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         Asatru:     more books (51)
  1. Essential Asatru: Walking the Path of Norse Paganism by Diana L. Paxson, 2006-12-01
  2. Living Asatru by Greg Shetler, 2003-07
  3. The Nature of Asatru: An Overview of the Ideals and Philosophy of the Indigenous Religion of Northern Europe. by Mark Puryear, 2006-03-22
  4. The Ásatrú Edda: Sacred Lore of the North by The Norroena Society, 2009-04-24
  5. Pagan Paths: A Guide to Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, Shamanism and Other Pagan Practices by Pete Jennings, 2002-03-01
  6. Asatru For Beginners by Erin Lale, 2009-09-01
  7. Vigja Text Sacred Hof Of Asatru's Tenets Of Faith: Asatru Norse Pagan (Volume 1) by Mothi Thorsson, 1996-01-01
  8. Living Asatru: A Handbook of Simple Celebrations by Stephen A. McNallen, 1993
  9. Hraftzer Asatru: A Complete Guide by Raymond Livwell, 2009-01-01
  10. Asatru Incarcerated by Mothi Thorsson, 2008-06-30
  11. Ásatrú in the United States: Ásatrú in the United States, Odinic Rite, the Troth, Asatru Folk Assembly, Stephen Mcnallen, Ásatrú Alliance
  12. Néopaganisme Germanique: Mysticisme Nazi, Religion Nordique Ancienne, Ásatrú, Société Thulé, Divination Des Runes, Guido Von List (French Edition)
  13. Spiritualité Dans La Mythologie Nordique: Religion Nordique Ancienne, Ásatrú, Goði, Yule, Fylgja, Hamr, Hugr, Wyrd, Sejðr, Vörd (French Edition)
  14. Religion Polythéiste: Polythéisme, Religion Traditionnelle Chinoise, Religions Mésoaméricaines, Ásatrú, Marla, Religions Du Pérou Précolombien (French Edition)

1. The Asatru Archive
FAQs and basic information to download.
The Asatru Archive
Asatru is inspired by the Scandinavian and Teutonic pre-Christian religions. It is often counted as a Neopagan denomination. Asatruars are wellknown for their exellent hospitality.
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The asatru Folk Assembly practices the native religion of our European ancestors.
Th e following article appeared as a flyer produced in 1995 by the Asatru Folk Assembly, aimed at European-Americans who are attracted to Native American spirituality. It has received praise from several Native American writers and thinkers, including Vine Deloria, author of GOD IS RED and many other books dealing with American Indians.
The term "wannabees" is used by some Native Americans to refer to outsiders who "want to be" Indians.
So you're a European-American who's attracted to Native American spirituality... The way of the American Indian offers much to those who want to live in harmony with the Earth, and with the own beings. The simplicity of a life close to nature, and the powerful techniques of the shaman, call out to all of us who want to walk lightly on this planet and to know the journeys of the soul that make one wise. Many people, including those of European ancestry, feel the pull of this spiritual path. However, there is something to consider. Many Native Americans feel that you should seek out the ways of your people, rather than intruding upon their ways. They understand your interest in their traditions, but they think you should look for something that is yours. Well, just what IS yours?

3. Official Asatru Website -
Viking heavy metal from the UK. Biography, band history, downloads, merchandise, and gig dates.
Home Downloads Band Biography ... Contact
News on Óðinsdagr, Tvímánuður 07, 2255 RE (Runic Era) RIP "PIGGY" New Logo It is with great pleasure, I can say I finally have a logo for DANELAW. It was kindly designed by the master of band logo's himself, Christophe Szpajdel.Many thx to Christophe. The site will be updated with this NEW logo in the coming days. So keep checking back :) Regards, Rob Engvikson Help get Paganism included in the 2011 Census!!! 'In 2001, for the first time in Britain, the national census included a voluntary question on religion; however, the list of religions did not include any option for the ‘Pagan/Heathen’ faiths, only ‘Other, please state’; the only ‘other’ recorded on the National Statistics Office WebPages was ‘Jedi’, which is not an acknowledged faith. The intention of this petition is to show support for a campaign to get ‘Pagan/Heathen’ included in the list of religions in the 2011 Census. '(copied from petition site) Please show your support and sign the petition.Here is the URL for the petition website - Many thanks, Rob Engvikson. Band name changed to DANELAW

