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         Panic:     more books (99)
  1. Moral Panic: Changing Concepts of the Child Molester in Modern America by Professor Philip Jenkins, 2004-12-28
  2. Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams: Short Stories, Prose, and Diary Excerpts (P.S.) by Sylvia Plath, 2008-09-01
  3. Panic Free : Eliminate Anxiety / Panic Attacks Without Drugs and Take Control ofYour Life by Lynne Freeman, 1999-06-01
  4. Panic by Jeff Abbott, 2006-08-01
  5. Panic Attacks: A Natural Approach, Second Edition by Shirley Trickett, 1999-07-12
  6. Full Metal Panic! Volume 5 by Shouji Gatou, Retsu Tateo, 2004-06-22
  7. Overcoming Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia: Client Manual (Best Practices for Therapy Series) by Elke Zuercher-White, 1999-05
  8. Help! I Think I'm Dying! Panic Attacks & Phobias: A Consumer's Guide to Getting Treatment That Works by Abbot Lee, MD Granoff, 1996-01
  9. Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams by Sylvia Plath, 2001-04-09
  10. From Panic to Peace of Mind: Overcoming Panic and Agoraphobia by C. B. Scrignar, 1991-12
  11. Anxiety, Phobias, & Panic: A Step-by-Step Program for Regaining Control of Your Life by Reneau Z. Peurifoy, 1995-09-01
  12. Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend by Jeffrey S. Victor, 1993-04-19
  13. Panic Rules!: Everything You Need to Know about the Global Economy by Robin Hahnel, 1999-10-01
  14. New Father's Panic Book by G Williams, Gene Williams, 1997-06-01

101. Panic Disorder: Effective Treatment Options - May 15, 1998 - American Academy Of
The diagnosis of panic disorder requires recurrent, unexpected panic attacks and at A diagnosis of panic disorder is made if the patient has experienced

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AAFP Home Page
Journals Vol. 57/No. 10 (May 15, 1998) ... Patient Information
Panic Disorder: Effective Treatment Options
University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, Peoria, Illinois
A patient information handout on panic disorder and agoraphobia , written by the authors of this article, is provided on page 2419. Panic disorder is a distressing and debilitating condition with a familial tendency; it may be associated with situational (agoraphobic) avoidance. The diagnosis of panic disorder requires recurrent, unexpected panic attacks and at least one of the following characteristics: persistent concern about having an additional attack (anticipatory anxiety); worry about the implications of an attack or its consequences (e.g., a catastrophic medical or mental consequence) and making a significant change in behavior as a consequence of the attacks. A variety of pharmacologic interventions is available, as are nonpharmacologic cognitive or cognitive-behavioral therapies that have demonstrated safety and efficacy in the treatment of panic disorder. Early detection and thoughtful selection of appropriate first-line interventions can help these patients, who often have been impaired for years, regain their confidence and ability to function in society. TABLE 1
Symptoms of Panic Attacks
Neurologic symptoms
Dizzy, light-headed or unsteady feeling

102. Pneumonia Causes Panic In Guangdong Province -- Rosling And Rosling 326 (7386):
In the absence of official information, rumors magnified the epidemic out of proportion., formerly British Medical Journal
Help Search Archive ... Table of Contents Author
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PubMed PubMed Citation Articles by Rosling, L. Articles by Rosling, M. Related content Medical Consequences of Conflict
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Global health
BMJ 2003;326:416 ( 22 February )
Pneumonia causes panic in Guangdong province
Lesley Rosling Mark Rosling , Guangzhou The past fortnight has seen the province of Guangdong in southern China become victim to a serious pneumonia epidemic that seized its people with fear and caused major temporary economic damage but that eventually turned out to have relatively slight medical impact. By last week, there had been eight

103. Treatment Of Panic Disorder - February 15, 2005 - American Family Physician
panic disorder with or without agoraphobia occurs commonly in patients in primarycare Patients with panic disorder have several treatment options.

