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         Atheism:     more books (96)
  1. The Necessity of Atheism by David Marshall Brooks, 2010-03-07
  2. Theism or Atheism - The Great Alternative by Chapman Cohen, 2010-07-06
  3. The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason by Victor J. Stenger, 2009-09-22
  4. Atheism Among the People by Alphonse de Lamartine, 2010-07-06
  5. Modern Atheism Under Its Forms of Pantheism, Materialism, Secularism, Development, and Natural Laws by James Buchanan, 2010-09-05
  6. From Atheism to Catholicism: How Scientists and Philosophers Led Me to the Truth by Kevin Vost, 2010-03-15
  7. God and the New Atheism: A Critical Response to Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens by John F. Haught, 2007-12-31
  8. Answering the New Atheism: Dismantling Dawkins' Case Against God by Scott Hahn, Benjamin Wiker, 2008-05-08
  9. The Cambridge Companion to Atheism (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy)
  10. The Heavenly Father - Lectures on Modern Atheism by Ernest Naville, 2010-07-12
  11. Atheism: The Case Against God (Skeptic's Bookshelf) by George H. Smith, 1980-06
  12. Atheism Explained: From Folly to Philosophy (Ideas Explained) by David Ramsay Steele, 2008-01-15
  13. Atheism: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) by Julian Baggini, 2003-08-28
  14. An Apology for Atheism Addressed to Religious Investigators of Every Denomination by One of Its Apostles by Charles Southwell, 2009-10-04

1. Welcome To The Atheism Web
The atheism Web a shared resource for atheists on the Internet.
A shared resource for atheists agnostics and freethinkers on the Internet. Brought to you by The Internet Infidels , maintainers of The Secular Web Jeff Lowder and mathew Last modified: Monday 30th June, 1997

2. Wasteland Of Wonders : Atheism And Atheist Dept.
Articles about atheism, humanism, and skepticism.
WARNING! This page contains information and ideas which may be disturbing or offensive to people with a strong belief in a deity.
It is my intention to enlighten rather than offend, and if you find it hard to cope with questioning your beliefs you may not wish to read further. Cognitive dissonance due to reality conflicting with belief may cause your brain to ache. What is this website all about? What is an atheist? Why does this site seem to pick on Christians? Click the button to find out more. Atheism, humanism, skepticism and my personal view of the world. (updated Jan 15th, 2001) Religion, and the flaws I see in it. Some of the reasons why I do not believe. (updated Nov 23rd, 2001) A less serious look at the religious world around us. (updated Jan 16, 2001) Rants, feedback pages, recommended books, guest writers, bumper stickers. (updated May 13, 2001) Email me, guestbook, Search Engine,
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3. Secular Web: Atheism, Agnosticism, Naturalism, Skepticism And Secularism
Agnosticism, atheism, freethought, humanism, and rationalism on the Web.
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Moral Relativism and the Catholic Church

John Bice Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews: A History
James Carroll A Cafeteria Pope
Jan Brazill
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4. Index
Biblical contradictions, list of poor arguments, and reasons why people believe in God.
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5. Theism, Atheism, And Rationality
Philosopher of religion Alvin Plantinga examines objections to belief in God.

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Truth Journal
Theism, Atheism, and Rationality
Alvin Plantinga
God and Other Minds The Nature of Necessity , and Faith and Rationality . Several of his articles, which have appeared in journals such as Theoria American Philosophical Quarterly Philosophical Studies Journal of Philosophy , and so forth, have been hailed as masterpieces of the metaphysician's craft. Atheological objections to the belief that there is such a person as God come in many varieties. There are, for example, the familiar objections that theism is somehow incoherent, that it is inconsistent with the existence of evil, that it is a hypothesis ill-confirmed or maybe even disconfirmed by the evidence, that modern science has somehow cast doubt upon it, and the like. Another sort of objector claims, not that theism is incoherent or false or probably false (after all, there is precious little by way of cogent argument for that conclusion) but that it is in some way unreasonable or irrational to believe in God, even if that belief should happen to be true. Here we have, as a centerpiece, the