4. Asatru Information
Information and help for beginners.
A satru I nformation
The Lay of Sigrdrifa
Old Norse and Modern English "Heill dagr.
Heilir dags synir.
Heil nótt ok nift.
Óreiðum augum
lítið okkr þinig
ok gefið sitjöndum sigr.
Heilir æsir.
Heilar ásynjur.
Heil sjá in fjölnýta fold.
Mál ok mannvit
gefið okkr mærum tveim ok læknishendr, meðan lifum." "Hail Day. Hail Sons of Day. Hail Night and New Moon. With unangery eyes look hither and grant us Victory while we live. Hail Gods. Hail Goddesses. Hail bounitful Earth. Grace us both with gift of speech and healing hands while we live."
N ew* articles, written in the last year!
What's it all about?
What do Asatruer do?
Well, just like everybody will tell you, Asatru isn’t a one day a week visit to the local god-house to pay your repects. Although, neither is it a life consuming practice where you have to shave your head and wear funny pj’s all day long. I suppose it starts with the hardest and biggest step, thought. A lot of Asatruer are (myself included) recovering Christians, and so the first real step to becoming common and garden Asatruer is to shrug off all Christian baggage and bandaging. No more guilt, sin, self denial or eternal damnation (or salvation for that matter, but that’s another days talk). So thinking like a heathen is the first step to ......hmmm, what, the journey home? OK!

5. Asatru-Q:Networking For Lesbian, Gay, Bi, & TG Asatruar
Networking for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered asatruars.
setAdGroup(''); var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Search: Lycos Tripod TV, Movie News Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next Welcome To Asatru-Q
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Asatruar Home Page! The Purpose of this site is to address issues and concerns facing the Queer Asatru Community. The purpose of this site is not to exclude people outside of the Queer community, but to bring together the diversity of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender experience with the unique experience of the life affirming Asatru faith (open to people of all sexual orientations) to share our collective experiences as Queer Asatruar and to provide information and education to those outside of the respective communities. This page is quite raw right now, but we do have a mailing list.
Subscribe to asatru-q Powered by
If you are an Asatruar or partner of an Asatruar and would like to add any Asatru relevant queer-positive essays, experience or humor peices, articles, or topic suggestions, Please e-mail submissions and ideas to

Informiert ¼ber die Alemannen und deren G¶tter und behandelt die Naturreligionen in der Schweiz. Setzt sich gegen Missbrauch des Heidentums f¼r rassistische Zwecke ein.
Welten Geister Alemannen ...

Willkommen im Reich der Mythen. Willkommen auf! ANMERKUNG
Text: Pileatus; Bilder: Pileatus; zvg(2) Aktualisiert: 06/05/04

7. The Asatru Alliance
This is the official home of the asatru Alliance, one of the major asatru organizations, composed of several kindreds.
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8. Legion Of Asatru
Official website for this Belgian black metal band. Presentation of the band, biography, releases, downloads, links and guestbook.

