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         Stuttering:     more books (100)
  1. Behavioral Management Of Stuttering by Ph.D., Mark Onslow, 1995-10-01
  2. Stuttering and Related Disorders of Fluency by Edward G. Conture, Curlee, 2007-05-30
  3. WASSP: Wright and Ayre Stuttering Self-rating Profile by Louise Wright, Anne Ayre, 1999-01-01
  4. A compendium of research and theory on stuttering (American lecture series, publication) by Charles F Diehl, 1959
  5. Successful Stuttering Management Program (Ssmp for Adolescent and Adult Stutterers/Book and Audio Cassette) by Dorvan H. Breitenfeldt, Delores Rustad Lorenz, 1990-01
  6. The Case of the Stuttering Bishop, The Case of the Dangerous Dowager (Perry Mason) by Erle Stanley Gardner, 1975
  7. Sharing the Journey: Lessons from my Students and Clients with Tangled Tongues by Lon L. Emerick, 2001-02-20
  8. Stuttering, significant theories and therapies by Eugene Frederick Hahn, 1968
  9. The modification of stuttering by Eugene Jerome Brutten, 1967
  10. Keys to Dealing With Stuttering (Barron's Parenting Keys) by Patricia M. Treiber, 1993-08
  11. Pragmatic Stuttering Intervention for Adolescents (paperback & "relaxation audio tape for stutterers)-item #4602 by Dennis C Tanner, Dennis C. Tanner, 1999-01-01
  12. Stop stuttering, stop stammering, stop stumbling by Russell J Humphries, 1977
  13. Clinical Management of Childhood Stuttering by Meryl J. Wall, Florence L. Myers, 1994-08
  14. The Stuttering of Wings by Sheila E. Murphy, 2002-03-14

101. Stuttering FAQ V.3.22
The latest version of the stuttering FAQ is available at TABLE OF CONTENTSstuttering SCIENCE Does stuttering have a physical or psychological cause?
Stuttering FAQ v.3.22
There are reader questions on this topic!
Help others by sharing your knowledge Subject: Stuttering FAQ v.3.22 Summary: This document provides general information about stuttering, and points to resources available for stutterers. Keywords: stuttering Date: 17 Apr 2004 11:28:20 GMT Archive-name: support/stuttering Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: 2002/5/5 Version: 3.22 URL: Stuttering Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) The author of the Stuttering FAQ, Thomas David Kehoe, is author of the book Subject: Where can parents find a qualified speech pathologist? Start by calling your school district. Federal law requires that school speech pathologists treat children beginning at 3 years old. Treatment by your school district should be free. However, most speech pathologists are not trained to treat stuttering. Ask how much training and experience the speech pathologist has. Other possibilities include finding a university that has a speech clinic, or looking in the Yellow Pages under Speech-Language Pathologists, or contacting the Stuttering Foundation of America at (800) 992-9392 or

102. Bill Parry's Stuttering Links
stuttering theory and treatment, by William Parry.
htmlAdWH('93212823', '728', '90'); Main Men's Mental Health
The Valsalva Stuttering Network
Home Introduction Articles Links ... Forum
Bill Parry's Stuttering Links
Stuttering (sometimes called "stammering") is a specific kind of disfluency, in which the flow of speech tends to be involuntarily disrupted by forceful closures of the mouth or larynx, by repetitions or prolongations of sounds and syllables, or by hesitations or delays in making voiced sounds. Stuttering generally involves an excessive amount of effort, force, and struggle in the attempt to speak. It also may be accompanied by a variety of behaviors intended to avoid, postpone, or hide the blocks.
Stuttering, while not the worst of handicaps, certainly can be one of the most frustrating. Unlike other disabilities, stuttering has the mystifying and maddening habit of coming and going. Even if you stutter badly, chances are that you will be perfectly fluent when singing, talking in unison with other people, and in certain speaking situations. You may do a great job acting out a role on stage, but not be able to say your name when asked. You may begin telling a joke with perfect fluency, but not be able to deliver the punch line. You may have long stretches of fluency when it really doesn't matter. Then, just when the words are most important, stuttering jumps out of the closet and pins your speech to the ground.
This website is devoted to exploring the puzzle of stuttering, the factors that may cause or perpetuate it, and what we might do to control or alleviate it through therapy or self help. We are also interested in encouraging self-esteem and acceptance for persons who stutter, fighting discrimination, and educating the public about this often misunderstood condition.

