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         Stuttering:     more books (100)
  1. Stuttering Prevented by William H. Perkins, 1991-11
  2. Stuttering Words (Publication No 2:Speech Foundation of America)

141. Stuttering: Definition, Synonyms And Much More From
stuttering noun A speech impediment marked by involuntary repetitions and pausesstammer , stammering , stutter.
showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Business Entertainment Games Health ... More... On this page: Thesaurus Encyclopedia WordNet Wikipedia Mentioned In Or search: - The Web - Images - News - Blogs - Shopping stuttering Thesaurus stuttering noun A speech impediment marked by involuntary repetitions and pauses: stammer stammering stutter See words
stuttering or stammering, speech disorder marked by hesitation and inability to enunciate consonants without spasmodic repetition. Known technically as dysphemia, it has sometimes been attributed to an underlying personality disorder. About half of all those who have speech and voice defects suffer from stuttering or stammering (the terms are used interchangeably). In 65% of people who stutter, there is a family history of the disorder, thus suggesting a genetic link. Studies with twins have also indicated that inheritance has an important role in stuttering; comparing pairs in which at least one twin stuttered, it has been found that identical twins were much more likely to be stutterers than fraternal twins (see multiple birth ). Brain scans of stutterers have found higher than normal activity in brain areas that coordinate conscious movement, suggesting that in people who stutter speech occurs less automatically than it does in most people.

142. Chicago Stuttering Society Home Page
Independent nonprofit group established to provide information, advocacy, and support.
Chicago Stuttering Society
The Chicago Stuttering Society (CSS) is an independent nonprofit self-help group created to provide information, advocacy, and mutual support for people who stutter. Our meetings allow attendees to practice speaking in an informal, nonthreatening environment.



Hello and welcome to the CSS Web page! Spring has sprung. (Go Cubs!) We'll have our next official meeting on Wednesday, April 28 from 7 to 8:30 pm at Connie's office (4305 North Lincoln Ave.)
... Updated April 22, 2004... Links to other sites on the Web National Stuttering Association
The Stuttering Homepage

Friends Group for Children

143. Stuttering Language Disorder Speech Impediment
Research stuttering at the online library.

144. New York City Stuttering Chapters
We offer hope, dignity, knowledge, joy, and empowerment to children and adults who stutter, while serving their families, friends, and employers and the speechlanguage pathologists who may work with them.
New York City Area Stuttering Groups
Welcome to our site and all the wonderful people who make up the NYC metropolitan stuttering community. As part of the larger stuttering communities e.g., FRIENDS, National Stuttering Project, Our Time or Stuttering Home Page, we offer hope, dignity, knowledge, joy, and empowerment to children and adults who stutter, while serving their families, friends, and employers and the speech-language pathologists who may work with them. We hope to guide you to the many groups, people and points of information along your search. Whether you are a new or return visitor - welcome! Any questions,comments or remarks, we'd love to hear from you at new york city chapters ! and remember if you stutter, you're not alone!

145. About Stuttering
Language development in children does not always follow a normal path. Child languagedevelopment for some can be slow and difficult, causing difficulty in
Speechville Express Routes
  • alternative routes
    augmentative communication advocacy depot
    giving you the tools to "get there" accompanying conditions
    associated issues and disabilities complementary paths
    alternative and complementary therapies
  • kids' caboose
    just for kids - homework helpers, games, books and more teen junction
    about teen-agers' issues link line
    extensive links to further information
  • across the wire
    speech, language, disability, and education news teachers' track
    helpful information for teachers shop Speechville Express
    language and learning products
  • Books for Young Children: Working on and playing with speech and language Shop Speechville Express
  • Books Software Augmentative Communication Toys ... Music
  • Diagnosis Destinations aphasia apraxia or dyspraxia articulation disorders dysarthria late talking ... stuttering View Attainment Company Inc. assistive devices , including Go Talk View augmentative communication devices at Amazon: Diagnosis Destinations Stuttering What is stuttering?

    146. Stuttering Forum - Help, Treatment & Therapy
    Providing a place to discuss the problem, ask questions, and find information.

