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  1. Community College Models: Globalization and Higher Education Reform by Rosalind Latiner Raby, 2009-03-23
  2. Hong Kong Temples by Ken Raby, 2005-05-20

141. Rabies Home Page
2004 Compendium of Animal rabies Prevention and Control rabies Control Guidelines. For more information, visit the Centers for Disease Control and

142. Animal Control / Animal Shelter - Animals - Fairfax County, Virginia
rabies information, shelter policy, newsletter, legal aspects of animal ownership and contact information.
Animal Shelter Index
Animal Shelter Home

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Rabies Information

Animal Control / Animal Shelter you are here homepage animals
  • Please ID Your Pets
    Oral Rabies Vaccine Information
    ... Animal Shelter Policy Shelter Dish! Newsletter
    Fall/Winter '04

    Summer '04
    Winter/Spring '04 Fall '03 (PDF files) In order to view this newsletter, you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Volunteer Program Information Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Legal Aspects of Animal Ownership
  • "Your Pets and the Law" brochure (.pdf format, 107kb) Dogs for Adoption Cats for Adoption Other Animals for Adoption Report Your Lost Dog ... Contact Information
  • To adopt pets, visit the Animal Shelter during the following hours: Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

    Virginia Department of Health Office of Epidemiology - rabies Control and The rabies virus is mainly in the saliva and brain of rabid animals.
    Virginia Department of Health - Office of Epidemiology - Rabies Control and Prevention
    • Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system. It kills almost any mammal or human that gets sick from it. The rabies virus is mainly in the saliva and brain of rabid animals. It can be transmitted through a bite or by getting saliva or brain tissue in a wound or in the eye or mouth. Only mammals get rabies; birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians do not. Skunks, bats, foxes, raccoons, dogs, cats, and some farm animals are most likely to get rabies. Rabbits, squirrels, rats and mice, and pets like gerbils and hamsters seldom get it. Rabies can be prevented in cats, dogs, ferrets, and some livestock with a rabies vaccination. For most wild and exotic animals, there are no rabies vaccines available that have been shown to protect them. At present, there is an oral wildlife rabies vaccine available only to State or Federal Rabies Control Programs. The use of an oral rabies vaccine may decrease the number of rabid animals, but will not eliminate the need for vaccination of pets or other domestic animals.

    • Because of improved rabies vaccination programs for pets and better treatment for people who are bitten, rabies cases among humans in this country are rare. The best way to prevent the spread of rabies to humans is by keeping pets properly vaccinated.

    144. Indiana State Board Of Animal Health - Rabies
    rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus that can infect humans, pets, livestock and wildlife. Centers for Disease Control rabies Information Page.
    @import url(/ender/ender.css); Skip Ender Navigation
    Agency Listing Policies var dir = location.href.substring(0,location.href.lastIndexOf('')); var url = location.href.substring(dir.length,location.href.length+1); document.write("Text Only") Contact Webmaster Help document.write(ender); document.write(""+list[j]+""); Rabies Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus that can infect humans, pets, livestock and wildlife. Preventing the disease in animals provides the best means of protection to humans.
    Under Indiana law, all dogs, cats and ferrets older than 3 months of age must be vaccinated against the rabies virus. State law allows the use of 1-year and 3-year vaccines according to approved label directions. (NOTE: Some localities throughout the state may have stricter local laws.) The vaccine must be administered by a licensed and accredited veterinarian only.
    Animals entering Indiana must have received a vaccination within the previous 12 months, regardless of vaccine type.

    145. Wolf Dog Coalition
    Providing information on rabies and how it relates to wolves. Has focused on getting USDA approval on the standard rabies vaccine.
    Rabies Vaccine Approval For Wolves and Wolf - Dog Crosses
    Why is rabies vaccine approval so important ? Read Tucker's Story to find out what happened to this dog
    Learn more about Rabies Vaccine, the Wolf and Wolf Dog
    Where We've Been, and How We Got Here
    " a collection of letters and historical / background information on the rabies vaccine issue.
    Questions ? Read our Vaccine Approval FAQ . Frequently Asked Questions on the MLV data collection effort.
    Also visit our page of Links to Other Web Sites which give more info about the need for rabies vaccine approval and a more detailed view of wolves and wolfdogs.
    Update T he Wolf Dog Coalition submitted all wolf and wolf dog vaccination records we had acquired to the USDA in November of 1998. We were informed in January of 1999 that the USDA considered the data significant and sufficient to allow them to make a decision about vaccine approval for wolves and wolf dog crosses. In February, after a thorough analysis, USDA made the determination that all vaccines currently approved for dogs should also be approved for wolves and wolf dog crosses. The mechanism by which wolves and wolf dogs would gain vaccine approval was with an amendment to Title 9 Code of Federal Regulations. The amendment, in essence, declared that all vaccines are approved for any member of the species Canis lupus.

