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         Freemasonry:     more books (100)
  1. The Symbolism of Freemasonry by Albert G. Mackey, 2010-03-07
  2. The Principles of Masonic Law A Treatise on the Constitutional Laws, Usages and Landmarks of Freemasonry by Albert G. Mackey, 2009-10-04
  3. Masonic Enlightenment - The Philosophy, History and Wisdom of Freemasonry
  4. The Lost Keys of Freemasonry (Also Includes: Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians / Masonic Orders of Fraternity) by Manly P. Hall, 2006-08-17
  5. The Origins of Freemasonry: Scotland's Century, 1590 to 1710 by David Stevenson, 1990-09-28
  6. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Freemasonry by S. Brent Morris, 2006-05-02
  7. Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry by John J Robinson, 2009-09-25
  8. Freemasonry: A Journey Through Ritual and Symbol (Art & Imagination) by W. Kirk MacNulty, 1991-09
  9. Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences Comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences and Literature as Connected with the Institution by Albert G. Mackey, 1917
  10. Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by Albert Pike, 1950
  11. Freemasonry: Rituals, Symbols & History of the Secret Society by Mark Stavish, 2007-09-08
  12. A Dictionary of Freemasonry by Robert Macoy, 2000-10-03
  13. The Masonic Myth: Unlocking the Truth About the Symbols, the Secret Rites, and the History of Freemasonry by Jay Kinney, 2009-09-01
  14. AFRICAN ORIGINS OF FREEMASONRY: Treatise of the Ancient Grand Lodge of Khamet by 90º, Zachary P. Gremillion, 2005-02-14

1. E-Mason - The Philalethes Portal
freemasonry in Costa Rica freemasonry in Cuba freemasonry in Honduras OES in North Dakota Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ontario
E-Mason - The Philalethes Portal
To Reach Any Of These Sites Just Click The Link
Welcome Wall Messages For Masons
MSANA Katrina Hurricane Relief
The Philalethes Society
Cercle de Grasse Tilly ... Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ontario Our Recommended Commercial Sites Linshaw Enterprises Inc . [Masonic Software] Macoy Publishing Masonic Books Masonic Book Publishing Masonic Gifts and Books ... Windsor County Masonic War Memorial Individuals Sites Nelson King - Editor The Philalethes
Joseph A. Walkes Jr.

Errol Feldman

Edward L. King's - Anti-Masonry: Points of View
Masonic Matters
Lodge Sites Cave Spring Masonic Lodge No. 230 of Virginia
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2. FREEMASONS For FREEMASONRY - PS Review Of Freemasonry Made By Freemasons
Magazine by Freemasons for Freemasons. Related articles, papers and books online, together with CD and book reviews and Masonic world news headlines.
FREEMASONS for FREEMASONRY - PS Review of Freemasonry. The Masonic magazine made by Freemasons.
Read history of Freemasonry, Masonic rituals, symbols of Freemasonry. Papers and books written by Masonic scholars about the Brotherhood of Freemasons. Updated information and Anti-Masonry watch. Listen Masonic music for Lodge and Chapter. Discover why Free Masonry is not a secret society. The number one source of Masonic education on the net, a veritable Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and a comprehensive tool for Freemasons looking for more light. Welcome Brethren to the premier independent online Masonic magazine.
PS Review of Freemasonry publishes only articles, papers and books written by Master Masons members of a Regular Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons and therefore on the rolls of a Grand Lodge recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England, by a Grand Lodge of the United States of America including MW Prince Hall Grand Lodges or by the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy. The number one source of Masonic Education on the net allows you to be more acquainted on the Origin of Freemasonry and the Freemasons History as far as on the Ritual performed in a Masonic Lodge and the Degrees of Freemasonry. On this site curious non-masons can find out the real secret life of the Freemasons as far as the Freemasons secret. This Masonic site is readable free.