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AAFP Home Page
Journals Vol. 71/No. 4 (February 15, 2005)
Treatment of Panic Disorder PETER HAM, M.D., DAVID B. WATERS, PH.D., and M. NORMAN OLIVER, M.D.
University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia Patient information: A handout on panic attacks, written by the authors of this article, is provided on page 740. A PDF version of this document is available. Download PDF now (7 pages /120 KB). See definitions of strength-of-recommendation labels. P anic disorder is a disabling condition that is common in patients in primary care settings. Diagnosis may be difficult because symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath also are associated with potentially serious conditions. However, proper diagnosis and treatment with medications and/or skilled therapy may restore a better quality of life. Patients with panic disorder typically have panic attacks, with rapid onset of the symptoms listed in Table 1 and a persistent concern about having an attack. Attacks occur suddenly and typically last more than 10 minutes (although the length of attacks is variable). They can occur one to several times per week, usually unpredictably, and may interfere with the patient's normal activities and work. Although panic disorder often is chronic, the frequency of attacks and associated symptoms (e.g., depression, avoidant behavior) may wax and wane.

104. The Infocom Gallery The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
Highquality scans of packaging, manual, Don't panic! button, pocket fluff, demolition orders, and microscopic space fleet.
A project of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Beyond question the most mind-bogglingly hilarious story Infocom has ever produced is THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, written and designed by Douglas Adams, author of the phenomenally best-selling novel, and Steve Meretzky, the award-winning designer of Infocom's PLANETFALL and SORCERER. As the story begins, you are Arthur Dent, and a bulldozer is preparing to level your house even as an alien space fleet is preparing to level your planet. The incorrigible Mr. Adams has written new material and designed problems especially for this interactive story. So grab a pint of bitter and a couple for the road and join Ford Prefect, Trillian, Zaphod Beeblebrox and Marvin on a cosmic jaunt into the outer reaches where anything can and does happen. And don't forget your towel!
How Many Times Has This Happened To You?
I don't think they mind , though.

105. I Want One Of Those: Panic Button
gadgets and gift ideas, cool toys games from I Want One Of Those.
Ultimate Toys Office Toys Gorgeous Gifts Adventures ... Bookmark our site Home My Account Gift Finder Shopping Cart ... Help
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Quite possibly the most important key on your keyboard! Though not just for computers, the Panic Button is a vital - if somewhat pointless - addition to everyone's desk. It doesn't do anything of course, but you feel a lot better having a button to stab at when everything goes to pot. Stick it on your keyboard, your dashboard, possibly even your ironing board, and get instant relief from life's little emergencies.
  • Comes with a self-adhesive pad on the base Size: ~1.5cm x 1.5cm x 1cm
Customer Reviews:
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"With a little bit of playing I managed to replace the help
button on my keyboard with this handy panic button!"
Andrew D
I put it on the keyboard but nothing happens when I push it. Do I need special software for it?

106. CNN - Fed's Advice On Y2K: Get Tense But Don't Panic - March 18, 1999

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Fed's advice on Y2K: Get tense but don't panic
March 18, 1999

Web posted at: 8:47 a.m. EST (1347 GMT)
by Jessica Davis From...
WASHINGTON (IDG) Get ready for the worst, but don't panic. That is the message from the chair of the President's Council on the Year 2000 Conversion, John A. Koskinen, who delivered a keynote address to government IT executives at the FOSE show here Tuesday. The federal government has chugged along in achieving year-2000 compliance goals and expects to have 90 percent of its mission-critical systems finished by its self-imposed deadline at the end of this month, according to a report due to be publicly released this week by the Office of Management and Budget. Stories:
  • Meaning of the Millennium Y2K: Hype or Hazard?
  • 107. Moral Panic - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    A moral panic is a mass movement based on the perception that some individual orgroup, A moral panic is specifically framed in terms of morality,
    You did it! Over US$240,000 was donated in the 21 day fund drive. Thank you for your generosity! You are still welcome to make a donation or purchase Wikimedia merchandise
    Moral panic
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    A moral panic is a mass movement based on the false or at least exaggerated perception that some individual or group, frequently a minority group or a subculture , is dangerously deviant and poses a menace to society . These panics are generally fuelled by media coverage of social issues (although semi-spontaneous moral panics do occur), and often include a large element of mass hysteria . A moral panic is different from mass hysteria in that a moral panic is specifically framed in terms of morality, and usually expressed as outrage rather than unadulterated fear. Moral panics often revolve around issues of sex and often involve a new or widely circulated urban legend . These panics can sometimes lead to mob violence . The term was coined by Stanley Cohen in to describe media coverage of Mods and Rockers in the United Kingdom in the . A factor in moral panic is the deviancy amplification spiral Examples of moral panics inspired by real or imagined phenomena include:

    108. Smokin' Heads - Homepage
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    109. Panic - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    For other uses, see panic (disambiguation). panic is a sudden terror whichdominates thinking and often affects groups of people. panics typically occur in
    You did it! Over US$240,000 was donated in the 21 day fund drive. Thank you for your generosity! You are still welcome to make a donation or purchase Wikimedia merchandise
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    For other uses, see Panic (disambiguation)
    Panic is a sudden fear which dominates thinking and often affects groups of people or animals. Panics typically occur in disaster situations, and may endanger the overall health of the affected group. The word panic derives from the name of the god Pan in Greek mythology , who supposedly struck fear into the enemies of his subjects. Prehistoric man used mass panic as a weapon when hunting animals, especially ruminants Herds scared by unusually strong sound and visual effects were directed towards cliffs , where they eventually jumped to their death when cornered. Humans are also vulnerable to panic and it is often considered infectious, in the sense one person's panic may easily spread to other people nearby and the entire mass of humanity will soon start to act irrationally . But people also have the ability to prevent and/or control their own and other's panic by way of thinking and practice drills. Architects and city planners try to accommodate the symptoms of panic, such as

    110. Full Metal Panic - Stuff
    Full Metal panic! Enter.

    111. Cinema Confidential: Panic Room
    A film synopsis, cast and crew information, and related news stories.

    112. Guide To Resources For Anxiety And Panic Disorders
    Help and support for anxiety and panic disorders, phobias, stress and recovery.
    Alcoholism Addiction and Mental Health Help
    Search for Addiction Treatment Centers, 12-Step Meetings and Support Groups, Teen Treatment Programs Sober Living and Detox Centers
    Help Starts Here
    Find Help Fast
    Anxiety and Panic
    Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA)
    Agoraphobia, Anxiety Info Support: ENcourage Connection
    ENcourage Connection, The Internet Home of ENcourage Newsletter, is dedicated to providing quality information, inspiration and ideas for those working toward recovery from excessive anxiety, panic an
    Anxiety and Panic Disorder Center of Los Angeles
    Specializing in the treatment and therapy of panic disorder, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, phobias, and agoraphobia with the use of psychotherapy, behavior modification and medications.
    Anxiety and Stress Disorders Clinic Prevention and Treatment
    For the Prevention and Treatment of anxiety disorders.
    Anxiety Book Store: Over 220 Current Books!

    113. Panic Attacks Have Moved
    Personal story, symptoms, treatment modailties, drug therapy, natural therapies, recommended reading and links.
    Panic Attacks Have Moved The panic pages that have been here since 1997 have MOVED to
    I humbly invite you to the new website. It is at
    Welcome! My Favorite Links: Panic Attack Info Name: Lisa Email:

    114. Don't Panic Yet...
    Some information from a study about panic among divers, and related issues, by Dr.William Morgan, director of the Sport Psychology Laboratory at the
    I'm Afraid We Must Talk About...
    A silent, serene paradise that's the usual picture of the watery world of scuba diving. But is there terror in paradise?
    Yes, according to a new study that suggests episodes of panic or near-panic may explain many recreational diving accidents and deaths. In a national survey, more than half of divers reported experiencing at least one panic or near-panic behavior, says William Morgan , director of the Sport Psychology Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the principal author of the study. image courtesy of UW Sea Grant Institute, photo credit UW-Madison News Service. The panic attack was often spurred by something that a non-diver would deem serious entanglement, an equipment malfunction or the sight of a shark. But the attacks don't make things better, Morgan says they can lead to irrational and dangerous behavior. If divers and instructors knew more about the phenomenon, Morgan adds, they could screen out people who might be susceptible to life-threatening panic attacks. What to learn more about panic underwater?

    115. Widespread Panic - Music, News, Videos, Photos, CD, Songs, Alb
    Includes biography, discography, pictures, articles, video files, and message board.

