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         Self Injury:     more books (100)
  1. Nonfatal self-inflicted injuries among adults aged [greater than or equal to] 65 years--United States, 2005.: An article from: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report by A. Crosby, G. Ryan, et all 2007-09-28
  2. Safety climate and self-reported injury: Assessing the mediating role of employee safety control [An article from: Accident Analysis and Prevention] by Y.H. Huang, M. Ho, et all 2006-05-01
  3. Managing self-inflicted burn injuries.(clinical update)(Medical condition overview)(Table)(Clinical report): An article from: Australian Nursing Journal by Tania Baker, Catherine Tonkin, et all 2007-03-01
  4. Kids and self-injury: "pain makes them feel alive".: An article from: Pediatric News by Timothy F. Kirn, 2007-04-01
  5. Suicide, Self-Injury, and Violence in the Schools: Assessment, Prevention, and Intervention Strategies by Gerald A. Juhnke, Paul F. Granello, et all 2010-12-10
  6. Hurting Beyond Words: The Silent Agony of Self-Injury
  7. Mindful parenting decreases aggression, noncompliance, and self-injury in children with autism.: An article from: Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders by Nirbhay N. Singh, Giulio E. Lancioni, et all 2006-09-22
  8. Subjective well-being among people with spinal cord injuries: the role of self-efficacy, perceived social support, and perceived health.: An article from: Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin by Nan Zhang Hampton, 2004-09-22
  9. Nonfatal self-inflicted injury rate highest in girls: majority probable suicide attempts.(Children's Health): An article from: Family Practice News by Bruce Jancin, 2003-11-01
  10. Clinical implications of the paradox of deliberate self-injury.(Collaborative Practice): An article from: Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing by Gillian Marie Woldorf, 2005-10-01
  11. A Review of Walsh@?s Treating Self-Injury: A Practical Guide [A book review from: Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry] by A.L. Chapman, 2007-03-01
  12. Antisuicidal Effect of Self-Injury Calls For Tolerance.: An article from: Clinical Psychiatry News by Batya Swift Yasgur, 2001-07-01
  13. The geography of self-injury: Spatial patterns in attempted and completed suicide [An article from: Social Science & Medicine] by K. Hempstead, 2006-06-01
  14. Running Fitness And Injuries - a Self-Help Guide by Vivian Grisogono, 1995-01-01

81. Focus Adolescent Services: Self-Injury
Resources, helping organizations, information, and articles on selfinjury andself-mutiliation, focusing on this behavior in adolesence.
Focus Adolescent Services Need help for your teen? Call FocusAS M-F 9 am-5 pm ET Self-Injury Abuse: Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Neglect Counseling and Therapy Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Click here to find out if your child is at-risk, displaying self-destructive behaviors, and needs your help and intervention. Home Resources State Directory Schools ... Contact WHY DO ADOLESCENTS SELF-INJURE? Adolescents who have difficulty talking about their feelings may show their emotional tension, physical discomfort, pain and low self-esteem with self-injurious behaviors. Although they may feel like the "steam" in the "pressure cooker" has been released following the act of hurting themselves, teenagers may also feel hurt, anger , fear and hate. Most teens who self-injure go to great lengths to hide their wounds and scars. Many consider their self-harm to be a deeply shameful secret and dread the consequences of discovery. WHAT CAN PARENTS DO ABOUT SELF-INJURY? Parents must listen to their child and acknowledge their child's feelings. (In other words, parents should validate feelings not necessarily the teen's behavior.)

82. Depression
Information on depression, personal stories and poems, message board, articles, book reviews, depression test, selfinjury information, and links.
Better than ever...
Depression Home Page

has it's own domain! (

83. Home
Information about selfinjury presented in a non-triggering way. Also, informationabout recovery and professional help. As well as a list of referrals.