3. The Mafia And Freemasonry
Theories on the relationship between the Italian Mafia and Massoneria.
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3rd° Tour Site Index Freemasonry Watch News ... Links
The Mafia and Freemasonry
Grand Master Guiseppi Mazzini 33°
Founder of Italian Freemasonry
Revolutionary Terrorist Leader
Sicilian Gangster
Mafia Founder
Mazzini Authorizes Thefts, Arson, Poisoning.
Mazzini Autorizza Furti, Incendi, Avvelenamenti.
Andrew Varna World Underworld , Page 58 Museum Press London, 1957 'A Web of Favoritism and Corruption' Brother, foot to foot teaches you that you should, whenever asked, go on a brother's errand, if within the length of your cable-tow, even if you should have to go barefoot and bareheaded. Knee to knee, that you should always remember a Master Mason in your devotions to Almighty God. Breast to breast, that you should keep the Master Mason's secrets, when given to you in charge as such, as secure and inviolable in your breast as they were in his own before communicated to you. Hand to back, that you should support a Master Mason behind his back as before his face. Mouth to ear, that you should support his good name as well behind his back as before his face. 'The Five Points of Fellowship' Master Master Initiation Ritual You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons...and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him...It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations.

4. FREEMASONRY TODAY - The Independent Voice Of Freemasonry
Quarterly magazine for everyone with an interest in freemasonry.
Peace cannot be kept by force it can only be achieved by understanding. Stop the American / Israeli TERRORISM against innocent Muslims and against the whole world. Free Palestine! Free Iraq! Free Afghanistan! STOP THE PAIN! by AfricaShikari

5. Masonic Music, The Music Of Freemasonry
Masonic influences on Classical music, and music in the Lodge Notes, MIDI samples, and facsimile pages.

"We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail."

George W. Bush 9/20/01

God Bless the United States of America!
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6. Freemasonry In Jersey
Calendar of events, background, history and links to other Orders.
Freemasonry in Jersey
Welcome to the Province of Jersey website. This site was the first Provincial site to be established with the approval of the United Grand Lodge of England. Within its pages you will find information about Freemasonry in general, and the Province of Jersey in particular. It details what happened during the Occupation of the island during the Second World War and how the Masonic Temple in St.Helier was completely ransacked. It is our hope that the Freemason and the curious alike will find the site to be of interest.
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7. Freemasonry - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Discusses many aspects of and the history of freemasonry.

8. A Page About Freemasonry
The oldest Masonic website in the world. Information about freemasonry for bothmembers and curious non-members. A Guestbook, History, pointers to other
Welcome to... Now serving number
...A page about Freemasonry
(est. October 1994 the World's Oldest Masonic Web-site)
"...the Network, by the intimate connection
of its several parts, denotes Unity."
Notice: The webmaster of this site is in immediate need of gainful employment, if possible in the Boston, MA area. Please see my resume or c.v. for further details. You've found a place to learn about Masonry . Have a look around. What's New? The URL for this page is
Please give it in that form when referring to this web-site. Exhibit: "Freemasons in American Community" continues at the National Heritage Museum
New Book
by NHM curator Mark Tabbert SUBMIT your Masonic web-site!
  • Inside The Masons Clever idea! Lodgedates "Create a personal masonic diary of all your meetings" The 2004 Prestonian Lecture: A new look at early Masonry LINKS: to Masonic web-sites around the world A letter to the new Mason's lady One Day Classes: Various opinions
    You can do something!
  • 9. Anti-Masonry Points Of View
    Analyzes objections to and provides information about freemasonry. Counters opposing views to freemasonry.

    10. A Page About Freemasonry: The Correct URL Is...
    Square Compasses. Please note the correct URL for this site ishttp// Please notify the maintainer of any pages that
    Please note...
    ...the correct URL for this site is Please notify the maintainer of any pages that use any other version. If you wait, you will be automatically taken to the correct site in just a few seconds.

