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         Judaism:     more books (100)
  1. The makers and teachers of Judaism: from the fall of Jerusalem to the death of Herod the Great by Charles Foster Kent, 2010-08-08
  2. Judaism for Beginners (Beginners Series) by Charles Szlakmann, 1990-09
  3. The Destructive Power of Religion: Violence in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  4. Judaism: Between Yesterday and Tomorrow by Hans Kng, 1995-04-01
  5. The New Testament and Rabbinic Judaism by David Daube, 1994-11-01
  6. Seeing Judaism Anew: Christianity's Sacred Obligation by Mary C. Boys, 2005-03-31
  7. The Legend of the Middle Ages: Philosophical Explorations of Medieval Christianity, Judaism, and Islam by Remi Brague, 2009-04-15
  8. Time and Process in Ancient Judaism by Sacha Stern, 2007-01-10
  9. What Is Judaism?: An Interpretation for the Present Age (Library of Jewish Philosophy) by Emil L. Fackenheim, 1999-12
  10. Early Judaism: Religious Worlds of the First Judaic Millennium (Studies and Texts in Jewish History and Culture) by Martin S. Jaffee, 2005-12
  11. Judaism from Cyrus to Hadrian by Lester L. Grabbe, 1992-06
  12. Judaism in Practice: From the Middle Ages through the Early Modern Period.
  13. Judaism: Practice and Belief by E. P. Sanders, 1992-02-01
  14. Basic Judaism for Young People: Israel (Basic Judaism for Young People Vol. 1) by Cynthia F. Reich, Naomi E. Pasachoff, et all 1996-10

121. Judaism
The religion of judaism cannot be separated from the history of its people. Traditional judaism does not accept reincarnation, but there is some belief
The religion of Judaism cannot be separated from the history of its people. The founder was the first great Jewish prophet, Abraham (who some books mention was ascended master El Morya). Abraham's teacher was the great spiritual master, Melchizedek. The two greatest prophets of the Jewish religion were Abraham and Moses (who was Zoroaster). The God of Abraham was called El Shaddai. The God of Moses was called YHAH"I Am That I Am". In Hebrew this is pronounced Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. Transloators of the bible later changed it to Jehovah, which was not really an accurate translation. Another name for God was used in the Old Testament was Elohim. The Elohim are the creator Gods who helped God create the universe. Judaism is a strongly Earthed focused religion. It is more concerned with this life than the afterlife. The main focus is that of ethics and doing God's will. The heart of the Jewish religious is set down in the Torah, which is the five books of Moses. Jusaism also relies on the Talmud which sets down teachings, legends, and laws by which the Jewish people are to live. The cocnept of doing good deeds is called "mitzvah". Judaism sees man as having free will and being constantly faced with the choice bewteen good and evil.

122. Ohr Somayach - > Chopped Liver > / Chopped Liver
A cartoon with a different perspective traditional values on judaism. From Ohr Somayach.
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Ohr Somayach
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123. Torah Judaism And The State Of Israel
An ideological analysis of the position of Torah judaism in respect to Zionism and the State of Israel, originally published in 1961. Author Uriel Zimmer. Complete text online.
by Uriel Zimmer Jewish Post Publications

An ideological analysis of the position of Torah Judaism in respect to Zionism and the State of Israel
... Continue Index:

124. Judaism And Vegetarianism
judaism,vegetarianism,jewish,vegetarian,animals,diet,environment,health,animal rights,Postville,kosher,slaughter,cruelty.
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Why is it that many Jewish religious leaders advocate vegetarianism, including the late Chief Rabbi of Israel Shlomo Goren and the first Chief Rabbi of pre-state Israel Abraham Kook? Why is it that the former Chief Rabbi of Ireland David Rosen considers "the consumption of meat as halachically unacceptable"? The Torah is full of commandments demanding humane treatment of animals, yet the modern factory farms that produce over 90% of the animal products we consume today raise their animals in unconscionable conditions of abject misery. The Torah reflects great concern for the land, yet as the primary cause of water pollution, water use, topsoil erosion, destruction of the world's rainforest, and other environmental harms, animal agriculture takes a devastating toll on the planet. Jewish teachings emphasize the grave importance of protecting human health, yet the consumption of animal products in the United States is responsible for numerous diseases including heart disease, America's number one killer. Judaism places great concern on providing for the poor and the hungry, yet while 800 million people do not have enough food to sustain themselves, our carnivorous diets are at least ten times as wasteful of food resources as a vegetarian one.