    146. Rabies
    One possible health problem associated with an animal bite is rabies, Bites inflicted by domestic animals with no history of a rabies vaccination or by
    Testing and Services News Room Contact Us About UHL ... Site Map Search Quick Links Well Water Today's Air Quality Disease / Infection / Illness Info Environmental Info Kits / Quotes / Forms Results Interpretation Laboratory Certification Terrorism and Emergency Response For Professionals Only - Rabies Test Request Form (PDF) Rabies Data Rabies Exposure Management Flow Chart (PDF) ... Rabies Rabies
    Animal bites are always unpleasant experiences. Unfortunately, animal bites do occur; to insure the health of the victim, it is essential that the proper precautions be followed. One possible health problem associated with an animal bite is rabies, an acute encephalitis (infection of the brain). Bites inflicted by domestic animals with no history of a rabies vaccination or by a wild animal require immediate attention. Open wounds, scratches, or mucous membranes exposed to saliva or brain material of an infected animal are also possible modes of transmission. Disease Rabies is an acute encephalitis (infection of the brain) caused by a virus believed to be infectious for most mammals. Transmission of the virus is usually through a bite. Transmission also can occur by exposure of a scratch, abrasion, open wound, or mucous membrane to the saliva or brain material of a rabid animal. The virus has an affinity for the central nervous system tissue and travels along the peripheral nerves to the brain. Once the virus is established in the brain the disease is seldom reversible and usually fatal. The average incubation period varies from 20-90 days after exposure and depends on the following circumstances:

    147. Rabies
    Penn State Hershey Medical Center provides world class care and services to patients.

    148. Community Health Services .::Your Partners In Good Health::.
    The public health arm of Sarnia Lambton which provides information about pregnancy, health in all ages, nutrition, exercise, safety and dental health, and issues related to tobacco, alcohol, sex, immunization, diseases, rabies, water quality and the environment.
    About Us Media Releases Advisories Health Information ... County of Lambton
    Community Health Services Department
    160 Exmouth St.
    Point Edward, ON, Canada
    phone: (519) 383-8331
    fax: (519) 383-7092
    toll free: 1-800-667-1839
    Email Us

    Forest Office
    59 King Street West
    Forest, ON, Canada phone: (519) 786-2148 fax: (519) 786-2149 Employment Opportunities Corporate Website We subscribe to the HONcode principles. Verify here This site supports Adobe PDF files. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Funding for this non-profit website is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Long Term Care and the County of Lambton. Click here to make CHSD your homepage. document.write(insert)
    The Community Health Services Department has a wealth of health information on a wide range of subjects for all ages and stages of life. Look here for up to date articles and fact sheets.

    149. Introduction: Rabies -
    Introduction to rabies as a medical condition including symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, treatment, prevention, and prognosis.
    Home Symptoms Diseases Risks ... Diseases Search our medical database
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    Current chapter:
    Next sections Basic Summary for Rabies Prevalence and Incidence of Rabies Prognosis of Rabies Types of Rabies ... Causes of Rabies Next chapters: Ebola Respiratory syncytial virus Dengue fever Yellow fever ... Feedback
    Introduction: Rabies
    Rabies: Virus usually caught from an animal bite. Rabies: Rabies is an acute and deadly viral infection of the central nervous system. It is one of the most terrifying diseases known to man. Although rabies in humans is rare in the United States, as many as 18,000 Americans get rabies shots each year because they have been in contact with animals that may be rabid (rabies-infected). In 1998 according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only one person died of rabies in this country. Researching symptoms of Rabies: Further information about the symptoms of Rabies is available including a list of symptoms of Rabies , or alternatively return to research other symptoms in the symptom center Treatments for Rabies: Various information is available about treatments available for Rabies prevention of Rabies , or research treatments for other diseases.

