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  1. Girls Can Succeed in Science!: Antidotes for Science Phobia in Boys and Girls by Linda Sue Samuels, 1998-10-14
  2. Treating Children's Fears and Phobias (Pergamon General Psychology Series: No. 11) by Morris, Richard J. Morris, 1983-01

141. Specific Phobias
Genetic factors have also been associated with phobias. Many people who have phobias have relatives with similar phobias or symptoms such as phobias

142. Naomi Drury - NLP Practitioner In Melbourne, Australia.
Learn how to take control of your thinking. NLP can help selfesteem and confidence, anxiety and phobias, depression, increase motivation and achieve goals, enhance focus and performance.

143. - Specific Phobias
myDNA is a consumer focused health, genetics, and genomics information provider offering disease condition information, health wellness tips,
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144. Healing Reiki/EFT Freedom From OCD PTSD ADD Trich. Stress Phobias And More.
Specializing in long distance Reiki and E.F.T. treatments for O.C.D., phobias, addiction and related problems.
Welcome! I'm Lori.
I have been enthusiastically, and successfully practicing Reiki for seven years! Iam just amazed and delighted to witness immediate results following a hands-on Reiki treatment. I have had exceptional results with long distance treatments as well!
Click on my picture to contact me. This is my Reiki lineage Mikao usui
Dr. Hayashi
Mrs. Takata
Dr. Arthur Robertson
Roger Foisy
Chetan Aseem
Roland Berard
Lori Viens The Reiki principles -Just for today, I will not worry
-Just for today, I will not anger -Just for today, I will show love and respect for every living thing -Just for today, I will do my work honestly -Just for today, I will live in gratitude The ten virtues of a Reiki practitioner COMPASSION CLARITY HUMILITY TOLERANCE HONESTY AND INTEGRITY CALMNESS FAITH SERVICE NON-INTERFERENCE LOVE Dr. Mikao Usui These are said to be a copy of some of Dr. Usui's notes! Dr hayashi Hawayo Takata A testimony of my own journey A few winters ago I began to experience headaches, tingling, numbness and loss of feeling in my fingers; and sometimes hands. After doctors and x-rays, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my spine. I spent two winters in physiotherapy.As the third winter rolled around, as well as my old problems; I began to feel quite discouraged needless to say. Over coffee with my friend Sabine one day, I told her that if I took a deep breath and held my hands on my spine, I could imagine energy flowing from my hands, into my back!

145. RedNova News - Health - Fears, Phobias And Facts: How Risky Is The Real World?
Introduction As a society, do we have a problem with risk as a reality of our lives? People are willing to apportion blame, but are they willing to accept

146. The Phobia King's Home Page
Help for people with phobias, generalized anxiety, and agoraphobia.
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147. Phobias
phobias. PHOBIA NAME, DEFINITION. ACAROPHOBIA, Fear of skin infestation by mites and ticks. ACEROPHOBIA, Fear of sourness. ACHLUOPHOBIA, Fear of darkness

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Phobias PHOBIA NAME DEFINITION ACAROPHOBIA Fear of skin infestation by mites and ticks ACEROPHOBIA Fear of sourness ACHLUOPHOBIA Fear of darkness (also NYCTOPHOBIA) ACOUSTICOPHOBIA Fear of noise ACROPHOBIA Fear of heights AEROPHOBIA Fear of flying; fear of drafts or fresh air AGORAPHOBIA Fear of open spaces AICHOMOPHOBIA Fear of pointed objects (also AICHUROPHOBIA) AILUROPHOBIA ALBUMINUROPHOBIA Fear of albumin in one's urine as a sign of kidney disease ALEKTOROPHOBIA Fear of chickens ALGOPHOBIA Fear of pain (also ODYNOPHOBIA, ODYNEPHOBIA) AMATHOPHOBIA Fear of dust AMAXOPHOBIA Fear of being in or riding in vehicles (also OCHLOPHOBIA) AMYCHOPHOBIA Fear of being scratched ANDROPHOBIA Fear of men; hatred of men ANEMOPHOBIA Fear of drafts or winds ANGINAPHOBIA Fear of narrowness ANGINOPHOBIA Fear of sore throats ANGLOPHOBIA Fear or hatred of England and English things ANTHOPHOBIA Fear of flowers ANTHROPHOBIA Fear of people (also ANTHROPOPHOBIA) ANTLOPHOBIA Fear of floods ANUPTAPHOBIA Fear of remaining single APEIROPHOBIA Fear of infinity APHEPHOBIA Fear of touching or being touched (also HAPHEPHOBIA,HAPTEPHOBIA)