103. What Is Stuttering Or Stammering
Speakeasy resources for stuttering and stammering and speech therapy resources,with links to worldwide sites.
A support group for people who stutter SITE MENU What is Stuttering
Causes of Stuttering

Tips for Parents


What is Stuttering
For additional information, please download the NEW Speakeasy Brochure (PDF format) Stuttering is a communication difficulty in which the person who stutters is unable to verbally communicate when they wish to in the way in which they want to. (Stuttering, stammering and dysfluency all refer to the same condition.) Stuttering is a complex set of behaviours that may involve repeating sounds, syllables or words, prolonging sounds, blocking or hesitating, and avoiding or substituting words. There may be other secondary behaviours associated with stuttering such as excessive muscle tension in the face, neck, back or stomach. Distortion of the face can occur with grimacing, frowning, etc. There may be unusual movements of the head or limbs. There are as many different patterns of dysfluent behaviour as there are people who stutter. Stuttering, especially in adults, can be accompanied by emotional embarrassment, distress and frustration. People who stutter often avoid speaking situations, because of the associated fears and distress, e.g. talking on the telephone. People who stutter may avoid choosing a career in which they believe their stuttering will become obvious or be a handicap. Stuttering usually starts in childhood between the ages of two and five. About 5 per cent of children under the age of five will experience dysfluent speech while learning to talk and about a quarter of them develop chronic stuttering. Stuttering is more common in boys than in girls. The ratio is about 3:1 or 4:1.

104. Institute For Communicative Disorders
Provides speech therapy services for children and adults exhibiting stuttering and speech and language disorders. Includes staff profiles, links, and contact information.
The Institute For Communicative Disorders provides speech therapy services for children and adults exhibiting stuttering and speech and language disorders. Established in 1987 by Dr. Howard Schwartz, the ICD has been successfully treating persons who stutter in the Chicagoland area. The focus of stuttering therapy is a program that meets the uniquely individual needs of the child, adolescent or adult who stutters.

105. Bankstown Stuttering Unit
stuttering Treatment for Adults Published in Current Therapeutics, April 2000 by stuttering general information General Information about stuttering
RESOURCES The following is a list of articles pamphlets and other literature that may be of interest. Please feel free to click on the relevant resource and download the material. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the downloads. If you do not have Acrobat click here and then go to the articles you wish to download. Lidcombe Program Manual Articles
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Last modified: Wednesday, 13 October 2004

106. For Those Who Stutter: Stuttering Treatment Home Page
stuttering can be controlled by a miniature device known as the Fluency Master.
Home How Does It Work? Is It Effective? Benefits ... Contact Us
Stuttering Treatment Home Page Stuttering is an enormously embarrassing and frustrating problem that can affect your job performance, income level, social life, self-esteem, and emotional well being. A new device, known as the Fluency Master, can help you control stuttering ! The Fluency Master is a miniature, wearable, electronic stuttering control device that looks like a hearing aid. It fits comfortably behind the ear. The Fluency Master can help control stuttering and significantly enhance speech fluency. The speed and amount of improvement produced by the Fluency Master in the treatment of stuttering are often dramatic. Click here for details on how the Fluency Master works. Giving the Fluency Master to a stuttering person is like giving eyeglasses to a person with a vision problem. At present, the Fluency Master is dispensed at several prestigious hospitals, and in the professional offices of qualified clinicians throughout the U.S. If you live outside the U.S., you can try the Fluency Master without traveling to the U.S. CLICK HERE to request more information about the Fluency Master.

107. NSA Publications
National stuttering Association books, videos, posters.

108. Stuttering
stuttering. The Nemours Foundation, http// What is stuttering? Robert W. Quesal, PhD, Professor and Program Director

109. Speech Advantage - Corporate Speech Pathology - Madison, Wisconsin - Foreign Acc
Provides corporate speech pathology services foreign accent reduction, stuttering therapy, and treatment of a voice, articulation, or pronunciation disorder.
About Us



In The News
Speech Advantage - Corporate Speech Pathology Services
What does Speech Advantage offer?
Speech Advantage specializes in providing work related training to companies through improved speech communication. We offer onsite training for individuals, small groups, or large group seminars wanting to focus upon:
Who benefits from Speech Advantage?
  • The employee gains self-confidence, reduced frustration and increased productivity
  • The coworkers experience increased harmony and team cohesiveness
  • The customer gains timely results and satisfaction
  • The employer enhances the employee's quality of life while improving the company's profitability and lowering employee turnover
When and where is training held?
The most cost effective and convenient time and place for training is at your employee's workplace during normal business hours. We will strive to accommodate you in this regard. However, should offsite training be preferred, facilities are available.
Why is Speech Advantage important to your business?

