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         Melanoma:     more books (100)
  1. Understanding Melanoma: What You Need to Know by Perry Robins; MD and Maritza Perez; MD, 2006-12-26
  2. The Melanoma Book : A Complete Guide to Prevention and Treatment, Including the Early DetectionSelf-Exam Body Map by Howard L. Kaufman, 2005-05-05
  3. Melanoma: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment; Second Edition (Yale University Press Health & Wellness) by Catherine M. Poole, IV DuPont Guerry, 2005-05-10
  4. 100 Questions & Answers about Melanoma & Other Skin Cancers by Edward F. McClay, Mary-Eileen T. McClay, et all 2003-04
  5. What You Really Need to Know about Moles and Melanoma (A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book) by Jill R. Schofield MD, William A. Robinson MD PhD, 2000-09-07
  6. Cutaneous Melanoma
  7. From Melanocytes to Melanoma: The Progression to Malignancy
  8. Textbook of Melanoma: Pathology, Diagnosis and Management
  9. Molecular Diagnosis and Treatment of Melanoma by Kirkwood, 1998-01-15
  10. Atlas of Selective Sentinel Lymphadenectomy for Melanoma, Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer (Cancer Treatment and Research)
  11. Dx/Rx: Melanoma (Dx/Rx Oncology Series) by Richard D. Carvajal, 2010-04-15
  12. Pathology of Melanocytic Nevi and Malignant Melanoma
  13. Pathology of Malignant Melanoma by Raymond L. Barnhill, 2004-07-30
  14. Beating Melanoma -- The Survival Manual by Steven Q. Wang M.D., 2009-03-02

1. ABC's Of Melanoma
Provides some general information highlighting the possible role of a drug agentby the pharmaceutical firm ScheringPlough.
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Important Safety Information

Alpha interferons, including INTRON A , cause or aggravate fatal or life-threatening neuropsychiatric, autoimmune, ischemic, and infectious disorders. Patients should be monitored closely with periodic clinical and laboratory evaluations. Patients with persistently severe or worsening signs or symptoms of these conditions should be withdrawn from therapy. In many but not all cases these disorders resolve after stopping INTRON A therapy.
All patients receiving INTRON A therapy experienced mild-to-moderate side effects. Some patients experienced more severe side effects, including neutropenia, fatigue, myalgia, headache, fever, chills, and increased SGOT. Other frequently occurring side effects were nausea, vomiting, depression, alopecia, diarrhea, and thrombocytopenia. DEPRESSION AND SUICIDAL BEHAVIOR, INCLUDING SUICIDAL IDEATION, SUICIDAL ATTEMPTS, AND COMPLETED SUICIDES, HAVE BEEN REPORTED IN ASSOCIATION WITH TREATMENT WITH ALFA INTERFERONS, INCLUDING INTRON A THERAPY.

2. Melanoma Patients' Information Page
Information and support for patients and those who care for them. Medical library, abstract database, bulletin board and chat room.
Providing the support and information you need to be a proactive participant in your treatment decisions. Patient Guides MPIP Bookstore Selected readings tailored to a patient's stage Recommended readings by melanoma patients and their caregivers. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. Suspicious Mole Stage I Stage II Stage III Stage IV Unsure of your stage? Try our staging calculator
Newly Diagnosed?
You need to know what SNB means.
Here's a list of Common Abbreviations Role of Diet on Melanoma Treatment and Prevention
By Eric Knapp, a melanoma patient
Patient's Network

can help you connect with patients in similar circumstances
New: Full-featured PatNet search Latest News St. John's Wort May Interfere With Cancer Drug

3. Malignant Melanoma: MelanomaWeb - Information On Research, Diagnosis, And Treatm
Comprehensive information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of melanoma and skin cancer. Includes decisionfinding and self-examination modules, interactive sessions, publications, and links to related sites. May not support all browsers.
Comprehensive Information on Research, Diagnosis, and Treatment for Malignant Melanoma and Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer.

4. Melanoma Research - Home
Provides access to full text content, onlineonly content, features and services and author submission materials.
  • Classified Ads SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES Melanoma Research promotes the exchange of information on all aspects of experimental and clinical research in the field of melanoma. By rapidly disseminating the latest investigations being conducted at the basic and clinical level, Melanoma Research acts as a much-needed forum for scientists investigating this unusual tumor. In order to present complete information on all aspects of melanoma, this journal features a broad scope that embraces studies in dermatology, immunology, photobiology, cell biology, endocrinology, genetics, ophthalmology, and clinical oncology, with special emphasis on the results of clinical trials.
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  • 5. Diagnosis Of Melanoma
    YOU CAN BE AN EXPERT AT DIAGNOSING melanoma. How to Recognize a melanoma*.The following presentation is one approach to learning the differential diagnosis
    Matrix Next
    How to Recognize a MELANOMA*
    The following presentation is one approach to learning the differential diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions. This tutorial is intended for second year medical students at University of California Davis and is given in conjunction with a series of lectures and patient examinations. The guidelines given here are to be used in association with that other material. This material is not intended to serve as medical advice. This section is composed of 37 text files and 243 image files. The images are stored in LZW/GIF compression format because they are intended primarily for use on a local network rather than for long distance transmission. A later version will make the images in JPEG/JFIF compression format for ease of use in the Internet community. Non-commercial use of this resource is welcomed. I appreciate your feedback. Art Huntley MD
    May 1995

