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         Self Injury:     more books (100)
  1. Gray and Red: An Internal Struggle of Depression and Self-Injury by Kimberly Aleena Proveaux, 2008-09-08
  2. Self-Injury (Hot Topics) by Toney Allman, 2011-06-24
  3. Empirically supported treatments and general therapy guidelines for non-suicidal self-injury.: An article from: Journal of Mental Health Counseling by Jennifer J. Muehlenkamp, 2006-04-01
  4. Got a weird case? Check for self-induced injury. (Genital Lesions Quite Common).: An article from: Skin & Allergy News by Sharon Worcester, 2002-09-01
  5. Understanding Self-Injury
  6. Scars That Wound: Scars That Heal: A Journey of Self Injury [SCARS THAT WOUND SCARS THAT HE]
  7. Non-suicidal self-injury and motivational interviewing: enhancing readiness for change.(PRACTICE)(Report): An article from: Journal of Mental Health Counseling by Victoria E. Kress, Rachel M. Hoffman, 2008-10-01
  8. Pain experience related to self-injury in eating disorder patients [An article from: Eating Behaviors] by L. Claes, W. Vandereycken, et all 2006-08-01
  9. On the Cutting Edge: My Struggle with Self-Injury and Mental Illness by Gina Giarratano, 2009-05-18
  10. Self-injury: why I cut myself.: An article from: Daughters by Jean Lynch, 2006-11-01
  11. Exploring Self Injury by Dr. Karen S. Gongola PhD, 2009-09-25
  12. Self-injury: the secret language of pain for teenagers.: An article from: Education by Len Austin, Julie Kortum, 2004-03-22
  13. Lesch?Nyhan Syndrome: Genetic disorder, Enzyme, Hypoxanthine- guanine phosphoribosyltransferase, Mutation, Gene, Uric acid, Hyperuricemia, Hyperuricosuria, ... Self- injury, Huntington's disease
  14. Bleeding to Ease the Pain: Cutting, Self-Injury, and the Adolescent Search for Self --2007 publication. by Lori G. Plante, 2007-01-01

101. The Simian Line
Her quotations collection, information on selfinjury, anosmia, craniosynostosis, and other details of her life.
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102. No More Shame
Information on selfinjury, depression, and suicide. Includes a journal, poetry, smiles, and useful links.
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103. Self-Injury Links
Terrific site dealing with with selfinjury, eating disorders, self-injuryinformation and resources..From Bristol Women s Crisis Service line in the UK
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Self-Injury Links
Have a site you'd like me to add? Site url (
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Special: Coping With the Attacks of September 11
Information and Resources
Secret Shame .. In my opinion the best SI resource on the net
.. Wonder grrrrl, you ARE a wonder. This is the best SI link page I've ever seen
End All the Pain
.. Terrific site dealing with with self-injury, eating disorders, and a whole host of other topics. Self-Injurer's Bill of Rights .. Don't forget to sign it as well!!!
Mental Health Links
...Diagnoses associated with self-injury
Books on Self-injury
..Some I've read, some I haven't
SI in the spotlight
...Articles, TV spots, and more
Self-injury information and resources
..From Bristol Women's Crisis Service line in the U.K.
..From Kel's magazine stand Recovery from self-injury: Article at

104. Index.html
Provider of personal injury insurance services. Information on coverage, selfemployed, non-work injuries, making a claim.
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105. Mind > Information > Booklets By Series > Understanding > Understanding Self-har
I am a survivor of both sexual abuse and selfinjury. I no longer self-injure,but it has been a long struggle to try to acknowledge and work through self-har
What's new Low graphics view Site map Home ... Shopping Understanding self-harm
This booklet can also be viewed as a non-printable pdf file  and purchased from the online shop
What is self-harm?

Why do people harm themselves?

Who is most likely to self-harm?
Further reading
'I belong to a women's self-harm support group. The group was the start of changing my life. The encouragement and support from both has given me the strength and courage to continue my life, and I now value myself. I still self-harm, but nowhere near as much as I used to. By talking about it, I am learning to deal with my feelings.' 'I am a survivor of both sexual abuse and self-injury. I no longer self-injure, but it has been a long struggle to try to acknowledge and work through emotions that once felt overwhelming in their power.' 'Self-harm involves all of us on some level. We may all punish, distract or numb ourselves, as a way of dealing with difficult feelings or situations.' This booklet is for anyone who self-harms, their friends and family. It should give readers a greater understanding and knowledge of the condition and of what they can do to help overcome it. Back to top What is self-harm?

