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         Quakers:     more books (100)
  1. The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship by George H. Gorman, 1979
  2. The Quakers (American Religious Experience) by Jean Kinney Williams, 1998-09
  3. Quaker Records of Baltimore and Harford Counties, Maryland, 1801-1825 by Henry C. Peden Jr., 2009-05-28
  4. The Quaker Community on Barbados: Challenging the Culture of the Planter Class by Larry Gragg, 2009-06-30
  5. My part in the Quaker adventure by Elise Boulding, 1958
  6. Index to Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy by William Wade Hinshaw, 1999
  7. Quakers in the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict: The Dilemmas of NGO Humanitarian Activism by Nancy Gallagher, 2007-10-03
  9. Quaker Constitutionalism and the Political Thought of John Dickinson by Jane E. Calvert, 2008-12-08
  10. Quakers and Slavery: A Divided Spirit by Jean R. Soderlund, 1988-11
  11. Quaker Oat Bran Cookbook by Quaker Oat, 1990-03
  12. Quakers and the American Family: British Settlement in the Delaware Valley by Barry Levy, 1992-03-12
  13. A FRIEND AMONG THE SENECAS: The Quaker Mission to Cornplanter's People by David Swatzler, Henry Simmons, 2000-10
  14. Births, Deaths and Marriages of the Nottingham Quakers, 1680-1889 by Alice L. Beard, 2009-05-01

101. Quaker Proscecutions
quakers, like Puritans, had their origins in the hotbed of European religious The enemy arrived in Boston in the form of the two female quakers from



Mary Dyer
Email ... S
reserved , Interactive Communications, 1998, 1999,2000 The Enemy Arrives More Quakers To Come Not All Colonists Agree With Quaker Treatment The Quakers: "Hostile Bonnets And Gowns"
Governor Endicott's threat,
"take heed ye break not our ecclesiastical laws,
for then ye are sure to stretch by the halter." William Penn
Quakers, like Puritans, had their origins in the hotbed of European religious dissent. In addition to the many Quakers who suffered abroad, there were some who felt called to go further afield. The Quaker faith soon came to American shore. (Stratton) Though some had undoubtedly embraced the tenets of the Quakers prior to the arrival of two female missionaries in 1656, there is apparently no evidence to indicate that they had proclaimed themselves or adopted the name of the despised sect. Had they done so, they probably would have been at least named in the recommendation of the Court made in May of the same year, that "the 11th day of June next…be kept as a public day of humiliation, to seek the face of God in behalf of our native country, in reference to the abounding of errors, especially those of the Ranters and Quakers," etc. Plymouth, somewhat less severe in its approach to the Quaker "problem," still deemed them the "pernicious sect called Quakers . . , who sowed their corrupt and damnable doctrines, both by word and writings . . .so as the number of them increased, to the great endangering and subversion of the whole . . ."

102. Friends United Meeting - Quaker - Christian Ministry, Publications, Outreach And
An association representing more than half of the world's quakers. Includes information on various ministries, articles from publication Quaker Life, and partial listing of bookstore inventory.
Friends United Meeting commits itself to energize and equip Friends through the power of the Holy Spirit to gather people into fellowships where Jesus Christ is known, loved and obeyed as Teacher and Lord. Quaker Life Magazine Current Issue
articles from this month's issue about Global Partnerships. Subscribe (or get a free sample copy) News news archives Contribute to FUM Contribute to the global ministries of Friends United Meeting Secure on-line contributions carry on the work of
*sharing the Christian faith of Friends
* showing love to children in Belize and Palestine, Turkana and Samburu
* training leaders and building a Global partnership with Friends ... and so much more! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT
Global Ministries - link For latest updates and reflections from Global Ministries field staff

