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         Giaever Ivar:     more detail
  1. Norwegian Physicists: Lars Onsager, Kristian Birkeland, Carl Størmer, Christopher Hansteen, Kalbe Razi Naqvi, Ivar Giaever
  2. Hochschullehrer (Oslo): Ivar Giaever, Viktor Moritz Goldschmidt, Arne Næss, Fridtjof Nansen, Paul Felix Lazarsfeld, Johan Sebastian Welhaven (German Edition)
  3. Hamar Katedralskole Alumni: Jan Åge Fjørtoft, Ivar Giaever, Ingvald Godal, Eskil Ervik, Sigurd Evensmo, Per Imerslund, Matias Faldbakken
  4. I Am Right You Are Wrong: From This to the New Renaissance: From Rock Logic to Water Logic by Edward de Bono, 1992-12-01
  5. ELECTRON TUNNELING IN SUPERCONDUCTORS. 1973 Nobel Lecture in Physics Delivered 12 December 1973 Stockholm, Sweden. by Ivar. Nobel Laureate in Physics. GIAEVER, 1974-01-01
  6. Electron tunneling in superconductors: 1973 Nobel Lecture in Physics, delivered 12 December 1973, Stockholm, Sweden by Ivar Giaever, 1974

41. Distinguished Guests - The Library, The Abdus Salam ICTP
giaever, ivar (b.1929, Bergen, Norway). Nobel Laureate Physics 1973 link.with Leo Esaki for their experimental discoveries regarding tunneling phenomena

42. The Korean Academy Of Science And Technology
giaever, ivar (Foreign Member, , ) Troy NY, 121803590, USA Institute professor,Renesselaer Polytechnic Institute Tel 518-276-6429 Fax 518-276-2825

43. Çѱ¹°úÇбâ¼ú¿øÇѸ²¿ø¿¡ ¿À½Å°ÍÀ» ȯ¿µÇÕ´Ï´
Translate this page giaever, ivar. (? ). Institute professor, Renesselaer PolytechnicInstitute Troy NY, 12180-3590, USA. Tel 518-276-6429. Fax 518-276-2825

44. IVAR GIAEVER Linkpage
Great Norwegians Homepage offers links to webpages concerning Nobel Prize winningphysicist ivar giaever.
Ivar Giaever Biography on the website of The Nobel Foundation. Born in Norway, Giaver emigrated to the U.S.A. He worked for General Electric in New York at the time he received his Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973. A cover page identifies Giaever's two co-honorees, Leo Esaki of Japan and Brian D. Josephson of Great Britain, and specifies the basis for Giaever's award: "for [his] experimental discoveries regarding tunneling phenomena in...superconductors...." The significance of the work giving rise to the awards is set forth in a press release
Dr. Ivar Giaever

Biography on the website of the Technical University of Denmark. Ivar Giaever
Giaever's homepage on the website of the Physics Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY., where he is a professor of science. (He also serves as a professor at large at the University of Oslo.)
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45. International: Italiano: Scienze: Fisica: Fisici E Ricercatori: Giaever, Ivar -
Translate this page Italiano Scienze Fisica Fisici e Ricercatori giaever, ivar - Open Site . In tutta la Directory, Solo in Fisici_e_Ricercatori/giaever,_ivar
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46. UiO: Ivar Giæver - Nobelprisen I Fysikk 1973
ivar Giæver Nobelprisen i fysikk 1973. ivar Giæver - nobelprisvinner ifysikk 1973. ivar Giæver. ivar Giæver ble født i Bergen 5. april 1929.
UiO - nettsider UiO - personer BIBSYS - forfatter BIBSYS - tittel WWW - Google Studier Studentliv Forskning For ansatte ...
Fysisk Institutt
ved Universitetet i Oslo.
Enhet: Informasjonsavdelingen
Dokument opprettet: 05.05.2000, endret: 02.06.2005 Kontakt UiO Hjelp

