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         Self Injury:     more books (100)
  1. Whiplash Injury Recovery: A Self-Management Guide by Gwendolen Jull, 2006-10-01
  2. Self-Destructive Behaviors, Self-Injury and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury: A Therapists' Guide for Family Work and Support by Psy. D. K. R. Juzwin, 2009-10-20
  3. Helping Teens Who Cut: Understanding and Ending Self-Injury   [HELPING TEENS WHO CUT] [Paperback]
  4. Self-reported injuries among seafarers [An article from: Accident Analysis and Prevention] by O.C. Jensen, J.F.L. Sorensen, et all 2004-05-01
  5. Pain experience related to self-injury in eating disorder patients by L. Claes, W. Vandereycken, et all 2006-08
  6. Beyond The Razor's Edge: Journey of Healing and Hope Beyond Self Injury by Sarah J Brecht, 2005-07-15
  7. LifeSIGNS Self-Injury Awareness Booklet: Information for people who self-injure / self-harm, their friends, family, teachers and healthcare professionals: ... Teachers and Healthcare Professionals by The LifeSIGNS Directors, Mary Hillery, et all 2007-03-01
  8. The functions of deliberate self-injury: A review of the evidence [An article from: Clinical Psychology Review] by E.D. Klonsky, 2007-03-01
  9. Effects of Snoezelen room, Activities of Daily Living skills training, and Vocational skills training on aggression and self-injury by adults with mental ... Research in Developmental Disabilities] by N.N. Singh, G.E. Lancioni, et all
  10. School counselors and student self-injury.(Research Article): An article from: Journal of School Health by Susan Roberts-Dobie, Rebecca J. Donatelle, 2007-05-01
  11. Analysis of Suicide Risk Factors and Suicidal Self-Injury and Concurrent Health Risk Behaviors Among Adolescents.(Brief Article): An article from: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
  12. Reflections Through the Crimson Tides: A Loved Ones Journey Into the Discovery of Self Injury by Judy E Redheffer, 2007-06-11
  13. Neural correlates of self-evaluative accuracy after traumatic brain injury [An article from: Neuropsychologia] by T.W. Schmitz, H.A. Rowley, et all
  14. Self-injury (Series II-Specific Treatments for Specific Populations) by Wendy Lader, 2006-08-30

61. Suicide / Self Injury - Fanlight Productions
Suicide / self injury. Between the Lines (263) A visually lyrical, experimentaldocumentary about women who cut themselves, this film explores the fine line

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Suicide / Self Injury
Between the Lines

A visually lyrical, experimental documentary about women who cut themselves, this film explores the fine line between self-destructive behavior and self-preserving coping mechanisms. (21 minutes) Buy VHS Now! 1 Day VHS Rental $60.00/Day The Choice of a Lifetime
The disturbing but ultimately inspiring stories of six people, 21 to 73 and from a variety of backgrounds, who stepped back from the brink of suicide. Not Available for Rental (53 minutes) Buy VHS Now! Death on Request
With the help of his physician and his wife, a man in the last stages of Lou Gehrig's disease chooses euthanasia to end his suffering. Filmed in the Netherlands; English Subtitles. Not Available for Rental. (57 minutes) Buy VHS Now! Depression in Older Adults
Explores the prevalence of depression among the elderly, its causes, and approaches to treatment. The video features interviews with patients as well as commentary from professionals. (30 minutes) Buy VHS Now!

62. Self Injury Outreach - A Safe Place To Share Experiences, Feelings, And Find Sup
Information, personal stories, poetry and chat.


Research and Statistics

Personal Experiences

On The Road to Healing

Self Injury Outreach
A safe place to share experiences, feelings, and find support
Welcome to my site!
I created this site because I myself have been a self injurer since I was 14 and I know how hard it is to get support for this particular problem. Outsiders view people like us as being crazy, craving attention, or simply assume that we do not want help. This is designed to be a safe place to share thoughts and feelings, and will hopefully aid you on your road to recovery.
Visitors since 05/17/03
Website built and hosted for free at . Get your own Free Website now!

63. Michelle Malkin: The New Youth Craze: Self-mutilation
craze and have even declared March 1st self injury Awareness Day. the same quotes from Ricci describing her experiences with selfinjury

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64. Self Injury A Life Long Struggle
Information about selfinjury and alternatives. A message board, poetry and personal stories.
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Search: Lycos Angelfire Dukes of Hazzard Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next PLEASE STAY SAFE WHILE READING THIS PAGE. SOME CONTENTS MAY BE TRIGGERING! If you need help, some numbers to call are: KIDS HELP PHONE: 1-800-668-6868
You local emergency service, if you are in crisis. There are more emergency numbers listed at the front of your phone book.

What is Self Injury?

