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         Catholicism:     more books (99)
  1. Essays on Catholicism, Liberalism and Socialism: Considered in Their Fundamental Principles (1879 ) by Juan Donoso Cortes Marques de Valdegamas, 2010-02-17
  2. More Biblical Evidence for Catholicism: Companion to a Biblical Defense of Catholicism by Dave Armstrong, Scott Hahn, 2002-01
  3. Liberalism & Catholicism by Fr. Alfred Roussel, 1998-01-01
  4. An Immigrant Bishop: John England's Adaptation of Irish Catholicism to American Republicanism (Monograph series / United States Catholic Historical Society) by Patrick Carey, 1982-05
  5. American Catholicism (The Chicago History of American Civilization) by John Tracy Ellis, 1969-06-15
  6. Roman Catholicism (World Religions) by Steven Otfinoski, 2006-09
  7. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Catholicism: A complete guide to the history, philosophy and practice of Catholic Christianity with more than 500 beautiful ... (Illustrated Encyclopedia of...) by Reverend Ronald Creighton-Jobe, Mary Francis Budzik, et all 2009-11-25
  8. Faith Charts: Catholicism at a Glace by Raymond Cleaveland, 2006-08
  9. What You Need to Know About Roman Catholicism : Quick Reference Guide by James G. McCarthy, 1995-10-15
  10. Historical Dictionary of Catholicism by William J. Collinge, 1996-12-30
  11. Catholicism on Trial Series - Book 2 - The Bible Alone vs. The Catholic Mass - LIST PRICE REDUCED from $16.95.You SAVE 60% by Roger LeBlanc, 2009-06-10
  12. Roman Catholicism: The Basics by Michael Walsh, 2005-06-13
  13. Anti-Catholicism in American Culture by D. C.) Center for Media and Public Affairs (Washington, 2000-01
  14. Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on "Romanism" by "Bible Christians" by Karl Keating, 1988

101. But What About The Faith? Catholicism And Liberalism In Nineteenth Century Spain
by Patrick Foley. A retrospective look at the Carlist movement and its contributions to the battle for the soul of Spain in the tidal wake of the French Revolution.
, was destined to take control of the Spanish cortes and initiate an aggressive campaign against the Church. This second liberal siege against Catholicism between 1820 and 1823, featured not only the usual utilitarian and "enlightened" ministerial and parliamentary efforts to alter Spain's ecclesiastical institutional structure and economic base, but in the most extreme of the it introduced into that land a thrust toward secularization. During that three-year period, attacks against the Church reminiscent of the darkest days of the French Revolution were common. The Inquisition was once again abolished, the Jesuits were expelled for the second time, monastic orders were suppressed, and the size of religious communities was so severely restricted that many were forced to close. In their anxiousness to "modernize" Spain's ecclesiastical structure, the showed little appreciation for the sacral importance of the religious orders and congregations which they attacked. Again, in the name of reform, the - dominated Spanish cortes of 1822 prohibited any further ordinations to the priesthood until the cortes' own clerical changes were put into place.14 In early 1823 those ecclesiastical measures were implemented throughout Spain, with the organizational and economic modifications which they imposed upon the Church patterned after French revolutionary precedents. Diocesan and parochial boundaries were redrawn to conform more closely with the political map of Spain, the Church tithe was set aside, a special tax was created ostensibly to pay the salaries of the clergy and nuns, secularization of male and female religious communities was vigorously pursued, and papal authority in that formerly "safe" Roman Catholic stronghold was systematically ignored. Even though many liberal clergy supported the actions of the

102. Liberal Catholicism
An article on nineteenth century liberal catholicism from the Elwell Evangelical Dictionary.
Liberal Catholicism
Advanced Information A response by a minority of Catholic intellectuals to the French Revolution and nineteenth century European liberalism, liberal Catholicism may be seen as a chapter in the history of reform Catholicism which has long contended with the majority, conservative, and authoritarian tradition within Roman Catholicism. BELIEVE
web-site Our List of 1,000 Religious Subjects E-mail
In a daily newspaper, L'Avenir, with its motto "God and Liberty," Lamennais advanced his revolutionary program: freedom of conscience and religion (necessitating the abolition of concordats between the papacy and civil governments and the stopping both of state payment of clergy and of state intervention in the appointment of bishops); freedom (not a monopoly) for the church in education; liberty of the press; freedom of association; universal suffrage; and decentralization of government. C R F de Montalembert (1810 - 70), historian and publicist, entered the French Parliament in 1837, seeking to catholicize liberals and to liberalize Catholics. His greatest political victory was the passage in 1850 of the Falloux law, which allowed the development of a Catholic secondary education system independent of the state system. The commitment by liberal Catholics to education was accompanied by an emphasis on preaching, then unusual in the Roman Catholic Church. The greatest liberal Catholic preacher was the Dominican J B H Lacordaire (1802 - 61), who attracted vast crowds especially to his Lenten conferences at Notre Dame Cathedral, where his impassioned sermons combined the call for liberty in church and state with ultramontanism (centralization of papal authority in matters of church government and doctrine).