6. Origins
Why the Burden of Proof is on the Atheist, The Psychology of atheism, and other articles.
Welcome to Origins . This page features scholarly and popular
resources concerning atheism The Psychology of Atheism
Paul C. Vitz Theism, Atheism, and Rationality
Alvin Plantinga Hume, Kant, and Rational Theism
Hugo Meynell Why the Burden of Proof is on the Atheist
Ralph McInerny The Holocaust: Ideas and Their Consequences
Ray Cotton Search Origins What's New? Intelligent Design Theism ...
Origins Home
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This site is part of the Telling the Truth Project.

7. Agnosticism / Atheism - Skeptical Inquiry, Freethought, & Religious Philosophy
Agnosticism atheism where you can learn more not only about agnostics andatheists, but also freethought, religion, philosophy, skepticism,
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Agnosticism / Atheism Atheism Essentials ... Help zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
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FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! Pornography, not Terrorism, is Justice Department's Top Priority
What should the top priority be for federal prosecutors: terrorism? Drugs? No, the top priority for federal prosecutors and the FBI is, at last in the Miami area, obscenity . Yes, the prosecution of otherwise legal pornography is more important than terrorists, drug dealers, espionage, child pornography, or anything else. Read more...
Wednesday September 07, 2005
Book Reviews: Books on Sex, Sexuality, Pornography, Erotica, Nudity
Sex sells, which means that sex can sell a lot of books. Sex is also a fundamental part of who we are as human beings, which means that we should try to understand it better. Naturally, there are all sorts of books out there dealing with sex and sexuality: sex in religion, sex in advertising, sex in culture, sex in the family, etc. Reviewed here are books dealing with sexuality, pornography, erotic matters, debates over the role of sex and sexuality in society, and more. Read More: Books on Sex, Sexuality, Pornography, Erotica, Nudity

8. The Gathering:Alt.Atheism Atheist Questions And Answers
The Gathering links to general atheist and agnostic information, links to member websites, information on books, questions, and answers.
  • (Intro, My Beliefs)
  • GENERAL WEBSITE LINKS (atheism and freethought resources, history, the sciences, philosophy and organizations)
  • SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY LINKS (general, tv, movies, pro and fan writers and artists)
      The alt.atheism weekly Questions and Answers are hereby presented for your perusal. Up to 15 answers were chosen for each question, then I went crazy choosing the wallpaper for each question. Time consuming, yes, but lots of fun, too. I hope you enjoy this website as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Before I go any further, I'd like to thank my excellent friend, Susan Osthaus, for her time and patience teaching me how to put a website together. Without her help, this website would not exist. I'd also like to thank some of the folks from alt.atheism for their assistance at times when I was ready to pull my hair out, especially Fish, Maria, Lori and Rian. My thanks to you all. MY BELIEFS
    • I don't believe in the supernatural - gods, devils, heaven, hell, creationism, astrology, life after death, etc., but I do believe in respecting the right of others to follow their own beliefs, as long as their beliefs don't harm me or others mentally or physically.
    Visit New Advent for the Summa Theologica, Church Fathers, Catholic Encyclopediaand more.
    Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... A > Atheism A B C D ... Z
    a privative, and theos God , i.e. without God Atheism is that system of thought which is formally opposed to theism. Since its first coming into use the term atheism has been very vaguely employed, generally as an epithet of accusation against any system that called in question the popular gods of the day. Thus while Socrates was accused of atheism (Plato, Apol., 26,c.) and Diagoras called an atheist by Cicero (Nat. Deor., I, 23), Democritus and Epicurus were styled in the same sense impious (without respect for the gods) on account of their trend of their new atomistic philosophy . In this sense too, the early Christians were known to the pagans as atheists, because they denied the heathen gods; while, from time to time, various religious and philisophical systems have, for similar reasons, been deemed atheistic. Though atheism, historically considered, has meant no more in the past critical or sceptical denial of the theology of those who have employed the term as one of reproach, and has consquently no one strict philisophical meaning; though there is no one consistent system in the exposition of which it has a definite place; yet, if we consider it in its broad meaning as merely the opposite of theism, we will be able to frame such divisions as will make possible a grouping of definite systems under this head. And in so doing so we shall at once be adopting both the historical and the philosophical view. For the common basis of all systems of theism as well as the cardinal tenet of all popular religion at the present day is indubitably a belief in the existence of a personal

