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         Self Injury:     more books (100)
  1. Treating Self-Injury: A Practical Guide by Barent W. Walsh PhD, 2008-06-19
  2. Bleeding to Ease the Pain: Cutting, Self-Injury, and the Adolescent Search for Self (Abnormal Psychology) by Lori G. Plante, 2010-06-16
  3. Freedom from Selfharm: Overcoming Self-Injury with Skills from DBT and Other Treatments by Kim Gratz, Alexander Chapman, 2009-05-01
  4. Self-Injury in Youth: The Essential Guide to Assessment and Intervention
  5. Self-Injury Disorder (Compact Research Diseases and Disorders) by Peggy J. Parks, 2010-08
  6. When Your Child Is Cutting: A Parent's Guide to Helping Children Overcome Self-injury by Merry E., Ph.D. McVey-Noble, Sony, Ph.D. Khemlani-Patel, et all 2006-06-06
  7. Helping Teens Who Cut: Understanding and Ending Self-Injury by Michael Hollander PhD, 2008-06-11
  8. Self-Injury: When Pain Feels Good (Resources for Changing Lives) (Resources for Changing Lives) (Resources for Changing Lives) by Edward T. Welch, 2004-03-01
  9. Understanding Nonsuicidal Self-Injury: Origins, Assessment, and Treatment
  10. Sports Injuries: A Unique Guide to Self-Diagnosis and Rehabilitation by Malcolm T. F. Read MAMBBChirMRCGPDRCOGDM-SMedFISM, Paul Wade, 2009-03-23
  11. Scars That Wound, Scars That Heal: A Journey Out of Self Injury (Live Free) by Jan Kern, 2007-09-05
  12. Adolescent Self-Injury: A Comprehensive Guide for Counselors and Health Care Professionals by Amelio A. D'Onofrio, 2007-03-15
  13. Cutting and Self-Injury (Straight Talk About.) by Rachel Eagen, 2010-09-15
  14. Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Self-Injury at School (Developmental Psychopathology at School) by David N. Miller, Stephen E. Brock, 2010-07-22

161. Far Beyond The Pale
A smattering of writings on selfinjury, abuse, depression, and living well despite it all.
Far Beyond the Pale Version X.x (I'm not keeping track anymore) Defeat those popups and start enjoying the internet again with Mozilla.

162. Self-assessment Of Self-injury Urges
selfassessment of urge to self-injure. Assessing your immediate need toself-injure. These questions, written by Kharre, can help you assess what s
Assessing your immediate need to self-injure
These questions, written by Kharre, can help you assess what's going on with you right now. By answering them, you can be sure you've done your best not to self-injure. As Kharre says,
The questions differ a little bit every time, but I will not cut if I cannot answer them. [...] The most important questions on the list are #'s 4 to 6. In the beginning I would give myself little half-assed answers, but as each month passed my answers to myself became more detailed and I began to learn things about myself. I also found out that I can lessen or avoid stress, rather than running blindly into it. It also used to be that #8's answer was always 'yes', but now it is way more often a 'no'. What this exercise is doing is helping me learn how to identify my emotions and stressors, which is a very important part for me, because those are the things that drive me to SI. To make answering the questions easier, I've created a form for you to answer them in. Bookmark this page and come back here when the urge to harm yourself is strong. To use this form, enter the address you want your answers sent to, type in the answers, and press submit. A mail message with your answers will be sent to the address you specify. You are the only person who will see this message; it will not be sent to me.

163. But A Dream Within A Dream
A personal account of selfinjury and links.
My Take On Things This is a page about me..... and what I do. Self-Harm is an issue which unfortunatly is surrounded with myth and ignorence I'm not proud of many of the things I've done, but I'm not ashamed either. This is my story, my life. All I ask of you is to read with an open mind, and an open heart. These are pieces of me here for all to see, and many have never seen the light of day before. So please, tread lightly..... for you tread on my dreams. Please make yourself safe before reading this, some may trigger although I hope it won't. And I Bleed.......
Pieces Of Me

Diet's Not A Big Enough Word

Journal... October
Back to My Main Page
I will be adding more as soon as i can Some places that offer help, or at least understanding. Stronger.... personal help site
Secret Shame..... the most comprehensive site on self harm on the net

Bristol Crisis Sevice for Women..... a site which understands.

