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         Stroke:     more books (100)
  1. Strokes Of Midnight (Harlequin Blaze, No. 364 / The Wrong Bed) by Hope Tarr, 2007-12-01
  2. A Stroke of Genius: Messages of Hope and Healing From a Thriving Stroke Survivor by Sandy Simon, 2001-10
  3. Breast Strokes: Two Friends Journal Through the Unexpected Gifts of Cancer by Cathy Edgett, Jane Flint, 2010-03-20
  4. Exercises for Stroke: The Complete Program for Rehabilitation through Movement, Balance, and Coordination by William Smith, 2010-12-28
  5. Donna Dewberry's One Stroke Painting Course by PLAID, 2000-06-30
  6. Manual of Stroke Models in Rats
  7. This is It: The first Biography of the Strokes by Martin Roach, 2003-06
  8. Healing into Possibility: The Transformational Lessons of a Stroke by Alison Bonds Shapiro, 2009-06-02
  9. One Stroke Peaceful Landscapes: 6 Easy to Paint Tranquil Scenes of Nature's Beauty by Donna Dewberry, 2003-01
  10. Jackie's Brush Stroke Workbook (Jackie Shaw Studio publication) by Jackie Shaw, 1987-06
  11. Donna Dewberry's All New Book of One-Stroke Painting (Painter's Quick Reference) by Donna Dewberry, 2005-11-01
  12. Between the Strokes of Night by Charles Sheffield, 2004-04-27
  13. Stroke (What Do I Do Now?) by Louis CaplanMD, 2010-09-30
  14. Stroke: Your Complete Exercise Guide (Cooper Clinic and Research Institute Fitness Series) by Neil F. Gordon, 1997-06

61. I N C I A
Intends to communicate the positive and creative energies of Iraqi artists dispersed throughout the world today.



62. Pediatric Stroke Network - A CHILDHOOD STROKE Support Group That Offers Informat
Information and support for families who are dealing with stroke in infancy,childhood, or adolescence. PSN s online resources include fact sheets about
DISCUSS, SUPPORT, ACHIEVE! Childhood Stroke and Infant Stroke are two causes of Hemiplegia or Hemiplegic cerebral palsy.
PSN Home

About PSN

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For New Parents
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Reasons For Stroke

Childhood Stroke
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Research Groups

Research News
Research Studies After Effects Cerebral Palsy Epilepsy/Seizures Hemiplegia Hemiparesis Hypotonia Vision Issues Rehabilitation Therapies Equipment Medical Supplies Financial Issues Transportation Support Information Book Recommendations Parent Support Teen Survivors Inspiration ... In Loving Memory PSN Information About PSN PSN Board Volunteer At PSN Manage Sub Contact PSN Site Credits Links To Other Sites Link To PSN Disability Support Stroke - US Stroke-International ... Support Groups Welcome to the Pediatric Stroke Network. A World-Wide Family Support Organization.

63. LinkeSOFT ScreenShot Capture Palm Screens
Captures the current screen of any application on your PalmPilot to a Windows BMP with a single stroke. Shareware
ScreenShot 2.3 Capture Palm Screens
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ScreenShot is the easy way to capture Palm screens as standard Windows bitmap files anywhere, anytime.
ScreenShot captures the current screen of any application. All color modes and screen sizes are supported.
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  • Export as JPG/GIF/BMP to card
  • Windows Conduit for automatic conversion during HotSync Two programs: ScreenShot Hack for Palm OS 4.1 and below, ScreenShot5 for Palm OS 5.x
Download Buy It Manual
LinkeSOFT GmbH

64. - Vitamins Fail To Lower Stroke Risk In Study - Feb. 4, 2004
International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Autos SERVICES Video E-mail Newsletters Your E-mail Alerts RSS ... Contact Us SEARCH Web
Vitamins fail to lower stroke risk in study
Story Tools RELATED Stroke prevention Drinking may lower stroke risk 'Polypill' may cut stroke chance Journal of the American Medical Association HEALTH LIBRARY Health Library All about stroke YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Vitamins Cardiovascular disease or Create your own Manage alerts What is this? CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) A simple and seemingly commonsense strategy for lowering the risk of recurring strokes failed to work in a study of nearly 3,700 patients. The strategy involves giving B vitamins to stroke patients to reduce levels of a substance called homocysteine in their blood. Many studies have suggested that high levels of homocysteine raise the risk of heart attacks and strokes. But the researchers found no difference in outcome between those who got high doses of vitamins and those who got low doses. The high vitamin doses did a better job of lowering homocysteine levels, but about 8 percent of the patients in both groups had another stroke during the two years that they were studied. The study appears in Wednesday's Journal of the American Medical Association. It was led by Wake Forest University neurologist Dr. James Toole.

