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         Akan:     more books (100)
  1. Medicine and anthropology in twentieth century Africa: Akan medicine and encounters with (medical) anthropology.(Report): An article from: African Studies Quarterly by Kwasi Konadu, 2008-09-22
  2. Akan sular sarap olsa (Edebiyat) (Turkish Edition) by Muzaffer Buyrukcu, 1998
  3. The Akan Name in History by, 2007-06-28
  4. A history of the Akan peoples of the Gold Coast, by William Turnbull Balmer, 1925
  5. Krt?akan franser?n lezui =: Gymnase de la langue Francaise (Armenian Edition) by G?org M. M?rtinean, 1903-01-01
  6. Gold of the Akan from the Glassell Collection (International Design Library) by Doran H. Ross, Frances Marzio, 2003-04-01
  7. The Universe Has Three Souls: A Few Notes on Learning Akan Culture by Philip F W Bartle, 1980-01-01
  8. Untersuchungen zu den Akan-Erzahlungen: "Ethno-Texte" und Interpretationen (Artes populares : studia ethnographica et folkloristica) (German Edition) by Manou Kouassi, 1986
  9. A Grammar of the Asante and Fante Language Called Tshi Chwee, Twi Based On the Akuapem Dialect with Reference to the Other (Akan and Fante) Dialects by Johann Gottlieb Christaller, 2010-02-24
  10. Umut 'Hayat Akan Bir Sudur' (Roman Boy) by Ayse Kulin, 2009
  11. Krt?akan k?riston?akan: ?st vardapetut?ean Hayastaneayts? S. Ekeghets?woy (Armenian Edition) by Khor?n Nar-P?y, 1887-01-01
  12. Spider and His Son Find Wisdom: An Akan Tale (African Tales and Myths) by Melinda Lilly, 1998-05
  13. Akan and Ga-Adangme People of the Gold Coast; The Ethnographic Survey Of Africa - Western Africa Part 1 by madeline manoukian, 1952
  14. Fur uns ist Religion die Erde, auf der wir leben: Ein Afrikaner erzahlt von der Kultur der Akan (German Edition) by Kofi Edusei, 1985

41. Akan Cultural Symbols
akan Cultural Symbols*. Funtumfunafu Denkyem Funafu Joined Crocodiles akan Linguist s and Family Staff akan Metal Casting akan Political Beliefs
Akan Cultural Symbols
Akan Adinkra Cloths Akan Architecture Akan Chief (King) Akan Cloths: Factory-Made Wax and Non-Wax Prints ... Asafo Flags These links are not on this site.
They will take you to the Akan Cultural Symbols Project at Marshall University
Home Up Republic of Ghana Liberia [ Akan Cultural Symbols ] Nigeria Ethiopia Kenya

42. - Home
Provides international directory of Priests and Priestesses of the akan, Candomble, Haitian Voodoo, Yoruba, Lucumi, Santeria, and related religions of the African Diaspora. Discusses unity among practioners of all African based religions and gives information on upcoming NARC conferences and ceremonies.
Home About Us Contact Us Certification Application ... World Message (Spanish) NARC World Message Welcome to the Web site for the National African Religion Congress (NARC World) – This world message came September 2, 2005 from the loa/lwa/orisha regarding catastrophic disasters, global wars and disturbances that undermine worldwide harmony.
From the Desk of Gro Mambo Ang©l¡ Nov¡ny³n Idizol
Chairperson of the National African Religion Congress
MERCY Mercy is what we should be praying for ,” the Loa said. We need to ask Bonjedivon, Olodumare or whatever name you know to call God, for His Mercy. I bring this message to NARC World and all who would listen. Every country is a house of its own, and every city and state is a room within that house. We walk in our house every day and it is very difficult for us to live the way that God wants us to live. On Monday, August 29, 2005 a devastation struck two rooms — New Orleans, Louisiana; and Gulfport/Biloxi, Mississippi — in our house — the United States of America. The Loa Papa Agwe said that God would bring devastation after devastation until we can learn to respect one another, love one another, put down our differences with one another and live in peace with one another.

