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         Phobias:     more books (100)
  1. Overcoming School Anxiety: How to Help Your Child Deal With Separation, Tests, Homework, Bullies, Math Phobia, and Other Worries by Diane Peters Mayer, 2008-07-02
  2. How to Beat Anxiety, Panic, Phobias and Stress; The small illustrated handbook that shows you how to do three simple things to get control back into your life. by John Smale, 2009-12-07
  3. Social Phobia: Clinical Application of Evidence-Based Psychotherapy by Ronald M. Rapee, 1998-04-01
  4. Rising Above Fear: Healing Phobias, Panic and Extreme Anxiety by Fredric Neuman, 2008-08-01
  5. Hanging Up on Your Phone Phobias by Christie Northrup, 2004-01
  6. Future Phobia by H. Wade Swinford, 2002-06-01
  7. From Social Anxiety to Social Phobia: Multiple Perspectives by Stefan G. Hofmann, Patricia Marten DiBartolo, 2000-09-30
  8. Five Minute Phobia Cure:Dr. Callahan's Treatment for Fears, Phobias and Self-Sabotage by Ph.D. Roger J. Callahan, 1985-02
  9. Working with Groups to Overcome Panic, Anxiety & Phobias : Structured Exercises in Healing by Carol Goldman, 1996-01
  10. No More Monsters In The Closet: Teaching Your Children to Overcome Everyday Fears and Phobias by Jeffrey L. Brown, 1995-05-02
  11. The Tapping Cure: A Revolutionary System for Rapid Relief from Phobias, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and More by Ph.D. Roberta Temes Ph.D., 2006-02-23
  12. An Osborn Festival of Phobias by Eve Wengler, Robert Chesley Osborn, 1971-12
  13. Anxiety & Phobia Workbook (Volume 3 of 4) (EasyRead Super Large 24pt Edition): 4th Edition by Edmund J. Bournes, 2009-08-31
  14. The Panic Attack, Anxiety and Phobia Solutions Handbook by Muriel K. MacFarlane, 1995-12

81. Dr. Ernest Mastria's Attention Training Institute
The principal intention of the Institute is to further the theory of Reflexive Attention Diversion (RAD) as the single cause of psychological discomfort, and Attention Training as the method to alleviate symptoms. Introduction to Dr. Mastria's method of treatment for symptoms of anxiety, phobias, depression, obsessions and related disorders.

82. Cool Quiz! Trivia, Quizzes, Puzzles, Jokes, Useless Knowledge, FUN!
Agoraphobia, one of the most common phobias, involves the fear of open places. phobias are the most common form of anxiety disorders, which affect
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The word "phobia" is a term that refers to a group of symptoms brought on by feared objects or situations. A phobia is a persistent, irrational fear that causes a person to feel intense anxiety. People develop phobias about many things like darkness, social situations, spiders, or blood. Agoraphobia, one of the most common phobias, involves the fear of open places. A person with agoraphobia feels anxious in places where it would be hard to escape, like being in a crowd, standing in line, being on a bridge or traveling in a car. In extreme cases, they are so immobilized by fear that they become a prisoner in their own home. Phobias are the most common form of anxiety disorders, which affect people of all ages, at all income levels and in all geographic locations, according to a study by American the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), between 5.1 and 21.5 percent of Americans suffer form Phobias. Broken down by age and gender, the NIMH study found phobias were the most common psychiatric illness among women in all age groups and the second most common illness among men older than 25. In some people, the response to a phobia can be fairly mild. For example, a person who has a phobia about flying might simply avoid airplanes. In other people, the phobia causes, or arises from, full-blown panic attacks with symptoms such as shortness of breath, sweating, irregular heartbeats and the shakes. Just why a person develops a particular phobia is not always clear. There appear to be both biological and psychological reasons. Psychologists classify phobias with other anxiety-caused problems and theorize they are a response to separation or loss. Heredity appears to play a role, and so does brain chemistry.

83. Index.html ABC 4Counselling - Secure Online Counseling. Secure Email, Chatroom A
Offers online counselling via a secure chatroom, email enquiries, or telephone. Counselling service dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias, depression, abuse and addictions by a qualified registered psychologist.
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  • As a child did you suffer physical or sexual abuse, or receive destructive messages from authority figures? Has this left you vulnerable to addiction which though allowing you to dissociate from emotional pain, also traps you?
    Do you find yourself needing others to make you feel good instead of accepting responsibility for how you personally feel? Up one day, down the next, like a rag doll on a string tugged this way and that depending on others' moods. Discover how to raise self esteem through your own achievements, and be independent of others.
    Do these states of mind cause lost opportunities, or create barriers to achieving the happiness, fulfillment and success that others achieve, but not you? Are your goals ill-defined: forever on the horizon but never grasped? Is your creativity locked in the I can't box, the key to freedom a secret?

