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         Christian Science:     more books (99)
  1. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, 1971
  2. Christian Science Re-Explored by Margaret Laird C.S.B., 2010-09-16
  3. Student activities in life science for Christian schools: Teacher's edition by William S Pinkston, 1997
  4. Essentials of Food Science (Food Science Text Series) (Volume 0) by Vickie A. Vaclavik, Elizabeth W. Christian, 2007-11-30
  5. The Emergence of Christian Science in American Religious Life by Stephen Gottschalk, 1973-01-01
  6. Pretend You Don't See The Elephant: The Family Secrets And Silence of Christian Science by Carol-Ann Medina, 2005-10-05
  7. Blessings: Adventures of a Madcap Christian Scientist by Karen Molenaar Terrell, 2005-08-09
  8. Life Science for Christian Schools by Pinkston, Anderson, 1999-01-01
  9. Not Just Science: Questions Where Christian Faith and Natural Science Intersect
  10. The Religion That Kills: Christian Science: Abuse, Neglect, and Mind Control by Linda S. Kramer, 1999-11-22
  11. Information: The New Language of Science by Hans Christian von Baeyer, 2005-11-30
  12. Science and the Trinity: The Christian Encounter with Reality by John Polkinghorne F.R.S.K.B.E., 2006-06-15
  13. Science and Christian Tradition: Essays [ 1899 ] by Thomas Henry Huxley, 2009-08-10
  14. Evolution and Christian Faith: Reflections of an Evolutionary Biologist by Joan Roughgarden, 2006-08-01

21. Other Views The Independent, Christian Science Monitor
Other Views The Independent, christian science Monitor, Frankfurter Allgemeine International Herald Tribune THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 2005 Saudi rulers

In 1908, Mrs. Eddy founded The christian science Monitor, Over the years,christian science religious publications have provided thousands of accounts
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History of the Church:
Mrs. Eddy (as she is referred to by church members) was a student-associate of Quimby until his death in 1866. Her health initially improved under his care, but she later suffered a relapse. Shortly afterwards, she fell on an icy sidewalk and severely injured herself. Some did not expect her to survive. On what she believed to be her deathbed, she read one of Jesus' healings. She suddenly realized that healing comes not from internal bodily processes, or from the power of a person's mind, but from the Divine Mind, God. She was instantly cured! Mrs. Eddy withdrew from society for three years in order to concentrate on a deep search through the Bible and discover precisely how her healing had taken place. She wished to share this knowledge with others, and to give them the tools to take away sin and achieve health. Mrs. Eddy then wrote her main book, Science and Health , later called Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures . The book has since been published in 17 languages, and is available in English Braille, on audio cassette, CD, and in software packages.

23. - The Christian Science Worldwide Current Events
Calendar of christian science events around the world. Bible study resources. Online discussion forums. christian science classified ads. Links to

24. Christian Science - Christian Or Cult?
The movement known as christian science is a religion emphasizing divine christian science teaches that the Biblical concept of the Trinity suggests
Christian Science
Christian or Cult?*
The movement known as Christian Science is a religion "emphasizing divine healing as practiced by Jesus Christ." It is officially known as The Church of Christ, Scientist (CCS) (with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts), founded in 1879 by the much married Mary Baker Glover Patterson Eddy (1821-1910). It is one of the more sophisticated modern cults, attracting many intellectuals. Estimated membership was about 350,000 in the 1930s with approximately 2,500 branch churches, societies, and college organizations in more than 50 countries worldwide. Estimates suggest that membership has fallen to well under 100,000 at the present time. While the branches are democratic in government, they all conform to the rules laid down in Mary Baker Eddy's Manual of The Mother Church (1895); church affairs are now overseen by a self-perpetuating board of five people. Under the leadership of Board of Directors Chairman Virginia Harris, the CCS has embarked on an aggressive, multi-faceted marketing program designed to mainstream itself and to attract new members. For example, the CCS is finding new ways to promote itself in light of our society's current interest in self-awareness, spirituality, mind/body connections, alternative medicine, and women's issues. The CCS's weekly magazine has been redesigned to include quotes from New-Age proponent Oprah Winfrey. Church representatives are also turning up at medical conferences and other places.

