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         Snoring:     more books (106)
  1. How To Cure Snoring by Quick Easy Guides, 2008-07-31
  2. Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome: A Controversial Issue (Orl Nova, 3-4)
  3. The Church of St. Andrew - Little Snoring by Ann and John Gurney, 1973
  4. Snoring: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine</i> by Paula Ford-Martin, 2001
  5. Nonapneic snoring affects behaviors, academics.(Disease/Disorder overview): An article from: Pediatric News by Robert Finn, 2007-04-01
  6. Snoring or stridor? It could be a lifesaving distinction.(Pulmonary Medicine): An article from: Internal Medicine News by Gale Reference Team, 2007-02-01
  7. Commercial snoring remedies fail clinical test: seeking silent nights.(Clinical Rounds): An article from: Family Practice News by Heidi Splete, 2003-11-01
  8. How to Stop Your Snoring WITHOUT Surgery!

141. National Sleep Foundation
snoring is noisy breathing during sleep. It is a common problem among Sleep position, such as sleeping on your back, may lead to snoring in some people.

142. Zacher Sleep Appliances
Professional Medical, Dental and general information about snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Including its treatment with oral appliances.

143. Sleep Apnea Information & Resources
Loud, constant snoring can indicate a potentially lifethreatening disorder calledsleep apnea. The word apnea is derived from Greek to mean without
What is Sleep Apnea?
Loud, constant snoring can indicate a potentially life-threatening disorder called sleep apnea. The word "apnea" is derived from Greek to mean "without breath." An estimated 5 in 100 people, typically overweight middle-aged men, suffer from sleep apnea. A person with sleep apnea stops breathing repeatedly while sleeping, anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes. Let Your Opinion Be Known! Our latest poll has been created for patients who are currently using CPAP therapy products. Take the Poll
Sleep Apnea Featured Articles
Our Sleep Apnea Community
Chats - We host regularly scheduled sleep disorder chats - check out our chat calendar for details! Message Boards - Learn from other people living with Sleep Apnea.
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144. The Noizelezz Mouth Piece From Norbec
Product to open the airways.
The Noiselezz Home Contact Us Order Now View Picture ... Links
"Give the gift of a good night's sleep" This free gift
with your first order
How many people snore?
It is estimated that there are 60 million people with a snoring problem. You don't have to be one of them. For less than $2 per week, you can stop snoring
Why most people snore- Normally air passes through the throat to the lungs silently and unhindered. In snorer's however, fatty tissue, tonsils and adenoids can narrow passageways, creating turbulence that makes the throat tissue vibrate. The problem can be exacerbated by excess body weight and/or excessive alcohol consumption prior to sleeping. Snoring has nothing to do with the nostrils. How best to prevent snoring- Snoring will not occur if the airway in the throat remains open. This can be accomplished by holding your lower jaw slightly forward during sleep. It is on this premise that was invented.

145. Snoring Prevention At report on snoring prevention. Expert advice andrecommendations on snoring prevention. Included in this report (for subscribers)<>cnt_id=

146. Sleep Well Clinic Homepage
Based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Offers treatment for sleep disorders such as insomnia, snoring, sleep apnoea, and shiftworkers.

147. Home Remedy For Snoring, Sore Throat, Sunburn, And Toothaches
Website that contains home remedies for snoring, sunburns, sore throat, and toothache.
Q - T "I DO NOT SNORE", says the snorer to their significant other, then the significant other tape records you snoring one night and plays the incriminating evidence against you. At first you think it's some wild animal that escaped from the local zoo, but soon you come to the realization, after saying a million times, "That's not me, is it?" well, you come to the realization that you snore. So here are some cures:
  • Losing some weight reduces snoring. So get on that diet!
  • Alcohol is another no no, because it loosens the muscles and makes snoring worst.
  • Sleep on your side, it makes the snoring a little lower.
  • Have your doctor order you a cervical collar, it may reduce the snoring sound.
  • Apnea, if you have snoring and you stop breathing for a bit, you may have this serious condition called, Apnea. So visit your doctor!
    • Sore Throat
    Here are a few tips to get rid of the common sore throat:
  • Eat garlic, yes, if you've read any of the other cures on this website you'll find that garlic is the leading treatment to many problems. It is because Garlic contains a antiviral and antibacterial agent. So eat your garlic, it's good for you. You can also get garlic pills, but I prefer the fresh garlic.
  • 148. North Shore ENT Associates
    Medical and surgical treatments for patients with ear, nose and throat and snoring disorders and disease. Three locations in Massachusetts.