43. Mema Mo Nyinaa Akwaaba!
Index of topics covered in this homepage are. Resources and references for studying the akan language. - akan on-line dictionary (soon available)
Mema mo nyinaa akwaaba!
Welcome to the Akan Language Home Page! This page is under construction.
I will soon be adding more resource material to the study of the Akan language. Index of topics covered in this homepage are: - Resources and references for studying the Akan language - Akan on-line dictionary (soon available) Akan language course : View the contents of the course. NB: Soundfiles are only available for the first 2 units - The "Big Ones": Famous Akanists - Links to other pages on the Akan language and people etc. For inquiries, mail Akua Latest update May 12, 2005

44. The New E-Cine
sneak preview filmfilm baru yang akan beredar maupun masih gosip, juga beberapa sinopsis serial tv di Indonesia.
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45. Akan-Homepage
akan Teleteaching Course. Whose language are you about to learn? Unit 1 Introducing oneself and greeting. Unit 7 Wordformation nominalisation,
Akan Teleteaching Course
Whose language are you about to learn? Unit 1: Introducing oneself and greeting Unit 7: Word-formation: nominalisation, derivation and compounds Unit 2: "To be/to have"; nominal phrase and determination Unit 8: Serial verbs Unit 3: Tenses and negation Unit 9: Sentence combining 1 Unit 4: Singular/Plural of nouns and associative Unit 10: Focus and sentence combining 2 Unit 5: Adjectives and numerals Unit 11: Andative and ventive Unit 6: Imperative and optative Annex Authors : Thomas Bearth; Erika Eichholzer; Justin Frempong; Hannes Hirzel

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Current Results
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47. Akan Lineage Organization
The akan are best known for their colorful kingdoms, which are located throughout the Matrilineal inheritance and succession among the akan is usually

48. Yang Namanya LADANG Bisa Bermacam
Ladang mencari duit gratis di Internet. Hanya dengan mendaftar dan anda akan memperoleh duit.
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Search: Lycos Tripod Dukes of Hazzard Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next Yang namanya LADANG bisa bermacam-macam tetapi disini adalah LADANG DUIT. Dimana Anda membuka ladang dan mengolahnya. Semakin rajin Anda mengolahnya semakin besar hasilnya. "APA YANG DITUAI ADALAH APA YANG ANDA TANAM" Pembukaan Ladang (Pendaftaran) GRATIS. Anda tinggal mengolahnya dan memetik hasilnya SEARCH ENGINE Jika Anda sering menggunakan Search Engine (Yahoo, AltaVista, dll.) cobalah search engine ini dan Anda akan dibayar untuk menggunakan search engine tersebut. Daftarkan segera GRATIS. E-MAIL GRATIS. BACA DAN KIRIM DIBAYAR. Anda memerlukan e-mail. Disinilah tempatnya karena e-mail ini GRATIS dan Anda akan dibayar untuk membaca dan mengirim e-mail Anda. Semua e-mail Anda tanpa kecuali. Dapatkan hasil terbesar dengan cara :
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  • 49. Akan Social Organization
    akan Social Organization Matrilineal Organization akan Kin Terms Marriage Residence Rules Social Stratification Political Organization

    50. Akan National Park Travel Guide
    About akan National Park in Hokkaido. akan National Parks is located in eastern Hokkaido. The park s main attractions are its beautiful crater lakes,
    Travel Living Japan A-Z Forum ... Hokkaido Akan National Park Search this site Related Pages Travel
    Lake Akan
    Lake Masshu
    ... Akan: Orientation newsletter Our newsletter keeps you up to date on Japan travel and living related issues and site updates. Click here to subscribe! forum Any questions? Ask them on the question forum Japan Sightseeing Guide Expo 2005 Aichi Hokkaido ...
    Travel Topics Travel
    Tour Packages

