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         Substance Abuse:     more books (106)
  1. Don't Wait for Me: How a Mother Lost Her Son to Drug Abuse and Bipolar Disorder by Ros Morris, 2008-04-03
  2. Substance Abuse Education in Nursing Vol II Adv Undergrad 92 by Madeline Naegle, 1992-01-01
  3. Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse by John Brick, 2003-11-20
  4. Clinical Work with Substance-Abusing Clients, Second Edition (The Guilford Substance Abuse Series)
  5. Substance-Abusing High Achievers: Addiction as an Equal Opportunity Destroyer (Library of Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment) by Abraham Twerski, 1998-07-01
  6. Substance Abuse: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues) by David E. Newton, 2010-06-16
  7. Teaching: Not for Dummies / Substance Abuse Awareness: A Guidebook by P. J. Gammarano, 2008-02-11
  8. Southern Endings: True story of child molestation, domestic abuse and learning to love yourself. by Lisa Elizabeth Rose, 2010-04-26
  9. Drug And Alcohol Abuse: The Authoritative Guide For Parents, Teachers, And Counselors by H. Thomas Milhorn, 2003-09-05
  10. Adolescent Substance Abuse: Psychiatric Comorbidity and High Risk
  11. Solution Focused Substance Abuse Therapy by Teri Pichot, 2009-03-12
  12. 180 Degrees by Robert R., 2008
  13. Innovations in Adolescent Substance Abuse Interventions by Eric Wagner, Holly Waldron, 2001-09-28
  14. Maternal Substance Abuse and the Developing Nervous System

121. Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems, Inc.: A Substance Abuse Treatment Resource Fo
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122. Rising Above
Help for children and adults who are/were in deep pain, confusion and despair resulting from sexual abuse, substance abuse, family violence, suicide and/or residential school experience.

Rising Above is:
  • Initiated and governed by First Nations People, Committed to training First Nations People to be effective care-givers, Annual and regional conferences dealing with abuse issues plaguing cities and communities across Canada and the United States.
From the observations and testimonials of those
who have attended conferences, Rising Above is
effective because it:
  • Meets heart-felt needs, Confronts the painful issues of abuse that are prevalent in churches and communities, Offers individual biblically based counseling by qualified counselors, Makes known Christ's work on the cross and the Person of Jesus Christ as the ultimate means of healing, Uses music and testimonies to minister to the hearts of people.

123. SANO-Homepage-RETO
substance abuse Network of Ontario, dedicated to providing information relatedto addiction, substance abuse, substance abuse prevention, health promotion,
NOTICE: At this time, is not being actively maintained. Please visit for current information.
Curriculum Guide for

Grades 1-12
Guide du programme-cadre 2004 90-Day Window for DHQ: Contact ACCS Ontario Drug Awareness Partnership Update
Curriculum resource . . . Talking About Mental Illness
Countering the Crisis: Ontario's Prescription for Opioid Dependence
Talk - discussion list
check it out

Methadone Maintenance

Treatment: A Community

Planning Guide

Withdrawal Management Association of Ontario Website Ontario's Plan for Addiction Treatment Services ... de la toxicomanie Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment in Ontario Free Safe Drinking Evaluation CAMH Library Catalogue Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline Virtual Resource for the Addiction Treatment System Project to Address the Stigma of Addiction Welcome to SANO Last updated September, 2002

124. New Directions Youth & Family Services - Welcome To Our Home!
Offers 23 programs that address the challenges of juvenile delinquency, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, neglect, trauma, mental illness and antisocial behavior.
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125. SAPAA - The Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association
Promotes standards in the administration of workplace substance abuse preventionprograms through education and training.
DOT UPCOMING EVENTS... 2005 Annual Conference September 19-22, 2005 "The Embassy Suites Hotel"
Kansas City - Plaza Kansas City, Missouri Adobe Reader 7.0 Required Click here for your Attendee Brochure .pdf Get your event exhibit sponsorship brochure.pdf SPECIAL OFFER ...

