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  1. West Nile neuropathology takes three forms. (Meningitis, Encephalitis, Flaccid Paralysis).: An article from: Internal Medicine News by Miriam E. Tucker, 2002-12-15
  2. Treatise on Apoplexy, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Cerebral Embolism, Cerebral Gout, Cerebral Rheumatism, Epidemic Cerebro-spinal Meningitis by John A. Lidell, 1990
  3. Penicillin in the Treatment of Meningitis. by David Harry, & ARLING, Phillip Arthur. ROSENBERG, 1944
  4. Meningitis Cerebro Spinalis Epidemica: (Epidemische Hersenvlies-Ruggemergvlies Ontsteking) Historisch En Pathologisch-Therapeutisch Bewerkt, Benevens De ... En Jagers Waargenome (Dutch Edition) by Joh Andries Van Der Stok, 2010-01-01
  5. Deaths From Meningitis: Amedeo Modigliani, Ram Mohan Roy, Unity Mitford, George Reynolds, Voltairine de Cleyre, Brook Benton, Wayne A. Downing
  6. Cerebral Meningitis; Its History, Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment by Martin W. Barr, 2009-12-19
  7. Science June 27, 2008: Hope For A New Meningitis Vaccine by Science, 2008
  8. Delaying bacterial meningitis therapy can be fatal; start antibiotics before diagnostic tests.: An article from: Internal Medicine News by Bruce Jancin, 2003-11-15
  9. WBC count unreliable in meningitis diagnosis.(Infectious Diseases): An article from: Pediatric News by Nancy A. Melville, 2004-09-01
  10. Meningitis incidence on the rise among teens, young adults. (24% of Cases Occur in 15- to 24-Year-Olds).: An article from: Internal Medicine News by Erik L. Goldman, 2002-09-01
  11. Enterovirus 75 and aseptic meningitis, Spain, 2005.(Letter to the editor): An article from: Emerging Infectious Diseases by Ana Avellon, Gurutze Rubio, et all 2006-10-01
  12. Meningitis, Sinus Thrombosis and Abscess of the Brain; With Appendices on Lumbar Puncture and Its Uses and Diseases of the Nasal Accessory by John Wyllie, 2010-01-06
  13. OH: no antibiotic ordered--bacterial meningitis: plaintiff's expert testimony improperly excluded. (Medical Malpractice Cases).(Brief Article): An article from: Medical Law's Regan Report by A. David Tammelleo, 2002-05-01
  14. Dust off your knowledge of aseptic meningitis. (Bacterial Meningitis Less Common Now).: An article from: Pediatric News by Miriam E. Tucker, 2002-10-01

101. Meningitis
The 2001 Texas Deafblind Census data indicates that meningitis is one of the Those who survive this type of meningitis often have a severe disability as
Home Site TOC Site Search Outreach ... Spring 2001 Table of Contents
(Spanish Version)
By Kate Moss, Family Specialist, TSBVI, Texas Deafblind Outreach The 2001 Texas Deafblind Census data indicates that meningitis is one of the leading causes of deafblindness in our state. Recently in Texas there has been several scares related to outbreaks of meningitis. What is this disease and what are some of the concerns associated with it? First of all, meningitis is not the same condition as encephalitis, although they both occur in the brain. Meningitis is the inflammation of the tissue lining of the brain and spinal cord, the meninges. Encephalitis is the inflammation of the brain itself. There are two broad categories of meningitis, viral and bacterial. Bacterial meningitis is more uncommon, but it can be extremely serious. Often times it is fatal, especially if not treated immediately. Those who survive this type of meningitis often have a severe disability as a result. Brain injury and deafness are two common results of this type of meningitis. Babies in the USA are typically vaccinated for one type of bacteria that causes meningitis, the haempohilus influenzae type b (Hib) strain. Because of this vaccination program, this type of meningitis has practically disappeared in this country. The other two types of meningitis are meningococcal and pneumococcal. Both of these bacteria are very common. In fact, at any one time, around 10 to 25% of the population are carrying this bacteria, which lives on the back of the throat and nose. Usually these bacteria do not cause any real problems.

Describe ©sta enfermedad adem¡s de los s­ntomas, origen, diagn³stico, tratamiento y recomendaciones para erradicarlo.