    149. Can Garlic Reduce Snoring?
    If garlic breath is a social faux pas then snoring is worse! snoring is a serioussocial problem usually more for the snorer s partner than the sufferer
    Hot Pages Mosquito repellent Hay Fever Acne Cure
    Garlic and Snoring
    If garlic breath is a social faux pas then snoring is worse! Snoring is a serious social problem - usually more for the snorer's partner than the sufferer himself or herself. Snoring is usually harmless but can indicate a more serious condition such as sleep apnea . There are also some studies that suggest heavy snoring might be an indicator of increased stroke risk. There are many techniques and devices to reduce or stop snoring, ranging from simple anti-snore gadgets to full-scale surgery. Some of these work better than others depending on the underlying causes of your snoring.
    Can Garlic Stop Snoring?
    For once not even garlic is a miracle cure - but it might help. Some people say that "hot" foods like garlic, onions and horseradish can help to reduce snoring. The reason for this is that they help to dry up the nasal passages and airways, reducing mucus build-up and hence sinus blockage and snoring. Whether or not this will be effective for you will obviously depend on the reasons you snore in the first place - but it might be worth a try. If nothing else it's an excuse to add more garlic to your cooking! Garlic on it's own is unlikely to cure snoring, however as apart of a holistic package of lifestyle measures it might help.

    150. Sound Machines And White Noise Conditioners - Sleep Machine - Marpac
    Sound conditioners that may mask out irritating sounds like snoring companions and noisy neighbours.
    Our Sound Conditioners and Poolkeeper are made in the USA
    Marpac Corporation
    P.O. Box 560 Rocky Point, NC 28457
    Phone: 800-999-6962 (USA and Canada)
    1-910-602-1421 (worldwide)
    Fax: 910-602-1435
    Email: Website created and maintained by

    Officebased surgery for snoring (Laser-assisted uvuloplasty, Radiofrequencyuvuloplasty) and operating room procedure for snoring
    @import url(;
    Sleepless With a Snorer
    Survey Finds Snorer, Partner Both Worse for Wear

    By Jim Morelli, RPh
    WebMD Medical News
    Reviewed by Dr. Dominique S. Walton

    Oct. 26, 2000 Some women are being put through the wringer by going to bed. They are coupled with snorers, and now there is research to back up the claim that snoring is more than just noisy. It also can be bad for your health.
    Researchers at the Sleep Disorders Center in Avesta, Sweden, surveyed 500 women living with men who were referred to a sleep disorders center because of snoring. They found more than 10% of these women were dragging through the day because they couldn't get enough sleep. Even worse, the researchers say, the affected women also suffered a level of frustration because the problem of living with a snorer is sometimes not taken seriously by others.
    But at sleep centers, it is. Last fall, doctors at the Mayo Clinic studied 10 couples in which the husband suffered from obstructive sleep apnea a medical condition characterized by heavy snoring. They found that when the snoring was corrected through use of a breathing device worn as a mask during sleep, the women picked up an average of about an hour's worth of extra sleep per night. The study also concluded that is the possible amount of sleep women lose because of a snoring partner.
    And, sleep experts say, it's nothing to laugh about.

    152. STOP SNORING - Alleviate Snoring Naturally - ANTI SNORE RING
    Acupressure ring to help alleviate snoring. Features product information, contact details. Requires Flash
    The Antisnor
    Therapeutic Ring
    Safe, Effective Snoring Treatment!
    A Natural Alternative

    AntiSnor is Proudly Australian
    If you are reading this you are either a snorer or someone who sleeps with a snorer. If there were a simple, safe and highly affordable solution to help you relieve snoring you would want to try it, wouldn't you? A ntisnor is the latest, natural drug free answer to the relief from snoring. This Sterling Silver ring is worn on the small finger of the left hand while sleeping and works by acupressure. F or thousands of years Eastern Medicine has relied upon acupuncture and acupressure for relief and cures of all sorts of ailments. Only over recent years, have Western Medical Practitioners been forced to accept the validity of Eastern Medicine claims. What is Acupressure?

