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         Stuttering:     more books (100)
  1. Stuttering: An Integrated Approach to Its Nature and Treatment by Barry Guitar, 2005-10-04
  2. Understanding and Controlling Stuttering: A Comprehensive New Approach Based on the Valsalva Hypothesis by William D. Parry, 2009-04-13
  3. Self-Therapy for the Stutterer by Malcolm Fraser, 2000-01-01
  4. The Child and Adolescent Stuttering Treatment & Activity Resource Guide by Peter R Ramig, Darrell Dodge, 2009-10-07
  5. Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot by Robert Arthur, 1985-05
  6. The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot (The Three Investigators No. 2) by Robert Arthur, 1991-05-21
  7. Mastering Blocking And Stuttering: A Cognitive Approach to Achieving Fluency by Bob G. Bodenhamer, 2005-05-31
  8. Stuttering and Your Child: Questions and Answers by Stuttering Foundation of America, Jane Fraser, et all 1999
  9. Yoga for Stuttering: Unifying the Voice, Breath, Mind & Body to Achieve Fluent Speech by J.M. Balakrishnan, 2009-04-07
  10. Treatment of Stuttering: Established and Emerging Interventions by Barry Guitar, Rebecca McCauley, 2009-09-24
  11. Stuttering and Other Fluency Disorders, Third Edition by Franklin H. Silverman, 2003-08
  12. Stuttering: Foundations and Clinical Applications (The Allyn & Bacon Communication Sciences and Disorders Series) by Ehud Yairi, Carol H. Seery, 2010-04-10
  13. The Handbook of Early Stuttering Intervention
  14. Stuttering and Related Disorders of Fluency

161. Stammering And Stuttering a great big pit of thrilling entertainments. ProfessionalInformation (such as it is). I ma fourthyear graduate student (in my second year
a great big pit of thrilling entertainments
Professional Information (such as it is): I'm a fourth-year graduate student (in my second year of the PhD program) at the University of Maryland , currently in preparation for my qualifying exams . My research interests are 20th century British and Commonwealth literature particularly the relationship between the high modernist novel and popular genres such as the spy novel and cognitive linguistics In the past, I have taught English 101 (Introduction to Academic Writing) and English 265, Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Literature; this semester I'm teaching English 280, Introduction to the English Language.
Diversions: read a nice story , dear, and don't bother your mother
the hungry tiger
will not eat you
once upon a time I was erudite
the Combinatorial Engine
engage in an improving exercise
lookit photographs
If you happen to be seized with the wild impulse to contact me, send your missive to

162. Jean Claude MARION - A.I.T.E.B. : Association Pour L'information D'une Technique
Established in 1996 to promote awareness of stuttering, offer opportunities for assistance, and share research developments. Headquartered in Strasbourg, France.
English pages are under construction
Jean Claude MARION developed a technique which mitigates in a spectacular way the deficiencies of elocution and the stammering.

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163. Family Works!: Normal Toddler Stuttering
The Role of Exercise in your Future Getting Organized.
Normal Toddler Stuttering
by Mark B. Levin, M.D., and Timothy J. Patrick-Miller, M.D.
The Pediatric Group, P.A., Princeton

This is the twentysecond article in a series written for Princeton Online . Click here for an archive of other articles For this normal developmental stuttering, a parent need only slow the pace of speech around the child, give him or her ample opportunity to express his or her thoughts and allow tincture of time to work its magic. Typically, this normal pattern of speech development resolves itself by two and one-half to three years of age. Pathologic stuttering, sometimes termed “stammering”, usually occurs in an older child. It occurs in the midst of a sentence with the child repeating the first consonant of a word and is associated with frustration at not being able to enunciate the word. For example, a child might say, “ I want some b-b-b-b-bread.” Often in this circumstance, the stutterer shows frustration at not being able to say the word, and may readily substitute another word. For example, “I want some b-b-b-b-b a s-sandwich.” This type of speech pattern requires early intervention by a speech therapist or speech pathologist. If you are unsure if your child has a normal developmental pattern, your pediatrician can assist in deciding whether a referral to a speech specialist is appropriate.