103. Catholic Religion FAQ
What role do seraphims have in catholicism? If one wanted to convert to catholicism, how would one do so? Historically, how did the Church justify its
Catholic religion
Catholic beliefs and customs
Index Social sciences Religions ... Catholicism
Prominent figures ...
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  • When was Catholicism established?
    Why does the Catholic Bible have different chapters than the King James version of the Bible?

    What role do seraphims have in Catholicism?

    If one wanted to convert to Catholicism, how would one do so?
  • When was Catholicism established?
  • (100%, 2 ratings) submitted by Ignatius B , 81%, 48 ratings), Mar 20, 05
    Pentecost is considered the birthday of the church because until that time they were afraid and in hiding. That would make the beginning of the Catholic Church in about 33 AD.
    During the early years, between 33 and about 107 the name Catholic (meaning "universal" in Greek) came into usage and has hung on ever since.
    The name is first used in a historical letter from Ignatius of Antioch who was both a disciple and a close friend of the apostle St.John, and who was bishop of the church in Antioch (Remember Antioch...where we were first called "Christians" in Acts 11:26). Ignatius was thrown to wild animals in Rome during the persecutions. After his arrest he wrote letters to a bunch of the churches, among them, one to the Smyrneans that we have copies of. Here is the relevent part: "CHAP. VIII.LET NOTHING BE DONE WITHOUT THE BISHOP.
    See that ye all follow the bishop, even as Christ Jesus does the Father, and the presbytery as ye would the apostles. Do ye also reverence the deacons, as those that carry out[through their office] the appointment of God. Let no man do anything connected with the Church without the bishop. Let that be deemed a proper(18) Eucharist, which is[administered] either by the bishop, or by one to whom he has entrusted it. Wherever the bishop shall appear, there let the multitude[of the people] also be; by the bishop, or by one to whom he has entrusted it. Wherever the bishop shall appear, there let the multitude[of the pe...
  • 104. Contender Ministries Apologetics, News, Forums, And Information For Christian Co
    Information on Unitarian Universalism, humanism, Islam, catholicism, freemasonry, and other groups. Also contains general apologetics and evangelism information, news resources, and forums.
    All Words Any Word RECOMMENDED READING LIST APOLOGETICS Christian Apologetics A Course in Miracles Bahai Buddhism ... Wicca Google Ads are automatically placed based on the content of the page in which they appear. We do not have the option of choosing which ads appear on the site. This can result in the appearance of Ads we do not endorse and with which we seriously disagree. We filter these ads as we find them, but this takes time. Your patience is appreciated. BIBLE PROPHECY A Beginning of Global Governance - #1 in a series Prophetic Signs that we are in the End Times The Earth Charter's Spiritual Agenda - #2 in a Series The New Age Influence at the United Nations - #3 in a Series ...
    Vote for Us! APOLOGETICS Answering Common Objections to the Doctrine of the Trinity The New World Translation: The Corrupt Bible of the Watchtower Society Alleged Contradictions in the Bible Answered Radiometric Dating, Carbon-14, and Evidence For a Young Earth (Offsite Link) Where Do You Get Your Authority? Examining the Priesthood and Apostolic Offices ... More Articles...

    105. Category:History Of Catholicism In Spain - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    A collection of open source Wikipedia articles on the history of the Catholic Church in Spain.
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    Category:History of Catholicism in Spain
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    106. Anthropology Of Catholicism Bilbliography
    A web page devoted to Roman catholicism is currently under construction. 1979 The Vodoun Way of Death Cultural Symbiosis of Roman catholicism and
    Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences The University of Alabama A nthropology of R oman C atholicism B ibliography 24-Aug-99 Michael Dean Murphy
    University of Alabama
    since 10-19-01 T his bibliography is compiled for use by students in "Myth, Ritual, and Magic" , an introduction to the anthropology of religion. The browser may also wish to consult the Web Jump Station for the Anthropology of Religion . A web page devoted to Roman Catholicism is currently under construction. P erhaps the greatest problem with this necessarily incomplete bibliography (apart from the fact that only entries in English are included) is that as yet the many ethnographic monographs that contain a chapter or two about Catholicism are not included. Anyone who wishes to contribute additions or suggestions for the bibliography is encouraged to submit them via email by clicking here Ackerman, Susan E. 1980 The Language of Religious Innovation: Spirit Possession and Exorcism in a Malaysian Catholic Pentecostal Movement. Journal of Anthropological Research 37:90-100. 1984 Experimentation and Renewal Among Malaysian Christians: The Charismatic Movement in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science 37:35-48.