25. Study: Iran Several Years From Nuclear Weapons |
Terrorism blog features news from worldwide news sources. Sign up for daily email updates.
WORLD USA COMMENTARY LEARNING ... Text Edition Search: Special Offer: Subscribe to the Monitor and get 32 issues FREE!


Asia Pacific
Global Issues

Also see:
Iraq in Transition

A daily update
World Stories:
for 09/08/2005
Egyptians vote in limited brush with democracy
Oil-for-food report urges reforms at UN French fast food caters to a new audience: Muslims Can Gaza now create a viable economy? ... more projects... Most-viewed stories: (for 09/06/05) In New Orleans, not everyone wants to be rescued Katrina resettling Gulf Coast For Bush, a test of political skill On Rue Dauphin, the fall and rise of law and order ... World posted September 7, 2005 at 12:00 p.m. Study: Iran several years from nuclear weapons British study says Tehran is at least five - more likely 10-15 - years away from having nukes. By Tom Regan A new study by the British International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) say that Iran is at least five years from being able to produce a nuclear weapon , but a more likely estimate is 10-15 years. The report comes a month after a US government National Intelligence Estimate said that Iran was at least 10 years from being able to produce nuclear weapons.

26. The Mary Baker Eddy Library For The Betterment Of Humanity - Main
View a collection of photographs of Mary Baker Eddy, from the earliest known (c. 1850 Daguerreotype) to one taken at Chestnut Hill on Mrs. Eddy's

Explores the teachings of christian science as originally taught and explainedby Mary Baker Eddy. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE
"...This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come."
Christian Science Mary Baker Eddy Weekly Lesson Reference Library Christian Science
Bible Lesson
September 5 - 11, 2005 Subject: SUBSTANCE E-Lessons
Click here
to receive the Lesson each week by e-mail.
Uplifting, Healing, Transfiguring

28. CSEC -- An Introduction To Christian Science
christian science is a religion of reason and revelation. Jesus demonstratedthe power of christian science to heal mortal minds and bodies.
CSEC Return Home After many years of seeking and searching for something higher and more worthy than life seemed to offer,
I was gradually led naturally and beautifully into Christian Science.
Its teaching answered all my questions concerning man and his relation to God and immediately satisfied the desire for something reasonable and logical, a truth that was tangible. Clarence Brooks
Erie, Pennsylvania SEARCH
An Introduction
"In the year 1866, I discovered the Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, and named my discovery Christian Science."
Mary Baker Eddy Based on Reason and Revelation

Christian Science is a religion of reason and revelation. In harmony with the Bible, it teaches that God is the only creator, and that all that He created is good. If this is true, it follows that sickness and evil, which are not good, can be no part of His creation. Mary Baker Eddy tells us:

29. The Christian Science Index Online - List Of Christian Science Information, Chri
Links to the Aequus Institute, to christian science churches, Reading Rooms, andpractitioners, and to publications relating to Bible study and Christian
The Christian Science Index
The Christian Science Index Mission Statement

Links to Christian Science Resources

Suggest a Christian Science Website
Spotlighted site: Aequus Institute
250 W. First Street, Suite 330, Claremont, CA 91711 (800) 441-1963
Aequus Institute has been a leading participant in successfully promoting the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy outside of the organized church. They have a phenomenally successful Hotel Placement Program for distribution of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, having distributed over 150,000 copies during 1995-1996. The fruitage from this program is inspiring. They have a number of publications available for purchase as well as one of the most significant study aids for the serious student - Journal Search CD-ROM.
The Christian Science Index Worldwide , P.O. Box 1168, Priest River, ID 83856-1168
Email Contact -
Mission Links Church Manual ... Contact Us

30. Christian Science Monitor - Learning
News feed of the newspaper's weekly coverage of education topics.
en-us Detailed coverage of education, published every Tuesday. Even in an era of standardized tests, state governments and others are adding mandatory subjects to schools. In the wake of Katrina, thousands of school-age evacuees have been welcomed to Texas schools. Campuses weigh the desire for openness against the need to protect personal data. The improved results across ethnic lines are being attributed to wider access to high-level courses. A week-long camp gives budding Gwen Stefanis a chance to refine their rock 'n' roll chops. Low-income students can attend private schools by working for corporate America once a week. But will they stay in school?

