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         Judaism:     more books (100)
  1. The Wisdom of Judaism: An Introduction to the Values of the Talmud by Dov Peretz Elkins, 2007-03-08
  2. Symbols of Judaism (Beliefs Symbols) by Marc-Alain Ouaknin, 2000-09
  3. Judaism: The Basics by Jacob Neusner, 2006-09-19
  4. The Messianic Idea in Judaism: And Other Essays on Jewish Spirituality by Gershom Scholem, 1995-05-10
  5. Conservative Judaism: The New Century by Neil Gillman, 1993-07-01
  6. Judaism: History, Belief and Practice by Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Dan Cohn Sherbok, 2003-06-25
  7. Facing Illness, Finding God: How Judaism Can Help You and Caregivers Cope When Body or Spirit Fails by Joseph B. Meszler, 2010-03
  8. Basic Judaism for Young People: Torah (Basic Judaism for Young People Vol. 2) by Cynthia F. Reich, Naomi E. Pasachoff, et all 1996-10-01
  9. Introduction to Second Temple Judaism: History and Religion of the Jews in the Time of Nehemiah, the Maccabees, Hillel, and Jesus by Lester L. Grabbe, 2010-08-10
  10. Judaism and Hellenism: Studies in Their Encounter in Palestine During the Early Hellenistic Period by Martin Hengel, 2003-03
  11. Everything Is God: The Radical Path of Nondual Judaism by Jay Michaelson, 2009-10-13
  12. Conversion to Judaism: A Guidebook by Lawrence J. Epstein, 1994-07-01
  13. Judaism and the Challenges of Modern Life (The Kogod Library of Judaic Studies) by Moshe Halbertal, Donniel Hartman, 2007-12-11
  14. Judaism and Justice: The Jewish Passion to Repair the World by Sidney Schwarz, 2008-03-10

41. Home Page
A volunteer organization which, in the spirit of judaism, is dedicated to the furthering of human welfare in the Jewish communities locally, nationally and internationally.

42. Women In Judaism: Multidisciplinary Journal
Women In judaism A Multidisciplinary Journal, Contemporary Writings, and Encyclopedia Project.
Sorry, but you must have a frames capable browser to view the Women in Judaism . You can download one from or from Microsoft

43. The Jews Of Japan
Article by Daniel Ari Kapner and Stephen Levine about the history of judaism in Japan. Offers account of fascination with judaism, Jews in Japanese thinking, Holocaust, haven for refugees, and local community details.
Jerusalem Letter
No. 425 24 Adar I 5760 / 1 March 2000
Daniel Ari Kapner and Stephen Levine
Jews in Japan / Origins: Nagasaki and Yokohama / Kobe and Tokyo / Japan: A Haven for Refugees / Japan and the Holocaust / Jews in Japanese Thinking / Japanese Fascination with Judaism and Israel / The Future of Jewish Life in Japan
Jews in Japan
No one - apart perhaps from a few Japanese who see themselves as descendants of one of the lost tribes of Israel - would think of Japan as in any sense a Jewish homeland. Yet among the many shrines and temples, Shinto and Buddhist, there stand occasional monuments to Jewish commitment and endeavor. As ever, this is part of a heritage in which hope and despair, longing and sacrifice, war and struggle, have all been mingled together. Certainly this is true of Tokyo, whose Jewish community rose improbably out of the ashes of Allied victory. Probably there were more Jews in Japan during the postwar American Occupation than at any other time in the country's long history. Although the Occupation ended in 1952, an American military presence persists, with armed forces based in Okinawa as well as at other facilities. As a result, American Jews, both men and women, remain in Japan, able to take part in Jewish life if they wish to do so. At Yokosuka naval base near Tokyo, for instance, there is a small "chapel," complete with Torah scroll, which is used on the High Holy Days and on other occasions. It would not be surprising if on these days the number of Jews worshiping at American military facilities were comparable to the numbers taking part in services at Japan's two synagogues, in the capital, Tokyo, and in western Japan (Kansai) in the port city of Kobe.