148. Help For Anxiety, Phobias, OCD And Depression.
Insight into anxietyrelated problems and a self help approach to begin to deal with them.
Insight into anxiety-related problems and a self-help approach to deal with them
The day our experiences result in extreme anxiety or panic attack about which we become acutely aware,
from that day on our lives have changed. From that day on our subconscious takes over in a way that we
previously didn't need it. We now become driven to find reasons and answers, driven to constantly watch
ourselves and driven to look out for failure and negative outcomes, to concentrate on that one bad quality
or weakness among the many good and strong ones. We are driven to behave in ways that make us angry
or scared, despairing and frustrated, ways that make us more anxious, ways we believe help to protect us.
Understanding Anxiety and Panic Disorders, Phobias, OCD and Depression
Generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorders, phobias (social phobias, agoraphobia and many specific ones), OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders) and many forms of depression can overwhelm us and leave us feeling out of control.
They feel as though we are driven to act like this, strengthen with every 'attack' and lead to constant searching for reasons and answers. Involving self-doubt, insecurity and fear, they can appear too powerful to deal with.

149. NPS Treatment And Help - Information On Simple / Specific Phobias
Information on specific phobias. As the name suggests, simple/specific phobias are phobias that are about specific objects, situations etc.
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Information on simple/specific phobias
What is it?
A phobia is an irrational fear of an object/situation etc. that would not normally trouble most people. As the name suggests, simple/specific phobias are phobias that are about specific objects, situations etc. They can be quite distinct in nature and easily identified. For example, fear of spiders, fear of thunderstorms, fear of heights. Any phobia may produce a state of panic when the sufferer is confronted with the phobic object/situation. A wide variety of physical symptoms are experienced such as nausea, increased heartbeat and jelly legs. For this reason, many people with simple or specific phobias enter into a pattern of avoidance which can vary enormously in severity from someone who would not want to touch a spider, to someone who cannot even look at a picture of a spider in magazines, and therefore has to vet everything they come into contact with. The latter demonstrates just how debilitating even a simple phobia can be. Top ^
Want to know more
This NPS site has information on a range of resources to get more detailed information and help.

150. Orange County Hypnosis - Successful Hypnotherapy Programs
Irvine. Clinical hypnotherapy, weight control, sports performance, stress, phobias, smoking cessation. Biography, programs, video clips, articles, and testimonials.
Benjamin Moss Hypnosis
of Orange County offers proven successful hypnotherapy programs
All programs listed above are comprised of a series of private hypnotherapy sessions with Benjamin Moss. Start improving your life today, why not take the first step now!
How to get started

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For those of you who can't participate in a one-on-one session, Benjamin's 7 main hypnosis programs are now available for purchase Order CD's Listen to Benjamin Moss preparing a client to go into hypnosis (CD-intro) Read how hypnotherapy gets results "Hypnosis" what is it It is a deep state of relaxation where the mind becomes more receptive to suggestions. "Hypnotherapy" how does it work? The "critical" or "analytical" part of the mind becomes relaxed or disengaged. Suggestions are then received more deeply, without criticism and thus have a far greater impact. "NO MORE SUGAR CRAVINGS"