Please sign my Guestbook, i would like to know if what I am doing is worthwhile, i guess even if one person likes it.....
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164. Center For The Study Of Autism
Sudden episodes of selfinjury may be caused by sub-clinical seizures. In some cases, self-injury may be a form of self-stimulatory,
Self-Injurious Behavior
Written by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
Center for the Study of Autism, Salem, Oregon
Self-injurious behavior often refers to any behavior that can cause tissue damage, such as bruises, redness, and open wounds. The most common forms of these behaviors include head-banging, hand-biting, and excessive scratching or rubbing. There are two major sets of theories on why people engage in self-injury physiological and social. Some of the physiological theories (and suggested treatments) are:
  • These behaviors release beta-endorphins in the person's brain, which in turn, provides the person with a form of internal pleasure (beta-endorphins are endogenous opiate-like substances in the brain). (Treatment: If a person is given naltrexone , a beta-endorphin inhibitor, self-injury may decrease.)
  • Sudden episodes of self-injury may be caused by sub-clinical seizures. Sub-clinical seizures are not typically associated with the characteristic behaviors of conventional seizures, but they are characterized by abnormal EEG patterns. (Treatment: The person should receive an extensive EEG to determine if the self-injury is associated with sub-clinical seizures.)
  • Head-banging or ear hitting may be caused by a middle ear infection. (Treatment: The person should be given an extensive ear examination.)
  • 165. Untitled Document
    Personal story, journal, information on selfinjury and pictures.
    Tears of Blood
    I tried using colors that aren't triggering. Areas of the site that may be triggering will be noted at the top each page. Please forgive the banners added to these pages.
    I don't like banners, but these are worthy causes and it doesn't cost anything but a little time to help.
    If someone had taken the time to help us, we wouldn't need sites like Tears.
    Help someone else. It feels good. Saved From Myself Last updated 5 October 2001
    How often I've cried out
    in silent tongue
    to be saved
    from myself. in the middle of the night
    too afraid
    to move horrified the answer
    may be beyond the
    capability of my own two hands so small (no on should feel this alone) Jewel, from a night without armor Curad Scar Therapy Product Review *new 4/23, updated 10/5* Is art painful? - pictures of self injuries *updated 3/21* My camera was broken, I got a new one, more pictures soon. Journals - from my personal journals *updated 10/5* Links links to other helpful websites that probably have more clinical information on Self Injury.

    166. I'm Still Standing: Surviving Self Injury
    Journal of a sexual abuse survivor dealing with episodes of selfinjury. Includes links to original poetry and other self-injury and abuse sites.
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    Surviving Self-Injury Home Journals Stats Small Distractions ... Links
    E-Mail the WebMistress

    167. •?• Hiding Behind A Rainbow's Wall •?•
    Personal experience with selfinjury, diary, poetry and artwork.
    setAdGroup(''); var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Search: Lycos Angelfire 40 Yr Old Virgin Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next Warning! You are about to discover my reality. Enter a place where beauty is transformed into nightmares; a place where heaven is changed into hell. If you have little or no brain cells at all, you may want to stay away from this site. It is filled with pain and torment and various other abnormal things that may cause brain overload to the meek and shallow minded people that seem to infiltrate this world.
    A Note To All If you happen to know me offline be warned before choosing to enter this page. This is my reality, a place where I reveal all those horrific, terrible things that I have to live with everyday but am never able to truly express. Here I bare all and hide nothing. If you think you can take it, go right ahead, enter into my darkness. But don't you ever dare tell me that I didn't warn you! Any of my non-web friends and family should think twice about entering this page: Remember that after viewing it you will never again look at me in the same light as before! For all those that don't know me: Feel free to enter - Catatonia
    Why The Name?

