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         Prostate Cancer:     more books (100)
  1. Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer, Second Edition by Patrick C. Walsh, Janet Farrar Worthington, 2007-06-27
  2. You Can Beat Prostate Cancer by Robert J. Marckini, 2007-02-21
  3. Prostate Cancer Survivors Speak Their Minds: Advice on Options, Treatments, and Aftereffects by Arthur L. Burnett II, Norman Morris, 2010-03-29
  4. How We Survived Prostate Cancer: What We Did and What We Should Have Done by Victoria Hallerman, 2009-01-13
  5. Prostate Cancer for Dummies by Paul H. Lange, Christine Adamec, et all 2003-04-01
  6. Johns Hopkins Patients' Guide to Prostate Cancer (The Johns Hopkins Patients' Guide) by Arthur L. Burnett, 2010-01-20
  7. Prostate and Cancer: A Family Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Survival by Sheldon Marks MD, 2009-06-30
  8. 100 Q&A About Prostate Cancer, 2nd Edition (100 Questions & Answers about . . .) by Pamela Ellsworth, 2008-12-03
  9. The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Prostate Cancer (Cleveland Clinic Guides) by Eric Klein, 2009-08-04
  10. The ABC's of Prostate Cancer: The Book That Could Save Your Life by Joseph Oesterling, 1997-06-25
  11. American Cancer Society's Complete Guide to Prostate Cancer by American Cancer Society, 2004-11-01
  12. Conquer Prostate Cancer: How Medicine, Faith, Love and Sex Can Renew Your Life by Rabbi Edgar J. Weinsberg, 2008-10-16
  13. A Primer on Prostate Cancer: The Empowered Patient's Guide by Stephen Strum, Donna L. Pogliano, 2005-02-28
  14. Saving Your Sex Life: A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer by John P Mulhall, 2008-09-01

1. The Prostate Cancer Charity
The prostate cancer Charity offers support and information to anyone concernedwith prostate cancer. The site has information on the prostate,
Prostate Cancer Get Support Research You Can Help ... Email to a friend Consultation: Care and Support In West Scotland We are planning to pilot a new service in the West of Scotland to help men with prostate cancer and their carers access the support and information they need locally. If you are in the West of Scotland we would like to hear your individual experiences in order to help us shape our services. Study: Familial Prostate and Breast Cancers As reported in The Sun, the Royal Marsden Hospital is currently running a trial to investigate the role of genetics in prostate and breast cancers by looking at the family medical histories of men and women who are affected. If you feel you can contribute, you can find out more here . For more information about prostate cancer call our helpline Ray Winstone Knows About It Ray Winstone recently spoke to the Sunday Times about prostate cancer awareness, wearing our wristband and stating: " Don’t be embarrassed. No matter what your age, find out what the symptoms are, and check that you don’t have them. " You can read the interview and buy a wristband News Three of our staff are running in the Great North Run, the world's largest half-marathon, on September 18th in Tyneside -

2. Cryosurgery In The Treatment Of Prostate Cancer
Article by Duke K. Bahn, MD. Part of the Cancer News on the Net.
Click below to visit
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About State of the Art Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

This article is provided for information purposes only. It is not intended to be used for medical advice. Please read
Cryosurgery in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer Duke K. Bahn, M.D. Department of Radiology, Crittenton Hospital, Rochester, MI Editors Note:I feel it is appropriate to state that Dr Bahn is both a colleague and professional associate of mine. Introducton Results : Patients with prostate cancer were divided into three groups. The first group had cancer confined to the prostate. These patients are usually a candidate for radical surgery. Up to three years follow up after cryosurgery showed 10 % positive biopsy rate (failure) compared to 40 - 50 % positive surgical margin rate (eventual failure) with radical prostatectomy and 35 - 90 % positive biopsy rate after radiation therapy (1,2,3,4,5). The second group were patients whose cancer had already spread outside of the prostate capsule, but did not have distant metastasis (non-confined, stage C disease ). These patients usually are not recommeded for radical surgery. In general they have had poor out-comes with traditional treatments. In this group, the reported failure rate after cryosurgery was 26 % in this series. The third group were patients who had already failed radiation therapy prior to having cryosurgery. Our data showed a 25 % failure rate in this category.