151. Curing Fear, Phobias, Anxiety & Panic Attacks
Cure your fears, phobias, anxiety or panic attacks. Dr. Fear, Dr. Liebgold is here to help.
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Click here for an ...
excerpt on Chapter One
by Doctor Howard Liebgold, aka Dr. Fear
If you are Shy or have Panic Attacks or Fear public speaking, driving, flying, bridges, elevators, shopping mall, supermarkets, leaving home, escalators, social contacts, busses, BART, subways, crowds, being alone, insects, animals, doctors or any of the over two hundred recognized phobias or suffer recurrent, disturbing thoughts or have to perform endless ritualistic behaviors, you owe it to yourself to begin this program and start your cure. Howard Liebgold, M.D., a physiatrist, who overcame a claustrophobic condition of 31 years reveals the techniques that he has used to help over 9,000 + patients to conquer their fears. Affectionately known as Dr. Fear, Howard Liebgold was awarded California's Physician of the Year in 1991. During his medical career, spanning more than 35 years, he served as Chief of Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation, Head of the Chronic Pain Management Clinic, as well as teaching his phobia classes every week. He has been internationally recognized as a professional Lecturer, including speaking at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco and the Million Round Table in Toronto. Dr. Liebgold is a national expert, featured in many Newspaper/Magazine articles and has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Evening Magazine and the BBC.

152. Restore Health,Eliminate Anxiety,fear Of Flying, Phobias,Meditation,Time Line Th
Specializes in solutions for personal growth, sales training, panic, anxiety, phobias, and depression. Located in Northern New Jersey, U.S.

Welcome Page
Fear of flying Fear of public speaking Life/personal coaching
Welcome Page
Fear of flying Fear of public speaking Life/personal coaching ... References, Links

153. ABC News: Have No Fear: Treating Phobias
Have No Fear Treating phobias. Scientists are unsure of why or how phobias develop. The onset of a phobia may be tied to a traumatic event,

154. World Wide Telephone Treatment Technology - Drug-Free Help For Psychological And
Therapy sessions over the telephone using thought field technology for addiction, phobias, and anxiety.
Introducing the Fremont County Assistance Program - a community project dedicated to the passionate pursuit of health for all. Taking care of those who take care of us. High-risk professionals repeatedly experience traumatic stress caused by the tragedies they witness on the job every day. CRITICAL INCIDENT STRESS ELIMINATION
Fast Effective Drug free This program is solely dependent on community support, and can only be offered with your help . This program is available for your community - apply now
See what Thought Field Therapy and Voice Technology is all about, its success, and how it can improve your psychological and emotional well-being.
Thought Field Therapy is the power therapy of the 21st century. Promoting natural healing and improved mental health, the brief, effective treatment is ideal for rapid and natural healing of negative emotions and psychological problems. Balancing the body's energy system, Thought Field Therapy uses a natural drug-free approach for achieving results that can be documented with Heart Rate Variability measurements.
Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is quickly becoming the treatment of choice for almost all psychological problems including anxiety, anger, addiction, trauma, depression, and phobias.

155. Articles: Fears And Dreads
Words for some common and less common phobias are investigated and explained. Other standard phobias are nyctophobia, a fear of the dark (of the night
ARTICLES SECTION SECTION INDEX PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE OTHER SECTIONS REVIEWS TOPICAL WORDS TURNS OF PHRASE WEIRD WORDS FINDING THINGS INDEX (COMPLETE) SEARCH THE SITE SURPRISE ME! WEEKLY NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBE BY E-MAIL SUBSCRIBE VIA RSS MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS ... BACK-ISSUES ARCHIVE SUPPORT PAGES ABOUT THE AUTHOR CONTACT THE AUTHOR OTHER WORDS SITES PRONUNCIATION GUIDE MY RECENT BOOKS ... POSH FEARS AND DREADS Words for irrational feelings An enquirer of the newsgroup alt.usage.english recently asked for the word that described an irrational fear of dogs. In such circumstances, a word ending in phobia is bound to be appropriate, because this is now the standard term for any extreme aversion, irrational fear or dread. After searching my sources for examples of the appropriate word, curiosity led me to look into similar terms. It is so strongly associated with modern psychiatry and pop-psychology that it is a little surprising to discover that as a word in its own right phobia Phobos , so called in 1877 by its discoverer, the American Asaph Hall, after one of the two horses that in legend pulled the war chariot of the Greek god of war (the other being Deimos Most people only know a very few of the more common words formed using the suffix -phobia Claustrophobia is a fear of enclosed spaces, from the Latin

156. Teenage Phobias And Fears
Dedicated to helping young people overcome agoraphobia, fears, and general phobias. Includes encouragement, tips and hints, an extensive list of phobias, and resources.
Click Here Click Here

