College Sports Hotline at (336) 316-2500 (ext. 4107) 24 hours a day.

137. Quaker Quest - A Spiritual Path For Our Time: London Religious Events
A programme of events for those interested in finding out more about quakers. Held at Friends House, Euston Road, London every Monday evening.
Open to all. 6:30pm for 7:00pm Mondays at Friends House, Euston Road Opposite Euston Station, London, UK or call 020 7663 1017 for details
Find out more Schedule Session Descriptions Manchester Quaker Quest ... Contact us

138. Quakers - Wikinews
quakers Front page Quaker s workspace - How to write an article. Welcome to the Wikinews quakers section for collaborative news reporting by and about
Water cooler Real-time chat International Wikinews Writing Contest has begun. Enter now and good luck!
Wikimedia needs your help
See our fundraising page for details. • The Wikinews Licensure Poll is now underway.
Over US$220,000 has been donated since the drive began on 19 August. Thank you for your generosity!
From Wikinews, the free news source you can write!
Quakers Front page Quaker's workspace How to write an article Welcome to the Wikinews Quakers section for collaborative news reporting by and about Friends all over the world. If it is your first visit to the site, follow this link for an introduction to Wikinews . Writing and editing here is easy - see Quaker's workspace Wikinews is not an opinion website, although discussion is welcome on the Talk page . If you are looking for something else, you may find this Quaker web-portal useful Refresh for latest articles.
Latest news

Current news
  • World Gathering of Young Friends : 16 - 24 August

Local proposal
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139. The New Foundation Fellowship. Gathered By Jesus Christ.
New Foundation Fellowship is a ministry dedicated to promoting the spiritual understanding that marked the early Friends (quakers) through traveling ministers, special events, and publications. Online ordering of publications.
Home Our Featured Book Read an Excerpt Announcing
Find Out More
Books and Literature Ordering Instructions Material by Lewis Benson Books Booklets ... The Kingdom of God Within by Stephen Crisp
George Fox Fund, Inc.
The New Foundation Fellowship
Gathered by Christ Jesus
Sent to Proclaim His Everlasting Gospel to the Inhabitants of the World
The name New Foundation Fellowship invites the following questions concerning who we are and what we are about.
  • "What is the foundation of the New Foundation Fellowship?" We are built upon the rock of hearing and obeying the voice of the living Christ, who has appeared among us to teach us and bring us into his salvation. Our foundation is the same as the prophets, apostles, early Quakers and all the holy men of God throughout the ages. Like the Quakers of the 17th century, we can say that the Life of the Prophets and Apostles is reclaimed in this our day. We are built and are being built upon the rock of hearing and obeying the voice of the Living Christ, who has appeared among us to teach us and bring us into His salvation. For the Grace of God has appeared bringing salvation to all men, teaching us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus; who gave himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for himself a people for his own possession, zealous for good deeds.
  • 140. Portishead Quaker Meeting (near Bristol)
    Portishead Preparative Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (quakers)
    Portishead Quaker Meeting (near Bristol)
    Friends Meeting House
    11, St Mary's Road
    (Correspondence to Meeting House) OS Grid Reference: ST 465 755 Meeting for Worship: Sunday 10.30-11.30
    Children's class by appointment
    Please sign or read the visitors book on the home page
    Revised October 2004 FastCounter by bCentral
    Getting There
    Worship A short history of Portishead Meeting House ...
    A peaceful 17th century, grade II listed, thatched meeting house with a separate small hall, available for hire, set in the burial ground. People who come to worship for the first time tell us how peaceful the Meeting House is. Though there are not many of us, and sadly children don't come often, we offer a warm welcome to everyone. Meeting lasts for an hour after which visitors particularly are invited to stay for refreshments. Our Hall is available on Sunday mornings for use as a children's room and prior notice of visiting children will allow us time for suitable preparation. The Hall is also used by a local playgroup in term time (mornings) and by several local groups meeting (usually fortnightly) in the evenings. Details of availability and hire charges can be obtained from John Rickard on 01275 842950. Portishead Friends outreach includes their long-standing co-operation with the other churches in the town on issues of joint concern.

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