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         Bahai:     more books (100)
  1. Portraits of Some Baha'i Women by O, Z Whitehead, 1996-07-02
  2. I Am Bahai (Religions of the World) by Ana Sage, 1999-08
  3. God Speaks Again: An Introduction to the Baha'i Faith by Kenneth E. Bowers, 2004-03-01
  4. The Baha'i Religion: A Short Introduction to Its History and Teachings by Peter Smith, 1988-09
  5. The pure in heart : historical development of the Baha'i faith in China, Southeast Asia, and Far East by Jimmy Ewe Huat Seow, 1992-06-11
  6. The Summons of the Lord of Hosts: Tablets of Baha'u'llah by Baha'u'llah, 2006-10
  7. The brilliant stars: the Bahá'í faith and the education of children by T. Rost, 1980-01
  8. The Pen of Glory: Selected Works of Baha'u'llah by Baha'u'llah, 2008-10
  9. Lighting the Western Sky: The Hearst Pilgrimage & Establishment of the Baha'i Faith in the West by Kathryn Jewett Hogenson, 2010-05-01
  10. Selections from the Writings of 'Abdu'l-Baha' by Abdul Baha, 2010-05
  11. Leo Tolstoy And The Baha'i Faith by Luigi Stendardo, 1985-01-30
  12. Understanding Christian Beliefs (Preparing for a Baha'i/Christian Dialogue) (v. 2) by Michael W. Sours, 1992-04-25
  13. The Baha'i Proofs: (Hujaj L-Bahiyyih); And, a Short Sketch of the History and Lives of the Leaders of This Religion by Abu, Abeu Al-Fardl Gulpeayageanei, et all 1983-01
  14. Prayers for Young Baha'is by Baha'u'llah, 1993-12

81. Baha'i Faith Index - Your Source For All Things Baha'i: - Web Links
Baha i search engine with over 3000 Baha i links in over 200 categories and over 50 languages.
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Books Music Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and the Baha'i Faith
September 2005

2nd Universitary Congress about Human Development

Birth of the Báb
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Baha'i Introduction
Prophecy Interfaith By Region ... Workshops There are links in categories 1 day 3 days 1 week Selection From the Hidden Words (The Hidden Words of Forum Go to the discussions Last 20 Forum Messages Thief in the Night. Last post by in Inter-faith Prophecy on Sep 07, 2005 at 03:50:15 My Singalongs: A Summary of 50 Years: 1955-2005 Last post by RonPrice in The Arts on Sep 05, 2005 at 20:40:37 50 Years of Dealing With 'Prophecy': An Overview Last post by RonPrice in Inter-faith Prophecy on Sep 05, 2005 at 20:31:04 Relationship and Marriage Resources Last post by in Bahá'í Marriage on Aug 29, 2005 at 17:30:24

82. Bem Vindo à Página Oficial Da Comunidade Bahá'í De Portugal.
Princ­pios fundamentais da f© Bah¡'­, escrituras, personalidades, hist³ria e links.
A Fé Bahá'í
... Contactos
A terra é um só país e a humanidade seus cidadãos." [Bahá'u'lláh] Em resumo:
Figuras Centrais

A Ordem Administrativa

A Prosperidade da Humanidade
Bem vindo à página oficial da Comunidade Bahá'í de Portugal webmaster

83. Bahai Faith Index
bahaifaith/bibliography Subject Baha i Faith Annotated Bibliography bahai-faith/resources Subject Baha i Resources on the Internet
Search FAQs - Full Text Search Subject/Archive Names Search Article Headers Bahai Faith Usenet FAQs Search Web FAQs Documents ... Cities PLEASE NOTE: The maintainers of this archive are NOT the authors or maintainers of the individual FAQs. To correct or contribute to these documents, send email to the specific FAQ maintainers identified in each of the FAQs. Last Update June 15 2004 @ 00:41 AM