    150. Friends Of The Animals
    Promotes the spay/neuter and rabies control programs and sponsors training programs for pets; includes details on services, contact information, and memorials.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    151. Rabies - Medical Information On Treatment Options, And Links To Other Sites.
    Information on rabies, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment issues, and patient information.
    Rabies (from a Latin word meaning rage), is a viral disease that causes acute encephalitis in animals and people. It can affect most species of warm-blooded animal, but is rare among non-carnivores. In unvaccinated humans, untreated rabies is almost invariably fatal. The stereotypical image of an infected ("rabid") animal is a "mad dog" foaming at the mouth, but cats, ferrets, raccoons, chipmunks, skunks, foxes and bats also become rabid. Squirrels, other rodents and rabbits are very seldom infected, perhaps because they would not usually survive an attack by a rabid animal. Rabies may also present in a so-called 'paralytic' form, rendering the infected animal unnaturally quiet and withdrawn. The virus is usually present in the saliva of a symptomatic rabid animal; the route of infection is nearly always by a bite. By causing the infected animal to be exceptionally aggressive, the virus ensures its transmission to the next host. Transmission has occurred via an aerosol through mucous membranes; transmission in this form may have happened in people exploring caves populated by rabid bats. Transmission from person to person is extremely rare, and can happen through transplant surgery, or (even more rarely) bites or kisses. A case of transmission via organ transplants happened in June 2004, in Texas (US), when organs from a man infected with rabies caused the death of three recipients. Rabies tests are not conducted on organs destined for transplantation.

    152. Animal-Link: Westchester And Putnam Pets & Animals Resource
    Westchester and Putnam's animal information resource humane education, shelters, online adoption, lost and found, emergency hospitals, rabies clinics, spay/neuter and help for wildlife.
    Home Adopt Lost and Found Wildlife Yellow Pages Calendar Library/Links Search Here for Westchester and Putnam's Adoptable Pets and Bring Home a New Best Friend! Report Animal Cruelty And Animal Neglect Westchester D.A.'s Office of Animal Abuse Complaints
    Maryann Liebowitz
    Putnam County Sheriff's Department 845-225-4300 How to Recognize and Investigate Animal Cruelty In NY State -NYSHA The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them, that's the essence of inhumanity.
    George Bernard Shaw
    "Your Partner For Living With Pets and Wildlife in Westchester and Putnam"
    Please remember the suffering Hurricane Katrina has brought to animals and to the people that love them. Donate to one of the animal welfare relief organizations responding to this disaster at the Disaster/Emergency Response site

    153. Rabies - Symptoms - AnimalHealthChannel
    Rabid animals show typical symptoms. The first sign of rabies is a change in behavior.
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    Once infection occurs, the rabies virus grows in muscle tissue and may go undetected for several days or months. During this incubation (or latent) period, the animal appears healthy and shows no sign of infection. Usually within 1 to 3 months, the virus migrates to the nerves near the site of the infection and spreads to the spinal cord and brain (i.e., the central nervous system). It usually takes from 12 to 180 days to spread through the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system. At this point, the disease progresses rapidly, and the animal begins to show the classic behavioral signs of rabies. The virus spreads to the saliva, tears, breast milk, and urine. The animal usually dies in 4 or 5 days. Rabies causes typical symptoms. The infection progresses in a predictable manner, from the initial prodormal phase to the excitative, or furious, phase to the final paralytic phase.

    154. Winnebago County Animal Services
    Animal bite reporting, rabies quarantine, emergency care, shelter and care, adoption program, lost and found network, and spay/neuter assistance are just some of the services offered.

    What's New
    Frequently Asked Questions Statistics Education ... Directions to Animal Services
    Extended Hours Until September 30, 2005
    Winnebago County Animal Services has extended its hours on Mondays and Saturdays through September 30, 2005 to provide the public a better opportunity to come in and adopt animals. The kennel hours are Monday 11am to 8pm, Tuesday through Friday 11am until 5pm, and Saturday 10am until 4pm. Adoptions close 1/2 before the kennel closes.
    2005 Canine Classic
    Dog Fair
    Sunday, September 18
    • Collect donations and win prizes. Parade of adopted dogs and group walk between 12 noon and 12:45pm Rock Valley Kennel Federation agility demo 11am and 2:30pm Concession stand with hot dogs, nachos and lemonade or bring your own picnic lunch Ball retrieve contest 1:30pm Frisbee throw 3pm
    Advance registration with (or without) a dog is $10, if received before September 9, 2005. Advance registrants receive a t-shirt, bandanna, and bag of freebies.

