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         Self Injury:     more books (100)
  1. Phobias, loss, disappointment self-regulation after injury / Fobii, utraty, razocharovaniya samoregulyatsiya posle travm by Ermoshin A.F., 2010
  2. Head Injury Rehabilitation: Increasing Self-Awareness (Professional Series , Vol 15)

141. Cutting / Self-injury Resources
information and help for selfharm, cutting and self-injury.
cutting / self-injury resources articles sites books Talent Development Resources - home page site map
People suffering from anxiety disorders often have a physical overreaction to stress. This overreaction occurs because your body perceives everyday events and situations as threats to survival. In an effort to protect you, your body triggers the fight or flight response even though no real danger exists. There is some indication that an overreaction to stress is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. However, we don't know what initially causes this chemical imbalance. Can I change it?: Yes. What's important to realize is that if you overreact to stress, you can learn to change it, no matter how it began. You can learn deep breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and techniques such as the Anxiety Pyramid (all included in our course) to train your body to react more calmly. ConquerAnxiety
....The anxiety increases and culminates in a sense of unreality and emptiness that produces an emotional numbness or depersonalization. The cutting is a primitive means for combating the frightening depersonalization. D. W. Malon & D. Berardi, "Hypnosis with self-cutters"

142. Welcome To NHS Direct Online
self injury is when somebody intentionally inflicts damage or injury to theirown body. self-injury is always a sign of something being seriously wrong and

143. Chicago Tribune Self-injury Cuts Deeper Into America S Youth
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144. - Self-injury Poorly Understood Problem - September 5, 2000
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Self-injury poorly understood problem
In this story: Cuts run deep: Understanding why Healing the wounds Helping those who are hurting RELATED STORIES, SITES By Dana Sullivan (WebMD) Lauren McEntire was 17 the first time she intentionally cut herself. She was sitting in a darkened movie theater next to a boy who was her best friend. On the other side of him sat his new girlfriend. "I was jealous. I was scared he wouldn't be my friend anymore," she says, two years later from her home in Austin, Texas. "But I didn't know how to tell him how I felt."

145. What Is Self-Injury
Lehigh University is located within the thriving economic and cultural corridorof the eastern United States. Undergraduate and graduate students experience
Self Injury (source: Self-injury (self-harm, self-mutilation) can be defined as the attempt to deliberately cause harm to one's own body and the injury is usually severe enough to cause tissue damage. This is not a conscious attempt at suicide, though some people may see it that way. It has been reported that many people who self-injure have a history of sexual or physical abuse, but that is not always the case. Some may come from broken homes, alcoholic homes, have emotionally absent parents, etc. There are many factors that could cause someone to self-injure as a way to cope. There are three types of self-injury. The rarest and most extreme form is Major self-mutilation. This form usually results in permanent disfigurement, i.e. castration or limb amputation. Another form is Stereo typic self-mutilation which usually consists of head banging, eyeball pressing and biting. The third and most common form is Superficial self-mutilation which usually involves cutting, burning, hair-pulling, bone breaking, hitting, interference with wound healing and basically any method used to harm oneself. Most people who self-injure tend to be perfectionists, are unable to handle intense feelings, are unable to express their emotions verbally, have dislike for themselves and their bodies, and can experience severe mood swings. They may turn to self-injury as a way to express their feelings and emotions, or as a way to punish themselves.

146. Helpful Responses To Self-injury
Make it clear that selfinjury is alright to talk about and can be understood . Retrace with her the steps leading up to self-injury - the events,
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Helpful responses to self-injury
Short Term
  • Show that you see and care about the person in pain behind the self-injury.
    Show concern for the injuries themselves. Whatever 'front' she may put on, a person who has injured herself is usually deeply distressed, ashamed and vulnerable. You have an opportunity to offer compassion and respect - something different from what she may be used to receiving.
    Make it clear that self-injury is alright to talk about and can be understood. If you feel upset by the injuries it may be best to be honest about this, while being clear that you can deal with your own feelings and don't blame her for them.
    Convey your respect for the person's efforts to survive, even though this involves hurting herself. She has done the best she could.
    Acknowledge how frightening it may be to think of living without self-injury. Reassure the person that you will not try to 'steal' her way of coping. (Also reassure yourself you are not responsible for what she does to herself.)
  • Help the person make sense of her self-injury, e.g. ask when the self-injury started, and what was happening then. Explore how it has helped the person to survive in the past and now. Retrace with her the steps leading up to self-injury - the events, thoughts and feelings which lead to it.