106. Paralyzed Veterans Association Of Florida
PVAF's mission is to improve the lives of veterans with a spinal cord injury or dysfunction to achieve maximum health, productivity and selfesteem in their daily lives.
Welcome... The Paralyzed Veterans Association of Florida is a non profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of veterans with a spinal cord injury or dysfunction (SCI/D) and other persons with disabilities to achieve maximum health, productivity and self esteem in their daily lives. Our program services include ensuring quality health care, providing a wide range of wheelchair sports and recreation activities, advocating and educating the public on all issues encompassed in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and research and education addressing SCI/D. PVAF was founded in Miami in September of 1956. Its founders saw the urgent need to provide injured veterans with services that could enhance and improve the quality of their lives. The Florida chapter encompasses Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin Counties. We receive no local, state or federal funding. We are solely dependent upon the awareness and generosity of individuals and businesses within our community. Approximately 750,000 American men, women and children have a spinal cord impairment. And in most cases, until a cure is found, these Americans will spend the rest of their lives using a wheelchair for mobility and battling the obstacles of everyday life. It does not matter how the impairment occurred; only that it will drastically change a person's life and lifestyle.

107. ~Drear Oblivion~
All things come to drear oblivion dark poetry, both original and classic, as well as tales of horror, and essays on death, depression and selfinjury.
And health and hope have gone the way of love
Into the drear oblivion of lost things.
-Ernest Dowson Life is a depressing thing. No matter what we do or become, in the end every one of us will come to the same state - mouldering bones in some grace somewhere. Our fine plans, works, even the memory of us will all come to drear oblivion Depressing, but true. This website showcases poetry and literature from the darker - if more realistic - side of life. You can read tales of classic horror, nostalgic, romantic, and gothic poems by both classic poets such as Byron, and my own efforts in that line. You can also listen and read lyrics from songs. I also have essays on death itself, self-injury (aka self-mutilation), depression, and a number of my views on religion. This site may not be joyful, but it always aims to be real. My Poetry Classic Poetry Literature Songs ... Sign My Guestbook Page last updated: 20th June 2003
This Safe Haven web ring Net Ring
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108. - Self-injury Poorly Understood Problem - September 5, 2000
Long misunderstood by outsiders, selfinjury (also known as The program seeksto uncover the motives behind the self-injury; one technique the program
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Self-injury poorly understood problem
In this story: Cuts run deep: Understanding why Healing the wounds Helping those who are hurting RELATED STORIES, SITES By Dana Sullivan (WebMD) Lauren McEntire was 17 the first time she intentionally cut herself. She was sitting in a darkened movie theater next to a boy who was her best friend. On the other side of him sat his new girlfriend. "I was jealous. I was scared he wouldn't be my friend anymore," she says, two years later from her home in Austin, Texas. "But I didn't know how to tell him how I felt."

109. YOUTH NOISE - Be The Solution: Learning To Cope With Self-Injury
Practical advice on seeking help, coping with stress and helping others whoselfinjure.

110. CNN - Program Addresses Struggle With Self-mutilation - January 18, 1998
Treatment and therapy can help stop the kind of selfmutilation like the acid Conterio said that self-mutilation is a way in many ways to not feel what
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Program addresses struggle with self-mutilation
January 18, 1998 Web posted at: 11:21 p.m. EDT (2321 GMT) LEMONT, Illinois (CNN) They are teens who burn themselves with acid, cut themselves, bang their heads against walls or dig pens in their legs. They are suffering from a condition psychiatrists call a trend of the 1990s self-mutilation. Their behavior is sometimes compared to anorexia or bulimia. Karen Conterio has started what is considered the only program in the nation in Illinois designed to help self-abusers. It's called SAFE for "self-abuse finally ends." CNN's Medical Correspondent Rhonda Rowland reports. 2 min. 22 sec. VXtreme video The treatment involves group and individual therapy and a lot of writing assignments to help sufferers discover what's triggering their behavior. Sometimes medications are used. Conterio has no statistics to measure the success of her program. But many say it's a life saver. Treatment and therapy can help stop the kind of self-mutilation like the acid burn on this girl's forearm One who says just that is a teen-ager named Abbie.