    155. Rabies And Feral Cats
    These methods represent an effective and humane approach to the rabies Although not natural vectors of rabies, feral cats can become exposed to the
    Rabies and Feral Cats
    Facts and Control Much of the U.S. is currently experiencing a wildlife rabies epidemic. Wildlife managers, animal control agencies and the animal protection community face important decisions on how best to control this disease. Feral cats are all too often caught in the middle of misguided efforts to protect human health by exterminating wild, feral, and stray animals. These efforts are not only cruel, but ineffective, costly, and difficult to implement. Alley Cat Allies promotes compassionate non-lethal solutions to problems resulting from human/wildlife interactions. Scientific evidence from around the world confirms the long term viability of non-lethal population and disease control through sterilization, birth control, and oral vaccination of wildlife. These methods represent an effective and humane approach to the rabies epidemic. Rabies and Humans
      Rabies is an acute viral infection of the central nervous system. Of all the zoonotic diseases,(1) it is one of the most feared and misunderstood even though its threat to humans in the U.S. is very small. Left untreated, rabies is deadly, producing excruciatingly painful symptoms and usually fatal. Media accounts also tend to sensationalize and reinforce popular misconceptions. Much unnecessary anxiety and fear could be relieved by understanding that rabies in the U.S. is primarily a disease of wildlife which can be controlled, and its threat to humans and companion animals minimized.
      Most cases are transmitted through the bite of an infected animal. All animal bites should be immediately flushed and cleansed with soap and water, then given prompt medical attention. Rabies is treatable when caught early, before symptoms appear. Exposure risk can be further minimized by following a few simple precautions.

    156. Huisdieren Meenemen Naar Engeland
    Regels voor de uitvoer van als gezelschapsdieren gehouden honden en katten naar het Verenigd Koninkrijk.
    REGELS VOOR DE UITVOER VAN ALS GEZELSCHAPSDIER GEHOUDEN HONDEN EN KATTEN NAAR HET VERENIGD KONINKRIJK. Ministerie van Landbouw, natuurbeheer en Visserij Vanaf 28 februari 2ooo kunnen honden en katten die als gezelschapsdier gehouden worden, zonder quarantaine in het Verenigd Koninkrijk worden ingevoerd. Dit betekent dat er vóór deze datum geen gezelschapshonden of -katten in het Verenigd Koninkrijk worden toegelaten onder deze nieuwe bepalingen.
    Uiteraard moet wel aan bepaalde regels worden voldaan. Deze regels gelden alleen als gereisd wordt via onderstaande routes, te weten
    • per vliegtuig van Nederland naar Heathrow,
    • per boot van Catais naar Dover,
    • per boot van Cherbourg, Caen, St Malo en le Havre naar Portsmouth, en
    • per treintunnel
    Voor reizen met de veerboot of de trein zijn op het moment slechts een aantal vervoersmaatschappijen aangewezen, te weten:
    • per trein: Eurotunnel.
    (Voor actuele informatie hierover kunt u terecht op de website van de Britse ambassade in Den Haag: Het dier moet zijn voorzien van speciaal certificaat dat door de dierenarts-practicus wordt afgegeven. Dit certificaat is alleen bedoeld om naar Engeland te mogen reizen met een hond of kat als gezelschapsdier. Het is dus

    157. Page 187
    POE S DEATH IS REWRITTEN AS CASE OF rabies, NOT TELLTALE ALCOHOL Poe “had all the features of encephalitic3 rabies,” said Dr. Henry Wilde,
    @import "css/content_l.css"; @import "css/navigation.css"; @import "css/footer.css"; var footnote1 = "1. cardiologist n.: doctor who specializes in diseases of the heart."; var footnote2 = "2. comatose adj.: deeply unconscious and unable to be wakened."; var footnote3 = "3. encephalitic adj.: related to encephalitis, an inflammation, or swelling, of the brain."; var footnote4 = "4. debauched adj.: characterized by extreme indulgence in pleasures."; POE'S DEATH IS REWRITTEN AS CASE OF RABIES, NOT TELLTALE ALCOHOL NEWSPAPER ARTICLE
    Poe's Death Is Rewritten as Case of Rabies, Not Telltale Alcohol
    from The New York Times, September 15, 1996 Edgar Allan Poe did not die drunk in a gutter in Baltimore but rather had rabies, a new study suggests. The researcher, Dr. R. Michael Benitez, a cardiologist maligned The writer entered Washington College Hospital comatose, Dr. Benitez said, but by the next day was perspiring heavily, hallucinating, and shouting at imaginary companions. The next day, he seemed better but could not remember falling ill.