147. Women And Self-injury
Fear and shame may force women to keep selfinjury secret for many years. Often women say that self-injury helps them to release unbearable tension,
For a printable version of this leaflet, click here
What is self-injury?
'Self-injury' is any sort of self-harm which involves causing injuries or pain to your own body. It can take many forms. The most common form of self-injury is probably cutting. Usually these cuts are not deep, but sometimes they are. Women may also burn themselves, punch themselves or hit their bodies against something. Some people pick their skin, or pull out hair.

How common is self-injury?
Self-injury is far more common than most people think. All sorts of people self-injure. Often they carry on successful careers or look after families, and there is little outward sign that there is anything wrong. Self-injury seems to be more common among women. This is partly because men are more likely to express strong feelings - such as anger - outwardly. Many women who self-injure believe they are the only person who does this. Fear and shame may force women to keep self-injury secret for many years. This means that no-one knows how big the problem really is. Our experience shows that where it is acceptable to talk about it, many women will say that they have self-injured at some time.

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Muscular therapy, AstonPatterning, movement education, cranio sacral, deep tissue, injury work, and Reike. Information about massage and self-care tips.
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149. Discovery Health Self-Injury
How to Deal With selfinjury. I am a recovered cutter and self-abuser.I understand what you are going through. I am here to tell you in the future you

150. Home
selfinjury - causes, effects, and how to cope with it openly.
New Book released!
No More Pain! Breaking the Silence of Self-Injury
ISBN 1-594675-42-2
152 pages
Xulon Press
Vicki F. Duffy
P.O. Box 194
Florham Park, NJ 07932
NO MORE PAIN! Breaking the Silence of Self-Injury Please click here to be directed to the new site!

151. CNN - Program Addresses Struggle With Self-mutilation - January 18, 1998
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Self injury
2 min. 22 sec VXtreme streaming video Some psychiatrists are calling it a trend of the 90's unhappy teen-agers who cut or hurt themselves to feel better. It's called self-mutilation or self-abuse. The behavior is sometimes compared to anorexia or bulemia. As CNN Medical Correspondent Rhonda Rowland reports, parents may be unaware of it and mental health experts are still learning how to treat it. VXtreme plug-ins for Windows 95, Windows NT, Power Macintosh, and Solaris are currently available. A helper app for Windows 3.11 is also available. Sound off on our A Time Warner Company Terms under which this service is provided to you. Read our privacy guidelines.

152. It's My Life . Emotions . Depression . Suicide And Self-Injury | PBS Kids GO!
selfinjury is when a person physically hurts himself or herself on purpose. self-injury can be just as dangerous as suicidal talk and thoughts,
Other Emotions Topics:
Choose a topic Dealing With Anger Dealing With Death Depression Dreams September 11th Volunteering Celebs on Emotions Celebs On Role Models
Have you or someone you know ever dealt with clinical depression?
Suicide is a scary word, but here's what you should know about it. Most people who are clinically depressed do not commit suicide, but they are more at risk for it. You may have heard people say things like, "Someone who talks about killing himself or herself will never actually do it." This is important: thinking about, talking
Topics on
The Big Questions

What Is It?

Signs and Symptoms

Manic Depression
Helping A Parent
Suicide and Self-Injury From the Mentors about, or trying suicide is ALWAYS SERIOUS. If you or a friend is doing any of these, talk to a trusted adult IMMEDIATELY. If you're worried that someone close to you may be thinking about suicide, watch for these warning signs:
  • Talking, reading, or writing about suicide or death.
  • Talking about feeling worthless or helpless.
  • Saying things like, "I'm going to kill myself," "I wish I were dead," or

153. Self-Harming And Its Effects.
Personal account of selfinjury and the effect on the author's life.
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Search: Lycos Tripod Dukes of Hazzard Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Insight into a self harmers mind and lifestyle Welcome to my personal web site!
Welcome To My Home Page The following pages are an explanation of how I started self-harming, i.e., cutting and what lay behind the need to cut as well as the sensations felt when cutting. I hope these pages will be of help to understanding and shedding some light on a disturbing subject. There is also some information on medication used to treat people who self - harm.
Web Site Author.
My name is James Loughlin and. I live in Birmingham UK. I have had long term treatment for depression and anxiety as well as alcohol and drug abuse. I am currently doing computer studies at a Birmingham college. My great loves in life are reading and nature.
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information and education of sexual abuse, Dissociative Identity Disorder, MultiplePersonalties Disorder mindcontrol, ritual abuse.
Enter Our World and Learn
Self-Injury Awarness
Introduction to Self-Injury