    Car Rental

    Hotel Reservations
    Organized Tours

    Akan National Parks is located in eastern Hokkaido . The park's main attractions are its beautiful crater lakes, hot springs and mountains, which are of volcanic origin. Major Attractions Lake Akan Beautiful crater lake famous for marimo algae. Lake Masshu Picturesque crater lake. Lake Kussharo The largest of Akan's crater lakes. Iozan Volcano with sulfurous vents. Ratings: best of Japan outstanding Orientation Orientation
    How to get to and around Akan National Park. About transportation in Japan Any advice or question? Voice them in the forum
    July 6, 2004

    51. Local Agenda 21 Pamulang
    Di sini akan ditemukan situssitus pilihan yang menurut hemat kami memberikan kontribusi positif terhadap pembangunan berkelanjutan.

    52. Akan National Park Travel: Lake Akan (Akanko)
    About Lake akan in Hokkaido s akan National Park. akan Bus operates about 45 daily buses between Kushiro and akankohan.
    Travel Living Japan A-Z Forum ... Akan Lake Akan Search this site Related Pages Travel

    Hot Springs ...
    Ainu newsletter Our newsletter keeps you up to date on Japan travel and living related issues and site updates. Click here to subscribe! forum Any questions? Ask them on the question forum Japan Sightseeing Guide Expo 2005 Aichi Hokkaido ...
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    Lake Akan with Mont Oakan Lake Akan is a beautiful crater lake in Akan National Park . It is home to marimo, a very rare algae species, which forms itself into beautiful green balls. Left alone for a few centuries, Lake Akan's marimo can reach the size of soccer balls. The algae have been designated a National Special Natural Monument. The lakeside hot spring resort of Akankohan is the only town around the lake. It has a few large and small ryokan , some of which have hot spring baths with fine views of the lake on their upper floors. If you don't stay at such a ryokan, you may be able to use their baths during daytime for typically 500-1000 Yen.

    53. PANITIA 17 - PROKLAMASI CUP 2001
    Dengan strategi penyajian 40% informasi dan analisis mengenai kejadiankejadian di Belanda (yang berkaitan dengan Indonesia) dan 60% mengenai tanah air, maka Focus akan tetap menjadi referensi dan teman informasi Anda yang tak bisa diabaikan. tajam,tidak distortif, independen, tanpa prasangka.
    I foto panitia I skep I info web I arsip I ©2001-2002 Delft Information Society, dedicated to Panitia 17. All rights reserverd Counter ini berfungsi semata-mata hanya untuk situs web Panitia 17

    54. ˆ¢Š¦’¬
    WWW ‚ðŒŸõ ˆ¢Š¦’¬‚̃z[ƒ€ƒy[ƒW“à‚ðŒŸõ
    ‚SŒŽ‚Q‚W“úXV ’¬’·E•–ðƒXƒPƒWƒ…[ƒ‹


    ... ‚RŽs’¬‡•¹‹L”O@ˆ¢Š¦‚Ђ܂í‚èÕ(‚WŒŽ‚V“ú)
    ÅE”N‹àEŒËÐEZ–¯•[E‚²‚݁Eƒyƒbƒg‚È‚Ç Œ’NE•ŸŽƒ Œ’NE‘•ÛEŽqˆç‚āEáŠQ‚Ì‚ ‚é•ûE‚—îŽÒ‚È‚Ç •¶‰»E‹³ˆç ÐŠQ ÐŠQ‚Ì”õ‚¦EÐŠQî•ñ‚È‚Ç ‘I‹“ “Š•[EŠJ•[‘¬•ñ‚È‚Ç
    Œ_–ñŠÇà’S“–‚©‚ç‚Ì‚¨’m‚点‚Å‚·B Œg‘Ñ“d˜b—pƒz[ƒ€ƒy[ƒW‚Ì‚²—˜—p‚ɂ‚¢‚Ä