84. Default
Official website of the Spiritual Assembly of The bahai's of Las Vegas. Includes a FAQ, a brief history of the faith, beliefs, related links, and information about the Baha'i Center.
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85. Baha'i Resources On The Internet
bahai usenet newsgroup on the Baha i Faith A nonthreatening forum for bahai-READINGS Daily readings from the Baha i Writings Subscribers to this
Usenet FAQs Search Web FAQs Documents ... RFC Index
Baha'i Resources on the Internet
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From: (Michael H Kalantar) Newsgroups: soc.religion.bahai (German)'i.html A paper entitled "Baha'i Pilgrimage to Israel" by G.M. Viswanathan reviews the concept of pilgrimage in the Baha'i Faith and briefly introduces the holy sites visited on a Baha'i pilgrimage. As well it contains some beautiful pictures of the Baha'i Holy Places taken by Ron and Liz Hahn-Morin. It is available at: ... An up-to-date schedule can be obtained at:

86. Bahai Distribution Service
Online bookstore of the Bahá ís of the United States. Catalogue, contacts and subscription forms.
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Introduction to Baha'i Faith
Baha'i Sacred Writings Baha'i Authoritative Text ... World Languages all titles for Study Circles
all titles for Children's Classes all titles for Devotional Gatherings If you would like to place a rush order, please call us at
1-800-999-9019 or 404-472-9019. Thank you! If you are ordering for a Bah¡â€™­ Institution, please click here.

Sixty young Bah¡'­s from 24 countries in Europe gathered in Acuto for a week-long course on the study of various aspects of the World Order of Bah¡'u'll¡h. Learn what was discussed at this incredible event!
Best known as the father of the Harlem Renaissance, he was also a Baha'i. Learn about this important historical individual in
From the exciting and inspiring CD Embrace the World comes a "behind the scenes" look at the world embracing tour. Awesome! ... More New Titles Home Forms Information ... Site Map

87. Tour-Haifa: Haifa Gallery - Bahai Gardens
HAIFA Mountain City By the Sea The Official Haifa TourismInfo Site. all the Information you ll need about Haifa, Israel, Brought to you by the Haifa

Times Gone by ...
Haifa By Night Bahai Gardens German Colony
Times Gone by ...
Haifa By Night Bahai Gardens German Colony ... Homepage

88. Välkommen Till Bahá'ísamfundet I Uppsala!
Information om bah¡'­ och lokala aktiviteter i Uppsala.

89. Baha'i
A background and history of the Baha i faith.
All Words Any Word APOLOGETICS Christian Apologetics A Course in Miracles Bahai Buddhism ... Wicca Google Ads are automatically placed based on the content of the page in which they appear. We do not have the option of choosing which ads appear on the site. This can result in the appearance of Ads we do not endorse and with which we seriously disagree. We filter these ads as we find them, but this takes time. Your patience is appreciated. BIBLE PROPHECY A Beginning of Global Governance - #1 in a series Prophetic Signs that we are in the End Times The Earth Charter's Spiritual Agenda - #2 in a Series The New Age Influence at the United Nations - #3 in a Series ... Contact Us The Baha'i faith has become a popular religion in an environment of ecumenism, inclusiveness and political correctness. Embraced eagerly by the United Nations and other interfaith organizations, Baha'i is a growing humanist influence on our world. There are currently 17,148 Local Spiritual Assemblies of the Baha'i faith in the world and 4,515 in the United States alone. Members claim a presence in 235 countries and their literature is translated into 700 languages with a total world membership estimated at 5,000,000. The following introduction is meant to be a brief overview Baha'i history, and is by no means an exhaustive history of Baha'i.

90. Baha'i International Community Statement Library
The Baha i International Community statements library covers Baha i statements made to the United Nations from 1947 to the present.
Search Resources About Us
Subject All Subject Categories Advancement of Women Environment and Development Human Rights Reports and General Information Language All Languages Danish English French German Italian Portuguese Simplified Chinese Spanish Swedish Traditional Chinese Turkish Keyword The role of men and boys in achieving gender equality
New York, U.S.A.

