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         Akan:     more books (100)
  1. The Quest For Spiritual Transformation: Introduction to Traditional Akan Religion, Rituals and Practices by Nana Akua Kyerewaa Opokuwaa, 2005-05-23
  2. Akan World of Gold Weights: Abstract Design Weights (L'univers Akan Des Poids a Peser L'or: Les Poids Non Figuratifs) (French and English Edition) by G Niangoran-Bouah, 1984
  3. Bu Me Be: Proverbs of the Akans by Peggy Appiah, Kwame Anthony Appiah, et all 2008-02-20
  4. Witchcraft in Ghana: a Study on the Belief of Destructive Witches and It S Effect on the Akan Tribes by H. Debrunner, 1961-01-01
  5. Female Song Tradition and the Akan of Ghana: The Creative Process in Nnwonkoro by Kwasi Ampene, 2005-10-15
  6. Bibliography and vocabulary of the Akan (Twi-Fante) language of Ghana (African series ; v. 6) by Dennis M Warren, 1976
  7. Ughets?oyts? k?riston?akan ughghap?a? vardapetut?ean (Armenian Edition) by Matt??os, 1861-01-01
  8. The Techiman-Bono of Ghana: An ethnography of an Akan society by Dennis M Warren, 1975
  9. Building Technology and Settlement Planning in a West African Civilization: Precolonial Akan Cities and Towns (Distinguished Dissertations) by Tarikhu Farrar, 1996-07
  10. Groupe Ethnique de Côte D'ivoire: Mahous, Baoulés, Soninkés, Mandingue, Malinkés, Agnis, Abés, Attiés, Mossis, Sénoufos, Ébriés, Akans, Lobi (French Edition)
  11. Funeral dirges of the Akan people by J. H. Kwabena Nketia, 1955
  12. Comparing Religions, a Limitative Approach: An Analysis of Akan, Para-Creole, and Ifo-Sananda Rites and Prayers (Religion and Reason, 24) by J. G. Platvoet, 1982-06
  13. Skzbunk? k?aghak?akan tntesut?ean (Armenian Edition) by Joseph. Carnie, 1873-01-01
  14. Conversational strategies in Akan: Prosodic features and discourse categories (Wortkunst und Dokumentartexte in afrikanischen Sprachen) by Samuel Gyasi Obeng, 1999

21. Akan Ethnic Group
Gold; akan Kente General akan History (from http// History; Gold; akan Kente General akan History (from

22. Akan Religion
akan Religion (Ghana, West Africa)

23. Akan Goldweights
Goldweights symbolizing proverbs.
G oldweights and P roverbs
N otes:
  • Unlike the other images in this exhibit, catalog listings for the illustrations below are accessible by clicking on the name of the goldweight.
  • Following the name of the goldweight, there are three kinds of information that may be provided:
  • a fairly literal translation of the proverb associated with the weight
  • a restatement of the proverb into contemporary American or western terms; and
  • any associated legend or other relevant cultural information.
W isdom K not
The knot tied by a wiseman cannot be undone by a fool. The leader's right to his higher position by virtue of his greater wisdom. A square, reef or Hercules knot design is often featured on objects of leadership art.
H ornbill C aught by a ... nake
Although the snake does not fly, it has caught the hornbill, whose home is in the sky. Optimism and patience. According to legend, the hornbill was deeply indebted to the snake but did not pay its debts because it reasoned that it could always fly away if the snake tried to catch it. This tactic was successful until it got careless one day and the snake, which had been quietly and patiently for just this opportunity, caught it.
H eadless F ish
How a fish should not be divided. The story associated with this goldweight is of a man who caught a fish and gave the head to his "head" first and older wife, and the rest (the edible part) to his second, younger and favorite wife. The head wife killed herself with grief over the insult, and the chief had his goldsmith make a goldweight in the form of a headless fish as a reminder of the discord that follows an unjust action.

24. Akan Religion
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25. .: AKAN :.
Kaletnictwo Kaczmarscy Zakład Pracy Chronionej. Informacje o firmie, jej preferencje, oferowane wyroby.
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26. Akan Language In Ghana
Language Map of Ghana. In the green marked territory mainly akan is spoken.