47. Latest Faculty News - Faculty Of Engineering And Physical Sciences - The Univers
Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, Professor ivar giaever, to visit The Universityof Manchester 1113 May 2005. White space 150w,22835,en.html
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Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, Professor Ivar Giaever, to visit The University of Manchester 11-13 May 2005
The Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, Professor Ivar Giaever, will be visiting The University of Manchester from Wednesday 11 May to Friday 13 May 2005. The School of Physics and Astronomy is delighted to announce that Professor Giaever is able to give a seminar on his discovery of superconducting tunnelling (details of timing and location given below). After gaining his PhD in theoretical physics at the Rennsselaer Polytchnic Institute in Norway, Professor Giaever emigrated to the USA to join GEC as an applied mathematician. From the late 1950s to 1970 his research developed in the fields of thin films, tunnelling and superconductivity. He later spent a year as a Guggenheim Fellow at Cambridge University working in the area of biophysics. He returned to the USA to study the behaviour of organic molecules at solid surfaces.

48. Ivar Giaever -- Facts, Info, And Encyclopedia Article
ivar giaever (originally spelled Giæver) (born April 5, 1929 in (Click link ivar giaever earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the (Click link
Ivar Giaever
[Categories: Superconductivity, Nobel Prize in Physics winners, Norwegian-Americans, 1929 births]
Ivar Giaever (originally spelled Giæver ) (born April 5, 1929 in (Click link for more info and facts about Bergen, Norway) Bergen, Norway ) is a physicist who shared the (Click link for more info and facts about Nobel Prize in Physics) Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973 with (Physicist honored for advances in solid state electronics (born in Japan in 1925)) Leo Esaki and (Click link for more info and facts about Brian David Josephson) Brian David Josephson for work in (The branch of physics that studies the properties of materials in the solid state: electrical conduction in crystals of semiconductors and metals; superconductivity; photoconductivity) solid-state physics . Giaever is an institute professor emeritus at the (Click link for more info and facts about Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute , a professor-at-large at the (Click link for more info and facts about University of Oslo) University of Oslo , and the president of Applied Biophysics.

49. Akademi Sains Malaysia
NOBEL LAUREATE PROFESSOR ivar giaever VISIT TO MALAYSIA ivar giaever.Professor ivar was the 6th and the final Nobel Laureate being invited in

50. Giaever, Ivar
giaever vystudoval elektroinženýrství na Norské vysoké škole technické v Trondheimuv roce 1952. I. giaever svými pracemi navázal na práce L.Esakiho,
Giaever, Ivar
Americký fyzik narozený v Norsku. Je spoludržitelem Nobelovy ceny za fyziku pro rok 1973 za práce ve fyzice pevných látek, zejména za výzkum tunelového jevu. Cenu sdílí s Leo Esakim a Brianem Josephsonem
Giaever vystudoval elektroinženýrství na Norské vysoké škole technické v Trondheimu v roce 1952. V roce 1954 se pøestìhoval do Kanady, kde paracoval v Ontariu jako strojní inženýr ve spoleènosti General Electric Company. V roce 1956 byl pøesunut do centra spooleènosti v Schenectady (stát New Yoerk, USA). Zde se zaèal zabývat fyzikou, PhD získal v roce 1964 na Polytechnice v Troy (New York).
I. Giaever svými pracemi navázal na práce L.Esakiho , který experimentálnì objevil tunelový jev. Propojil fyziku pevných látek se supravodivostí. Experimentálnì zkoumal tunelování elektronù mezerami v pevných látkách. Na vrstveném materiálu z normálního a supravodivého kovu dosáhl nových efektù tunelování a podpoøil BCS teorii supravodivosti (BCS = Bardeen Cooper Schrieffer ). Na práce Giaevereho navázal dále

51. NFCR Project Director Ivar Giaever - National Foundation For Cancer Research
ivar giaever, Ph.D. Nobel Laureate Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NewYork Cell Substrate Interactions Studying the interaction of normal and cancer