103. Meningitis Vaccine Project
Mission is to eliminate epidemic meningitis as a public health problem in subSaharan Africa through the development, testing, introduction, and widespread
The Meningitis Vaccine Project is recruiting a clinical operations manager.
See the job description.
"Above all, the [MVP] vaccine has to be priced low enough so as to
make it affordable for poorer countries. That dream vaccine to tame
consortium of drug developers at three corners of the globe."
Read Dr. Sanjit Bagchi's article on Science in Africa 's web site. Meningitis and the Meningitis Vaccine Project: The story to date.
For a quick overview of the history of meningitis, the search for a vaccine,
and MVP's progress, visit our timeline Since 2001 MVP has been collaborating with the World Health
Organization to strengthen surveillance in nine countries of the
meningitis belt. View the latest epidemiological reports on the WHO
Defeating the Scourge of Meningococcal Disease in Africa
In this essay
, project director Dr. F. Marc LaForce shares his view of the Meningitis Vaccine Project. We would love to hear from you! If you have questions or comments regarding this website and MVP

104. La Vacuna Contra La Meningitis Per Meningococ C
Informaci³ sobre aquets subtipus de la malaltia i la seva prevenci³.
Publicat el 5/11/00 al suplement Informacions del Diari d'Andorra La vacuna contra la meningitis per meningococ C

105. Meningitis: Disease Information - Travel Medicine Program - Public Health Agency
If you are an international traveller, learn more about meningitis worldwide, along with the latest Health Canada recommendations on prevention.
Meningitis Know before you go! Disease profile Transmission Geographic distribution ... Travel Health Advisories
Disease Information
Meningococcal Disease May 2005
Know before you go!
Infectious diseases not necessarily common in Canada can occur and may even be widespread in other countries. Standards of hygiene and medical care may differ from those at home. Before departure, you should learn about the health conditions in the country or countries you plan to visit, your own risk of disease and the steps you can take to prevent illness. The risk is yours
Your risk of acquiring a disease depends on several factors. They include: your age, gender, immunization status and current state of health; your itinerary, duration and style of travel (e.g., first class, adventure) and anticipated travel activities (e.g., animal contact, exposure to fresh water, sexual contact); as well as the local disease situation. Risk assessment consultation
The Public Health Agency of Canada strongly recommends that your travel plans include contacting a travel medicine clinic or physician six to eight weeks before departure. Based on your individual risk assessment, a health care professional can determine your need for immunizations and/or preventive medication (prophylaxis) and advise you on precautions to avoid disease. We can help you locate a

106. BBC NEWS | Health | The Meningitis Files
The BBC offers a guide to the disease, issues it raises for the health service and the science employed to defeat it.
You are in: Health News Front Page Africa Americas ... Programmes SERVICES Daily E-mail News Ticker Mobile/PDAs Text Only ... Help EDITIONS Change to UK Monday, 31 January, 2000, 14:19 GMT The meningitis files
Meningitis is one of the most terrifying diseases. It can be fatal in hours yet its early symptoms resemble self-limiting conditions like flu and colds. BBC News Online's health team offers a guide to the disease, the issues it raises for the health service and the science employed to defeat it. Meet the disease

Meningitis is an inflammation of the brain lining and is mostly found in bacteria and viruses - the bacterial form is the more life-threatening.
The 1999 panic

Meningitis outbreaks are generally more likely during the winter months - the winter of 1999 in particular saw several serious outbreaks.
Preventive measures

Cases of meningitis increased in the late 1990s - focusing more attention on finding a vaccine against the main strains of the disease.
International picture

Few countries have begun a routine vaccination campaign against meningococcal meningitis, but some have tighter guidelines on how to respond to epidemics.

107. McKenzie Meningitis Foundation, Wyoming
The McKenzie meningitis Foundation promotes awareness of the dangers of meningococcal meningitis and to help high school seniors be vaccinated against the
Promoting education and awareness of a vaccine-preventable disease A Non-Profit 501 (C) (3) Corporation
McKenzie Hartwig Meningitis

National Meningitis ...
Disease Control
The McKenzie Meningitis Foundation, a nonprofit corporation, is for charitable, medical, educational and scientific purposes, in honor of McKenzie Carter Hartwig. Objectives:
To give the meningitis vaccination to every graduating/college-bound high school senior in Wyoming, optional and free of charge. Click here for more info Goals:
To build an endowment. To raise enough money so the interest will pay the $60 vaccination and education for 6,050 Wyoming seniors, every year.
Wyoming Graduate Program
What is Meningitis? About McKenzie How You Can Help ... Contact Us About McKenzie
McKenzie Hartwig attended high school in Pinedale, Wyoming and graduated in 2001. McKenzie was a beautiful, vivacious 18-year old, who was named Wyoming All State in Volleyball, Basketball and Track in 2001. She played the flute and piccolo; could speak two languages, loved to travel, and was an honor student. She was a freshman at the University of South Dakota on a volleyball scholarship with business and foreign language classes.