110. Public Citizen's ELetter: Drug Induced Stuttering
stuttering usually begins in childhood, but can also occur in adults, The onset of stuttering in anyone following the start of a new drug is suspicious,
posted May 2000
Drug-Induced Stuttering
This web site is intended only as a reference for use in an ongoing partnership between doctor and patient in the vigilant management of the patient's health. It is not a substitute for a doctor's professional judgement, and serves only as a reminder of concerns that may need discussion. All users are urged to consult with a physician before beginning or discontinuing use of any prescription drug or undertaking any form of self-treatment. This website does not list every possible adverse reaction, interaction, precaution and effect of a drug; and all information is presented without guarantees by the authors and consultants who disclaim all liability in connection with its use.
The editors of the independent French drug bulletin Prescrire International reviewed drug-induced stuttering in their February 2000 issue. Prescrire International ranks with the American Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics and the British Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin as a source of high quality pharmaceutical information written specifically for doctors and pharmacists. The Bulletin reports that a number of drugs used to treat severe psychiatric illness have been implicated in causing drug induced stuttering.

111. Stuttering Therapy, Power Stuttering Center, SpeechEasy Devices, Stuttering Ther
Irvine, California center offering intensive therapy for adults and children who stutter, as well as continuing education for speech pathologists.
The SpeechEasy is the smallest, most advanced, new device for the problem of stuttering. It is small enough to fit completely in your ear canal, yet it uses an advanced microprocessor that has all the power found in a computer. The SpeechEasy is digitally programmable with special computer software for a wide range of settings of Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF). SpeechEasy fluency devices are based on a natural phenomenon called the "choral effect." The "choral effect" occurs when people who stutter speak or sing in unison with others and their stuttering is dramatically reduced or even eliminated. SpeechEasy Stuttering Devices This one-year program for Intensive Stuttering Therapy for Adults and Teenagers begins with an intensive one-week in the clinic. A desk model of the Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) machine is used to train skills that replace stuttered speech with stutter-free speech. After speech behaviors can be produced in the clinic for short periods of time without using the DAF, the rest of the program is completed at home by assigning daily speaking tasks that start with easy situations and gradually move to harder ones and longer periods of speaking.

112. Stuttering In Children - Keep Kids Healthy
stuttering or pseudostuttering is common in children as they learn to talk, butmost with a normal dysfluency will outgrow their stutter.
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Many toddlers and preschool age children stutter as they are learning to talk, and although many parents worry about it, most of these children will grow out of stuttering and will have normal speech as they get older. Since most of these children don't stutter as adults, this normal stage of speech development is usually referred to as psuedostuttering or as a normal dysfluency As children learn to talk, they may repeat certain sounds, stumble on or mispronounce words, hesitate between words, substitute sounds for each other, and be unable to say some sounds. Children with a normal dysfluency usually have brief repetitions of some sounds and syllables or short words. The stuttering usually comes and goes and is most noticeable when your child is excited, stressed or overly tired, but the child usually doesn't notice or have any reaction to his behavior.

113. Executive Voice Enterprises - Speech Therapy Services For The Phoenix Metro Area
Provides speech therapy services, including stuttering, voice therapy, professional voice training and accent reduction.
1930 South Alma School Rd. #C-107 Mesa, AZ 85210 Phone: (480) 777-2212 FAX: (480) 777-9092 Speech Therapy Services For the Phoenix Metro Area Darrell L. Jensen, CCC-SP COMPLETE VOICE DIAGNOSTICS

European League of stuttering Associations. An official invitation has beensent to all National stuttering Associations. To read it, click here.
Tel. +49 221 139 1106 fax + 49 221 139 1370
ELSA, 31 Grosvenor Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE2 2RL, Great Britain
Tel. +44 191 281 8003 fax+44 191 281 8003
e-mail Key objectives

... Youth meetings
This website is produced "With the support from the European Community - The European Union against discrimination"
The information contained in these web pages does not necessarily reflect the position or the opinion of the European Commission. News from ELSA and new material
1 August 2005
- ELSA's 5th Youth Meeting in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, was a great success. The theme of "Empowering and Educating Young People to Work With the Media" has already resulted in delegates gaining international press coverage... click here for more May 30 2005 - ELSA attended and presented to more than 150 other key members of the European Disability Forum (EDF) at their annual General Assembly in Barcelona.... click for more April 29 2005 - ELSA and other European Non-Governmental Organisations meet the European Disability Forum to discuss European Funding...