65. Donna Dewberry's Official One Stroke Web Site
Official website for the One stroke method of painting with Donna Dewberry.

66. San Diego Swim Team: Different Strokes Swim Team
San Diego's lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, fast, slow, queer, happening, totally cool, incredibly fun masters swim team.
Home Team Store Join Us Home Swim Info About Us Photos Swim Tips ... Links Different Strokes Swim Team (DSST) is San Diego's all-inclusive lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, fast, slow, healthy, happening, totally cool, incredibly fun masters SWIM team. Welcome to DSST If this is your first time to our site, Welcome! We hope we will see you in the pool real soon! Online Registration Now Open
online for the 2006 Gay Games
Chicago, IL – 2 JULY 2004 - Chicago Games, Inc. and the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) are proud to announce that online registration for Gay Games VII, scheduled for 15-22 July 2006 in Chicago USA, has begun.
You can now register online at . Select “Registration” from the home page and, after reviewing some preliminary guidance, register for Gay Games VII. En Español En Français , Deutsch Announcements

67. Stroke
A stroke is sometimes called a brain attack. A stroke can injure the brain like Like a heart attack, a stroke is an emergency and should be treated as
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Printer-friendly version PDF file, 242 Kb] What is a stroke?
What is a "mini-stroke" or TIA?

What are the warning signs of stroke?

What are the effects of stroke?
What about stroke rehabilitation?
See also...
What is a stroke?
A stroke is sometimes called a "brain attack." A stroke can injure the brain like a heart attack can injure the heart. Stroke is the result of cerebrovascular disease - disease of the blood vessels in the brain. There are two types of stroke:
  • Ischemic stroke, the most common type of stroke. This type of stroke happens when there is a sudden lack of blood flow to some part of the brain, usually due to a blood clot blocking an artery or blood vessel. Often the artery is already clogged with fatty deposits ( atherosclerosis Hemorrhagic stroke. Bleeding in the brain from a broken or leaking blood vessel causes this type of stroke. A hemorrhagic stroke may be due to an aneurysm
Either type of stroke can cause brain cells to die. This brain damage may cause a person to lose control of certain functions, such as speech, movement, and memory. Like a heart attack, a stroke is an emergency and should be treated as quickly as possible.

68. Stroke
The consequences of a stroke, the type of functions affected, Within minutesof a stroke, the zone of initial cell death is surrounded by additional
Stroke September 2001 WHAT IS A STROKE? The Basic Process Blood Flow Blockage. The brain receives about 25% of the body's oxygen, but it cannot store it. Brain cells require a constant supply of oxygen to stay healthy and function properly. Therefore, blood needs to be supplied to the brain continuously through two main arterial systems:
  • The carotid arteries come up through either side of the front of the neck. (The pulse of a carotid artery can be felt by placing the fingertips gently against either side of the neck right under the jaw.)
  • The basilar artery forms at the base of the skull from the vertebral arteries, which run up along the spine, join, and come up through the rear of the neck.
  • A reduction of, or disruption in, blood flow to the brain is the primary cause of a stroke . Blockage for even a short period of time can be disastrous and cause brain damage or even death.
  • A stroke is usually defined as two types:
  • Ischemic (caused by a blockage in an artery).
  • Hemorrhagic (caused by a tear in the artery's wall that produces bleeding in the brain).