103. Quakers And The Arts
Etexts of significant writings about the arts by quakers past and present quakers and the Arts by Frederick J. Nicholson Groundbreaking historical
Q u a k e r s and the A r t s Historical Sourcebook
E-texts of significant writings about the arts by Quakers past and present Home E-Texts Biography Links ... Message board
About this Site
Beyond Uneasy Tolerance
The saga of Friends and the Arts in 75 quotations (most of them not in your Faith and Practice ), arranged chronologically, 1650-1995
Expanded version (100 quotations) available in pamphlet form
Bibliographies on Quakers and the Arts
Quaker Spirituality and the Arts (Twentieth century)
History and Biography
Quakers and the Arts by Frederick J. Nicholson
Groundbreaking historical survey, long out of print
List of E-Texts
Author index
Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts web site ... Top This page last updated August 2000 This Quaker WebRing site owned by
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104. Quaker Homiletics Online Anthology
A compilation of historical sermons given by ministers of the Religious Society of Friends (quakers).
A Division of QuakerPages , also including The Quaker Writings Home Page.
Edited by Peter Sippel
Dedicated to presenting and renewing the Christian testimony of the Society of Friends
NEW MATERIAL. Also incorporated into the various sections.
19th Century "Hicksite" 19th Century "Orthodox" "Conservative." 19th Century "Orthodox" "Gurneyite." 19th Century "Orthodox" "Beaconite" And "Holiness."
20th Century "Conservative." 20th Century "Social Gospel." 20th Century "Evangelical."

105. Jenny's Famous Quakers Page.
My Quaker pages (see list below) are a tribute to quakers who have made an impact upon quakers believe that each person in the world is of equal worth.
Famous Quakers.
The Ironbridge. M y Quaker pages (see list below) are a tribute to Quakers who have made an impact upon history or are still living and are well known in society. Quakers believe that each person in the world is of equal worth. I don't intend to suggest that anyone listed on these pages is better than those of us who are not famous, but I think that through their examples it may be possible to see the contribution made by Quakers in many different fields. Some of the people listed were not or are not practising Friends, although they were born into Quaker families. I have included these people because it is difficult to be clear about the extent of someone's faith, especially if we have limited information about their life. They all represent a wide spectrum of humanity with different gifts.
My Quaker pages:
Other resources about Quakers (otherwise known as The Society of Friends) on the WWW:

106. Oisellerie Pluri-Ailes Aviary
‰levage d'aras, de conures, de quakers, d'ins©parables, de loris et de caiques. Des fiches, un bottin complet, un forum de discussion et des photos sont disponibles pour chaque esp¨ce. Qu©bec, Canada.
Bienvenue chez Cette page utilise des cadres, mais votre navigateur ne les prend pas en charge.

107. Quakers Hill Anglican Church
The Official Web Site of quakers Hill Anglican Church.

108. Temperance Society
Formed in 1835 and soon advocated teetotalism. One important figure in the movement was the Catholic priest, Theobald Matthew, who persuaded thousands of people in Ireland to sign the pledge. quakers, members of the Salvation Army and nonconformists were also active participants.

USA History British History Second World War ... Email
In Joseph Livesey and seven Preston workingmen signed a pledge that they would never again drink alcohol. Other groups of working men followed the example of Livesey and his friends and by 1835 the British Association for the Promotion of Temperance was formed.
At first temperance usually involved a promise not to drink spirits and members continued to consume wine and beer. However, by the 1840s temperance societies began advocating teetotalism. This was a much stronger position as it not only included a pledge to abstain from all alcohol for life but also a promise not to provide it to others.
The artist, George Cruikshank , whose own father, Isaac Cruikshank , had died of alcoholism, played an important role in helping in persuading people to join the movement by producing a series of books on the subject: this included The Bottle T he Drunkard's Children (1848) and The Worship of Bacchus One of the most important figures in the temperance movem ent was the Catholic priest

109. Hortoc
While the stringent laws of The Fugitive Slave Act were being enforced and the institution of slavery continued unabated, many abolitionists assisted escaped slaves regardless of the consequences. These abolitionists, who were primarily composed of quakers, exslaves and other liberal thinking citizens, helped establish what was known as the Underground Railroad.
The Underground Railroad in Rochester, New York
History of the Underground Railroad
History of the Underground Railroad in Rochester, New York