44. Judaism - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
To turn from these beliefs is to deny God and the essence of judaism. According to Orthodox judaism and most religious Jews, the Biblical patriarch
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
For a discussion of Jews as an ethnicity or ethnic group see the article on Jew
Judaism is the religious culture of the Jewish people. It is one of the first recorded monotheistic faiths and one of the oldest religious traditions still practiced today. The tenets and history of Judaism are the major part of the foundation of other Abrahamic religions , including Christianity and Islam . For all of these reasons, Judaism has been a major force in shaping the world. Jews and Judaism Jewish religion Judaism Jewish principles of faith Etymology of "Jew" Who is a Jew? Jewish leadership ... view or edit template
Judaism does not easily fit into common western categories, such as religion race ethnicity , or culture . This is because Jews understand Judaism in terms of its 4,000-year history. During this time, Jews have experienced

45. Jewish Community In Poland
Basic information about judaism and local Jewish organizations.

46. Orthodox Judaism - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Orthodox judaism formed in reaction to the creation of the Reform Movement of judaism. Many Orthodox Jews prefer to call their faith Torah judaism.
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Orthodox Judaism
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Jews and Judaism Jewish religion Judaism Jewish principles of faith ... Jewish denominations Orthodox Conservative Reform Reconstructionist Karaite ... view or edit template Orthodox Judaism is that stream of Judaism which adheres to a relatively strict interpretation and application of the laws and ethics first canonized in the Talmud (Oral Law) and later codified in the Shulkhan Arukh . It is governed by these works and all the Rabbinical commentary and further codification of them written throughout the last millenium. The role of Rabbi in Orthodox Judaism is to interpret and apply classical Rabbinical rulings and logic to any given question or situation. Orthodox Jews believe that the Torah, including both the Written Law and the Oral Law , was given directly from God to Moses and can never be altered or rejected in any way. There are other central Principles of Faith important, but not unique to, Orthodox Jews.

47. Union For Reform Judaism - Home
What is Reform judaism? Whats New on the Reform Web About the Union Congregations Ask the Rabbi Ask the Union Departments Calendar
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To the Reform Judaism Home Page

48. Adat Chaverim, Valley Congregation For Humanistic Judaism, San Fernando Valley,
Celebrating life cycle events, Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Adult and youth education offered.
About Us Education Calendar Newsletter ... Us Home Tzedakah
Adat Chaverim, Valley Congregation For Humanistic Judaism
San Fernando Valley, California
Affiliate of the nation-wide Society for Humanistic Judaism
email us at:
Welcome to Our Website!
"We Jewish Humanists have a unique perspective.
We seek to affirm, celebrate, and perpetuate
Jewish identity in our secular lives."
Our Big Summer Event and Fund Raiser ! Come to "Magic and a Touch of Italy" Click here for Map and Info. Click here to read the article in our newsletter
Come Celebrate the High Holidays with us! Click here for Information and Reservations. Hurry... don't be late! Our Children's Jewish Cultural School CLASSES FOR THE NEW YEAR START
IN SEPTEMBER Click here for info and to enroll Adat Chaverim
provides a warm, Humanistic Jewish experience through: Holiday Celebrations and Social Activities Child and Adult Educational Life-Cycle Ceremonies and Services Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

49. - Jewish Books, Judaica Gifts & Judaica Giftware, Jewish Religious I is an online store that provides a wide selection of all types of Judaica, Jewish gifts, Jewish books, Jewish ritual items and more.
Free Calendar of the Jewish People Poster!
Commemorating Rashi's 900th Yahrzeit


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50. Kol Shalom Homepage
Offers a nontheistic alternative in Jewish life. Includes membership information, event calendar, and children's programs.
Kol Shalom, Community for Humanistic Judaism
Portland, OR Home Calendar Membership Contact Us ... Useful Links
In the Spotlight
(see calendar for details)
Kol Shalom
Welcoming Social
July 17th
3:00 p.m.
10930 SW Walker Road
(see calendar Albert Einstein, The Humanist Welcome to Kol Shalom's web site. Humanistic Judaism is a nontheistic alternative in contemporary Jewish life. It was established by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine in 1963 in Detroit, Michigan. Humanistic Judaism embraces a human-centered philosophy that combines rational thinking with a celebration of Jewish culture and identity. Humanistic Jews value their Jewish identity and the aspects of Jewish culture that offer a genuine expression of their contemporary way of life. Humanistic Jewish communities celebrate Jewish holidays and life cycle events (such as weddings and bar and bat mitzvah) with inspirational ceremonies that draw upon but go beyond traditional literature. For more information email