Welcome to our Self-Injury Support web site. There are many sites on the internet that discuss self-injury today, the last of the taboo subjects in our society. Much to our dismay we have discovered that many of these sites are "triggering" and not exactly the type of material we wanted to read about when we were struggling ourselves, usually late at night, with thoughts of self-injury. So, we have decided to focus on positive information regarding self-injury and hope that you will find our site to be both educational and supportive in a positive and reassuring manner to help those in need. We hope you enjoy our site!
Our Mission
To offer a positive and productive self-injury support site providing alternatives to self-injury, referrals, support groups, affirmations and interactive opportunities.
Contact Information
Electronic mail
General Information: Webmaster:

84. Self-Injury In Adolescents - AACAP Facts For Families # 73
selfinjury is the act of deliberately destroying body tissue, at times to changea way of feeling. self-injury is seen differently by groups and cultures
S ELF-INJURY I N A DOLESCENTS No. 73 Self-injury is the act of deliberately destroying body tissue, at times to change a way of feeling. Self-injury is seen differently by groups and cultures within society. This appears to have become more popular lately, especially in adolescents. The causes and severity of self-injury can vary. Some forms may include:
  • carving
  • scratching
  • branding
  • marking
  • picking, and pulling skin and hair
  • burning/abrasions
  • cutting
  • biting
  • head banging
  • bruising
  • hitting
  • tattooing
  • excessive body piercing
Some adolescents may self-mutilate to take risks, rebel, reject their parents' values, state their individuality or merely be accepted. Others, however, may injure themselves out of desperation or anger to seek attention, to show their hopelessness and worthlessness, or because they have suicidal thoughts. These children may suffer from serious psychiatric problems such as depression, psychosis, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Bipolar Disorder. Additionally, some adolescents who engage in self-injury may develop Borderline Personality Disorder as adults. Some young children may resort to self-injurious acts from time to time but often grow out of it. Children with mental retardation and/or autism may also show these behaviors which may persist into adulthood. Children who have been abused or abandoned may self-mutilate. Why do adolescents self-injure?

85. Desperate For Control -- Happy Restriction And Unhappy Meals
Focuses on EDNOS (Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified) as well as selfinjury. Personal story, tips, exercises, and poetry (poems can be submitted).
Desperate for control
Happy restriction and unhappy meals
My story and other stuff abo


Exercise tips

To my guests This is an ED-support site, not a proana site. I hope you can fel like you are not alone. There are alot of us that feels like we are a failed anorexic. That is one of the reason being EDNOS with coe, ana and mia, is such a hard life. Hope you can feel welcome here.
I have changed my website, adding many photos. A friend of mine tipsed me about doing that, so hopefully it gets more giving seeing my site, than before. I really really appreciate all my guests here.... Even if I cannot answer all in my guestbook, I really appreciate it, and will try to answer those who want me to. About the photos: I personally like them. But some of them, those at the child abuse self-injury site, can be triggering........ It is a picture of cutting, the scars are fading, so it is no new ones, and a picture of a xylocaine ampull (local anaestethic). If you like the photos, please tell me, and if you get triggered by them and don't like them, let me know, and I will find other ones that are not triggering ...........
About this site I am 26, female and norwegian. I have EDNOS. I started out with COE from I was 15 till 24. Now I have been EDNOS for 2 years, with periods of both ANA and COE. I have wanted to build this site for a long time, and this is the first website I make, so pleae give me tips if I am not doing it right. I intend to give tips for controlling COE-phases, among other stuff. I just have to take it is it comes.

86. American Self-Harm Information Clearinghouse -
Java required to see countdown to National selfinjury Awareness Day March 1, E-mail inquires should be sent to and telephone
Approximately 1% of the population has, at one time or another, used self-inflicted physical injury as a means of coping with an overwhelming situation or feeling. ASHIC - the American Self-Harm Information Clearinghouse - strives to increase public awareness of the phenomenon of self-inflicted violence and the unique challenges faced by self-injurers and the people who care about them. Self-harm scares people. The behavior can be disturbing and difficult to understand, and it is often treated in a simplistic or sensational manner by the press. As a result, friends and loved ones of people who self-injure often feel frightened, isolated, and helpless. Sometimes they resort to demands or ultimatums as a way of trying to regain some control over the situation, only to see things deteriorate further. The first step toward coping with self-injurious behavior is education: bringing reliable information about who self-injures, why they do it, and how they can learn to stop to people who self-injure and to their friends, loved ones, and medical caregivers. ASHIC was founded to meet this need for honest, accurate information. No left-side menu? Go