31. Christian Science
Statistics on US States with most christian science branches; US States withhighest concentration of christian science branches; US counties with most presents:
The Largest Christian Science Communities
Last updated 8 March 2000.
Historically, the Boston-based Church of Christ, Scientist (Christian Science), has been one of the most original religious movements to have originated on American soil. Its theological innovations and legal victories have had significant impact far beyond the confines of its own membership.
Note: The Church of Christ, Scientist, as per its founders instructions, does not release membership figures. Lists here are based on the numbers of congregations the organization reports.
Top 10 U.S. states with
highest concentrations of
Christian Science churches, 1990
Rank State Total State
Residents per
Christian Science
congregation Number of
Christian Science
congregations Vermont Wyoming Maine Oregon New Hampshire Montana Washington Idaho Massachusetts Wisconsin
Top 10 U.S. States with
most Christian Science branches, 1990
Rank State Number of branches Total State Residents per Christian Science congregation California New York Illinois Florida Texas Michigan Ohio Washington Massachusetts Pennsylvania States on both lists (Most Branches per Total State Resident and Highest Total Number of Branches): Washington and Massachusetts . (Boston, Massachusetts, of course, is the world headquarters of the Church of Christ, Scientist.)

32. Le Héraut De La Christian Science
Depuis plus de quatrevingts ans, Le H©raut de la christian science donne   ses lecteurs, dans le monde entier, offre des articles et des t©moignages de gu©rison, chaque num©ro comprend un r©pertoire des ©glises et des praticiens de la christian science parlant fran§ais.
L’assemblée annuelle 2005 : petit format, grand message L’assemblée annuelle de L’Église Mère qui a eu lieu le 6 juin 2005 à Boston, U.S.A., a probablement été l'une des plus courtes de l'histoire de L'Église du Christ, Scientiste. Mais elle a laissé une très forte impression. « C'était la meilleure à laquelle j'aie jamais assisté, et pourtant je suis venu à toutes ! » dit un Monsieur d'Arizona ayant visiblement dépassé l'âge de la retraite. « C'était incroyable de se sentir si proche les uns des autres, tout le monde était chaleureux », déclara une assistante venue d'Allemagne. « Depuis quelques années, je n’avais pas envie de venir à l’assemblée annuelle. Je suis content d'être venu aujourd'hui », dit un membre de Boston. La gratitude... et la lumière de la guérison Est-il essentiel d’être reconnaissant ? L’auteur de l’article a été guéri lorsqu’elle a pris conscience de l’importance de la gratitude. Disparition de l’hypertension Dans ce témoignage, l’auteur relate comment elle a été guérie de l’hypertension par la prière et pu ainsi exercer son métier d’enseignante. Apprendre à pardonner et Au secours d’une amie Ces deux courts récits mettent en scène deux enfants qui se sont appuyés sur la prière pour résoudre leurs problèmes.

33. Church Of Christ, Scientist
The official website of the Church of Christ, Scientist. Contains informationabout christian science and the Church s activities in Boston and worldwide.
Christian Science
Science and Health Mary Baker Eddy ... Member Area
Visit related sites: The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity The Christian Science Monitor Welcome
The Church of Christ, Scientist, is designed to make the healing and educational system known as Christian Science available and accessible to everyone. Christian Science enables us to understand our relationship to a loving God and our relationship to each other. This understanding improves our lives, our communities and the world. The complete explanation of Christian Science is contained in the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy
2005 Annual Meeting

Watch the webcast replay of Annual Meeting, held at The Mother Church in Boston on June 6, 2005.
About Christian Science

An introduction to
Science and Health and Mary Baker Eddy, with resources for

34. Ethical Investing |
Special section of the paper's web site with news articles and information on SRI.
Tools and Guides
Ethical investing Salary calculator Mutual Funds Quarterly - 2nd Qtr., 2005 50 largest US charities (PDF) Finance questions?
We're prepared to help you find answers.
Ethical Market Monitor
Performance of the
Domini Social Index 400 over the last 90 days.
Chart data by CSI
Most-viewed stories: (for 09/06/05) In New Orleans, not everyone wants to be rescued Katrina resettling Gulf Coast For Bush, a test of political skill On Rue Dauphin, the fall and rise of law and order ... California says 'no' to junk-food sales in schools Monthly outlook: August Stories on ethical investing Good deeds, real estate, and you You've got some options if you want to be 'socially responsible' while taking advantage of rising property values. A seal of approval for companies' social progress Independent social auditors seek out sweatshop-like scandals behind the glossy photos in annual reports. How to find companies that come clean quickly Shareholders can help shape an environment where key people feel safe to share corporate missteps. Who profits from rock-bottom pricing?