    158. Dr. Koop - Rabies
    rabies is a frequently fatal, viral infection which is transmitted to humans by infected animals (often dogs or bats) via a bite or by the exposure of
    Home Health Reference Rabies Jul 29, 2005 Search: Dr.Koop MEDLINE Diseases Symptoms Procedures Natural Medicine ... Drug Library
    Inside DrKoop News Archive Animations Health Videos Health Tools ... Newsletters
    Injury Disease Nutrition Poison ... Prevention
    Definition: Rabies is a frequently fatal, acute viral infection which is transmitted to humans by infected animals (often dogs or bats) via a bite or by the exposure of broken skin to an infected animal's saliva.
    Causes, incidence, and risk factors: Rabies is transmitted by infected saliva that enters the body through a bite wound or other open wound . The virus travels from the wound along nerve pathways to the brain, where it causes inflammation (irritation and swelling with presence of extra immune cells) that results in the symptoms of the disease. The incubation period ranges from 10 days to 7 years, with the average being 3 to 7 weeks. In the past, human cases in the U.S. usually resulted from a dog bite, but recently, more cases of human rabies have are linked to bats and there have not been any rabies cases caused by dog bites for a number of years. Worldwide, dogs still pose a significant risk for transmitting rabies, however. Bats, skunks, raccoons, foxes, and other animals can also be sources of rabies virus. There are an estimated 15,000 cases of rabies worldwide each year.

    159. RabAvert Rabies Vaccine: About RabAvert
    Embryo Cell vaccine (PCEC), is a vaccine used to protect humans against rabies. RabAvert® was approved by the FDA in 1997, the first new rabies vaccine
    About RabAvert

    Back to Top

    Used according to the CDC's 1999 recommendations, RabAvert will prevent rabies. It is effective for both pre-exposure immunization and post-exposure treatment. The most commonly occurring adverse reactions are injection site reactions, such as injection site erythema, induration, and pain; flu-like symptoms, such as asthenia, fatigue, fever, headache, myalgia, and malaise; arthralgia, dizziness, lymphadenopathy, nausea, and rash. In very rare cases, neurological and neuroparalytical events have been reported in temporal association with administration of RabAvert History of anaphylaxis to the vaccine or any of the vaccine components constitutes a contraindication to pre-exposure vaccination with this vaccine. There is no contraindication to post-exposure immunization.
    Back to Top

    Who should be immunized against rabies?
    • Laboratory workers who have contact with the rabies virus or who are involved in rabies diagnosis Veterinarians, technical staff, and students

    160. Rabies
    immunized against rabies because of encounters with potentially rabid animals. To prevent deaths from rabies, the Health Department issues health alerts

    Site Map About Us ... Women's Health Website
    Rabies Control
    What should you do if you find a bat in your house?

    Rabies s
    What is Rabies?
    ... Licensed - Registered Trappers Educational Materials Rabies Brochures Other Resources Rabies: Just for kids (CDC) Rabies Infection and Animals (CDC) Bats and Rabies (CDC) Los murciélagos y la rabia (CDC)
    To view documents formatted in Adobe PDF , you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Download Reader now Since April 1991, when the terrestrial rabies epidemic reached Westchester County, over 3,500 residents have had to be immunized against rabies because of encounters with potentially rabid animals. To prevent deaths from rabies, the Health Department issues health alerts to the public about this invariably fatal disease and its prevention; offers annual clinics to ensure cat and dog immunizations; facilitates the testing of suspect animals; and provides immediate round-the-clock response and follow-up to every potential rabies incident in the County.
    In Westchester County, the law requires that all cats and dogs to receive rabies immunization. The Department now provides rabies vaccination vouchers to assist in having pets immunized.

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