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         Stroke:     more books (100)
  1. My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey by Ph.D., Jill Bolte Taylor, 2009-05-26
  2. A Stroke of Midnight (Meredith Gentry, Book 4) by Laurell K. Hamilton, 2006-11-28
  3. Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery by Peter G. Levine, 2008-11-01
  4. My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey by Jill Bolte, Ph.D. Taylor, 2009-05-26
  5. Strokes of Genius: Federer, Nadal, and the Greatest Match Ever Played by L. Jon Wertheim, 2010-06-01
  6. Donna Dewberry's Essential One-Stroke Painting Reference by Donna Dewberry, 2009-03-02
  7. Stroke of Midnight by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Amanda Ashley, et all 2004-11-02
  8. Living With Stroke: A Guide for Families by MD, Richard C. Senelick, 2010-01-01
  9. Four-Stroke Performance Tuning 3rd ed: A practical guide by A. Bell, 2006-10-30
  10. Daddy Long Stroke (Zane Presents) by Cairo, 2010-08-03
  11. Two-Stroke Performance Tuning by A. Bell, 1999-11-28
  12. Stroke For Dummies by John R. Marler M.D., 2005-09-09
  13. After a Stroke: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier by Cleo Hutton, RN, Cleo Hutton, 2005-06-10
  14. Stroke Rehabilitation: A Function-Based Approach by Glen Gillen EdDOTRFAOTA, 2010-09-22

181. - Health - 'Stroke Belt' Disappearing - February 14, 2001



CNN TV what's on
show transcripts

CNN Headline News

CNN International

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'Stroke Belt' disappearing
By Rhonda Rowland CNN Medical Correspondent FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (CNN) Alabama and Mississippi are falling out of the so-called "Stroke Belt," a term given to the southeastern United States where stroke rates are highest, researchers said Wednesday. But researchers presenting their data at the American Stroke Association's annual conference here said they are not sure why they are seeing this trend. "The incidence of stroke in these areas is 10 to 20 percent less than stroke belt states like Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina," said George Howard, chairman of the biostatistics department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. At the same time, Howard said, stroke rates appear to be unexpectedly high in Washington and Oregon. "While stroke rates are steadily declining in most areas of the country, they're not falling as fast in the northwest," he said. Another intriguing finding, researchers said, was that New York City which has the highest rate of heart disease in the country has the lowest stroke rate. The stroke rate in New York is about two-thirds lower than what's seen in Birmingham, Alabama.

182. Stroke
Neurologists, internists, and researchers look to stroke as a resource for currentclinical stroke includes Progress Reviews; Original Contributions;

183. The Strokes - Is This It (RCA) - Drawer B Review
The strokes are a mass of contradictions Wealthy, artsy, goodlooking upper class white kids embracing the New York City underbelly as a musical schtick. Eric Greenwood reviews the album.
A B C D ... The Strokes
Is This It

By: Eric Greenwood Riding the wave of hyperbole surrounding the release of this album would do The Strokes a disservice, so I will try to avoid resorting to superlatives to describe their music (although, I’m sure a few will creep in…). The Strokes are a mass of contradictions: Wealthy, artsy, good-looking upper class white kids embracing the New York City underbelly as a musical schtick, who play the game better than the real bands that have been sweating it out in the clubs in search of that golden record deal for years. Signed off the strength of a demo, The Strokes barely had to work for their instant success, which practically ensures that a cloud of resentment will loom over them. I wouldn’t worry too much about them, though- they’re young and smart and fully aware that they’re a great band.
At first Is This It is nothing shocking to your adept and, perhaps, jaded musical ears. It’s simple garage/guitar rock inspired by the usual class of hipster pre-requisites like The Velvet Underground, Television, and Iggy Pop/The Stooges. I also hear a twinge of Jim Morrison in Julian Casablancas’ unpredictable delivery but more on that later. Like any good recipe, it’s the amount of each ingredient that counts, and that’s the key to The Strokes’ understated genius. Plenty of bands have hooks and good songs and retro-garage sounds, but none compares to The Strokes. They’ve tapped into something so truly extraordinary – and so simply - that you’d swear it were an accident. That theory goes out the window, though, when you listen to how naturally the band gels on pop gems like “Soma” and “The Modern Age.”