87. Brain Injury Resource Center
Offers information, reference materials, and selfhelp resources. Provides links to support and discussion groups, rehabilitation sites, publications and journals.
Seminar Tool Kit News Sponsor ... Contact Us Brain
Center A service of Head Injury Hotline Providing Difficult to Find Information about Head Injury Since 1985 Job Listings Youth Soccer Warning! Translate this site Party 4 ...
a Purpose

web site About this site About Us About our Advisors Purpose ... Sponsorship Information Our Medical Advisors Hugh R. MacMahon, MD Neurology, Sea, WA
Medical Advisor Bill Levinger, MD
Emergency Medicine
Pain Managemen
and, head injury survivor
Bosie, Idaho Our Services: In Memory of 9/11/01 Special Thanks to the Trench Family Medina, WA Create A Memorial Headline News Mailing List 9/11 Survivor's Tribute Learn About Brain Injury B rain Injury Types Brain Injury Facts Brain Injury Checklist ... Donate that car get a tax break, Brain Injury Publications Brain Injury Journals N euroscience ... Autograf Specialty Haircare Products Free Stuff Resources Support Groups Caregiver Resources Brain Injury Links Brain Injury Resources ... Seniors D. Mortz Inspirational Award est. 2002 Doctors A Few Good Doctors D octor Checklist Rehabilitation Facilities R ehab Facilities R ehab Finder ... ehab Checklist Brain damage is forever, get involved.

88. The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic - Sports Injuries - Virtual Diagnosis And Sport
Offers a virtual diagnosis and self help advice on injuries. Includes a find a clinic, a forum and a page addressed to professionals.
Search this site Quick Links Shin Splints
Tennis Elbow

Ankle Sprain

Achilles Tendinitis
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

By Sport: Basketball Injuries
Football (Soccer)

Running injuries

Tennis injuries
Volleyball Injuries

Site info:
Sports Injury Books About us Contact us Links ... Advertising More links: Back pain Neck pain Knee pain Shoulder pain ... Ankle pain Welcome to, the Virtual Sports Injury Clinic. Virtual Therapist Just click where it hurts and answer a few questions for a 'virtual diagnosis' of over 100 sports injuries. Answer a few questions about the causes and symptoms and you will be directed quickly to the sports injury information that is relevant. Please read our before using this service. Specific Injuries We have over 100 Sports Injuries and conditions on site. Click here to go to our directory of sports injuries. Ask a Therapist!

89. Crash And Burn
Personal experience with selfinjury and depression, includes poetry, journal and discussions of self-injury.
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You really disappoint me, i think using glasgowgaypub as a password retrieval question is just a bit too much.... come on gave me a good laugh though ::giggles:: Anyway for you out there who mean something to me..... I got bored. See ya about.

90. Self-Injury Site: A Healing Touch
Offers educational material with information on selfinjury, self-help, reasonsand myths. Including a section for poetry, lyrics and a message board.
A Healing Touch
Home About Me About Self-Injury Reasons ...
to a friend