125. B'or Ha'Torah - Jewish English-language Journal
For scientists, artists, teachers, philosophers, and students. judaism and science, evolution, Bible codes, Jewish medical ethics, the Jewish woman and modern life, quantum physics and Jewish Philosophy.
Search B'Or HaTorah
B'OR HA'TORAH is an English-language journal for wondering Jews, scientists, artists, teachers, and students. It examines personal and intellectual concerns through the microscope and telescope of the scientist; the algorithm of the mathematician; the discourse of the philosopher; the imagery of the artist, poet, and photographer; and the tested faith and learning of the Torah-observant Jew. New volume! B'OR HA'TORAH 15E
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  • Of the New Issue Of all Back issues of B'Or Ha'Torah
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  • Time, Space, and Consciousness
    by Professor Eliezer Zeiger
  • O rder B'OR HATORAH at the reduced price of $15 per copy. For any copies of B’OR HA’TORAH that you order, you pay only for Fifth copy free!
  • Click here to read the CALL FOR PAPERS for the Sixth Miami International Conference on Torah and Science Florida International University, Miami

126. Converting To Judaism
Introduction to judaism through the Internet. who chose to convert to judaism. (Ruth 11617). You shall love the convert . (Deuteronomy 1019)
"When a proselyte comes to be converted, one receives him with an open hand so as to bring him under the wings of the Divine Presence." (Leviticus Rabbah 2:9)
"Dearer to God than all of the Israelites who stood at Mount Sinai is the convert. Had the Israelites not witnessed the lightning, thunder, and quaking mountain, and had they not heard the sounds of the shofar, they would not have accepted the Torah. But the convert, who did not see or hear any of these things, surrendered to God and accepted the yoke of heaven. Can anyone be dearer to God than such a person?" Tanhuma (ed. Buber),
Lekh Lekha 6:32
"Beloved are proselytes by God, for the Bible everywhere uses the same epithet of them as of Israel" (Talmud, Gerim 4:3)
"Wherever you go, I will go. Wherever you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried" Ruth, a Moabite and the
great-grandmother of King David,
who chose to convert to Judaism.

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128. Netzarim, Restored 'Nazarene Jews' Of Israel
Firstcentury Nazarene Jews of Israel reconstructed in Orthodox judaism (leader is member on board Orthodox synagogue, Ra'anana, Israel), receptive to non-Jews. Tenakh, Talmud and Matthew only. Salvation by works. Yeshua was human Messiah.
Barukh ha-ba!
To the various attractions in
The 'Netzarim Quarter' Village of Yerushalayim Above:
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129. Judaism
Reform judaism a centenary perspective (Union of American Hebrew Congregations) Sacred cluster the core vales of Conservative judaism (Ismar Schorsch)
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130. Orthodox Anti-Zionism
Short article on the religious basis of opposition to Zionism within ultraOrthodox judaism.
Orthodox Anti-Zionism
Rabbi Amram Blau Until the Nazi Holocaust, much of the Orthodoxy was antagonistic to the Zionist aspiration of establishing a national home for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. In large measure this opposition was less to Zionism itself than to the Zionists, for most of the Zionist activists were secularists who rejected the traditional authority of the Rabbis in favour of "foreign" ideologies such as socialism and nationalism. Zionism constituted a serious threat to the traditional religious power structure. The issue was felt more urgently in Palestine itself, where the "old Yishuv " (settlement) A Scene from the "Old Yishuv lived unproductively off the donations of Diaspora Jews, whereas the Zionist settlers were calling for the Jews to be self-supporting and to involve themselves in economically productive manual labour. As a theological justification for their position, they cite various Rabbinic traditions that forbid the hastening of the Redemption. The most intransigent and extreme of the Orthodox anti-Zionist parties is the Naturei Karta movement, a small but vocal organization that broke off from

131. Judaism
Natural law and judaism the case of Maimonides. (judaism A Quarterly Journal of Jewish Life and Thought). Thinking about American Reform judaism.
in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
Daily Almanac for
Sep 7, 2005

132. The Jewish Theological Seminary
Theological seminary for Conservative judaism. Includes access to an extensive library catalog.
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... A Trip Down Memory Lane With the Eternal Light Radio Series

133. Judaism, Jewish Holidays, Passover Bar Bat Mitzvah.
Join an online Jewish community with news and information on judaism and Israel at Virtual Jerusalem, your new home on the web.