    168. Self-injury
    People who selfinjure are generally not trying to take their own lives, .They are, however, in great distress and that sometimes creates risk of suicide.
    Lakehead University Student Affairs questions regarding this site ? contact last modified 2004/12/10 self-injury talk to someone Do you know someone who deliberately hurts themselves? This may appear as scratching, cutting, burning, pinching, hair-pulling and other forms of inflicting pain in a deliberate way. Seeing this kind of activity or its results can be frightening and very confusing. Many people believe , wrongly, that it is an attempt to commit suicide. This is not so (although only a professional can accurately make that judgement). People who self-injure are generally not trying to take their own lives, . They are, however, in great distress and that sometimes creates risk of suicide. We now know that harming one’s body can cause a physical jolt to the system and the resulting adrenaline rush helps to knock someone out of a very bad emotional state such as despair, feeling really down, empty, sad, ashamed and so on. For some individuals, however, this is a ritual of self-punishment. Many people who do this, then take good care of the injury, almost as if restoring a more caring connection with their body. Someone who self-harms may be doing this as an alternative to much more destructive activity such as full-blown suicide attempts, substance abuse or aggressive activity.

    169. ~*ragdoll's Candlelit Tunnel*~
    Experience of recovery from selfinjury. Includes words from my husband, advice and research paper.
    I'm here to let you know that self harm does not have to consume your life. Hurting yourself is a coping mechanism that only works in the short term. It is possible to learn long term ways to deal with the emotional pain in your life. I know it's hard...but it can be done. There is a way through the darkness of depression and self harm. I used to cut myself. Thoughts of SI dominated my life. I didn't want to stop. I believed that self harm proved I was valid and stopped me being no-one. These days I no longer cut myself. I realise that my feelings are important and that I'm a decent person. warned that the content may trigger you. Make sure you're feeling safe before you continue reading. If you're feeling fragile then find some help or distract yourself with some fun games. I'm still working on getting all my thoughts and experiences up here, so please Please be aware Site created: 3rd March 2001 Last updated: 8th June 2004
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    170. Index
    Artwork on depression and selfinjury.
    **Self Harm triggers**
    Please leave if not safe.
    I am the Blood. I am the Release.

    171. Self-Injury Message Board
    selfinjury Message Board. — Please read the ground rules before posting — self-injury is a sensitive issue and an atmosphere of safety is paramount for

    172. Pools Of Blood Grace My Life
    Pictures, poetry and a personal story of one struggling with selfinjury.
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    Pools of Blood Grace My Life
    What This Page is About
    • Pictures
    • My Experience with SI
    • Help for Those Who SI/Know Someone Who SI
    Stuff on My Page A Thingy I Made
    Rose Petals and Razorblades...My Experience with Cutting

    Some Links

    Things I Have Done...
    Pysch Ward Humor

    Thanks for stopping by my page. If you are afraid of being triggered to cut then I would leave this page/make sure you're okay. THIS MAY TRIGGER YOU. I warned you... My experience with SI has been for the past two and a half years. I am manic-depressive and borderline...with obsessive compulsive traits, along with some abandonment issues...all in all, messed up. I write a lot of poetry to get through it. I am working on stopping, though that is far from the easiest thing in the world, as anyone who has ever cut knows... lemme know what you think...
    View My Guestbook

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    173. Penn State Erie-Counseling And Distress-Student Life
    Beyond the Myth Many people have misconceptions about what self-injury is, To stop self-injury, a person must be ready to endure the discomfort that

    174. [ She Never Let On How Insane It Was ]
    Personal experience with depression, selfinjury and body image. Journal, writing, poetry, quotes and information.
    my struggles (and triumphs) with the demons with a message for my heart
    (contacting me) Welcome to my home.
    W elcome to those of you who know personally the demons of dehabilitating diseases such as depression...self-injury....bulimia.
    To quote my Tori: "Doesn't take much to rip us into pieces..."
    My name is Krysten. I am nineteen years old. I am a lover, a daughter, a dreamer. I have been major depressive for six years of my life. Although I am now in remission, my experience with sadness has led me down long and painful roads.
    For those who understand, I have built a website, and who reads this have found it. May it, if nothing else, make you aware that we are not alone...that we are never alone.
    This website contains the story of my personal battle with self-injury and depression, as well as general information for others who suffer. Feel free to peruse it at your leisure. I hope you find what it is you seek.
    Please feel free to contact me at if you wish to comment about the website...or just need to rant.
    Thank you. And good luck.