    107. - "Leading Teens Closer To Christ"
    Interact with other teens. Includes Bible Geek, Teen Talk, interviews and studies on current topics. catholicism.
    Login Register About Us YM Login ... Activate Bible Geek Fr. J Olivia on Air Matt Real Teens Beach House Daily Devotional Wednesday, September 07, 2005
    First: Col 3:1-11
    Psalm: Ps 145:2-3, 10-11, 12-13ab
    Lk 6:20-26
    Read Today's Readings

    Random Fact:
    Ancient Egyptians shaved off their eyebrows to mourn the death of their cats.
    Random Act:
    Get organized.
    Reflect: When I was around 9 years old, I remember making a change in how I was living. It was time to give up my Superman bed sheets for something more “grown up.” It wasn’t easy. I moved on to the new “NFL” sheets and left Superman behind. Even though I was excited to now be sleeping on football sheets, it was hard leaving the “old self.” Today’s first reading (Col. 3), speaks of leaving the old self in a much bigger way than my childhood bed sheets. God is asking us to leave our old ways – those things that keep us from Him – and give ourselves completely to him. If we look at ourselves honestly, we need to change more than just our sheets! Quote of the Day: We must accept that this creative pulse within us is God's creative pulse itself." -Joseph Chilton Pearce

    108. Roman Catholicism
    Collection of essays connected with the experience of Catholics in Labrador and Newfoundland.

    109. Freemasonry And Catholicism, By Max Heindel, Part I Through VI
    catholicism is an activity of the HIERARCHS OF WATER, and places HOLY WATER at the Temple door to quench the spirits seeking light and knowledge and to
    Max Heindel
    P.O. BOX 713
    PART I
    The great law of analogy is everywhere the master key of all spiritual mysteries, and, although Masonry and Catholicism do not begin till we arrive at the Earth Period, they have their prototype in the earlier Periods; we shall therefore briefly touch upon the essential facts. In the Saturn Period, the Earth-in-the-making was dark; HEAT, which is the manifestation of the ever invisible fire, was the only element then manifest; embryonic mankind was mineral-like, the only lower kingdom of evolving life. Unity was everywhere observable, and the Lords of Mind who were human then, were at one among themselves. In the Western Wisdom Teaching we speak of the highest Initiate of the Saturn Period as THE FATHER.

    110. Catholicism In Nineteenth Century America
    A lecture that covers the rapid growth of the Catholic church and reactions from the Protestant majority.

    111. Roman Catholics
    By the end of the 1940s, Chicago catholicism was on the brink of changes that The social advancement that had accompanied Chicago catholicism since its
    Encyclopedia o f Chicago ... User's Guide Entries : Roman Catholics Entries R Roman Catholics Next Roman Catholics Brass Holy Water Font, 1752 There is probably no contemporary Catholic practice more revealing of its past and present than the (Way of the Cross), held each Good Friday in Pilsen since 1977. The procession begins in the shadow of the Dan Ryan Expressway at Providence of God Church, founded in 1900 as Chicago's second Lithuanian parish. Moving west on 18th Street, it passes St. Procopius, the city's third Bohemian parish, established in 1875. After re-enacting the Crucifixion and Death at Harrison Park, ends after services at St. Adalbert, Chicago's third Polish parish, formed in 1874. Pilsen Good Friday Parade, 1978 Their Polish, Czech , and Lithuanian predecessors would have had little trouble understanding the spiritual (and secular) concerns of the procession's participants: exploitation of undocumented workers; grinding poverty; drugs wreaking havoc on families; deportation;

