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  1. The Three Dimensions of Stuttering: Neurology, Behaviour and Emotion by Robert Logan, 1999-03-19
  2. Stuttering Self-Help for Adults by Morris Val Jones, 1989-04
  3. Primer for Stuttering Therapy, A by Howard D. Schwartz, 1998-08-27
  4. Stuttering: Then and Now by George H. Shames, Herbert Rubin, 1986-01
  5. Successful Stuttering Management Program (SSMP) 2nd Edition by Dorvan H. Breitenfeldt, Delores Rustad Lorenz, 2000-03
  6. Stuttering Treatment: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide by G. Beverly Wells, 1986-11
  7. Stuttering Prevention: A Clinical Method by C. Woodruff Starkweather, Sheryl Ridener, Ph.D. Gottwald, et all 1990-01
  8. The Cure Of Stammering And Stuttering by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue, 2010-05-22
  9. Stuttering by Joseph Kalinowski, TimSaltuklaroglu, 2005-11-30
  10. Henry the Stuttering Hero (Barnyard Bible Basics) by Aaron Hubble, 2008-11-11
  11. Stuttering: Science, Therapy & Practice by Thomas D. Kehoe, 1997-04
  12. Foundations of Stuttering by Marcel E. Wingate, 2001-10-10
  13. Programmed Therapy for Stuttering in Children and Adults by Bruce P. Ryan, 2000-11
  14. Stuttering (Pro-ed Studies in Communicative Disorders) by C. Woodruff Starkweather, Janet Givens-Ackerman, 1997-01

61. The Australian Stuttering Research Centre - The University Of Sydney
stuttering is a disorder in which speech is interrupted by repeated movementsand fixed The speech disruptions of stuttering range from mild to severe,
Stuttering What causes it? Onset Natural recovery ... The impact of stuttering on daily life
About Stuttering
Stuttering is a disorder in which speech is interrupted by repeated movements and fixed postures of the speech mechanism. These interruptions may be accompanied by signs of struggle and tension. The speech disruptions of stuttering range from mild to severe, and stuttering may also be quite variable within individuals. For example, in preschool-age children, stuttering may come and go over days or months. In older children and adults, stuttering may vary according to the communicative context. Last reviewed 29 July 2005
Webpage maintained by

62. Welcome
Research on speech planning, the biology of speech, and stuttering at RuhrUniversity-Bochum. Includes publications, research interests, and contact information.





Research Objectives

Lab and Equipment
Research Projects Cooperations ... Publications Courses Coursematerial Courses of H.-G. Bosshardt of W. Ballmer-Omar Language and Cognition Welcome Our Information for: Students Deutsch Arbeitsgruppe Sprache und Kognition Klinische Psychologie ... Fakultät für Psychologie Address News Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Bosshardt Fakultät für Psychologie Ruhr-Universität Bochum Universitätsstr.150 D-44780 Bochum, Germany Geb. GAFO 03/969 Tel.:+49.(0).234.32.27338 Fax:+49.(0).234.32.14110 E-mail: Top Print

63. Stuttering John Melendez
A detailed profile of John and his life, as well as his work on the Howard Stern Show.
Stuttering John Melendez
IT'S NOT EASY BEING STUTTERING JOHN. HE NO SOONER SITS down to sign copies of his latest LP, Everybody's Normal but Me, at an HMV music store in midtown Manhattan than the third guy on line starts busting his balls. The guy has a tape recorder and claims to be from a college radio station. He wants to do a quick interview. "Do you think this album is going to go aluminum?" he barks. "Do you stutter when you snore? Does stuttering help when you're performing oral sex?" John just smiles, sighs, and signs the next CD. How else can he react? For the past ten years, in the service of Howard Stern's radio and television shows, John has crashed parties, openings, and press conferences armed with a microphone, a camera, and a list of rude, crude questions with which he ambushes unsuspecting celebrities. Their responses are a litmus test of sorts. Some ignore him. Some good naturedly hang in there and answer. Then again, some assault John. John reels off his war stories. "Morton Downey-hit me and I fell off a chair. Eric Bogosian-I asked him if there was going to be a Talk Radio 2 and he grabbed me by the neck. Lou Reed-I was backstage at the Bob Dylan tribute at Madison Square Garden and all I asked him was 'Do you still masturbate?' and he didn't say anything, he just started choking me." Then there was Raquel Welch. John nabbed her coming out of an, auction at Christie's. She was striding briskly to her limo and John was right at her side.

64. Nathaniel And The Non-aggressive » New Wordpress 1.5 Theme: Stuttering
New! also check out my latest theme stuttering That’s right! See, she prefersthe stuttering theme over the Ocadia (as seen here.