35. The Christian Science Journal
christian science versus PantheismPastor Mary Baker Eddy s message in opposition to Pantheism.

36. 1000-2000 A Thousand Years |
The electronic edition of the daily online newspaper, provides a comprehensive review of the past 1000 years of human culture and history.
If the logo above is animated, click here to enter '1000-2000 A Thousand Years'. [Flash plug-in required] If the logo above is not animated, the Flash plug-in is not installed. Click the 'Get Shockwave' button below to download the plug-in from Macromedia.

37. Commentary | Christian Science Monitor
The christian science Monitor s commentary section includes opinion articles,editorial pieces, regular columnists, letters to the editor, and the day s
WORLD USA COMMENTARY LEARNING ... Text Edition Search: Special Offer: Subscribe to the Monitor and get 32 issues FREE!

Letters to the Editor

Dante Chinni

Helena Cobban

Pat M. Holt

John Hughes
Jeffrey Shaffer

Features Columns:
2nd Chapters
Marilyn Gardner Economic Scene A Global Accounting ... staff Most-viewed stories: (for 09/06/05) In New Orleans, not everyone wants to be rescued Katrina resettling Gulf Coast For Bush, a test of political skill On Rue Dauphin, the fall and rise of law and order ... California says 'no' to junk-food sales in schools Top Commentary: Today's Cartoon: Previous Bennett cartoons Buy a classic Reprint/republish Fighting limits to heartfelt giving At both the UN and in Katrina aid, trust must be restored in official bodies to help assure US generosity. OPINION The Bolton backfire: Weaken UN, imperil Americans The World Summit next week is a crucial moment for US foreign relations. OPINION To Katrina's windbags: It's too soon for finger-pointing For now, focus on the tasks at hand - saving the living, burying the dead, restoring the rule of law. OPINION In Katrina's wake, Love's flood tides

38. Homepage: Cabal
An ecumenical christian science fiction and fantasy fan organization dedicated to good service and good humor.
Welcome to The Cabal's web server!
Sample some of our links below: Director of Information Warfare Consulting Sub Rosa Postfix Pyramid Magazine ... The Order of St. Chiros Okay, I know this is boring. Fine, fine, fine. I'll do something new by the end of March.

39. Women's Issues: Women Making History Today
christian science Monitor minisite about women making a difference in the world today.
More Stories: Work The Arts History Literature ... RSS FEATURED STORY:
Sara Hall rows on the Charles River in Cambridge, Mass., every morning. Ms. Hall took up the sport when she was in her early 40s. More and more women are pursuing sports for the first time - often after being inspired by their children.
Hitting their stride

Women realize it's not too late to have a crack at a sport they've always wanted to try.
Mexican women say '
' to booze

Indigenous women take a larger role in local politics and make serious inroads in community decisionmaking.
One fund's formula: put stock in women-run firms

Ingrid Dyott adds a twist to her socially responsible fund. AROUND THE WORLD: A bold move on women's rights Female Pakistani judge heads effort to change how laws affect women. RIGHTS: In one US city, life under a UN treaty on women San Francisco puts a unique twist on women's rights in America. AROUND THE WORLD: After 50-year fight, women get the gavel Bucking tradition, Egypt to name a woman judge. WORK: It's dirty work, and these women gotta do it

40. Christian Science --
Beliefnet is the leading multifaith website, providing information, provocativeessays and articles, online community and other interactive resources about
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Houses of Worship
Daily Offerings The Dalai Lama Prayer of the Day Spiritual Parenting Inspiration ... Swami Uptown More Bible Buddhist Hindu Muslim Torah Home Religions Christianity
"Christianity is the basis of true healing."
                      Mary Baker Eddy
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Join the Conversation in Beliefnet's Christian Science Community
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