111. Institute Of Stem Cell Research - The Institute Of Stem Cell Research - Edinburg
Multidisciplinary molecular, cellular and developmental biology projects focused on the mechanisms of selfrenewal and differentiation processes, to provide foundations for replacement therapies in human disease and injury. Based at the University in Edinburgh, Scotland.
8 September 2005

Telephone: +44 (0)131 650 5828
Facsmile: +44 (0)131 650 7773
E-mail: The Roger Land Building
Kings Buildings
West Mains Road
Welcome to the Institute for Stem Cell Research The Institute for Stem Cell Research (ISCR) is a world-leading centre for multidisciplinary research in mammalian stem cell biology. Recognised globally as a centre of excellence in stem cell research and technology, the ISCR is dedicated to developing an understanding of the mechanisms underlying stem cell self-renewal and differentiation processes. Indeed, our mission is to acquire the basic knowledge and understanding of stem cells and cell specification required for development of regenerative therapies to treat human disease and injury.
Ultimately we seek to provide scientific foundations for the application of cell replacement therapies in treatment of human disease and injury.

112. Self-Injury
selfinjury (self-mutilation) is not always part of suicidal thinking. Read aboutthis problem that is fairly common amoung adolescents.
var zLb=0; zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') zfs=0;zCMt='a14' About Mental Health Resources Mental Disorders Self-Injury Mental Health Essentials Improve Your Mental Health Psych Medications ... Help zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
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See Online Courses
Search Mental Health Resources Stay up to date! Compare Prices Email to a friend ... Print this page
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From Leonard Holmes, Ph.D.
Your Guide to Mental Health Resources
FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! When I worked at a college counseling center we had a "suicide policy" which kicked-in whenever a student made a suicide attempt or "gesture." If a student cut themselves intentionally it was assumed that this was part of suicidal thinking, and it was treated this way. While it is certainly important to take such behavior very seriously, it does not always reflect suicidal thinking. We are beginning to understand more about self-cutting and self-mutilation, and enlightened therapists can often help.

113. Bodies Under Siege Webring
Webring for sites dealing with selfinjury. Sites must include some information on self-injurious behavior.
setAdGroup(''); var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Search: Lycos Angelfire Murderball Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next Welcome to the Bodies Under Siege Webring Page. This webring was created for members of the Bodies Under Siege mailing list.It is for members' sites and pages dealing with self-injury.
This was not actually my idea, but is the brainchild of sine nomine. We put it together to make it easier for us to find webpages pertinent to self-injurous behaviour and so that all (or most) of our members' pages would be linked together.
Thanks to daemongrrrl for the cool "Bodies Under Siege" graphic which is our logo. All other graphics on this page were created by me
I'm sorry I haven't been answering my mail! I just discovered that I had not changed all of my accounts and hyperlinks to my new address so I haven't been getting all of my mail! If you have written me and not received an answer, please forgive me and try again!!
If you would like to join the Bodies Under Siege webring:
You must either be a list member or your site must contain information on/about self-injurous behaviour.

114. Self-Injury: Types, Causes And Treatment
Learn about the types, causes, and treatment for selfinjury including cutting,burning (or “branding” with hot objects), picking at skin or re-opening
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Rotary Club of

Santa Monica
Self-Injury: Types, Causes and Treatment
On this page: Who self-injures Types Addiction Reasons for self-injury ... Related articles Did You Know? While self-harm is not usually suicidal behavior, it should still be taken seriously. As with other kinds of addictive behaviors, you cannot simply tell someone to stop and expect her or him to comply. A professional therapist is usually needed to assist in overcoming self-injurious behavior.
Who engages in self-injury?
There is no simple portrait of a person who intentionally injures him/herself. This behavior is not limited by gender, race, education, age, sexual orientation, socio-economics, or religion. However, there are some commonly seen factors:
  • Self-injury more commonly occurs in adolescent females. Many self-injurers have a history of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Many self-injurers have co-existing problems of substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder (or compulsive alone), or eating disorders. Self-injuring individuals were often raised in families that discouraged expression of anger, and tend to lack skills to express their emotions.