134. MavenSearch - Jewish Web Directory And Search Engine
About judaism offers a wellresearched and annotated list of recommended websites on a variety of Jewish topics, quality articles on everything from Jewish

135. With Israel Shahak’s Death, A Prophetic Voice Is Stilled
Eulogizes a man of courage and conviction, born in a Polish ghetto, died in Jerusalem, who blazed a scholarly trail with radical writings on the reactionary character of Zionism and Talmudic judaism.
Archives 1982-1999
breadCrumbs("",">","index.htm","None","None","None","0"); October 2001, page 71 Israel and Judaism
By Allan C. Brownfeld This writer first met Israel Shahak on a visit to Jerusalem in 1973. We kept in contact ever since, meeting when he visited the United States. He wrote a number of very thoughtful articles for Issues, a journal which I edit. In many ways, Shahak was a victim of history who tried to learn from his own experience and apply what he learned to others. A Holocaust survivor, he preferred to emphasize his opposition to racism and oppression in any form and in any country. After being liberated from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945, Shahak and his mother emigrated to British Mandate Palestine. He went on to have a distinguished career as a professor of chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was repeatedly voted as the most admired teacher by students. While American newspapers, both Jewish and general, completely ignored the death of Israel Shahak, a July 6 obituary in

136. Judaism
Several articles on judaism, Jews and Jewish Beliefs. A source of information for deeper understanding of religious subjects.
General Information Moses initiated Judaism about 1600 BC. The religion and culture of the Jewish people. Jewish civilization includes historical, social, and political dimensions in addition to the religious. The word "Judaism" derives from the Greek Ioudaismos, a term first used in the intertestamental period by Greek speaking Jews to distinguish their religion from hellenism (see 2 Macc. 2:21; 8:1; 14:38). In the NT the word appears twice (Gal. 1:13 - 14) in reference to Paul's prior consuming devotion to Jewish faith and life.
Hebrew religion began to give rise to Judaism after the destruction of the temple and the exile of Judah in 586 BC. The term "Jew," in its biblical use, is almost exclusively postexilic. The Jewish religion of the biblical period evolved through such historical stages as the intertestamental, rabbinic, and medieval to the modern period of the nineteenth century with Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Judaism. Along the way Jewish religion took on new teachings and practices. But with the lengthy development of Judaism and its many changes it is incorrect to posit, as some have done, that Jewish history produced two separate religions: an OT religion of Israel and the postexilic religion of Judaism. Despite the shifting phases of its history, the essence of the religious teaching of Judaism has remained remarkably constant, firmly rooted in the Hebrew Scriptures (OT). Judaism is a religion of ethical monotheism. For centuries many Jews have sought to distill its essential features from one biblical verse that calls Israel "to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God" (Mic. 6:8).

137. United Synagogue Of Conservative Judaism - Synagogues
A listing of synagogues affiliated with the USCJ.

138. Judaism FAQs
judaism FAQs and information. Welcome to the judaism FAQs home page! This is a place for both Jews and gentiles to learn more about Jewish theology and
var nEditorialCatId = 277; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: document.write(' Groups Groups Home My Groups Language ... Help Judaism FAQs What's New Join Now Message Board Pictures ... Recommend This Group to a Friend Welcome to the Judaism FAQs home page! This is a place for both Jews and gentiles to learn more about Jewish theology and philosophy. It also is the home of the . Just click on any of the links below to bring you to the desired section. Please feel free to join this website as a member and post on the message board, or e-mail me to say "Hi". Note that due to massive incomptence and irresponsibility from the Microsoft Corporation, this website is not properly functioning. Many of the weblinks are down, and cannot be repaired. Some parts of the website are undergoin what repairs I can make, as you read this. Sometime in the next few months I will be forced to move this website to another server, as the Microsoft Corporation has proven itself unrelibale. (This is also true of many other people's websites on MSN communities.) Jewish principles of faith The Jewish denominations Jewish views of God Revelation and Torah How does God communicate with mankind? In what way is the Torah divine?

139. Page Not Found
Nazarene judaism Congregation of Redding, Pa. Books, Articles, Audio and Email Teachings of Rabbi Mikhae'l Calpino. Member of Messianic Israel Association.
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140. Judaism Index
Subject soc.culture.jewish FAQ Observance, Marriage, Women in judaism (4/12 Subject judaism Reading List Antisemitism and Christian Relations (Pt. X
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