Facts and Myths

Natural Highs


65. Self Injury.Net
Information about selfinjury and a message board.
(* SI = self-injury)
Logo thanks to Smurfdude from Voices inside my head
Self Injury.Net

66. Virginia Commission On Youth - Self Injury
self injury (SI), also called self mutilation or cutting, The Cutting Edge,PO Box 20819, Cleveland, OH 44120 (A self injury newsletter).
Virginia Commission on Youth Virginia General Assembly Last Updated M aladaptive Behaviors Self Injury Introduction Self injury (SI), also called self mutilation or cutting, is a highly stigmatized emotional disorder. According to Focus Adolescent Services (FAS) (2001), approximately one percent of Americans suffer from SI. While SI can occur in people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status (FAS), much of the discourse is centered on adolescents, as this behavior tends to begin during adolescence (Boesky, 2002). However, groups at risk for SI have been defined as those with borderline personality disorder (particularly females age 16 to 25), those who are in a psychotic state (mainly young adult males), children who are emotionally disturbed and/or battered, children who are mentally retarded and autistic, those with a history of self injury, and those with a history of physical, emotional or sexual abuse (Mosby, 1994, as quoted in Martinson). SI is the repetitive, deliberate infliction of harm to one’s own body. Injuries are severe enough to cause tissue damage and include cutting, carving, scratching, burning, bruising, biting, hitting, bone-breaking, skin picking, hair pulling, branding, and marking (Martinson, 1998; Boesky, 2002). SI is thought to be a maladaptive coping mechanism that is utilized when the self injuring youth experiences highly stressful or emotionally overwhelming circumstances. Many youth who engage in SI describe an immediate relief from psychological and physiological tension as the act is completed (Martinson, Boesky).

One thing to remember self injury isn ta character fault. I ve never talkedto someone who used self injury who wasn t in a tremendous amount of
Self Injury Resources Some people have emailed me who have been in so much pain the only way they've had to deal with it is to take it out on themselves.
Hopefully these links will help anyone who is in this position now, or in the future. One thing to remember: self injury isn't a character fault. It's a way of coping with severe pain. I've never talked to someone who used self injury who wasn't in a tremendous amount of emotional pain. The injuries have taken various forms. For some, cutting is a way of life. Others have told me they prefer to hit themselves or pierce body parts to release their emotions. No one has ever told me it was a suicidal gesture. All have told me they were in a tremendous amount of pain and carried a tremendous amount of shame in what they are doing. It is my hope that these links may be helpful to you in some way. Pittsburgh Action Against Rape
Redefining Healing
Understanding Self Injury Self Abuse Finally Ends ... American Psychological Association Powered by

68. The Awareness Center - Self Injury/Self Mutilation/Self Harm
Information and resources on issues relating to childhood sexual abuse,SelfInjury, Self Mutilation, Self Harm in the Jewish Communities around the world.
Self Injury/Self Mutilation Resources/Self-Harm Jewish Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Table of Contents:
  • Jewish Resources
  • Secular Resources Secular Resources Articles Top Self-Injury: Redefining Healing When I first began to think about and talk about self-injury as a personal struggle, I was shocked by how many of the people I knew well shared the experience and the secret. For most of the people I know and for those I have heard about through my work, self-injury seems to be a creative and complex attempt to cope with trauma and abuse. The shame about self-injury is often profound and is only reinforced by the misconceptions of friends, medical and mental health professionals, and the media who often confuse self-injury with suicide attempts and feel compelled to "protect the survivor from herself." The impact of these misperceptions is often in direct conflict with what would actually be healing and connecting for the many survivors who are struggling with self-injury or self-inflicted violence* in isolation and secrecy. Women Living with Self-Injury - A compassionate view of a stigmatized condition They cut their arms and legs with knives and razors, scratch at their skin, burn, bruise, or stick themselves with cigarettes, hammers, pins and other objects, bang their heads and limbs, and break their own bones. Although women who live with self-injury have recently gained recognition in the media they have, as a result, become even more stigmatized.
  • 69. Self Injury, Puerperal Post Natal Depression
    self injury and puerperal depression, post natal areas of research, informationand academic interest.

    70. Self Injury Fact Sheet
    Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder MPD/DID educationalresources and peer support. Includes issues of multiplicity, and abuse,
    Peer Support for Abuse Survivors
    Secret Scars: Uncovering and Understanding the Addiction of Self-Injury
    Buy Now
    What is self-injury? Why would people deliberately hurt themselves? Why can't they stop? What can I do to help? These question are asked and answered in Secret Scars, a revealing look at the addiction of self-injury. Self-injury is one of the fastest growing health problems among teenage girls today. Despite its prevalence, however, self-injury remains a behavior shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. Secret Scars is a ground breaking book that demystifies self-injury by explaining it as an addiction.
    Bodily Harm: The Breakthrough Healing Program for Self-Injurers
    Buy Now
    ISBN-0786885041 Description:
    Written by the directors of S.A.F.E. Alternatives, a self-injury treatment program, "Bodily Harm" is an authoritative examination of this alarming syndrome, offering a comprehensive treatment regimen. Bodies Under Siege: Self Mutilation and Body Modification in Culture and Psychiatry CA UK Buy Now ISBN-0801853001 Description: University of Missouri, Columbia. Second edition of a presentation of the author's theory on the acts of self-mutilation, for therapists. Previous edition 1987. Discusses the relationship between the act of self-injury and self-healing.