184. Stroke Center At Barnes-Jewish Hospital & Washington University School Of Medici
Offering a continuuum of stroke care, from emergency services through rehabilitation,in St. Louis, Missouri.
For more information on stroke, please visit:
Bi-Weekly Clinical

Stroke Conference:

Schwartz Auditorium, Maternity Building
September 13, 2005
" Evidence-Based Management of Intracranial Hemorrhage
Michael Diringer, M.D. A stroke is caused by the abrupt loss of blood supply to a part of the brain (ischemia). In some cases, stroke is caused by bleeding into brain tissue (hemorrhage). Stroke also can mean a dramatic change in a person’s ability to live a normal life: it can lead to paralysis, loss of speech, memory, vision, diminished reasoning - and sometimes even death. Stroke affects 730,000 Americans each year including 150,000 deaths and is the leading cause of adult disability. When a stroke takes place, there is a brief window of opportunity in which to save injured brain. To minimize disability, it is critical that stroke victims are evaluated and treated quickly. For more information about stroke, visit the

185. Boehringer Ingelheim: Stroke Forum - Excellence In Stroke
Excellence in acute treatment and secondary prevention Welcome to the BoehringerIngelheim Corporate stroke web site.
Boehringer Ingelheim
Corporate Site

Stroke forum -
dedicated to improving stroke therapy Welcome to the Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate stroke website.
The site has been recently updated with an extensive amount of up-to-date information and services on stroke . Boehringer Ingelheim aims to improve the lives of stroke patients through its products and services. Our expertise lies in acute treatment and secondary prevention of stroke.
P revention R egimen F or E ffectively avoiding S econd S
The Steering Committee and the Trial Management Commitee express their thank you to the medical stroke audience worldwide who was involved in this success!
June 6, 2005
More information

Download the pdf-file
ECASS III trial design changed - expanded time window 3-4.5 hours
27 May 2005 Recent changes to the design of the ECASS 3 study, intended to overcome recruitment problems, were briefly described by Professor Michael G. Hennerici at the Boehringer Ingelheim Satellite Symposium at the 14th European Stroke Conference (ESC) in Bologna, Italy, 25-28 May 2005. More information The Reanalysis of the ESPS-2 trial in high risk patients has been published this month in the Archives of Neurology March 13, 2005

186. Watcha! Hack: Manual
Switches back to the previously used application after you draw the userdefined Magic stroke. It's like Alt-Tab for the PalmPilot. Also shows a popup menu list of either the ten last used or ten most used applications. Freeware.
Watcha! Package ver 1.01
Watcha! Hack Watch-Ya! Viewer
Launcha! DA Easy-going Document
[ Back to the main page of PalmTech
Watcha! Hack ver 1.01
produced by PalmTech. (
1. Introduction
Watcha! Hack is a HackMaster Extension. It checks and counts your application launching. Installing and activating it on HackMaster, Watcha! Hack begins to watch over application launchings. When it catches a launching, it renews its own database made for your reference. Note: You need the HackMaster to use Watcha! Hack. I've confirmed that Watcha! Hack works on the devices below.
  • PalmPilot Professional(PalmOS 2.0)
  • IBM WorkPad with JapaneseOS(OS 3.1/ 3.11)
  • PalmPilot with 2MB Upgrade(PalmOS 3.3)
I think it should work on other devices/OSs, but if you find Watcha! Hack doesn't work in your environment, please report to me.
2. Install
As well as a normal application, Watcha! Hack can be installed with HotSync. After that, activate it on HackMaster's control panel. If you need to reinstall Watcha! Hack, you have to deactivate and delete Watcha! Hack before reinstall new one. Watcha! Hack is listed on "Memory" or other database-managing software as below. Delete them all.
  • Watcha!