    11. Paul M. Bessel's Homepage
    Several hundred articles of research on many issues affecting modern freemasonry. Historical research papers and links.
    Welcome to my website! Click on the buttons above or the "url's" below to "navigate" through my website to items of interest, or use the index of webpages at my website. To get to the index of this entire website, click on the following: Index of Paul M. Bessel's website Search engine for Paul M. Bessel's website Masonic information on Paul M. Bessel's website Other information of interest to Paul M. Bessel If you want to send email to Paul M. Bessel about any subject, please click on the following email address and you'll be taken to a screen where you can type any email message to me. Please click here - - to get to some " search engines " that will help you find any subject on my website. If anyone wants to make a link to this website from any other website, please feel free to do so. This webpage was updated November 09, 2004

    12. Masonic Service Association Of NA Home
    Masonic Information Center to provide information on freemasonry to Masons and non-Masons alike and to respond to critics of freemasonry.

    13. Centre For Research Into Freemasonry
    A project of the University of Sheffield (UK) and the Humanities Research Institute that will create bibliographies, guides to research, as well as run an active public programme of lectures, seminars and conferences, and develop its own largescale research projects.

    EM@son Links freemasonry In Bolivia. freemasonry in Costa Rica freemasonry In Bolivia. freemasonry in Costa Rica. freemasonry in Cuba

    15. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Masonry (Freemasonry)
    An overview of freemasonry and description of its condemnation by the Catholic Church.
    Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... M > Masonry (Freemasonry) A B C D ... Z
    Masonry (Freemasonry)
    The subject is treated under the following heads: I. Name and Definition;
    II. Origin and Early History;

    III. Fundamental Principles and Spirit;

    IV. Propagation and Evolution;
    VIII. Action of State and Church.
    Leaving aside various fanciful derivations we may trace the word mason to the French (Latin matio or machio ), "a builder of walls" or "a stone-cutter" (cf. German Steinmetz , from metzen , "to cut"; and Dutch vrijmetselaar The compound term Freemason occurs first in 1375 according to a recently found writing, even prior to 1155 [1] and, contrary to Gould [2] means primarily a mason of superior skill, though later it also designated one who enjoyed the freedom, or the privilege, of a trade guild . [3] In the former sense it is commonly derived from freestone-mason , a mason hewing or building in free (ornamental) stone in opposition to a rough (stone) mason. [4] This derivation, though harmonizing with the meaning of the term, seemed unsatisfactory to some scholars. Hence Speth proposed to interpret the word freemasons as referring to those masons claiming exemption from the control of local guilds of the towns, where they temporarily settled. [5] In accordance with this suggestion the "New English Dictionary of the Philological Society" (Oxford, 1898) favours the interpretation of

    16. Philalethes Society Home Page
    The oldest and largest international masonic research society in the world.Publishes a bimonthly magazine after its own name.
    Society Membership From the Magazine Dedication ... Masonic Leadership Course
    The Philalethes Society
    esearch has been an important part of Freemasonry since the operative days of the craft. The Regius Poem or Manuscipt or Halliwell Manuscript written about A.D. 1390 is an example. There have been many Research Lodges chartered, especially during this century. There have been, however, few research societies organized throughout the long existence of Freemasonry. Only one has been able to stand the test of time. This one is The Philalethes Society, an international association of Freemasons who seek light and those who have light to impart. It has been shedding light and truth since 1928. From the Preface of Seekers of Truth
    by Allen E. Roberts ( see Web Site Dedication
    The name of the Society is pronounced "fill a (as in a-bate) lay thees" with the accent on the third syllable lay. It is derived from two Greek words, philos and alethes. It means lover of truth.

    17. Devil In Freemasonry - Is Freemasonry Satanic?
    An indictment of freemasonry based on fundamentalist Christian interpretations of Masonic symbolism and scripture.
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    18. FREEMASONRY TODAY - The Independent Voice Of Freemasonry
    freemasonry today, the independent magazine for everyone with an interest in freemasonry and 'secret' societies.

    19. Freemasonry Watch - Is The Devil In The Details?
    Freemason, Freemasons, freemasonry; freemasonry Watch provides comprehensiveanalysis and information about this Occult Secret Society.
    Topics covered on Freemasonry Watch
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    20. Freemasons Freemasonry Masonic Regalia Books Jewellery Masonic
    Masonic supplies, regalia, books, clothing, jewellery, cases, lodge furnishings and gifts.

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