9. Wicca And Asatru
An article by Devyn Gillette and Lewis Stead about the differences between wicca and asatru.
The Pentagram and the Hammer
Devyn Gillette and Lewis Stead The following article is based on the workshop "Wicca and Ásatrú", which was presented by the writers during the 1994 FreeSpirit Festival. Devyn Gillette is a English Traditional Wiccan, and former host of the Pagan radio show "Between the Worlds." Lewis Stead is an Asatruar who edits Asatru Today. Many Wiccans, particularly eclectics, indulge in Germanic practices without reason to suspect (or without concern) that a cadre of Germanic purists are shouting at them from over the heaths. In between these two distinct camps lie those who remain carefree of the matter, and who disregard anyone who would comment on what "is working for them." the general whole They are both Pagan earth religions. They both apply magic in their practices. They both feature an element of reification (i.e., basis on a romanticized notion of the past). While there may exist groups that individually feature more similarities, as far as the entirety of each faith is concerned, there are no other similarities. Pagan Earth Religion Mountain Thunder Curiously, some have questioned whether this is really true for Ásatrú. Some highly eco-aware Wiccans, for example, may balk that Norse Pagans, being generally more conservative (more on this later), might be prone to support legislation that is anti-environmental, or that the Ásatrú ritual of "land taking" (i.e., ownership) defies most understandings of land stewardship. To "own" the land, such a person would argue, is inherently "un-Pagan." For their own sake, many Ásatrú reject the label of "earth religion" and while environmentalism is important, veneration of the Earth Goddess is not a dominant feature of Ásatrú; Nerthus being merely another deity among many.

10. Asatru Folk Assembly
Long before Christianity came to Northern Europe, our ancestors there had their own, native religions. One of these was asatru.

11. Ásatrú Page
A collection of links mostly concerning or related to Ásatrú, the reconstruction of an ancient polytheistic religion of Northern European origin.
Kom heill og sæll! You can donate money via to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund by clicking here nithings Check out my list of translations into English of Old Norse sagas and eddas . If you enjoy the sagas and can afford it, you can purchase The Complete Sagas of the Icelanders . This is a wonderful set of translations of the Old Icelandic sagas. "Búið arki að auðnu til hvers sem draga vill." Brennu-Njáls saga "Gæð a wyrd swa hio scel!" Beowulf

12. ASATRU (Norse Heathenism)
The religion of asatru Norse Heathenism. asatru or Ásatrú is is an Icelandic word which is a translation of the Danish word Asetro.
(Norse Heathenism)
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Asatru is frequently regarded as one of the Neopagan family of religions. That family includes Wicca Celtic Druidism , and re-creations of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and other ancient Pagan religions. However, many Asatruers prefer the term " Heathen " to " Neopagan " and look upon their tradition as " not just a branch on the Neopagan tree " but as a separate tree. Unlike Wicca, which has gradually evolved into many different traditions, the reconstruction of Asatru has been based on the surviving historical record. Its followers have maintained it as closely as possible to the original religion of the Norse people. Asatru or Ásatrú is an Icelandic word which is a translation of the Danish word "Asetro." Asetro was " first seen in 1885 in an article in the periodical "Fjallkonan". The next recorded instance was in "Heiðinn siður á Íslandi" (" Heathen traditions in Iceland. ")

13. Irminsul Ttir Asatru Page
The Irminsul ttir asatru page presents a broad view of asatru, Odinism and related religious views drawn from Norse and Germanic spiritual

14. ¸.·'´¯) Camino Nórdico - Hermandad Odinista Argentina - Kindred Folkvang ¸
Informaci³n sobre la religi³n satrº y V¡natrº, mitolog­a n³rdica y el Lore.
Diferencias con la Wicca El Ygdrassil Los Eddas Sagas ... Las Runas
Hermandad Argentina Folkvang "Sabio en verdad es el viajero
que se mueve por el mundo.
por ser sensato y cuerdo. "
Soy Fire Valkyrja , y Vas a poder entender que es el
Fire Valkyrja
Este sitio esta dedicado a el Varego, mi amante esposp, mi GRAN amor, mi guerrero,
webmaster Fire Valkyrja

15. The Asatru Alliance
This is the official home of the asatru Alliance, one of the major asatru organizations, composed of several kindreds.

16. Irminsul Ættir Asatru Page
Presents an overview of the diverse religious community of asatru, as well as resources to support study, networking and open events and religious meetings.
This week's selected features:

- Thursday, June 16, - Sunday, June 19, 2005~ Fort Flagler State Park, WA~ There's still time to register! To thank you for your support for the Aettir Asatru Pages print this notice out and include it with your registration and register at the pre-June rate. more...
Ravenwood Gathering - Join us atop the "Sleeping Lady" (Mt. Tamalpais) for a mellow weekend campout iwth fun, frolic, and a feast. June 30 - July 5, 2005. more...