115. Catatonia's Hideout ---Enter Into The Darkness
About her struggle with depression and selfinjury, containing of information and resources. Online diary, poetry, survey, and ramblings.
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116. Losing The Physical Self
A Blog following Anita's recovery from brain injury for medical reference or to follow an individual's life journey.
Losing the physical self
Skip navigation Losing the physical self is the most open honest real life account of brain injury you haven't heard. It reflects on a brain injured person's struggle through life, drawing inspiration from the injury, hopefully to change and help others.
Are you satisfied with the amount of neuro-physiotherapy received after brain injury Very satisfied
Don't care
Very unhappy
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Recent Weblog Entries
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What is this
Anita's suffered a post operative brain injury on the 11/11/03 and this weblog was started a year later. It was forged from grief, pain, anger, and love but our hope is it serves as a positive force to others.
Flickr photos
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117. Self-Injury No Longer Rare Among Teens
Cutting and other dangerous acts becoming new cries for help among youths.
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Who We Are About WebMD Site Map sponsored Featured Centers This article is from the WebMD Medical News Archive Self-Injury No Longer Rare Among Teens Cutting and Other Dangerous Acts Becoming New Cries for Help By Jennifer Warner WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD on Thursday, November 21, 2002 Nov. 21, 2002 For desperate teenagers overwhelmed with emotions that they cannot express, deliberate self-injury is becoming an increasingly popular and dangerous form of self-expression. A British study of nearly 6,000 students shows that over their lifetime, 13% of 15- and 16-year-olds have carried out an act of deliberate self-harm. Within the past year, an act of deliberate self-harm occurred in about 400 of the students. Only 50 students went to the hospital, which suggests that the problem may be even more widespread. American experts say those numbers aren't surprising, but until now there has been relatively little research on the issue. The study, which appears in the Nov. 23 issue of the

118. Self-harm - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
selfharm (SH) is deliberate injury to one s own body. self-injury refers tothe more specific practice of cutting, bruising, self poisoning,
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Self-harm SH ) is injury to one's own body, whether conscious or unconscious. Some scholars use more technical definitions related to specific aspects of behavior. This injury may be aimed at relieving otherwise unbearable emotions , sensations of unreality and numbness, or for other reasons. Self-harm is generally a social taboo . It is sometimes associated with mental illnesses such as Borderline Personality Disorder , with a history of trauma and abuse, with eating disorders , or with mental traits such as perfectionism
Self-harm is also known as self-injury SI self-inflicted violence SIV self-injurious behavior SIB ), and self-mutilation , although this last term has connotations that some people find perturbing. When discussing self-harm with someone who engages in it, it is suggested to use the same terms and words which that person uses, e.g. "cutting", rather than insisting on labeling it "self-harm". A common form of self-injury is shallow cuts to the skin of the arms or legs, or less frequently to other parts of the body, including the breasts and sexual organs. Since this is the most well-known, it is casually referred to as "cutting", though it may also involve punching, slapping, or burning oneself as well. The usual thought process behind self-injury is not to attempt

119. Self-Injury Site: A Healing Touch
Offers educational material with information on selfinjury, self-help, reasons and myths. Including a section for poetry, lyrics and a message board.
A Healing Touch
Home About Me About Self-Injury Reasons ...
to a friend

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Healing Touch
A Self-Injury Website
Welcome to A Healing Touch, a self-injury website. This site is designed as a reference point for members of our mail list, and others who self-injure, or know others who self injure. Self injury is the general term used to describe self-inflicted pain or injury on oneself. Most commonly this is in the form of cutting or burning, but there are many other forms of self-injury. Self injury is often linked to depression, and is - simply expressed - a coping mechanism. For many people, self injury (or self-mutilation) is not a widely recognized habit. This can make it extremely difficult to find the support and help that is so essential for self injurers. But there is help out there, and this site is designed to provide a little of that help, along with further links to on and offline resources... top home about me about self-injury ... send page to friend
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120. Pisces Rising
An honest diarylike portrayal of the struggles of living with an eating disorder, depression, self-injury and alcoholism.
Pisces Rising
What's on my mind
June 15, 2004: I've been adding old posts from Something Fishy to the links section of my Blog cause I don't have room on this page to add more links unless I re-do it, and I've grown kind of attatched to the way this page looks. I've been updating the Blog somewhat sporadically, but I'm getting a little better about it. Anyhow, Here's a couple of links to some old posts of mine from Something Fishy. You can also access them from the Blog page. And there'll probably be more as I find the time to weed through my old stuff and add them to the site. SF - On My Birthday (06/23/2001) SF - On Job Loss (09/01/2001) March 20, 2004: Okay, so it's been like four years, but I've finally mustered the confidence to come back and finish up this site. I guess I shouldn't say 'finish' because I actually plan to build it into something I can update on a regular basis. I haven't been here in awhile, and I was kind of shocked at how annoying all those ads were, so I'm gonna work on getting rid of those. Also, the corny 'something borrowed' theme has got to go. It was the brainchild of a few sleepless nights in a row, and while everything fit nicely into it, WHAT WAS I THINKING? I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF A DIVORCE at the time! Geez! Anyways, after I finish 'cleaning up' the mess I left here when I ran away from the site, I plan to add an ongoing journal. It will probably be a trip back into the depths of anorexia, so don't read it it you aren't into that kind of thing. I just don't think I'm ready for 'recovery' whatever that is at this time. Some day, things may change.

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