115. Stuttering More Than Talk – Research Shows Brain's Role In Disorder
News release and abstracted journal report concerning research into the brain srole in stuttering.
Purdue News
July 22, 2004
Christine Weber-Fox
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caption below
"Traditionally, stuttering is thought of as a problem with how someone speaks, and little attention has been given to the complex interactions between neurological systems that underlie speaking," says Christine Weber-Fox , an assistant professor of speech sciences who is interested in the brain's involvement in language processing. "We have found differences in adults who stutter, compared to those who don't, in how the brain processes information when people are thinking about language but not speaking. For example, there was a significant delay in response time when subjects were given a complex language task. We also found that in people who stutter, certain areas of the brain are more active when processing some language tasks." silent rhyming task
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caption below
Weber-Fox, a cognitive neuroscientist, teamed with Anne Smith , a professor of speech science who studies the neurophysiological bases of speech production, to study language and speech production systems. A series of studies were conducted to measure semantic (word meaning in sentence processing), grammatical and phonological (sounds of the language, such as rhyming) aspects of language. In each study, the brain activity of adults who stutter and don't stutter were measured when they responded silently, by pressing a button, to questions regarding sentence meaning, grammar or sentence structure, and rhyming. This is believed to be the first time brain electrical activity has been studied in a series of language tasks in people who stutter to determine whether their brains function differently even when there are no overt speaking demands.

116. Virtual Children's Hospital: CQQA: Stuttering
Common Questions, Quick Answers on stuttering. Some stuttering is normal forall children up to age 7. More boys stutter than girls.
Pediatrics Common Questions, Quick Answers
Donna D'Alessandro, M.D.
Susan Kinzer, M.P.H.
Peer Review Status: Internally Reviewed
Creation Date: October 2002
Last Revision Date: October 2002 Common Questions, Quick Answers What is stuttering? What causes stuttering?
  • We do not know what causes stuttering. Stuttering can be better or worse at different times. For example, singing can make it better, and speaking in front of people can make it worse.
Who stutters?
  • Over three million Americans stutter. Stuttering usually happens between the ages of 2 and 6. Some stuttering is normal for all children up to age 7. More boys stutter than girls.
What are the signs and symptoms?
  • Repeating of words or sounds. For example, mo-mo-mommy or c-c-c-car. Stretching out words or sounds. For example, stop. Tightening of muscles in her face. Staying away from situations where she has to talk. Being embarrassed by speaking.
How is stuttering treated?

117. Stuttering
Master elements of fluent speech with 12page self-help booklet from Sound Feelings.
Stutter Control Drill
Mastering Elements of Fluent Speech
    Master elements of fluent speech with 12-page self-help booklet from Sound Feelings. The Stutter Control Drill provides unconventional tools for self-improvement with stuttering and stammering by developing the neuro-speech connection. This effective approach creates the sensation of “stretching of time,” which allows you to more easily determine the exact block in your unique speech pattern and to remove it. This book is clearly a unique alternative to traditional stuttering remedies and speech therapy. See also: Stuttering Control Drill.
For FREE Information You Can Start Using IMMEDIATELY To Help Stop Stuttering, Click HERE For The COMPLETE Information On This Subject, Please Read Below About The STUTTER CONTROL DRILL Booklet.
    “This Stutter Control Drill is extremely interesting and helpful.”
—Malcolm Fraser, Founder
Stuttering Foundation of America
Memphis, TN See What Others Say about Stutter Control Drill Helpful for All Stutterers.

118. Adriana DiGrande, Fluency Specialist, Home Of The New England Fluency Program: I
New Englandbased practice, offering holistic stuttering therapy for children and adults.
Home of the New England Fluency Program
Adriana DiGrande is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and Board Recognized Specialist in Fluency Disorders . She is recognized as a leading clinician in the field of fluency disorders and limits her practice to treating individuals who stutter. She provides her comprehensive stuttering therapy services in the Boston Area. Adriana's services include evaluation and individual therapy for adults, teens and children as young as 3 years. She also conducts, five times a year , an integrated intensive fluency program for children and adults called The New England Fluency Program At the heart of Ms. DiGrande's services are her 30 years of clinical experience , genuine warmth toward her clients and a commitment to helping people of all ages become more comfortable communicators. HOME BACKGROUND SERVICES WHAT CLIENTS SAY ...
Speech Therapy Online

119. SpeechEasy Fluency Device - Stutter, Speech Therapy, Fluency, Speech Language Pa
Offers fluency devices designed to alleviate stuttering. Includes specifications and provider search.
We understand the frustration and anxiety that people who stutter face every day. We also understand the alternating feelings of hope and skepticism that any claimed "treatment" will encounter. This is why our website presents all the facts and reports about SpeechEasy fluency devices without any hype. Our hope, is that after reviewing this information you will reach the same conclusion that speech therapists and thousands of those who stutter have already reached ... which is that SpeechEasy fluency devices are a new and valuable tool that have the real capacity to improve fluency for the majority of those who stutter.
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120. Stuttering - - Caring For The Next Generation
Dr. Greene talks about stuttering. stuttering usually begins during the timeof intense speech and language development when the child is progressing
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