    71. Secret Shame (self-injury Information And Support)
    Comprehensive selfinjury site; review of psychological literature, suggestionsto help you limit or stop your self-harm, help for families/friends,
    self-injury site, no frames self-injury site, no frames

    72. Self-Injury: A Struggle
    Information on selfinjury for both the self injurer, and their friends/family.Personal stories, polls, famous self-injurers, reviews of books on SI,
    My name is Gabrielle and I am twenty-one years old. I have been hurting myself for over four years. Now I want to share my story with other people who self-injure (SI) so that they know that they are NOT alone, and with their friends and family. Self-Injury: A Struggle Credits Privacy

    73. Lysamena Project On Self-Injury: Christian Self-Injury Resources
    Christianbased self-injury resource accessible to all. Providing self-injurers and their families with information about SI.
    Welcome to the Lysamena Project on Self-Injury
    Christian-based self-injury information and resources
    Basic Information Christian Resources Information about Self-Injury
    What it is, and why people do it
    Things to Do Instead of Self-Injury

    A list of alternatives to hurting yourself
    Family and Friends

    How you can help someone who self-injures
    Ending Self-Injury

    How to stop for good
    Book Reviews

    Reviews of books about self-injury
    Other sites to visit The Gospel How to become a Christian Scripture and Self-Injury What it does and doesn't say This is a Hard Teaching! Verses that do not justify self-injury Atonement for Sin Why we can't pay for our own sins What God is Doing in Me A new, revised Identity in Christ list Affirmations Remind yourself of the truth Other Resources About This Site Diversions Things to distract you from self-harming When You Feel Lonely Some resources to help you How to Cook Without Knives Tips to make cooking less triggering Site Information Miscellaneous info about this site Bibliography The sources used to make this site Email me at

    74. Inside Pain Turned Inside Out (Self-Injury)
    About selfinjury as it relates to figure skaters as well as non-skaters.
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    Self-Injury: Inside Pain Turned Inside Out
    days 'til National SI Awareness Day, March 1, 2005. "We are male and female. We are artists, athletes, students, and business owners. We have depression, DID, PTSD, eating disorders, borderline personalities, bipolar disorder, or maybe no diagnosis at all. Some of us were abused, some were not. We are straight, bi, and gay. We come from all walks of life and can be any age. We are every single race or religion that you can possibly think of. Our common link is this: We are in pain. We self-injure. And we are not freaks." Though the issue might not get as much attention as eating disorders , some figure skaters do also have problems with self-injury (sometimes called self-mutilation or self-harm). And once again, many non-skaters face the exact same issue. Due to popular demand, this page has been broken down into separate pages for each subsection. A

    75. Self-injury-and-related-issues_SIARI The Largest Self-injury Resource On The Web
    Information about selfinjury interspersed with commentary from self-injurers,and information about related issues. Creative works of self-injurers,
    SIARI The largest self-injury
    resource on the web Site Map Caution
    This site contains potentially triggering material. Please keep yourself safe when browsing the pages. Site last updated
    August 25, 2005 SIARI new look This site is currently being updated, hence some pages may be temporarily unavailable, or may look a bit odd while undergoing alteration. Thank you for bearing with me. Jan Sutton
    Books by the Author of SIARI Healing the
    Hurt Within
    Understand Self-Injury and Self-Harm, and Heal the Emotional Wounds
    Oct 2005
    Cutting and self-mutilation Controversial articles and responses Self-injury message board Self-Injury and Related Issues: Information Exchange How can you support SIARI? Information on SIARI is provided free – please help keep it that way. By clicking on Amazon links on this site and purchasing items, SIARI receives a small commission fee – with no extra cost to you!