84. Phobias: Causes And Treatment In AllPsych Journal
There are three classes of phobias agoraphobia, social phobia, Agoraphobia is the most disabling of all phobias, and treatment is difficult because
Find It Fast AllPsych Home Online Textbooks -Psychology 101 -Personality Synopsis -Statistics Primer -Research Methods Psychology Forums Timeline of Psychology Psychology Biographies Psychology Dictionary Psychology Bookshelf Medication Guide Street Drug Fact Sheet Psychotherapy Facts Psychiatric Disorders -Anxiety Disorders -Dissociative Disorders -Eating Disorders -Impulse Control -Mood Disorders -Paraphilias -Psychotic Disorders -Sexual Dysfunctions -Somatoform Disorders -Substance Disorders -Personality Disorders AllPsych Journal Online Psych Tests -Psychology Tests -Diagnostic Tests -Self-Help Tests Education and Careers Optical Illusions Crossword Puzzles Psychology Games Research Projects Psychology News Psychology on the Web Online Psychology About AllPsych Recognition Feedback Form Home Texts Reference Disorders ... Contact Reference Section Journal Home References Home Timeline of Psychology Psychology Biographies ... Online Psychology FAQs About AllPsych Dr. Heffner Recognition Contact Us
powered by FreeFind AllPsych Journal Phobias: Causes and Treatments Erin Gersley November 17, 2001

85. Overcome Anxiety Fear Phobia PTSD Social Anxiety Agoraphobia Driving Flying Hieg
Rapid release of PTSD, anxieties and phobias. Telephone consultations.
Today millions of American's suffer from disabling disorders that have forced them to alter the way they live their life. For many there have been few options if any to effectively deal with these disorders, as they've kept these issues a secret, even from friends and family. It's just that most people will not understand what you've been going through! Now using the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Hypnosis , Personal Coaching and Neuro-Semantics, we produce permanent and lasting change in an incredibly short period of time. Whether you're seeking relief from an anxiety or looking to achieve personal success works to give you the resources you need to make that permanent change what you've been seeking. Overcome your challenges of:
  • Anxieties Phobia's Post Traumatic Stress Panic attacks Social Anxiety Disorder Agoraphobia Fear of flying Low Self Esteem Shyness Fear of public speaking Self confidence OCD Fear of driving Test anxiety Claustrophobia
  • WHY NOT CHANGE RIGHT NOW? ANXIETY AND FEAR Anxiety and Phobia's Overcoming Fear Phone Consultations Personal Challenges Anxiety and Fear Disclosure Uses are not authorized without permission.

    86. Specific Phobias
    Information about the causes of unreasonable and debilitating fears of a particular thing, called “specific phobias,” which affect mental health.

    87. First Steps
    Help, information advice and support for those suffering from stress/anxiety disorders such as phobias, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and tranquiliser withdrawal. Factsheets and contact details.
    Registered Charity
    Number: 1006837
    Telephone Helplines Ass.
    Member 97/259 first steps to freedom is a registered charity which aims to help, in a practical way, people who suffer from phobias, obsessional compulsive disorder (excessive washing, checking, unwanted thoughts etc., those with general anxiety, panic attacks, anorexia and bulimia, and those who wish to come off tranquillisers, together with help for their carers. Also help, advice and support for the carers of those with borderline personality disorder. chairman
    Keith Carter
    deputy chairman
    Isabelle Cornet honorary president
    Jeffrey M Schwartz MD
    Lesley Hobbs
    Grenville Towers secretary
    Sheila Harris patrons Jo Brand Dr Naomi Fineberg Norman Painting OBE MA health advisors Dr Naomi Fineberg Consultant Psychiatrist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Jeffrey M Schwartz MD Psychiatrist, UCLA School of Medicine

    88. Anxiety Attacks / Phobias / Agoraphobia
    National. 15+ groups/contacts. Founded 1986. Mutual support, encouragement, hope, goal setting, and
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    89. Welcome To DisOrder's Site
    All the dark things i'm interested in music, poetry, books, photos, coffee, deviations, phobias, links, stonehenge, and space.
    At the moment the site contains only photo galleries. Give me some time to start with this all once again :)
    Click on the photo to see the pics.

