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         Mood Disorders:     more books (100)
  1. Living with Bipolar Disorder: A Guide for Individuals and Families by Michael Otto, Noreen Reilly-Harrington, et all 2008-04-02
  2. The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook: A Guide to Healing, Recovery, and Growth by Glenn Schiraldi, 2009-03-05
  3. Overcoming Bipolar Disorder: A Comprehensive Workbook for Managing Your Symptoms and Achieving Your Life Goals by Mark Bauer, Evette Ludman, et all 2009-01-02
  4. Decoding Bipolar Disorder: Practical Treatment and Management by Trisha Suppes, J. Sloan Manning, et all 2007-01-30
  5. Win the Battle: The 3-Step Lifesaving Formula to Conquer Depression and Bipolar Disorder by Bob Olson, 1999-01-25
  6. Mood Disorders: A Handbook of Science and Practice
  7. Anxiety Disorders: Everything You Need to Know (Your Personal Health) by Paul Caldwell MDCCFP, 2005-09-03
  8. Facing Bipolar: The Young Adult's Guide to Dealing With Bipolar Disorder by Russ, Ph.D. Federman, J. Anderson, Jr., M.D. Thomson, 2010-02
  9. Mood Disorders in Later Life, Second Edition (Medical Psychiatry Series)
  10. Cases in Emotional and Behavioral Disorders of Children and Youth (2nd Edition) by James M. Kauffman, Timothy J. Landrum, 2008-04-06
  11. The Stress and Mood Management Program for Individuals With Multiple Sclerosis: Therapist Guide (Treatments That Work) by David Mohr, 2010-02-03
  12. Treatment of Childhood Disorders, Third Edition
  13. Conquering Panic and Anxiety Disorders: Success Stories, Strategies, and Other Good News
  14. Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders: A Physician's Handbook by Thomas J. McGlynn, 1991-06

101. Dr. Dan Wolf, Adult Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine
He specializes in addiction medicine, anxiety and mood disorders, substance abuse treatment, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and psychotherapy for adults and teens.
Dr. Wolf is a Board-certified psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience evaluating and treating adults and teens with:
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression)
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, traumatic stress, OCD
  • Medication Management
  • Psychotherapy
  • Alcohol and/or other Drug use
  • ADHD
  • Life Transitions
Dr. Wolf is also available for speaking engagements.
4130 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Board Certified in Addiction Medicine by:
American Society of Addiction Medicine CURRICULUM VITAE
Dr. Daniel E. Wolf, D.O., P.S

102. Clinical Trial: The Effects Of Hormones In Postpartum Mood Disorders
Depressive Disorder Mood Disorder Postpartum Depression, Drug Lupron Official Title An Endocrine Model For Postpartum mood disorders
Home Search Browse Resources ... About The Effects of Hormones in Postpartum Mood Disorders This study is currently recruiting patients.
Verified by National Institutes of Health Clinical Center (CC) April 27, 2005 Sponsored by: National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Information provided by: National Institutes of Health Clinical Center (CC) Identifier: Purpose Condition Intervention Depressive Disorder
Mood Disorder
Postpartum Depression
Drug: Lupron
related topics: Mental Health Postpartum Depression
Study Type: Observational
Study Design: Natural History Official Title: An Endocrine Model For Postpartum Mood Disorders Further Study Details:
Expected Total Enrollment: 80 Study start: March 31, 1995
Eligibility Genders Eligible for Study: Female Accepts Healthy Volunteers Criteria INCLUSION CRITERIA: The subjects of this study will be women who meet the following criteria: A history of DSM-IV major depression or hypomanic/manic episode that occurred within three months of childbirth; Has been well for a minimum of one year;

103. Home Page
Outpatient mental health and counselling center with specialties in drug and alcohol treatment, public safety therapy, mood disorders and trauma.