52. The Vega Science Trust - Freeview Video On The Web -
ivar giaever. Tunneling In Semiconductors And Superconductors ivar giaeverwon the Nobel Prize in 1973 for his investigations of tunneling in
Home News Programmes Schools ... Documentary Ivar Giaever
Tunneling In Semiconductors And Superconductors Useful Links:
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Ivar Giaever won the Nobel Prize in 1973 for his investigations of tunneling in semiconductors and superconductors. In this interview Ivar Giaever tells us that his mother and father wanted him to be a locksmith. They were both pharmacists. He was fortunate to be able to read a lot as a child as his father bought books at auctions, in particular he remembers reading Tarzan! Giaever is not religious and thinks religion is to blame for a lot of the ills of the world. His wife and he ski regularly.
The Vega Science Trust is actively supported by: The Vega Science Trust . The Trust is a Registered Charity No. 1082718, Company No. 3825519, Registered in England and Wales. Terms and Conditions of Use. Last modified Mon Sep 05, 2005 5:51 pm.

53. The Vega Science Trust - Freeview Video On The Web - Face To Face
ivar giaever Masatoshi Koshiba ivar giaever won the Nobel Prize in 1973for his investigations of tunneling in semiconductors and superconductors.
Home News Programmes Schools ... Documentary Lindau 2004
54th Meeting: Nobel Prize Winners In Physics External Links
The Lindau Website
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The annual meetings are a forum for encounters and international communication bringing together chemical, economic, medical and physics Nobel laureates and young scientists in a relaxed atmosphere to develop open-minded. This unique formula also attracts many representatives of the media to encourage the dialogue between science and society contributing to a general understanding of science. Nicolaas Bloembergen Spectroscopy Nicolaas Bloembergen, USA, shared half of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1981 with Arthur Leonard Schawlow, USA "for their contributions to the development of laser spectroscopy" Leo Esaki Electron Tunneling Leo Esaki is a Japanese physicist who shared half the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973 with Ivar Giaever for the discovery of the phenomenon of electron tunneling. He is known for his invention of the Esaki diode, which exploits the electron tunneling phenomenon.

54. Nobel Prize In Physics 1973
Button Additional Information; ivar giaever Button 1/4 of prize Button Norway USA Button born 1929 (Bergen, Norway) Button CA Rensselaer Polytechnic
Home About Contact
"for their experimental discoveries regarding tunneling phenomena in semiconductors and superconductors, respectively"
Leo Esaki
1/4 of prize
born 1925
CA - IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center , Yorktown Heights, New York, USA
AA - Sony Corporation , Tokyo, Japan
WA - Sony Corporation
Additional Information
Ivar Giaever
1/4 of prize
born 1929 (Bergen, Norway)
CA - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
AA - General Electric Research and Development Center , Schenectady, New York, USA
WA - General Electric Research and Development Center Additional Information
"for his theoretical predictions of the properties of a supercurrent through a tunnel barrier, in particular those phenomena which are generally known as the Josephson effects"
Brian D. Josephson
1/2 of prize UK born 1940 CA - Cavendish Laboratory , University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, UK AA - University of Cambridge WA - University of Cambridge Additional Information
Additional Information: Leo Esaki: Ivar Giaever:
  • Ivar Giaever web site Ivar Giaever Received Nobel Prize for work he had done before he had completed his PhD.

55. Member

56. Store Product Details
, middle age, threequarter view, sweater, standing lr ivar......Title, John Bardeen, Nicolaas Bloembergen, ivar giaever. Date, September 1975.