    112. Christian Liberty - Apologetics, Doctrine, Church History, Etc.
    Articles on the evidence for Christianity, and criticizing skeptics, wrong doctrines, and Roman catholicism.
    "dead to sin, but alive to God" - Romans 6:11 Soli Deo Gloria Sola Gratia Sola Fide Sola Scriptura Long my imprisoned spirit lay, Fast bound in sin and nature's night; Thine eye diffused a quickening ray; I woke, the dungeon flamed with light; My chains fell off, my heart was free I rose, went forth, and followed Thee. (Charles Wesley, And Can It Be? About the Author of This Web Site (Jason Engwer) My Statement of Faith Do you have eternal life? Go to my links page for regularly updated links to other web sites. You can find me most days of the week on the New Testament Research Ministries web boards . I also post on the Real Clear Theology blog on weekends. Another Study Documents the Fact That American Universities are Highly Secular and Liberal (link to another web site) Every Sinner in the Dying Thief Easter and Scholarly Consensus Look at What MTV is Teaching Your Children (link to another web site) More Archeological Confirmation of the Old Testament (link to another web site) Former Atheist Antony Flew has Become a Deist: Read Gary Habermas' Interview with Him (link to another web site) Evidence for the Historicity of the Writings of Luke and Paul (link to another web site) Listen to J. Ligon Duncan Discuss Recent Challenges to the Evangelical View of Justification

    113. Welcome To Cephas Ministries - Cephas Files - Roman Catholicism
    The Spirit Of Roman catholicism What Lies Behind the Modern Public Image? There are 124 links exposing the errors of Roman catholicism on our page.
    Cephas Files: Roman Catholicism
    The Catholic Luther The Eucharist Catholicism The History of Catholic Mary ... The Turin Shroud
    The Shroud of Turin Declared a Fraud -Time Magazine Cover
    (unavailable now)
    THE Pope was recognised as the overall authority in the Christian world US Congress Resolution Favors Holy See Presence at UN 416 to 1
    The Pope's Vision Of
    Heaven on Earth ...
    What Ye Think Of Rome?
    click on: crj0185a
    The Pope Gets Medal of Honor - Mary Mother... and Savior? Pope Closes the Door, People Rush to get Forgiveness, Last Chance Cardinal's Message to Muslims Evangelicals and Catholics Together ? ... The Black Pope
    Mark of the Beast
    Whore of Babylon Revealed
    AntiChrist Slideshow
    Is salvation available only through the Catholic Church? Inquest into the Order of Malta Galatians Revisited ...on the eve of ECT-III ... The Vatican Billions
    (11 chapters) Is Alberto Rivera Real?

    114. The Nunnery As Menace The Burning Of The Charlestown Convent
    An article exploring nineteenth century anticatholicism in the light of the burning of the Ursuline Convent and school of Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1834.
    Boston: William Goddard, 1788). 3. quoted in Richard J. Purcell, "Father John Thayer of New England and Ireland," , XXXI (March, 1942), pp. 173, 181-82. 4. Carroll to Badin, Jan 30, 1801, , ed. by Thomas O'Brien Hanley (Notre Dame, Ind.: University of Notre Dame Press, 1976), II p. 346. 5. Lay sisters were members of the community who did the manual work of the community and did not teach or say the office in choir. 6. Elleanore C. Sullivan, (Baltimore: privately printed, 1975) p. 65. See also: Louis De Goesbriand, (Burlington: privately printed, 1886), pp. 89-91. 7. Sister M. Benedict Barber to Mrs. J. Russell, Jan. 22, 1836, Archives, Catholic University of America. 8. Mother St. Augustine O'Keeffe to Rev. F. Flynn, June 17, 1887. Known as Sister M. Austin in Boston and M. St. Augustine in New Orleans; she wrote this lengthy response to Louisa Goddard Whitney's (Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1877) at the request of Bishop J.A. Healy, transmitted through a Father Flynn. She dictated it to an "amanuensis," who was probably Sister Theresa Woulfe. Copy of holograph in Archives of Eastern Province, Order of St. Ursula. The letter was printed in U.S. Catholic Historical Society, IV (Oct.,[1906]), pp. 218-31; it is a slightly variant text. 9. James J. Kenneally