27. African Lanugages - Akan,
akan has five main dialects, generally considered mutually intelligible. This census gives a larger figure for akan, but that includes the entire
Hausa Swahili Akan ... Tsonga Akan 1 CLASSIFICATION AND WHERE SPOKEN The Akan (Twi, Twi-Fante) dialect cluster belongs to the Central subgroup of the (Volta-) Comoe group, which falls within the New Kwa (Greenberg's Western Kwa) branch of Niger-Congo. It is spoken primarily in southern Ghana but extends into northwestern Côte d'Ivoire. 2 NUMBER OF SPEAKERS WTPR (1982) lists four million speakers. Voegelin and Voegelin (1977) cite two million, a figure attributed to Welmers. 3 DIALECT SITUATION Akan has five main dialects, generally considered mutually intelligible. They are Akyem, Akuapem, Asante, Brong, and Fante. 4 USAGE The 1960 population census of Ghana indicates that about 40 percent of the population are members of Akan-speaking groups. This census gives a larger figure for "Akan," but that includes the entire Central Comoe branch (Stewart, personal communication, 1985). Two periodicals are published in Akan: Nkwantabisa and Akwansosem. Akan radio broadcasts are also heard in Ghana. 5 ORTHOGRAPHIC STATUS Standardized orthographies exist for Asante, Akuapem, and Fante; a unified Akan orthography for these three is nearing completion (Bureau of Ghana Languages project).

28. - Tebak Olahraga Berhadiah
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29. The African Experience Of God Through The Eyes Of An Akan Woman
The African Experience of God through the Eyes of an akan Woman, by Mercy Amba, an article in Cross Currents, the journal of the Association for

30. Ghana Ethnic Groups
The low tone in akan by Abakah, Emmanuel Nicholas. 2002. Remarks on the akan vocalic inventory 2002. Ferstschrift in honour of the 3Ds (ie Prof.
Groups Adangbe Akan (Ashanti...) Akwamu Dagomba ... Puberty Rites Jokes Ashanti Man Brong Man Fanti Man Ga Man ... Kwawu Man
Akan Ethnic Groups
Population 7,000,000 (1995 WA), 44% of the population (1990 WA). 1,170,000 Asante Twi, 4,300,000 Fante, 230,000 Akuapem Twi (1993 UBS). Region The Asante are south central, Ashanti Province. The Akuapem are southeast, in areas north of Accra. The Fante are south central, between Winneba, Takoradi, and Obuasi. Dialects FANTE (FANTI, MFANTSE), AKUAPEM (AKWAPEM TWI, TWI, AKUAPIM, AKWAPI), ASANTE (ASHANTE TWI, TWI, ASANTI, ACHANTI), AGONA, DANKYIRA, ASEN, AKYEM BOSOME, KWAWU, AHAFO. Classification Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, Kwa, Nyo, Potou-Tano, Tano, Central, Akan. Comments Dialects are largely inherently intelligible. The speech of the Asante and Akuapem is called 'Twi.' Dictionary. Grammar. SVO. Literacy rate in first language: 30% to 60%. Literacy rate in second language: 5% to 10%. Roman. Bible 1871-1964.
Bibliography about this language:
Abakah, Emmanuel N. 1998/1999. "On the question of standard Fante." Cahill, Michael. 1985.

31. Akan Cultural Symbols Project Title Page
Explanations of the iconography of akan art.
Flag of Ghana Welcome to the Akan symbols project home page. This symbol is the Fihankra. It represents a traditional Akan house built around a central courtyard. Visit our virtual house and learn more about this and other symbols that comprise the unique written language of the Akan people. The book is still available. We received additional shipment of copies of the book on August 29, 2004. Get your copy now!
The adinkra book, Cloth As Metaphor, cataloguing over 700 adinkra symbols and and their variations and discussing various themes encoded in the texts of proverbs, aphorisms and other verbal expressions related to these symbols, is now available. To buy a copy of the book, please fill out the mail-order form (html file) or the invoice (pdf file) and return it with money order or cashier's check for US $20.00. Please add US $4.99 for the first book and US $2.00 for each additional copy for shipping and handling. One may also use credit cards through the Paypal system to purchase one book for $27.99 (including shipping, and handling charges) or one may contact CEFIKS PUBLICATIONS, 3548 Cherry Hill Court, Beltsville, MD 20705 (Telephone 301-592-7615) for bulk order.