1-12 March 2004

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Resources About Us RELATED SITES: One Country

91. Forum For Baha'i Investigations
Essays presenting alternative and opposing views on the Baha'i Faith from an ExBaha'i perspective.
Investigations You are welcome to read the following introduction , or you can skip to our T A B L E - O F - C O N T E N T S
God is One; Mankind is One; Religion is One. The tolerant approach to their faith. If you're wondering why we bother, please read our brief statement of purpose Join us today! ... Or don't! This web site is one of many sites dedicated to alternative perspectives Please proceed to our T A B L E - O F - C O N T E N T S Updated 30 July 2004

92. Baha'i Faith - Australia
The National Centre of the Australian Bahá í Community. 173 Mona Vale Road, Ingleside, NSW 2101. Telephone (02) 9998 9222. Email
Home The Baha'i Faith in Australia Baha'i House of Worship Publications Baha'is in your state ... Bahá'í Studies
The Baha'i Faith in Australia comprises people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Inspired by belief in the oneness of humanity, the oneness of religion and the oneness of God, Baha'is come together for devotional, community and humanitarian activities in all parts of Australia.
What is the Baha'i Faith
Social action and justice Australian Baha'i Report The Promise of World Peace
A vision for the achievement of peace for the peoples of the world
[99k PDF]
173 Mona Vale Road, Ingleside, NSW 2101. Telephone: (02) 9998 9222. Email:

93. Chants Recorded At The European Bahai House Of Worship
Informationen in englisch und deutsch ¼ber Originalaufnahmen im Europ¤ischen bahaiTempel und H¶rproben der CD 'Singe die Verse Gottes'.
Externer Link Externer Link MULTILINGUAL GUESTBOOK DEUTSCH ... FLASH INTRO CD Time Live Recordings

94. Bahá'í Campus Association Of Rutgers University
Click here to go to this page Club Officers. Contact us at The Bahá í Campus Association email list
This purpose of this site is to provide information about
the Bahá'í Club of Rutgers University and the Bahá'í Faith Upcoming Event!!! March 19, 2005: The Rutgers Baha'i Campus Association will be hosting another Tranquility Zone in the Busch Campus Center in Room 120 on March 25, 2005. All are welcome and refreshments will be served. Stay after for a chat and a movie! For more info, click here March 9, 2005: Thank you to all those who made the Tranquility Zone a huge success! For questions and/or comments, please email us Pictures from the Tranquility Zone March 10, 2005. Questions
What is the Bahá'í Faith
What is the Bahá'í Club of Rutgers University
How do I contact the Bahá'í Club to learn more? Activities
Special Programs
Past Programs Club Information
Contact Information
General Meetings
Club Officers Contact us at The Bahá'í Campus Association email list var sc_project=489315; var sc_partition=3;

95. Bahá'í Svizzera | La Comunità Bahá'í Svizzera
Berna, CH Avvenimenti e rapporto annuale, associazione delle donne e storia della fede, statistiche ed indirizzi utili. Bibliografia e link.
Elezione dell'Assemblea Spirituale Nazionale Italo-Svizzera
Elezione dell'Assemblea Spirituale Nazionale Svizzera, organo amministrativo nazionale
A membri del governo ed a numerose personalità del pubblico, la comunità Bahá'í Svizzera presenta il libro "La Proclamazione di Bahá'u'lláh", una compilazione dei messaggi che Bahá'u'lláh indirizzò nel 19esimo secolo ai re e governanti del mondo, come pure all'umanità in generale.
Sociale delle Nazioni Unite)
Il documento "La Promessa della Pace Mondiale", pubblicato dalla Casa Universale di Giustizia (l'organo amministrativo
campagna intensiva di promozione della pace e di collaborazione con organizzazioni con scopi simili.
Distribuzione di "Il futuro della Svizzera - una prospettiva Bahá'í", un messaggio di auguri in occasione del 700esimo