157. Phobias
CHC Wausau Hospital s Medical Library and Patient Education Center provides research services and healthcare information to physicians,

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A phobia is an intense, unrealistic fear, which can interfere with the ability to socialize, work, or go about everyday life, that is brought on by an object, event or situation. Description
Just about everyone is afraid of something an upcoming job interview or being alone outside after dark. But about 18% of all Americans are tormented by irrational fears that interfere with their daily lives. They aren't "crazy" they know full well their fears are unreasonable but they can't control the fear. These people suffer from phobias. Phobias belong to a large group of mental problems known as "anxiety disorders" that include obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Phobias themselves can be divided into three specific types:
  • Specific phobias (formerly called "simple phobias") Social phobia Agoraphobia
Specific phobias
As its name suggests, a specific phobia is the fear of a particular situation or object, including anything from airplane travel to dentists. Found in 1 out of every 10 Americans, specific phobias seem to run in families and are roughly twice as likely to appear in women. If the person doesn't often encounter the feared object, the phobia doesn't cause much harm. However, if the feared object or situation is common, it can seriously disrupt everyday life. Common examples of specific phobias, which can begin at any age, include fear of snakes, flying, dogs, escalators, elevators, high places, or open spaces.

158. Panic Attacks Anxieties Anxiety Attacks OCD Social Anxiety Disorder
A free selfhelp site for persons suffering from an anxiety disorder, including panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), fear of flying, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Simple Phobias ... Use of Anxiety Medications SELF-HELP PUBLICATIONS FREE SELF-HELP PROGRAMS FREE ANXIETY HELP
Treating Anxiety Disorders - Click HERE

Free Anxiety Updates Email Newsletter
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"Anxiety Updates", is an email newsletter with journal article reviews, book reviews and original writings. To view past editions, click below Anxiety / Panic Publications ...
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD

159. The Peak, Simon Fraser University S Student Newspaper Since 1965
email, phone (604) 291-3597 fax (604) 291-3786 Volume 89, Issue 7 February 20, 1995 Letter. Fighting fat phobias
The Peak, Simon Fraser University's Student Newspaper since 1965, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5A 1S6, e-mail:, phone: (604) 291-3597 fax: (604) 291-3786
Volume 89, Issue 7 February 20, 1995 Letter
Fighting fat phobias
I was happy to see the full-page articcle by Holly Keyes focusing on Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and specifically on anorexia and bulimia. She clearly did a lot of research for the article, as it was informative and well-written. I wish not to critique her work, only to add to it. Truly, anorexia and bulimia are direct products of our patriarchal Western fat-phobic culture. Aside from personal expreiences of mental, physical and sexual abuse, all women in our culture are affected by the fear and hatred of fat, evident in all popular media. It is inescapable, surrounding us externally and being subsequently internalised by us all. It is socially acceptable to hate fat, and by extension to hate fat people. "Fat" is still used as a general pejorative, and is still a source of cruel jokes and discrimination. This discrimination against 'fat' people is institutionalised; women who are not size 3-12 have to go to 'specialty' stores to buy clothing, and have to pay a lot more for our clothing than do thin people.

160. Hypnotherapy London (Harley Street) Stop Smoking, Social Phobia, Social Anxiety,
Hypnotherapy practice specializing in analytical hypnosis, weight loss/sliming, phobias, social phobia, anxiety, and smoking cessation, one hour from London, UK. Treatments, FAQs, free consultation, credentials, brochure request.
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... Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Stop smoking and join all the other people who are stopping smoking using hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Stop smoking hypnotherapy Smoking statistics Book a stop smoking hypnotherapy appointment Anxiety Panic Attacks Analytical hypnotherapy, can help a whole host of anxiety and fear-related problems: General Anxiety Panic Attacks Social Anxiety / Social Phobia Self-Confidence ... Fear of public speaking NEWS EXTRA!! Top 10 enquiries for July 2005 Stop Smoking Weight Issues Anxiety Fear of Driving ... Self Confidence We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and get lots of wonderful comments about the comprehensiveness of the site, and every month we compile a list of all the most common issues that people contact us about. We compile our top 10 list each month to ensure that our website gives you all the information you need, so if you can't find what you're looking for, or if you have any questions or comments, please do

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