32. Akan, Hokkaido, Japan
Distant view of akan, a group of stratovolcanoes, that lies within a shallow depression. Meakan, the active vent, is the steaming volcano on the left.
Akan, Hokkaido, Japan
Location: 43.4N, 144.0E
Elevation: 4,916 feet (1,499 m)

Paul J. Buklarewicz

Summit of Me-Akun. Photograph by Mike Lyvers.
Me-Akan is a stratovolcano in the depression and the only active vent. Me-Akan has erupted at least 15 times since about 1800. Eruptions prior to 1955 were weak. The 1955 eruption was phreatic
Crater at Me-Akan. Photograph by Mike Lyvers. Akan is a National Park and a center for preserving Hokkaido's native Ainu culture. Click HERE for more pictures of Akan. Sources of Information: Kuno, H., 1962, Part XI, Japan, Taiwan and Marianas: Catalogue of the active volcanoes of the world including solfatara fields, International Association of Volcanology, Rome, Italy, 332 p. McClelland, L., Simkin, T., Summers, M., Nielsen, E., and Stein, T.C., 1989, Global Volcanism 1975-1985: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Prentice Hall, 655 p. Simkin, T., and Siebert, L., 1994, Volcanoes of the World: Geoscience Press, Tucson, Arizona, 349 p.

Images of Volcanoes To VolcanoWorld

33. The Art Of Sangoyemi Ogunsanya
Mixed media collages, sculptures and performancebased installations featuring African myths, and woodcarvings in the tradition of the Yoruba of Nigeria and the akan of Ghana.
View the latest Calendar of Events Contact Sangoyemi the artist For any problems, glitches, or suggestions for this site please contact the Webmaster Updated December 15, 2003.


35. Wilujeng Sumping Di Bumi Sastra Sunda
Di situs ini Anda bisa membaca sastra sunda. Selain pusat sastra Sunda, situs ini akan merupakan pusat pengInternet Sunda. Di sini Anda bisa chat di dalam bahasa Sunda dan mengisi buku tamu bahasa Sunda.
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akans styre har nylig vedtatt at akan skal engasjere seg i spørsmål om akansekretariatet har de siste par årene arbeidet med spørsmål om

37. Kasahorow - Akan Nsɛmfuaasekyerɛ
akanEnglish online dictionary, including an introduction to the language.
Nea onnim no sua a, ohu. Hide To look up a word, you search for it by typing in the search box on the web page. There are two ways of searching the dictionary:
Simple Search : This is a multilingual search of the dictionary. Your search term could be the Standard Akan spelling; the Twi spelling; the Fante spelling; the English synonym; a phrase in the entry’s meaning, example or notes; or the general subject area of the term.
Advanced Search: To narrow down the search results results significantly by selecting specific values for the various fields of an entry. The searchable fields are as follows:
  • Standard Akan (AK) Twi Fante English Synonym (EN) Part of Speech – A K, EN Definition – AK Example – AK Terminology – AK, EN
Toggle between the Akan keyboard layout ( ‘ɛ’ replaces ‘Q’ and ‘ɔ’ replaces ‘J’) and their own language layout by toggling the Keyboard Layout checkbox.
Default (checked): Akan keyboard layout
Notes – AK, EN Hide Perform Advanced Search Help Your keyboard layout:
NB: q=>Ɛ and x=>Ɔ qw_writeoptions("actualkb");

38. :::::Come To Senyum:::::
Senyumlah, maka dunia akan tampak lebih indah!Bila Anda tak mampu bersedekah dengan harta, bersedekahlah dengan senyum. Senyum tak berbiaya tapi bisa sangat berarti.
var PUpage="76001055"; var PUprop="geocities"; var PUpage="76001055"; var PUprop="geocities"; Kalau kamu penggemar komik, dan mau dapetin komik lokal undergroung yang OK, sekarang ada situsnya yang oke banget. Kunjungi Senyumlah, maka dunia akan tampak lebih indah!
Bila Anda tak mampu bersedekah dengan harta, bersedekahlah dengan senyum. Senyum tak berbiaya tapi bisa sangat berarti. Tak percaya, tampilkan senyum Anda di situs ini, maka Anda akan segera mendapatkan banyak teman.
Situs ini menampilkan wajah-wajah dengan senyum yang bersahabat , mengajak Anda untuk berteman. Anda juga bisa bergabung dengan mengirimkan foto dengan senyum Anda yang paling manis. Bila tak mau menampilkan fotonya, tampilkan saja alamat e-mail kamu di Senyum SahabatMail . Bila ingin tersenyum, dapatkan humor-humor segar di halaman Senyum Simpul . Dalam Senyum Tips, Anda akan mendapatkan tips-tips yang berhubungan dengan senyum.

39. Akan.Net
Search. Privacy Legal Contact Acceptable Use Policy. Copyright ©2000 2002 akan.Net, Inc., All Rights Reserved.
Search: Privacy Legal Contact
Acceptable Use Policy

40. Prepare Your Self For Surprises In September 2004
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