The above is a mirror site of
Self-Harm 750 links to self harm Self Injury: 1-800-DONTCUT Eating Disorders Understanding Self-Injury ... Secret Pain Free Space Self Harm Self Injury in Adolescents Self-Inflicted Wounds Ask the ... ASIN :Australian Self Injury Network Free Space Sefl-Harming Behavors Lysamena Project on Self-Injury Free Space Free Space faery-fae-fay Moral Indecencies Linta Skaniska Free Space Teenage Angst only in dreams Defeated.. by life Prayers For Rain ... You See This Now See Us Free Space The Thought-Space Divided Identity Free Space Fallen Angel Nia Lavender's Corner of Healing Lesbian Friends in Recovery Chanahs Pages ... silents Free Space Escape the pain inside The Trinity Pages Free Space Transient Delusion bloodbathinparis Mutilation Midnight Rain Free Space Far Beyond the Pale aggrieved Free Space we're sorry, you've screwed up. please try again. ragdoll's candlelit tunnel Wicked Enchantment Free Space Janer's World Anesthesia Princess I'm seeing R e d Suicide Kills ... Chanah's Healing Pages Free Space Pristine Smut My cutter's webpage shattered innocents Asuk@angelsurvive ... Will You Still Love Me When I'm Sane?

Offers information, selfhelp ideas, poetry and personal stories, a list of resources and links.

156. Selfinjury
Recovery thoughts and alternatives offered by a recovering selfinjurer and former S.A.F.E. Alternatives patient.
Self-Injury Recovery IS possible A Recovery Program Touchable Tools I am creating this as a resource for people recovery bound. My goal is not education or destigmanization, just to help people like myself who are recovering self-injurers. All the tools you will find here I use or I know people who use them successfully. You won't find any quick fixes, so if you want quick fixes go somewhere else and they'll tell you how to put "bandaids" over the impulses. You will also find that I will attempt to keep this page as "trigger free" as possible. Stay S.A.F.E.!!!!!! My Story Alternatives Lies they tell you Therapy ... Why people self-injure

157. New Page 53 - Self-Injury Page - Panel.html
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158. Red Tears
A personal site dealing with selfinjury containing poetry and an on-line journal.
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red tears
Welcome to my little corner of the world. I wanted to create a page to share my thoughts/feelings and experiences as a self injurer with others, both other self injurers and people who are looking to learn more about and understand people who self injure. This is my first attepmt at a web page so please be patient and bear with me. I plan to add more SI links in the near future, there are some really wonderful sites out there. The icon next to the link to my journal will change each time I write an entry (I get tired of the little updated icon and I don't get the chance to write regularly).
Still more time has passed. Only writing because I was here to add a link anyway and thought that I should update a little. I don't think this site will ever get updated the way I was intending due to lack of time from having a 1 year old to chase after and the fact that working on it tends to put me in a triggery state. Perhaps someday I will eventually get this all nice and current in a totally different incarnation. We shall see. Only real update is to say that I made it through my mom's passing without cutting only because there is something seriously wrong in my head. But that is a whole other can of worms. Which you can check out some of it in my LiveJournal at Hopefully someone might get something somewhat useful here in it's limbo state. Current e-mail address is still

159. Self-Injury
Large collection of resources and links for people who have someone with BorderlinePersonality Disorder in their life.
Helen's World of BPD Resources
Site Map Understanding the Disorder Helen's Quick Top 40 Understanding the Diagnosis Understanding Memory Issues in BPD PTSD ... International BPD Resources Relationships Coping as a Non-Borderline: Boundaries, Communication, Stress, Anger, Depression Ending A Chosen Relationship: Leaving, Stalking Issues and Healing Treatment Treatment, Therapy, and Clinical Resources Medication for BPD Legalities of Commitment Orders/Patient Advance Directives
Other Personality Disorders
... Psychological Testing Books and Miscellaneous Issues Humor
Self-Injury, Parasuicidality and Eating Disorders
See also:
Books on Self-Injury, Suicidality and Eating Disorders

On This Page:

Eating Disorders

Parasuicidality (suicidal ideation/suicide threats)

Chatrooms and Online Support Boards for Sufferers
... If you are thinking about suicide right now, click HERE or call: 1-800-784-2433 toll-free in the USA or: International Crisis Hotlines If you don't want to talk to anybody in person, you can email the suicide support email network:

160. Yahoo! GeoCities - PsychoDolphin's Twisted World
A story of selfinjury. Includes a diary, SI links and resources, poetry, writings, and lyrics.
Welcome to my little hellhole. This page has my lyrics, poetry, writings, and story of my fight with self-injury. Enjoy! Or if you don't, then get out, I don't care, and don't come back. :-P
If you know me offline, be warned before entering this page. I bare ALL here and hide nothing. If you think you can take it, go ahead, but don't say I didn't tell you so. I don't think any of my rl friends would want to see the things I have here. ALSO some of the content of my page is potentially triggering for those who self injure. In addition to that, don't enter if you're easily offended by swearing or similar stuff. That's it, be warned.
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