104. HSLS: Mood Disorders
The Strategic Plan for mood disorders Research Presents a 113 page report in PDF Psychopharmacology of mood disorders A New Golden Era in the Making
Health Sciences Library System
for the University of Pittsburgh and Site Search Site Map Home Resources ... Internet Guides
Mood Disorders
University of Pittsburgh/UPMC Resources
Stanley Center for the Innovative Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
Presents newsletters and information on the clinical and research activities of the Center.
The Depression and Manic Depression Prevention Program (DMDPP)
Describes the research and therapeutic activities of the Program which is part of the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
^ top State and Local Resources
Pennsylvania DMDA Support Groups
A list of Pennsylvania support groups and chapters affiliated with the National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association.
^ top Internet Sites
Bipolar Disorder
Resources from the National Institute of Mental Health, including consumer information and research activities of the Institute.
Depression in Men and Women: What´s the Difference?
Summary of the presentations at a one-day program co-sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the Society for Women's Health Research (SWHR) on Saturday, March 24, 2001, as part of the Smithsonian Resident Associates series.
Dr. Ivan's Depression Central

105. Male Depressionmale Depression, Male, Depression, Man, Men, Depression In Men, M
Support for men who suffer from depression (overt depression), covert depression, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and other mood disorders such as dysthymia.
Male Depressionmale depression, male, depression, man, men, depression in men, masculine
Male Depressionmale depression, male, depression, man, men, depression in men, masculine
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106. Dr. Joshua Israel, M.D. - Psychiatrist, San Francisco: Specializing In The Psych
Specializes in the psychopharmacology of mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder) and adult attention deficit disorder. Education, training, academic appointments, certifications, and affiliations.
Joshua Israel, M.D.
Psychiatrist, San Francisco home links contact 2482 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
phone 415.902-9422
fax 520.223-5216
Dr. Joshua Israel is a San Francisco Psychiatrist Specializing in the Psychopharmacology of Mood Disorders (Depression) and Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
Dr. Israel is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF and has written and lectured widely on contemporary pharmacologic treatments in mental health. What is
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

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107. Virtual Hospital: University Of Iowa Family Practice Handbook, Fourth Edition: P
Psychiatry mood disorders. Alison C. Abreu, MD and Julie Kay Filips, MD Departments of Psychiatry and Family Medicine University of Iowa Hospitals and
University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook, Fourth Edition, Chapter 18
Psychiatry: Mood Disorders
Alison C. Abreu, MD and Julie Kay Filips, MD
Departments of Psychiatry and Family Medicine
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Peer Review Status: Externally Peer Reviewed by Mosby
  • Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
  • Overview. Lifetime risk as high as 12% for men and 26% for women. Risk factors: Tip-offs for depression in a primary care setting. May include fatigue, somatic complaints (such as headache, backache, chest pain, dyspepsia, and limb pain), anxiety symptoms, depressed mood, weight loss or gain, or insomnia. Diagnostic criteria are found in Box 18-1 Symptoms can be divided into:
  • Emotional. Dysphoria, irritability, anhedonia, withdrawal. Cognitive. Self-criticism, sense of worthlessness or guilt, hopelessness, poor concentration, memory impairment, delusions or hallucinations. Vegetative . Fatigue, decreased energy, insomnia, hypersomnia, anorexia, psychomotor retardation or agitation, impaired libido. Evaluation.
  • 108. Postpartum Depression: Overview
    From SAD, PMDD, anxiety and mood disorders, to chronic and postpartum depression, learn about the symptoms of depression in women, men, teens and children.
    Site Map Tell a Friend Overview


    Postpartum Psychosis
    Postpartum Depression: Overview
    Postpartum depression and the more severe postpartum psychosis are of major concern today, especially to new mothers or soon-to-be moms. Postpartum depression is also known as postnatal depression , or simply as the acronym PPD What Are the "Baby Blues"?
    Feeding, diapering and taking care of a new baby can be overwhelming. Forty to 85 percent of women experience intense highs and lows as they adjust to life with a new baby. Feeling anxious and crying for reasons she can't explain are actually normal behaviors for the mother of a new baby. With feedings every few hours, the mother of a new baby is likely to feel tired and have trouble falling asleep after a deep sleep has been interrupted. She may have trouble concentrating and probably feels irritable. Sudden weight gain and weight loss are both normal, as are fluctuations in appetite. These are symptoms of the "baby blues." According to most research, these symptoms may last several weeks, often peaking during the first week following delivery. They usually go away by themselves. If feelings of sadness persist more than a few weeks, a woman may be suffering from postpartum depression. How can you tell the difference?