3. Prostate Cancer Links - Building Opportunities For Self-Sufficiency
Extensive collection of related links. Index
Dedicated to the memory of Zenas Ball Andrews, lost to us all too soon. Welcome to Prostate Cancer Links
Our Website is specially designed to make searching the World Wide Web for information about prostate cancer faster and easier. The Cancer Links Web Tutorial aims to make using the Internet easier. There is also a Spanish language version available. Como Buscar al Web. Cancerlinks is committed to Web Site Accessibility . We took every effort in writing code for this website to ensure the visually impaired, will feel welcome here. Print any page by clicking on the print button of your browser. Print out a printer-friendly version. Table Of Contents:
Prostate Cancer Peace and Light!! Alexandra Andrews INVESTIGATE LINKS OF SPECIAL INTEREST Prostate Cancer General Medical Information General Medical Information Advocacy, Finance and Legislation Air Flights For Cancer Patients ... Survivors Of Cancer PROSTATE CANCER GENERAL MEDICAL INFORMATION
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American Prostate Society

4. MedlinePlus: Prostate Cancer
US National Library of Medicine source which includes links to specific related areas.
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Prostate Cancer
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Therapy You may also be interested in these MedlinePlus related pages: Prostate Diseases Cancers Men's Health Seniors' Health

5. Prostate Cancer, Prostate Cancer Symptoms, Prostrate Cancer - Prostate Cancer Fo
prostate cancer information, prostate cancer symptoms, prostate cancer treatments.The prostate cancer Foundation is the world s largest philanthropic
Prostate Cancer Foundation
The Prostate Cancer Foundation funds high-impact research to find better treatments and a cure for prostate cancer. Donate now to save the men in your life.
Quick Links: Prostate Cancer Survey Prostate Cancer Symptoms Prostate Cancer Treatments
Prostate Cancer Information
... PSA Prostate A common misspelling of the word "prostate cancer" is "prostrate cancer".
Report to the Nation
PCF launches two new Report to the Nation press release
download the Guides

Learn how nutritional elements are being studied to determine their role in slowing disease progression.
Thank you Safeway Inc. for a record-breaking year!

Numbers just in!

New York and California Taxpayers raise $800,000 for Prostate Cancer Research Centers in first-ever campaign. Republic of Tea Support Our Cause benefit PCF Athletes for a Cure Click here to support individuals who are helping raise money for prostate cancer research. Rob Taylor CEO Challenge Home Add URL ... Kintera Empowered Community.

6. Prostate Cancer, The Cancer Information Network
General information for patients, family members and caregivers.
Thank You For Visiting Our Sponsors! Home Support Top 10 Message Board ... Patients' Workbook
First Steps After Diagnosis of Cancer
Everyone's Guide to Cancer Therapy: How Cancer Is Diagnosed, Treated, and Managed Day to Day Top 10 Cancer Sites, Treatment Centers, and Cancer Books for Newly Diagnosed Patients. Cancer Patients: Know Your Rights. Understanding Prognosis and Cancer Statistics - answers the most important question, "What is my prognosis?" ... Pediatric Cancers
Welcome to The Cancer Information Network Introduction
The diagnosis of prostate cancer brings with them many questions and a need for clear, understandable answers. We hope this website will help. It provides information and useful internet links about the malignancy of the prostate...
In The Spotlight: Family History Remains the Strongest Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer

7. Prostate Cancer - Treatment, Symptoms And Causes
BUPA health information factsheet prostate cancer is an abnormal growth of cells in the prostate gland

8. Prostate Cancer Information - Prostate Cancer Foundation
prostate cancer Information prostate cancer is particularly complicated due tothe variety of treatment options and the lack of knowledge, in certain cases