    "Stuttering Forum - By Stutterers For Stutterers"
    Stuttering is emotionally painful, frustrating and often misunderstood. Join us to share experience, information and advice on stuttering. Meet, make friends and get to know other stutterers around the world. Together we can help each other. Becoming a member is completely free and takes only a few seconds to sign up. To sign up now, click here . To browse Stuttering Forums, click here
    Latest Discussions in Stuttering Forums
    Stuttering Forum

    Latest Blogs
    New therapy zaps speech problems
    New therapy zaps speech problems Tillis family to double-team Evergreen fair Our foundation offers help for stutterers ... to friends
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    Forums Stuttering Forum
    Blog Stuttering Blog Forums Introduce Yourself General Chat Stuttering Forum Site Contact Us sitemap Don't Forget! Set Homepage Add Favorites Fri, 9 Sep 2005 12:17:14 -0700 Forums for people who stutter to talk about stuttering help, treatment and therapy.

    147. Is My Child Stuttering?
    The onset of stuttering typically happens between two to five years of age.So, if your toddler or preschooler has only been stuttering for a month or so,
    Is my child stuttering? If so, what should I do? Lisa R. LaSalle, Ph.D., CCC-SLP University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Article published in the February 1999 edition of the School News There are three basic categories of stuttering. The onset of stuttering typically happens between two to five years of age. So, if your toddler or preschooler has only been stuttering for a month or so, and you are questioning whether stuttering is really a problem, your child is in the "early stuttering" category. Your child may be repeating words occasionally when excited or when expressing longer, more complex sentences or ideas (e.g., "I-I-I think um we should share.") You may have known a child who passed through a short phase of stuttering and has since recovered. To help a child overcome early stuttering, listen more to what he says than how he says it. Also, follow these three "S's" in your speech model: Slow, Shorten and Simplify. Aim to sound something like your own version of Fred Rogers on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

    148. The DRM WebWatcher: Stuttering
    A Disability Resources Monthly guide to the best online resources about stuttering.
    Home Subjects States Librarians ... Contact Us
    The DRM WebWatcher (Subjects) Stuttering Updated 12/2003 A B C D ... About/Hint/Link
    Over three million Americans are affected by stuttering, a communications disorder in which the normal flow of speech is disrupted by frequent repetitions or prolongations of speech sounds, syllables or words or by an individual's inability to start a word. Check these sites for information about stuttering.
    J. Anthony Wray's page
    This site by a Canadian speech-language pathologist "is dedicated to providing information about the nature of stuttering and ways to prevent its development." It includes articles about early childhood stuttering, including warning signs, ways to reduce communication demands for children, and intervention programs for preventing and treating early childhood stuttering, as well as links to other sites.
    MSNBC's "Word by Word: Understanding Stuttering"
    This attractive and informative "Dateline" website provides information about the causes of stuttering, history of stuttering, people who stutter, typing speech, and therapies and treatment. Many audio segments are included.
    National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders' "Stuttering"

    149. Suomen änkyttäjien Yhdistys Ry (SÄY)
    Information on the selfhelp group and the International stuttering Awarness Day in Finland.
    perustettu 1969 Svenska sidor English pages Yhteystiedot, alaosastot Painokas, yhdistyksen lehti ... Arkisto Sivuja viimeksi muutettu 6.9.2005 /eh Suomen puheterapeuttiliitto alaosastot , lehti Painokas RAY KELA ja kunnat). Tiedotustoiminta (esim. kanssa. saanut uusinta Painokasta ? Oletko muuttanut? Ilmoita palautelomakkeella Tulevia tapahtumia Toimintaa viimeksi kuluneen vuoden aikana 1.1.2005 Uusi hallitus vuodelle 2005 20.-21.11.2004 Syyskokous ja pikkujoulu Taneli Korhosen ottamia kuvia teemana on

    150. Tics And Stuttering In Children With Autism - Autism Spectrum Disorders
    There is a possibility that other issues will plague your child on the AutismSpectrum. This article shares our experience with tics and stuttering.
    forum radio shops sweeps ...
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    Autism Spectrum Disorders
    You Are Here: BellaOnline Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Bonnie Sayers

    BellaOnline's Autism Spectrum Disorders Editor Tics and Stuttering in children with autism When my high functioning son was seven years old he developed a few tics that lasted for several months. First there was the constant eye blinking that made homework a nightmare. The first grade handouts had suggested that homework time should be about forty-five minutes. At my house it averaged two hours. Besides the eye blinking there was the constant erasing of the work, which caused holes in the paper.
    This whole process exasperated my son who would cry over his homework looking sloppy. A short time after this tic started a vocal tic emerged - stuttering. It took my son a long time to get a sentence out, although he was not too frustrated with talking and stuttering - it was hard to understand what he was saying.
    This was the year that I had him completely mainstreamed. The previous year he had been in a special day class for mornings and first grade for afternoons. This was a year-round school at the time so when he finished in June I changed him to another track so he would start first grade in July with only a week break. I figured this would keep the momentum going and was the one summer we were not able to get funded for summer camp.