69. Jo Is A One Stroke Painting Instructor, OSCI
Donna Dewberry certified instructor teaching primarily in Arizona at JoAnn's, Michael's, and private classes.
What's New?
A new section added for painting tips By Popular Demand: NOW, a 5 page pdf file with complete step-by-step instructions including color images and a template for drilling the holes for your bird feeder project, for example.
The Certification in Phoenix is over
and at least 4 of my students have become certified instructors.
I want to thank everyone for their
interest in my site, and hopefully,
I've been able to encourage some
of you to expand your abilities. Don't forget the Guest Book, I truly enjoy seeing how far away some of you are. Check out some of these other One Stroke sites too. They can also be helpful. Click here Certified as a One Stroke Painting Instructor by Donna Dewberry in 2001. Welcome to the Wonderful World of One Stroke Painting. Visitors:

70. A Stroke Of Genius Portrait Artists - Corporate & Family Portraits
Family, corporate, political, royal, judicial, academic, religious, military,equestrian, and other portraits in oil or other media by over 100 leading
Select a Gallery Portrait Competitions VIEW ALL ARTISTS: -Main Gallery A-B -Main Gallery C-D -Main Gallery E-G -Main Gallery H-K -Main Gallery L-M -Main Gallery N-R -Main Gallery S-Z -by name (text only) Artists A-B Artists C-F Artists G-M Artists N-R Artists S-Z 9/11 Firefighters Academic Entertainment Medical Military Religious Political Sports Girls-Indoors Girls-Outdoors Boys-Indoors Boys-Outdoors Women-Informal Women-Suits Women-Outdoors Men-Informal Men-Suits Men-Formal Men-Outdoors Siblings-Indoors Siblings-Outdoors Couples Bridal Children at Play Music Related Sports, Non-professional Equestrian Pets only NON-OIL MEDIUMS: Pastel Watercolor Colored Pencil Sculpture MISCELLANEOUS GALLERIES: Hall of Fame Artists Who Teach Artist Self-portraits Works for Sale







71. Jag Har Drabbats Av Stroke
Privat sajt om livet efter en hj¤rnbl¶dning.
Besökare sedan Jag har drabbats av Stroke - min story - att vara patient Thalamus - ett knepigt område. Sidan senast uppdaterad Jan Peter Jarl© 2002

72. Heart And Stroke - Redirection Page!"
The Heart and stroke Foundation of Canada s website has moved.For the the latest information on heart disease and stroke, set your bookmarks
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada's website
"" has moved. For the the latest information on heart disease and stroke, set your bookmarks to our new website:

Le site Web de la Fondation des maladies du coeur du Canada
"" a déménagé!
Pour être à la fine pointe de l'information sur les maladies du coeur et
les accidents vasculaires cérébraux, inscrivez la nouvelle adresse
de notre site
dans vos répertoires de sites favoris!

73. Stroke, Speech, Aphasia Recovery Kits For Adults.
New approaches for stroke and speech recovery. Speech practice Kit with softwareor paper materials. FREE demo and miniguides. Author helped her father to
Message Board
For non-speaking persons who can read. Click Here SPEECH RECOVERY KITS Our approach is a breakthrough in speech recovery. Only Stroke Family speech practice tools utilize the brain research that shows that the other side of the brain can talk and that the brain can be "reprogrammed" to use this untapped speech area. The "Let's Talk!" talking software CD, tracing sheets and word card games and activities are easy to use. Family members, assistants at nursing homes, as well as speech pathologists, are elated when they hear speech return, even for those who previously could not be helped, even severe and global aphasia. Speech Tree Sentence Maker The next step for moderate aphasia or those who have moved beyond Let's Talk and Lefty's Tracing Sheets. Worksheets and Lessons on CD have over 400 of the most frequently used and easily spoken words. Go from one phrase or sentence to over 1000 different phrases and sentences. Then, learn how to make your own "speech trees" for unlimited sentence-making. The 16 different activities explore "word finding", "word combining" and sentence making. More Info You can do this too.

74. Stroke Survivors, The Site For Cerebellar Stroke Survivors.
Developed and maintained by survivor John d Arcy to support individuals who aredealing with cerebellar stroke. Resources include his personal story,

75. Passive Smoking And An Increased Risk Of Acute Stroke -- DENSON; Et Al. 9 (1): 1
Letter to scientific journal on biomarkers, exposure measurement, confounds, and the evidence connecting secondhand smoke to stroke.