    10. Index Of /thoughts/
    Help and general support for atheist students attending religious studies courses in secondary schools in the United Kingdom.
    Index of /thoughts/
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    11. @ Com |~~~ATHEISM: RESOURCES: Links And Fun Stuff~~~ UTAH
    Recommended reading, cartoons, articles and features.
    Your Email Comments " Only a Fool would have a false religion. " Islam: Faith-based Terrorism?
    Mencken: Graveyard of dead gods
    Frank Zindler : The Future of Science
    Chris Allen: Does Religion Have Value?
    Hank's Ass: John and Mary Pay a Visit
    George Carlin: On religion
    Gov. Prayer: Suggest a prayer!
    The Complete 101 Book Library

    Books about atheism

    Sing along with Darwin
    Skeptic's Annotated Bible ... The Code of Hammurabi Kids' Corner: Bible Stories Cartoons: Thank god! The Definition of "cult" Dying for Islam Terrorism for Dummies Articles: US 2001 Religious Survey Harris Poll on Religion Muslim Population Survey Features: Test yourself - Battleground: God Pope visit 1995 (again!) Tax The Churches? Mormonism For Dummies Bush-brain Terrorism for Dummies The UTAH ATHEISTS' Brunch When you understand why you do not believe in other gods, then you will understand why I don't believe in yours. Unknown IN MEMORIAM Utah: SEPARATION OF STATE AND CHURCH O'Hair Family The Mormon Temple is draped with an enormous 45-starflag.

    12. Atheism
    atheism disbelief in gods, but also a freethinking way of life. Life withoutdeities or other invisible means of support. Intellectual freedom, fight for
    Free Courses

    Directory 22 Communities What's New ... Free e-Courses Search
    Religion and Spirituality
    Member Central Join Our Community! Login SuiteMail What's New ... Become a Feature Writer Discussion Rooms The Forum The Lounge SuiteChat New Topics Papal History Sufism Weekly Bible Study The Scientology Religion ... More... New Articles Book Review: Reading God’s World The magic of the host and guest The Second Coming of Christ V-4 Re-eh OUT FROM EGYPT ... More... New Discussions The Daily News Open Theism? Deep Hate: Can It Be Changed. . .Before It's Too Late? The Seven Questions Creationists Cannot Answer (I) ... More... Related Online Courses Objectivism 101: Philosophy of Reason Introduction to Hindu Mythology Islam 102 - The Holy Quran More about Suite101 About Advertise With Suite For more information
    Welcome To: Atheism
    Home Religion Philosophy and theory of religion Concepts of God
    By Francois Tremblay Welcome Page My Articles Discussions for You ... Community Bookstore Subscribe to My Topic Related Subject(s): Atheism Welcome Message Welcome to the Atheism area ! This is a place for all atheists to discuss issues which concern god-belief and related topics. Feel free to look around and participate in the discussion groups.