    ‚̈¶æ‚É‚²Ž©•ª‚ÌŒg‘Ñ“d˜b‚̃[ƒ‹ƒAƒhƒŒƒX‚ð“ü—Í‚µ‘—M‚·‚é‚ƁAURL‚ª‹L Ú‚³‚ꂽƒ[ƒ‹‚ªŒg‘Ñ“d˜b‚Ö“Í‚«‚Ü‚·B ‚Ü‚½A‰º‚ÌQRƒR[ƒh‚ðŒg‘Ñ“d˜b‚̃Jƒƒ‰‚Å“Ç‚ÝŽæ‚Á‚Ä—˜—p‚·‚邱‚Æ‚à‚Å‚«‚Ü‚·B i‘Ήž‹@Ží‚̂݁j ‚ ‚È‚½‚́A‚±‚̃y[ƒW‚ð–K‚ꂽ l–Ú‚Ì•û‚Å‚·B 0154-66-2121 FAX 0154-66-3959 email

    55. Akan Traditional Practices
    This template allows you to post a personal page on the web.
    Akan Traditional Practices Flag of Ghana This page is dedicated to all the soldiers out there who took the time to bring information to the web that I could research and enhance my life as well as the lives of others. To you we want to say Medase Pii and may the Nananom Nsamanfoa continue to bless your efforts in awakening our world to the rich, vibrant culture of the Africans and in particular the Akans of Ghana West Africa. You are a blessing to us all. Gye Nyame Cultural Comparative It is obvious that while different in style, African people are linked throught their practices that honor Almighty God, the Ancestors and the natural forces of the planet. They embue their lives with a constant remembrance of the spirit world thereby living in constant union with the unseen. They are willing goverend by the laws of the Universe that are universally meeted out by the Higher Than All Forms. This Higher Than All Forms uses lesser beings such as as ancestors and deities to mediate and officiate these laws for the purpose of the growth of human society in harmony and love. These lesser beings are part of a heirarchy and represent the explicit connection that human beings can have with the Higher Than All Forms and all its creation. Through human interactions the Chiefs and Kings house the Godhead and are honored without reserve. African people, while expressing various belief practices are one in their belief systems. A Personal Note:

    56. JErm’s Blog
    JErmExpress dimaksudkan untuk membantu anda membuat website andara sendiri dengan cara yang mudah dan menyenangkan. dalam situs ini anda akan menemukan tutorial, forum diskusiyang akan membantu anda menemukan jawaban atas masalah anda.
    @import url( ); blog about bb wordpress ...
    1 day, 6 hours ago, late evening Posted in Movies Permalink 2 Talkbacks This is my second viewing and the reason I watched it again tonight is because I had been down these past two days and I needed some sort of a motivational drive to boost me up again. Honey
    Jessica Alba
    My rating: Honey is about a young dancer Honey Daniels (Jessica Alba) who dreams of making it big in the music video industry. She meets Michael Ellis a known video director at the club she works at and finally gets her big shot through him in the business. Just when her carreer is soaring (she becomes a coreographer) Michael tries to get inside her pants. In rejecting him she finds herself booted from the music video scene. A little down she jumps back to her pending dream to get kids off the streets through dancing. She fights to finance a used building to create a home for these kids. With support from her barber boyfriend she puts up a dance benefit show to fundraise for the building. Missy Elliot looks for Honey to do her videos, somebody out there looks for you and your hidden talent right now.

    57. Akan - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    akan States, any of several states organized in the 16th and 17th centuries by members of this group. Retrieved from http//
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    Over US$225,000 has been donated so far! Other charities also need your help.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Akan may be: This is a disambiguation page — a list of pages that otherwise might share the same title. If an article link referred you here, you might want to go back and fix it to point directly to the intended page. Retrieved from " Categories Disambiguation Views Personal tools Navigation Search Toolbox In other languages
    • Deutsch This page was last modified 20:17, 6 September 2005.