51. - Jewish Children's Store
A collection of all the children s Jewish books, Judaica, giftware, gifts and ritual items available at
Free Calendar of the Jewish People Poster!
Commemorating Rashi's 900th Yahrzeit


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Metivta offers classes in Jewish meditation and spirituality.
Community News
Watch for regular updates on Metivta programs
Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man's website

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53. - Your Life, Your Judaism Welcome to, 3 Av 5765 / 8 August 2005 Torah reading Devarim (Shabbat Hazon). Weekly Email Over 120000 subscribers
3 Elul 5765 / 7 September 2005
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Israeli Idealism in Action
Sirens, Loud and Close Torah with Morrie #14: Family First My Second Chance at Life ... Family Parsha
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54. HAIKU U. By David M. Bader
Zen teachings and haiku poetry combining ancient eastern wisdom and timeless Jewish noodging.
In the sixteenth century, Zen monks in Japan developed the haiku, a poem of three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables. Now, in Haiku U.: From Aristotle to Zola, Great Books in 17 Syllables , David M. Bader has applied this ancient poetic form to the classics. Why spend weeks slogging through The Iliad when you can just read the haiku? From Homer to Milton to Lao Tzu, the great books are finally within reach of even the shortest attention spans. Avoid eyestrain and show off your literary prowess at cocktail parties with minimal prep time! The savings in shelf space alone make this book a wise investment. It's the perfect gift for today's busy reader. Order a copy!

55. Plants And Judaism
Illustrated description of Seven Kinds of plants with which the Land of Israel has been blessed.
The Department of Plant Sciences
Plants and Judaism
The Seven Kinds with which the Land of Israel has been blessed
The Land of Israel has been blessed with seven kinds of cereals and fruits, that during certain periods in history brought wealth and prosperity to the population, and during others just served its sustenance.
The bible describes the country as follows:
A land of wheat, and barley, and vines, and fig trees, and pomegranates; a land of oil olive, and honey (meaning here dates) [Deuteronomy 8:8] The phrase became associated with fertility, luck and good fortune. The plants mentioned in it are: Triticum aestivum Linnaeus and Triticum durum Desfontaines, Hordeum vulgare Linnaeus, Vitis vinifera Linnaeus, Ficus carica Linnaeus, Punica granatum Linnaeus, Olea europea Linnaeus and Phoenix dactylifera Linnaeus, respectively.
Many of these crops were domesticated in the "Fertile Crescent", presently the area stretching from Iraq, through Turkey-Syria-Lebanon, Israel to Egypt.
In Israel, situated at the central part of this region, these crops have thus been cultivated since ancient times. Scientific studies aiming at improving some of them presently take place in the Institution for Cereal Crops Improvement , associated with the Department of Botany.

56. Synagogue Emanu-El
Calendar, services, and overview of this Jewish Congregation affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative judaism; located West Ashley.
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Welcome to Synagogue Emanu-El
Welcome to Synagogue Emanu-El. The Jewish community of Charleston dates back to at least 1695 and in colonial times was the largest Jewish community in the country. Emanu-El was the first Conservative congregation in South Carolina. Our synagogue celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1997 and has been located at our current address since 1980. We offer Shabbat, festival, and daily services. Our worship is egalitarian and we encourage our youth to participate in leading our services. We offer special holiday programming for families, a seniors group, and monthly minyan breakfasts and shabbat dinners, as well as ongoing adult education programs: Hebrew classes, Bible study, Basic Judaism, and a weekly discussion on a Jewish text at Lunch and Learn. Holiday events include our Torah Roll at Simchat Torah, our annual Tu B’Shvat Seder, and a fun-filled Megillah reading on Purim. Synagogue Emanu-El tries to provide a sense of extended family in times of joy and sorrow. We are available for all the rites of passage throughout the entire life cycle. Our cemetery and bereavement committees are there in time of need as well. We are always glad to welcome questions about our tradition or for the opportunity to be a sounding board and a listening ear in times of need.