A photo of ivar giaever for newspaper use is available at ivar giaever,Institute Professor of Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,

58. CAMP Newsletter December 2003 Center For Advanced Materials
Nobel Laureate Professor ivar giaever Delivers Shipley Lectures at ClarksonUniversity. Dr. ivar giaever, Institute Professor of Science at Rensselaer
In October 2003, General Motors, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), NYSTAR, CAMP and the U.S. Department of Energy announced the completion of the first phase of a $1.37 million endeavor to improve the lost-foam casting process used at GM's Massena Powertrain plant. In addition to annual funding that NYSTAR provides to CAMP, an $81,000 technology transfer grant from NYSTAR helped to enable CAMP to partner with Buffalo Wire Works to develop the prototype for the optical analysis technology used in the lost-foam casting process. Through NYSTAR funding, and Clarkson's CAMP process development, Buffalo Wire Works was able to launch a start-up company, VisionWorks LLC. The new optical analysis technology enabled GM to achieve its goals of increased casting quality and efficiency. Without question, technology transfer creates new businesses, fosters new industries, and helps develop new markets. The growth in technology commercialization, and the benefits that it can reap for institutions that create technologies and companies that license them, has also made the task of technology transfer more complex. NYSTAR's technology transfer goal is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge that could have direct economic value from universities to industry. Commercialization of technology is key to growing a successful high-technology economy in New York.

59. Der Nobelpreis Für Physik: Ivar Giaever
betreffend das Tunnel-Phänomen in Halb- bzw. Supraleitern
Home Chemie ... Wirtschaft Ivar Giaever
"Für ihre experimentellen Entdeckungen betreffend das Tunnel-Phänomen in Halb- bzw. Supraleitern"
( gemeinsam mit Leo Esaki

60. Fysikkåret 2005 - Portrett
Nobelprisvinnaren i fysikk 1973, ivar giaever, er ein nordmann med ein heiltuvanleg vitskapleg Portrett av ivar giaever. Rettighet Kristian Fossheim
PORTRETT Hovedside Om Fysikkåret Kalender Fysikknøtter ... Kontakt
- Albert Einstein
- Lars Onsager
- Kristian Birkeland
- Vilhelm Bjerknes
- Ellen Gleditsch
- Rolf Widerøe
- Ivar Giaever
- Lise Meitner
- Gunnar Randers
PORTRETT - september Gunnar Randers av Olav Steinsvoll Astronom i USA Krigsdeltager Hovedinteresse kjernekraft Studietur i USA for FFI Reaktorprosjektet JEEP Haldenreaktor og skipsprosjekt Rådgiver i FN og IAEA Randers var IFAs direktør og udiskutable lederskikkelse fram til sin avgang i 1970, samtidig som han hadde en rekke tunge internasjonale verv på atomenergiområdet, bl.a. som personlig rådgiver i atompolitiske spørsmål for FNs generalsekretær Dag Hammarskjøld. I sitt arbeid betonte han nå sikkerhetsaspektene ved bruk av kjernekraft, anbefalte inspeksjon og kontrollsystemer som skulle forhindre spredning av atomvåpen og var med på å opprette det internasjonale Atombyrået IAEA med sete i Wien. Det var midt i den kalde krigens periode, med prøver på atomvåpen både i øst og vest. Verden ble opptatt av radioaktivt nedfall, naturvern og grenser for vekst. Det var slutt på den tillitsfulle vekstens periode. Den taleføre og internasjonalt virksomme Randers ble en torn i øyet for amerikanerne, og de torpederte de norske eksportplanene for tungtvann ved å selge det til en tredel av den norske prisen per kilo. NATO rådgiver Fra 1968 hadde Randers to års permisjon fra IFA for å kunne arbeide innen NATO med ansvar for samarbeid mellom NATO-landene innen forskning og vitenskap. Han støttet helhjertet initiativet til forskningssjef Tormod Riste om å holde avanserte internasjonale forskerkurs innen fysikk på Geilo hvert annet år. Randers fortsatte arbeidet i NATO inntil 1973. I 1975 ble han direktør i bedriften Scandpower som var dannet av eksperter innen beregninger av kjernekraftverk utgått fra IFA og tilsvarende sentra i Sverige.

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