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Healing Touch
A Self-Injury Website
Welcome to A Healing Touch, a self-injury website. This site is designed as a reference point for members of our mail list, and others who self-injure, or know others who self injure. Self injury is the general term used to describe self-inflicted pain or injury on oneself. Most commonly this is in the form of cutting or burning, but there are many other forms of self-injury. Self injury is often linked to depression, and is - simply expressed - a coping mechanism. For many people, self injury (or self-mutilation) is not a widely recognized habit. This can make it extremely difficult to find the support and help that is so essential for self injurers. But there is help out there, and this site is designed to provide a little of that help, along with further links to on and offline resources... top home about me about self-injury ... send page to friend
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91. A Fine Kettle Of Fish
An extensive collection of stories covering many topics including sexual and physical abuse, relationship and marital problems, anxiety, depression, suicide, selfinjury, grief, anger and violence.
Advanced Search
Your E-mail Here: Information
A Fine Kettle of Fish
They'll make you laugh, they'll make you cry. Kettle is a collection of gripping real-life stories submitted by readers . Take a walk in someone else's shoes or submit your own story. Human
tell your story

What's New?
" So now at 19 years old with a 3-year-old I wouldn't change anything at all. "
Read more in Blessings
" My journey has not been without pain. I have grown in ways that no one but a fellow survivor can understand... " Read more in Survive. So you shall. " Things take time no matter how bad someone has hurt you or how bad they deserve to get punished... " Read more in Abuse Ignored " I am sure there are others out there with similar battles and I know that by not suppressing these memories and dealing with them head on is half the battle. " Read more in My Pain and Hope QueenDom.Com TM Testing the web since 1996 about us FAQs press room contact us ... home

92. YoungMinds | Self-Harm | Introduction
Information to help young people understand more about selfinjury and to whereto find support. Includes details of national organisations.
@import url(/css/main.css); Index for: Young People Parents Professionals You are not logged in
Log In This is a printable version of a page from . To print choose print from the file menu. close window contact sitemap search:
info centre In this section: Introduction Info for young people Articles from YoungMinds Magazine National Organisations ... Web Links
Self-harm, or self-injury, describes a wide range of things people deliberately do to themselves that appear to be harmful but usually do not kill them. (Self-harm is not usually a failed attempt at suicide). Cutting the arms or the back of the legs with a razor or knife is the most common form of self-harm, but self-harm can take many forms, including cutting, burning, hitting or taking overdoses. It includes a range of behaviours that a person may take part in to help them cope, feel more in control or to punish themselves or for many other reasons, which need to be understood and accepted. It can be a way of coping and of relieving overwhelming feelings that build up inside. It can happen when young people feel isolated, angry, guilty or desperate. Seeing someone injured through self harm can be very hard. Self-harm is not attention seeking. Indeed self-harmers often take care to hide their injuries. The links to info for young people will take you to our booklets on Self Injury. If you want to read around the subject, you will find useful articles from

93. Self-Injury
Most agree that incidents of selfinjury are triggered by stress and anxiety.self-injury is usually kept secret, and the cutter often feels deep shame
What Is Self-Injury or Self-Mutilation?
Self-injury is not something people talk about very often, but for an estimated 2 to 3 million Americans it is a serious problem. The majority of people who self-injure are women between the ages of 13 and 30, but there are "cutters" of every age, gender, and economic group. People who "self-injure" are not usually suicidal . They do however, intentionally inflict injuries upon themselves, usually in response to stress or trauma, but not with the intention of killing themselves. Their injuries may vary from minor cuts that heal quickly to very serious wounds that leave permanent scars. This is also known as "Deliberate Self-Harm Syndrome". If you or someone you know self-injures, please get professional help right away! This is just an overview of a very complex myriad of syndromes. (See Recommended Reading) The late Princess Diana's word's shocked the world when she admitted in a television interview that she intentionally cut her arms and legs and had thrown herself down a flight of stairs on more than one occasion. FINALLY, self-injury the practice of deliberately cutting, scratching, burning, or otherwise injuring one's own body was about to come out of the closet. After that interview thousands of self-injury survivors called or wrote the media in response to that interview in just the United States alone.