SAPAA offers free Collection Personnel Training Course for joining SAPAA. A $89.95 Value!! NEW CATALOG ITEMS...
NATIONAL Substance Abuse Professionals NETWORK

Forensic Technologies

Forensic Technologies, a registered medical device manufacturer, custom designs and manufactures specimen collection kits for urine, blood and DNA and offers a complete line of collection accessories. LIFETIME MEMBERS
Click here to view the list of Lifetime Members.

NEWS HEADLINES... SAPAA Presents Testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. Click here for a copy of SAPAA testimony.pdf

126. Substance Abuse
Information on what substance abuse is, early detection and treatment, with emphasis on what a parent can do.

Teen Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse I. What is substance abuse? First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink,
then the drink takes you. - F. Scott Fitzgerald In a survey taken in 1995, two-thirds of all of the 12th grade students interviewed said that they felt that they had to choose whether or not to use drugs before they graduated from high school. In studies done in 1998 and 1999, 56 percent of 12 to 17 year olds reported that marijuana was easy to get and 72 percent of this group reported that alcohol was very easy to obtain. By the time they are 17 years old, 56 percent of adolescents state that they know a drug dealer. Among the substances abused are: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, "club drugs" (ecstasy, etc.). stimulants, hallucinogens, inhalants, prescription drugs, and steroids. Drug and substance abuse among teenagers, is substantial. Among youth age 12 to 17, about 1.1 million meet the diagnostic criteria for dependence on drugs, and about 1 million are treated for alcohol dependency.

127. Substance Abuse - Alcohol
An exhaustive index of available online resources on alcohol abuse.
Get Help
24 Hour Chat
Someone is always around. Bulletin Board
Post your questions and comments. 12 Step Chat Meetings
The schedule for regular meetings. Newsletter
FREE email newsletter.
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions most often asked the NIAAA and their answers. Alcoholism Glossary
Terms associated with alcoholism and recovery. A Family Disease
If someone else's drinking is a problem for you, these pages can help sort out the confusion. A.A. History
Archivist and historian Mitchell K. looks at the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcohol-Related News New links, news headlines, community news and more. Traffic Fatalities The most recent statistics concerning alcohol-related traffic deaths. Divorce options and alternatives in marriages in which alcohol is an issue. Al-Anon Discussion Topics Issues of interest to Al-Anon Family Groups. Demographics of Drinkers Drunks by age, gender, country of origin. Have a Drinking Problem? Articles that help explain what alcoholism is and what can be done about it. Alcohol and Cancer Even moderate alcohol drinking can increase risk.

128. Phoenix Psychotherapy Addiction Counseling Mediator Online Psychotherapy On Line
Specializing in substance abuse, addictions, marital, relationship problems. I also offer organizational and personal mediation as well as communication training. Counseling via telephone, video, and keyboard via the internet.
Read my biography
Learn about my work and how I can help you cope with your problems.
Ask the Phoenix Phoenix Bulletin Board ClubHouse Therapist Application ... Visit our store
Offering herbal health supplements...etc
Money Addictions of America
Mr. Ganzer has been in the addictions and mental health field for many years and is a specialist in the treatment of problem gamblers and those with spending, shopping and other money addictions.
Contribute to our Forums
This Public Web Forum is for mental health professionals and those suffering from problem gambling, substance abuse, eating disorders, co-dependency and other addictions.
Clinical Services
Learn about our co-operative practice and some of the clinical methods used by our Phoenix Board Certified therapists.
Business Programs We offer mediation, lecture, and workshops for all types of organizational problems!