    116. Panic (2001): Reviews
    Links to reviews on other sites.
    GameSpot GameFAQs ... Contact Us in all of metacritic in film and video in music in games in books
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    based on 24 reviews Read critic reviews How did we calculate this? based on 11 votes Read user comments Rate this movie Compare prices at Buy it at MPAA RATING: R for language and elements of violence Starring William H. Macy John Ritter Neve Campbell Donald Sutherland , and Tracey Ullman GENRE(S): Drama WRITTEN BY: Henry Bromell DIRECTED BY: Henry Bromell

    117. EMedicine - Panic Disorders : Article By Michael C Plewa, MD
    panic Disorders An understanding of panic disorder (PD) is important foremergency physicians because patients with PD frequently present to the emergency
    (advertisement) Home Specialties Resource Centers CME ... Patient Education Articles Images CME Advanced Search Consumer Health Link to this site Back to: eMedicine Specialties Emergency Medicine Psychosocial
    Panic Disorders
    Last Updated: January 31, 2005 Rate this Article Email to a Colleague Synonyms and related keywords: PD, panic attack, panic attacks, nonfearful panic disorder, NFPD, anxiety disorders, agoraphobia AUTHOR INFORMATION Section 1 of 10 Author Information Introduction Clinical Differentials ... Bibliography
    Author: Michael C Plewa, MD , Research Director, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Medical College of Ohio and Saint Vincent Mercy Medical Center Michael C Plewa, MD, is a member of the following medical societies: American Academy of Emergency Medicine American College of Emergency Physicians American Medical Association International Association for the Study of Pain ... Physicians for a Violence-Free Society , and Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Editor(s): Samuel M Keim, MD

    118. Kinopolis - Panic Room
    Die Datenbank enth¤lt eine Inhaltsangabe zum Film und einen kurzen Kommentar.
    Panic Room
    (The Panic Room GENRE:
    Thriller DARSTELLER: Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto, Dwight Yoakam, Patrick Bauchau, Ian Buchanan, Ann Magnuson, Andrew Kevin Walker, Holt McCallany, Mel Rodriguez, Paul Schulze u.a. REGIE: David Fincher, USA 2002 DREHBUCH: David Koepp
    INHALT Der "Panic Room". Ein geheimes Zimmer inmitten eines modernen Sandsteinhauses. Ausgestattet mit einer Notration Nahrungsmitteln und modernster Überwachungstechnik, die wie ein drittes Auge jede Bewegung in der Wohnung registriert. Das perfekte Domizil für die frischgeschiedene, bisweilen von Angstattacken demoralisierte Meg Altman und ihre Tochter Sarah, die nur eins wollen: Ruhe und Sicherheit. Der "Panic Room". Objekt der Begierde für die ungleiche Diebesbande um Raoul, Burnham und Junior. Hier vermuten sie einen Batzen Geld, den sie um jeden Preis haben wollen. Der "Panic Room". Wenn sich einmal die bleischwere Tür geschlossen hat, gibt es kein Entkommen mehr aus dem hermetisch abgeriegelten "Verlies". Als die schwer bewaffneten Gangster das Haus stürmen, fliehen Mutter und Tochter in ihr sicheres Hightech-Versteck, ohne zu ahnen, dass die abgebrühten Schatzjäger längst Kenntnis von dem Raum und seiner Raffinesse haben. Eingepfercht in ihr Gefängnis verfolgen Meg und Sarah auf den Monitoren angstvoll die Umsetzung eines perfiden Plans...

    119. Panic: A Quantitative Analysis

    120. Panic Disorder
    What Is The Difference Between A panic Attack and panic Disorder? Approximately 15%of the population will experience panic attacks at some time in their
    PANIC DISORDER What Is A Panic Attack? Panic attacks are usually 2 to 10 minute periods of intense feelings of fear, anxiety and physical discomfort that often seem to occur out of the blue. People often mistake these attacks for heart attacks or strokes. Common physical symptoms experienced are increased heart rate, sweating, nausea, and dizziness. Additionally people may feel as if they are losing self-control or may feel disconnected from their environment. When and Where Do Panic Attacks Occur? I get really stressed about all the exams and projects I have to do. Could these be panic attacks? First panic attacks are unexpected. This means that they happen in the absence of a stress or anxiety-provoking situation. Feeling anxiety during stressful times such as finals week is natural. However, when one has attacks of extreme anxiety during normal, non-stressful everyday activities, it might be a panic attack What Is The Difference Between A Panic Attack and Panic Disorder? Approximately 15% of the population will experience panic attacks at some time in their lives, but these are not all considered panic disorder. According to the American Psychiatric Association, people are diagnosed with a panic disorder if they have

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