    90. Phobias And Fears Listed And Illustrated With Full Explanations.
    phobias or excessive fears defined and illustrated plus descriptive quotations in an easy to use and enjoyable dictionary format.
    Phobias, fears , anxieties, dreads, terrors, panics, and angst all contribute to our abhorrence of certain situations and things. See what conditions cause you to abhor (excessively fear)
    Author of plus, believe it or not, additional titles.
    An Excess of Phobias and Manias
    Humans have a host of phobias, or irrational fears, and there is a name for just about all of them. The names for our deepest dreads (phobias) include the Greek root phobia,
    The book, An Excess of Phobias and Manias, has a particular question that everyone should consider about phobias:
    Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the adult afraid of the light?
    An Excess of Phobias and Manias
    is dedicated to presenting LIGHT about phobias and manias with both extended information and humor so you can learn about and enjoy these various phobia presentations.
    fears and loathings ; in other words, genuine phobias
    include the following characteristics: dreads, horrors, terrors, hatreds, anxieties, repulsions, abnormal fears, strong aversions, panics, extreme frights, excessive antipathies, repulsions, revulsions, and angst.
    In addition to the many phobias

    91. Phobias
    Detailed information on the most common types of phobias, including specific phobia, social phobia, and agoraphobia.
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          What is a phobia?
          A phobia is an identifiable and persistent fear that is excessive or unreasonable and is triggered by the presence or anticipation of a specific object or situation. Children and adolescents with one or more phobias consistently experience anxiety when exposed to the specific object or situation. Common phobias include fear of animals, blood, heights, closed spaces, or flying. In children and adolescents, the identified fear must last at least six months to be considered a phobia rather than a transient fear. Types of phobias seen in children and adolescents include the following:
          • specific phobia - anxiety is associated with a specific object or situation. The phobic object or situation is avoided, anticipated with fear, or endured with extreme anxiety to the extent that it interferes with normal routines and activities.

    92. Kate For Therapy
    West London Practitioner offers therapy to address issues such as anxiety, stress management, weight control, phobias and smoking.
    Hypnotherapy with Kate Scudellaro Click the Key to Unlock the Door to Better Health

    93. Unusual Phobias
    List of highly uncommon phobias.
    This page is your resource for highly uncommon phobias many of which you won't even find in the most comprehensive of books about Phobias. ALL, however, are 100% legitimate (as far as I know)
    Send me
    descriptions of unusual phobias you currently have or may have experienced in the past. Feel free to suggest a name for it if it's 'unlisted'. This page thrives off your various neuroses!
    ENJOY!! Phobias, eh? Oh, I'm REAL SCARED!
    Weird phobias, funny phobias, odd phobias, strange phobias, uncommon phobias, unusual fears, unique phobias, uncommon fears, unusual phobias, strange fears NEW!!! CHECK OUT THE NEW UNUSUAL PHOBIAS FORUM:

    94. DogBasics
    Free advice on dealing with a number of issues including chasing cats, jumping, nipping and noise phobias.

    95. Phobia Definition Collection - 593 Different Phobias Definitions
    Download a collection phobias. Created with AZZ Cardfile, a piece of software for home and business.
    Phobias collection - 593 different phobias definitions
    By Will Oestreich. 593 definitions of different phobias: from ablutophobia (fear of washing or bathing) to Zoophobia (fear of animals). There isn't cure or treatment - but you can modify the cards to include any additional information.
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    96. Anxiety, Anxiety Help, Anxiety-Related Disorders, Chronic Anxiety, Anxiety Probl
    Specializes in treatment of general and specific fears, phobias and anxieties. Offices in Santa Monica and Brentwood.
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    At BrightLife, our hearts and minds are with the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Please visit the following websites to offer your financial and other support to the victims of this devastating natural disaster. specializes in rapid, permanent eradication of phobias, panic attacks, generalized and specific anxieties (including social anxieties and agoraphobia), post traumatic stress (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive behaviors (OCD) and persistent nightmares. On average, just 1 to 4 six-hour Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Coaching sessions are required to achieve complete, absolutely permanent relief from your phobia, anxiety, PTSD or panic attacks.

    97. Useful Information On Phobias And Panic
    Internet and CDROM Publisher on Health and the Environment.
    Useful Information On Phobias And Panic
    (posted by Hopkins Technology)