    153. Sleep Apnea: The Snoring Disease, Diagnosis, Treatment, CPAP And Other Equipment
    Sleep Apnea the snoring disease. What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea? How is itdiagnosed? CPAP and other treatments Frequently Asked Questions
    Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder affecting men, women and children in all age groups.Apnea means no breathing so sleep apnea means pauses in breathing during sleep.The airway becomes blocked and breathing stops repeatedly during sleep. One in five adults has at least mild sleep apnea and one in fifteen adults have at least moderate sleep apnea. OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) affects 1-3% of children. Sleep apnea can be treated effectively.
    Sleep Apnea - the snoring disease
    Sleep Apnea Handbook
    The Sleep Apnea Handbook can give you current information on a variety of topics to help you live a better life and manage your Sleep Apnea so it has the least effect on your lifestyle.
    Driving and Sleep Apnea
    Driving and untreated sleep apnea can be a dangerous combination. Those with untreated sleep apnea are up to fifteen times greater risk of traffic or work-related accidents due to daytime sleepiness.

    154. Snoring Problems
    snoring problems the causes of snoring and what can be done to help the sufferingspouse who needs to sleep as well.
    Snoring problems
    Snoring problems: the causes of snoring and what can be done to help the suffering spouse who needs to sleep as well.
    One fourth of the world’s population snores. A survey conducted by Owens Corning in December, 1999 found that one in every three women who are 45 years old or younger have a snoring spouse that keeps them awake. Nothing can turn wedded bliss into a gigantic nightmare any faster than trying to deal with a snoring spouse. The person doing all the snoring usually is not aware that he is interfering with his wife’s sleep, because he is sleeping fine. Usually, his wife has to work hard to convince him that he is creating enough noise to wake neighbors two floors away with taped recordings and threats of divorce. Many even resort to finding other sleeping quarters. Many wives’ tales list cures for this problem, from putting an axe under the offender’s pillow to burying a tuft of his hair under a willow tree during a moonlit night. Do not despair, ladies! More practical helps now exist to help remedy this problem that do not involve divorce, separate bedrooms, or moonlit nights. Stertor, the medical term for snoring, is the noise created from vibrations made by air being forced through a small opening in the back of an overcrowded throat. Lifestyle changes can help lessen, and sometimes totally eradicate the snoring problem. These include losing weight, changing eating patterns, getting more exercise throughout the day, and avoiding alcohol use at bedtime. For some, not using sleeping medications have drastically decreased the snoring episodes.

    155. NJ Sleep Disorders Center: Sleep Problems Disorder Diagnosis Treatment
    Hospitalbased program to diagnose and treat snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy and many other sleep disorders.
    Once he drifts off, he could be snoring loudly, gasping for air or his legs could be shaking. You know it's not normal, and you need help.
    You've come to the right place. The Sleep Disorders Center at Trinitas Hospital has been designed with both you and your loved one in mind. We'll ask you questions, arrange an appointment and conduct tests that help you determine exactly what is affecting your loved one and keeping you up at night. Whether it's sleep apnea narcolepsy restless legs syndrome insomnia or a problem like gastroesophegeal reflux, we'll get to the source of the problem and help you help your loved one quickly, with compassion and professionalism.
    Getting a great night's sleep shouldn't be a difficult thing to do. And it all starts with one phone call to the Sleep Disorders Center at Trinitas Hospital.
    We are proud of the work we do…and it shows!
    CPAP Support Group Meeting
    Children and Sleep Disorders

    Obesity and Sleep Disorders

    If you're a physician, click here
    210 Williamson St., Elizabeth, NJ 07202
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    156. CBS 5: A New Option To Stop Snoring, Sleep Apnea
    (CBS 5) More than 40 million Americans suffer from snoring or sleep apnea. ?My husband was complaining about the snoring. It was a problem.?
    var oassitepage=''; content_headline='CBS%205%3A%20A%20New%20Option%20To%20Stop%20Snoring%2C%20Sleep%20Apnea';content_section='health'; @import url(""); accID='DM540528JHCB78EN3'; content_group='/health;/;/';content_title='PUT+PAGE+NAME+HERE';
    CBS 5: A New Option To Stop Snoring, Sleep Apnea
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    A New Option To Stop Snoring, Sleep Apnea
    Kim Mulvihill, M.D.
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    (CBS 5) More than 40 million Americans suffer from snoring or sleep apnea. But a simple new procedure may alleviate the problem.