    6. Canine Melanoma
    General information about melanoma from the FlatCoated Retriever Society of America.

    7. Melanoma Research Foundation
    Dedicated to finding a cure, this nonprofit also offers information and resourcesto patients, family and friends. Located in Lake Forest, California.
    Melanoma News
    Pediatric Questionnaire Melanoma Fact Sheet (download) Download Dr. Casey Culbertson's Powerpoint Presentation from San Francisco Convention Download and Listen - NPR Interview w/ Dr. Casey Culbertson (47 mb mp3) Just Diagnosed Scientific Advisory Committee View the Philadephia Symposium on Video
    Other Links:
    Contact your Elected Officials Melanoma Patient Information Page Melanoma Related Links Miles for Melanoma Download ... Order your copy of the 'Wings of Hope' CD
    Special Events
    Educational Symposia
    For more upcoming events be sure to check out our Calendar of Events
    The MRF is a Non-Profit Organization, 'Founded by Patients and Their Families'. Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law (Tax EIN #76-0514428). The MRF Board of Directors greatly appreciate the contribution of the domain name "" by the Doris Sharpe Burrus Memorial Fund

    8. ABC's Of Melanoma
    Provides some general information highlighting the possible role of a drug agent by the pharmaceutical firm ScheringPlough.

    9. Glossary
    melanoma A highly malignant type of skin cancer that arises in melanocytes, melanoma usually begins in a mole. Metastasis The spread of cancer cells

    10. Diagnosis Of Melanoma
    How to Recognize a melanoma* The following presentation is one approach to learning the differential diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions.

    11. Diagnosi Precoce Del Melanoma
    Scientific site which highlights the use of computers in medicine.
    "Pigmented skin lesions"
    Early diagnosis of melanoma
    and rational approach to skin imaging Welcome
    Full English version Benvenuti
    Versione italiana completa

    12. Melanoma Patients' Information Page
    Comprehensive site for melanoma patients with information on the latest available therapies and research. Searchable databases for clinical trial

    13. MEF Home Page
    web site for selfdetection, prevention, and teaching of melanoma. PHOTOS OF LOVED ONES WHO LOST THEIR LIVES TO melanoma

    14. Malignant Melanoma
    There are four general clinical types of melanoma superficial spreading, nodular, This is referred to as the radial growth phase of melanoma and is
    Matrix Intro Squamous
    Malignant Melanoma
    Malignant Melanoma Malignant melanoma is a serious form of skin cancer. Unfortunately the incicence of this disease appears to be increasing, such that currently about 1 in 100 persons in the United States can expect to develop this cancer in a lifetime. Without treatment it has the tendency to become widely metastatic and result in the demise of the patient. There are four general clinical types of melanoma: superficial spreading, nodular, acrolentiginous, and lentigo maligna.
    Superficial Spreading Melanoma Generally the most common form accounting for approximately 65% of diagnosed melanoma, is superficial spreading melanoma. The cancer presumably begins at one focus in the skin at the dermo-epidermal junction. It initially grows in a horizontal plane, along, just above and below the dermo-epidermal junction. This is referred to as the "radial" growth phase of melanoma and is clinically macular or only slightly elevated. Superficial Spreading Melanoma - Closeup The diagnosis is usually made on clinical grounds and confirmed by skin biopsy. Clinical features which suggest melanoma inclue unevenness of the contour and color of a pigmented lesion.

    15. Collaborative Ocular Melanoma Study
    Offers general and patient information about the study and what it is trying to discover.
    The Collaborative Ocular Melanoma Study
    Multicenter randomized trials sponsored by: The National Eye Institute and The National Cancer Institute of
    The National Institutes of Health
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services NOTICE: Our phone number has changed to 410-955-8318 General information NEI Press Releases (Results)
    Information for patients Information for Investigators NOTE: This link is password protected and can be accessed only by members of the COMS Group. Click here to go to the COMS Members' Section Additional information
    General Information Number: (410)
    E-mail Address:
    Original site designed by Paul Montague, University of Iowa Ophthalmology.
    Now under the care of Wilmer Eye Institute

    16. Is A Melanoma Vaccine Right For You?
    Discussion of melanoma by Antigenics, Inc. in the context of its vaccine therapy trials.

    17. BNCT Research Program At Harvard And MIT
    Joint site for the project by CareGroup, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School
    Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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    18. What Is Melanoma?
    What Is melanoma? melanoma is a type of skin cancer. Signs and Symptoms of melanoma

    19. MEF Home Page
    The melanoma Education Foundation is a grass roots nonprofit organization devotedto saving The Foundation increases awareness of melanoma three ways

    20. ACS :: Skin Cancer Facts
    The American Cancer Society presents overview knowledge of the subject.

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