96. Baha'i Community Of WA
The official website of the Bahá ís of Western Australia.
home history centre of learning info evenings ... message to the world's religious leaders from the Baha'i World Centre, calling on them to act against religious prejudice.
August 03 Issue: pdf
Home History Baha'i Centre of Learning Programs Information Evenings Literature ... Contact
comments and feedback to the webmaster
Welcome to the Home Page of the Baha'i Community of Western Australia. This site includes general information about the Baha'i Faith in W.A. You'll also find information regarding various activities of the local Baha'i Community, including WA based, Baha'i-inspired socio-economic development projects, performing arts groups, information evenings and courses about the Baha'i Faith and its principles. If you would like more comprehensive general information about the Baha'i Faith, try the official Baha'i World Community website:
"Ye are the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch... So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth."

Some principles of the Baha'i Faith: oneness of humanity
oneness of religion
independent investigation of truth
harmony of science and religion
abolishment of prejudice work in the spirit of service is worship equality of women and men economic justice based on spiritual principles According to the Encyclopedia Britannica , the Baha'i Faith is the second most widespread of the world's independent religions. Embracing people from around 2.1 thousand ethnic, racial and tribal groups, it is probably the most diverse organized body of people on the planet. Baha'i teachings challenge theories of human nature and address the challenges and prospects of our common future.

97. Bahái-samfundet I Danmark Sartside
Introduktion, principper, historie og temaer.

Sofievej 28
2900 Hellerup
Tlf.: 3962 1780

Velkommen til det danske bahá’í samfunds hjemmeside. Vi er del af det internationale bahá’í samfund, der tæller omkring seks millioner troende fra 2100 forskellige etniske grupper og stammer fordelt over hele verden. Fælles for os er, at vi tror på Bahá’u’lláh som den seneste i en lang række af religionsstiftere, der blandt andet omfatter Buddha, Moses, Jesus og Muhammed. Bahá’u’lláh lærer os, at der kun er en Gud, en menneskerace og en stadigt fremadskridende religion. Nyheder OBS!! Bahá'i Centret er lukket p.g.a. en større renovering, som forventes færdig efter sommerferien. Telefonerne er åbne.
Se nyhedsoversigt her
Børn med livsværdier i hverdagen Danseuge for unge fokuserer på social forståelse Kalender ... Se kalenderen her
Vi inviterer dig til at undersøge troens læresætninger og aktiviteter på de følgende sider, og tage kontakt til os, hvis du har spørgsmål eller ønsker kontakt med bahá’íer i dit område. Du er altid velkommen til at deltage i vores studiegrupper, andagtsmøder, børneklasser og ungdomsprogrammer.

98. Bahai News - Verdensreligion Får Norsk Musikk
Artikkel om framf¸ringen av Lasse Thoresens oratorium «Terraces of Light» ved bah¡'­samfunnets hellige terrasser p¥ Karmelfjellet. (Dagbladet)
Verdensreligion får norsk musikk
Som en av landets ledende komponister er Lasse Thoresen vel vant med uroppførelser. Likevel blir opplevelsen spesiell når hans symfoniske oratorium «Terraces of Light» klinger under åpen himmel ved foten av Karmelfjellet i den israelske byen Haifa 22. mai. Av TERJE MOSNES
Mandag 23. april 2001 8:48 Anledningen er innvielsen av det internasjonale bahai-samfunnets hellige terrasser på Karmelfjellet. Idet Thoresens halvtimelange verk kulminerer i et jublende crescendo, vil lysene bli slått på i det praktfulle hageanlegget som strekker seg oppover fjellsiden mot den dypblå kveldshimmelen. Det nordisraelske symfoniorkesteret, et rumensk statlig kor og vokal- og fiolinsolister fra Canada, USA og Østerrike skal framføre musikken foran 4000- 5000 gjester fra næmere 200 nasjoner, og begivenheten påkaller interesse langt ut over bahaienes rekker. De hellige terrassene ved bahaiprofeten Babs gravmæle og bahaisamfunnets administrative hovedkvarter blir en turistattraksjon og et reisemål for langt flere enn verdens 6- 7 millioner bahaier, ogåpningsseremonien for denne «bahaienes gave til menneskeheten» vil bli tilbudt verdens TV-stasjoner direkte via satellitt.
- Jeg fikk bestillingen i 1998, forteller Lasse Thoresen, professor i komposisjon ved Norges musikkhøgskole og selv bahai.