65. Stuttering - Stammering - Resource Information
Directory of online resources concerning stuttering and its and treatment.
What is Stuttering Research Treatment Famous People Who Stutter ... Links Welcome to our humble web site.
We hope that here you will find some useful information about Stuttering. STUTTERING RESEARCH
One thing that interests me the most is development in stuttering research. I originally come from a country where stuttering was believed to be a mental or psychological illness. They didn't even conscript you to army service, because they believed that you were unstable. We've come a long way since then. We have a wide range of programs for children and adults, and, a lot of different devices which, they claim, are useful in conquering stuttering. Claims, guesses, treatments. If you stutter yourself, you would know that it's just not that easy. Whenever or however stuttering is caused, it affects every aspect of your life. If anything, a treatment must have holistic approach. And, there is no need to mention that it's a process.
Here are some links to other web sites with current research information. Have a look and let us know what you think. Not all of that will be useful. In actual fact, it's hard to find information that is useful. There are numerous site advertizing anti-stuttering software, cure for stuttering and much more. We'll do our best to provide such information here which will be useful for us all.

66. Nathaniel Stern: Stuttering
stuttering odys proposes a space which accents how we effect, stuttering odysthus creates a tense environment through its inescapable barrage of
[interactive works] [step inside] [undertoe] stuttering [elicit] [standardized] [shadowalk] [enter: hektor] stuttering, 2003 part of the non-aggressive narrative According George Lakoff, author of Philosophy In The Flesh, human communication is always already mediated. Our emotions, our past and the memories it carries, cannot be separated from it. He says, "The mind is inherently embodied." Because of our flesh, our multi-sensory perception, and our personal experiences, our communications convey much more than transparent information.
stuttering [odys] proposes a space which accents how we effect, and are affected by, conversation and comprehension. It suggests that stillness and stumbling play a role in the un/realized potentials of memory and storytelling.
Newsprint is scattered about the floor, containing quotes and passages about stutterers, situations in which stuttering, in its broadest sense, is common, and suggestions of when and where we should "make stutters," in order to break "seamless" communication. Each viewer in the space triggers a large-scale interactive art object projected on the wall in front them. This projection is broken into a Mondrian-like mirror, where each sub-section, initialized by body-tracking software, animates one of the floor-found quotes; every animation is accompanied by an audio recitation of its text.

67. Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy
Selftherapy for stutterers, including children, teenagers, and adults. Written by Phillip Roberts. Available in hard copy or online download (PDF).

Home Page

Adults and Teenagers


Stammering or Stuttering?
Contact Us
Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy
*Stuttering and stammering both mean exactly the same thing. Click here for more details.
With the help of Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy you can treat your stuttering at your own pace in the comfort of your home.
See larger photo
  • A proven therapy developed by an ex-stutterer Will help any teenaged or adult stutterer Invaluable advice for parents of a child who stutters Comprehensive approach designed for a long term effect 30 fluency enhancing exercises Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy can be downloaded from this site and you can start the therapy in a few minutes from now.

Teenaged and Adult Stutterers
Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy will teach you 30 fluency enhancing exercises that will enable you to effectively and permanently control your stuttering by addressing every single element of the stuttering phenomenon.
Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy will show you how you can help your child become fluent through an easy to implement therapeutic approach.

68. ASHA: Questions & Answers About Stuttering
Questions and answers about childhood stuttering.
Questions and Answers about Stuttering
American Speech- Language- Hearing Association
Learning and Other Disabilities
Related Articles
General Information about Speech and Language Disorders
Spoken Language Problems
What is stuttering?
  • Stuttering is the condition in which the flow of speech is broken by abnormal stoppages (no sound), repetitions (st-st-stuttering), or prolongations (ssssstuttering) of sounds and syllables. There may also be unusual facial and body movements associated with the effort to speak.
Aren't all people nonfluent to some extent?
  • Yes. Almost all children go through a stage of frequent nonfluency in early speech development. Adults may interject syllables ("uh") and occasionally repeat words, phrases and sounds, but these nonfluencies are accepted as normal and usually are not a cause for concern.
Does stammering mean the same thing as stuttering?
  • Most people use the terms interchangeably.
What causes stuttering?
  • We still do not know for a fact what causes stuttering. It may have different causes in different people, or it may occur only when a combination of factors comes together. It is also quite possible that what causes stuttering is quite different from what makes it continue or get worse. Possible influences include incoordination of the speech muscles; rate of language development; the way parents and others talk to the child; and other forms of communication and life stress.