    58. Ajang Kreatifitas Muda - Tempat Nongkrong Anak Muda Kreatif
    Anak muda merupakan penerus bangsaJika anak mudanya hancur maka bangsa akan hancur pula. Jangan siasiakan waktumu, berkreasilah semampumuuntuk dirimu dan bangsamu.
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    Vinyl Cutte
    L o k a l Bonet SmartStore Biar kamu anak gaul tapi jangan buta berita, biar gak tulalit, baca ini Kamu hobi hiking 'n alam coba masuk ke situs Taman Nasional Gede Pangrango Kamu suka balapan Formula-1, ingin tahu hasil yang terbaru, klik ini dan yang erasa tim favorit kamu McLaren, klik ini Lagi rakit komputer, pengen tau harganya dateng ke Bhineka aja Kamu ingin dibuatkan website dengan harga kantong kamu, disini Personal A ries B ayu F irman H endi About WebDesign Profesi web Tips'n trik bikin web Kriteria situs web yang baik " J anganlah berhenti berkreasi, sebab itu akan mematikan pikiranmu dan hatimu "

    59. Akan Languages - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    akan is also the name of a major language spoken in Ghana with the variants The akan language is one of the primary governmentsponsored languages in
    Wikimedia needs your help in the final days of its fund drive. See our fundraising page
    Over US$225,000 has been donated so far! Other charities also need your help.
    Akan languages
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    (Redirected from Akan language Akan languages edition of Wikipedia Akan languages are those languages belonging to the Kwa language family spoken in Ghana and the C´te d'Ivoire Also, Akan is itself the name of a major Ghanaian language spoken comprising these dialects:
    • Akuapem Asante (Ashanti) Fante (Fanti, Mfantse)
    These variants have all written forms. In terms of numbers of speakers Brong should be included also but never has been laid down in written form. The Bureau of Ghanian languages compiled a 20,000-word list of a unified orthography for these three variants which is not in widespread use yet. The Akan language is one of the primary government-sponsored languages in Ghana. It is written in the Roman alphabet The language came to South America , notably Suriname , with the slaves . Escaped slaves in the interior of Suriname still use a form of this language, including

    60. Ghana: Mapas, Datos Del Pais, Etnologia, Historia, Noticias, Idiomas, Musica, ..
    Mapas, sus estad­sticas, historia y noticias. Etonolog­a de sus pueblos, entre ellos de los akan, Akuapen, Akposo, Banda, Dagaaba, Dagomba, Ewe, Fante, Mamprusi y Mosi.
    Himno Nac. Mapas Datos del Pais Etnología Historia ... Version CD Cada sección se actualiza periódicamente. Se tendrán en cuenta sus aportaciones
    Capital Accra Superficie Población Nombre del Estado República de Ghana Moneda cedi Idiomas inglés, ewe, akan, mamprusi, mossi, dagomba, gonja Densidad hah/km2 87,7 hab./km2 Crecimiento anual Mortalidad infantil 57,8 por 1.000 Esperanza de Vida 57,9 años Población Urbana Analfabetismo 17,3 % en hombres y 32,9 % en mujeres Escolarización tercer grado Internet 7,84 por 1.000 hab. Libros publicados (títulos) PIB total 44.694 millones de US $ Crecimiento anual (2003) PIB por hab. 2.250 US $ Indice de inflación Gasto en Educación 4,1 % del PIB Gasto en Defensa 0,6 % del PIB Deuda externa 7.338 millones de US $ Servicio de la deuda/Export. Importaciones 4.105 millones de US $ Exportaciones 1.976 millones de US $ Principales clientes UE (50,7%), Africa (11,1%), Asia (12,9%) Ejército de Tierra 5.000 personas Ejército de Mar 1.000 personas Ejército del Aire 1.000 personas Organismos Internacionales ACP, COMMONWEALTH, UA, BAD, CEDEAO

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