    13. Atheism
    over 400 skeptical definitions and essays on occult, paranormal,supernatural andpseudoscientific ideas and practices with references to the best skeptical
    Robert Todd Carroll

    Click to order from Amazon Gallitzin PA graced by Atheist Station Imagine no religion ‘Free, proud, godless, and on the move’ at the American Atheists’ convention. Not to mention finding a new definition of WWJD. BY DAN KENNEDY Atheist Still on Death Row! by Babu Gogineni
    Smith, George H. Atheism : the Case Against God (Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus Books, 1979).
    Atheist Dating Service
    atheism Atheism is traditionally defined as disbelief in the existence of God . As such, atheism involves active rejection of belief in the existence of God. However, since there are many concepts of God and these concepts are usually rooted in some culture or tradition, atheism might be defined as the belief that a particular word used to refer to a particular god is a word that has no reference. Thus, there are as many different kinds of atheism as there are names of gods. Some atheists may know of many gods and reject belief in the existence of all of them. Such a person might be called a polyatheist . But most people who consider themselves atheists probably mean that they do not believe in the existence of the local god. For example, most people who call themselves atheists in a culture where the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God (JCIG) dominates would mean, at the very least, that they deny that there is an Omnipotent and Omniscient Providential Personal Creator of the universe. On the other hand, people who believe in the JCIG would consider such denial tantamount to atheism.

    14. American Atheists
    atheism Articles about atheism and Atheists. MEMBERSHIP in American Atheists has many benefits.

    15. Secular Web Atheism, Agnosticism, Naturalism, Skepticism And
    Agnosticism, atheism, freethought, humanism, and rationalism on the Web

    16. Positive Atheism (since 1995) Join The Struggle Against Anti-Atheist Bigotry!
    Positive atheism Discussing the history, ethics, and philosophy of atheism Positive atheism is for atheists. Here we learn of the joys and hardships of
    Positive Atheism, Positive Atheist, Athiesm, Athiest We're delighted to be
    hosted (once again) by
    New Work; E-Mail Backlog New De-Conversion Stories! Overview of the Website ... Celebrating Religious Holidays!?
    For Those Seeking to Initiate or Invigorate Their Awareness
    of Their Own Freedom from Superstition and Theistic Faith
    Overview of this Website Please note
    I've been on an extended and unplanned sabbatical since the year began. My current plans ( August ) are to continue this toss-up between resting and studying those things that will enable me to realize what have long been my dreams for the future of this web project. While I've been studying a lot of various computer-related matters, our most important move, at this point, has been to replace that clunker if a computer I'd been using tr y in g to use since early 1999. Thanks to some extremely generous readers for several unsolicited donations over the past month, we were able to bypass the "it'll-do-for-now" holdover machine. By tightening my own belt somewhat and contributing my own fair share (on top of the readers' donations), we was able to go ahead and purchase what we've been saving up for almost a year to get: a Pentium 4 system running at 3.40 gigaHertz with three gigs of ram. (Or something along those lines! Hell, I'm a

    17. The Atheism Web Introduction To Atheism
    The atheism Web Introduction to atheism

    18. Positive Atheism's Big List Of Quotations
    Quotations by authors, political and religious leaders, scientists, comediansand philosophers.
    Positive Atheism's
    Big List of Quotations

    19. ATHEISM
    atheism Belief in no God, and no belief in God

    20. American Atheists
    Others employ the term synonymously with atheism. You can also find out whatatheism really is from the people who know Atheists!
    Mr. Weir, a co-anchor with ABC since 2004, made the statement during a news segment about how churches in Mississippi were holding services despite the damage from Hurricane Katrina. American Atheists has obtained a transcript of the program. Correspondent Mike Von Fremd reported the story, closing with the statement: Atheists in Foxholes Dave Silverman, Communications Director for American Atheists, said that Bill Weir and Good Morning America should clarify and apologize for the hasty remarks made on the September 4, 2005 weekend airing of the popular news program. American Atheists is a nationwide movement which defends the civil rights of nonbelievers, works for the separation of church and state, and addresses issues of First Amendment public policy. (close window)
    Atheists in Foxholes Parade March and Rally

    November 11, 2005 (Veterans Days)
    NOGOD Blog
    AMERICAN ATHEISTS urges all fellow nonbelievers to contribute to the rescue and other humanitarian efforts in the devastating wake of Hurricane Katrina. A number of secular, non-religious aid organizations are active in this relief campaign. They do not incorporate a religious message in their operations, nor do they proselytize to those in need.

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