108. International Reports Of Meningitis - Travel Medicine Program - Public Health Ag
If you are an international traveller, learn more about meningitis, along with the latest Health Canada recommendations on prevention.
International Reports of Meningitis Update : July 2005 This year, as in past years, outbreaks of bacterial (meningococcal) meningitis are expected to occur in epidemic form in various countries. Sporadic meningococcal meningitis occurs throughout the world, including Canada. Temperate regions usually experience epidemics in the winter-spring period while tropical regions see increased disease activity during the dry season. The largest and most frequently recurring outbreaks have been in the semi-arid area of sub-Saharan Africa, designated as the A Meningitis Belt. This area extends from Senegal in the west to Ethiopia in the east; epidemics occur between December and June. When meningococcal meningitis infection is diagnosed and treated early, antibiotics are effective in arresting the illness and reducing mortality rates. Both prophylactic antibiotics and vaccines are used to prevent transmission and curtail outbreaks. There are 13 recognized serogroups (also referred to as strains) of the causative bacterium

109. Meningitis (Kinder)
Das AHCConsilium beschreibt Symptome, Ursachen und Behandlungsm¶glichkeiten dem Hirnhautentz¼ndung bei Kindern. Der Inhalt ist ausschlieŸlich f¼r Mediziner, Apotheker, Pharmamitarbeiter und Studenten dieser Fachrichtungen bestimmt.
Meningitis (Kinder) Weiter zum Kapitel 'Meningitis (Kinder)' im neuen
A H C (Austrian Health Communication) Alle Rechte vorbehalten!
Webmaster: ImageConsult EDV-BeratungsGmbH,

110. Virale Meningitis
De Landelijke Co¶rdinatiestructuur Infectieziektebetrijding geeft informatie over virale nekkramp.

111. Meningitis, What Is Meningitis?
meningitis Meningococcal meningitis, caused by Neisseria meningitidis, is primarily a Pneumococcal meningitis, caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae
Meningitis What is meningitis? Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. It can be caused by a number of infectious agents including viruses and bacteria. The type of meningitis and its cause can only be determined by a physician using laboratory test results. Viral meningitis (also called aseptic meningitis) is the most common type of meningitis and is less severe than bacterial meningitis. In Illinois, an average of 600 cases of aseptic meningitis are reported annually, with most occurring in late summer and early autumn. The majority of cases of aseptic meningitis are due to viruses called enteroviruses that can infect the stomach and small intestine. A small number of cases are caused by different viruses, which can be transmitted by infected mosquitos; these are called arboviruses. Fatal cases of viral meningitis are rare and complete recovery is the rule. Bacterial meningitis is often more severe than aseptic meningitis, particularly in infants and the elderly. Before antibiotics were widely used, 70 percent or more of bacterial meningitis cases were fatal; with antibiotic treatment, the fatality rate has dropped to 15 percent or less. Bacterial meningitis is most common in the winter and spring. Three bacteria cause the majority of cases: Haemophilus influenzae, Neisseria meningitidis

112. - Immunizations Ordered To Prevent Meningitis-related Outbreak - June 5,



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CNN Headline News

CNN International

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Immunizations ordered to prevent meningitis-related outbreak
ALLIANCE, Ohio (CNN) Health officials Tuesday ordered a mass immunization program for thousands of people against a bacterial infection that can cause meningitis after two teens died of the infection. Last weekend more than 37,000 residents flocked to two hospitals to get preventative antibiotics. Distribution stopped Monday morning when health officials said the exposure period had expired. The prophylactic antibiotics were given after two youths a 15-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl died over Memorial Day weekend of Neisseria meningitides group c, a strain of bacteria that can cause meningitis. The boy died of meningitis; the girl died of meningococcemia, an infection of the blood that is more dangerous than meningitis. The two students attended the same high school. ALSO Officials weigh vaccinations in meningitis scare RESOURCES Learn more about meningitis from the CDC A third teen-ager an 18-year-old girl who attends a different school remains at Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron.

113. InteliHealth: Meningitis
InteliHealth Featuring Harvard Medical School s consumer health information. For more than 550 diseases and conditions, learn What Is It?, Symptoms,
  • What Is It? Symptoms Diagnosis Expected Duration ... Additional Info
  • What Is It? Meningitis is a viral or bacterial infection of the coverings (meninges) of the brain and spinal cord. Viral, or aseptic, meningitis, which is the most common type, usually is caused by a group of viruses called enteroviruses. Anyone can get viral meningitis, but it occurs most often in children, and goes away on its own after 7 to 10 days. In the United States, between 25,000 and 50,000 people are hospitalized with viral meningitis each year. Bacterial meningitis can occur in adults or children, and is fatal if not treated promptly. In the United States, between 2,400 and 3,000 cases of bacterial meningitis occur every year.