    151. MedlinePlus: Stuttering
    stuttering. From the National Institutes of Health; stuttering (NationalInstitute on (stuttering Foundation of America) Also available in Spanish
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    Other health topics: A B C D ... List of All Topics
    Contents of this page:
    From the NIH




    Search MEDLINE/PubMed for recent research articles on
    You may also be interested in these MedlinePlus related pages:
    Speech and Communication Disorders

    Brain and Nervous System

    152. East Carolina University
    Neurology, and electronic antistuttering research.
    ECU Sitemap
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    Academic Programs
    Support East Carolina

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    Contact Us East Carolina University East Fifth Street Greenville, NC 27858-4353 USA

    153. IRSC - Communication Disorders, Stuttering
    The Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC) Global disABILITY resourceis dedicated to communicating information relating to the needs of children Disord

    154. Main Page
    The two major research programs that form the main focus of the laboratory are designed to examine (a) the sensorimotor organization and control of multiple articulatory and phonatory actions contributing to normal speech production, and (b) the neuromotor and neurophysiological mechanisms underlying stuttering.
    Department of Communication Sciences
    Communication Disorders
    Laboratory for
    Speech Physiology
    and Motor Control
    Current research
    Contact information
    People and their work
    Training opportunities
    Dept. homepage Links: Motor control Links: Stuttering Links: Journals Links: Organizations Lab calendar (internal)

    155. Information For Teenagers And Young Adults Who Stammer - British Stammering Asso
    So what is stammering or stuttering? They mean the same thing. Do youstutter A Guide for Teens - stuttering Foundation of America.
    The UK Website for Stammering Home About The BSA
    Information for



    School Children

    Under 5's

    BSA Services


    Speaking Out ... Research Features Events Self-help Stammering Links Site information What's new Contents Search the Site Legal The BSA About the BSA Join the BSA Make a donation Contact us Speaking Out The BSA's Quarterly Magazine. Stammering Information Information for teenagers and young adults who stammer Familiar? What is stammering? How does stammering develop? Who is affected - why me? ... A list of Do's and Don'ts Familiar? It is easy to hand out advice, particularly when you have not had the same problem. The advice is, of course, well meant - but often impossible to follow. So - what is stammering or stuttering? They mean the same thing. But whom does it affect? What causes it? Is there a cure? What can you do? Here we will try to answer some of the questions. The more you know about stammering and the way it affects you, the better able you will be to overcome many of the problems associated with it. What is stammering?

    156. 'Stuttering' John Melendez
    stuttering John Melendez Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions,Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites.
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    'Stuttering' John Melendez
    Date of birth (location)
    3 October
    Massapequa, Long Island, New York, USA
    Mini biography
    (show more)
    Sometimes Credited As:
    'Stuttering John' Melendez
    John Melendez
    IMDbPro Professional Details Filmography as: Actor Writer Himself Notable TV Guest Appearances Actor - filmography
  • .... Bob Osmosis Jones (2001) (voice) .... Additional Character Voice Dude, Where's My Car? (2000) .... Gene
    Meet Wally Sparks
    (1997) .... Reporter #2 Airheads (1994) .... Masturbating Rocker .... Host
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  • (writer)
  • Filmography as: Actor Writer Himself Notable TV Guest Appearances Himself - filmography
  • (as John Melendez) .... Himself/Announcer (2004-)
  • 157. The Cause And Effective Treatment Of Stammering (Stuttering):Is Stammering A Com
    Paper offering a new theory of stammering/stuttering, based upon a longterm study of children's personality traits. Presented at The Sixth Oxford Dysfluency Conference.
    The Cause and Effective Treatment of Stammering
    Home Is Stammering a Complex Tic? Sixth Oxford University Dysfluency Conference
    pdf file
    Frequently Asked Questions about Stammering Interesting Snippets ... Your Comments
    The purpose of this website is to launch a new theory of stammering (stuttering) through a pdf file of a paper given by Patricia Sims at the Sixth Oxford University Dysfluency Conference. It is necessary to consider that tension that is within normal limits is the most likely cause of stammering. Tension and anxiety are normal attributes which are essential to us all, and normal levels can be high. This new theory propounds the view that tension or anxiety which falls within the normal range can be strong enough to be implicated in various speech, language and other difficulties. The tension or anxiety does not need to be extreme or obvious. The prevalence of repetitive behaviour in childhood is high and increases, as in adults, with tension and stress. (Just think how repetitive tennis players can become during anxious moments on court!) Any behaviour can become compulsive, just as tics do, and tics are manifest in a variety of ways. Children exhibit repetition in every kind of way - it would be strange indeed if some did not repeat sounds and words. From such excessive repetitions, the stammer (stutter) develops. (See Oxford paper for details.)