187. MacDizzy's Two Stroke Engines - Glamis Sand Dunes - Honda TRX250R - Yamaha YFZ35
This ATV and twostroke engine site is packed with technical information andinteresting articles.
Because one stroke isn't enough and four strokes waste two (many). The two stroke cycle spark ignition engine is a reciprocating engine in which the piston takes over any valve functions in order to obtain a power stroke each revolution of the crankshaft. This involves the use of ports in the cylinder walls which are covered and uncovered by the movements of the piston. As the piston moves down, it clears these ports so that the exhaust gasses can exit and fresh charge of mixture can enter at the same time. New Message Board Policy - PLEASE READ THIS
MacDizzy's Two Stroke Technology Exchange is now a private message board system. For access it is necessary to subscribe. A one year subscription to MTSTE is $10.59 US. New users can try it out for three weeks before paying by subscribing using the lower option method below Payment can be made by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express), eCheck or Paypal (

188. - Metabolic Syndrome Doubles Stroke Risk - Feb. 8, 2004
International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Autos SERVICES Video E-mail Newsletters Your E-mail Alerts RSS ... Contact Us SEARCH Web
Metabolic syndrome doubles stroke risk
Story Tools RELATED Stroke prevention Tiny corkscrew stops strokes Light drinking may cut stroke risk Study: Vitamins not a prevention ... American Stroke Association HEALTH LIBRARY Health Library All about strokes YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Follow the news that matters to you. Create your own alert to be notified on topics you're interested in. Or, visit Popular Alerts for suggestions. Manage alerts What is this? SAN DIEGO, California (AP) An ominous and increasingly common mix of obesity and other health ills, known as metabolic syndrome, has been found to roughly double the risk of a stroke. Doctors have recently come to appreciate the importance of this combination of bad health signs, largely because it often foreshadows heart attacks and the development of diabetes. Diabetes itself significantly increases the risk of strokes the nation's third-leading killer. Now, new research shows that metabolic syndrome also appears to be a powerful trigger of strokes, even in people who do not yet have diabetes. "Metabolic syndrome is a major health hazard, as we learn more and more about it, particularly in women and minorities, but we have known very little about its relationship to strokes," said Dr. Edgar Kenton of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

189. 2strokeBuzz
A scooter weblog for people who hate scooters. gearshift issues weblog archives mersh links. milena photo! Milena photos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
@import "";
Milena photos:

(Local events)

(Scooter talk)

(Total anarchy) chat:
(IRC chat) photos: (rally photos) August, 2005 Daddy is neglectful to the things he loves.
  • I fully intend to relaunch 2sb soon. We have a new host and new Moveable Type, now I just need some free time. Labor Day Weekend, as always, is The Slaughterhouse Rally , Chicago's largest and finest. I'll be djing (aka pressing buttons on my ipod) Thursday night at Liar's Club, please stop by and say "hi!." This is Slaughterhouse's eleventh magnificent year, and it looks to be as fun as ever. I'm in the thick of laying out American Scooterist issue #47. So many people put so much work into American Scooterist, and you're really missing out if you're not getting it. Join Vespa Club of America today! In other news, Milena and Tracie are both doing well, I haven't ridden a scooter in months, and I've been doing my dream job all summer: designing CDs for The Pixies
illnoise January 24, 2005

190. NINDS Forwarding Page
Information booklet compiled by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and stroke (NINDS).
NINDS has redesigned its website and the URL for the page you were seeking has changed. The new URL for this page is /disorders/chronic_pain/chronic_pain.htm . Please update your bookmark to this page. You will be automatically taken to this page in 5 seconds, or you can click the link to go there now.

191. Home Page
Maintained by and for stroke survivors and their families to provide information about rehabilitation options, sources of support, and new equipment.

192. Howstuffworks "How Car Engines Work"
The car engine is a staple of modern life, a piece of engineering genius and oneof the most amazing machines we use on a daily basis.
TCDA("cc=car; dt"); Auto Stuff Science Stuff Health Stuff Entertainment Stuff ... Shop for Stuff
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How Car Engines Work
by Marshall Brain Table of Contents Introduction to How Car Engines Work The Basics Combustion is Key Internal Combustion Understanding the Cycles Counting Cylinders Displacement Other Parts of an Engine What Can Go Wrong? Valve Trains Ignition and Cooling Systems Air-intake and Starting Systems Lubrication and Fuel Systems Exhaust, Emission-control and Electrical Sy... Producing More Power Q and A Lots More Information Compare Prices for Car Engines Have you ever opened the hood of your car and wondered what was going on in there? A car engine can look like a big confusing jumble of metal, tubes and wires to the uninitiated. Photo courtesy DaimlerChrysler 2003 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Engine You might want to know what's going on simply out of curiosity. Or perhaps you are buying a new car, and you hear things like "3.0 liter V-6" and "dual overhead cams" and "tuned port fuel injection." What does all of that mean?

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