110. A Subjective Guide To Quaker Blogs And Websites (Quaker Web Guide)
What I call the “I’ma Quaker” fallacy shows up a lot (Q What do quakers believe. quakers in the News is a new blog that tracks Quaker citations in the
Quaker Web Guides
The Quaker Ranter's Guide to the Quaker Blogosphere
A Subjective Guide to Quaker Blogs and Websites
Featured on Beliefnet:
Best Spiritual Blogs!
On this page: I'll start off asking why someone might want to keep a Quaker blog. Then I'll tell you some of my favorite ones and why they're my favorite. I'll follow that with list of some amazing online ministries that go way beyond blogging. By this point maybe you'll want to meet some Quakers so I'll show you how to use to look up a Friends Meetinghouse near you. Here is my guide to the best Quaker blogs and online ministries. It is not meant to be comprehensive: these are the sites I find interesting even when I disagree with them.
Blogging Quakers
There are a number of Quaker bloggers out there. I should start with my own site, the Quaker Ranter . I try to write about my insights, frustrations and experiences living as a Quaker and living in general. Here is an introduction to my site and here are the Quaker posts separated out. Best of the Quaker Blogosophere blog of the most interesting Quaker articles I read over the course of the day ( subscribe to this if you want to keep up with the Quaker internet without having to subscribe to 80 blogs!). I also run

111. Soc.religion.quaker Answers To Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Religious Society of Friends (quakers), compiled for the soc.religion.quaker news group by Marc Mengel.
Usenet FAQs Search Web FAQs Documents ... RFC Index
soc.religion.quaker Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
There are reader questions on this topic!
Help others by sharing your knowledge
soc.religion.quaker ... to help people find unprogrammed meetings in the U.S. and Canada. It includes not only FGC-affiliated monthly meetings, but also those in Conservative and Independent yearly meetings (I've heard some talk of extending it even further but that's still just talk). If you're really stuck, try contacting: Chel Avery, Director Quaker Information Center 1501 Cherry Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 (215) 241-7024 or Friends Journal 1216 Arch Street, Ste. 2A Philadelphia, PA 19107 Phone: 215-563-8629 Fax: 215-568-1377 Email: FriendsJnl at aol dot com (See ) They probably have a meeting in your area on their mailing list. They can also get you free introductory issues of Friends Journal. or in the UK, try first:

112. Quakers And The Development Of Adult Schools
quakers and adult schools. An important chapter in the development of adult education and educational settlements. Friends Meeting House, St Martin’s Lane
encyclopaedia archives explore
quakers and adult schools
An important chapter in the development of adult education and educational settlements.
Friends Meeting House We stop here because of the influence that Friends have had in the development of the Adult School Movement - and later the Educational Settlements. In the development of non-conformist Christianity from John Wycliffe and the Lollards on, direct access for all to the Bible has been stressed. With it came the the need to the ability to read. This was a key concern of the SPCK and of the pioneering work of the Welsh Circulating Schools under the influence of Rev Griffith Jones. They grew with some speed in the first half of the eighteenth century and could be attended by adults as well as young people. Adults could come on weekday evenings or to Sunday Schools. References Beck, W. and Ball, T. F. (1869) The London Friends Meetings. Showing the rise of the Religious Society of Friends in London, London: F. Bowyer Kitto. Lee, D. and Lee, D. (1983)