    158. The Stuttering Information Center Of Denmark
    This often results in a lack of knowledge about stuttering, and speech The centre publishes leaflets about specific subjects like stuttering and
    Dansk Videnscenter for Stammen
    About DAVS
    The Stuttering Information Center of Denmark
    The aim of the centre
    The Aim of the centre is to improve the prevention and treatment of stuttering in Denmark, and to improve conditions in general for people in Denmark who stutter. To fulfil the aim, the centre means to ensure, that speech therapists, psychologists, stutterers and parents of stuttering children, public social workers, pre-school teachers, school teachers, employers, and others in Denmark will receive up-to-date knowledge about stuttering and the treatment of stuttering. The way to attain this goal is to systematically collect, adapt, develop and pass on knowledge about the causes, development, consequences, prevention and the treatment of stuttering.
    The background of the centre
    The reason for establishing the centre was that the treatment of stuttering in Denmark has been decentralised to speech therapists in the municipalities (for children) and the counties (for adults). The speech therapists' tasks are to treat all kinds of speech and language problems, not only stuttering. Some of the speech therapists only see a single, or a very few, stutterers per year - if any. This often results in a lack of knowledge about stuttering, and speech therapists feeling incapable of properly treating persons who stutter.

    159. A Quick Definition Of Stuttering
    What is stuttering? (These are just a few basic ideas that drive my thinking Certainly, there is a lot more to stuttering than what is presented here.
    What is stuttering?
    (These are just a few basic ideas that drive my thinking about stuttering. Certainly, there is a lot more to stuttering than what is presented here.)
    • primarily characterized by repetitions (sounds, syllables, part-words, whole words, phrases), pauses, and prolongations that differ in number and severity from those of normally fluent individuals.
      • other disorders are characterized by disfluent speech, but the patterns of disfluency in these other disorders differ from that seen in developmental stuttering.
      onset usually occurs around the time that language skills are developing, and onset is generally gradual in nature. Late-onset developmental stuttering is rare.
    • secondary characteristics are frequently evident, and these vary in type and severity from stutterer to stutterer.
    • the disorder is variable the stutterer will be more fluent in some situations than others, more fluent at some times than others, etc.
      • sometimes, all the time?
      • we have to be cautious not to read too much into fluency established in the clinical setting.
    • most stutterers can be highly fluent under certain conditions (e.g., choral reading, white noise masking).

    Works for information exchange, representation of interests and promotes selfhelp in European Countries. Includes details about the organization, publications, meetings and links.
    Tel. +49 221 139 1106 fax + 49 221 139 1370
    ELSA, 31 Grosvenor Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE2 2RL, Great Britain
    Tel. +44 191 281 8003 fax+44 191 281 8003
    e-mail Key objectives

    ... Youth meetings
    This website is produced "With the support from the European Community - The European Union against discrimination"
    The information contained in these web pages does not necessarily reflect the position or the opinion of the European Commission. News from ELSA and new material
    1 August 2005
    - ELSA's 5th Youth Meeting in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, was a great success. The theme of "Empowering and Educating Young People to Work With the Media" has already resulted in delegates gaining international press coverage... click here for more May 30 2005 - ELSA attended and presented to more than 150 other key members of the European Disability Forum (EDF) at their annual General Assembly in Barcelona.... click for more April 29 2005 - ELSA and other European Non-Governmental Organisations meet the European Disability Forum to discuss European Funding...

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