129. AMERSA | The Association For Medical Education And Research In Substance Abuse
Organization of health care professionals dedicated to improving education inthe care of individuals with substance abuse problems.
AMERSA's 29th Annual Conference will be held October 27-29, 2005 HRSA-AMERSA-SAMHSA/CSAT Faculty Development Program Health Professionals Substance Abuse Education Act Conference Travel Awards AMERSA's 29th Annual Conference will be held October 27-29, 2005 HRSA-AMERSA-SAMHSA/CSAT Faculty Development Program Health Professionals Substance Abuse Education Act Conference Travel Awards ...

130. MidSOUTH
The community service unit of the School of Social Work at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Provides leadership, training, and support in the areas of child welfare, foster care, and the prevention of substance abuse.

School of Social Work

Register for Training


Training Academy

Foster Parent

Summer School

Prevention Institute

Portals DCFS Field Instructor Staff Distance Ed / CV ... Useful Links MidSOUTH MidSOUTH is the community service unit of the UALR School of Social Work. MidSOUTH provides leadership, training, and product support in the areas of addiction, child welfare, technology, distance learning, and organizational development. MidSOUTH has five training locations across the state. For more information about MidSOUTH's programs and services, please explore this website or call (501)569-3067. Coming soon: Would you like to learn more about MidSOUTH programs? If so, click on one of the following links: MidSOUTH strives for excellence in providing workforce development products and services Questions? Contact

131. TEENS WITH PROBLEMS: Is My Child A Substance Abuser?
Information to help parents spot substance abuse in their teen, including over the counter medications, huffing of inhalants, and use of illegal drugs.
Is My Child
A Substance Abuser? Click on a link for more information
Introduction - What this page is about
Symptoms of Drug Abuse Links to Related Pages
My child...
..has gone from being a nice kid

to very mean and angry all the time wearing all black

or has become very sloppy in attire
Parents on a Guilt Trip

What Is This Page About?
Every day, our kids have to make choices that we, as parents, never even dreamed about when we were kids. Peer pressure is a powerful thing, and many times, our kids will reluctantly go along with the crowd and do things that they are not comfortable with and know are harmful in order to gain acceptance. However, if this behavior repeats itself, over time it will manifest itself in addiction. This can lead to serious behavioral, emotional and health problems , with the symptoms of drug abuse mimicking attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar illness or major depression, which may be misdiagnosed if the care provider does not know of an existing substance abuse problem. As parents, how can we tell if our children are abusing substances? This is a question many parents ask themselves when their child is having difficulties. Unfortunately, too many parents really don't want to know the answer, because this is one subject that can be too scary, frustrating and guilt-laden to deal with. They may ask the right questions and will even do a little digging around to come up with answers, but then will conclude that there is not a problem and will ignore all the signs and symptoms of addiction that their child actually manifests.

132. The Counseling Center - Virtual Pamphlet Library - Substance Abuse
substance abuse, although less common at UMR than at many colleges, presentsproblems on this campus. The emphasis here is on alcohol use and abuse (there
The Counseling Center
204 Norwood Hall
Rolla, MO 65409

Counseling Home
General Information
in Distress
The Counseling Center
Substance Abuse
Substance abuse, although less common at UMR than at many colleges, presents problems on this campus. The emphasis here is on alcohol use and abuse (there is a difference!). However, if you or a friend are having problems with a drug other than alcohol, please seek assistance right away. If your life is not yet badly out of control, this is a good time to put it in better shape before that happens. And if it is out of control, putting off action is probably not going to make things better. These principles are equally applicable, of course, if your drug is alcohol. And what about alcohol? Alcohol is the most commonly abused drug in the United States and perhaps not coincidentally, it is also the most socially acceptable to use. Most people use alcohol with little difficulty, although a significant minority (10-20%) of drinkers experience fairly serious problems managing their use. And most people who drink experience at least some difficulty with overuse at some point in their lives. Among college educated people, the most frequent time for this to happen is while they are attending collegesome of the "out-of-class learning experience." Before going further it may help to clarify some possible misconceptions about alcohol use.