57. Anshe Emet Synagogue Homepage
Conservative, egalitarian synagogue in the Lakeview neighborhood, and is a member of The United Synagogue of Conservative judaism.
Contact Anshe Emet Synagogue Anshe Emet Synagogue
3751 North Broadway, Chicago, Illinois 60613
Click here for
Office Hours Upcoming Events Social Action Group looks for Maot Chitim volunteers
Anshe Emet Live Friday
September 16, 7:15 p.m.
Sason goes to Klezmerbluegrass

got shabbat?
presents Got Rosh Hashanah?
YAD Havdallah on The Lake
High Holidays High Holy days children/youth programs
(pdf) Membership and High Holy Days Information (pdf) High Holy Days Schedule Online Services Shabbat Services Daily Services Candle Lighting Times Education CFJE to offer adult language classes Adult Education News - Fall semseter begins September 12. Online registration form and course description and schedule are available online.

58. 4 Elul 5765 - OU.ORG - Your Gateway To The Jewish Internet - Torah, Jerusalem, I
Israel Diaspora Message Board, Jewish Action, Jewish Ethicist, Jewish History, judaism 101, Luach and Limud, Mesorah Torah Journal, Mikvah Dir.
Thursday, September 8, 2005 - 4 Elul 5765
Parshat Shoftim Candle Lighting Times Shabbat Shalom
O U R A D I O . O R G

Tefillah and the Siddur HaTefillah
Rabbi Weinreb discusses Prayer and the Prayer Book. Every Thursday at pm (EST) Take 5 for Torah
Hear practical and meaningful five minute Divrei Torah
featuring OU member shul Rabbis from across North America. Daf Yomi
Daily audio shiur
by the OU's Rabbi Moshe Elefant. Click on the Daf below.
Torah OU Torah Insights OU Torah Tidbits Thinking Aloud Grunfeld's Daf Yomi ... Luach and Limud Learn Torah! Torah Insights OU Torah Tidbits R' Yaacov Haber Kollel Eretz Hemdah Zomet Torah Lab R' Shlomo Riskin R' Rafael Grossman R' Mordechai Elon R' Berel Wein R' Zev Leff R' Avi Weiss R' Avrohom Gordimer Torah from the Heights JCT - Machon Lev Tanach Study Center R' Yosef Edelstein Yeshivat Har Etzion -Weekly Sicha -Intro to Parasha -Parasha Shiur Project Genesis -R' Yissocher Frand -R' Yaakov Bernstein -R' M. Kamenetzky

59. Shaarey Tefilah Home Page
Congregation affiliated with the Union for Traditional judaism. Services, events, classes, tefilagram, and Megilah project detailed.
Shaarey Tefilah
785 West 16th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1S8
Friday Night Services Candle Lighting Saturday Services 9:00 am Check the Eruv ABOUT SERVICES EVENTS ... LINKS
Latest News:
September/Elul Schedule Saturday, September 10 (weekly): Talmudic Takes on the Parasha 9:15-9:45 am. Saturday, September 10: Women's Shiur (last one of the season) with Rebbetzn Meira Orenstein at the Pachts (1127 Wolfe) Sunday, September 11th: Women's Tea hosted by Rebbetzn Meira Orenstein at 913 W. 14th Ave. Friday, September 16th: Welcome Back Barbecue and Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30 pm at 913 W. 14th Ave. Saturday, September 17th: Bet Halochem: Israeli War Veterans with Disabilities Shabbat Kiddush. Sunday, September 18th: Soccer Match vs. Beth Hamidrash 4 pm at Jericho beach (weather permitting). Monday, September 19th (Weekly): What's Bothering Rashi? 8 pm at Schara Tzedeck. Saturday, September 24th Film: "Defending Your Life" (8:30 pm) before refreshments and Selichot Service. Sunday, September 25th: High Holiday Preparation Workshop: Teshuva, steps 4 and 10

60. Judaism 101 - A Comprehensive Information Base Of Basic Jewish Terms, Concepts A
judaism 101 A Comprehensive Information Base of Basic Jewish Terms, Concepts and Practices Welcome to judaism 101 A place where every Jew can feel at home
Welcome to Judaism 101
A place where every Jew can feel at home We have designed this comprehensive information base of basic Jewish terms, concepts and practices in the hope that everyone, no matter their nationality, faith or personal creed, will find these pages helpful, informative, and spiritually uplifting. If there is anything that you feel should be included and is not, please don't hesitate to email us and we will be happy to consider your suggestion. Resources Prayers

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