69. Stuttering John
List of questions that John has asked in an actual celebrity interview and related links.

© Dan Wagner 1998
The reason why I created this website many years ago was quite simple: Being pretty new to the internet, I wanted to make a homepage, like most people do. The question was, what about? After typing "Stuttering John" into the search engine, I found that not only was there not an official site, but no fan sites either. So I gathered my "collection" of Stuttering John questions, thus this page was born. And it wasn't long before the website visitors to this page emailed even more questions to me. Eventually, John did get his own official site up at, but the only content was information on his CD. Now that has changed. He has a fantastic site now, most notably a section with his favorite interview questions. I'm guessing that most of you have seen it. If not, go to It's definitely alot more entertaining and interesting hearing it straight from the horses f-f-friggin mouth. Ah, Stuttering John. You have to love this man. Who else would have the guts to verbally terrorize celebrities with outrageous questions, all for the sake of the Howard Stern show. John has been screamed at, punched, pushed, shoved, elbowed, spit on, slapped in the face, picked up, thrown out, and pushed down a flight of stairs. Yet he continues to do his most fantastic and important job in the world...BRINGING DOWN HOTSHOT CELEBRITIES A NOTCH OR TWO. Below is a list of some of the great questions that Howard, Jackie and Fred came up with to have Stuttering John ask his unwitting victims.

70. Have A Problem Stutter Or Stammer. The How To Stop Stuttering Stammering Centre
As an exstammerer, I know how distressing stuttering can be. I can help youovercome your speech difficulties.
Problem stutter or stammer ? We can help you how to stop stuttering/stammering today
My life as a stutterer How I overcame my stutter 5 day stuttering course Purchase the stuttering course notes ... The stammering course DVD
Welcome to the Stammering-Stuttering centre..
H ello there. My name is Stephen Hill and welcome to the web site for my "How To Stop Stuttering-Stammering Centre" . I am an ex-stammerer and I know how distressing a problem stuttering/stammering can be. I hope you find the information here helpful and do please contact me for more details on how I can help you overcome your speech difficulties. I offer tuition on a one to one basis, a five day course, four hours per day. Courses are run in Birmingham and free introductory meetings plus free "after service" are also available to ensure continued fluency. Do not think you are on your own.

71. Stuttering Therapy, Power Stuttering Center, SpeechEasy Devices, Stuttering Ther
Oneweek intensive stuttering therapy in California. SpeechEasy stuttering devicespecialist. Board Certified stuttering Specialist.
The SpeechEasy is the smallest, most advanced, new device for the problem of stuttering. It is small enough to fit completely in your ear canal, yet it uses an advanced microprocessor that has all the power found in a computer. The SpeechEasy is digitally programmable with special computer software for a wide range of settings of Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) and Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF). SpeechEasy fluency devices are based on a natural phenomenon called the "choral effect." The "choral effect" occurs when people who stutter speak or sing in unison with others and their stuttering is dramatically reduced or even eliminated. SpeechEasy Stuttering Devices This one-year program for Intensive Stuttering Therapy for Adults and Teenagers begins with an intensive one-week in the clinic. A desk model of the Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) machine is used to train skills that replace stuttered speech with stutter-free speech. After speech behaviors can be produced in the clinic for short periods of time without using the DAF, the rest of the program is completed at home by assigning daily speaking tasks that start with easy situations and gradually move to harder ones and longer periods of speaking.

72. YouthSSpeak
Enables young people around Australia to come together and discuss common problems, issues and concerns about their stuttering.

73. Institute For Stuttering Treatment And Research (ISTAR)
Nonprofit society providing stuttering therapy in Edmonton, Alberta.
ISTAR is a non-profit society providing stuttering therapy based on over 20 years of clinical research and experience. It was founded by Einer Boberg and Deborah Kully in 1986 to:
  • provide the best possible therapy for children and adults who stutter conduct research into the nature and treatment of stuttering provide advanced professional training for speech-language pathologists promote public awareness of stuttering and its treatment
The Institute offers a comfortable environment with friendly and supportive staff. Therapy for all ages is provided year-round in individual and group formats to over 100 new clients per year from across North America and overseas. More than 1000 clients have been helped since the first program in 1972. The Institute has gained worldwide recognition as a centre of excellence in the treatment of stuttering. Clinical staff are certified speech-language pathologists who together bring 45 years of experience in the treatment of stuttering. In an effort to make therapy accessible, fees are set as low as possible and financial assistance programs are available. NEW!