164. China Stuttering Association
A public, nonprofit selfhelp organization of people who stutter in China.

165. Stuttering
Email (Dr. Martin F. Schwartz, stutteringTreatment and Research - Hollins Communications Research Institute
Printer friendly text Home Specific Populations Disabilities
Internet Resources Organizations
Internet Resources * ERIC Digest - Children with Communication Disorders (1990)

Organizations: * National Center for Stuttering
200 East 33rd Street
New York, NY 10016
Toll Free Hotline: 800/221-2483 (Insides the U.S. and Canada)
Hotliine: 212/532-1460 (Outside the U.S. and Canada)
E-mail: (Dr. Martin F. Schwartz, our Executive Director)
* Stuttering Foundation of America
3100 Walnut Grove Road Suite 603 P.O. Box 11749 Memphis, TN 38111-0749 Tel: 901/452-7343 Toll Free: 800/992-9392 Fax: 901/452-3931 E-mail: * Stuttering Treatment and Research - Hollins Communications Research Institute Hollins Communications Research Institute P.O. Box 9737 Roanoke, Virginia 24020 Tel: 540/265-5650 Fax: 540/265-0386 E-mail:

166. CILD - Italian Centre Dynamic Language Therapy - Prevention And Therapy Stutteri
stuttering therapy for children and adults.
PREVENTION - SCIENTIFIC THERAPY SEARCH This web site is an English reduced version of the official site of CILD - ITALIAN CENTER DYNAMICS LOGOTERAPHY - STUTTER AND PERSON ( Other pages that you find in the Italian section, will be soon available in English.
The CILD site provides information about speech problems and stuttering as well as the different therapies available.
The CILD acts in the stuttering and fluency disorders prevention and therapy, using a scientific and internationally tested methodology. The Centre begins from a group of professionals and searching that act throw specific and global programs for prevention, therapy and care of stutter in conformity with a scientific methodology internationally tested.
The dynamic integrate language therapy recovers personal trouble and communication difficulties.

167. McGuire Programme
Intensive stuttering therapy program and followup support, in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

168. STUTTERING Fluent Speech Is Smooth, Forward-moving, Unhesitant And
stuttering is speech that has more dysfluencies than is considered average . The types of dysfluencies in stuttering may also be different.
STUTTERING Fluent speech is smooth, forward-moving, unhesitant and effortless speech. A "dysfluency" is any break in fluent speech. Everyone has dysfluencies from time to time. "Stuttering" is speech that has more dysfluencies than is considered average. Everyone has dysfluencies in their speech. The average person will have between 7-10% of their speech dysfluent. These dysfluencies are usually word or phrase repetitions, fillers (um, ah) or interjections. When a speaker experiences dysfluencies at a rate greater than 10% they may be stuttering. Stuttering is often accompanied by tension and anxiety. The types of dysfluencies in stuttering may also be different. Sound or syllable repetitions, silent "blocks", and prolongations (unnatural stretching out of a sound) and facial grimaces or tics can be present. There are many different kinds of dysfluencies. Dysfluencies heard in the speech of normal speakers include fillers (um, ah), hesitations, whole word and phrase repetitions, and revisions. Dysfluencies that are more characteristic of stuttering include sound or syllable repetition, prolongations (unnatural stretching out of sounds),and blocks (sound gets stuck and can't come out). Stuttering can be differentiated from normal dysfluencies by the type, frequency and duration of dysfluency. A percentage of dysfluency can be determined by counting the number of dysfluencies in a 100 words. The average speaker has upto 7% dysfluencies of the types described above. They are usually rapid and don't slow speech down. Stuttering occurs at frequencies of 10% and up and can last from a half second up to 30 seconds, and is accompanied by tension.

Provides information about stuttering and therapies.

170. McGuire Programme Australia - Beyond Stuttering
We provide courses and ongoing support for people who stutter throughout Australia. Our holistic approach addresses the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of stuttering.
Your browser does not support frames. The McGuire Programme (Australia) We are an organisation run by recovering and recovered stutterers; we are NOT speech therapists. Our qualification is that we have recovered or are recovering from our own stutter. So we understand what it takes to overcome one’s stutter and the many tricks and avoidances associated with stuttering; the physical struggle to get the words out, the unpleasant thoughts relived each time we go to speak. Welcome
Is It For You ?