    109. NARSAD: News & Events: NARSAD Research Newsletter Archive
    Many researchers believe that mood disorders in children and adolescents The essential features of mood disorders are the same in children as in adults,
    Mood Disorders in Children and Adolescents
    by Anne Brown Many researchers believe that mood disorders in children and adolescents represent one of the most under diagnosed group of illnesses in psychiatry. This is due to several factors:
  • children are not always able to express how they feel, the symptoms of mood disorders take on different forms in children than in adults, mood disorders are often accompanied by other psychiatric disorders which can mask depressive symptoms, and many physicians tend to think of depression and bipolar disorder as illnesses of adulthood.
  • Not surprisingly, it was only in the 1980's that mood disorders in children were included in the category of diagnosed psychiatric illnesses. How Prevalent are Mood Disorders in Children and Adolescents?
    • 7-14% of children will experience an episode of major depression before the age of 15. 20-30% of adult bipolar patients report having their first episode before the age of 20. Out of 100,000 adolescents, two to three thousand will have mood disorders out of which 8-10 will commit suicide.
    Depression There is emerging evidence that major depression can develop in prepubertal children and that it is a significant clinical occurrence among adolescents. Recent epidemiologic studies have shown that a large proportion of adults experience the onset of major depression during adolescence and early adulthood.

    110. Andrew Jen, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology - Clinical Psychologist & Professional Psy
    Professional psychotherapy and counseling, specializing in mood disorders and behavioral problems. Background, services and contact information.
    Licensed Psychologist
    California: #PSY19185 Andrew Jen is a licensed psychologist who practices professional psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching in Los Angeles. With a background as a NASA psychologist, he focuses on the complex problems and challenging goals of highly motivated individuals. Drawing upon recent research on creativity, optimism, and resilience, Dr. Jen strives to help people achieve their goals and attain optimal results in their lives. His areas of specialty include depression, stress, anxiety, and peak performance.
    O p p o r t u n i t y

    If you are like most people, there are times when conflict, change, or even opportunity can challenge your resources. Left unattended, this stress can be a barrier to achieving your full potential. A confidential relationship with an experienced therapist and coach is one way to understand the sources of your difficulty, recognize your untapped strengths, make clear decisions, and then take well-informed action. In your work with me, you will receive the expert attention, honesty, and care that can help you make meaningful change, solve problems, and do your best. W o r k
    Whether you are experiencing a crisis for the first time, have struggled with a mental health concern for years, or are simply determined to take your current performance to the next level, your work with me requires a commitment to meet at least once a week. More frequent sessions are encouraged in certain situations, because they can lead to results that are more immediate and more profound. As part of our initial consultation, we will establish a schedule that meets your needs.

    111. Defeat Depression - Home
    News and articles depression, mood disorders and stigma
    YOU ARE IN: Defeat Depression > Home
    Latest News atkins diet can make you depressed
    banning antidepressants for children

    depression costs uk £9 billion

    survivors of suicide by loved ones need help too
    Latest Articles the emotional and behavioral disorders of children and adolescents anxiety one gene controls development of all serotonin cells solution-focused therapy: a solution driven model for change ... more..... Quick Guides If you want fast information then our quick guides are for you! Select the quide you want from the list below and you will be automatically taken to that guide. If you think there is a subject we should include in our list of guides please let us know.
    Anxiety Bipolar Disorder Depression Medication Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Older People Phobias Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Suicide Young People Subscribe Provide your name and e-mail address to get intermittent email announcing additions and significant changes to this website.
    Email: Search our
    articles Mail this page to a friend Chat Contact Us Articles on this site are optimized for use by Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    112. Wiley::Mood Disorders
    mood disorders Eric JL Griez (Editor) ISBN 0470-09426-5 Hardcover 562 pages January 2005. £110.00 / €165.00 Add to Cart
    Location: United States change location Shopping Cart My Account Help ... Contact Us
    By Keyword By Title By Author By ISBN By ISSN Wiley Medical Sciences Psychiatry Mood Disorders Related Subjects Neuroscience