Vol Page [Advanced] This Article Extract Full Text (PDF) Submit a response ... Citation Map Services Email this link to a friend Similar articles in this journal Similar articles in PubMed Alert me to new issues of the journal ... Download to citation manager PubMed PubMed Citation Articles by DENSON;, K. W. Articles by BONITA, R. Related Collections Other Public Health
Ischemic heart disease

Tob Control 112-113 ( Spring )
Letters to the editor
Passive smoking and an increased risk of acute stroke Reply to letter
Passive smoking and an increased risk of acute stroke
E DITOR Although "passive smoking" may be intuitively harmful, the paper by Bonita and colleagues on the risk of stroke and environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure suffers from two fundamental defects. The first is the enormously disproportionate effect due to a small exposure, and the second is the lack of

76. Official Golfer Bobby Jones Stroke Of Genius Site: Jim Caviezel Golf Movie Trail
Official Golfer Bobby Jones Movie Trailer Golfing Legend Site. Jim Caviezel Cast Pictures, Film Clips, Biography, Filmography, and Downloads!
Available Online and in Stores Everywhere NOW!
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the Press Release
the Web Site
(c) 2004 Bobby Jones Film LLC

77. Jayman's Two-Stroke Page
RZ350 and RD400 rebuild tips, image gallery and related links.
setAdGroup(''); var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Search: Lycos Angelfire Star Wars Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next
Jayman's Two-Stroke Page
This site is dedicated to Two-Stroke enthusiasts world wide. I will be featuring photos of restorations and rebuild/overhauls on selected models, mainly the ones shown below, as I am doing the work. Each bike will be left posted until the photos are ready, then step by step pictures will be accompanied by text. You can e-mail me if you for details if you missed a step, in the future I will create an archive for each project. Currently, at the bottom of the page, we are doing a 1985 RZ350N restoration, which will include engine, fuel system, and fork seal replacement. The RD400D engine overhaul(done previously) will be next. My hope is that this assists those of you out there, who like me, had no help learning this stuff. MY BIKES
This is 77 RD400D,a two stroke twin. Look here for future photos of a top and bottom end overhaul. This photo is prior to engine rebuild.
1-12-00 UPDATE: Artie's heads and top end removed to have squish bands cut and decarbonized pistons. Honed cylinders and reassembled. Check out 'Arties page' below for pics.

78. Stroke Causes, Impacts And Treatment Of Strokes From
Learn about strokes. A stroke is the sudden death of brain cells due to a problemwith the blood supply.
document.writeln(''); MedicineNet Home Heart Home Page > Stroke Search Tips
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What is a stroke?
A stroke is the sudden death of brain cells due to a problem with the blood supply. When blood flow to the brain is impaired, oxygen and important nutrients cannot be delivered. The result is abnormal brain function. Blood flow to the brain can be disrupted by either a blockage or rupture of an artery to the brain. There are many causes for a stroke, as shown in the table and discussed below. A stroke is also referred to as a cerebrovascular accident or CVA.
Causes of Stroke Blockage of artery
  • Clogging of arteries within the brain (e.g. lacunar stroke)
  • Hardening of the arteries leading to the brain (e.g. carotid artery occlusion)
  • Embolism to the brain from the heart or an artery
Rupture of an artery (i.e. hemorrhage)
  • Cerebral hemorrhage (bleeding within the brain substance)
  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding between the brain and the inside of the skull)
What causes a stroke?

79. - The One Stop Information Resource In Clinical Neurology
Information resource on Clinical Neurology. Covering areas such as alzheimers, epilepsy, migraine, motor neurone, multiple sclerosis, pain, parkinsons, schizophrenia, and stroke.
Set Neuroconsult as your homepage
Add Neuroconsult to your favourites

If you do not have the flash player installed, then please click here to enter the Doctors site, alternatively click here for the Patients site

80. Statins Help Some Stroke Patients - Heart Disease And Other Cardiovascular Condi
Information on heart disease and related cardiovascular conditions includesmedications, procedures and tests, symptoms, and treatment.

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