    114. - N.H. Struggles With Bacterial Meningitis Cases - Dec. 29, 2003
    International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Autos SERVICES Video E-mail Newsletters Your E-mail Alerts RSS ... Contact Us SEARCH Web
    N.H. struggles with bacterial meningitis cases
    Students and staff at Monadnock Regional High School in Swanzey, New Hampshire, line up Friday to receive antibiotics. Story Tools HEALTH LIBRARY Health Library YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS New Hampshire Diseases Schools Health care policy or Create your own Manage alerts What is this? CONCORD, New Hampshire (AP) Scientists are examining a strain of bacterial meningitis and trying to make links among five teenagers who contracted the brain-swelling disease. One of them has died. State health officials planned to alert emergency room personnel statewide Monday about the cases and urge them to watch for signs of additional infections, according to state epidemiologist Jesse Greenblatt. He said it is unusual to have so many cases in such a short period. Meningitis, which causes the brain to swell, is spread by fairly intimate contact, such as kissing or sharing utensils or water bottles. It is not easily transmitted through sneezing and coughing. Rachael Perry, 18, died Saturday at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, where the woman, from the southern community of Bennington, had been hospitalized since Christmas, Greenblatt said.

    115. InteliHealth:
    meningitis is a viral or bacterial infection of the coverings (meninges) of the Anyone can get viral meningitis, but it occurs most often in children,

    116. Meningococcal Disease | Learn About Meningococcal Disease
    Developed to help understand what meningococcal disease is, why it is so dangerous, and how the meningitis vaccine can protect those at risk.

    About Us Site Map
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    ... Learn Search: Hib disease Influenza disease Meningococcal disease Polio disease ... Facts Related News
    ACIP Recommends Meningococcal Vaccine for Adolescents and College Freshmen

    Welcome to
    A Survivor's Story
    "...her case was potentially vaccine preventable" Susan T, a 15-year-old high school student, woke up...
    A devastating disease
    This Web site was developed to help you understand what meningococcal disease is, why it is so dangerous, and how the meningitis vaccine can protect those at risk.
    A disease of college students?
    Many people think that meningococcal disease is only a problem on college campuses. The truth is, anyone can get it, and it can be devastating. Reference: Granoff DM, Feavers IM, Borrow R. Meningococcal vaccines. In: Plotkin SA, Orenstein WA, eds. Vaccines . 4th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Elsevier Inc.; 2004:959-987.
    A Survivor's Story
    Susan T, a 15-year-old high school student, woke up with a headache, pains in her arms and legs, and a temperature of That night she began to vomit and her parents took her to the hospital.

    117. Bacterial Meningitis - - Caring For The Next Generation
    Pediatric expert Dr. Alan Greene talks about bacterial meningitis, it s causes, symptoms and treatment.
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    118. CNN - Related Health Sites

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    119. Cryptococcal Meningitis Faq
    Cryptococcal meningitis. What is Cryptococcal meningitis? Cryptococcal meningitis is a lifethreatening infection that can occur if there has been exposure
    INFORMATION ON HIV Go to other sections: Select a link HIV Overview/Stages of Infection The Life Cycle of HIV Disease Symptoms Fact Sheets Symptoms: Select a link Apthous Ulcers Candidiasis Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Cryptococcal Meningitis Cryptosporidiosis Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Histoplasmosis Kaposi’s Sarcoma Lymphoma Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) Oral Hairy Leukoplakia PAP test/PAP smear and HIV paptest PAP test/PAP smear and HIV Peripheral Neuropathy Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML) Toxoplasmosis (Toxo) Wasting Ontario HIV Clinics' Fact Sheet Cryptococcal Meningitis What is Cryptococcal meningitis? Cryptococcal meningitis is a life-threatening infection that can occur if there has been exposure to a fungus called Cryptococcus neoformans. This fungus is found in the environment worldwide, particularly in soil contaminated with bird droppings. This fungus enters the body most commonly through the lungs. Infection does not usually appear until a person's CD4 counts have dropped below 100. Cryptococcal meningitis can not be passed from one person to another. This fungus most commonly affects the brain, causing the condition called meningitis. Meningitis is an infection and swelling of the lining of the brain and spinal cord. Cryptococcus can also cause infections of the lungs, skin and prostate gland. Symptoms: What do I look for?

    120. Man Pleads Guilty In Girl's Meningitis Death

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