    Assessment in Psychology

    General Clinical Psychology

    Join a Related Titles More By This Author
    Anxiety Disorders: An Introduction to Clinical Management and Research (Hardcover)

    Cognitive Analytic Therapy for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse: Approaches to Treatment and Case Management (E-Book)

    by Philip H. Pollock
    Eating Disorders (Hardcover)
    by Mario Maj (Editor), Katharine Halmi (Editor), Juan José López-Ibor (Editor), Norman Sartorius (Editor) Dementia, Second Edition (Paperback) by Mario Maj (Editor), Norman Sartorius (Editor) Schizophrenia, 2nd Edition (Paperback) by Mario Maj (Editor), Norman Sartorius (Editor) Depressive Disorders, Second Edition (Paperback) by Mario Maj (Editor), Norman Sartorius (Editor) Psychiatry Mood Disorders Eric J. L. Griez (Editor) ISBN: 0-470-09426-5 Hardcover 562 pages March 2005 US $195.00

    113. The Center For Postpartum Family Health
    Services include counseling and education for perinatal mood disorders including postpartum depression and anxiety.
    The Center For Postpartum Family Health Counseling and Education for Perinatal Mood Disorders Sherry J. Duson, M.A. Stacey Glaesmann, M.A. Licensed Professional Counselor Licensed Professional Counselor Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Educator Email Email About Services ... What's New?
    This site is a member of WebRing.
    To browse visit Here The information on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological condition.
    var site="sm9postpartum"

    114. Wiley::Mood Disorders: A Handbook Of Science And Practice
    mood disorders A Handbook of Science and Practice provides an upto-date summary of the latest theory and practice in unipolar and bipolar mood disorders.
    Location: United States change location Shopping Cart My Account Help ... Contact Us
    By Keyword By Title By Author By ISBN By ISSN Wiley Psychology Clinical Psychology General Clinical Psychology Mood Disorders: A Handbook of Science and Practice Related Subjects Psychiatry

    Forensic Psychology

    Join a Psychology Mailing List Related Titles More By This Author
    Handbook of Cognition and Emotion (Hardcover)

    The Transformation of Meaning in Psychological Therapies: Integrating Theory and Practice (Paperback)

    General Clinical Psychology
    Psychological Interventions in Early Psychosis: A Treatment Handbook (Hardcover)

    by John F. M. Gleeson (Editor), Patrick D. McGorry (Editor)
    Psychological Interventions in Early Psychosis: A Treatment Handbook (Paperback)
    by John F. M. Gleeson (Editor), Patrick D. McGorry (Editor) Handbook of Interventions that Work with Children and Adolescents: Prevention and Treatment (Hardcover) by Paula M. Barrett (Editor), Thomas H. Ollendick (Editor) Handbook of Motivational Counseling: Concepts, Approaches, and Assessment (Hardcover) by W. Miles Cox (Editor), Eric Klinger (Editor) International Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology (Hardcover) by Fay Fransella (Editor) General Clinical Psychology Mood Disorders: A Handbook of Science and Practice Mick Power (Editor) ISBN: 0-470-84390-X Hardcover 394 pages January 2004 US $125.00

    115. Gabapentin For Depression, Mania And Anxiety
    Information about Neurontin and its use in psychiatry to treat patients with treatmentresistant mood disorders in an FAQ format.