    175. Self-injury: How And If Pain Is Perceived : UMNnews: U Of M.
    In 2003, more than 400000 people were rushed to the emergency room for selfinflictedinjury. AU researcher is looking at what might be preventing some
    Return to: U of M Home One Stop Directories Search U of M Search UMN news
    What's Inside
    News Releases Columns More University News Sources
    Academics Administrative Agriculture Athletics ... Home E-mail Print Comments
    Self-injury: how and if pain is perceived
    Facial expression is one way to know if someone is in pain. In his latest study, U professor Frank Symons can compare facial expressions in acts of self-injury with routine vaccinations.
    By Peggy Rader From eNews, July 7, 2005 Matt, a 10-year-old boy living at home and enrolled in a special education class for students with cognitive impairments, spends much of his waking hours biting his hands, arms, and legs; scratching and pinching his face; and banging his head against hard surfaces like desks and doors. Sometimes he draws blood, and permanent scarring is evident on his hands and wrists. Matt has been injuring himself like this since he was about three years old. Nothing has consistently reduced Matt's self-injurious behavior, and his parents and teachers are desperate for help to prevent him from continuing to harm himself. Children like Matt are among the most disturbing and difficult educational, clinical, and scientific puzzles. Self-injurious behavior (SIB) is one of the most devastating behavior problems faced by children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. Frank Symons, an associate professor of special education in the College of Education and Human Development, is working to understand possible biological underpinnings for the severe self-injurious behavior of children like Matt. Symons is a primary researcher in a five-year federal study that will integrate two worlds of researchbehavioral research into self-injury and biologically-based pain research.

    176. My Depression Page
    Information on selfinjury, personal story and alternatives to self-injury.
    Free Web Site Free Web Space and Site Hosting Web Hosting Internet Store and Ecommerce Solution Provider ... High Speed Internet if(window.ivnRotate) window.ivnRotate1 = new window.ivnRotate('ivnRotate1',0,document.awsSearch1.Keywords) Popular Searches:
    Welcome to my depression page. My Depression Page Contact Me Here I Would Love To Help Anyone I Can A better understanding Here Are some Links to some Depression Pages That Helped Me(includes my new depression page The Chain Of Love) ... Photo4 Page
    Like most of you I used to be depressed.
    I used to cut myself with a razor,cause
    it was the only way I could cry,through my blood.
    I was depressed long beffore I started cutting.
    As a child a certan member of my family,used to tell me ,that I was a baby,when I cryed,and that I disgraced him.
    So I began cutting as a teenager,everytime I felt hurt inside,and I wanted to cry,I would cut instead.
    I was doing no harm....or so I thought.
    You see when you use a razor to cut yourself,it don't happen immeditly,but every time you cut yourself,poison from the razor gets ito your blood. And no matter how much you clean the razor,or burn it with fire,to clean it,it will still carry this posion.

    177. NeLMH: Suicide And Self-injury
    Suicide and selfinjury. click to view folder contents Assessing and managingpeople at risk of suicide click to view folder contents Assessment and

    178. Crazy Cutter: Catharsis
    Information about selfinjury, methods of stopping, coming out, my story and poetry.
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    "Scarman", unattributed, from Wedge's site The doctors say I'm crazy: they can fuck off and die,
    'cos the only thing I wanna do is spit in their eye;
    I belong to myself and so what if I cut?
    Its my management therapy - its the way that I cope
    Its the only thing that stops me from dying inside,
    Its brought me through when other friends have just curled up and died.
    Blaed Welcome to the Crazy Cutter. I make no apologies for whats on this site - its probably triggering, the language is vile, its a catharsis for me, and it helps with the pain so just leave if you don't like it. Lets get one thing straight - I'm not going to condemn cutting (self-injury aka SI). I'm not going to say you're evil, or mad (though the doctors say I am) I'm going to say you found a way to cope. Cutting through the pain , whatever your pain might be. Congratulations! It might not be the best coping therapy, but at least you've got one.

    The act is called selfinjury and is defined as the act of attempting to alter Buettner recently presented a workshop on self-injury, and said more and
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    180. Diwedd
    Story of struggle with selfinjury and depression.
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    Picture: Southsea, England (December 2004) Depression Alliance Mind Samaritans YellowRibbon

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