Prostate Cancer Overview
Prostate Cancer Disease States Treatment Prostate Cancer Education ... Personal Stories
Have you recently
been diagnosed?
Our Diagnostic Paths diagram can help you understand and navigate your
treatment options. A Call to Action is the story of how the PCF mobilized the world's leading medical scientists to reduce the burden of this disease. Order your copy today! A man is 33% more likely to get prostate cancer than a woman is to get breast cancer. About Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed non-skin cancer in the United States. One in six American men will develop prostate cancer in the course of his lifetime. A little-known fact is that a man is 33% more likely to develop prostate cancer than an American woman is to get breast cancer.
These and other sobering facts are the driving forces of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, whose mission is to support research into better treatments and a cure for recurrent prostate cancer. The PCF is the world's largest source of philanthropic support for prostate cancer research. The PCF has raised more than $230 million to fund over 1,200 research projects, all with the goal of finding better treatments and a cure as soon as possible. Prostate Cancer And You
Every man diagnosed with prostate cancer begins a deeply personal journey for himself and his loved ones in determining the appropriate therapy for the disease. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is always very difficult. Prostate cancer is particularly complicated due to the variety of treatment options and the lack of knowledge, in certain cases, as to the most appropriate treatment. However, learning more about the disease, understanding the treatment options and their risks and benefits, and discovering the diet and lifestyle changes that may improve the prognosis all can help empower patients. It lets them participate more actively in their care and helps in making informed choices about treatment options.

9. Testosterone Replacement Therapy From The Wellman Clinic F Weymouth Street - Not
London clinic for men, with an exclusive practice in prevention and treatment (including testosterone replacement therapy) of male disorders including impotence, prostate cancer, overweight and erectile dysfunction.
T HE W ELL ...
Breaking News

Select Cialis DVT Erectile Dysfunction Impotence Levitra Prostate Testosterone Uprima Viagra Newsletters
Select January 2003 July 2002 January 2002 Recent Press June 2004 - The Practitioner
How real is the Male Menopause?
Wed Jun 23
Healthstyle Magazine

Anti-Aging Medicine: putting male menopause on hold ..
More about the Male Menopause in the News
Men's Health at
The first clinic committed exclusively to the healthcare of men with unique facilities for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of male oriented disorders Registered by the Healthcare Commission I NTRODUCTION T HE W ELL M AN C LINIC was founded 15 years ago to give men access to screening techniques and medical skills which would otherwise be difficult to obtain. All examinations and investigations are carried out by qualified medical practitioners and acknowledged experts in their particular fields using the most up to date techniques.

10. Prostate Cancer Info - Education, Support, Male Hormone Therapy, PSA
prostate cancer info on prostate cancer education, prostate cancer support, and prostate cancer diagnosis including male hormone therapy

11. NEJM: Articles On Oncology -- Chemotherapy, Metastasis, And Tyrosine Kinases
The Oncology collection covers important articles on topics such as chemotherapy, metastatic disease, prostate cancer and imatinib mesylate.

SEARCH CURRENT ISSUE PAST ISSUES ... HELP Please sign in for full text and personal services Oncology
The Oncology collection covers topics such as chemotherapy, metastatic disease, prostate cancer and imatinib mesylate and includes research articles, case reports, reviews, and editorial commentary.
Collections Home
CME Exams
Also see: Breast Cancer
Colorectal Cancer


Prostate Disease

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N Engl J Med 2005; 353:977-987, Sep 8, 2005. Original Articles Antibacterial Prophylaxis after Chemotherapy for Solid Tumors and Lymphomas Abstract Full Text PDF N Engl J Med 2005; 353:988-998, Sep 8, 2005. Original Articles Prophylactic Antimicrobial Agents and the Importance of Fitness Baden L. R.

12. PROSTATE CANCER TREATMENT - Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy By
Information about laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. Located in Florida.

13. UM CCC Urologic Oncology Program Home
the early warning signs of bladder cancer Read more about it. This site is a resource for urologic cancer (such as prostate, bladder, kidney

14. MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Prostate Cancer
The cause of prostate cancer is unknown, although some studies have shown prostate cancer is the third most common cause of death from cancer in men of
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Medical Encyclopedia
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Prostate cancer
Contents of this page:
Male reproductive anatomy Male urinary tract BPH Prostate cancer ... TURP - series Alternative names Return to top Cancer - prostate Definition Return to top Prostate cancer involves a malignant tumor growth within the prostate gland. Causes, incidence, and risk factors Return to top The cause of prostate cancer is unknown, although some studies have shown a relationship between high dietary fat intake and increased testosterone levels. When testosterone levels are lowered either by surgical removal of the testicles (castration, orchiectomy) or by medication, prostate cancer can regress. There is no known association with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Prostate cancer is the third most common cause of death from cancer in men of all ages and is the most common cause of death from cancer in men over 75 years old. Prostate cancer is rarely found in men younger than 40. Men at higher risk include black men older than 60, farmers, tire plant workers, painters, and men exposed to cadmium. The lowest incidence occurs in Japanese men and vegetarians.