What to Expect

171. Stammering
stuttering therapy in the UK. One to one speech training.
T a l k i n g L e v e l . c o . u k One to One Supportive Coaching About TalkingLevel 3 Mode Therapy Contact TalkingLevel Call Now On Email Make An Appointment Now Talking :: York - Leeds - Bradford - London :: Tel: E mail: Privacy Statement
Talking Level to carry good intentions into life-improving action.
Key Benefits You Can Expect Gareth Gates Of Pop Idol Fame with his stammer. Tim coaches as part of Confidence Lab team too. Enjoy a greater feeling of confidence Be more successful socially with increased self esteem
as your communication skills grow others will notice you in a new light
in the direction that interests you most. It's crucial that you love your job. After all, you spend half of your waking hours there. Forget phone phobia,
State your point of view Strike up conversations.
Don't die on dates and appear quiet and shy. There has always been someone interesting waiting to express themselves. That's You! LATEST NEWS
The 7th World Congress for People Who Stutter
15th - 20th February 2004 Perth, Australia

172. Home
Meeting to overcome stammering/stuttering by way of speech therapy, psychotherapy, and groupmaintenance therapy.
Lets Look Back..... It all started when the cases undergoing individual therapy for effective communication suddenly bumped together at the same time in the centre. Meeting each other and knowing about the inputs and results from other gave birth to SWAR SUDHAR SOCIETY a self-help group in the year 1989. To name a few founder members they are, Vinit Mongia, Inderpal Singh, Subhash Malik, Desraj, Dinesh Mehta and Amritpal Singh. This handful effective, innovative group gave rise to what now represents a big family scattered all over India as well as abroad. Professionals like Rajkumar Pandita, Anuj Thappar, Pallavi (Speech Pathologists and Audiologist) Dr. Ramesh Kaul E.N.T. Surgeon, Dr. N.R. Diwan E.N.T. Surgeon, Dr. A.L. Adlakha E.N.T. Surgeon, Dr. Jasveer Singh Arora E.N.T. Surgeon, Dr (Mrs.) Sudha Kapur Clinical Psychologist are few names whose able guidance time to time has nurtured the budding flower of Swar Sudhar Society into a big tree. The larger goal of our endeavor together will be to enable you to analyze and rediscover your self-esteem. Moral support, patience, perseverance and optimism of the members have proved that FLUENCY CAN BE ACHIEVED.

stuttering treatment, by combination of speech, group, and maintenance therapies, in New Delhi.
A-67, First Floor, Dayanand Colony, Lajpat Nagar - IV, New Delhi-110024
Phone : 26288636 Mobile : 9811157179
E-Mail :

174. ArtefactSoft - Software Development
DAF and FAF antistuttering software applications for Windows computers.
If you did not have enough time to test the application just send us an email and we will be happy to give you an extension. New Software applications to help overcome stuttering problem Pocket DAF/FAF Assistant version 1.0 Pocket DAF/FAF Assistant is a software application that implements Delayed Auditory Feedback ( DAF ) and Frequency Altered Feedback ( FAF ) techniques on handheld computers running Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PCs operating system. The application can be used by people having stuttering problem to control their speech fluency, increase their confidence level and develop the carryover fluency when the techniques are used on a regular basis. Learn more about Pocket DAF/FAF Assistant... DAF/FAF Assistant for Windows version 1.1 DAF/FAF Assistant is a software application that implements Delayed Auditory Feedback ( DAF ) and Frequency Altered Feedback ( FAF ) techniques on Windows computers. The application can be used by people having stuttering problem to control their speech fluency, increase their confidence level and develop the carryover fluency when the techniques are used on a regular basis. Learn more about DAF/FAF Assistant...

175. NIDCD - Page Has Been Moved
We ve updated the NIDCD site.The page you have requested has been moved.Please update your bookmarks or links to the new URL, which is
Change text size: S M L We've updated the NIDCD site.The page you have requested has been moved. Please update your bookmarks or links to the new URL, which is: You will be redirected to that page in 10 seconds. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
National Institutes of Health
31 Center Drive, MSC 2320
Bethesda, MD USA 20892-2320


177. Special Education Guide
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