133. Drug Addiction, Alcoholism And Mental Health Service Providers
Recovery resources for alcoholism and addiction, substance abuse treatment,12 step programs, online counseling and sober living.
The Directory of Alcoholism
Addictions and Mental Health Help
The SoberRecovery Directory lists over 2500 Alcoholism, Addiction and Mental Health -related websites and services in 60 unique categories including Dual Diagnosis , Sober Living Homes, Help for Parents and Adolescents, Teen Alcoholism and Addiction , Treatment Centers, Twelve Step Alternatives , 12 Step Groups, Eating Disorders, and much more. Find help, information and support for yourself, a family member, a friend or a loved one. Search boxes are located on every page to help you find help fast. And an entire recovery community is waiting to help you on our moderated support forums
Treatment Centers
Detox Centers

Primary Treatment

Extended Care

Outpatient Treatment
Non 12-Step Programs
Programs by Client Type
Women Only

Men Only
Teens (12-20) Young Adults (18-27) ... High Profile Clients Special Focus Programs Alternative Sentencing Non-12 Step Programs Faith-Based Treatment Relapse Prevention ... Altavoces Espanoles Recovery Websites General Recovery Sites Online Communities Women In Recovery Relationships in Recovery ... 12 Step Related DIRECTORY OF RECOVERY RESOURCES Featured Treatment Centers States and Regions Search By State California / Pacific Texas / Southwest Florida / Southeast ... Canada Alternative (Non 12 Step) Treatment

134. SARDI Home Page
The substance abuse Resources Disability Issues (SARDI) mission is to conductresearch, provide collaborative consultation, and conduct training on the
About SARDI Welcome to the Substance Abuse Resources and Disability Issues (SARDI) Program. The SARDI Program seeks to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities, including those who are concurrently affected by substance abuse. Dedicated to the idea that multiple solutions and interdisciplinary methods are necessary to have effective change, SARDI uses many angles to approach the combined topic of substance abuse and disability. The SARDI Program achieves its objective by conducting collaborative and participatory research; developing intervention approaches; and training; and disseminating related information.

135. Corporate Company Training, Report Writing Skills,
Specialises in corporate training. Offers training in risk assessment, substance abuse, aggression management, and adult mental health.
Principal Trainer: Andrew H Rea BA (Hons) CQSW Cert Ed
RTA are a nationwide network of training professionals who are committed to providing high quality training. All associates have extensive corporate training experience in their own field, and are professional trainers. RTA Offer High Quality Training for : REA TRAINING ASSOCIATES
Phone : 07976 639092
Fax : 07970 458225
Mail : Home Writing skills Court Skills ... Drug Abuse

136. Substance Abuse Education
Questions on the prevention or treatment of drug or alcohol abuse can be sent toDean Blackburn, Coordinator of Substance Programs, UNC Student Health
Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Effects of Abuse Problem Signs The CAGE Questionnaire Students, Alcohol, and Drugs ...
Getting Help
Questions on the prevention or treatment of drug or alcohol abuse can be sent to Dean Blackburn , Coordinator of Substance Programs, UNC Student Health Services. This web site is presented by the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies to educate people, particularly students, about alcohol and drug abuse, how to avoid it, and how to get help for it.
About CAS Research Alcoholism/Abuse ... to UNC School of Medicine Updated April 3, 2001 to UNC Home Page Comments to web developer Credits
You may reproduce material from this site if credit is given.
For substantial reproductions, we request a donation to the Center.
Please contact the web director for more information.