94. Missouri Department Of Labor And Industrial Relations - Division Of Workers' Com
The Division provides compensation for workrelated injury, and information about employer requirements to have workers' compensation insurance. It also answers questions about workers' compensation benefits, evaluates work sites for worker safety, provides information on self-insurance, resolves medical fee disputes, and assists victims injured in a violent crime.
Skip Navigation Links Partners with Missouri's Workplace Search:
Division of Workers' Compensation
Information for Employees
Information for Employers and Insurers

Information for Health Care Providers

EDI Reporting
2003 Annual Report
- Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
The Division of Workers' Compensation works with employers and employees regarding workplace injuries and illnesses. Many Missouri employers are required by law to carry workers' compensation insurance for employees. Workers' compensation insurance provides financial assistance to workers injured on the job. The Division helps ensure that those injured workers receive appropriate medical treatment and payment of compensation for lost wages. The Division also provides prompt and equitable resolution of disputes in cases of work-related injuries and occupational diseases. Mediation services are provided to help employers and employees resolve disputes about medical treatment and lost wages.

95. Pressing On
A site dedicated to the survivors of sexual abuse and incest. Provides practical info about sexual abuse, selfinjury, eating disorders, quotes and fun links to nurture the child within.
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96. Self-Injury
The National Mental Health Association (NMHA) is the country’s oldest and largestnonprofit organization addressing all aspects of mental health and mental
  • Home About Us
    3) picking scabs or interfering with wound healing, 4) burning, 5) punching self or objects, 6) infecting oneself, 7) inserting objects in body openings, 8) bruising or breaking bones, 9) some forms of hair-pulling, as well as other various forms of bodily harm. These behaviors, which pose serious risks, may by symptoms of a mental health problem that can be treated.
    fact sheet index
    • Warning Signs. Warning signs that someone is injuring themselves include: unexplained frequent injury including cuts and burns, wearing long pants and sleeves in warm weather, low self-esteem, difficulty handling feelings, relationship problems, and poor functioning at work, school or home. Experts estimate the incidence of habitual self-injurers is nearly 1% of the population, with a higher proportion of females than males. The typical onset of self-harming acts is at puberty. The behaviors often last 5-10 years but can persist much longer without appropriate treatment. Background of self-injurers.

97. CAPTÏV Home Page (A Book On Child Abuse, Incest, Self-injury, Healing)
A poetry book on child abuse, incest, sexual abuse, and its legacy of consequences, including selfinjury, eating disorders, and the road from surviving to healing.
CAPTÏV How to Order
2000 S. Marie Professional Acclaim About CAPTÏV Purpose About the Art ... New Addition by S. Marie Poetry by S. Marie CAPTÏV (kap t ee v'): A collection of poems woven together to tell the story of a journey
from child abuse and self-injury towards healing. Published for fellow survivors, those
who self-injure, healing professionals, and anyone interested in understanding,
preventing and healing the various forms of child abuse and self-injury. The Express Press P.O. Box 231778 Encinitas, CA 92023

98. Back To School / Back To Campus: Self-Injury
The National Mental Health Association (NMHA) is the country’s oldest and largestnonprofit organization addressing all aspects of mental health and mental
  • Home About Us
    Back to School / Back to Campus
    Self-Injury back to school home What is it?
    Who does it?
    How can I help a friend with this?
    Ask about it. Seek support. How can I help myself if I hurt myself?
    Know that help is available.
    Know you are not alone.
    Know you can get better.
    Get help. Where can I learn more?
    National Mental Health Association: 1-800-969-NMHA (6642) S.A.F.E. Alternatives (Self-Abuse Finally Ends) Information Line: 1-800-DONT CUT References S.A.F.E. Alternatives website. Accessed June 2003. Internet Explorer: Give us feedback! National Mental Health Association 2001 N. Beauregard Street, 12th Floor Alexandria, VA 22311 Phone 703/684-7722 Fax 703/684-5968 Mental Health Resource Center 800/969-NMHA TTY Line 800/433-5959

99. MacLehose Medical Rehabilitation Centre
The Centre's mission is the restoring to health, selfreliance and economic independence of people with physical disability arising from illness or injury.

100. Ingram, Tiffany - Psychoflute
Includes information about the author and on depression, and selfinjury. Also includes her online diary.
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