113. Quaker Mutation Breeders - Exotic Flock Aviary
Breeder of color mutation quakers. Information about keeping and breeding quaker parrots, tutorial and discussion of genetics. Located in Beavercreek, Ohio.
Welcome . . . and thanks for flying by. This site is
We are life long animal servants who individually longed to start aviaries. Not long after we met, this now shared dream came true. In October of 1999 we opened the doors of Exotic Flock Aviary. In our indoor/outdoor aviary we currently breed Blue, Cinnamon (AKA: Red-Eyed Cinnamon) , Cinnamon Blue, Pallid (AKA: Dark-Eyed Cinnamon), Pallid Blue, and Lutino Quaker varieties. As we grow, we hope to add other Quaker mutations to our Exotic Flock, but will place a high priority on individual care and attention. We believe in complete honesty regarding our aviary. So, we have attempted to produce a detailed site to describe our breeding practices and opinions. You will find general information about Quaker care and specific details ab out our breeding program on the Aviary Nursery and Diet pages. The diet section describes not only our breeding parents' diet , but also their kids' diet and our weaning practices. The Parents section provides specific information about the genetics, bloodlines, and breeding history of many of our current breeder pairs while the Kids section keeps a running tally of current availability and pricing as well as a list of references . If you'd like to get to know us and our feathered/furry family a bit better, visit the section

114. Africans In America/Part 3/Founding Of Pennsylvania Abolition Society
As early as 1688, four German quakers in Germantown near Philadelphia protested slavery in a resolution that condemned the traffic of Menbody.
Part 1: 1450-1750 Part 2: 1750-1805 Part 4: 1831-1865
Resource Bank Teacher's Guide
Founding of Pennsylvania Abolition Society
Resource Bank Contents

As early as 1688, four German Quakers in Germantown near Philadelphia protested slavery in a resolution that condemned the "traffic of Men-body." By the 1770s, abolitionism was a full-scale movement in Pennsylvania. Led by such Quaker activists as Anthony Benezet and John Woolman, many Philadelphia slaveholders of all denominations had begun bowing to pressure to emancipate their slaves on religious, moral, and economic grounds.
In April 1775, Benezet called the first meeting of the Society for the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully held in Bondagevii at the Rising Sun Tavern. Thomas Paineviii was among the ten white Philadelphians who attended; seven of the group were Quakers. Often referred to as the Abolition Society, the group focused on intervention in the cases of blacks and Indians who claimed to have been illegally enslaved. Of the twenty-four men who attended the four meetings held before the Society disbanded, seventeen were Quakers.
Six of these original members were among the largely Quaker group of eighteen Philadelphians that reorganized in February 1784 as the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery and for the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondageix (commonly referred to as the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, or PAS). Although still occupied with litigation on behalf of blacks who were illegally enslaved under existing laws, the new name reflected the Society's growing emphasis on abolition as a goal. Within two years, the group had grown to 82 members and inspired the establishment of anti-slavery organizations in other cities.

115. Journal Of George Fox - Title Page & Contents
The autobiography of the founder of the Religious Society of Friends (quakers). First published in 1694. This is the Rufus Jones edition, 1908.
Street Corner Society
This site design works better with newer browsers, but is meant to be accessible to all. Skip down to navigation for site-wide links. Historical texts
An Autobiography
Edited with an Introduction and Notes by
Rufus M. Jones, M.A., Litt. D.
Professor of Philosophy in Haverford College Notes on this version
Table of Contents
Chapter I. Boyhood A Seeker, 1624-1648.
Chapter II. The First Years of Ministry, 1648-1649.
Chapter III. The Challenge and the First Taste of Prison, 1648-1649.
Chapter IV. A Year in Derby Prison, 1650-1651.
Chapter V. One Man May Shake the Country for Ten Miles, 1651-1652.
Chapter VI. A New Era Begins, 1652.
Chapter VII. In Prison Again, 1653.
Chapter VIII. A Visit to Oliver Cromwell, 1653-1654.
Chapter IX. A Visit to the Southern Counties Which Ends in Launceston Jail, 1655-1656.
Chapter X. Planting the Seed in Wales, 1656-1657.
Chapter XI. In the Home of the Covenanters, 1657. Chapter XII. Great Events in London, 1658-1659. Chapter XIII. In the First Year of King Charles, 1660. Chapter XIV. Labors, Dangers and Sufferings, 1661-1662.