99. The Bahá'í Page
The Bahá í faith is considered to be one of the youngest religious sects in the world. Starting in the 19th century the Bahá í follow the teachings of
The Bahá'í faith is considered to be one of the youngest religious sects in the world. Starting in the 19th century the Bahá'í follow the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh, himself a follower of the prophecies of Mirza Ali Muhammad, known as the Bab. The central theme of Bahá'u'lláh's message is that humanity is one single race and that the day has come for its unification in one global society. The Bahá'í believe that Bahá'u'lláh was the next manifestation of God following Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed.
Categories Spritual Resources Education Regional Sites Media Additional Resources Books about the Baha'i
Spiritual Resources Education The Bahá'í World Association for Bahá'í Studies The Bahá'í Faith Index ... Louhelen Bahá'í School Regional Sites International Bahá'í Library The Bahá'í's of the United States Association for Bahá'í Studies in Persian ... Bahá'í Faith Pages from Skye, Scotland Media Resources Bahá'ís of Orange County California One Country Newsletter Bahá'ís of North San Diego County Healing Through Unity Newsletter ... University of Georgia Bahá'í Association Additional Resources West Vancouver Bahá'í Community Special Ideas Bahá'í of Taiwan Bahá'í Art Gallery ... Bahá'í of Korea Books about the Bahá'í Faith:
Search for more about the Bahá'í: Search: All Products Books Popular Music Classical Music Video DVD Electronics Software Kitchen Keywords:
Navigate this Site Home News from the Middle East Countries of the Middle East Religions of the Middle East

100. Baha'i - Forum Langenhain
Das Forum Langenhain ist eine Veranstaltungsreihe, die der Nationale Geistige Rat der Bah¡'i in Deutschland eingerichtet hat als ein Forum der Besch¤ftigung und des Austausches zu brennenden aktuellen sowie zeitlosen Themen.
Aktuell Das Programm Wegbeschreibung
Forum Langenhain Aktuelles Programm:
„Kinder- fördern oder (über)-fordern“?
Datum: 25.09.2005 , Beginn 16:15 Uhr
Referent: Dr. med. Nawid Peseschkian Selbstbewußte, kluge Kinder, die sich selbst beschäftigen und zurechtfinden, die fröhlich und aufmerksam sind. Wer wünscht sich sie nicht? Kinder brauchen Freiräume aber auch feste Regeln, Ordnung und klare Orientierung, um sich gut zu entwickeln. Wie können wir unsere Kinder zu ausgeglichenen Individuen, Mitmenschen und Erdenbewohner – unter Berücksichtigung ihrer körperlichen, menschlich-sozialen und geistigen Grundlage – erziehen? Die Erziehung unserer Kinder ist heute „eine heroische Aufgabe, beinahe eine Kunst“.
Bei dem Bemühen, diese Kunst zu erlernen und zu beherrschen, gibt dieser Vortrag klare und systematisch-praktische Hilfestellungen.
Der Referant ist Facharzt für Kinder- u. Jugendpsychiatrie und Psychotherapie, in Wiesbaden in eigener Praxis tätig, zeigt mit vielen Beispielen aus dem Erziehungsalltag wie dieses gelingen kann.

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