    116. The Path Of Greatest Advantage
    Psychological assessment research and treatment services provides therapy for addictive disorders, mood disorders, relationship and family problems.
    Psychological A ssessment R eferral T reatment S ervices
    Psychological ARTS is a group of mental health professionals based in Austin, Texas. Over the past 30 years we have collaborated with our clients to overcome mood disorders, addictive disorders, and relationship problems. The perspectives and methods we have developed have proved helpful to individuals both inside and outside our local area. For those who live within the Central Texas region we provide a broad range of Assessment Referral and Treatment Services. We also offer a range of products and services to distant locations This web site has two functions:
    • local clients - Click this hyperlink for information about our practice, forms, meet our staff, etc.
      All visitors: Many of the pages that follow describe generic illusions and traps that produce self-defeating outcomes. A good place to begin this journey is: Pathology and the Study of Paths
    Our webmaster, William Dubin, Ph.D., is intrigued by the P roblem of I mmediate G ratification and has adopted the PIG as his personal logo. This image appears on several pages, and if you click on it your computer should open an email dialogue box so you can send your comments, suggestions, or questions.

    117. Mood Disorders
    Information and articles about a variety of treatments for mental illness, covering everything from psychotherapy to herbal remedies.

    118. Bipolar Disorder
    Essay by a psychiatrist on classification and treatment of mood disorders.
    Doctor Z Bipolar Disorder Home ADHD Amazing Bipolar Disorder ... Contact Me
    In recent years, our understanding of Bipolar Disorder has expanded to include reasonable deviations from this themeso called "mixed" states (coexisting manic and depressive symptoms), "rapid-cyclers" (4 or more episodes of mania and/or depression per year), and numerical subtypes such as alternating major depression with hypomania ("Type II"). Such variants appear to benefit less from treatment with Lithium, in comparison to the classic type.
    Scott Zentner

    119. Epilepsy Study Gives Insight To Mood Disorders
    New solutions for learning and mood disorders caused by epilepsy may be a step closer to reality. Producing more brain cells might help, latest research
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    Who We Are About WebMD Site Map sponsored Featured Centers You are in All Conditions ADD/ADHD Allergies Alzheimer's Arthritis Asthma Back Pain Bipolar Disorder Breast Cancer Cancer Cholesterol Management Dental Depression Diabetes Epilepsy Eye Health Heart Disease Hepatitis HIV/AIDS Hypertension Men's Conditions Mental Health Migraines/Headaches Multiple Sclerosis Osteoporosis Parkinson's Sexual Conditions Stroke Weight Control Women's Conditions Epilepsy Study Gives Insight to Mood Disorders Brain Cell Production May Be the Key, Study Shows By Miranda Hitti WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD on Wednesday, January 05, 2005 Jan. 5, 2005 New solutions for learning and mood disorders caused by epilepsy may be a step closer to reality. Producing more brain cells might help, latest research shows. Brain injury caused by an acute seizure can prompt the production of new cells, which researchers say is most likely the result of growth factors released from injured or dead brain cells. What remains unclear are the effects of long-term seizure disorder or epilepsy on brain cell development. Addressing these issues, say researchers, is important since both human and animal studies have shown that learning and memory function are affected by epilepsy. In lab tests, rats with the condition of epilepsy produced 64%-81% fewer new cells in the brain's hippocampus region. The hippocampus region of the brain oversees learning, memory, and mood.

    120. Rick Maith, LCSW, Has Provided Counseling For Over 20 Years And Is Conveniently
    Counseling for depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and especially relationships.
    Relationship Specialist
    Rick Maith, L.C.S.W.
    Fl. Lic.# 0002042
    Individual and Couples Therapy
    Treatment for depression, anxiety, and mood swings
    WELCOME to my website. I'm Rick Maith, L.C.S.W. and I have been a practicing therapist for over 22 years. I
    have had a practice in Southwest Orlando for over 14 years.
    I established my practice in a location that is conveniently located and accessible to my patients. Additionally, the
    office is private and secluded, which offers my patients an increased feeling of security and confidentiality.
    My experience includes working in both inpatient psychiatric hospitals as well as outpatient private practices. I
    prefer working with people on an outpatient basis because they are choosing to seek help for themselves and it is a more relaxed, comfortable environment. I am on several insurance panels, see many patients on a private-pay basis (which increases privacy as it does not involve exchange of information about the patient with the insurance company), and will offer a sliding scale for patients if it is necessary and you are eligible.

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