    115. H-Catholic Discussion Network
    HNet group devoted to promoting the discussion and study of the history and culture of the Roman Catholic Church. Offers archive, links to related resources, reviews, and subscription information.
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    Welcome to H-Catholic Catholicism in the early Transvaal Language and Papal Conclaves Catholic Social Teaching Catholic Historical Society of Washington ... Zogby Poll on Religion Reviewer: Bryan P. McGovern
    Author: John F. Quinn
    Title: Father Mathew's Crusade: Temperance in Nineteenth-Century Ireland and Irish America
    Reviewer: Kathleen L. Riley
    Author: David B. Woolner and Richard Kurial, eds
    Title: FDR, the Vatican, and the Catholic Church in America, 1933-1945
    Reviewer: Scott Brenon Caton Author: Fergus Kerr Title: After Aquinas: Versions of Thomism Social Sciences Online Send comments and questions to H-Catholic Editors
  • 116. Anti-Catholicism On The Net
    This page is devoted to identifying anticatholicism on the Web. Anti-catholicism (like anti-Semitism in some ways) is not easy to define.
    Anti-Catholicism on the Net You will know the truth,
    and the truth will make you free! Cognoscetis veritatem et veritas liberabit vos!
    What is anti-Catholicism?
    This page is devoted to identifying anti-Catholicism on the Web. Anti-Catholicism (like anti-Semitism in some ways) is not easy to define. I am often tempted to apply the "definition" of pornography advanced by Justice Stewart of the United States Supreme Court: "I can't define it, but I know it when I see it." My definition is drawn from the history of anti-Catholicism in America: I believe that modern anti-Catholicism continues (with some interesting variations) the religious themes of the Protestant Reformation and the secular (anti-clerical) themes of the Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment periods. In the United States these two strands became intertwined in nineteenth century Nativism, and they have continued (though attenuated) up to the present. Their presence on the Web simply reflects the fact that all kinds of ideas (mainstream and marginal) are now disseminated in this way. Anti-Catholic themes may be loosely categorized as follows:
  • attacking Catholicism as being un-Christian or a cult (in the pejorative and not the sociological sense);
    Arguments against atheism, evolution, nonChristian religions, Mormonism, catholicism and the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses.
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    Introduction Argument against Atheism Argument against Evolution ... Words of Encouragement
    "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ..." (Romans 1:16)
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    118. Religious Anti-Catholicism
    Religious anticatholicism is rooted in the Reformation, and was once an His anti-catholicism is amply demonstrated by his DVD, Is the Pope Catholic?
    Religious Anti-Catholicism
    Religious anti-Catholicism is rooted in the Reformation, and was once an acceptable part of most Protestant demoninations. Since the advent of the ecumenical movement afterWorld War II, and especially since Vatican II in the early 1960's, anti-Catholicism has either quietly faded or been explicitly dropped by the majority of Protestant churches. The people, churches and organizations listed below are very conservative Protestant Christians, with many (and possibly a majority) being fundamentalists, in the technical sense of adhering to the so-called five fundamentals. Another common (though not universal) feature is adherence to the belief that the King James Bible is the only acceptable English translation. (This link provides further information on fundamentalism .) They continue the traditional polemics of the Reformation and 19th century American Nativism, but they also incorporate ideas from secular anti-Catholicism. The number of sites which fall in this category continues to grow, and it is now almost impossible to document them all. Below I have retained all the sites which were part of my original web site, and I have added additional sites that I have found or which were suggested to me. Many of these sites contain links to additional sites not given; there is even a web-ring devoted to anti-catholicism.
  • Bible Challenge for Catholics
  • The webring itself only contains 27 members (as of 08/03/04), but they also list an additional 175 sites in their

    119. Volume 1 Gleason
    May not be reproduced electronically or mechanically without permission of Catholic Southwest. A number of years ago, I came across a passage from St. Augustine that seemed to me an ideal motto for a historian. Although I tacked it up before my desk and have always found it a source of inspiration, I have been delinquent in failing to share it with others. This occasion seems appropriate for repairing that omission. I 'wish, therefore, to recommend to the promoters of this journal, and to all those who will fill its pages in the future, these words of the great African saint and father of the Church: "Let our search then be such that we can be sure of finding, and let our finding be such that we go on searching." Augustine did not have history in mind when he wrote those lines. They occur, rather, in his treatise on the mystery of the Trinity; but the idea expressed is highly relevant to history. For as H.I. Marrou explains in quoting this passage, Augustine thought of the "mysteries" of faith as inexhaustible depths of spiritual richness, through which the soul could advance endlessly "from light to light, never arriving at its goal, but never ceasing to acquire more light." We historians, of course, work on a different level and make no claim to penetrate the mysteries of faith. But with searching and finding, and continuing to search, we are familiar enough. At times we do indeed "acquire more light;' and those of us interested in religious history deal with mysteries not unrelated to faith. By analogy, then, St. Augustine does speak to us, and I believe we ought to take his words to heart.

    120. Catholicism And Capitalism By Murray N. Rothbard
    Article by by the libertarian Murray Rothbard looking at the two encyclicals, Quadrigisimo Anno and Rerum Novarum.

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