116. Religious Society Of Friends
As the King s own laws led to much of the abuse the quakers received in England, quakers and the American Family British Settlement in the Delaware
@import url(./style.css) Travel Info
Driving Directions


Public Transportation
Historical Groups
Burlington County

Historical Society

City of Burlington

Historical Society
Black History Society
Historic Figures
William R. Allen

William J. Allinson
James H. Birch Joseph Bloomfield ... James Walter Wall Assorted History Board of Island Managers Council of Proprietors The Friendly Institution The Mantas Tribe ... The Quakers
Religious Society of Friends
The first Europeans to settle Burlington were members of the Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers. Founded by George Fox in seventeenth-century England, the Friends quickly met with persecution for their refusal to bear arms, take oaths, and pay tithes. Less than a quarter-century after the Society was founded, Friends began leaving England for the religious freedom of America. More than one third of those originally purchasing land in Burlington had been fined or imprisoned for their beliefs in England. Even as their ship, the Kent, sailed down the Thames River, King Charles II boarded it from his royal barge and wished them a safe voyage. As the King's own laws led to much of the abuse the Quakers received in England, this blessing is usually viewed as a polite "go away," at best. Since 1677, Burlington has been the home of many Friends, including

117. Oisellerie Fs, St-Honoré, 418-698-6815
‰leveur d'ins©parables(fisher, f¢ce pªche et masqu©) d'amazones, d'aras, youyous du S©n©gal, perruches   collier, quakers et de conures. Qu©bec, Canada.
7 Septembre 2005
La famille Savard est heureuse de vous accueillir sur son site.
Nos Perroquets de Cie.
Douce, douce et douce!!!
15 Juin 05
Nos animaux de compagnie
EBM, Blanc et orange.
Zack Buffy Joe Nos poissons Comme vous pouvez constater, notre passion pour les animaux occupe une grande place. This site will be in english soon !! For now feel free to ask the information you need We can provide you with all the Parrot babies needed We ship nationwide !! Select Annuaire - Echange de liens

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119. Civil War Links - Underground Railroad
Some 50,000 North Carolinians left the state and moved to Ohio or Indiana in protest to slavery during the thirty years before the Civil War is not widely known. As the frustration with more restrictive and harsh laws over slaves and slave owning were passed, some quakers, like Levi Coffin, began to illegally assist escaping slaves to flee the state.
Underground Railroad
Coffin, Levi (1798-1877)
  • History and Geography of the Underground Railroad ...
  • Studying the Underground Railroad With Celia and Eleni
    Tubman, Harriet
  • 120. The Quakers In America BY THOMAS D. HAMM (
    There has long been a need for a study of American quakers in the twentieth His instant classic quakers in America is the best introduction to the
    (0 items in Cart) GET CATALOG ORDER ANY BOOK, NEW OR USED CONTACT US Meeting Book Tables ...
    Return Policy
    The Quakers In America:
    This multifaceted book is a concise history of the Religious Society of Friends, an introduction to Quaker beliefs and practices and a vivid picture of the culture and controversies of the Friends today. The book opens with lively vignettes of Conservative, Evangelical, Friends General Conference, and Friends United Meetings, reflecting Friends' diversity in the wake of the sectarian splintering of the nineteenth century. "There has long been a need for a study of American Quakers in the twentieth century. With meticulous scholarship and a graceful style, Thomas Hamm has filled this need admirably." -Margaret Hope Bacon
    Columbia University Press 2003 304 PP. Cloth in stock Readers have commented on this book. You can too.
    When you want to untangle the branches of the Quaker folkways as they spread across the American continent, you could have no better guide than Earlham University’s Thomas D. Hamm. His instant classic Quakers in America is the best introduction to the taxonomy of American Friends. Everyone will learn something new about themselves and the other branches of Quakerism by reading this book. - Martin Kelley
    QuakerBooks has got a couple of notable adult books, many of which would make wonderful gifts. QUAKERS IN AMERICA by Thomas Hamm is worthy of a bit of fanfare. It’s a concise history of the Religious Society of Friends in America and provides a vivid picture of the culture and controversies, beliefs and practices of all branches of Friends today. Margaret Hope Bacon gives it her thumbs up, which always makes me take notice of a book. - Lucy Duncan, QuakerBooks of FGC

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