137. Mental Health And Substance Abuse Counseling To The Oakland, Macomb And Northern
Comprehensive outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinics providing treatment to children, adolescents, and adults located in Oakland, Macomb and Northern Wayne counties in Southeast Michigan.
Welcome to Pioneer Counseling Center
Pioneer Counseling Centers provide mental health and substance abuse counseling to the Oakland, Macomb and Northern Wayne counties in Southeast Michigan. If you or someone you care about needs help, please call 800/833.4105 for a free, confidential consultation or click here to leave us a message and we'll get back to you by phone or email within 24 hours. Please feel free to browse our website where you'll find a variety of topics covered in our feature articles, fact sheets and ask the expert sections. If you have a question, please send it to us ... we'll be happy to get back to you with an answer.
Expand All
Collapse All Today: 9/9/2005 3:20:51 PM EST. About Pioneer Counseling Center ... HOME If you need help and are located in Southeast Michigan please call our confidential hotline at 1-800-833-4105.

138. Bureau Of Substance Abuse Services
Bureau of substance abuse Services Homepage. substance abuse StrategicPlan (PPT 2.37mb) Searchable/ Printable substance abuse Directory

Bureau of Substance Abuse Services

Treatment Prevention ... Training Related Links Inhalant Abuse Task Force MassCALL Contact Information 250 Washington Street, 3rd Floor
Boston MA, 02108
Michael Botticelli
Assistant Commissioner

Substance Abuse Services Tel. Fax TTY Email Search the DPH Website Bureau of Substance Abuse Services
The Bureau of Substance Abuse Services oversees the substance abuse prevention and treatment services in the Commonwealth. Responsibilities include: licensing programs and counselors; funding and monitoring prevention and treatment services; providing access to treatment for the indigent and uninsured; developing and implementing policies and programs; and, tracking substance abuse trends in the state.
Mission, Vision, Principles and Goals
What's New:

139. Counseling, Counselors, Therapy, Psychotherapists, Tampa
Full service counseling center for depression, marriage and family, anxiety, bipolar, anger management, substance abuse, stress, selfesteem, weight loss, sex issues, and more.
Anger Management
Alcohol Abuse/Substance Abuse
Teen Counseling
Bipolar Disorder
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Juvenile and Adolescent Counseling
Self-Acceptance Infertility Issues Self-confidence Sex Life Problems Teen defiance/discipline problems Lose weight/Weight disorders Psychology services Education/Self-help Mental Health Assessments Psychosexual Sex Offender Penile Plethysmograph Testing Juvenile Sex Offender Counseling Domestic Violence Child Custody Evaluations Anger Management Programs Court Ordered Competency Exams Comprehensive Psychologicals Expert Witness Testimony Forensic Mental Health Services Continuing Education Provider Many of the difficulties, stress, and emotional upsets that we all encounter from day-to-day can be minimizedeven eliminatedif we follow some relatively simple methods. Whitford-Thomas Group, Inc. (WTG) is an accomplished assembly of licensed mental health counselors and psychotherapists devoted to providing

140. Spring Harbor Hospital
Provides care service for people affected by mental illness or substance abuse. Located in South Portland, with counseling locations in Augusta, Portland, Scarborough, and York.
Welcome to Spring Harbor Hospital
Spring Harbor is southern Maine's premier provider of inpatient services for individuals who experience acute mental illness or dual disorders issues. Our freestanding, not-for-profit hospital serves children, adolescents, and adults and offers 24-hour information and referral, voluntary and involuntary hospitalization, comprehensive discharge planning, and outpatient care in the Greater Portland area. Though located in Greater Portland, Spring Harbor serves patients from across Maine and works closely with a patient's local physician or therapist to assure the most effective aftercare. We also work in partnership with the area's teaching hospital, Maine Medical Center , to train resident psychiatric physicians and to research new ways to treat mental illness. Overseeing our work is a 21-member volunteer board of trustees that includes among its membership mental health consumers and family members of those experiencing mental illness. Trustees hail from all corners of southern and central Maine and help ensure that Spring Harbor's care is responsive to consumers' needs.
Spring Harbor News
SH/MMC Researchers Featured for Model of Educating Family in Management of Schizophrenia
Spring Harbor Hospital releases 2004 Annual Report Spring Harbor Hospital construction earns Project of Distinction award More Spring Harbor News ... MaineHealth

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