    76. Eating Disorders Site: Peace, Love, And Hope
    Information, not just on anorexia and bulimia, but also on the many other demons that tend to accompany them (ie depression, self-injury, OCD). Includes chatrooms and bulletin boards.
    Peace, Love,
    and Hope
    Home About Me Anorexia Bulimia ... Email Me
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    eating disorders


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    advertisement Hey there mysterious 'net wanderer. Welcome to Peace, Love, and Hope: A Web Site on Eating Disorders. Included here is information not just on anorexia and bulimia, but also on the many other demons that tend to accompany anorexia and bulimia (ie - depression, self-injury, OCD, etc.) Take your time and relax, and as always, let me know if there is anything that I can do for you.=) Alexandra
    ...and Alexandra's rants.and.raves top anorexia bulimia ... send page to friend
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    77. Self-injury-two_pathways_diagram
    selfinjury can be likened to an emotional safety valve , throwing an emotionalsafety switch or turning down the emotional thermostat Diagrams/Self-injury-diagram1.htm
    SIARI The largest self-injury
    resource on the web Two pathways to self-injury diagram
    Self-injury can be likened to an "emotional safety valve", "throwing an
    emotional safety switch" or "turning down the emotional thermostat"
    Depersonalization - DSM diagnostic criteria
    Dissociation links Dissociation and depersonalization links Dissociation Links on SI, Abuse and Trauma Directory ... Steinberg Depersonalization Questionnaire © June, 2005 Jan Sutton This diagram may not be copied without permission from the author Home Page uploaded 3 July, 2005

    78. SAFE - Help Treat, Prevent & Stop Self-Injury, Self-Abuse & Cutting
    selfinjury is known by many names, including self-abuse, self-mutilation It may be referred to by specific methods of self-injury such as delicate or

    Referral Page

    self-injurious behavior. Self-Injury is known by many names, including self-abuse, self-mutilation, deliberate self-harm, parasuicidal behavior. It may be referred to by specific methods of self-injury such as "delicate" or "coarse" cutting, burning, or hair pulling. Self-Injury transcends gender, age, religion, educational and income level. It may be accompanied by a range of psychiatric problems such as depression or other mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addictions, eating disorders or psychotic disorders. The longer it goes unrecognized and untreated the more disruptive it is to the sufferer's life and relationships and the more treatment resistant it may become. Bodily Harm , published by Hyperion Press 1998. They, and other professional staff, are available for lectures, workshops, and other training presentation formats for mental health and general health care professionals. back to top

    79. Makayla's Healing Place
    Information on anorexia and bulimia, proanorexia refuge, treatment, recovery, links, stories, poetry, and art. Additional information on self-injury, depression, anxiety, and domestic violence.
    Makayla's Healing Place .Com The comprehensive eating disorders website. If it's out there, you'll find it here. This website is a safe zone. This means that you will not be lectured, threatened, bashed, or otherwise badly treated while visiting or via my e-mail responses. I believe that these sorts of behaviors benefit no one. Your input is valued. My main purpose is to educate, help people and spread understanding. Your suggestions have always been a large part of the development of this site. The site is updated as often as I can. I am extremely busy these days, but I try to do this as much as time allows. Look for current events and information about eating disorders and related issues, so PLEASE BOOKMARK this page and check back soon. Thank you for being here and I hope this will begin to help you. ENTER HERE If you are experiencing any problems with this page or the new format, please contact me at the e-mail link below: E-mail Me Notice:
    There have been some problems getting past this page. Rest assured that the website is NOT DOWN, I'm simply having some temporary technical issues with my hosting service. Hitting the Refresh button a few times will generally solve the problem. This may be a high traffic time issue, but will be resolved soon. Thanks for your patience. And persistence.

    80. Cutting: Self-Injury By Teens
    A report by a teenager on the true experiences of young people who have harmed themselves with suggestions for seeking help. 2/cutting.html
    By Vanessa Lyn Mann
    Young People's Press

    My friend and I walked together, heading for the world outside our secondary school. I was about to hurt the person dearest to me. "What is it Ker?" Tom asked as he turned to face me. "Well," I stammered, "I told you what I've been through, and you know things have been really... pure hell for me. Well, I cut. Last night, I cut my wrists." Tom stood there looking at me, as if he was trying so hard to believe that those words didn't come out of my mouth. Trying to believe that what I said didn't happen. "You lie," was all he said. We walked to my first period class. "You lie," he repeated. Then he paused briefly and said, "You don't love me, either." Devastated, I turned away from him so he would not see the tears. Tears I was certain would soon come.
    from the journal of Kerri*, 16, about an incident that occurred the day after she cut herself so badly that both her wrists required bandages The notion of a seemingly well-adjusted young woman deliberately hurting herself is not something that many of us can easily comprehend. In fact, Tom* was not the only person who initially doubted Kerri's claim. Dylan*, another acquaintance of Kerri's, didn't believe her either. He remembers when she came to him looking for compassion. "It was tough love," he recalls. "I figured that if I just ignored her and pretended that what she said wasn't true, the problem would go away." But the problem did not go away. Kerri became even more insistent, telling Dylan almost every day that she was cutting herself. Instead of suggesting she find help, he egged her on.

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