Nafnasafnið - Collection of Icelandic and Heathen names, by Haukur Þorgeirsson. more...

Irmin's Way - Irmin's Way, based in Houston Texas,is an organization for the expression of the Asatru religion. Asatru is the native religion of Northern European peoples. go...
Opinion Polls

How long have you been Asatru? more...
Contact and Event listings are now available on the wireless web at: You can contact the Irminsul Ættir at P.O. Box 3312; Renton, WA 98056 or by email at

17. De Noordse Traditie / Asatru
Toelichting op deze levensbeschouwing die geschoeid is op de traditie van de oude Germanen.
Asatru in de Lage Landen Nu in onze huidige westerse maatschappij zien wij, de mensen die verbonden zijn aan Het Rad, het als een uitdaging om ons (weer) bewust te zijn van de dingen om ons heen. Niet alleen de zichtbare, maar ook de onzichtbare dingen. Aspecten waar je in het snelle levenstempo van de de tijd waarin wij leven, maar al te makkelijk aan voorbij kan gaan. Voor ons is de Noordse Traditie onze levensbeschouwing geworden. Het wereldbeeld wordt daarbij in belangrijke mate bepaald door de germaanse mythologie die uitgaat van negen werelden die met elkaar verbonden zijn door Yggdrasil, de wereldboom. Al het leven hangt met elkaar samen. Verstoring van het evenwicht op één niveau, werkt door op andere niveaus. Leven en dood zijn onlosmakelijk met elkaar verbonden en volgen elkaar op in een steeds weer voortgaande kringloop. We geloven dat de goden en andere wezens ieder een eigen identiteit hebben en zo benaderen we hen ook. Iedereen die dat wil kan zonder tussenkomst van anderen contact met hen zoeken. Respect is voor ons een basiswaarde. Medemensen, goden, de aarde en andere wezens willen we met respect bejegenen. Het moge dan ook duidelijk zijn dat discriminatie en racisme dingen zijn waar we niets van moeten hebben. Of het nu is op grond van geslacht, afkomst, seksuele geaardheid of andere gronden.

18. ASATRU (Norse Heathenism)
The religion of asatru Norse Heathenism

19. Irminsul Ættir - The Religion Of Asatru
Information on the beliefs and values of the asatru religion.

Our intention is to present as broad a picture of Ásatrú as possible, as a religion and a community of diverse viewpoints and interests. Inclusion here does not necessarily imply a recommendation for any particular view, organization, or individual. Please be aware that Ásatrú is represented in Role-Playing Games such as "MAGE: The Ascension" but they have no bearing on the reality of the religion or actual practice of Ásatrú.
Some Odinists consider themselves to be Ásatrú, while others do not, nor are all Ásatrúar Odinists. Ásatrú is a polytheistic religion and the gods and/or goddesses that one chooses to worship or dedicate to among the Elder gods is a matter of individual choice and conscience. Odinism is included in the presentation of Ásatrú although not considered to be exactly the same thing. Heathen is another term that you will come across and refers to religious groups which are based on Northern European pre-Christian Pagan beliefs while Paganism is an even more general term. Last updated in March 2004.

20. Artikel ber Asatru, Germanen, Nordische Mythologie Und Runen
Neben Artikeln ¼ber asatru, die Friesen, Runen und nordische Mythologie gibt es auch ein EddaW¶rterbuch und eine Bildergalerie mit Kultpl¤tzen in Schleswig-Holstein.
"Die Herdfeuer" Zeitschrift des Eldarings"
Der Mythos der Friesen Nidstang ... Perht, Holda und verwandte Gestalten Wenn Sie passende Artikel haben, dann werden Sie herzlichst eingeladen, diese zur Aufnahmeprüfung zu zu schicken an:

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