15. MedlinePlus Prostate Cancer
prostate cancer

16. Prostate Cancer Research Foundation Of Canada - Living With Cancer
The prostate cancer Research Foundation of Canada is the leading Canadianorganization devoted solely to eliminating prostate cancer. prostate cancer Canada
Search our site: Home Contact Us Site Map Links Home Support Us Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada The Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada is the leading national organization devoted solely to eliminating prostate cancer. Our mission is to raise funds for research into the prevention, treatment and cure of prostate cancer by engaging Canadians through awareness, education, and advocacy. Prostate cancer is the number one cancer threat to Canadian men. It will afflict 1 in 7 men in their lifetime - approximately 20,500 men this year alone. The Prostate Cancer Foundation is committed to changing this. Our vision is for a future where men no longer die from Prostate Cancer.
What's New The Father's Day Run raises over $140,000 for prostate cancer research! "Leaf" your mark for the Shoppers Drug Mart Tree of LIFE The Business Breakfasts are set to go for November Click here to read our new 2004 Annual Report (PDF, 1,001KB) The Foundation awards over $1.2 million to prostate cancer research. Click here to read the 14 successful grants

17. Prostate Cancer Research Institute, Research, Awareness And Education
Nonprofit provides access to resources, articles, research and links. Maintained byDrs. Strum and Scholz and located in Los Angeles, California.
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PCRI is a 501(c) (3)
Not-for-profit public charity
US Tax ID: 95-4617875
Best In America


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"Primer" for
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Presidential Proclamation
September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
News Item:
PCRI Wishes to Encourage Participation in a Survey for Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients PCRI Insights August 2005, vol 8, no. 3 Newsletter Now Available Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction Using PSA Intelligently to Manage Prostate Cancer Patient Advocate Foundation - Regarding Testing for Prostate Cancer - Using PSA as a Principal Marker Free Subscription Available on DVDs OUR MISSION The Prostate Cancer Research Institute mission is to improve the quality of men’s lives by supporting research and disseminating information that educates and empowers patients, families and the medical community. Site Map About Us Contact Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) 5777 West Century Boulevard, Suite 800

18. Prostate Seed Institute - Brachytherapy In Dallas Fort Worth
Prostate Seed Institute is a Dallasbased oncology practice run by Dr. Gregory Echt specializing in the treatment of prostate cancer through prostate seed radiation therapy called brachytherapy.

19. PCAW - Prostate Cancer Awareness Week, A Program Of The Prostate
prostate cancer Awareness Week. prostate cancer Awareness Week 2005 September 18 24, 2005. Learn More Screening Site Locator

20. PCRI Insights Newsletter - Prostate Cancer Research Institute
Newly Diagnosed prostate cancer Evaluating the Options (Part 3) Dendritic CellsProviding Key to prostate cancer Immunotherapy; Listening to the
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PCRI is a 501(c) (3)
Not-for-profit public charity
To Learn More:
PCRI Mission

New to PCRI

Basics of PC

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PCRI Insights Newsletter Insights is a free educational periodical written to inform you of essential concepts in prostate cancer. In addition to presenting new data and developments, Insights reviews information of landmark importance. All medical articles are fully referenced, and citations are provided for you to investigate further, if you wish. Articles that present opinions or hypotheses are clearly noted as such. Patients, physicians and other health care professionals can subscribe to Insights free of charge by contacting PCRI at 310-743-2116 or click here to order this quarterly periodical. Some of the individual articles are available online in our PCRI Papers section. To read these articles, click on the links below. All of the Insights
to get your free copy!

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