74. Referral List: Pennsylvania
Names of speech pathologists in the state who might be able to help in treating stuttering.
Home Facts on Stuttering Preschool Children School-age Children ... Brochures For All Ages
Pennsylvania Resource/Referral List
Listed below are the names of speech pathologists in your who might be able to help you in treating stuttering. The Stuttering Foundation of America provides these names only to help in locating a speech pathologist who might be able to assist you in treating stuttering. The Stuttering Foundation of America does not warrant the competency of these speech pathologists nor guarantee their treatment. This list is likely to include only a small number of the speech pathologists in your area and therefore might not include the names of all speech pathologists who might be able to assist you. No negative implication should be drawn about a particular speech pathologist's qualifications or competency if he or she is not included on this list. If the individuals located below cannot assist you or are not located near you, the Stuttering Foundation of America encourages you to request a referral from them. Gordon Blood, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

75. Stuttering: A Brief Review - May 1, 1998 - American Academy Of Family Physicians
stuttering is a common disorder that usually resolves by adulthood. Developmental dysfluency results in brief periods of stuttering that cease by the

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Stuttering: A Brief Review
University of Maryland Medical School, Baltimore, Maryland
Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The etiology of stuttering is controversial. The prevailing theories point to measurable neurophysical dysfunctions that disrupt the precise timing required to produce speech. Stuttering is a common disorder that usually resolves by adulthood. Almost 80 percent of children who stutter recover fluency by the age of 16 years. Mild stuttering is self-limited, but more severe stuttering requires speech therapy, which is the mainstay of treatment. Delayed auditory feedback and computer-assisted training are currently used to help slow down speech and control other speech mechanisms. Pharmacologic therapy is seldom used, although haloperidol has been somewhat effective. S tuttering is a disorder affecting the fluency of speech. The World Health Organization defines stuttering as "a disorder in the rhythm of speech in which the individual knows precisely what he or she wishes to say, but at the same time may have difficulty saying it because of an involuntary repetition, prolongation, or cessation of sound." Stuttering may be divided into developmental dysfluency (which many children experience) and pathologic dysfluency.

76. Speech Advantage - Corporate Speech Pathology - Madison, Wisconsin - Foreign Acc
Provides corporate speech pathology services foreign accent reduction, stuttering therapy, and treatment of a voice, articulation, or pronunciation disorder. Based in Madison, Wisconsin.
About Us



In The News
Speech Advantage - Corporate Speech Pathology Services
What does Speech Advantage offer?
Speech Advantage specializes in providing work related training to companies through improved speech communication. We offer onsite training for individuals, small groups, or large group seminars wanting to focus upon:
Who benefits from Speech Advantage?
  • The employee gains self-confidence, reduced frustration and increased productivity
  • The coworkers experience increased harmony and team cohesiveness
  • The customer gains timely results and satisfaction
  • The employer enhances the employee's quality of life while improving the company's profitability and lowering employee turnover
When and where is training held?
The most cost effective and convenient time and place for training is at your employee's workplace during normal business hours. We will strive to accommodate you in this regard. However, should offsite training be preferred, facilities are available.
Why is Speech Advantage important to your business?

77. Internation Stuttering Association Home Page
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78. University Of Chicago Laboratory For Developmental Neuroscience
Dedicated to studying the molecular basis of pediatric onset neuropsychiatric disorders. Now working with collaborators on the molecular genetics of autism, attentiondeficit/hyperactivity disorder, childhood onset obsessive-compulsive disorder, stuttering, adolescent depression, and pediatric and early onset bipolar mood disorder.

79. ::Speech Foundation :: Ajit Harisinghani :: Home Page
Offer intensive short courses and selfhelp audio-cassette programs for treatment of stammering/stuttering.

Van Riper(stutterer)defines stutteringstuttering occurs when the forward The Learning Theory of stuttering development was proposed be Wendell Johnson.
Van Riper(stutterer)defines stuttering-Stuttering occurs when the forward flow of speech is interupted abnormally by repetitions or prolongations of sounds, syllables, articulatory posture, or by avoidable struggle behaviors.
Learning Theory
The Learning Theory of stuttering development was proposed be Wendell Johnson. He felt that people only stutter because the LEARN it through a cycle of negative reactions and anxiety.
Cycle of Childhood Stuttering
1. Child learns language rapidly. 2. Child tries to formulate a message with the right words. 3. If the child is nervous or excited there is an increased chance of dysfluency. 4. After the child is dysfluent, he/she receives a negative reaction from the listener such as, "Slow down" or, "Take a deep breath." 5. Child develops struggle behaviors to get through dysfluencies. 6. Child receives a negative reaction for the struggle behaviors. 7. Child develops increased anxiety.

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