    157. Atlanta Institute For ENT And Facial Aesthetic Surgery & Pradeep K. Sinha, MD, P
    Located in Atlanta, Georgia. Pradeep K. Sinha, MD, PhD, FACS offers information about his practice. Extensive patient resources on endoscopic sinus surgery, sleep apnea surgery, snoring surgery and coblation.
    Welcome to the Atlanta Institute for ENT and Facial Aesthetic Surgery, the premiere speciality center in Atlanta for medical, surgical and laser treatment of the head and neck. Pradeep K. Sinha MD, PhD, FACS is a board certified surgeon specializing in both Otolaryngology and Plastic Surgery of the Face and Neck. Our focus and experience in the head and neck allow us to offer the latest, most advanced procedures and therapy for you. Dr. Sinha has worked to create a practice environment that is warm and comfortable while providing state of the art, personal and professional care to our patients. We are conveniently located at the junction of Georgia 400 and I-285 in the Buckhead/Sandy Springs area. Our office is located adjacent to Northside Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite. In addition to these leading healthcare institutions, Dr. Sinha is also on the active staff of Piedmont Hospital and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Emory University School of Medicine. We invite to browse our web site for information on diseases and disorders of the ear, nose and throat and related structures in the Head and Neck region. We invite you to call 404-257-1589 to make an appointment for a personal consultation with Dr. Sinha.

    158. SnoreStop - The Snoring Prevention Product
    SnoreStop has a dual therapeutic action. It shrinks swollen soft tissues in thethroat where 90% of nonapneic snoring symptoms occur, and it dries built-up
    View TV Spot
    Flash Player required EBAY WIN OVER $37,000 Web Site Design by Creative Wing

    159. Dr. John Kazanowski DDS - Cosmetic Dentistry, Makeovers & Implants
    Dr. John Kazanowski, DDS specializing in Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry and snoring Solutions.
    EXPERIENCE When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, experience and training are key. Dr. Kazanowski began his practice almost 25 years ago, and has been helping people like you with quality dentistry care ever since. Recently, he received advanced training in oral implantology at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. His ultramodern dental office in Birmingham, MI features the finest in high-tech dental care equipment available. You've probably seen extreme makeovers on TV. You know how they can dramatically change your appearance in an incredibly short time. The kind of Cosmetic Dental Makeover featured on these programs is Dr. Kazanowski's specialty. If you're looking for a change in your appearance that will give you a new confidence, whether at home or in your workplace, give Dr. Kazanowski a call. Initial consultations are free. Find out what it would really take to give you a better smile!

    160. Consultations: Snoring And Sleep Apnea
    For those with snoring alone or those with snoring and sleep apnea, Those whodo well with CPAP are cured of snoring, are essentially cured of all
    Head and Neck Surgery Consultations
    Terence M. Davidson, M.D.
    Appointments: (888) 309-8273, Option 4 Consultation for Snoring and Sleep Apnea
    This consultation is part of a series of consultations with Head and Neck Surgery specialists at the University of California, San Diego. The case is a hypothetical patient chosen to represent a composite of the usual and most common patients with this specific disorder. Where gender, age or race make a difference, these will be specifically cited. Where they do not make a difference, they may be omitted. The consultation is presented for purposes of general information. Specifics about an individual case and specific treatment must be discussed between the patient and the treating physician. The patient is a 48 year old male. He is referred by his Primary Care Physician for complaints of loud snoring.
    Doctor : Good Morning. How can I help you today? Patient : My wife tells me that I am snoring. Doctor : How loud and how long has this gone on? Patient : Well, it is a somewhat sensitive subject, so excuse my embarassment.

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